The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 8, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1914
Page 8
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M^a-cSfiSS'-*. 3X--V-'^i^-TIir cJi FOR BENT, HOUSES--(C«».) Wednesday Evening, July 8, 1914. Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Ge per line for first Insertion. 2%c per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. 20o SOc 40c 40c «0c 800 $1.20 1.80 2.40 __ ._. JeSS ,lx ordinary Minimum charge 20 cents, a lUes « times 1 llne a times t lln«« » tlme« 2 lines 7 times........···..- 8 lines 7 times..·*······»···' 4 tines T times I lines 30 timel · lines 30 time 4 lines 30 times No advertisement accepted for than two Hues. Count sli ordl words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising must be in writing. It win not be accepted DV phSne, This protects your Interests as well ae ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto 11 Courteous operators, thoroughly familiar with rates, rules and classifications, will 81*3 you comolete Information. And. If you wish, they will assist you In wording your want ad. to make It most effective. Ads accepted by telephone to ac- ooramodate you If your name Is la the telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review "Want Ads FOB BENT. Booms 1259 N Clloton St., modern. .»S.OO Rooms 305 S Maffltt St.. part mod.. 1600 Kooms 10S2 W. King St., good house. 12.00 Rooms TV. Deratur St, mod furnished IS 00 Rooms 221 W Prairie St., city heat.. 40.00 Room! ~ cry "=· N - =·· modern.... 25.00 Rooms 746 E. Center !_ . 1 USS ffi £ M^I'an! U n?a B r h d d epoi:::: 8is;SSc^!!:^aSJbrw,.t: 0 Booms on S.^rea^furnlshed^ 6 Rooms I 7 Rooms 1057 W. Green »t. onrn. it r Rooms modern, W. Macon. barn 7 Rooms modern, close In 7 Rooms close 1n. J-.orth Side..... 7 Rooms modern. Northeast ·"· .... side. o . T Rooms 1177 Cottage Hill ave... 7 Rooms East fide. mod, dole in. loom's I i°.ss: -. 30.00 15.00 18.00 23.00 25.00 21.50 15.00 25.00 2500 25.00 24.00 2000 25.00 : * s Kooms 7 blocks west, modern 3 I looms 1335 N Main St.. mod garage. 35 OC 8 Booms modern, W. Macon st · · · · · · · |?-J » Rooms modern, on N. College St..... 20OC Several Furnished houses. We hive OVB 100 houses for rent. S9.00 to J50 00. 762- Meridith Rent Co. FOR RENT--6-room modern house; n part. Apply Crystal Theatre. itd FOR RENT OB SALE--New modern B roor cottage, 851 B. Lawrence; one block froi oar line. TMf FOR KENT-FLATS. IOST AND FOUND. IX3ST-- Bank book containing receipts and 3 one-dollar bills, please return 12,5 . Sdward. Reward. 7631 1TR\YED OR STOLEN'--Alrdale terrier. ffmale: shaggy, brownish, grizzly hair; short ears and bob-tail R e t u r n to Ch«. Long. Decatur Drug Co. Reward. 71506 SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED--Position--Housework in country, Jr young lady. Address G 671, care Hetty young view 7671 . position on farm, by young mar- -l«1 man- experienced, only year-round work considered; references exchanged. Address G «53, Review.. ·"· WANTED--Position as nurse git!. Bell 516S 7819 HELP WANTED. ·write today ton. D. C. ·Now. Earl Hopkins, WANTED-- total reoresentative. vassine or soliciting required. r. 0 Tne aslured. National Co-Open Co V M7, Marden Building. 1 D. C. Franklin'Institute" Dep't. 690, Borhester^N. HELP WANTED--MALE^ WANTED--Barber. S14 guarantee. *3 ove £22- vouns married man preferred: goo sF^I^r-o'-T-Sfcffir^fe^h St., Normal. Ill ' ' HELP WANTED--FEMALE WANTED-- Dining room girl cook. Apply Bryan's Cafe. WANTED -- Expennccd housework. Call 1036 girl for . Main. -Wash -woman to come to house "either Tuesday or Wednesday. Answer I person. 403 .W. Macon. '«- WANTED--A housework. Decatur. competent gir Mrs. Will C. I for Pluck. WAVTED--Sirls to do light housework i spire time in exchange for piano lesson MrJ. Nelson. 1301 -. Main. Bell .190,. iB« WANTED--Dining-room girl. Myers Hote WANTED--A fflrl for general housework N. Churrh. 