The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. t "^JJ.....- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY, JULY X, 1923 ociety i (inly recently. Tlio young couple will make Ihelr homo In Somerset, Colo. SOCIAL CALENDAR. | Mrs. C. P. Astle entortaiuod ut her homo in Voder Ihls afternoon in honor Tuesday. of her r.on, Kenneth on his fifth blrlh- Tho inemb.-rr, of :ho SKorlal Circle iter, (iaiww and mush: were Iho <)l- club will mllier n( Hie luinif or Mm. version for the afternoon. A.I five J. W. C'lawtnm. i'.S2 Hlflh nviMine cast, "clock refreshments were, served. Mrs. I'V'il II' Ml ivll [.ririile 111: host- There were 20 little folks present to ens to the nviiihi'vs of the Morning help celebrate the affair. Ctlory club .-a her homo, 105 Bust &herni;in snoot. Wednesday. I Mrs. K. \'. M'llralh will preside as hostess to tli" ni'-inhers of h'T bridge club nt hint ii'-oll ill the Korabaiie;h- Wl.ey 'fell Ko.oii ullil bridge lit Iter lioine, t;l!i Kast Slennan street, Tli" ref;u',ar meeting nf Hie \V. I. A. wili be held at tie. homo of Mrs. S It. W'lo '-ier, 111'.* S'-venlh avenue -vest. Mrs. Tom 1 ,-.iwo'iire -will enlertain the members of [lie Merry Matrons elnb at IUT hum" moih ot tlie city. Tin iie'ir.l."!'.., a! tlio I'ri.'irilla ohib wl.'l ratine at th<- liiirno of .Mrs. Harry Thnrn;^, l^oe, }.- U iirlh avenue east. # •>> •» PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. Music and, Dramatics Tli club Ollv, WISH 'I'll elu<;, Mailer i 1':. XI'. . ton iho,! Mill br nivll:!:-- ( hi .it the :i Avenil ,oa;hii as i of 111.- 1 >' nl 111" f Ihe II. home o." • A emu. tis't ini;. ythi.m Si honi.' of iiviiinii' it. r w. \. . Hi* will in U'i 1.1. s. Mi (in with i su-rs I «' I —<s—j.—j,— f. Mr. am) Mrs. L. Ocean Smith and Mi':'. .Joseph .1. Ryan iof Kansas City, Mo., vame this afternoon to spend a few days visiting Minn llerl.ha Parker ami Mhis Margaret Parker at'their home, llIKi Tw- IfUi avonuo east. Mrs. It, C. Hoaoh (>i Kansas City, Mo., who has been upending tlio pant two months here will go on with them to Yellowstone National Park, where Ihey will spend the remainder of the summer. Miss Allono Winchester of this city and Miss Hetty filters of tola have returned from felon Park, Colo, uhwv Ihey attended the National Convention of Pi P."ta Phi anil Oeu- vi-r, Colo wle-rc they have been vi^it- !r.:: friends. Miss Sifer» will remain in re (or a few days visiting Mi^s Win, le -vr. Otto K. Fisher, of Wichita, tho noted pianist who played hero In eon- cert last fall for an opening meeting of the lliitfthlustm Music club in Library hall. Is conducting a class In musical teehnliitie and Interpretation and giving piano Instiue.tloti to twelve of Hutchinson's most Promiuuut rau- alelnns, •Mr. Fisher ronton to Hutchinson on Monday ami Tuesday, conduetlnR a lecture on Tuesday morntnci, and giving lessons Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. His lessons in class are not only beneficial, but most Interesting, dealing with the fundamentals and slruotures of music. Those who are studying with him this summer aro Mrs. Mablo Black •King, Mrs. W. 11. Ycrkes, Mrs. .7. K. Folt?.. Mrs. \V. Sr.rnggs. Mrs. C. H. Humphreys. Mrs. C. C. Brlgga, Mrs. Mrs. K. H, Hethuruin, Mies Jenulo Colladay, Miss Leila Saunders, Miss Bertha Parker and Miss Sybtl Seaman. Miss Oorothy Famnort has been attending the lecture.