Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 17
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 17
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K f Alaska thai Ht.c1.rn' hi, ant! ] OIli( m( l old crook!" his gin,*. . W OECATUR HERALD DECATUR HERALD "You »un» httntii kt- .in export ·· K," 0 r ^ i \ _ »--- - - -in^* j r" ' l l f w " very yo,,,. ^11.11-, bi-forc i ·· k-ti i- ( h - bcol u l h c^ltihHthrtl u |xi rh ( ,. ."J.i t h r walnut ,||,is .1 me iiac.. It ntid, , i l f d "And beMttivj, ' |i, t.intly. ' I ntw,,y. o,,. UI I always flfju,,,. .me pur*. KOUI n,,,,i r«|,U,..l lo you ,,, ^ i'i MI, i,j Tin- Hrli Ml ,,| ( , (·»(··. Inc.) phiin b-1 lances the M.OIO i r- I've coNiiiiltlerl ,]j| i r 111 admit, (mi r,i,p |n t i haven't »Um ( . , li .il Ji phfiltiKriiph HAL S M l ' I H 1 liMifn-. In duo t1ini i fit I he win |rl -vlli hf SH Olli'pr I.rtdj.1 3UNDED LUCE (T, r-Tommj, . MtJstn bnw ih. sa tb* took Bn M tno rrt ,«nl h« f(*1 on It urid t «MM. where rt« ex vxl «H), If* on oat" ·(-"And UHI [iflhi dl,»1 , u Mi IHII lii«1 -n» it( upon the riwi-iw'Fif IO "l-'..'Al Lh:" AtVfciO! AN 1 II YOU see LirrL C.frti) eA younq Ktwoy Simptoit f*t It wtt tim« f«t m» 'o »·*· JANE ARDEN The Threat 5BTTINC AWAY HAS BEEN SOFTER THAN DOWN FOR US-J GOINOTO SB A H-KftD UET DOVN FORTMB 1 iSfrlAM SHAPE OlgCOVERS WE ARE SONEL 4.00K OUT, JANE -THERE) HE tSJt . · HE'S HEADED STrWjeHT FOR THE ttOOM - MS'l-L OlSCOVB OUR ESCAPE IN A MiNirre TH*S FINISHES U8^- evgRT RED AND EVERY awes-ret? IN THIS PS*,RT WORLD wiu. es RANSACKING TN5 CITY FOR US IN AN WAKE we YOU ·OU-ieeTWy IN THEIR, POCNEdi HVeNAf.'J^WME ARDgN W\5 HER-HAH'v IEAK 6VCRY I / J V C I E incc/ir _H JfilVlT M E ^T 0 ItV ,»y HOWAHU «. UAltlS. VNCLK W1UOI.Y ANO XflK (JltOSS 1IKAK Undo WlRglly nod Unby Bunty wil !n ih« woods none* a. honey true, and tho old vnbblt (Tontlomnn, M well M ttwIIUIe oiphnn bunny girl, wondor- ed how t" g«t nny o( th« »wect stuff. Fortlwtroo WRB vwy high. Of coutue, yea all know tnut honey doesn't giow on Ueoa. Though flow- era grow on Iroon »na » 18 from flotvorn tlinl b«o« »wt the BWCOC Jiitcc thuy mnk« Into honoy. Bow jnnkc honey In a hollow box, called « hivo, which i* thoir home, Bui wild bf"w niuke thole hive In u hollnw tree nnl Mtoro tholr honay thers, 11 wnK wlHl boos whluh Bdby Bunny and tfncld Wljrfrlly Dud won on flowem In tho wootlo. Tl'e two ntttMt* htid followml (tome ?f the b«n until tli^y ii'iichod thi honey tret. "Put I don't wo how we ut-e «vor gfllnc to (t«it any honuy cut of wticli a high tree," xiiUl Uncle Wlgftlly with s ·l^h n* h« wtt tKt*il« nimty, "When 1 clmt to lhn woodo. to Inolc tor ft hon*)- tree I thought I ml«tit find n law one, Ihnt 1 mild on«lly roach tip Inln, Hut thin high one In quit* mtt ct my Mitch and I wtn't cllnxb « "Ntlihor can I." sultl Baby Btmty. "But noninthlnft Rooxl will ha|jwn. I ·m «ur», Iitt'tt wult n llttln