The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 11, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1859
Page 4
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-1 ADVEBTI8EME|JTS Ai ADVERTISEMENTS. e,-»rOD, Xr«rt|««n Oltjr clewed WlMbbW floor. i 1 BlARSHAt'S KAtE " '' " ^tlonr— lower mat more aotlve. Newoomb-Olereland, ^^ OOIN-he»Tjr: sU M 14000 bath «t MQ98 forren dl»lo«y»4lowio«th«ni; Joaii x , 0. Keener, an old retpeott-d *Hiien,*o»- touted suicide by shooting «nd banging ilm- gelf. He was deranged by tlctoeta. _ r ., JUTO 10' fcMr. Wis«, the sronnat, leawa tow <tur 8t lonii ria Chwwgo, «» Wednesday nert. »ttfe his mammoth U»lloon, to prep»w ti«w to an ascension. H» expwts tolana brtween P)W1- adelphiaand Hew York. He will m*** «n •soeusion her* on Tuesday, . .. - . . • 'St. Louis, JOB'S 9. At a «1* of prertium tobaoeo al the Planter's Warehouse to^lay, the 8rst prewiom (876) was awarded to Addlson JJ«'ey. » f PUte Co., Mo. It was »oW to B. W lonh & Bros QlasKOW, Mo- tor one hondred and Sr^fireTlUM pel 100 Ibs. 'This isihe highest prioe on record. From S&n Antonio. NEW ORLEANS, Jane 6. The steamer Texas, which has arrived here, brings San Antonio dates to the id inat. Cant. John E. Payton, with 850 men, attacked the Brazos Reserre,nearFort Belknap. driving in the scouts and endearoring to capture the Indians, who had been ordered to leave, but refused. Steamboat Erploston. Augusta, (Ja., June 10. The steamer Jno. Dawton exploded near Savanah, last night, killing the captain, pilot, assistant engineer and Jno. 8. Morthalen, a passenger and a man named Grathy of Barn- welT A number were scalded and bruised— gome of them it « feared fatally. The num- • bar of killed and missing is 8. The steamer ^ is a total loss. The Milwaukee Light Guard at Albany. j ALBANY, June 10. The Milwaukee 'Light Guard arrived here to-day. In the afternoon a parade and drill took place. The visitors wore received by the .Washington Continentals, Company B, and were entertained at a fine banquet at Congress Hall. The Mayor, Reoor er and State officers ', were present. General Rufns King is with the company . They left on the boat to-night for New York. Fires at Cincinnati. CIKCIKKATI, June 10. A fire broke out about 8 o'clock last night in John Pipers turning shop, on Front street, communicated to Win. Jones' carpenter shop and French & Wilson's feed store, which were all destroyed. Lose $5,000—no insurance. At two o'clock this morning, a saw mill owned by Richard Ashcroft. on East Front street, was almost destroyed by fire. Loss §10,000, partially insured. The Upper Mississippi LA CEOSSK Jane 10. The river at this point ie still lising. No damage has occurred in this vicinity. Above Lake Pepin the river is falling slowly. Considerable lose o( lumber has occurred in the lumbering districts above, from the breaking up of rafts in Lake Pepin, caused by heavy winds and the breaking of booms. The river is higher now than in 1852, but not so high as in '61. We hear nothing of any Berious damage in the upper country. The weather is clear, with a cold North wind. W aihinglon Matters. WASHISCTOK, June 10. The Secretary of the Treasury has given notice that sealed proposals will be received until the 21 th inst., for the issue of auv portion of the whole fire million dollars In Treasury notes, \u »xchauge for th*. gold coins of the Cnited Stau*. nndt-r the authority of the act of Congress of 1857 and 1859 the interest not to exceed 6 per pent The receipts into the Treasury for the Wtv.k ending Monday, were 81,263,000; amount of drafts issued, $1,718,000; ami the amount subject to draft. ?3,574,000 Kiew Vork Matter*. New Tork, June 10 Brown Dick was th* winner in the great trial yesterday ; Miller's bameel was second , Patchen third, and Lady Macdnff fourth. Brown Dick won three straight heaU ; time 2:28 1 2, 2;28 l-'J and 2:28. Thr obj-ct of the meeting of the various Railroad Presidents in Philadelphia, is to effect an arrangement whereby the mails can be transported between New Vork and New Orleans in four days. The plan is to take them by railroad to Charleston, thence by steamer to.Fernandina, Fla., thence by railroad across to Cedar Keyes, and thence by steamer to New Orleans. The Florida road will be completed next month. The schedule, it is understood, pul» passenger fares each at the old rates, and the freight tariff is on the basis of 112 cents per cwt. for first class to Cincinnati. It is understood that the agreement will be concurred in by thf Baltimore 5t Ohio R. R., although that Co has no representative present. Mr. Moran made no response to the pru sition yesttrday, but another meeting was to teheld at 10 o'clock to-morrow, when it was thought they would agree to the proposed arrangement. The whole distance is about 600 miles. Two representatives of the Pennsylvania Central R. R., one of them Mr President Thompson, had a meeting to-day at the St Nicholas, with Messrs Corning and Richmond of the N V Central, and Mr. Barlow, at which, after an amicable discussion, a satisfactory basis of settlement was agreed upon, which later in the day wa.» submitted to Mr. Moran for his assent COMMERC1AI.. QEO. GODFREY j EDITOR OP THE DAILY NEW8, I Milwaukee, June 10.1858. ( FniKCui — Currency BL111 scarce *nd exchange firm II i per cent Gold !• boncM at the banlu at 1®1 X per cent, ftijd cold &t 2c t >t aime M exchanfre. The demand (or money Ie a little on the InereaFt wtalc>^ wit] make the scarcity fell more. coniOderal.Le specie ha« been polnp east latterly which will add to tbe btrinpeocy . Re make the following extract? from the moner art! cle of Uit- N. V. Juurnulof Commerce, Jr., of the 7th : The bonne of John Frazer A Co., <lf Charleston, known liere ai Trenholm, Bros. A Go.', and in Liverpool ae Eraser, Trenholm & Oo., hati been obliged to etupend payment. Arrangements hare been made to thit the troiinesfi of the hduse will probably be resumed again; we can hardly think thai any lou can occur to any of the creditora. The Colon Bank, on Wall atreel, hae suffered a defalcation by which the bank probably lost about f 100,000, which will be left than seven per cent, on lu capital. Mr. Oalvln Durand, a cotton merchant and operator, anapended yeaterd&y, owing to his losses on cotton. — Hit liabilities are $32&,09D, and aiiets S88S 000, loclud- Ing 7,000 bales of cotton. The money market ii a little D settled to-day and It Is more difficult to borrow money except upon the mast ample securit y . Foreign Exchange it doll for all second class bflls and produce bllli are difficult of sale, but bankers rates are onallere 4 . The foreign exports for (be week are larger than for tie corresponding period of either of UK prerlooi two ya»r«. ibportt (eaeckui ne oftpeoU)/rom Kew York to Foreign fort*, for the wee*, mdtnf June 6,1859. Total for the week, t Previously ISM. 1858. I7B» 838,102 »1,S3S,152 »1S9 Z*,6zi,65» £& Since Jan. 1st ....... f 80,212,681 t»95»,SU $27,401,436 OojCMfBCiAi..— The pricai of breadstuff keep gradually Mttling down at the rate of 2 or Sc a d«V on wheat, and to like proportion onothertblng*. Tie largest sale of floor which hos occurred for sometime took place tonJtv at reduced prices . Wheat drqpped Be and sal« «rere moderate. Corn o»m» down a notch ,wlth but little doing. Oats also : had to settle a trifle, and were very dsll of BiJe.