^ and Miss Mamie Samicftir of .Stafford Is alao studying with Mr. Fisher lvere. There will lie several very fino musical nuinhers tomorrow at tho evening service at the United Presbyterian church «U S o'clock. The orchestra under the direction of CI. P. Jones will play (wo numbers as the opening 1 and will close tlio service with a number. The other numbers will be as follows: Anthem, "In Clod la My Kiilvntlon" . . i BUSY TIMES FOR THE GROTTO FOLKS Getting Thing* Shaped Up For the Circus to be Here Last of Month. * ' ° ' Ladles.. Wo cap please you with a hair bob. Blllle Oain Clean Towel Barber Shop, 27-25t Big Breeze Maker* ' Emerson Fans Tho Frtn with tho 5-Y-10 Sherman East Phone 2303 Cstea Electrlo Co. tea ,.,|.|c. polll.-l t" H'l'l.d 1 1. .1. .lull" The d«.|"ll 11! ltivluii. .« H'.e. 1 ; !H |. \V (iamb Ho MINI I- Mini r Mrs. liar llaniin-in Mrs. i' Kir..,!-.-, Adair So C. )i \V Mrs' I'. IP.--I. 1 r.-. 1 n P. I. .1. .1 I,. N !•; P. As;,,A Itsv M r the li.nin tor.-. 'I"l. Mr. an.! i Ji'.ai i i-.-d Mrs. tt' lis- .lain: AVest :-'!: tors i- tl Ideasalit •ills. \V flirislei.. -Ml ^. l; ( of lliitd ,S"]i,-l:- a ut Po n-ii, ,\; liliniv. riuil: 1 Mr. an . Kiel W. II. .Illlie Wnlle; r- - of Mr S. P.eiltl.-y. lit!'- ni'a-.u n.i.-i, Mrs. .1 an, Mrs. .1 •rsiier, Mr-t t lliilliui, Mrs. S.IM (,'itj-, Mo II. S, llontley, llowiinl Scott. W. .1. Iiuval, M rs. M. II. llrowii, Sr.iitll. Mr:- If. II. W. MiCiiii.lle:::!, .11!'.. .Mrs. ,1. S. in Stewart, Mrs. 11!., Mrs 0. P-'oOJl). Mis . Mr: 51" and Mrs. l.ium'iK-; siettlioii.nor .iu:.:iit"r, .Mai-i-liu Hose, wiio have visit,!!!; Mrs. St'-'theine-r'y ! , Mr. and Mrs. IP-nry Wallon- of Wichita. Iiiii'i' returned. Ti,"V a'-ioiiii'iaiiied l.y Mrs. Karl Brad and twit sons -of Wicllita, wlio ,e Ui'.-ir guests here for a few -Irs, Mae rarnienter of Kingman I come Ibis evening to join be ichu-r, Miss Marion Parmente •-, is visitini.' at the home of Mis i!e Stal'foid. on Fifteenth av.-un ,t Tle.y will return to their bom nday. Cecal Sole, i 'hair •Tcai-h Mo tn Prav". ..Tewltt ' W. C. luviiisv.n 1. -Il:ii I; 1 llarht My Hear . . Nevln !r Amtf^-soii and Ml^s Ha7a:l AllillT '1 ,11 ttitig AUmit, l.luto clud" Loren/. i -heir More work o:j the year hooks tn the Apollo club for next year, was done iji-ut evening, when t'.he active inembers or t.he clith met nt tho home of Mrs. E. K. Yaggy at the Yu*gy Plaut;ition. The study for the year will be devoted to modern conir-osors and the works mid their lives are being discuss'-d in arranging the work. Light refreshinwnt.s wore served at tt late hour. vs. Mrs. i ,-pl", Mrs :or i;u,-st. K ('. Wal- iiita. lionor r,:,.- AVallers v. !!»oi;cln, -K. in bu^ll.e:; airs Pa this lift"!-! ifor ll'!!' :•' Jlirtllday, ; outs, Mr. ami Mr ilast Sliernia tests funnel itc^rneuii a :a! IlHmts uill !.i linger, .lan,-; (Maria-!]' an. llarri't. \'an Ted Van Z:i! -Vl-i eaiov Mr:. \V 1. !