761 WANTED--Lady who Is able to manage he! in"« down-town store: also able t o _ b u y _ i n terest in same. nl6. care Review. interested, address WANTED--Lady employed to share 11 expenses with middle aged widow alon references exchanged 3 of*!. Review. ioS W4NTED--Ladv who has had selling expo rtence In ladies- ready-to-wear c e p anrj Is a E ood .eamstress. Waggoner Cloth mg Co. W \XTW-Experienced girl for mSCELLAHEOUS WAKTS. OR RENT--Two and 3 room flats, fron ms. J L,. Drake. S30 N. Main 763 OR RENT--Flats on North Main St., Snd and 3rd floors, Bullard Bids. Inqulr W. Bullard. Citizens National Bank. When you lose something valuable, don't say, "Oh, well, I won't send good money^fter bad." Just last week a valuable package was found by an honest man y This man has been watching the paper every day, expecting to find an ad describing the lost package, which was worth $5.00 in cash. PROBLEM 30c Expenditure $5.00 Returned to you $4.70 Earned OF A LOST AND FOUND AD RESULT IN THE DAILY REVIEW. HOUSEHOLD GOODS (CON.) Furniture For Sale at -i. great sacrifice--Dining tables, sideboards, "buffets, kitchen cabinets, rocking chairs, irun beds, bed springs, mattresses, everything to furnish a home, at 215 South Park St. New phone 1334 '°-* S. E. Minick. STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE. I'* Btssell's carpet sweepers ........ 50c each 500 glass fruit Jars ................. 2c eacti 25 iron beds ...................... *y» «« c h 25 bed springs ................... ..SOc each os K pttee6 ..... . .................. $100 ?? Jll'^nges ................... ·«$ i! d swfboards'-:::::::::::::::::::l5-.oo Meridith Storage Co., 320-S50 B. Cerro Gordo St. 7280 For Sale--(MtaceUaneonn.) FOR SALE--4 safes, In good shape, cheap, it 148 S. Main St. Bell phone 2251. O, O. Rupert. 7446 BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing. 127 South Water street. Decatur, III. Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped In gold on books, pocketbooks and memorandum books, toilet cases, etc. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--Bulck automobile, Model F; 2 bodies, express and touring; first-class condition. 575 W. Wood. ' bbo each OR RENT--Seven room flat; modern, with city heat and electric light; vacuum cleaner nd Janitor service. Apply Drs. Brown ck. 134-136 W. Prairie. FOE BENT-ROOMS. OR RENT--Furnished room, modern; private family. Call after 6, 642 W. *"**·%* OR RBNT-Nlcely furnished room; gentlemen preferred. 744 E. Wood. Bell 1_SM. OR RENT--Furnished room; modern conveniences; 1 block from court house. _226 Franklin. '"" OR RENT--Furnished room; modern^ close in; private family. Bell 3059. 110 N. Ed- ·ard St. '"·" OR RENTS unfurnished modern rooms at 1318 N Main St Ghe reference. E. IX Sattes. Bbth phones 1276. '*· FOB RENT--Furnished room, modern, pri- ate family. 1046 E Main. Bell 2405. .538 FO RENT--Nice modern rooms, $1.25 and up week 4J9 S Mam 7«« FOR RENT--Furnished suite, strictly modern, tor gentlemen: in private horns. i«ii 167. 50] cor. Macon and College i x " Bargains. Folding beds. $3 up: center tables, 25c up- gasolinewanges, 5250 and up; bedsteads, SOc and uo; bed springs, 50c and up; 12 inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. 742 E Eldorado St.. Auto 1591. 6305 The Exchange. Furniture I buy. sell or exchange new or slightly UM3 furniture, stoves, rugs. etc*. M. A. Peabody 121-S E. North St «fl FOR. SALE--7 H P. Indian motorcycle; 19U m o d e l . 2 speed. 501 S. Main 7*" FOR SALE--Stnddard-Dayton car; quiet. smooth running; fine condition; a bargain of the season. F-140. Review. TYFEWBITERS FOR SALE -Oliver typewriter No. 5, new Of 00. E. J. Raese. 2S9 W. Prairie. .659 POULTRY. BIKDS AND PETS. FOR SALE--3 pointer dogs, 6 mos. old; registered. John Duffy, police station. 75SS TO EXCHANGE. FOR EXCHANGE--Good 8500 equity In 5- room house for good Ford auto. S. H Tolly, 136 Merchant St. 7504 FOR EXCHANGE--A fine S2.000 five-passenger auto to exchange for high-clasi lot in west end. S. H. Tolly 138 Merchan St. 7693 LIVE STOCK. FOR S\LE--Cheap, for cash--Good horse: or trade for good milch row. Call at 10;9 S. Water. · iTM FOR SALE--Horse, wagon and harness. 1722 Johns ave. TM» FOR SALE--Gentle horse and new surrey 1565 N. Edward St. Bell phone, 5268. .604 FOR RENT--Furnished rooms at 123 E. Main d f l o o r ; newly papered and painted. 74.6 FOR RENT--Coolest furnished room in city: private, modern, close. Bell 1129. 7469 FOR RENT--Unfurnished rooms. 3rd floor; Merchant St. T. T. Springer, 124 Merchat FOR SALE--Shetland pony and surrey, bargain If taken at once. Both phones, 1075 FOR SALE--Jersey cow, 4 years old: fresh. 