Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 12
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 12
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Twelve STERLING DAILY GAZOTTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Saturday, Octdfer 25, lehigh Torpedoed WithoutWarning No Aid Offered, Soys Captain of Freighter FREETOWN. SIERRK TXONE — , API _- TTip United Stau^-ownrd frci5h»<?r Iy>hi$h. sunk 75 miles wr.«t of Frr<?t/>* n, i* pictured bv her skipper fu- thr victim of s hit-and- nin torpedo attack from ft submarine which none of thf crew ever saw. Cupt Vincent Arkins. the rwn- mander, said that the torpedo struck the LehiRh at 8 5o ft. m. Sunday on the .starboard- side of No. 5 hatch. blasted down the main topmast and injured t*o of th? 44 men aboard A falling hatch beam cut of! four toes of ft seajnan. Neither before nor aftfr the attack. Captain Arkins wild, WB.S the submarine seen, and there was no offer of aid. All four lifeboats were manned and launched by the men aboard— the crew of 39, one man working hU way and four Spanish stowaways —50 minutes after the explosion and headed east to Freetown. The men were picked up by British ves- seta. NINETEEN CONSIDERED DEAD REYKJAVIK. ICELAND — <AP) *-The 17 known survivors of the crew of the United States-owned freighter Bold Venture believe that the torpedo explosion which sank her In the North Atlantic last Thursday killed the 19 men listed as missing. A Canadian corvette, light war vessel, was credited with saving the lives of the 17. The corvette crew maneuvered her alongside their foundering lifeboat* and picked them up from a cold, rough sea two hours alter the Bold Venture went down. The .Bold Venture, a former Danish ship under Panama registry, went down 10 minutes after she was hit, survivors fcaJld. "There was no real fire," the chief engineer reported. "We couldn't ate anything, just an explosion." Cong. Fish Secretory Indicted oVPerjurer WASHINGTON— (AP)-A federal grand jury yesterday Indicted Oeo. Hffl, » secretary to Representative Ptoh *R-NY)» on two charges of perjury before the grand jury white it was Investigating the acthdtiea of foreign agents in this country- Hill wag arraigned immediately before Judge T. Alan Goldsborough and pleaded Innocent. He was re. leased in the custody of his coun- wl. former Representative John J. O'Cftpnor of New York, tp_ permit him to raise $5,000 tail overnight. During a brief verbal skirmish before the court with William Power-Maloney. special assistant to the attorney general in charge of the investigation. O'Connor declared that HOI was "an unimportant person in this matter.- He added: "I might say that I'm here to plead Congressman Fish not guilty." Missouri Utility Foces Another Strike Threat BT. LOUIB — (AP) — The Tri- Btate Utility Workers' union served an ultimatum on the Union Electric company Friday threatening a strike which would shut down power in 8t. Louis and many other cities in Germans Put to Death Fifty More Frenchmen; 100 Get Brief Reprieves VICHY — 'APi — Fifty French dt^d before thr firms wall Friday in a S0-llvrr--for- OTT* forfeit for the B^ft^insHrm r»f a German officer at Bordeaux—the «r<y>nc! wirh mean tire of retaliation within three days. At the snmr tim« ?O additional h(vtRR?«; at Bordeaux and 50 still alive at Nantes out of 100 selected for repetition In reprisal for »h*> killing of the German commander there won brief •reprlri-p* while the Of i rman«; Rave additional time for the capture or surrender of the actual assassins. The news yesterday from Bordeaux meant tiiat a total of 100 hostages already had been put to death, evenly divided/ for the assassination of the Nantes and Bordeaux officers. Fifty were executed in the Nantes case on Wednesday. The German commander at Nan- tea. Lieut.-Col. Paul Frledrkh Hotz. was waylaid and shot last Monday and on the following day a high- ranklnfr officer name Relmers. counselor of the German military administration at the occupied port of Bordeaux, met a similar fate. If the full measure of threatened reprisal Is carried out, it will make R ratio of 100 lives for one. The Bordeaux executions brought to 184 the total of French hostages killed for the assassination of five Germans during the occupation. Outside Funds Finance 139 Research Projects At University of Illinois CHAMPAIGN, ILL. — (AP) — Industries, trade groups and governmental units have financed 130 research project* currently being carried on at the University of Illinois, Comptroller Lloyd Morey's annual report showed today. The report said that in the year ended June 30, the university expended t2«7,087 in carrying out the co-operative projects, while it received $278538 to further them, a gain of $10,000 over the preceding year. Among the projects of the last year involving._ft_recelpt. of $10,000 or more were: Association of American Railroads and Carnegie Steel Company. $26, 918 for investigation of railroad rails. United States bureau of public roads and state of Illinois division of highways, $19,327 for study of concrete slabs. Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers. 117.000 for studies of steam and hot water heating. Kellogg company, $12,103 for study of all bran. Rockefeller foundation. $36,760 for four project*—study of amino acids, development of neurology and neuro- surgery. experiments in teaching psychiatry, and spectroacopic analysis of water. Winter Aids Russian Defense Under leaden skies, a German tank rumbles through snow-covered streets of Vyasma en routo to the central front before Moscow, where winter's onslaught is the Red army's new ally. Note rulnayksft by retreating forces' -scorched earth policy." Blind Student Will Head Millikin University Parade At Homecoming Saturday DBCATUR. ILL ~ (AP) — David Stevens, a blind student, will, march in the poet of honor and responsibility at the head of James Millikin university's homecoming parade Saturday. Stevens helped organize the homecoming celebration He is in charge of the parade. His classmates, in recognition of leadership and popularity, put him at the lead of the line of march, knowing that sightlessness is only a minor handicap in this case. Student marshals will act as Stevens' eyes when the parade winds through Decatur'* downtown streets. Students have substituted for vision, reading him his lessons and escorting him on the campus. Stevens has a better-than-average classroom record. Reared on a farm near Decatur, Missouri. Illinois and Iowa. 'The «company settled a. recent Chief Executive Bocks LaGuardia Candidacy Btrike threat by the AFL Operating Engineers' union. The independent unien, claiming membership of 3.000 employe^ set 10 a. m. Wednesday as the deadline for the walkout in support of demands for a flat 10 per cent wage increase and a reclassifieatlon and adjustment of ratec to bring the minimum to 70 cents an hour. Present wage* for operating em- ployes ranft from a minimum of 5l>4 cents an hour to a maximum of tut. Boy, 2 Girls Charged With Murdering Man BKL AIM, MD — (AP) — Three runaway Alexandria, Va., youth*—a boy and two girls—have been ordered held without bail for ac- Uon of the Harferd county grand jury oo charges of murdering Grain *x O. Browning, 40. on a wild rid* "oafiwefririwuisirwr^^^^^ TIM action, which remanded the youngsters to tht county tail, was (atom by Magistrate Stanley a Bpenoer at a preliminary hearing for tha trio—Herbert H. Com. Jr., It. Ida May Prior, 15, and Leona Blen fiunnlngtiipiy 14. Browning's body* was found teat Thursday in a thicket ntar Conowtn- ao after tht three had been apprehended in Portland, Me. WASHINGTON — (AP) — President Roosevelt endorsed the candidacy of Mayor Piorello LaGuardia, Republican and American labor nominee, for a third term as mayor of New York Friday, declaring that La Guardla's administration had been "the most honest and moat efficient" within his recollection. The President skimmed through at his press conference a formal statement which he had prepared on La Guardia's race for reelection and laughed with reporters when he said he was not taking part in the New York city election but felt that he was entitled to speak about it because the city contains about half the population of his state. He noted, too, that although his voting 'residence always had been upstate, he-had lived and worked in New York city, off and on, since' 1904. LaGuardia'« Democratic opponent is William O'Dwyer, Brooklyn district attorney. Stevens lost his eyesight ten years ago wfcen he was thrown by a horse. He went to the state school for the blind at Jacksonville and then attended Illinois college before transferring to Millikin in 1940. At the Minikin-Illinois Wesleyan football game tomorrow. Stevens will be in the stands. Friends tell him what is happenlhg^onrthe~ficld~«id he enjoys listening to cheering and comment from the stands. An economics major, Stevens says