-,.•••( hi 1;.. ill (•!.--. '.vh, -!-.!, nt \V Alice I III" is .ml Mrs. I»i.-e ef , and -Mr. Wal- aml Mis. W. 1.. l strcel. A very o i-.l hv Mr. and !r tin.l Mrs. Hoy .'elder, Mr .-nid .mi! dulleih'ter all mil Mrs. Klncr Wichlla, and tile net Mr*. \V. 11. o-lr licine in HI •• Mr. Walters Is ' Williaiosi is ent"rtaini!lli vo:.- I'.nii a l.irtliday -paily } ,. M-ivio on his fourth S i!n- liiiiiit- of his grandpa! 1 - 1 I'.'. Williams, W'l ) i sir'-.-:. Counr:-- and con- . lite diversien of the af- ; nt file o'clock ' s.-ri'-ij fo Virginia Hld- !i ]>iin!ii.:i, Virginia 3/m Anna M.irv -Mae!a?ii!ialt, '/'inidi, lli'die Hidltm;er, ill. l),-e Ward, .loo aslle, Mrs. Newton E. Alley, of Oklahoma City, Dkla., will come, this evening to sO'Oid several days with her sister, Mrs Frank McDermed of Avenue C east, earouto to Colorado Springs, Colo., witliparty of friends. The W. C. T. U. will meet next Wednesday nt 2:30 with Mrs. R. II. Hammond at her home. 11 in Twenty- first avenue west. The subject for die. u:i-:io:i vcill be "T'-t;uper:iiK A -e and Mi.-.,ions." Dr. and Mrs. W. H. -Williamson, ot Snlidiur, Okia.. will i-ime this evening t,' sf.-ad yto-i'lay visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs. .1. M. Cowan, Ml 'i'-.v..:;tii an-.-iu" «••.:!. Mr. and Mrs. Harry lloke ot Great, i'.eli.i i aiuo today to spend the Week 'lid visiting Mrs. Hoke's parents. Mr. am/ jjr». L\t Svhiiil of Sll Tft»rtf»n>Ji in t ail" east. M;....s lletly llasting's is spending tin v.eek end in Tnron, visiting Miss Hotly .Stevenson and Miss Jean Steven son who were her guests over the Fourth of duly, Mrs. .1. H. Klnc-ild, of Wiciilta, who has boon hci-e visiting le'r ju.-ice, Mr... Lincoln Davis, of 7111 Flcst avenue east, returned to her homo to- da>. Mrs. F. C. Kaths. of Topelta, will :>peud tho week end bore visiting Mr. and Mrs. F.'W. Cooler at their homo on Crescent boulevard. SPORTS FROCK FOR ONLOOKER •Cyrus O-roUo la 'flshtlnff for Hutch- innon.' iu plan in briuRins tho cirrus licro tho hittor Oays of July and. tho first day A of Augrust is "for tho gpod of tho ooiumunity" in tho hope that It will bring a larse crowd to town. Hero ia ono thln£ that is hoing dono. The cftlUopo own^il by tho Orot- to is bolng (lotlod itp and will 'be shown on the atroeta tu a abort time, when a concert 1 B to ho Riven on North Main stroot, waking up that flection of town. This dtito i9 to be ftnnouncod hUor, Headquarter^ aro opon at the MW- lund hotol and lOrnio <ralhi=p ia in ohfirgo. TOmla is busy; ho wonldnt' have Uu; i(^b unless thovG w«ro bushels of things to bo doiio. He worka v.'ith both hamlu and usca his head, too. Gold For Gfr.s. Hort Snyder, monarch, iputp In all of hi a tiino frottinc: hia oommlttofiK in sliapf. Mayor Walter F. .lonou is nam-: nig members of his PojmlarHy Contort roimulttco which Is to get tho moat .popular JIntchinson glr-I .oleotivl. Th-oro is a bit; prixn for this, $;500 In f -.ohl f.oiji to tlio luoky vs'inuor. $JT. r i in j ,udd for the sot-ond and $7y in gold for (JH* thin} choice. Thin contest i3 uukinj; ncoplo ^t i.p and tako notice nnd from now on until Iho circus opens on 'HaUirduy, July 23. thnro will bo busy times lor tlio .'S anil tho nionvbors of the Grnt'o. The h!g circus has boon s<'curoiI at an overhead cast of 51<MHH) and it will lie th* 1 'host a:trucUiou of tho Kind ever brouirht to trnvn. The tout la lari:or ilian nr.y tent over usts.1 by [he Iti.'