751 E Clay, Call evening '-"5 BOARD AND ROOMING HOUSE FOR EXCHANGE. No 1507--Located In business district, clos in Eleven rooms, all furnished and in good condition Rent, $25 per month. Well pat ronlzed. and any one wanting a place of thi kind will do well to call and see this place Net profits. $75 per month. C. A. BURKS. 323-324-325 CItlrens Bank Building. 75S1 REAL ESTATE. For Sale. 8-room house, well, cistern; on car line; lot 40x150. »700. 7-room modern, close. $2,600. 9-room modern, W DecaturJS.lOO 5 acres. »1,500; 20 acres, $4,200: 2 lotl. side. 1400; 3 lots N. W. slde.Sl.SOO. A. C. Allen. 119 S. Water. T450 A 12% Investment. J300 to MOO down buys m. nlc» 5 room new cottage on car line; newly painted; full bale meat; corner lot: electricity; food fell Price $1250. Com* and see this. Rents fo J12.50 per month. ' E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4812. Auto 107T. 159 E. Main North Water St. Seven room house and store building house all modern, but bath; located at M and 943 North Water street. If you are look InK for a house and to go Into business se ml Will rent for WO per month. Pric S6.500. 427 Auto 1577. J. M. Pickle Citizens Bank Bid? T08 Bell 1688 Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level, black, well tiled Maco Co. land, or will trade on SO and pay di "Lot C an4 will furnish money to build house 640 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or wl "lo'acres ready to plat In lots, Frank Godwin, lie Merchant BL T3 For Trade. Could use good house and lot In exchange tor one of the best restaurants In Decatur, r u n n i n g full blast and doing fine business. Can show you books lor past six months. It's a money maker; owner going away What have you to trade Could use vacant lots. See me for further Information. Brueck, / 127 E. Prairie. T33S WANTED--To trade for a small store business. Address F-776, Review. or FOR RENT--Furnished room: modern, close r 442 N Church. Bell 1250. "400 FOR RENT--Nice room In modern home and small family; gentleman preferred. Old FOR RENT--Furnished rooms. Modern, private entrance. 640 W. Main. Bell 2417 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. OR RENT--2 furnished rooms for light Housekeeping; front and back entrance; no children 1411 N. Morgan. 7635 FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms for housekeeping. 238 W. Prairie. light 7621 FOR KENT--Suite light housekeeping rooms, ground floor. 335 W. North. i«U FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms for housekeeping S45 E. Orchard. light 7612 FOR SALE--One 8-year-old bay horse a n a 7-vear-old bay mare; perfectly gentle; work single or double; also Peter Shutter farm wagon. Apply at once; will sell chejr. 2064 N. Edward St _J_ v O O TO LOAN o n real estate. --O'Mara, Citizens Bldg. FOR SALE--Good horse, harness «nd wagon. 1164 W, Green. |5|S FOB SALE--Team, harness and wagon, and furnlsehed work for the team. Call De- catnr Sand and Gravel Co * a ' b FOR SALE OR TRADE--T head of good horses, S sets of harness, S wagons, 1 surrey; will trade for property. Call 4U s Franklin. Bell 2840. '584 FOR SALE--Extia cnod rrentle pony and rUr: would consider trade. 1348 N. Church. T5S7 FABM LANDS. FOR RENT--2 light _ . . modern, nicely furnished. housekeeping rooms, - 551 N. Main. 7611 FOR RENT-- 3 furnished rooms for light houseke-plng. 644 E. Leafland. i61o FOR RENT--Suite of f r o n t rooms, fui for housekeeping; 2nd floor; also si rooms; all modern. 127 E. Main. furnished sleeping T598 FOR RENT--8 rooms for light housekej-p- Ing. 644 E. Leafland. ' 5 S» FOR RENT--2 furnished f r o n t rooms light houwkeeplnr: ground floor; partly modern. ISC W. Wood St. for .rtly 7585 MISSISSIPPI LAND FOR SALE-- 1.4SO acres rich land in strawberry belt at Madison station, Miss., 12 miles north of Jackson, capital of state, f r o n t i n g I C. raliroad. 24 houses; 125 per aero. Terms. 7(16 acres In Rankln county. Mississippi, all rich second bottom land, lies on A C. V. railroad. =Mpplng track on land; fenced and well rmprWd. Price, $12 per acre. 1.230 acres partly bottom and table land; r u n n i n g stream through land; fenced; well im- · B round"Vafm. Price. $10 per acre. W. H. Kennon, Jackson. Miss. Address 75D1 j;T o rooms, furnished or unfur- ' for light housekeeping; strictly 526 N. Church St. '="- ANTED--Washlnc to delivered. Bell 5260.- do- called for and -, 7623 Information of whereabouts ArVdrewDarte-. T. entitled to equity estate. Address Taylor Mansfield, mgton. Ill of In Ston- 71522 modern. FOR RENT--2 rooms furnished for· lie** houspk»eplns. gas and toilet; no children^ . Watei St WANTED--Nursing to do by «' : nurse. 