The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 18, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGEKSTOWN, Mti., fRlUAY, AUGUST 13, 15*39. FIVE AUTOOWNERS PAY HEAVILY Comptroller Tawes Says Motorist Biggest Taxpayers In State. Members o£ the Hagerstown Kiwanis Club yesterday were told by Comptroller of the Treasury, J. Millard Tawes, that the statement that motorists were the biggest taxpayers wasn't a fairy tale. Figures quoted by the State Comptroller bore out the fact that this was true, and during the course of his address he stated that the present Administration - -is adhering to the policy of spending gasoline tax funds for the purpose for which it was intended—the building of new roads and the repairing of the old highways. Comptroller Tawes briefly reviewed the financial condition of the State of Maryland and produced figures to show that Maryland was in a much better position than many ohter states in the Union. H© listed the major sources of State revenues and then outlined the progress being made by the Administration in reducing unnecces- sary expenses. "You are the taxpayers of the State, and are entitled to know just how your money is being spent," the Comptroller said. "It aag always been gratifying to me 10 know that there has never been my apparent decrease in the inter- 1st on the part of the citizenry »E this State to learn more and 11 ore about where their tax dollars ire going, and I for one am cer- :ainly pleased at all times to tell them." Comptroller Tawes, one of the founders of the Crisfield Rotary Club, highly complimented the Kiwanians for their interest and work in child health work. The speaker was introduced by PreTrr'-e-r L. Stouffer, chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of the local club. Guests included Thomas W. Pnngborn, memb-r of the State Board of Welfare. Harry Fridinger. member of th^ City Council, Dr. Draper, Boonsboro, and visit ing Kiwanians Alvcry Hammond, Towson, Maryland, and Hiram Hall, Jackson Heights, New York. The Kiwanians will give the children at the Orphans Home their annual outing at Rowe's Park along the Conocqcheague next Thursday. August 24. Dr. P. L. Russell and his Underprivileged Child Committee will be in charge. The orphans will be the guests of the Maryland Theatre preceding their trip to Rowe's Park. Orphans Of The Fire 95 Piece China DINNER SET S«-rvio«; for 12 HARRY S. MYERS 53 North Potomac Street EYE GLASSES ON CREDIT AT KAY'S 40 West Washington Street A few hours before this picture was made Charles Parnaby, 19, and his sister, Gertrude, 11, (above) had mother and father and two sisters. Parents and sisters all perished when fire swept their home in Baltimore. Charles and Gertrude dropped from a window in the rear of the two-story house. French Are Ready, Pershing Declares NEW YORK, Aug, IS.—General John J. Pershing, returning today from a ten-weeks' visit in France, threw up his hands and declared •'nobody knows 1 ' whether there will be a European war. The French, he said, were "ready for it"—the French Army is in excellent shape. 'At the same time, the war-time commander of the A- K. F. voiced agreement with a recent statement by Lieut. General Hugh A. Drum, ommandant of the Fourth Corps Area, that the United States Army and reserve forces were inadequate and that there should be a longer training period for both. RESOLUTION TO BE BURIED IN COUNCIL OSLO, Norway, Aug. IS (/P).— Divided opinions of luterpiirliameu* ary Union Congress delegates indicated today that the much- liscussed resolution oC Represents Live Hamilton Fish oC New Yon* urging a thirty-day "truce" in Kir ope would be quietly buried in tne Union council. The Union rules committee hela such a resolution, not. on the official agenda, may not be debated mi- ess the council approves by a two- birds majority. Everybody! jubilee Excursion TO THE 1 WORLD'S »»'.I Your or/7; special train right to the grounds / . . . Special mounted honor guard oj Indians !. . . High officials bid you welcome! . . . 5/55,000,000 /;/ thrills! . . . 7,500 exhibits, concerts and movies free!,.. Enjoyment plus,'.. . Don't miss this great Show! Topeka, Aung. 18.—There I* no need, no excuse, no place in the United States for "those who still hold allegiance to foreign governments or foreign groups and refused to become naturalized citizens," Senator Capper (R-Kas) said last night in a nationwide radio broadcast (CBS). "And we want none of their propaganda spread throughout this nation to poison the sources of. popular government," he declared in an Americanism talk. The veteran Kansas Senator said he was in favor of legislation by Congress which would give notice to the four million aliens in this country that "failing to become naturalized citizens within one year they will all be deported * * *." Libel Suit Is Filed By Pluma Palmer SARASOTA. Fla.. Aug. IS <7P).— Pluma Louise Palmer, widow of Potter d'Orsay Palmer, has filed a $500,000 libel suit against her Veal thy father-in-law, Honore his at- Palmor of Chicago, and torney, John F. Burket. She recently filed another $500,000 suit against the elder Palmer. In today's action she charged Palmer and Burket libeled her in an article which they "did write and publish" in a locnl newspaper (Sarasola .Herald) on Aug. 11. the article containing "certain false, scandalous, malicious and defamatory libel against the plaintiff." RECOMMENDATION MADE BALTIMORE, Aug. IS.