.g- lliiR or Banunn i-lien^ea In Hutvhin- ;}on, and thousanda or follta will pain admittance) every ni^hl, the charge for a ticket being ten eenta to all. HOCKADAYSALMOST HAD TO GO TO JAIL Properly Fitted Glasses show that the frame is becoming to your face. That the "pupil distance" is perfect. Thnt they fit your nose perfectly. And if "riding bow" glasses, that the pieces that go back of the cars are properly adjusted. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zirm Jewelry & Optical Co. H«nry Zlnn Jno. Dirohfield For the benefit of our farmer friends many of whom have been too busy with the harvest to take advantage of the big bargains at our Half Price Clearance Sale this week we have decided to continue this sale another week. See last Wednesday's News for particulars. O. F. Sawyer & CO., Corner N. Main and Second Streets Jiiy H\\c\\>-\ lin' honnr i;uert. Mra. %villUinu, ir- a wis t-Mi .by Mrs. Hryon Aiilh- and Miss J-\s.s{.* Willnmia. .. J- .. Mhi:-> H»'U']i lIur^i'Ms entr-riained a fvw Jriciid.- nil)) u lino party to tlU'jil-T iu;;i I 'Vi-LiniK, compHmfMdini; f ,\\i 'H Ci ''ill- Jones \\ !;o will soon lenu.t to itui!'.' 1 h'-r hotiti* in !).>di;t' (, ity. '\'h<: ryiiiaiMi; 1 -:- of Hut ^\'<'iiint; WH.H Hpcnt in a iinl.s! rinii' at r.hc Murfioss heme, l-'durth ;ni'!nin (jjeil where Hit' hof-:(c>^ a:-si;;f.(l hy hor muUior. jMr.?. J. K. Knn.*w Mrs. Frances Carr haA returned from Trinidad. <'olo., where hhe has , been visitlag frlenda itnd relatives for rofresli- \ ih(t I)Jial tWo W ek«. MI»s Kthel Hull will leave tomorrow for lilnekwell and KnUl, Okla., «-h<Te .sbe will «i>ontl two woeka visiting her mother. A good story Is told by ilay Hockaday ou himself on his recent trip to Texas. Mr. and Mrs. llockaday fipont tho niRht at a Uttlo Texas town tavern and thn following morning the land- i lady happened to ht> away when they ' were ready to leave. Tn«y paid the boy in ehargo of tho restaurant and drove on. At tho noxrt town, about 100 miles away a fiheriff with a id^r star informed <hem t ; ;oy wero under arrest for boati'ir a l>oard hill and no amount of pi -.suasion s?emed sufficient to prevent his locking tloiiu up. Ju^t WIIMI every effort seemed -about to fail tlio landlady who h;el made the comprint ealled tho shfrlff and said she had learned the hill was paid. Hair Bobbing lias rorno to stay.. Have it done our way. Billie Cain Clean Towel liurber Shop. 27-2$t Our excellent organization plus our fine Motor equipment will MOVE your home's furnish' Ings best and at moderate cost. Call Phone—• 219-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 123-125 Sherman East Automobile and Household stornae Fifty children'!) triirmonts for unlo at Qui Viva