— Barter and Bye are pretty much oat of ike market.— ' Potatoes are wanted as there it some shipping demand, • aollthtatock on band is being eaten up. .Egg> ere get ting- somewhat aearce and a better prie. u offering. Batter «tlll ratei about the same, with a rather better taliuiry. Higbwlna are held at »7o »nd are pretty «rm,th« receipt* being light Wool teglm to come In, In troall quantlles, bat the prices hare noty«toeen ••ttUa upon. Nearly 8,090 ,bbU «f «alt cam* in lo*ay, the greitart portion jof waloh was sold afloat at 2^0, Bringing the market down lomewhat for that nnaHTS.— no new charters to-day Bate* firm at (attorn: ,»l«artoH«rIork by water to^olaloWe; to BaMo*; (o bbta city mllli rt«i»; IJHt bMi Premlom Mlliiat «,00, 'bb>elia.*BH»:«i'*^6-«M 4o Wheonrln Mill at <,«B. Total S,OI»bbsi. fllAT-Bto^So lower; *i». BetolpU »,7*4 bn», ialjwi«otsT4b«Bl lBalMaotbaaKo.8 iniloreatl.OB; do »i> I at M«) 1*» do ao lja»X tn ^orej 190 do «l*K^ m^S^^lrtottrAtl^j o04o winter at 1«^ *» ^0 »lu%K at Iflft T«S do cztta white win- t«r at 1£4; W> •*« 4»%Vl«.e«tra clob at 1.J4. «oUJ latJJj.. ^ - OOK^t-io** 1 In nwdCTate request. Receipt! 871 btu; «l bo«. Sales »0 bus (ear) k-. 70; U04o , .?: BeertpU ),MO bus; sWpmiats BOBB.— ai ; thtpmtnU bo». . HIGH W1NK3— flrmf r and buoyant at SZc. Reeetpti SObbls. -•-••' : - ' -• ..••'.•'• .'4 SALT— decline J. Retelpta 2,781 bbli. 8alell,Cei- bbl»«tl,80. POTATOES— scares and buoyant »t Wa*J. Receipts 206 bus.; ahlpmtnu 2TO box, BUTTrB— tttady. rirkln t&lt; roll 1%I8. EOQg— in requesU Bales of sereral bbls at to. HlDES-nnchangtd. Eecelptt fight. ' WOOL— just morlng. Bale 100 Ibi new cllp>t 88 . Kali road Itccelpln. KitOBrrg BT MU.WAUUI A Uisstaairri B»a*o»D. — 62 bbls floor; 1,928 bos wheat; 400 do oats; 871 do corn; 20 do potatoes; 26 do grass seed. EaOUPTS BT UII.WACCU 1 BOalOOI tUlL8OU>— 970 boi wheat; 761 do oats; 42 bdls rags; 6,680 Ibs feed; 896 lo sundries; 1 car lire stock. Hsotirrg BT Li Caossx « MILWUAKBI RAILSOIO.— 6S6 bus wheat; £30 do oats; 186 do potatoes; M bbts flour; 148 sacks floor; 120 doi palls; 1 horse; 7.822 ft lumber; 21,06') Jtu sundries. TB> Lira Faosr.—The Buffalo Republic sa)B rumors are now In circulation to the effect that the severe frost of Vast Friday aud Saturday nights was not as destructive 16 its effects as was at fircl apprehended.— This ll probably owing to the fact that the leaves of the fruit trees were so far advanced as In a measure to protect the fruit from the bitterness of the frost. We sincerely hope these rumors may prove tn b> well rounded Just our sentlmrnti. Don*! think il i> an bad after all. We have.seen tr, st b».t.'re. On the 7tu of June, 1*44, wv had a hearty snowballing match with a brother, from frost scraped off boards and fences, In the morning,— The corn and stuff that was frortn "came too" however, and crops were about as good as usual. The fact Is, the largo surface of young leaves which are so effectually wilted makes vegetation look like death, when the injury )• not so excessive. We believe ther will be a pretty pood harvest and some fruit yet. Mrtrorolofrlcal. JCH 10. 6i. K.—Wind N. E. by N.; cold, fky clear, cumall to N W. and cirrus B. W. Barometer 29.5E. Thermometer 4&. Ii H.—Wind E ; sky clear. Barometer 29, 58. Thermometer <6. 4 p. ».—Wind E.—skj clear. Barometer 29^fio Thermometer 46. 8 p. «.—Wind K. by B — sky clear. Barometer 29, 62. Thermometer 44. MARINE RECORD. 18.79. i*orl of . .Jane 1O. AKKIVED. Stmr C.ty or Cleveland, Squier, Grand R&pida, -4 toni mdi, 23 cace* wine, S bags coffer, 1 box rlgart . Btmr IVareler, Sweeny. Chicago, 200 btu trheat, 10 bb'i high wines, 2S4 pfcgs euodnes, 28 pa^t. tmr Gazelle, Butlln, Two Rivera, 29 doa brooms, lot h h- goods. Prop Ogontz, Flood, Green Bay, 6 bblf liquor, 10 pkgn snndriea. Prop Dacot&h, Collinft, Buffalo, 129 tons mdt. Schr Henry Norton, Carberg, Bbeboygan, 68 cordi wood. Sahr Florence, Freeze. Maskegon. 59 in lumber SO m Uih Prop Banter, Dickeon, Oolltnpwood, 6 tons mdt , 76 pkgg Rundrtes, 8 paSi- Prop Krergrc n oiy, ( haml>er)ain, Chicago, 20 bbls htpturiDea * bbls p->rt. 6chT Toledo, SayelaJid, MuakeKoii, <X( ui lumber, 12>4 m atrnpltra ScVit tin dine, Thompson, Mn.nilowr>c,6!> m lum. Bchr Uerriu Smith, E.ine, Oawego, 2,oOt) bbls salt. t-tmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Havan. gunr City of Cleveland, Bqnier, Grand Karen. Prop Kenoshit, Ualhaway, Buffalo, 73 tons mdi, 6x1 bus *sH- CI.F.AKfr O. Schr BakTamt- clu, Lambert, Man islet- Btmr Cleveland, Ur»ud Haven. Prop Evergreen City, Charaht-rlaic, Culltngsi ood, 1050 tibls flnar, 1 c&ilc calf plcln- Schr Toledo, Raveiand, Muskegoii Prop Ogon a., F.ood, Chicago. 8tmr Traveller, Pweeny, C> icago. S tona rodx , 2TO bush potatoes, 39 pb ga sundrit-i Stmr Ga£elle, Bailtn, T*o Rtrers, 2 tons mdz, & bbls flour, 74 bvah wheat, 221 dry hi es, 16 reams paper, 42 bosh barley, H8 bash corn, 10 bbls sundries, 26 eart* dour. Prop Banter, DUksin, C2icago, ^tmr Cleveland, l>oag*l. Grand Haven. Prop Kecosha, Hathaway, Chicago. Bchr Elmore, Hendrickgon, Two Rivers MARINE PK< PtiA-KE SiLt;.— Tb«r Buffalo RtjrtiJflic nay*, lhai Mr. KdwiD T Evans has purchased from the American Transportation Company, the Propellers Nile and Queen of the Luces. Mr. Evans has determined upon what r<>uie he w-iU put hli Propeller!, but In the mean time Uif Qur-en of the Lakes will go to Green Bay, and the Nile to Chicago. Thr Queen of the Lakes will he sailed by Capi Efers, and the Nile by Cupt. Collins, ARRIVED AT BUFFALO OH THI &TH.— Propeller Wlnon* HuLT, Oti>cago. VESSELS FT6DCK CT LIGHTKINO.— 1 he Chicago 7V»£un« Bays " In the n*-vert tbnnder storm of Tuesday nlgh t last, the schooner Cairo was struck by lightning, while lying at ih« Ice house in the South branch. Ber fore topmast and fore boom weie shattered, ami lit-r forr_ mast t*-as so badly injured that it will require replacing with ft new one. We learn also that the pcbooner Transport was also struck 'by ll^hUag whllt lying tn Green bay loading, shivering her fore topmast. FROM LACK SUPKRIOK. — The steamer Lady Elgin, Capt. Wileon, arrived to-day from LakeBuperio . There has been quite a gale on Lake Superior, the sVetoner North Star was struck by the gale off Pictured Rock, and had her bulk heads stove ID and some of her freight washed overboard. A man by the name of Clark and two boys, the oldest 16 yeare old, and a girl, children of a Mr. Wilson left Uarquette ID a small boat, and It Is trap- j.ou d were struck by the gale and all lost, u pieces of the boat were found afterwards. So says the Gbtca.o RAILWAY py The Buffalo Ocwrter sayi : *' The railroad war htu assumed an entirely new phase, which Is more coi ep tenons, following, as It does, the asaur nc« put forth during the past week that an amicable settlement was near al hand. The Penns)leanla OentraJ hare re- daoed passenger rates from all potots W< it ani East.— To show the amount of the rednctlon, It !• only necessary to place the old and new prices In parallel columns Prom New York 1 to O'd. New. Cleveland .................. f.13 00 |8 00 Chicago ........ ............ BO 00 12 00 Co.nmnus .................. 17 (x> 10 00 Oreatlne ................... IB 2ft 9 00 Cincinnati .................. 