1314 N. Railroad av. Bell I WA.NT your well digging and -well and cistern work; see me at once. Mai*. Bel] 4144. WANTED--All farmers to know they can h«ve dead stork removed free of charge Notify William Price. 9f4 N. Monroe, phone 2474; Auto. 3C4. Bell 7425 WANTED--AH kinds, of sewing Call Miss Grlsson after « p. m. Bell 4041. i WANTED -- Your painting, paper hanging and decorating: first closs work guaranteed Condon Bros.. Bell 25R4. K37 E. Condlt. WANTED TO BUY Wanted to Buy. Will par the highest cash prices for used stove* rugs and refrigerators, or will take In oM furniture as first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Anto phone 1841. 1 BOARDEES WANTED. WANTED--Two men to board Close In. 726 N TJninn. WANTED--Boarders--5 men as day boarders. Edward. Bell 551". or 6 respectable Apply at 807 North 7RO WANTED TO BENT. WANTE--TO RENT--Hall suitable for religious v-orship. seating capacity abou 7S. Address D. S. Welchman. 459 S. Main S FOE RENT-HOUSES. FOR RENT--One 5-room house. Eaat ent $1000; one 11-room modern house. 252 William St. Inquire Johnson Dimock. FOR RENT--7-room house, strlotly modern Inquire at 455 N. Water. 764, FOR RENT--ft-room modern house, $28: cor ner Oakland and Forest. 766 FOR RENT--5-room cottage. 812 E Condi Apply 408 E. Eldorado. Bell 4984 7Cf FOR RENT--STRICTLT MODERN FIV ROOM COTTAGE , IN\ FIRST-CLAS CONDITION: PAVED: STREET CAR; CTJR TAINS; FULL LOT. 34".E. DIVISION. W 5IAKE ALL CLASSES OF LOANS. PEGRAM t COMPANT. 41S CITIZEN'S BANK BLDG BELL 252 HOME 192B. ?e FOR RENT--Two modern dwellings, one East side and one in We« part. Call o .T. I* Drake, 330 N. Main. 7. FOR RENT- College at. 6-room modern house. 1530 Inquire o. Faikenroth, Pai 7475 OR RENT--Sleeping and HsM housekeep- rooms. 5 1 1 E . P r a l r l ' J ' 9 OR RENT--Nicely furnished modern rooms for light house keeping MOB W. Macon. 720S FOR BENT. OR RENT-Store, No. 227 288 B. Eldorado. $16 «; $19 per month. Apply «» *£ OR RENT--Store room. 735 N. per month. Apply Mas Atlass. r, S20 7KS5 OKI^HOMA^ARM No 1506-- This 160-acre farm is ^cated in Oklahoma county. 13 miles from Oklahoma City, 4 miles from small towns, 1 mile from school and church. Chocolate soil with MONEY TO IOAN. James 7670 MONET TO LOAN on good security and to salaried people E. M. Smith, 127 E. Main 750T IF YOU have a lot, J. A. Adams will far r nlsh money to build you a house. 911 t.. Water. Bell 4960. T15S For Sale. New 5 room modern bungalow east sU ·400- good 6 r o o m house, full lot, west sld rS trade for «atur residence property. 0. L .Millburn, Phones 1498. flrs. Dorothy Brown Since Last August. Ill 7262 401 Wilt BIdg. PEOFESSIONAL. Shelbyvllle, July 8.--Mrs. Dorothy rown, widow of the late Henry rown, died at noon Tuesday at the ome of her daughter, Mrs. J. 'W. arker, after an illness continuing ince last August, and which had rend- red her bedfast for the past ten days, ler death removes one of the most ighly esteemed women of the city, ;ho held to a marked degree the love nd good will of all who knew her, and ossessed the qualities of true wornan- lood. _ Mrs. Brown was born in Simpson ,ounty, Key., Jan. 29, 1844, and at the ime of her death was seventy years ix months and nine days old. She was one of five children born to Edward and May Logan, and leaves bu one of that number--Mrs. R. G. Madison of Mattoon. She was married to the late Henry Brown in Kentucy on the^Sth of October, 1858, and with him moved to Shelhyville on the 5th of October, 1867. She became the mother of eight children, only two of whom survive. These are K. Russel Brown, superintendent of the city light plant, and Mrs. J. W. Baker, with whom she las made her home since the death of son, Charles Brown, about a dozen years ago. The funeral will be held at the Moul- iun Methodist church, of which she was long a member, at 2:30 Thursday afternoon. i STEWARDS ENTERTAIN. Mr and Mrs. C. W. Steward entertained a number of relatives and friends at their home on North First street Sunday. In the number were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. James and daughter Edna, of Pana; W. W. Steward and daughter Corinne of St. Louis: Miss Evelvn Smith of Assumption: Dr. W. A. Steward of Pana; Prof. M. D. Abney of Sullivan, and Miss Grace Thorn of