lonftor." Bo «hf nnd Unolo Wlj(i(Uy wdltoil. All tho whllo more bneit flew Into the hon»y Iroe (win wti«r« they liatt b*«n guthorlriK the dweel Juice* of fl»w»rn far awny In th« forest. The Illtl* wnx cim» tn the hollow trea hlvo tntut bo full of »we»t honoy Wow. "Well." until Uncle W)p K lly titter « while, "noihlnj; bn* impponcd yot, Bunty. I frurtiM w e had bettor (to look for A Wtio honey tree." "No wult, i1*n*(i." mid ^ffhy Bunly. "If Jncko or Jumpo KintytaH »»r» to com* ttlonjt now they roukl ·limb thti trim and wilt the bte* for iwne honey for u*." "Yf«. thftun m inkey boy» run ctli«b tttM nil rlftht." nitrfied Mr. IjonRodr*. *Biif thnv mnv not eomc. We'd bet' Iw Ro, Runty." "No, not yet," Mid tit* llltje or- Ptuin, "I'm MI re unmet hi nft (food wilt Iwpiwn Hirk 1 I think T tsenr Rome «ne eomlnpr now!! Tt mny b* Jicho or Jumpn!" 80 Uncle WtRftlly lltt«n««l. Surely »««ii|th he cquld heftr, M did Buntv, »m« one rrwinlnit thetr way through 'he bu*hM nnrt over tho rtrlcd " IB th» wood*. jJ2J*M you nonicthlnir ((cort "H^wif* fhttelclMI Bwity. "Well, nothlnft tins roMly . Wt" (poke th* bunny genttemnri. "And whon It doei It mAy not oe Wxl. Thl» nwy b* one of the. Bftcl CWM eomlnir, B»nty, We'd Iwtter »«t_M»dy to rim, Irtt the honey go.* just N mtnuU!" whlepernd "I'm ·«re thin tn on» of th* . ^ boy« ond thoyll pet nejtey for ug. They can 1 climb «» , So th* two rabbit* waited. Th« ctihlnir, «r««kltng, aoisbbllnR noli* *toi*AH n#ar«r *nd nearer. And "»«. *n ef » miiden, Baby Bunty *M u««t« Wlnlly MW n wry fine ww dlmbinir «h«p, but It was neith- w Jteko nor Jutnpo, iMtwd It wan an old. blMk b«nr. » **i neither Mr. Whltiwwh, tn* W* MM bMr from «w land of t, nor was It Mr. Stubtail, tb good boor father ot Neddla on Buckle. Inutoud It was a or we, ul. bom-, Ho ahufflcd ovur tto drlod leavua, ehcikliiK bla shaggy f t u m Hide to Hide and he growled: "I'll got itl I'll get all the honey In tho Leo tieo and I'll ettt it ail up Thai's what I will! All up!" "Oh, Unole Wfgglly! Did you hea: what ho said?" whispered Bunty who, with Mr, Longears, hn1 slipped back of a Jog ao the tear couldn't ace thorn "Me'u going to get honoy and ninybe he'll give UH some." "Yes, he'll climb up the tree and get the honey nil right," gald Mr LeU WAtt A. Kttle J*nger Longuais. "But that cross, old bear will fflve nune to «», No, Bunty, don' hopu for thnt." The hkldtn rabbits watched in cross bear climb up the honey tree Tho been tmz/ed around him and th Quacn bee came out of the hollow hlvo and flutteiod her wlngi ae an snkl: "Hluooe xo Awny and let our hon oy nlono!" "No! Mo! No! growled the cros bear. He tuck hist big paws down tn aldo the hollow tree and pulled ou groat 8obs of tho aweet, Btlcky etuH And then the Queen Boo buzzed: "Sting him, my children! Sting crotts boar!" A thouiAnd bncs at once began t sting the bear on hl« soft and tende no«o. He howled, yowled, dropped