20 00 18 25 St. Louis ................. 80 00 83 25 Thus ends the much talked of negotiation^ for uniform ratf s on freights and puitngen. ERJI Rou».— The same paper §»ys : "A propoitttoa riii been made by respocilble partlH te lease the Frle road lor a term of ten years. The offer Is to pay the bondholders •l.&Of) ,000 the present year, 91,8M,900 the secon-lyear, $2,000,000 the third year, t),300,00e for the remainder of the term. The Utter tarn would be sufficient to pay the interest on the entire debt aod » dividend on the stock. The parties offer to give teco- rity to keep the road in proper rep*Jr, and be subject once a year to toe Investigation of a committee uader the Instructions of the company. TBI ORAXD HATH BOOT*.— We learn ttt*t Ac Grand H&TCD rovtert haye been laanching atjotber/«rrry boat They had a good time oter it and made some fuss — This - til affo'd pauenge>8 by this route another good chanc* of getting * ea sick, and rtperifndng J other luxorles Characteristic to a lake trip.— Chicago HmtA. 38o fsir as the /«rry boats* arc concerned, onr Chicago mends must bear In mind they ate the production of Buffalo mechanics from steBi to stern. As for model* beauty, staunch and well built vteamera. we venture to say two fatter boat* never JloctM, and If they don** make some tall time that will astooUh Our Lake Mlchl- ganders, then ve are mistaken Whater«r Jealousy Ohicagonlans may have of the route, and fee rtralrr of our MUwaotec friends, they musn't saw anythinjr against onr Buffalo marine architects*— A^. SepubHci Onr Chicago friends seem to be afflicted with * son cf hydrophobia recently, as erlncesHiy the aaapi which. the TVmes ha* made a* the <Jrand Haven ioute. If It makes you so «.ckoatJ*nt D y mor-i CUeaff o back ft IHtlB from the lake, or-Mry «pf" By the way, travelers need sot w»H a moment fo» •or new bo*U, M the ntw r*ute. Is served BOW by ts/o as good boats as ever fioate* on these waters, B? TELEGRAPH. New York Murkr.i TLOOtt—marltet heavy and S&lOe lower; •1,700 bbU at L20OMO tor tnperfiDt Jitate,- tJtO&tM fcr McGca do; «j90a«,« for npcrfine irettem, «,«0a JJOWat ooinmoato»;ooaext,ane«teri>:«,«OQT,OOfor do-ronnd how OU6. Market elMlnaqolet. , OABADIAS nam—aai and-oommal; nuril We*. KM fLODB— «t4a*J2ft. , i , id yellow; S'for«mtt«n>i toaw for ronnd for ctlxed northcn: western "nJxed nominal OaTS— lover and dqtl MMd<l for Btais; C2®6S for wiKtern and Canadian. . - , ,.. ^ BOffAtOJlaSKIT. tLOCK— open** »T5lh tajiTotea damaadi sales 1,400 tb'a at 6,78® 8 00 fcr8ta»e from Ohlcan spring wheat; •\6Ddofiom MU. dob; 6,18®T,0« g»od to choice exira Wisconsin. - , WBIAT—In moderaUml<llngdem»Qr}; market firm- tw; cloBtng «|nlet. Bales fl,000 onsh ter lair to good red --iJwat,6o.- OOEN—market lower and dufl; ta'es 80/100 sound tit at TO. OATB-qnteti I tUBLtxVqnlet. r . ; .\ OAHAL FBWSHM-nnchtnged, ;'';.;•,;,.; j. , ,. .:;..•/ , -•..' Oswiao, /one 10. ytOHK— steady w»ht»le« at «,W> for stlte from Chi. spring, v " •; - . ; '--'v ;• •. ,-. >, • WIlEiT-«,W) from M 1 Club;T,65for redweitetn: Venmo, Vcuels pMsed Port Colbourn Look from 4 r. M. Vth till 4 r. n. 10th : Boaod West— 9th, sehri. Uoontaineer, Arabia, Catch Pole^t Andrews; on 10th, b»rk Toaag America; fcbra fair wind; Theo. Perry, Elk, Maxee, Enlerprlte. ' Bouod East— 9th, Bchr Mary Ann; on 10th, brigs Lafajrettee. Cook, Arblc; schr E&lrfleld. AMUSEMENTS. Y O V IV HA L L . DR. KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES FOR O N K W K K K , —COMMENCING— Thursday Evening, June 9, A FTER a most snecosfDi tour through Europe, a- troblied by Ber Hajet'y, Queen Victoria, Bis Royal Highness the Prince Commit, the Princess Hoyal, Prince of Wales, and Lad} Krankliti, at the Gallery of Illustration, 14 Regent s rr,- . London, and uo'.vetsally pronounced bv American M>-' European cri lcs,ihe most Boblime creation of art ev t xhi Ited. T. P. FAILING'S (•real Original I- .iRirntion of Dr. KanrM Woi id B.<*nownetl ARCTIC \ OYAGES, Together with English and 1> • Ish Searches for Sir John Franklin In the Krtgld 2 •< , execu'ed by the great AmericaD artist, George i ' ;?le, Ksq^ from original drawings taken on the spat Several Interesting rel!r« .r t'>e Arctic Expedition will be exhibited, among tr>. i , are Dr. Kane's Kayac, Aroti ie»es, celebrnte I dog "Whitney," (the oni) ».. .vivorof Dr. Kane'i Esquimaux I)og> QS ( I| .luring his Jonrucy) the beautiful Kiquimax dog "Wolf," presented by Lail.i franklin to Dr. Kane'i compaii<u i, Mr. Thos. Hlckey, »• ,ic. I^T" Doors open at 7 ; Ev!:!t)ition at 8 o'clock; and WedDexlay ami Saturday a't»^neons at 3 o'clock. ST~ Tickets 2t cent*. Ctu <tren 16 cents y The Interesting N native of Dr. Kane's last Arctic Exhibition, by Kanp*s companion, Mr Tboa. Hlckey, for sale at the hall 1'rl e 10 cent*. Je8-<f8w _ _ __ o o 1 et 1 or, i A,\ K\C , % ••: co. i%o. 5 A.T I U • UKPUBI^ICAM HOUSK, ON nOKDAl' KVtM \0, J«M: 13lb. T HIS Company will, on thtr «Teninf, give a &ocla.l Party, Mid the Committee Have spared no paini le> make the prrp^raUoni no th&t * very * musing and to* cl.l evening may b< expects. The Company requrst a 1 .vy? attendance. Ptretnea art? requested to app^ir to oolform. Entrance, 50 ceota. hapj- r. H7^ cent*. Per order of tt*e Committ«-i Jc7-d6t LEGAL ADVfcKTISEMENTS STATE of vnscor. ^i> , The Globe Banb.,1 against Daniel H. Richards, , ( un (iarret Tliel, f anper \1let and | John B. Bmlih. J B ¥ virtue of an execut-on ajued from said Court, in tbe above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the personal a>i<1 real property of tbr above namM defe danta, 1 h*ve seixed and levied on tbe fullovin? real eMalu, )v int: and being In the C ty of Milwaukee, County of Uilw. Itre and State of triacou tin, to »-it : "Situate In the north eaul .,uarter of section 17, tow j \, range 22, beginning at vlie south eajt con "r <>( ttald quarter section, running along ttu • K-I lu.e of cald quarter section nortt. to a point 0.84 chains south «f the north east corner nf said quarter section, betn? the south east corner of lan.l ronveyed l.y Slid Klchardi to one Ohrifltojitier 8 loepf. thence with tooth line of said land conveyed to tichioepf west Ui a point 81.0 feel east of middle of Ore^n Bay road; thence soutn 100 feet; thtnce west£60 feet lo mtdtlle of Green Bay road; thence along the middle of aald road aontli to the south line of said quarter tertion, Ihence west a,"-nK "aid south li e of said qiarter sectinn to beginning, coBtalnlng about 64 acres, being on lor east side of the Green Bay road. Also the following real estate •aid north east quarter of section li, town 7, rangt 22, beginning at north east corner <>f •aid quarter section; tbence west with Lorth line of said quarter section 23-24 chains to mid- die of Green bay road; thence south along middle of said road 4:8<j chains U> north west corner of land conveyed by l>antel U. Richards to Chrtstoph Bchloepf, thence west along north line of said laud to east line of *al d quarter seelion 25.24 chains; thence north 4 86 chains to beginning being about 12 acres, and all the right, title and interest of the said defendant or either of them in and to the said premises and appurtenances on the tenth day of October, Ie57, or since acquired thereto." Which said property ai aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell al Public Auction, al the Poil-Ornre, In tbe Olty of Milwaukee,on SalurdaT* the I4lb •jlsiw of IVImy, 1339, at the hour of 2 r. M., of that day, to satisfy >-ald execatloL, together wlch ex»en*es of tale. Dated Sheriff's Omce, Milwaukee, ktarcb 29, 1859. is* MIIXSJL, I A J. LANOWOBTHV, Pl'ffj Att'yt. f Bh'ff. till Oo., Wis., The I* • waakeeSalirbadCo, j T rrpnrtamijte^ndbyvlrtBe of afrrtt ot rie JL lined outcjfthe Dhitrlet Oonrt of thetJnil (or the Dlstrlctsof wlsconsdn, IB favor of the • comb CteveUnfl, Plaintiff, against the La Cr< waukee SaD Rokd Companj,def endan t la tae • tied came, Inued for the amoant of one h' twelve thousinB two hundred unV getenty Tre ftborr Bale I* hereby postponed to Bator- day, the 93th day of May, 185&, al the same place and time of day. Dated SueDfTs Omce, Milwaukee, May 14, 1859. A J LANu*OUTHY, ta%yli Sb'ff- MU. Co., H is. IST* Tht ^u -ve sale JS hereby farther postponed tr> fl&t unlay, Ui,-4 h day of Jnof, 1859, at the same place and time of u.