Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on January 30, 1964 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1964
Page 6
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Rusk Says No Troop Cutback SEOUL, Korea (AP) — U.S. Secrrtary of Statr Dean Rusk assured South Korean President Chung Hee Park Wednesday there will lie no cutback in U.S. troops stationed in Korea, a high Korean official reported. Rusk said any reduction of the 50,000-man U.S. garrison in Korea or of the 600,000-man South Korean army was out of thp qucslon at present. He dismissed the possibility "promptly and dearly" when Park mentioned rumors of impending redactions, presidential secretary Lee Hii-rak said- After a two-hour conference on a wide range of subjects, Park and Husk issued a joint communique whch sad they "agreed the powerful Korean and U.S. forces adequate to the defense of the Republc of Korea would be maintained in order to meet the continuing Communist menace In the Far East." Rusk and Park also reaffirmed the friendship between the United States and South Korea and pledged "continued cooperation in the economic military and political fclds." Educating Alums ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio University is developing a unique adult education program called "Alumni College." It's a week-long series of courses in contemporary art and literature, interior decorating, personal finance and communications. The first was conducted during the past summer and attracted persons who had graduated 20 or more years ago. Tentative plans call for two Alumni College weeks In 1994, one in each of the five-week summer school sessions. Theyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo WHAT'S A PAL FOR IF HE CAN'T VISIT A 3ICKFRl£NO,HUH,OTIS* OH, BY THE WAV-CAN YOU FIX ME UP WITH TWO TICKETS FOR FI5IDAV NIGHT'S <3AM£ ? YOU'RE STILL THE PRESS AGENT, AREN'T YOU, CHUM? I WAS 6OIM6 TO BRING YOU 1 SOME FRUIT,OTIS- BUT I DIDN'T KMOW WHAT KIND YOU LIKED-SAY-NOW THAT FREE BY MENTIONED IT-I CAN USE SOME DUCATS, TOO— /BOTHERING THAT I POOR SICK A1AN/.' COME NERVE .' I ' ASKED HIM 'WAY BEFORE THEY DID-- _- . I'LL GET RID ' OF THEM FAST- TELL 'EM TO GIVE THEIR OL' BUDDY A <.«** ^^^\ FIRST THEY STOPPED OVER AT HIS OFFICE TRYING TO 6ET / HIS JOB-y^ ^ ^ vs m '.A a Kinj Fe«lure« Syndlcile. Inc.. 1964. WotH rijliu rfictvtd, 12 CHv Thursday, January 30, 1*44 Jury Rules For Doctor 1-30 _)I2IN6 UP THE VISITORS WHO DON'T LET A SICKBED DISCOURAGE THEIR MOOCHING — - . ~Y) TTuitaf 4HOA HAT 7>P TO ^«=^' jACki£ FApRELL, ,, NEW YORK YANKEES, (| PT.L4UOE. , CONRARDY PLUMBING •ewe* CtomlH* • Service Werfc CALL |R 4-47S1 Gooney Midway j HONOLULU (AP) - The na- I lion's top bird lover has sane! tioned the destruction of Midi way Island's Gooneys — within j limits. ! The Gooney bird is known technically as a Blackfoot or Layson albatross. To the Navy flier he is known as a menace. There are 250,000 of the birds squatting on Midway Island, a mid-Pacific atoll 1,312 miles northwest of here. Carl W. Bucheister, president of the Audubon Society, was invited to visit Midway by Navy authorities, admittedly nervous that their proposal to kill the the big, white birds with gas would raise the ire of bird lovers. Buchelttar returned here with a reassuring message. "They have one of the most humane methods' of eliminating Birds' Future on Island Is Doomed simple flip of the switch Ev«ry member of the rural family can now have electricity with just a flip of the switch, thanks to Electric Cooperatives. Wonderful, sometimes-taken-for-granted electricity, means many things. To the child, rural electrification means light and warmth. Mother enjoys the efficiency and comfort of electric living. Dad operates « more productive and profitable farm through the use of labor-saving devices. This ample supply of low-cost power from a simple flip of the switch, didn't come easily. It is the result of forward thinking people working together to build and develop Electric Cooperatives to get the electrical power they could not buy elsewhere. WhEATLAND ELECTRIC Heof by Wire ... Not fey Fire PIONEER Cooperative Association, Inc. •heat: Ft e-1211 LANE. SCOn Electric Cooptrativt, Inc. Pifbtw, Kamw the birds. . . and Midway has only a part of the world's population of albatross- If it's necessary in the future to eliminate more of the birds, there is stil a good reservoir of albatross on Islands leeward." But Bucheister insisted that three federal bird sanctuaries on the nearby uninhabited atolls of Pearl and Hermes Reef, Li- sianski and Laysan, must remain "absolutely inviolate." Gassing the gooneys in big trucks is a body blow for the birds who for more than 20 years have resisted all efforts to move them from the two square miles of land they share with 3.0"o servicemen and dependents. The pceplt don't mind having the birds nesting in their yards, playing with