Club bazaar Palurduy. July "Hi at Hutidilnson Offlco Surplv & PrlnUnjj Co., 40S-10 North .Main. All liavo hand work. lot Dancers Notice Our Dances opftn at Lake Bedell Saturday nic/h*. only open air dantes In vicinity. Fine music. Location, 4 miles cast on Fourth St. Those without cars will find conveyance at 8:30 and 9:15 at the Merchants Transfer, —Good Order— Leshure & Holmes 'Nuf Said. Admission 55c. Right Now! You Need Emerson Fans The Fun with tho S .V--_ (-..,..„,„ Catect Electric Co. 16 Sherman I-"ast Phone 2303 MULTIGRAPHINQ Mailing, Folding, Addressing. PHONE 670 We write advertising campaigns. All ' kinds of Mailing Lists. EUGENE RANDLES ADvt. CO. Eugene Randies—W.. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN It Is getting ao that anything thai i ifi not strict!}' an evening gown or a ! bathliiK suit. i:i labolod a "sports , Mrn. Diidcll -of Turon who | [ roc i £ ," Olio weara thi'iii to Jiusliieas, I is ill with pnpiimonia was lirougUt to j got!H g ]n>p[ii ug ami calling in thorn mid ' 1 ""' uiios thoiu in a variety of -ways anil ! to lumierou* plains that would not ' lnnill • li'.dll lll-KH!' I'carl JJlllfl', Tli.- i;i- in, M ll'.'l, Mi> • 1 1 •'I lislit rofri'sh- »tn Mlsa Bllt'i- ~ I..vilia Itins. Miss "Mildri.'il HIIIR , Mis.i . Miss Flora Kl'•--'. and i.'s.i. at •Mi-n Tot I IT Bill*.' tElevi'iii! Uitdr sis', of riciniii brflalli l\Tni'.'d llin (llllilii; talil.', I'hu ^ilna .K. Ilalh-y and Mi. •rtaliii-d at dinii'T latit ''Vf- tli'i /o.'-tiu'r'n lioine. '117 i.v.'iiui« cant coiiipilniiiiitllii; r-ial.'r.v, Mrs. C. V. Votlcr Mlrli. M.-u-liiiililri an,] baby c-niiTiikT-.; .for tho '-'•"- ivi'i'u marlK'd for Mm. M. it. Cain, .Mrs. c. M. Yotter. Mm .Curl l -cniiin, Mrs. Clarcnrit any- dar, Miss du-rnir,. i'.-irford, .Mtsa M»iy Weh'h, Miss Kdliii llrmilm and flio honor sm-si iiml liurdn.-sis. Wr. a'Kl Mr». A. 1,, SiitniBlnr, wi- tertaliK-tl a t*w fi'i"i'ds hint ovmlnq nt tholr 'lloinn, 21 Twi/IlUl iilrium oast. A HOclnl ov>.-nlim wan •.•njnyuil and at n Jato hoar, diiinly reS'r eon'od !o .^!r. ;tnd Stownrt, Mr, and .Mrs. Adair Sd-wart ot ftoacclali-i', III., Mr. anil Mrn, (!. B. Boniioy, Mrs. Alum llutton, MISM Fhyllifl Yorlt, Miss l-'HRity i:>>oibo, Miss Dorothy Miller, Miss Stella Jlwuxloi-f, Mlns I re no Llttlo, uutl tho host and tioslosa. * •» * Word Jmu boon recoivpd lioro, nn- EOiiiii-i'iK tho inarriago of Mrs. Ada Shoemaker of Haven and Mr. Alfrod MathowB of Koniorsot, Colo., WIIILII wtiB Botumulzeil May 28 al the homo of Rev. C. 11. l'oarry of tho Baptist church in Dcdla, Colo. < Mrs. Malhewa la a former Iloiio county young woman Iiavlnp livfic! ivith her narenta, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kllsworth lu Havati until a local hospital. T. .M. Gnrow and family have been BP'.-ndhm this week at the homo of Mrs. Cu.