«.u.- Dated Office, Milwaukee, Hfej 2s, 1859 A. J. LANOWORTHY, may£9 Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. ^»y*n>e above nale IB tercby farther postponed Saturday, the llth day of Ju&e, 1U59, at the satne place and(tlm« of *1 «y. Dated fcherifT. office, UUvankee, June 4, 1&59. A. J. I-&NGWORTHY, JeO Bherlff Mil. Oo», Wls 60S] WHERIFI'* SALE. BTATK OF WISCONSIN, I Olrcnlt Oonrt, BClwankee Oonnty. | Lucien Battles, Executor of the last will and* testament of Joel Battles, deceased, against Ellcabeth Gr«eo8eld, widow of adoljjh Greenfield, 4. ceased, Louis Aner and William Otauder. Foreclosure. I N virtee of and pw.rsu.ant to s/judgment rendered tn said Oourt, to the above entitled action, dated December 81st, 1858, 1 shall e&uose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Post Ottice in the city of Milwaukee, on Malnrda.f> the 2d day- of Julr, 1359, 84 the hour sf ! P. v.o thai day, tbe following described mortgaged premisr*, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment. Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit: " Lot number sixteen (1 B), to block one hundred and twenty-seven (12T), in the Second Ward of the city of Milwaukee, Oonnty of Milwaukee, State 01 Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April 1st, 1859. oeon, i'»ows A- OUDHI, i A. j. LANOWORTHY, Plaintiffs Attorneys. | Sheriff Mil. Co., WIs. aprl-SmllnZw 410} SHERIFF'S S4JLE. [New* STATE Of VTIBOON iIS, I J Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. 1 Henry 0 West, against WUll»m Dresm, Charles Meyers, Adolph 11. Neyman, Emll H. Neyman, Emll Welnklrch, John J. Cassel, Frederick Centner, Simon Levy, Joseph li- Oordes and Heel H. Camp. Judgment of Poreslosore. |N virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered In A said Court, In the above entitled action, dated December SI, 1K(6,1 shall expose (or sale and sell at pub- Its auction, at the Post-Office on the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee sts., In the City of Milwaukee, on Katiirday, the 13th tlay of Aniract. 1859, at tot hoar of 3 p. to. of that day, the following described: mortgaged premises, or 10 much (hereof, as may be necessary to raise the unonn.t of (aid Judgment, tnler- '•siand coat*, together with the expenses of sale to wit: ; "All that piece or parcel of land situate in Ui* : County of Milwaukee aud State of Wisconsin, known and described «j that part af the «ast fire chains of the west fifteen chains of the soath west quarter of section fourteen [14], town seven [71, range twenty-one [21], bounded as foll»w»:" Beginning at the Junction of ike centres of the North Madison and Pond du 1 Lac Beads; and running thence along the centre of the said Madison Road north 61 and I 1-120 ; degrees, west four and 83-100 chains: thence north B and 1-120 degrees, we>t four and i 79-100 chains toxthe centre of the said Fond da j Lac Road: thence alone I the centre of the paid ! Fond da tac Bead sooth 86 degrees, e et 8 and j 66-100 chains to 'the place of beginning." Dated Sheriff 'a Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 28,1858. Ortaa* 1 6aiBA», 1 A. J. LANGWOETHY, iPI'ns JM'jJt I Sh'ff. Hit. Co., WIs. iayll-llniw-J'm NOTICE. 1 • i j .--*!***' Ti SL u ? ° r< ^ r h»Ud mortgage 'bearing JU dato»ec«moer2T, 1868, executed to me by Lymtt Nolton, to secure the payment of two hundred and ' ^nty-Mven dollars, tad In erest at (be rate of twelve «en F .i»rmnniim, deeming myfelMiweeorei 1 «h»Jl * f«t tale and shall cell it public tale on the preml. esjsI»o,4T B»r*g«treet, iatliej/ottirth Wvi, of the dtv of Hilwankae, on Saturday, the 18th daycfJa, At 10 o'clock In toe f oriqopn, for the purpose wf 1 one half feot front by thlrty-Bve feet leefttltnatedonpaiisof I,ts2 and 8, In block n f -ln h«>ih Ward of th«OHy of kiUankee^^Wtieonstt, and tnownaaaT, •ntlogitnet, together with toe fell* of against the taM defendant, the 7th day of T>. 1857, T>y th* judgment if the. laid Oil tested the t^eity-second day of October, A. », ! »857, to me directed,! (are levied upon and shall tell at Pibllc' Auction, on Ttfetday, the 15th day of Decembbr next, at the Unite! 8UU» Marshal's Office, In the OU* ot Milwaukee, at 1/5 rfclock in tbe forenoon of said dayi the folio wing property, to wit: Tbe La Crot»e A MUwaoke* Railroad andaatlie Interest of the LaOroue* Milwaukee BallroadOottpiny therein, with all to* franchlie*, flghts aad privileges ttereanto belonging and tppertaJhlng, tatludlng roadj, roadway*, rtgBti of way andireal es late of every dWcrlptloB, road beoU, tracks, tlfs, rnlls, sutlan houses fend fcalldlngs and gronnds, tb^dsand grounds, engine boose* and gronnds,shaps and grotmdi, water bonus md cronndi, cars and appartesunceju locomotive engines? and appurtenances, more battleo- larly described In »he following schedule (marked A.) Also, all OuttipoVtlon of the LaCrosseand Milwaukee Railroad, known u tbe Watertoirn Qtvisloniofitaid Railroad, and aff the Interest of the uld LaOrqasi and Milwaukee Railroad Company thereto, wlthiall tr» franchise*, right* and privileges thereunto appertaining, Including roads, roadways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tradksjtles, rails, «Utlon_h«uses and building! and ground^, shop* andgronndBrV^ter houset and grbnnds, engine) homes and grounds, cars and appurtenances, locomotives and appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand; bars of Railroad Iron, more particularly described in :th« foi- owlpg schedule- 1 (marked B.) ! > Also, lota 9, '<0 and IT, In block 8, and tot) 1< 3, B, In Mock 47, In theiFifth Ward of the Oily of MllwUnkie.— Lots 1 and 4,i|nj blo«k 1B6; lots 1, 2,4,6,6,7,8,8,16, n, l2,18,14, In blqck Ufi; X of block 157, except Iftt $ and 10 of the bayou; adjoining said block; >i of lots 6, 9 and X, all of lou li, 18 and 14; H of lots 16 and 1J and E Jf of IS, In blo«k IBS, In the Fourth Ward of tha Ofty of Milwaukee. l j , (Schedule A.