Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1977 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1977
Page 8
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National rankings will be uncertainty until bowls By The AumwlAU'd Pn"*« The closes! the lltt Panther* got to repealing »« college football nuUonal champion* w«« one quarter. "In spring practice, we weren't a good team," said Jackie Sherrill, in his firs! season as Pitt's football boss. "But In the first quarter of our opening game, I thought we had a chance to win the national champiormhip again." That optimism wan quickly shattered when star quarterback Molt Csvanaugh suffered a broken bone In his left arm after being knocked to the ground on a touchdown puss In Pitt'ft opening game against Notre Dame. The scoring pass gave Pitt a SM3 lead in a game trie Panthers eventually lost 1ft- 9. Cavwuiugh missed several game*, and never regained full strength. Meanwhile, Florida, capitalizing on three Cavanaugh fumbles, tied Pitt 17-17 and, in the regular sewion finale, Pcnrt State downed Pitt 15-13, dropping the Pan Ih era 1 Hope Star sports Kif»hl Saturday, Decrmber 31, 1977 record to 8-2-1 "We ployed badly In our laal game on national TV, and I don't think people got a good view of what our team la all about," said Cavanaugh of the Penn SUite loss. "I played poorly in situations that could have decided the game," A certain measure of redemption and a large dose of pride are at stake tonight when the loth-ranked Panthers play No. 11 Clcrrwon in the Gator Ikiwl on national television (ABC). Earlier In the day, the New Year's weekend feast of 10 college football games opens with the Blue-Gray Classic in Montgomery, Ala. Four games are on tap Saturday — Louisiana State against Stanford in the Sun Bowl; North Carolina Stale against Iowa Slate in the Peach Bowl; Texas A&M against Southern Cal in the Bluebonnet Bowl, and the East vs. the West in the East-West Shrine Game. After a day off Sunday, when the proa settle their conference championships, the amateurs como back Monday with the four major bowl games and the national championship at stake. sTop-ranked and unbeaten Texas plays Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. A victory for the I/mghornsshould allow them to follow the Panthers as national champioas. Then the other three games would only clarify the question: Who's No. 2? Will it be the winner of the Oklahoma-Arkansas Orange Bowl game? Will H be Michigan, provided the Wolverines can get by Washington in the Rose Bowl? Or could it be Alabama, if the Crimson Tide can beat Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl? One thing for certain is that it won't be Pitt, which was sitting on top of the nation one year ago after beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl to wrap up an undefeated season. "I think the winner could end up anywhere from sixth to eighth depending on how the other bowls go," said Sherrill, who replaced Johnny Majors when he left for his alma mater, Tennessee. Grimsley predicts 'Some kind of year 9 By WILL GRIMSLEY AP Special Correspondent A wide-eyed urchin wearing only a sheath of while cloth Bcroso his chest Is about to make his entrance — the year 1978. Good-bye to the bearded old guy with tho scythe. The new year haa to be twice as exciting and eventful. Here IB a preview from a reflection in the champagne glass: Muhammad All, having beaten Leon Spinks at Las Vegas, meets Ken Norton for the fourth time with a $12 million guarantee In Teheran, Norton knocks out All In the 10th. All announces his retirement. Joe Fouler and George Foreman lay aside their Bible* and pick up gloves again. Ali says he didn't mean it und asks a fifth fight with Norton. In Newport, R.I., James Van Alen, falher of Ihe VASSS tie- break scoring system In tennla, suggests nil formula be applied to boxing. When All and Norton reach "deuce," they go into "sudden death." Manager Billy Martin of the Yankees belts an obstreperous player and is threatened with a fine and dismissal. Reggie Jackson leads a player revolt In Billy's behalf. Martin Is forgiven. Michigan, Oklahoma, Alad bama and Notre Dame win the major bowl games. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl 31-24 and Roger Staubach wins the sport car as tho "Most Valuable Player." Pat Summerall tells listeners on CBS-TV that Staubach Is "some kind of football player." Muhammad All says he will fight Frazicr, Foreman and Norton on consecutive nights. Promoter Don King offers to make the matchm The site: Kuwait. The prize package: A dozen producing oil weBs valued at $50 million. All says he is broke. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn voids the trade of Oakland's pitcher Vlda Blue to the Cincinnati Reds, contending It violates "the best Interests of baseball." Charley Flnley' files another suit, charging Kuhn with personal pique and discrimination. The case goea all the way to the Supreme Court, which rules 5-4 for Flnley. The Yankees, with the best bullpen in the business, beats out the Boston Red Sox for the American League pennant. The Cincinnati Reds, with Tom Seaver winning 23 games, recapture the National League title from the Dodgers. The Reds win the World Series In seven games. Seaver Is awarded the sports car aa the "Most Valuable Player." Curt Gowdy, NBC-TV, comments that Seaver is "some kind of pitcher." Denver becomes the newest franchise In big league baseball. Sonny Werblin introduces In- door soccer to Madison Square Garden and has fans hanging onto the rafters — the biggest Garden turnout ever. The 2-year-old champ, Affirmed, with Steve Cauthen In the saddle, la made an even money favorite in the Kentucky Derby. But Aiydar wins, giving Calumet its ninth sDerby triumph. Cauthen rides Affirmed to victory In the Freak- ness and Belmont Stakes. Joe Namath retires from football and signs a $500,000 contract to do panty-hose commercials aimed strictly at football squads. The on-again, off-again' romance of tennis champs Jimmy Connors and Chris fcvert finally blossoms Into a wedding. Chris hangs up her racquet to devote herself to rearing a houseful of tykes with two-fisted backhands. Australia's Evonne Goola- gong makes good her comeback, winning both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. Hoopsters swing first and ask later JUSTASK Murray Olderman By Murray Olilerinun The tipoff: Kile this one as a lon^-shot rumor but strictly inlriuuinK — that Coach Chuck Knox of the lx>s Angeles Hunts, who was .supposed to bo headed to Detroit a year ago for big bucks, will finally get the chance to make the move in '78, with Bill Walsh of Stanford the prime choice to take over the Knni.s, Q. I hoard Dr. Krnle VandewcKhe, the former Knlek star, Miy (hat pro hatiketbuil was just as violent in the old days as it Is now. Hut you never had guys beat up the way Karceiu Abdul Jabbar slugged Keith Ilcnson and Hermit WaKhhiKlon hospitali/ed Hudy Tomjanovlch. What's the reason? — D.C., F.li/abeth, N.J. I talked to Norm Drtirker, the NBA head of officials whose career as a referee /;oe.s back a couple of decades, and he also says, "1 don't think it's more violent than it's ever been." Hut he adds the interesting thought that guys fiKht u little different than they used to -- in the old days the confront at ions were face-to-facc so a j;uy had a chance to duck; nowadays you yet your swing in first and ask questions later. Q. What year was the Sugar Bowl played at night? Who played? And according to the book, there wus un Alabama 14, I'euii State 6 wore that was filled a forfeit. I'lease explain the forfeit. -- Toil) Aeciardi, Fairview, N..J. You were reading the wrong book. Alabama beat i'enn Stale l.'H), a couple of years a«o in a Maine where Nebraska, furious at not being invited, screamed that 'Bama's Bear Bryant had handpicked Jus opponent. There was no forfeit. The first night game at the Sugar Bowl took place Dec 31, l'J72, when Oklahoma beat Pcnn State H-0. Subsequent night games found Notre Dame defeating Alabama 24-23 the next year and Nebraska edging Florida 13-10 on I>ec. 31, 1074. Q. There is absolutely no evldeuce that the O'Malley gang, as you call the Dodgers, have used their vast profits to buy a championship a la the New York Yankees. To the contrary, they did not participate in the bidding for free agents last year and their recent acquisition of Terry Fcprster does not threaten to upset the balance of the National League. To be candid, I have often wondered why the Dodgers did not use their muscle to build a more dominant franchise. —• J.K. Cagncy, New Britain, Conn. They haven't had lo. They've stocked