he intends to become a politician. The friends he has made in college are ready to give him votes. Epipharynx Is filmed By Jersey Scientist; First Time in History CHICAGO — (AP) — A no-man's in the human anatomy has thrown open to medical ex- Chicogoon Homed Head Of Jacksonville Hospital . ILL, -- (AP) -~ Dr. James L. Smith of Chicago has been appointed by Rodney H. Brandon ( state public welfare director, as managing officer of the Jacksonville state hospital. Dr. Smith succeeds O. C. Brown, whft i««igtwKt « m nri, managing of- Heovy Increose Noted Jn Scarlet Fever Cases 8PRINOFIEUJ. ILL. — iAP> — A sharp increase in the, incidence of scarlet fever in Illinois was reported by the state health department which announced • 12S new cases were discovered last week. Dr. Roland R. Cross, state health director, said last week's total represented an increase of 68 per cent over the number of cases reported for the previous week. The total number of. scarlet fever cases reported in the state to date this year was 10.195. well-under the 18.430 reported during the comparable periad~6f 1040: " However, Dr. Cross said In a message to local health officers that "It appears the summer's respite from respiratory infections may be ended." He advised local health..workers to keep school authorities advised of disease prevalence and to ac- land been ploration by use of the camera, the electric light and n physician's Ingenuity. Visual evidence of this was offered before the convention of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and OtoUryngology. Delegate* were shown motion pictures in color of the upper part of the Pharynx, the heretofore hidden region back of the nose which medical men have dubbed a no-man's land. The-natural-color films,-described as the first ever taken of the epi- pharynx, arose from the development by Dr. S. Eugene Dalton of Atlantic City. N. J., of an instrument he has named a self-retaining illuminating palate retractor. The instrument, a shaft of metal, plastic or hard rubber which extends far back into the mouth, is so devised that the palate 1* held forward and upward, permitting the filming of the once-hidden region. The pictures (tre obtained through use of an electrically illuminated tube which floods the upper pharynx Trtth Hghtr^That-reglon is reflected on mirrors and the image is photographed. Dr. Dalton. who is chief broncho- scopist of the Atlantic City hospital, told the academy "I.hope use of this instrument will act as a stimulus to erase that enigma, 'no-man's land,' and eventually lead us into a more complete knowledge of the epipharynx. especially the prevention and cure of deafnexs of children due to diseases of the Eustachian tubes." The instrument not only is an aid for observation and diagnosis, but also can be used to illuminate the area in event of surgery. Steel Strikers Resume Work at Great Ukes Hill After Eight-Day Shutdown (By The Associated Press) An eight-day interruption of op* erations at the Great Lakes Steel corporation in a Detroit suburb ended Friday when strikers accepted settlement terms and began returning to their Jobs. Other strikes, however, gripped coal mines in Alabama, held up welding operations at some shipyards in the northwest, and paralyzed production at an Ohio machinery factory. CIO workers at the Great Lakes Steel corporation voted Thursday night to go back to work as soon M the firm could call them, and men began reporting for the midnight shift. One of the principal provisions in the settlement plan called for reinstatement of If members of the CIO Steel Workers OrganiUng Committee who had been suspended by union officials. The walkout, which made 8.600 employe! idle, had been termed a "wildcat- strike by both the company and CIO officials. Members of the union walked out hi protest against wage rates negotiated with the company by union leaders. The factory makes high tensile st«l fOT use m airmy Unks *od for Former La Salle Chomp To Seek Husking Title HUSHMORE, MINN, — (AP) — Douley Martin of Buffalo. Minn., is going back to La Salle county, 111., in an effort to win more corn husking honors there. - Three tuna* Martin won the husking championship of La Salle county. Last spring he moved to a Minnesota farm. This week he won second place in the Minnesota state contest, husking 37.9 bushels of corn in to minutes. That makes him eligible for the na- quaint teachers with the early «ign« fel **£*?