^referred to above.) One passearar depot, one store house, two freight depots, grain platform and thed, blacksmith shop, three tank houses, Machine shop, stationary engine house, p&intsbop, lumber house, coppersmith shop, iron house, blacksmith shop, (urn- table, circular engine boose, car shop, all In tha Gi)y of Milwaukee; tank house on section twelve of tafd Itall- road; one ditto;on lection 22; passenger and rre}gh;i uc- pot, al Richfield; one torn table and passenger; and freight depoti ai Schl'inrngervllle: engine hou4e, Xsnk house and passenger and freight depot at Hartford; passenger and freight depot at Rubicon; passenger and freight depot and lank house at Woodland; ditto at Iron Ridge; turn tvble, passenger and freigtit! depot, engine honse land tank bouse at fioricon; passenger and freight depot at Junction; ditto atiEqUifig Prairie; turn tafcle', engrne house, tank boose add ^passenger and freight depot at Beaver Dam; pas>en|er: and freight depot and tank honse at fox Lake; passenger and freight depot at Cambria; passenger and fretghi depot, turn table^tank bouse and engine house ftt ^Uid- land; passenger and frelghl depot, turn table,] engine beuse and laakibouse at Portage City, together *ltb the grounds upoo ^rhlob such bouses and bulldipgs are situated and whjch are uppurtenanl Ibereto. fw^nty- one locomotive engines, ten ur«t class paAsenger ears, two tecond class ditto, four baggage cars, 164] house freight cars, ISOi platform cars, 80 gravel can anjl 17 band cars. i . (Schedule B., referred lo above) One ei.^io4 lij>use let the Oily of ^Milwaukee; ooe stAtlon riguse ',a^ the Junction; one ditto and wood shed al PewaakW: one station house af Hartlaud; one ditto at Pine Late station; one water botue, one wood ibed, and one ttition bouse at Oconooiowoc; one station house, framt* ihe<i, machine shop, 4ar shop, blacksmith shop, two! w;ater houses, engine iiouse and wood shed at Watertown;: station house and| water bouse al Lowell^ stalloi Jhouse, engine and watir house at Oolumbtu, togetlier with tbe grodnds upon which such bouses aod bulldrngfl are situated and which iwe appurtenaatt thereto. Strvet) loco motive engines,67 box cars, 8& rack cars, lu hanb ears, our passenger ckrs A two uuggage cars, 20 damp bars A abont 42,612 bah of Railroad Iron, which I shall, tell of Ihe same day ,al%wo o'clock p.m.,oear Ihe La Crosifc kail. toad Uepol,on lilocks 4<i and 41 Jn the city of alllwfcu'ker, aod about 423 bars ol Railroad Iron, which 1 shil^sell at four o'clock P. M., the same day, al Dousmau 1 iOo'i dock In the City of Milwaukee, and about 'L&ft bam of Railroad ifob which 1 shall sell on the 17lh daty <,f Dccemker, 166?, at three o'clock P. M., on the We«l bank nf the Wisconsin River, lu SaukCounty, on tae;iine of the La Croste and Milwaukee Railroad. Tilt) property ennmeratied in the loregomg schedule B. fi|l be sold subject U> ain execution issued out o( vile »a^<l |0^>urt and previously levied thereon In fator uf B^I^-h'Cbati. berlaln. ' ManhaTs Office, Milwaukee, October i7, 1S57. ; ; M. }. TliuMAK' octSl-doawDwi U. S. Uariiai fST The aboye tale U hereby adjourned to Monday. tlie4th day of January, 1^5^ at 10 i/ciock t K lh>- U. 8. Slarshal's Dmce, Milwaukee, except the ski4s of ttailroad Iron nfentloued In Schedule B., which tt>eiaj journed respectively to Monday, January 4, lw, at ~t o'clock P. SI., anfl 4 o'clock r. St.,and Wednesday,January 6, lb5H, atSo'cJock r. * , al the respective blaces mentioned above. : i Marshal's Ofnce, Mllwanki-e, f>ecember IS, 1^57.,' decl6-dlawtl : L'. S. JlarCial. f9T~ Tbe abore sale u hereby further adjourfled t'' Monday, the l&tji day ol February, It5b, at 11 u'clbck A. «., at the 0. A. Marshal's Udjce, MilWAUkee, 4xoept the sale* of &all>o&,l 1-un rocutiuiie^ in StliedaleB, which are adjourned respectively to M«ndiy, yeUruaJ-y 16, Ia5s, at £ : "'clo< k r. H., and 4 o'clock r ht^antl Wednesday. Ketfu'rj 17, 1*', al 8 o'clock p. « , at the reflpeclivc (ilac«^ oientlone,! above. Marshal's Offiee, Mllwauiee, J anuary 4, ISr* : jaufr-lawtl SI J THOUAf, U. .-«. f*ff~ The above >*ie is hereby furtl.rr «>iji>urm.,l lo Tliursday, the 3."»Ui dn» of April, I'*. 1 *'', at 11 o'clock A. St., at the U I 1 Marshal's OUVe, Milwaukee, except the • lies of K*...i^itd Iron mentioned In schedule'ti, which are atijouIued respectively to Thursday^ April , 15, 1»S5, at •i oVlock r. M , and 4 u'cioci f M, «nd Ii Saturday, April'II, isis, at a o'clock r »., at the respective placeJ 1 dienUL ned atxive. Marshal's Ufhoe, Mlrwaukee, Feb. 15, 1>;5^. febXU-dlawtt M. J . TtlOM AS, U J Uaril.aj. f^r~ Tlic above saje is hereby further ailtourord in Tucml »T. the I.'-; Jar of June, 185*1, a- ' 1 uVI<.v Ic. 4. k , at Uie b. tf. Mw*'i.ari uruce, Mllwa«i\re, ricept U.» «."Jes nf ftaUroftdirur^ menuotieii m ».heiiuie K , «rt;ich itrr odjnamrd reapecUvely to Tuesday, June LNih. IS&S, at 'J o'clock, p..m. and 4 o'clock, p. m., aod Thursday, J^ne U, 1S&3, at8 o'clock p. » the respective r>ia«*r3 meotloned above. Marshal's Omoe, Milwaukee, April 15, l^D-3 1 aprl6-dlawtt i M. J. THOMAS, I' .-. Mar«>iai. (JfJ Tbe abo^e sale is hereoy further a<ijourti<U t. Wednesday, the34Ui day of July, la&S at llu'ciucji A. M.. at Uit U. 4 MarahtJ's Omce, Milwaukee, eicept the sales ol Railroad iron mentioned in »cheviule & , which are adjourned rrspecUvcly to Wednesday, Jut; 14, 1563, at 1 o'clock p. St., an.l Friday, Julj 16, Hii, at & o'clock r. M., at the respective places menllonet.' above. Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, June 15, 1SAB. jel6-lawtt ; M. J. TUOMAS, U ». Muthal. ft§f~ The abote aale ui hereby furtiier ajjourhe.1 l-> Wednesday, the llth day of August, 135S, at U o'clock A. St., at Uie United hlales Marvliaj s ot&ce, Milwtu4e r except the ssjea-of railroad iron mentioned it> sc^e.ltilf B., which are adjourned respectively to YVerfnriday, August 11, l&H^at ^ o'clock p •-, an<i FndJir. Autnst 1ft, I&A8, al II o'clock p. M.,at the regjie-ctlv'e/pucei :utD- Honed above. Marshal's Umde, Milwaukee, July U^lS^. j) li M. J. THUMV*, U. S. Marshal. ^sT™ 1 The alM^Vx gale u htreby farther adjourbed't^ Weuneaday, lh« 15th daj of iepLembvr, Il5»,all, o'cjock i. St., iitih, L ,-v MarsKaT« Orllce, Miiwaukre. except tne aaiej) tif Railroad >fon mentioned In seite,!alt B-, which are alijourued respectively U Weilutiiday. tember 17, Ib56, bt d i/rlocl p H, at the res(te-ctlve Marshal's Ofhoe v Mil»aukee, August 11, 11i» angU-lawU ; . M. J. THUMAd, U. S. Marshal. ^tT Tbe aboVe sale is hereby further adjouibei£t« Wednesday, -Uiei WUi day of September, 1S5S, at 11 o'clock A. *., at Uie U. 8. MarthaJ's Ufflc., Milwaukee. except tbe sales bf Railroad irou mentioned In schedule B., whv4 are adjourued respectively lo Wednesday, cVpt«mber ^9, ISpa, at t o'clock p. St., and Frlday.Octo- be^l, 1S5S, al 8 i'clock P. »., at the respective placts rtfentioned above. 'Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sept. la, ISM. septlo-lawtt . M. J. TUOMAS, L'. S Maratia.. s^gr~ The above sale U hereby further adj'»urbed|lo Monday, the slith day of December, Itriu, at 11 o'clock A. sl^ at tbe U. $. Marshal's oOice, slilwan^^e, efxcept the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In scheddle U., which are adjourned respectively lo Monday, December 6, 1858, at 2 O'clock r. H., and Wednesday, December 8, IKS, al 8 o'clock p. M., at the respective plates mentioned above. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, Sept. 29, 1S&S. •entao-oawfiw M. J. THOMAS, U. a. .Uarsiial. E3s*~ Tbe above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 12th day of January, Ia59, at 11 o'cldck i. M., al the U. Si Marshal's Ottice, Milwaukee, except tbe sales of Railroad iron mentioned in the schedule B., which are adjourned respectively lo Wednesday, January 12, 186», at 3 o'clock p. »., and Friday, January 14, 1S&9, at % o'clock r. ST., at the respective places jnen- loned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Dec. C, ISoS. j dec7-oawtt ' M. J. THOMAS, U.S. Martial. |^~ Tue abqre sale is hereby furiher adjourned ,to Monday, the 14th day of February 18S9, at 11 o'clock i. at., at the O. Bj Marthal's Office, Milwaukee., eitcejbt the sales of Railroad iron mentioned tn the acbfeddie B., which are adjburned respectively to Monday, febrn ary 14, 1859, at IT o'clock r. «., and Wednesday,, February 16, 1SS9, Jat 8 o'clock r. u., at the respective places mentioned above. \ ; Marshal 1 !Office, Milwaukee, Jan. 12, 18i9. ; ,. janI3-oawtl | M. J. 1U011AM, U. s. Martial,. fjf The abpre sale Is hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the S4^b day of February, I~i9, a t lu o'clcaik i. at., at the 0 8- Marshal's Omce, Milwaukee, eicepl the sales of Railroad iron mentioned In schettnie B-, which are adjonrbed respectively to Thursday, F«br,b. arj 24th, 1S}9, at|J o'clock p. M., aad Saturday, Ftbth- ary £6tb, 18£», M 3 o'c.ack r. M., at the resp«*cttie places mentioned above. ! - Marshal'sOfflct, Milwankee, Feb. 1J,1SS9. ; ' febU-oawtt i M.J. TUOMA8 D. 8. Marshal. 5 |y The above sale Is hereby further adjourned Jo Wednesday, the 23d day of March. !Si9, at 10 o'fcloct In the forenoon, it tha U. B. Marabal's office, Milwaukee, except the U'e* of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 38, 1S&9, at 2 o'clock p. >., and Friday, March 25, 1839, [at 8 o'cl«ck r. «., at the rapecufe places mentloned;above. . \ . Marshal's Omci.Mllwaukeo.Frb. 24,18M. ! } febto-lawtt ' j U. J. THOMAS, D. s. Marshal.' ff The above sale Is hereby farther adjourned U Saturday, ihe 2d day of April, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the Dnltwd States ttavsbal's Office, Milwaukee] ei- cept the salet of Railroad Iron menUoned In tchcdnle 11., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April J,lBi», at 9 o'clotk T. •., and Monday, April 4, 1861), 8 o'clock r. u., at the respective place* mentioned above. •! ' Marshal's Office,, Milwaukee, March S3,165>. mar24-lawtt t i II. J. THOMAS, U. S. Marth ff The jUiovei sale Is hereby further adjoon Saturday, tbe 7tb Hay of May, 1859, at lo o'clock at the United Stales Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, cept the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned tn sch< Jt, which ate aojdnrned respectively to Saturday; 7,1869,«t«o'clocji »,M., and Monday, May», I , ft o'clock r. K^ kt the respective pfacei mentioned above. . •• j i . 1. j Harshtl's Office) Milwaukee, April 8,1S59. j l aiTS-lawtt j { M. J. T110MAS, IT. 8. MtrthklJ tf The above'sale Is hereby further adjourned fo Monday, the «th day of June, 186S, « 10 o'clock 4. sT» •t toe United 8tati» Marshal's Office, MllwatueeJ ei- cepi the salM of Sallroad Iroo mentioned In schedule B., which are aflidnrneu respeotiTelj lokonday.jurje «ll86V,at 3 o'clqck PH., and Wednesday, Jnie 8, 1859, atSo-'olockitai.,. at tbe r> spectlve places rben tloned above, - ' ' Manh'l's Office, Milwaukee, M ay 7,1859^ maySilawtt (1 MJ. THOMAS, U. 8. tl: KiV 1 " il»e tbirreMte It befeby rirther »fjot«'«ifd * fl«tard«y,-thel6tlfoayof Julr, IK*, at lOo'cloJJJ. a.,»ttbe InitedStatea Manhal^t OMee, MHwiOlieei eioept the isles bfi Railroad Iron me tloned In tchMtf~ S., which »re»Joirned rejiBecUvay to BsitnrdayjJoJ le, M», «t at»'«K< K* • *., "4 TtJe-Iay, Jttiy 1», j° • at J o'clock JF.K^ at Un retpeoUve places mentf tlon would by law be entitled to demand, «h»n be considered the highest bidder. 1 Marslial'i office, Ullwaukee, Jane 6,1859. JeT-lawtt M. J. TUOMA8, tl. 8. Marsh .1. ' BTATK 0? WISCONSIN, > t Ooart, Milwaukee County. J Jamet S, Brown, against . Uenberg, Joslah A. Noonaa, Peter McNab and : Andrew Keye. i Voreclocure. IN virtue of and punu«ot. < a judgment rendered In Jj la-d Ooart, In the abore entitled action, tinted Jan- nmry 13,19&9,1 ihall eipoae fur sale and sell at public aacUoo, at the Post Office la the citj of Milwaukee, oa »UtardaF, the 24 day of July, 1859, at thfe hour of 2 r. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged prcwiifa, or ao much thereof as m&y be ne- betsary t<) rajie the amount uf aald judgment, interest Kiid costs, together with the expenses of tale, to wit > ' '* All that pan of the west half of the south- w est quarter of section number Dine (9), In township seven (T), of range tweoty-iwo ^22), • boonded as follows, to wit: commenclog at the south-west corner of satd west half of the southwest quarter of section nine (9j; running thence east on the sooth line thereof ten (10) chains ; thence north ten (10) chains; thenc* written (10) chains to the we&t line o< the sard quarter lection, and thence south ten (10) chains to trie place of beginning, comalning ten (10) acres, subject, however, to one half the width of a ruad, on the south and west boundaries tnerror, •Aid road being one chain In width." Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April 1, 19A9 TSOVASL. OQDM, \ A j. LANOWORTHY, Fl'ff's Attorney, f ahenff Mil. Co., W'la. aprl 3mlln2w 181] SAi KHIJt f> .-H^l.l. • ,>«•«* STAtE 0V \\ IHCON81N, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ' H^el H. Camp, ^ agamsl Daniel U. Richards, Uarret Vllet, Jesper Yltet -nd j John D Smith. J B Y virtue of an execution !3«ucd fruui *a.»l Cuur the above entitled action, to me ilirect«-il ir «l UveTed agaJnat the personal and real properly uf »bove uamed def«-ntlmtita, 1 have snacd ami ir-vinl Ihefotlosring real estate, to wit . Beginniog at a point m lite line l»ci weeu lection 19, and «ii, Ii87 fe*t north of the quarter section cqrner; running tlieace w*at&99\ fvet to the eaat line of Fuurteeuth itreet; thencv with said east line uf/..artdei-th street, north 754 feet to street, or the exteti;i->ti d that street as r<j'irrst-nLe<l l.. tfie piwi >>l \iitjf 1 - Addltiou to the cit? ul Milvaakec, Ljirnc? * u. the south line of *a,d *(r>-rt, -ai( ,V>0 r, . i thence with the souiherV^ UQ« uf said -trccx northeaster. y abual ~£ltt fret to an an»;l« KI **i'l street; thence with the tonth line of said ^trrt-i east about bO feet to the point where thf nouih westerly line of the laud convejril u. At.ran) Vhet bj deed recordf-l in viilwauk-e County in rol 61 of deeds at page 31U, <T<j*aea i;m) 4'>atii Hne of §ai<l street; ihencr w.i:-, i tj-l i<;ut!iw»-<if r ly 1)0'- of Abram Vlirl's i*nd soutft 4» •If^T'-c', east ftboot 6i>9 fed tn a p«iinl <>Q ElrvrM.'i street, wdefc »ai-l l.or id irilt r>rclr.i hy tfir *.-*i line of At>r^m V,i»-t'i ami. a* 1 . or.J na '• ' • -*'l recoriieu .Q vul 61. of J. rJ* »t - t » h -« ^t", '' -• r- south wlifi sal I west liur "f \ (Tin: \.n-i - li.Ai chains t.-a Corner, theno.- *r^i with r.,.iin »rj of said Abram Vi.etS .ami >\ cti»^» ;ii- nc- •i.uth « IN *aid houijilnrjr 6i5 # ^ fl in ' 1 " rl -'' ItOr jl rilieruian stiec', LllrUv*; « Ji »anl '.wrt . line, weal ft-W chalnj I" "t-ci.uo, th-,,c- with i^rtioo hn«- norm il-MJ (r^-i 1.1 in^ [»i .. *• LEGAi, ADVERTISEMENTS. JLEGAl. AIWERTlSBMBNTS- STATE Of WISCONSI X , i Circuit Cuurt, Milwaukee County » Robert Uenxles ami | Eoben XV. McCleilan, | tfurrl ln» partr.erj of l the flr-n of M«nziea Due * Co., a ft ni rial 01 em CDS Kamactiatif . I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment r -n<l--r.