this city. FIGGINS-FERGUSON. Roscoe C. Figgins. a farmer of Prairie township, and Miss Ruth Ferguson of Big Spring township, were married Sunday by the Rev. E. F. Ferris of Pana. The wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferguson. The'groom is a son of a well k n o w n farmer of Prairie. OLD BARN BURNS. Fire supposed to have started from an electric light wire inside the building, destroyed the old barn on what is morning enroute from Sullivan Windsor. Mrs, K. C Lelter ol came Saturday evening* to visitjber. parents, L. M. Temple and wife, for * 'ew days. Mrs. Robert Cleary and Miss Blanch* Chenoweth spent Sunday In Decatur. Miss Ruth -Weaver, who attends nor-i mal at Charlosrou, was home over the Fourth and Sunday. Mr and Mrs. R. A. Rlchman and little son and Miss Eunice South vlsite4 at Tuscrta. Sunday. Swift Bros.' fhowa will exhibit hers Wednesday and Thursday nights ol this week. Multigraph Work. Letters, specifications, office forms, cards, etc., Imitation of typewriting. 5064 Violet Bourne. Public Stenographer. Bell phone 332. afternoon. SULLIVAN COMING- TONIGHT. Roger C. Sullivan of Chicago, ^ h ° t) J| 705-7 Mllllkin BIdg. No Drugs No Osteopathy. No Knife. Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made wltnout delay. Call or write. 6765 J. E. Patterson, 401 Mlllikln BIdg, Decatur. m. --YOU CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nona too large. None too email. We lend money on Furniture, Pianos, Horses, Carriages, Goods In Storage. Cattle. Grain, Growing Cropi, etc. Easier terms than other brokers Also we buy NOTES, Telephone No. lit OLDEST LOAN OFFICES IN CITY, es- tabllshed 1882. A, T. SUMMERS SON, 110 -Torth Water St Nert to Milllfcln National Bank. Office houiiVto" li 1 to 8. 7 to 8. Sundays. 10 a. m. to iz m. Landgraft' Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. SPECIAL NOTICES. state for the United States senator from Illinois. U111CC14 o c a t t Q u~" -. c^,al u-ill spend Wednesday night in Shel- bvville. He will reach here about 4.30 and arrangements have been made for him to deliver a speech from Oie steps of the court house at 7:30 in the evening- or if the weather is not propitious for out-door speaking, the meeting will be held in the circuit court room. At the conclusion of the address, an Informal reception will be held, in which all persons so minded may meet Mr. Sullivan personally. The business men will vary their . clay subsoil, undulating surface: m g o , Decatur property. Worth the 82S-324-S25 CltlzenB Bank Building 7532 Consider FOR SALE--Central Wisconsin farm, acre farm with good house, «arly two barns; 75 acres under plow: Pjl acre; will consider small stock o L T In trade. For further particulars write A. J. Olesoii, Montfort. Wls. 6 "" FOE SALE. OR SALE--14-room hoarding- aed ing house, cheap If taken at onco. avlng city. S 500 care Review. room- Owner 7590 OR SALE--A good cheap barn, rlown soon. Call Bell 404. to be torn 7608 BUSINESS OPPOBTUKTriES. OR SALE--Small grooery store, doing Mod business, good reason for selling. Addrejs business, good F 654 Review. FOR SALE--Old established lunch room, doing good bust! B., Box 32. Sullivan, 111. bahery and .ness. Address FOR SALE--Small grocery stock and milk depot; doing nice business; reason for elllng. other business. Call Auto 5716. 7633 .R BALE--Farmer saved S12.000. bought farm 5 days before the bank failed, bar- ilni in farms that are farms, will raise good ·opo of corn. oats, alfalfa, potatoes. clojer. $ Money ,ie Loan t S On beet poss'lbie plan. First the $ S lowest cost, second the payments $ t are arranged to suit ths borrower » t and can be made either weekly or 1 I monthly. And last, bat not least, 1 I everything confidential. When you J I come -- us for a loan, you can - ' have tbe money within an hour or two. Any amount from J10.00 up. you pay only for the actual time you keep the money. Call and see us when needing a loan Rooms 7 and 8, Conklln Bldg. Half block north of Transfer House, 144 North Main street. Bell phone 2041; Auto. Household Goods Furnishings of 10 room house, including: 4 large rugs; 7 dressers; 4 commodes; 2 book cases; 5 iron beds complete; folding bed; china closet; kitchen cabinet, base burner; 6 hole range; etc., Saturday, July 11, at 2 p. m. sharp. J. B. Thurber owner. 302 West Main St. 7657 F. E. Wilson, Auctioneer. i » ( « !! i » I S n 16B5. 