the family dog, or making friends with the children. There's ewm a law mak- ing a sailor liable to court-martial if he's caught molesting a Gooney. But the people of Midway, along with Navy officials, are concerned about the danger to men and aicraft. Only birds that nest near the runways are being hustled to the gas chamber. They number about 20,000. The remaining £10,000 will be left to their own devices if they behave themselves. SPRINGFIELD. Mo. (AP)—A circuit court jury has ruled in Cuvor of Dr. WiWam CViry, Springfield psychiatrist, who was sued for $150,000. The jury decided that Mrs. Cla- ronre James Aiken of Springfield was 'not entitled to any' damages. . [ Mrs. Aiken's husband was ', given insulin shock therapy by j Dr. Clary in Juno of 1961 and was unconscious for five days. Now 48. Aiken is a patient at r the I ittle Rock Veterarcs Admin- i istration. ' Dr. Robert Lam. St Louis : psychiatrist, testified that Aiken i a former Frisco Railroad elec- . trician. probably will be in an institution the rest of his life. | Judge Douglas Greene said Dr. Clary was not accused of! negligence, but the jury must I decide whether he warned Aiken ! of the serioii'5 hazards involved in the treatment. : The defense produced a consent for the treatment, signed by Aiken. Sailors Protest i SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) — ''• \ Jesse Burgert and his three sons j ; found a name for their boat in, I the criticism of one of their wo-: i menfolk. She chided them for working on the sleek inboard runabout instead of their yards. So the boat, which is on nearby Indian Lake, now it named Hell With Yard Work. HENRY HALL AGENCV Signs with Chiefs KANSAS CITY (AP) — Bill Freeman, 6-225 • pound tackle for the University of Southern Mississippi, has been signed by the Kansas City Chiefs of the American F o o tball League. Freeman is from Milton, Fla. Q U 1 ' : ,'" • /;;:; t- (Juno 14th) Ono W 'Antenna, Owe ; havsta, 'Ona largo tfaa,-.One stdtcii box dJ\d' alaotrical systom, Qsia i*adio aarlal, and O^io swliiinulvi;* pool, aovor, ' IB!M : - (Sawa' dhy)'• Acyxistetfs that work* &d 'tha-sa WESD and 'IKSHSttSS losses ae . • fast as thay hapoonad. U- LET THS HSN83T SAIL AQSNCT ',-T001 AT MODERN RADIO AND TV People who know Zenith Quality won't settle for less than ZENITH COLOR! Insist on HANDCRAFTED COLOR TV \ Th« Avtnut Modtl 5119 • Trim Contemporary Styling In \ Choice of Walnut veneers, or Mahogany veneer and Select Hardwood Solids HANDWIRED, HANDCRAFTED TV CHASSIS • No printed circuit* t No production shortcuts • Built to highest quality standards 579" ~\ Every Zenith Color TV features Zenith's own Super Gold Video x Guard Tuner and Zenith's patented Color Demodulator circuitry As Hal Boyle says, "Things you wouldn't know if you didn't open your mail." I wouldn't know tta Chfistmai rush was still on if I didn't open mine. This may sound a oit confusing after Christmas, lut the Christmas rush is what causes most of these January insufficient cheeks. I get more in January than any other month. Sure glad January is about over. If it doesn't stop soon, I will lose the Christmas spirit and start turning them into the county attorney. All th*se pretty afternoons I can't play golf because all do is run down hot cheeks. r got quite a pleasant surprise opening one fetter this week: i It said, "You are invited to go to Europe en the People to People program for; Grocers." 8oy did my adrenalin come up until I got te the bottom of the letter, which _ said, "of course, since the government is not sponsoring this you will have to pay your own expenses." P. S. I am not going. P. S. No. 2, Guess Bill Brown meant business about his private parking lot in last night's edition. When I arrived a* the Telegram with this ad—there was a truck blocking the entrance to their parking lot. GIANT SIZE TIDE Only A A C With '5.00 or over Cf if grocery order! addon Rloo BANANAS Lb. Only Ked Rip* ^^ TOMATOES u29c Solid Htod* _ CABBAGE *7c Rtd Yufitniy TOHIS SPUDS SWEET SPUDS 20£49c Ib. Only 10c Hawaiian PUNCH 3 44-0*. $V Cans I Dettroent SUD-Z 49c Santa Ft Appla BUTTER "f 29c ftichrex SHORTENING 3 & 55c American laanty hntant POTATOES 25e lutMrmilk liscMlt Mix BIX MIX rt» IOC Santa N SPINACH 303 $1 Cans I Supreme CRACKERS & 29e Modern Radio and TV Service Mi N. M firaff *•*•« Cii», Ki. fW. W »•!»! Town Hawse CRACKERS & 39e nnie Always x. Waco Tender SLICED BACON STEAKS Sirloins u 79c T-Bone or Short Cut u 89c SAUSAGE * 35c 3 -. '1 WlMla PICNICS * 29 PEANUTS ifc»ij Maaat FLOUR StS,49c _ _ DRESSING -39c Faffcwt OLEO 3^49c LARD 5£,59c Hilhim. COFFEE ct69c RAISINS Wt itforvt TIM Rifkt Ta limit Quantities! TWO STORES TO SERVE rou; CTONERC •WWt IrtMtt Uptown NM Mcti V ta l»ayfi«i tarto Cirv it |»t>rtni *«*•• Cirv ITONII NO I OHM I e* te 'f •* ' *W * *eek •TQNII H«. I 6MM fiW •*. H t p» * •»» 9 «***

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