their roster well enough from within under the guidance of player personnel director Al Campanis so that since 1970 they've finished lower than second place in the National League West only one time. And if you check out Ihe Dodgers you'll find they're still a young club. Q. 1 am interested In becoming an NBA referee. Seeing games all the time, I've often said I could officiate a game better than most officials. I know ii may take a few years to reach my goal. I'lease give me some Information as to who I might contact to get started. — B. Gonzales, 11 ay ward, Calif. Since it sounds like you've never officiated, your best bet is to get involved locally at first. Contact the local chapter of the IAABO (International Association of Approved Basketball Officials). They'll give you a writlen and floor test and pave the way for you to get started with high school or junior college games. After enough experience, you can apply to the NBA, which screens and observes referees at Ihe college level and invites the best ones to four summer camps. This season, four new officials were added to the regular NBA roster. <j. Can you tell me what has happened to the widow of the lute Brian Piccolo of the Chicago Bears? — E.N., Kvansville, Ind. Joy Piccolo has remarried and lives in Montana, but she comes into Chicago periodically in connection with the memorial fund set up in honor of her late husband. For those of you who tuned in late, Brian Piccolo was the heroic running back who roomed with Gale Sayers and died tragically of cancer during his career — the story was translated into a memorable TV movie, "Brian's Song." Q. What is Chuck Munele's status with the New Orleans Saints? Is he still a big part of their plans for the future? — J.M., Ilatou Uoirge, La. 1 would say so. Chuck got a lot of unfavorable publicity this season for missing planes and practice, but he also broke the Saints' team record for ground gaining. He just happens to be a free, imaginative spirit who's going to take some corraliiuj, but he has the kind of talent you go along with. Parting shot: The most disgraceful playing surface in professional sports is the one on San Francisco's Candlestick Park which actually poses a physical threat to players because of its slickness (even in good weather) and hardness < it's like falling on concrete) There is no excuse for condoning it. Got a lough question about spoils and the people who play them? Write lo Murray Olderman, NEA, P O Box 6346. Incline Village, Nev 89450, The most interesting questions • will be answered in this column. OkJerjnan regrets tnai fie canne! write personal ansvseis to ail questions. 'NKWSl'Al'KK KNTKKI'KI.StC A.SSN i !. ;, >.i; : ';-- -".;• •;. ".. ; \ . ":?'--.' '. • ' ' *• *"* ' >k. -** ' "'*" . . * - * ** " I" .' ' : '*.-*** : ^V.ii;"* '"""' ','-* •* : •"**%%;^''• „. . ' ' • '•'~*s •nft.y^'V* "^.' , ,• •••< " .«i i *N^y ^->'#, * "' ORANGE BOWL queen for 1978, Zeta Whitlow, is surrounded by some of the many events which will be part of the 44th Annual Orange Bowl Festival. Pageantry and excitement will be found in, clockwise from top left, the Saturday King Orange Jamboree Parade, the Monday Orange Bowl classic football game matching Arkansas and Oklahoma and half time show, the Friday Fiesta Hispanica and Fireworks show and the Jan. 8 Three Kings Parade in "Little Havana " owlset HOUSTON (AP) — Seventeenth-ranked Texas A&M and 20th-ranked Southern Cal, two college football teams that would prefer to be elsewhere this bowl season, try to make up for lost opportunities Saturday In the 19th Bluebonnet Bowl. The New Year's Eve kickoff is at 7 p.m. CST. Southern Cal opened the 1977 season as one of the top teams in the nation and with a full head of steam after upsetting Michigan in the Rose Bowl. The Trojans expected to return to the Rose Bowl again but instead were smitten by inconsistency and finished the regular season 7-4. The Aggies suffered a similar plight finishing the regular season third in the Southwest Conference with an 8-3 record and losing their three biggest challenges against Michigan, Arkansas and top-ranked Texas. "If you are a competitor and like to compete it's easy to get ready foe this game," said Dennis Thurman, USC's first team Ail-American safety. "Of course, we're disappointed at not returning to the Rose