65 9 1 LOOO. /V Illinois Mortgage Loan C/o. MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. J10 and up. All business private. . . Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens Bank Bldr Phone: Auto. 1118; Bell. S2TO. S19 FairmonU Neb. ONET TO LOAN-ON FARM AND CrTT lowest rate of Interest; no com property, mission. ISM BurtscH Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank. TON, IOWA, CITY PROPERTY. DECATUH RESIDENCE FOR LOT. No. 1506--Located In the southeast part of city, on good street; lot 40x160. Has WANTED-1 or 2 cabinet maker, to buy cabinet maklngabuslness; plenty or work: to start on; .hop equipped £" 'j^ cblnes and tools: price $300 If taken once. 70S N. Broadway. HARDWARE. IMPLEMENTS, FARM. ETC.. 7826 FOR cases, tools, elevator, etc ; 2-»tory double brick building. 50*80; good location., fine condition. Nice, clean stook._ all C. A. BURKS. 328-524-525 Citizen* Bank Building. T590 FOR SALE--6-room modern house. Leafland and Illinois. Auto 15B4. LITTLE BY LITTLE yon can repay a loan--or all at once. Carefully explained befere you toke the money. Pay only for the time you use It We lend $10 »nd up on th* sauarest termi Imaginable --private, too. "* Fidelity Loan Company 815 Cltlzem Bank BIdg. Bell 870: Auto B863. Tames H. Decker and Tom Hickman left Tuesday forenoon for Terre Haute, Ind.. to take possession of a saloon which they have Just purchased In that city They will move their families to" T e r r e ' H a u t e in about three fide*. " CITY COUNCIL DOINGS. Not satisfied with the report of the streets and alleys committee, to the effect that he sreet sweeping contract for the ensuing year had been taken from Arthur Stretch and given to Boss McConnell. the citv council Monday evening referred the matter hack to the committee for further consideration, with distinct indications of the will of the other members of that body. McConnell formerly held the contract, but did not give satisfaction. The municipal Ice plant proposition was before the council again; but no definite action was taken, owing to the fact that the committee had not succeeded in getting the figures and plans Into desirtd shape. There seemed to be no diminution of interest In the project, however. The annual tax levy ordinance, providing for the levy of $5p,S53.30 for the various needs of the city for the ensuing fiscal year, was passed. is now open for business in our new location at 305 Bachrach BIdg. Entrance on E. Main St. SPECIAL NOTICES. MRS. BOWMAN--Importer and manufacturer of human hair goods; scalp treatment a specialty. 1ST N. Water. 2nd floor I WILL NOT BE responsible for debts contracted by Mrs. Fayetta Thompson. Jas Thompson. ' 610 PARTIES dexlrlng tubular w al! *, , ·work, ca.ll on Otto H. Tletze, Ma Hello, Central; give me 80. I this the police heaa«u*rtersT Tes This is John Smith from Boody. I ha\« lost my wife's gold handled umbrella and the rest of my hair if I don't find It Ton had better Bee Dayton, the propriety of th! llllnol. Rubber Stamp Umbrella Wor' 3 at 229 E. Eldorado St. By heck! I remember I left tt there to b- recovered. Thank you; good bye. .312 City and farm loans made at lowest rate*. Johnson Dimock u*OR SALE--Bargain In new 7-room modern house, it sold quick; eaeh or terms. W. Green. Bell 3057. IS54 FOR SALE--Good. T-room, modern house; full lot, $2,500 Bell 2908. 7495 Illinois' f r m stock elone. Mock and building or S2S-S24-325 Citizens Bank Building. 7588 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. See Chance for Bargains. slightly usea household goods. Roll top desks and sectional bookcases; new and FOR SALE-- 12-room rooming Bouse, on street car line; reason for selling. Address G 481, Review. '* B1 FOR SALE-- S-room modern house "id barn, 7M^£. Decatur, S2.700; lot worth »1.8«0; W. C. Fearn, (Jis T4M . , . 1200 oa»h, balance monthly. N. Ctturch. Ball 659. KEAI, ESTATE. DECATTJS, (Orer. Post's Jewelry Store) Bell 5190. 42*0 Auto 1215, FOR SALE--J2.BOO for « room, house, north part. Bell 2908. modern 6823 Furniture Will pay most for sllgbtlT nsefl Piano*, Furniture, Carpets, Rngs, Stores «nd Befrlf- eratora; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Sell pbonm: VACAUT IOTS. FOR SALE OR TRADE--ln northwest part, lot planted. In strawberries, for small stock groceries. Ante 3799. " e05 FOR SALE-50-ft lot, W. Wood, Hlghlawn add.; level: $850. Anto 5488. 