- sftld Court, lu the above entintj aciinn, <UL»-.] ruary .'>, 1359, Ishall expose for salu and 4^11 »i He Auction at the Post -Office, on the corner <»f Wis sin and Milwaukee Btreett, m Che City of Hilwvi on Saturday, tli« lltb tl;i» «»f , 1^9, at the hour of '3 P. M. i.f n at d.iv, pt:r- u. » i.a|.t. r 1'iO Revise«l jiiatutea, ^-ii-iii-.i .,i t ... , "> and o he. a, ' nil '.Me n •(.- • • •*• in j i,, L< •^1 the • hove n -m»- ) <If > « - ' ' • ' •• foMo prif» •• iy on tf't 5th day of Kt-r.- •. - , I -.v» \ r- rl i.ij huilitlnv iltu i V - n j2'JJ. i 1-lock ,me »'»•••• tldOj.iu I* w rt ..i-kN iSi|l"H •• • '• west quarter <>1 Becti i; '...••" ' i *i> w i r • the Cilj nf VMwan ?•• » ih a <l .1-frn.lai.; in m-. 13), on the 5th -lay ., (•' •> • t-. 1 Dat^d Sr.^nfl"!! l»up*, Mil • - *i » FlSTHKS, l.TS*)K A UltLKR, t P/ir. AU'yi. ( aprl-t tft6w ^^" Th« ahnve aal .: !s hfcrer.y ^ H v n-'l • : i the 11 th day v-f Junv, KVJ. it ih ^im.- pi in* i-. of daj f'a e.t ?hf?r IT< 0*fire, -VII ? WTiih.-H M» .- 14. ]s£*| A ' i. AM;* <IHVH '" may::> "h'lf M ' tt .| tn K-b- -», i.»>u »TATR OP WI : CONS1M. John 9. Ucyi, I John J,.-111,1 K" Ilioman T. heev.;, | Jinliimt-ut il Km - ....,,,- (* Ih.Tt W Bite. I ,ll I *!>!., Per.iy II l,h»in. William h,. l'»u.-,i ,mi , tulwar*! li. til»<-«. j I Ttf I « iillfl Llnirt-, .'l 'of ihi.ff.. •,, , .. I 4, li.,n litl.-.i t,. :hi il ty nf Jill.-, ' ^.*lll i -li'ljl -xi, ,.. ' r ijvl in.l ... i , Pun in .lai-t ••!>. " 'I'- P .HI iilli.-... •!, \l i Wiluk^,'. 'Hi OfallSrtitt. Itllt M'lll (| )• y fif *lt' |»ffin lt«T, IHS'J, 11 fi.- 'i...rt .i • f tS .f'hil 11/ It.,- (,.ll »'tu'UH,-r I—.1 m .r-L: VL-I '..r...,,,.. H r .. ,,.,.•. " Al, t pi I"H'» I HI. r it « HIM.... \| ,,,.... i ,,.• I PH l» I (tK.ll,« , , |. , % .1 . N< >'J K '!-. N O H 0 thr C »h i: -h- \l U - * H.| (.' »•:!,.« njury *• ^ni t. I'orp quarter of section III, ai.J in t e «e« lia ' Uie north weal quarter f »-< uon i*( t .w .. range W. Al. Ui t. I ', II, li. I" .1 < 2 I Lou, 2. S, 4...X 6 , , i . . (j ..t H. Lot li, bUck t Lo ti, block s j Lot 8, block 1!) ' All in Vnel'a Ad.l i ,.N '." ifi^ ..., .: \l ;i | wauke'-, being iu >,r- - *• iia.l .[ iini r. iru eaat iiu*rl r ot sect, ti U * -1 tntr *-^i 1;*.'. of N W ^ 01 »"-tinn 'i". t.,*n T, r«u,^« ft eajtl - polnl in sril..'n line belw-en .e.. Me.:.* \'J I'll ^U al uortli »lue uf Mieruitn street au.1 i"2-* >ri nortfl u( tlie quarter secli .n corner; liietio^ WILh seclui i line north V^t'J leel, UlfDCr w^nl 599\ leel to eaat <Ue u( fourv-nlh street leet t.i uurth SMe ,1 *u alie> , induce v t;. nor 1 .', si'lr "i' tai<J Mlr> south rautlrr^j 54O' .'-.-I to Intrth side of Sfiefnan ,l;t»t. Ih nc- «-u!. • aid north line ^. ^h-riuat; su--' iul f-^' i- or leas, beinif sltuate.l ID t!:- eft.-1 [i&lf .if tr.r ti- rtii', .jjarter ,.f s^'ti. . v. ' i ' 7. ri;,*.- ft eut. AUu I...1 4, I :V -to ~ ••'. I « . , Ui- rii-c »"Hl'i -in- ur,ilr>- i 4.1 i a A .11 > r * fi * ••»i •• • / . i; r -. • • i - I » I U l f I •> 41 1 s .;, ;'•".,;'".: 1 .r:7V- l>e^innloi AI a ; •> 1.1 ;. ' '.* * -*l • - •' -w t • s;i > u r ll it y . t \i ,> : it il n ) <• 1 ) n I ) . West C'.r: . r I .Al I. .• . - , t & ch*r-ls !•• •<.•• j MI I' --. t .*. ... r ii Ul H I'Oint I I 6 (tin. 1.1 . H • , - . rr corner ul , i i •, i»r'.^ .• r. •• • •. • U.-.u , l.a. ... i.. i l l,-.' i.i. lij '•«) cri i.i.i n-'frt. i •: ,• it' - . ' .i-iiiler .-• i...:.. il.- . • t .4 ... a • n.l S- r.K •• -I - "-• ...I- • • i • • I! ,, Whirl, .a .1 pro; -,', as »|..r. s, j. 1 .' . , .. . • r ,1 , .... l '. . | Oily ol Milwaui-... i XnturU <J, I lit- 191 h Our , ,,, , of MnrclJ, l^''«*. »i i'.'- •••-.' - "• * - f r f-»' IM . '.\ i, ..• if --.'•-. .. to tAi ».j raid e> cut I.. ' . •" " ' il. ••(.—.«• s • M K ,, , , . . „ , ,, M limed Shenll's Dlb.-r. M.i«« .«-e K-r. .1. I <,/i ...',.. , , i ".,•.., . ,\ . Ft«cn«H, I.TSI.I i M :i.ia. . < J L«N.,«itr1tH I-',-,', , v, ,. " ri . , .. .'- Pl'lfs Att'y- | Sl.'fl Jli| x f., . H .. I"'" <t ' l ' ; •"••>•"• '• -: ... •.. ihe hour .,1 i p M i . mar-20 LJg Th« a r*Jaj, the *' J LA u W.JKTH Y Hhtr IT M.lwauK.-^ C tNer L>. . HI [_,..•!. -,l t rt . -, A. WOOD, ,i; V , — , v ,•.„, r~, .» ! C-.u . j . .1 I '. ..-..-. | . ••.-., i •• i,.-i ..i i:. :,- . .t.».-- .. • . i > « 1 * 4 \ i . . v U . ; •. L • • - - i • v *u<-.-. *' ','.in '. « --Hy I s. i' • I'TT ••••»•• «' ,w-r l.'ie ' ui(iAiu: f 1 '. .. I' - ' ; .i a :,..*ir * n «t't»ir i" LI.- t. >:IM • r - I II I!..- .-..rH!'!*.!;'.. U , I.'-HS ' * :l • V r- • ,1 M \ r of ~: r u , n ', u.*t : t Sheriff '» "(Ti<-», \1 l A J LA N« f&~ Trie Al<oVfl sale .» hereby fartn*-r po, ,. n i iAaturdfcT, Ihe isth tiaj "f >t»\ »t lti<* ,a^.- |.I».-H t Ume of day f.te-1 Mi. nil • 'Ml .... M; > « .k- -. M . Y -. . 1< J I.A M , W ' • R I I n.a ^J Hh-r IT U . i I ^Jff The above sale i« hereby further post Saturday, the llth «ay of jutif. l-'.'-a. 41 th- ia • nuke-. »i M .» i.i.-.- i - :. -• . ' M»r.-n, , -.'.'.I II 1)1 IK •. K t -I' »M. -NhK i PI i, i.i , l .. • rH« >!«,.« . n XII Kli IH •- «t X I I . •: .>P w I.H ( -' iN"i\ •Ill I* I t I • , . SUy . . . », J LA MI •« • • ft MI .-h^r if U . • (urth-:r [>o»t[,. a--.| i. I- pt&. H..-h.rl '. .-.imn-r. M l : i.. .<>•• I., us; i. and ban ,-l W - ... J- r,;:rr;-"VTr: CIRCUIT COURT, I }. unly n' Vlilwsukef f uiiii A. I* iff, »ieCulor -. <•( H trfcia./, Ii. R-ed, ir M. C ty day of •»«• pi cm b»*r. i*rj, I'U.nti r>rV,n.«, -n ' I v e, J ^.n.r l, In theafJeot UH fJ^ehteaMd «th«reorpor»tfl ««utafy trasewcntlontwit}, all legal fees and ejrptuses thereon, ud than «gfee tp' take nob franchlu i fer tbe shorles* perjoa of Vmt, an* ' •k^:M^:^J ffif gaff 5 Ptftffitfffimiliit H->«l H Camp, Charles W f.f^Bt P Herubcrfr, yred- ncH W H Ii. Ram>«n, William M Lynn. Wu Robert t*h*w, Vlurru Sor.rr, Joi.o ][ -own, Jchn t'rrkios, Muif -rd Heim tiili, C P A Hmrtch.t, K-l »ra.r J*.J"*-l r i W".. lew, i*%lomon Jackson. John l.urKr>i». K-^-rt ti Dal .John H. (i'lddard, Jon«*i»h S JliMt-nir* J..*^;.fi 8 Hastings, Jr., Thomas A Kees, William I- Prir'-f, . Jumes Pattee, Jahn M. McFarUne, \*iMi»ra I'^, Def ndaots. Ttie Atate of Wisconsin, to thr »^ove rmmc'l JricmiArii* K7 OU are hereby tuiumoncd ft.nd rc^mnrt) i<i anawcr JL the cooiplftiot In Lhlfl pvcti vn, wbicfi lj Qie<l in the office of the Lie rk of th^ Circalt Court for tti.- 0*>un(y of Milwaukee, al the City nf MUwtutee. In ind Coar- ty, and to serre a copy of your *JH*»?r j - thf *jti<l complaint on the subscriber-, at their .»fhi-c, N.«a 1 nod 4 Albany liutldlng, la the <*id City -f Milvtukr-f, wtthta twenty d*ys after the serrtce, rxclu'lv*- nf thf day of such service, »--d if you io &«r the complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff * li *pplr to Che Court for the relief dems>n4rd In thr complaint. Wl nrm the Hon. ART HUH MCAKl'Ht R. Judge of Olrcujt Court fof naid County »f Milwaukcr, it Mil«auk«", thi* I5t'i •!»