a big gob of honey to tho ground ant then he used hi* paws to rub hut nUng nose. He forgot to hold to th treo and down he fell ker plop to th ground, and away he ran, ehosod fa oft Into the woods by the stinging But on tho ground was a big pi o( wus filled -with honey. "You nmy have tlmt, Uncle Wig glly! bviwcd tho Quoon Bee. "See! I told you something wout happen!" Kughotl Bunty, "And I did!" Th«n sh» and Mr, Longeara took home the honey dropped by the cros beitr. And something elae happened If the ·tdewalk will let the chimney come down off the roof to play hop MOtoh with the roller skate, I'll tel you next about Uncle Wlgglly and the Jolly bear, (Copyright. mtTby Howard R, Garla ) Bobby Thttcher Atf Sunrise By George Storm RAILROAD LUrJCH COOWTKR. AMD THE AVIATOR^ AMD eoesy SBT OUT TOWARD^ THB OUTSKIRTS OF TUB VIU-AGB^ FOOT»«*»»» OtL HAD REPAIRSD AMO THE 81PLAHB WAS RBAOy ' FOR FUCHT.,... WiDOcaoHB.WE'LL, FLY OVER ^ «,^V TOWhl AUt- RIGWT BUT £«S i V ^ LU BE "T 00 SAttt -V t* OR AMD A ^^C Bt.AAKta ANO TUBBY AMD HtCH ./* TV4K RBST TO SBB GAS BUGGIES Some Position AS I HAVE SAIO, MY EMPLOYER'S r OUTSTANOIN6 POSITION IN THE fWOflUD NECESSITATES CONCEALINe HIS iNAME UNTIL A MAN 15 SELECTED FOR THIS CONFIDENTIAL MISSION. BRIEFLY, THE SITUATION )S THtS; MY EMPLOYER ASHORE S MEETHM6 THE PUBLIC AND SASKtNG IN · THE LIM6U6HT HIS SUCCESS HAS FOCUSED UPON HIM. HE HAS NEVER BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED, AND NEVER ATTENDED A PUBLIC FUNCTION, I MOM! NT NONE BUT HIS CLOSEST ASSOCIATES KNOW HIM 8V 9I«HT OTHER WORD3, HE 14 UNKNOWN TO THE PUBLIC EXCEPT ., -BY NAME. BUT THE T(M6 HAS COME ' ^^H6M HE MUST MAKE SOME APPEARANCES, SO HE WANT* A CAPABLE MAN TO ASSUME HIS IDENTITY AND APPEAR FOR HIM, WOULD SUCH A POSITION APPEAL TO YOU? AHEM! PRANKLY. COMPLCTEUV TO MYIMFIOVI HE 'Ift OU« HSRI ANY MMMNT, AND WIU MKUW THI MATTKR TOOTS and CASPER A Safe Bet, But Whose? Mirxcmp ABOUT THAT 6AME,' t WOULCW'T MI9* IT TOR ANYTHING'. NVHOPQ (.CAM HARDLY WAIT "WELL LOOX WHO* I RAPLhCTBO PROM TftACTCtsL AV4D FOR-mfe OLP *CHOOLi BOTH TSAW* ARB, , AND I'LL. BET THAT TRACTOM S WHO WILL WIN OLDtMN HOOFSR PCPSOKll M TPACTW4 VLL 10UTD HAND ME THE, By Jimmy Murphy SroMtMt. lin, «i» fl HOW LOM1 DO YOU TO EUROPE WBUL- VLL 30 MOW- \ C0£%% Wt'LU BRINGING UP FATHER Ml? JK3GS WANT you TO owe H w Is This French? By MaManus IMP. Inn FotiiH hnht. Int. Orni Itli.i. ntht. CAHOWIA weoe ctt F««MCH TOWN* iWATwene iwauwp WTMC teooi- AT »* ClOtt W TMI«W»CM ANp- " *« IVIWUd CMRKta0TWrTHIMA ffWMIlfii WJMERt Wi UV UhHtU KAR TA«K,KiIP)W6 SPtti 0* WfiCT MAfUC, AM ARAMOONW* WWMCH »ST ew THI OH«. W»«e we wt HJS BOATS MCAM 7WWW W* AM AMkMlfiMI WHMlhl * TMIMCAL MfclUA UMMQ HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY George Rogers Clark- Marching On Kaskaekia By J. Carroll MtnifieW .-.. NKWSPAPF.RBBCHIVE*

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