-io-.v's inothor at Topolta. The liitiM-lur of the Elka Club build- in!.: Is hoing entirely redecorated. Tho work was bo:;an iu the billiard mom l->day, Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Huiuiy of r.l7 Avenue A west nnnounre the liirtli e; a daughter, yesterday at tho Methodist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. K. I,. Helsfay of 512 North Walnut afreet are tlio -parents of u daughter, born yusturday at tho Melliodlst hospital. Chester dloutlodge, state architect, lias been at Ijurued lately with tho plana for the new eot'.aRo on tho state farm. It in to cost $05,000. The members of tho Nazaruno ehureh nt Lyons have cleared up the $2,000 Indebtedness on their church and parsonage auil are very much on- oouiHgod, The church hau had a nice growth. It. <;. Rwonsoa of this city lias Inuenfs were j moved to Whitewater, Kims., where Miii. Univiin j lot will suporiiitend the erection of a i new hlr.h seliool .bulldiuK whiedi was dniilmied by Maun & (lerow, the architects. Dlstrk't Superintendent and Mrs. C. 1). •Heatwooil ami Hev. A. l.i. liest- wood and Mrs. t'arson of WU'Jiita ex- pei-.t to leave Boon for an overland trip to California. They will sir tho north- eojne under tli'* head of sports, strict-1 ly speaking. i Of course one can Play tennis or j paddle a eauoe or do various strenu- ' ous tliiiiKS in a ijo«u" many of these I aports thins'.s. while others aro designed fo'" the ouiookor .- for one to • wvar wliiio attending 'horse races or' a tennis match or a yachting race— ; when one v.i.nts to look one's very best. In the latter catenary ono must list tlie smart frock pictured hero. One cuuld piny a mime iu It, of course, es- pecittlly it it was a quiet game Uge croquet which does not need much action, hut it was built especially for the woman who wants to look attractive and cooi from the side lines. It Is ninde of white crepo sillt. Red scroll braid is appli'luoU on it stripe effect and the neck, sleeves and edge of hem are bound with red cropo. A wlda red silk sash tied ut the left side fflvos ;i dashiiiK touch, and one can visualize red shoes with the white hose, red hat trimmed with white and red and white parasol and picturu a most alluring costume which would rival the game lu interest. nil comeback through. Oal-1 buffalo' was roasted whole. ern route ifornla. Howard Baujrher. a former Hutchinson boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. D, A. KauBhiT <)f King)?)', lu now liead of the drafting.department of tho Davenport locomotive works at l>avenport, In., an important as well as a good •DRYtutt iiusitloa Fifty Years Ago. EH Dorado •-Celebration of the [Fourth of July in Kl Dorado fifty years it £'0 - In— 1HT:1 -included, an address by Senator John J, liiKalla and a barbecue at which' the carcass of a '6-year-old Fifty children's garments for .sale at Qui Vive Club bazaar Saturday, Julv "lu at Hutchinson Offlco Supply & Printing Co., 408-10 Norbh IMaln. All have hand work. 4-3t Feoutla doei have no antlers. An Inexpensive Summer Resort A place to rid yourself of washday toil! Start your vacation now. Bundle the soiled clothes together and phone us to call for them. We will do all the washing-and any, part of the ironing you wish. DRY CLEANERS t— PH0NE44 i' J|ln answering advertisements, please mention The News*

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