7478 FOE SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--100 loads of good dirt In west part. Call Bell 20S5. TB61 FOR SALE--Cheap--2 Walrus soda fountains, one 11x6 ft. Return counter, good condition. One 8 ft.. Iceless, like new. E. Aniferson. 1557 N Church. Bell 1993. 7600 408-413. Auto: IMS, Cerro Gordo St, 820-550 17M FOR SALE--18 horse power Advance engine. In good condition. Call Bell 40.4 or writ* J. A- Brown, IMS M. Colle»e. 7601 For Sale. New B room bungalow, corner lot. electric lights and furnace, concrete basement, window shades furnished, newly P»P««d. On east side, close to simps, |SOO cash, balance $15 per month; or will consider vacant °Have thres other completely modem houses for sale on ea«ry terms. .,, Bell P h 0 r,e'l?orI A S S °6«if Auto ,honel931 720 N. Monroe Poundmaster and Scavenger *wm remove dead stock: anywhere In COT OR COUNTT. FIIBB OF CHABOE. call Bell phone 2888. Auto 4MB. * J " and $25 per rTo'nth W? a good T worn house on North College street, close in. --$3000 CASH--- ,,, . , and assume mortgage of i-*.""" xSjr,.. .,,-near interurban shop and only 3 bloc,t« from city car lino, north part. . .-, Money to loan on citv property at 6%. Also contracts for loans, oiaturlng In a. tew months for T.% loans repaid monthly. (wo N. T. "Watson, BIS MUHkln *"*-. Tel. Auto 1287. _ DECATUR RESIDENCE-SALE OR TRADE of No. 1496--Located In n° rthw! ^ f ,,Jf rt On city, 5 blocks from business Action On paved street. 10-room nous!! -,,!!,, and in and fine street; strictly moiwn a na m good repair Barn and chleken house Kent J35 per month. Will e-MliW for 4 or o room cottage. Price, $s. C. A. BURKS. CiUsens Bank B«114In«. 7SI9 from the standpoint -- property owner or city should bear the cost, and was finally referred to the streets and alleys committee. An ordinance providing for the prevention of cruelty to animals was presented at the instigation of Mrs. tun- Harnlin, an officer of the State Humane society, and was referred to the ordinance committee for consideration and a report at the August meeting. The proposition to turn the old cemetery In Moulton into a city park also was discussed, but no definite action on the project was taken. HAMMOND REBEKAHS INSTALL OFFICERS Hammond, Jtilv s --The Rph '' kal l lodge held an Installation of °«' c "« at its meeting last Friday night. The 5 are as follows: Noble grand--Mrs. A. Ohler. Vice grand--Mrs. D. Bodamer. Warden--Mrs. A. J. South. Conductor--Mrs. Lyman ShicK Chaplain--Mrs. Clarence Fullerton Recording secretary--Mrs. Geo' W. Traxler. T . R S to ·S G.--Mrs. Charles Lust. L.' S. to N. G.--Mrs. George Jones R S to V. G.--Mrs. Anna Lust L. S. to V. G.-Mrs. M. E. Frantz Little Business Transacted --Tuscola Items. Tuscola July 8.--County court again opened in Tuscola on Tuesday mornine with Judge Walter J. Dolson presiding. There was little business transacted on Tuesday. There are several case* to come up for new trial. Two cases coming up from the justice court* were rejected, and one case was set for trial for next Monday. MRS. MARTIX ENTERTAINS. Mrs. Laura Martin entertained th« Social club at her home, corner of South Main and East Scott streets on sday afternoon in honor of Miss Margaret Martin and Mrs. Horace. orth of Rockford, who are vlsltinff at the Martin home. CALLED TO MICHIGAN. Carroll C. Jones received a telegram on Monday afternoon calling him to Paw Paw Lake. Mich., on account of th serious sickness of his brother. Woody Jones, who had gone there for an outing. The message was from Dr. Harry Jones of Indianapolis, another brother who was also at Paw Paw Lake, and gave no particulars as to Woody's trouble. BRIEFS. Mrs F. E. Coykendall entertained the T. A. club and their husbands to dinner at her home on Monday evening. There were a number of guests from Newman and the evening after the dinner was spent in playing Forty- Two. Mr and Mrs. Will Johnson, who spent the week end with relatives In this city, have returned to their homa in Chicago. R J N Johnson was looking after insurance business in Decatur Tuef- Earnest Smith of Indianapolis Is * guest at the home of bis brother. Frank, in this city. Mrs. William Bachman, formeri-.- Mis= Ella Niles, of Decatur was In uT?