—A special committee of the State Department of Education recommended in a report here that admission of negro boys to the Cheltenham School for Boys in southern Maryland be restricted to those 'of sufficient intelligence to t.ake some educational training." The rest should be placed in other state institutions, the report said. MOJUD HOSIERY SALE $1-15 Hose 89c — 3 pairs $2.50 $1.00 Hose 79c — 3 pairs $2.25 85c Hose 69c — 3 pairs $2.00 The greatest Fair this world has ever known is yours for the day! Frolic among its gayly colored buildings . . . Take a "trip abroad" at the foreign exhibits . . . Thrill of the exhibits of great American industries ... Play and laugh in the Amusement area. Have the time of your life for very little money. Your fare is especially low, so is your admission ticket and you can buy the best of food at popular prices. So join your neighbors and their families. Whoop it up on YOUR DAY AT THE FAIR. Save the Middleman's Profit $15.00 (O. P. O.) CRANE'S CLOTHES "Factory to You" 29 Sftu(l) Potomac Street JUST SEE HOW AMAZINGLY LITTLE IT COSTS F AIR ADMISSION TICKETS—50cforgrown- ups, 25c for children — can be purchased with your railroad ticket. SPECIAL COACH TRAIN{fo«f*mSioirfordTim.) Lv. Hagerstown .......... 3:50 A.M. lv. Grcencostle 4:08 A.M. Lv. Chambersburg 4 : 26 A.M. Ar, New York (Pcnna. Sta.).... 9:20 A.M. Ar. World's Fair 9:50 A.M. <coo 5 HOUND TRIP MAGSRSTOWN to NtW YOU* RETURNING, Lv. World's Fair . Lv. New York (Penna. Sto.). . . 8:15 P.M. 8:40 P.M. froTi other poinn. Children S to 12 half-.fcr*. From f enntylvonio Station, N*w York, to World'. Fair Sto, lOc additional each •way. SEE THE "HIT" SHOWS OF THE FAIR . . . "RAILROADS ON PARADI" AND "RAILROADS AT WORK". ASK ABOUT BARGAIN SCRIP TICKtTS FOR THIS! 2 ORIAT FEATURIS. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD f •>**«•• ••'••»« i/' c , - . 'no Second National Bank The Oldest Bank in Hagerstown See us first when you need your USED CAR AUTO EXCHANGE HAGERSTOWN 934 S. Potomac St. Phone 1133 Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS INVESTIGATOR IS WITNESS Capt. Bakcsy Tells Of Big Sum Paid Him For Checking On Bridges. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. IS.—A former military intelligence officer, known as "Captain X" during 1 the World War, testified here he had been paid thousands of dollars by waterfront and shipping officials fu investigate Harry Bridges and to determine whether Soviet money was supporting waterfront strikes. The witness, Capt. Charles G. Bakcsy of Santa Monica, Calif., was called by the defense at Bridges' deportation hearing. He also testi- fied Larry Doyle, mystery figure in the case, had demanded he sign a paper saying he had seen. Bridges, maritime labor leader, at a "big Communist meeting." Bakcsy said he had been discharged suddenly in 1936 as an investigator, and almost had a scuffle with Thomas G. Plant, then president of the Waterfront Employers Association, because "Plant said 1 was slow in getting evidence." The captain, who got his title as master of sailing ships, also mentioned the name of Frank F. Merriam who, he testiflted, had introduced him to a Honolulu Oil Company official, resulting in his investigator's job. Captain Bakcsy, testifying in broken English, said he was paid $16,000 for his work but that the sum should have been $25,000. He explained he received $400 a month from Plant between April and August, 1035, and later $1,000 a month, and expenses, from Hugh Gallagher, an official of the Matson Navigation Company. The witness added Plant wanted "to get the low-down on Bridges' activities" and wanted him to bring the Australian-born CIO official to Carmel and obtain a secret recording of what Bridges said. "The most important thing was to find out if money was coming from Soviet Russia; second came Bridges," Bakcsy related. Bridges has denied he is a Communist, but the Government is attempting to deport him on grounds that he is, and that the party advocates violent overthrow of the Government. Florida and Texas produce So per cent of the nation's grapefruit. Dental Offices Found Ransacked Four dental offices in the Profes' sional Arts building were entered after office hours yesterday evening but investigation by police indicated that nothing of value was taken. Offices entered were those of the doors. Nothing appeared disturbed in any of the offices. . Quick relief— Insist this_»ccarate aspirin, St.Joseplt Drs. Crown 0. Diehl, Gordon L. and Roger Lewis, T. R. Jenkins, Schlosser. Sergeant J. S. Divine said thaU burglar tools were used to jimmy Visit Trie New Wayside Furniture Mart 6 Miles West of Hagerstown NEAR GATEWAY INN PHON£ 4083 F3 L. Keller Garver, Mgr. 138 Pi»ce* of Mahogany Reproductioni Consisting nt Bedroom, Llvint Room and Dininz Room Pieced ON DISPLAY SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 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