££" LSI*' » »S! AUMtBSOF COAL AT PANES TOOT r of communicable disease. Expats Court to Him $5.60 ond Coirs BV1UNOVISW ILL - (AP) A traffic law vtalatpr who read that Maffietrate Wiloa* Ooeway ted been giving defendant* It.M and ootte WM convicted in oenway'c courto -What do you think I aught to five youf Conway asked. "You've been giving «Uwrs IMt; I <ktnt *a* way you can't five me that much dot**, too," the defendant rtpitt, Me wa* ebaprined to team that fleer of the Illinois eye and ear in firmary in Chicago during the administration of Governor Emmerson, will become head of the Jacksonville institution December l v Meanwhile, he will serve as assistant managing officer of the hospital. Director Brandon announced the appointment of Jerry Colesal off Cicero as superintendent of the division of visitation of adult blind, succeeding Bdward J. Konorous of c;' Phone Linemen Return To Work in So. Illinois SPRINGFIELD, ILL. — (AP), — Striking linemen of the Illinois Commercial Telephone company have gone back to work in southern Illinois under an agreement submitting a controversy over union recognition to the=nationalk tions board. About 75 in La Salle county. Minnesota winner was Kenneth Johnson of Lekefleld, with M.77 bushels. joined the walkout a week ago. Representative* of the company agreed in a conference here this week to let the NLRB decide whether the AFL International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hold* a majority of the company's emptoyas eligible for union Fellowship Rejected OTTAWA, ILL. ~ (AP) — nols Baptists were on record today as opposing any fellowship between Baptists and the Disciple* of Christ church. Officers elected at the convention this week were David Smith Deal to KM! ORDER TOOATt PboBfN Johnston «—HHBHBI»i» ^HHU^^ ^R^*ta__»^ ^^BP^, a,^0^^R^*.*jHMHRL .fl^H^« rio^Mhn (JHHBPBLt .oAMRK. JHMMML «JHMML» ^*^rl -^ •JRvHIUi* «JNB%HNBM ^^HL^-x*^ ^BBBi/^MP^ —JPBMBL JPHMBL* Custom It id an old AMERICAN CUSTOM at Harvest Time for business firms and professional men to ask all who owe them to settle past due accounts and to so budget their income that all future bills will be paid according to terms agreed upon. Wtten YOU secure CREDIT you really ask for a loan without interest or security except the pledge of your word that the account will be promptly paid. CREDIT RATINGS are a true picture of the way your bills have been met. The rating you have established determines whether or not further credit may be granted. True enough, hard luck may overtake the best of us, but that does not prevent meeting our creditors and making a new and definite arrangement to pay them. ,3 We appeal to every resident of Sterling-Rock Falls and its trade territory to sincerely try to keep his credit good by paying all bills promptly. In that way he shows appreciation for the faith creditors had in his honesty at a time when the accommodation was most needed. Prompt payment of bills will create a good credit rating in our files, which is of untold value to every individual. JUUUOIT OF THE CtEPfT STMUMIH OF OUR HESlERS' •OOSWTS Wil i£ MDE SOCi. TUB JMTKE WIJ. «IVE TBOSE Will PaST DUE MIS All SffOirrtflllTY TO PAT THE! MB PLAGE A MRE FAVORABLE REPORT OUR BTfaEST •TK WELFARE OF TUB OMHH1IIITY PROiPTS OS TO tPOttOR TiB MESSAM TO THE PEOPLE OF smumsor FALLS AM flown. BaUvh-Trih 0*. Best Bang* Mo* Strvltt I Schwab San to ^PWBjlWl^wBJBJ N ANN'S Medical Uitt AgrieiHiral Sim 't AriMiNHe OMNM'S BrNery taaiirs Senkt StsliM Mtnyi N. Reeil ~~ Seed's Haft Sales Samlet's Braeerf Bash BiMtrj *!• ••, DMM Mnftai SIMIM to We •• MWlM Dry vMvS Bitty BtMih FALLS, ILL Normal, secretary. FiHUMII ^IINNJNNJ^P •BJf^pSTN^NWPNF ;'s QhtvraM 6*. Ik Hw II ^^ 4 EmUlmtrs and" Funtrcl "•^V^^NNV^vvV w ^MNJ^^NV ^WWWw Bnii NWwfil 1 Mpfriy Go). IB__B^_j^>^_ BJL_f—•. Mg\ N^^^NNN^NN^^^NNNB^NNNN» OAN^'^RW^'BJ ^^Pr^^B •iniiBir$ NT A Miviit lUiM •I ^N^N^MI ^P^^BBNN^O^^^M ^^^V ^N^Bpl SweUs't Serviee SWiM Bee Werner I Sea • Waner 1 ! »eU Stere W*«keM*f PfeNNNf I /•r NATS We, a* well mi 9W cuMtomer$, great grime i* I Ac HIGH QUALITY of our work. H U • *UWmctb* U •kt*i* SERVICE fr** mm •rmmmitm^ tUm. lik* **••. wtor* QUALITY WORK m*m *B LI AILS SJSMVICK •rt « B, ApawsJ Bfeef __~ "ajji NMH NB~~«^ s1« W« WM8 Mfift E B.Wftft Irtiiry •••••A IMgk^HUkgji BSM SBAJUNMI HA wf fVBJ VWfBJf NWf BJMBJBJPi IJ«V Fnouu IMI •wsr^^S Steriing^ock Falls Credit Bureau tmUMC ILL ftOCK PALLI. ILL»OCK PALLS, ILL. y-

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