- cola on Tuesday afternoon to attend the social affair at the home of Mrs. Martin. Miss Hannah Cross, cashiar at tha Star store, is spending her summer vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. Floyd Perry, at Gary, Ind. Mrs. Julia Page Murphey left her* Tuesday afternoon via the C. E. I. for Los Angeles. Cal., where she ei- pects to make an extended visit. Miss Nelle Taylor went to Minneapolis, Minn., on Tuesday and will attendi the meeting of the National Educational association, to be held there. · Mrs. Long of Newman chang-ed car* here Tuesday afternoon enroute to Evanston. Alva Jone* and family left here Tuesday for St. Louis where they expect to make their home. They had shipped their household goods last week. -~ Editor Myron E. Blgelow of the Tuscola Journal and A. W. Wallace of the First National bank were in Indianapolis Tuesday visiting Colonel Eckert and looking after business matters. ALLEGED WHITE SLAVER ARRESTED Joseph Fish of Fayette Conatr Toot Ctrl Out of State. Vandalia, July S.--A deputy Unlte-i States marshal was here recently looking for Joseph Fish of Hurrican* township, who was indicted for violating the Mann act. Fish some time agi induced a young girl, daughter of Ora Wilson, of near Bingham to leave the state w i t h him He was arrested aE hi? home and taken to Centralla tf appear before a United States commissioner, but as he was unable ta give bond he was taken »0 Danville ta await trial. Mrs. L. T. Henry died suddenly Mon-i dav night at her home just west of t h i s city, death betne due to too much, fat about the heart. She was fifty-. eieht years of age and leaves a h'is« hnnd and several children. Mrs J. J. Brown is visiting- her daughter, ,Mrs. Don Buchanan, In Tus- coia. Miss Sue Bowles has reslt/ned her position as stenographer at the First National bank and her place has been supplied by Miss Gussle Causey ot Hagarstown. NEWS OF THE DAY FROM ELWIN George To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Nettln* 7* In .mounts frem *ZM tof » Security tour times the amount of l Prtoclpal and Interest payable her*. HENRT D- SPENCBR. 220 E Main, Deoatur! Illinois. . o . .-- . . . Outside guard-- Mrs. M. E. Lincoln. Inside guard-- Miss Cora Shaw. gua Pianist-- Mrs. E. B. Leavitt Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North'Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK Staff captain-Mrs. F. W. Bcgeman OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN. The west bound passenger train on the C. H. D. was again off the track near here Monday morning, the trouble was experienced as one last week. This time the train _ about a mile west of town. The Adelphia. society of the Bapt st church will hold an ice cream social Saturday night, July 11, on the lot south of Helfrack Bros. 1 store. B H. McAtee of Cisco was a visitor E'.win, July 8.--Miss Itarie McGuIr»i Florrence Jostes and Edith Hurt, re* turned to their homes In this city FYN clay after spending: a week near Macon, the guest of Miss Ethe! Patterson. William Vaughn of Mulberry Grov» spent Saturday and Sunday In Elwln, Misses lona. and Ester Bell of Cow, den are spending a few days In Elwln the guest of Lucile Connard. M S. Burt, wife and family and Sir. and Mrs. E. D. Phillips and tamllv- spent Sunday near Macon with Mr. «nii Mrs. Tom Wise and family. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oarrlott spent Sunday in Harristown. Mrs. M. S. Burt and little daughter Dorothy spent several day* of l»el week in Boody, the guest of the former's mother. Mr?. H. D. Bowman. Mrs. Clem Evans is visiting s. !«·«! days of this week In Decatur. Mr. and Mrs. Morris of D«c»tur sjl«n(i Saturday near Elwln vieltlns; with ltr and Mrs Phillip T^ehman. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Connard. daiujru ter Lucile and son Harold motored,, to Cowden Saturday morning to spend f»n fourth with Rev. J. C. Bell and famUy, day was here Sunday. Editor R. Lane and wife, Miss r. and Mr?. S. J. Lewis e ID town Monday Miss Ester and lona. Bell them home Monday morning. Miss Fleta and Claude SbJvely ar« spending this week In Decatur thi guest of Miss Sarah Shlvely at 233 East Center street. Miss Freda Jostei spent a -tow _d»ya of last week near Macon vlsftina; ""WitH her sister. Mrs. Edgar Boggs. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sloan were visiting in Elwin Sunday evening. Mrs. Walter Garrlott s?ent EhursdaS of last week in Decatur, the, guest ol Miss Emm*. Cannon. NEWSPAPER! lEWSPAPERf

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