Bowl but we're happy to be here. "There are only a few teams that are still practicing." The Aggies will go into the game with a freshman quarterback that has started just one college game and a defensive secondary that has proven porous on long passes. They also move the ball in heavy portions behind fullback George Woodard and Curtis Dickey. Southern Cal has an explosive offense that ranks fourth in the nation in total offense bui inconsistency and untimely turnovers have been the Trojans' downfall this season. "We never worried about turning the ball over at midfield this season," USC Coach John Robinson said. "We liked to get it right down in there and do it." Freshman Mike Mosley, a state hurdles champion and 9.4 sprinter last season at Humble High School, replaced injured senior David Walker Broncos is re DENVER (AP) - John Schultz is a reserve wide receiver who hasn't caught a pass all season, labors inconspicuously on the special teams and occasionally returns a kickoff. You can't get much more obscure than that. Schultz, whom autograph hounds push aside to get to the Craig Mortons and Lyle Al- zados, is startled when someone from the media asks for an interview or when a fan recognizes him on the street. The lack of attention doesn't bother him; he's just happy to be a part of the Denver Broncos. But Schultz won't be saddled with his Invisible Man reputation for long if he makes many more plays like his blocked punt in Denver's first playoff game against Pittsburgh last week. Early In the game, Schultz Running urged stormed in and blocked a punt by the Steelers' Rick Engles, then recovered the ball at the Pittsburgh 17-yard line. Denver promptly scored and never trailed in winning 34-21. "We've worked on different types of blocks all year, but for one reason or another they didn't work," says Schultz, a 5- foot-10, 183-pound second-year pro from Maryland. "This one just worked. I came from the end-tackle gap. The fullback should have picked me up but he looked at somebody else. I just went by and got the punt. "It carne at a great time, for sure. Naturally, I felt good. It gave us good field position. We wanted to score first. You get a lot of satisfaction when you come through with a play like that, helping out the off ease. "I don't feel I've contributed anything as a receiver this year, so it was especially gratifying to help out on the special teams." Schultz admits it has been a "frustrating" season for him because of his lack of playing time at wide receiver. NEW YORK (AP) - Jogging, a craze that has swept the nation during the past few years, is a waste of time. Instead of jogging, run, advises Mike Spino. Be a free- spirited runner. The 33-year-old Spino is a physical culturist, who not only practices what he preaches, but teaches it. Spino is the director of the Esalen Sports Center, whose major branch is in Big Sur. Calif. "The main thing wrong with jogging is the pace," explains Spino, who attended Syracuse University on a track scholarship from 1962-66 and set school records -- at the time — of 4:09 for the mile and 9:12 for two miles, anil in recent years has run in a handful of marathons. The deep-thinking, fast-talking Spino says that by definition, jogging is running a mile in more than 7 ) « minutes, "To do your body any good," lie says, "it is necessary to run both slower and faster than that — and vary the rhythm." Since running increases the flow of oxygen in the blood stream and to the brain, "it takes more than a jog to do it," says Spino. •When you jog," he continues, "your body is using up oxygen at the same rate that your lungs can supply it. This is called 'aerobic' exercise. It's good because u tones the heart, lungs arid bloixi vessels. solunar tables The schedule of Solunar Periods, as printed below, has been taken from Richard Alden Knight's SOLUNAR TABLES. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer. Date Day Dec. 31 Saturday Jan. 1 Sunday 2 Monday 3 Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5 Thursday B Friday 7 Saturday 8 Sunda> A.M. Minor Major 9:10 3:20 10:00 4:10 10:45 11:40 12:40 1:40 2:25 3:25 5:00 5:45 6:30 7:30 8:15 9:15 10:10 P.M. Minor Major 3:45 4:30 5:25 6:10 7:00 7:50 8:45 9:45 9:30 10:20 11:10 11:50 12:25 1:20 2:05 3:00 4:00 10:40

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