? ->f April, ,«,». UOOfiER (tiarter l> • • K No may '£•+- J n - I n 'J • DOAy4-law6w Plaintiff '! Attorney*, Milwaukee, Wue^nsi 920] MI Kit IFF'* VXI.K. BTATK Of WISOOSSIN, I Olrcalt Oourt, Milvaukec Co ( William L«r r, 1 i\c»v« Wllber F. lutllr. I U virtue ol and paTsuanx.lo a jariKTOent rtndcr^d \n said (Joart, in the t boye vntuled arCi»n, ilat^il April eighteen, 1859, I shall expose fur >alv > <l sell at Public Auction, at the Post ufficr, In tho C y of MllwanVtc, on iixiarday, tb« 2«lb dn> nf Jlovesnber« IK9, at the hoar of 2 r. n., of thai •!., > , thf follOTlnK described mortgaged premlser. In vlt: "The east thirty feet ol lot number ihree [3], la block Dumber one hundred and guty-thr* e [163], In the Second Ward, of the City and County of Milwaukee and State of Wlieonnln, with the buildings and Improvements thereon." Paled Sheriff's Omce, H Iwaakee, Slay 20, 1*M. J.VtaDoB,! A. J. LASGWottTdV, Pl'ffi Atl'j. f Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wl>. wla» SIIKIIII- .r'N s»i -TATF OK WISCONSIN. ^ Circuit Court, jrlil'itultrtr County | 01 ¥ . \ViHLara W. I N T.rtue of and punu*i.( '.. » ,.i.i.r.i.-.>i r-., salt] C-'urt, tn the »ft«ivi« ent.^.-t ». • ••) rv>irui-rjr 'il, 1SA9, 1 »hJi,l r>x|>»4f ,,. - «-,.i Public Anclitin. al Lfif h-.t-t .rfi,-.-. n ,: • Milwaukee, r>o S.ilti rtlii y, (be !M li «l Jult, I'N'S!*, »l Uir ri"ur o f ^ p x. ..' •• much thereof »s m.iy >>i- nfi-i-a-ar> rm,.^ j;. of §aJd ju<Ji£in«*rH, interest an-1 omiji : .filT pensea if sale, to »it block No nin'-ly-tt vn, .tml it> - .-•)u»i i: l • T •me-half -if U»l 'I*, :n hl.-clt N.I "•- • 'in. unit elr-v^n, *il m ih* VMth ^ ir) ' '-,<• ' t Dated Shenir 'j OfB.--. M..*4ii(.t;e, « ,-r i J. • K. MAMIVHI. I A J LAM.W.iHT PlMTa Ait'y f •»• -T M ' •*.. \ -' •J ' >l V SOT] (IlIEKIi'f'JI SALE. [Now* BTATK Ot WISCONSIN, I Otrcolt Oonrt, Milwaukee County. ( D Aldnxo L. Kane, John S. rillBiore,fieorge W. Peckham and Gilbert Roe. I K Tirt«e of and pormanl to a judgment rentered in Bald Ooart, In tbe abore entitled action, ilaie I March 18, 1859, 1 aball expose for nle and sell at Public Auction, at tbe Post-Office In the Olty or Milwaukee, on &atnrdnr<i <i>c 24 day of July 1^9, al the hour of 3 r. M., of that day, the following Je- ccrlbed mortgaged premisM or so ranch thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interest and cotsts, together with the i-xpenies of sale, (•Lot number thirteen [13J and Ihe^ east thirty . [30] f»et of lot BoinbW twelTe 18), In hu>ck ATJIT hiring b«en made In the condl Ion of a rtaln prftmluoty note, bearini date December D. I8ST, ejtecnted by W H. Hibbard acd ls, and also In the oondNIoa of a certain ressel ie of tbe same date executed by said Ilibbard rili to secure tbi payment of laid note. Notice it hereby glren to all parties interested that wt ihil expose for tale and sell on Tuesday, the 5ih day of JUIif, A. D , 1859, at H) o'clock IB the forenoon of thit dajr,|at the Spring street bridle, la the city of. Mllwaa- k«t,'lhe Schooner WBUam B. B.eihena, htr m.ists, bowiprlls, sails, boat, inobor. cables, and all i ther aec«Marles thereunto tppertainlng abd belonging, to sttlifr the amount reonlolig doa on uld note snd mortesgi togetlnw *llfe the :cs*U and ocpenjes ofatle. " • HOSES *,„ JAMS*, and : - JOBKFH JAMES, '; . . Mortgagees. '- ' ' ' By W. W. OIOTV, Agcat. ' I *ITKD NT*. rf.K tlAHSH*! John A. P»i;e, CTerulor nf ) the ia«t will an>1 testament | of BeleEiah H Kr-.|, I,. ' ceased : David P Uull. I Marian Alton Hull. Kdwln Palmar Truster I Joshua llaUiawny, I Byron W. t.'larli. Charles S. Clark. > Robert B- Bell. ^ In Chancery The Farmer's * Miller's B'« j Henry L Palmer, Hermann Schwirtlng, »nd I Augustus Greulifch, AA- stgnees of the People'. Bank of Haertel, ftreen- leaf A Company, Eilward 8. Tyler, Jabei H. footer, Horace P. Hunn and Jasper E. Goodnch. I N pursuaoce and by virtue of a decrve m.i.le hy th« District Court of tile Unt ed States for thf Lh.Htr t o( Wisconsin, on the twelfth day of March, j. o . 1S39. n the above entitled cau?e, I shall sell at P'iMic Aiu-tion, at tne United States Marshal's Office, in in.- I'l'y al Milwaukee, on Monday, ihe ninth day 01 M;i.y. iN'-a, -u U o'clock A. «., " The followlnn real estate liemi; »nil lying In the Connty of MlUaukue «n,l •'Kite "f \v>*c»n- sln, and knt wn and described aa the south e;i»t .|ii;irter or lh« north west quarter of section numh^r trn (loi, in township number seven (7), north »f r^im.', 1 number twenty-two ^3*J) mst; less the south east <|u«r'Mr bcint( ten (10) acres of the above described tract .>f Unit which Is excelled and reserved." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Murch '£), l.')G9 M. J. THOMAS, U H. Marshal A. C. MAI, Compll'a Solicit.>t mar-J4-l »«« w^r~ The above salt Is hereby adjourned to Uon<lay the eleventh day of Inly, 1859, ..t the rame nnur in,I place ag above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May 9,1559. ma) 10-1 awtl M. J. THOMA.S, U H Marshal. ,,0.1 Xll I. K I f » "N Nil -' [' i r S- . K U l M . i N .^ | \ 1 i . •. M . r Hike. , ..,,. , *, I >>,•• ,. t,,, „. V, n K ... .,. n. N ill], II r-irn •! ;>»i.-r [)»„ . , J|., , i N VUTl K . , l .".r^u ,..' , , ,„. -.,, ,., I. <a..| • -iir- M .- V - ni M.I, ,.,..„ , , ^Hr."i I7'h I--"' I •' ' •"••• '•" -:ii.: . i.i .. f i',l ,• \ii, • ,11. •• I..- I' .1 'MM •>,.. i' • , \| via*--,'. ,ii Nja i il ril 11 >. l Ii*' J,l tl it ) t»lf J i, i j I T-V* t, .1 .^^. ' * Ih 'I- ,.;.,...-, ,1 ., *.i il i in 11 '' •• ^ 'C' f> »* * I ' ^l •« ' , M l)'ll,.,l -her if- ilftl--. Mi <»,nw-- \,.. ',, \ •• j \ vin H. II..IIKN v j t. * N i; \\ < lit Tit i t'l'"-, \i , \ J h. - il Oil .1 v . .prl :tn,|,,,i'» i i'ti LI r i ot it p. , Prob»le Prob»te. STATE OF WIHOON31N, i Milwaukee County, f"' ID the matter of the Estate of R. S K nney, ileittvued. O N thUMthday of May, ».o., 1^53, upon rea-iinuand Sling the petition of Adeline 8. fc. Klnney, Hating that one H. 8. Klnn.y, of the County of Milwaukee, died mteitate oa or about the l«lh day of, n;9, and pt ay ing th.»t she be appointed Admlnlstrmrii on Uieltstate of s&id deceased : It is Ordered, That said application be heard before me tt the Probate Office, In iheCltyof Milwaukee, on 'he 18th day of June, i. D. ISS9, at 10 o'clock i «. . j And U la farther Ordered, That notice of aaiii appll- ^on fand hearing be g> <en by pobUahlng a copy of this order for three successor* weeks, oncelln each week, tn thf Milwaukee News, a newspaper printed la said city, prior to said hearing. By the Coot t, _ may2T-Uw3»- AUEBT SMITH, County Jodge. ilrUQ.In M.\4U,l>'r. ^:» -ui \ I'.ir.i.. .» l-..i> n I ., (ell.l-, ^ttwr-rlt. ten. Jun,^ ^Uill^rl^n.l. I'.-'.nt,,l Iroudr i-h, Ji.a-ph C^r^. Ih-nry Wll.^m-. C « K \ ton, i,.">ritr " .1111. 'i r'i""i«»i-. IL .,..„ „-, J -.. M Y 'Of are 1er,-l,y <.,tiiii,,.n>->l >i-l '.-.|uir«l to »t.jvrer tht> I'.impiHint n ihi» <«'. nrnch IH died :n 'h» nllii:.. <ii il,,- Clerk if : ^ Cir -t '- ^'i>urt (or thtt Coanty and to nerve a '.-i'1'y '>' V"iir in.wvr to the SAId jiinj. plnmr, • n the .iihioriber^. at their .ifllce. Not. 1 tml ) 4 Albany i ultdn ti 'n thr, tity of MlltrausTee, within I ilay of ^uch "TV f^, iml I you fail to answer the com I p'alnt nit: in tl'e tune afonMah!, the plaiuiIlT vlti apply to th*» Court for the relief ilemand^,i in the- complaint. ) _>_ , Wunesa the Hou. AL'llTUL'll ManKTUCR 8BAL > Jutiire of thu Circuit Court fur said Coun_^— | ty <jf >!)lwau)ied, at Milwaukee, Una Jntl day of April, 13OD. Pl'ff's Att'ys, Milwaukee, w'ls.

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