The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 8, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1914
Page 7
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Wednesday Evening, July 8, 1914. T H E D E C A T U K R E V I E W Page Seven Give Your Feet a Chance E Sergeant Thomas P. Boston Takes Charge. Sergeant Thomas P. Boston, ranking non-commissioned officer, has ar' rived to take charge ot the local Unit- -Itaetnallymaltes We feet feel smaller-Slakes tlarht shoes comfortable -- makes themfeellooseand easy--tnkos the stines euc of the corns and bunions--stops tuo odors of bad-smellinK feet, Rives them a nine, soft, clean, healthy ekln w ita proper Emulation. Nothing llko TON-GO to.make you forget your feet. All druggists sell ·TOXGO, ii cents, or mailed prepaid, by Xwnnieon Pharmacal Co., Chicago. Dont wSt-iet U today and get rid of your loot troubles. ~ You will always find lonfo at The uK Co.. Jecatur, 111* HAVE YOU EVER TRIED On Glasses Fitted With Toric Lenses? If not. you've still to learn of what comfort in ee glasses means. The Toric lenses are somewhat oval In shape--they fit the eye. so that no outer edge is visible. Where 'the'ordinary shaped lens makes the eyeglass wearer NERVOUS, the Tone has just the OPPOSITE EFFECT Why not let me try Tone Lenses an j-our eyes today? D WILLIAMS V PTDMETRIST OPTICIAN. I 107 N. Water St. , Opposite Millikin Bank. ner and in the evening a dance. This morning a business session will be held at the Hotel Lahr and officers will be elected. The family will picnic at Columbian park this evening:. '·The children residing In Lafayette ore Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Atlass and son, Melburn, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Atlass and son. Mortimer, Mrs. Belle A. Stein and son, Eaxl. The four generations of the Atlass family residing here are Moses Atlass, his dauglitar, Mrs. Joseph Cohen; eon, Harry Cohen, and her daughter. Miss Caroline Herz Cohen. There Is also another representation 'of four generations and that is Moses Atlass, Max Atlass, and Mrs. leadore Wallins and Miss Beva Rose, of Decatur 111. Mosea Atlass had three, brothers, making the total four Atlass brothers. There are also four sons in his family, making the four Atlass brothers, and these four eons have four sons, making another group of four of the Atlass family. It is a coincidence that seems to date back several generations. "Those from ,afar who are members ot the family that are here are: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cohen, of Henderson, Ky ; Mr. and Mrs. Max Atlass and daughter, Beatrice, oE Decatur, 111.; Frank Atlass and son, Leslie, of IJn- cnln. 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pinco of P.ockford, 111., ana daughters, Stella and Edith Pinco. and son, Charlie Pinco of Rockford; Mrs. Saul Solomon and son, Leslie, of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cohon and daughter, Caroline, of Terre Haute; Joseph R. Levy and sons, Raymond and Edmund, of Ashland, Wis., and S. Tick of Bloora- mgton, 111." ana Mr». Vf. H. Black and son, W. H. Black, Jr. Jean tewls McLean and Elizabeth Louise Stoutenborough are great great granddaughters. Besides the relatives, Rev. J. E. McDonald and wife ct Maroa and R«v. C. E. Jenney ot Decatur were present. RED TAPE AS A MATTER OF COURSE Sealed Package H"« to Walt for Portage from Chicago. There Is a lot of red tape in the post- office department but the postofflce be- 1ns part of the domain of Uncle Sam we accept the red tape as part of the government system. Yesterday there was an example in the Decatur poet- office of the circumlocution that Is sometimes necessary to so a very short distance. A package of medicine from Chicago In Thousands of Homes early and certain relief is found for the ailments to which all are subject--ailments due to defective or irregular action of the stomach, liver, kidneys or bowels--in the most famous family remedy, the world has ever known. came to the local postoffice for a Decatur woman. The package was sent at parcel post rates but it was sealed and It was decided that It should pay a higher rate. The Decatur person to whom it was addressed was sent for. The sealed package was opened in her presence. She was required to sign cer- tain documentary evidence as to the proper opening of the package and its contents. Then the Chicago sender was notified of the shortage of postage and when the proper amount Is forwarded the package will be delivered. The woman will have to wait till the medicine people pay the required post- age and If her case is critical, which It probably Is not. she may die before sh. gets her medicine. No doubt she would have been willing to pay the additional postage in order to get the medtclno promptly but the postoftlce regulations would not permit that. «d States array recruiting station here He comes from Streator where he hafl been stationed for nine months Previous to that he had charge of tho station for seven years in Peorla. 13 TEARS OP SERVICE. Sergeant Boston has served contln- xiously s.nce the Spanish-American war and has to his credit over nineteen jears ct service, getting double time tor service in Cuba and the Philippines He is past commander of ths Peoria camp of Spanish war veterans and is national aia-de-camp to the comman- dcr-m-chief of the U. S. W. V. The Decatur recruiting station has been made a central main auxiliary sta- ticn. Corpoial Edwards, formerly in charge here, has been sent to Spring-field for duty. Beautiful, Soft Fluffy Hair an Aid to Beauty HOLDS REUNION 6 o clock Dinner Given Monday Evening ot Moron. Mrs. J. H. Crocker had a family reunion and 6 o'clock dinner Monday evening at her home in Maroa. In the company were all the children and i grandchildren except Dr. Franklin McLean of Portland, Ore . and Dr. Edwin McLean of Chicago, grandsons There ^ ere also two great grandchildren present. In the party were Mr. and Mrs. John Crocker and four children, Ruth, John. Joan and Thomas Crocker; Mrs. Will McLean, Dr. Will McLean, Mr. and Mrs | John McLean and daughter, Jean Lewis McLean; Dr. George Crocker, ! wife and daughter, Bernice Stouten| borough, and the latter's daughter, Kllzabeth Louise Stoutenborough; Mr. ''*·,£» » plLLi are justly famous because they have proved to be so reliable as correctives or preventives of the sufferings, dull feelings and dangerdue to indigestion or biliousness. If you will try them to cleanse your system, purify your blood, tone your stomach, stimulate your liver and regulate your bowels, you will know why so many rely on Beecham'a Pills to Insure Health and Happiness Urge* Sale of Anj Medicine In tbe World. Sold everywhere. In bozN. lOc.. ZSc. It's Not What You Pay, But What You Get For What You Pay That Counts For instance, you can get $15 suits in any clothing store in Decatur, but you CAN'T get the equal of the great values we offer at $15, outside of this store. Don't Miss This Opportunity! Men's and Young Men's $20 suit values at If you imagine these are not extraordinary values, just come in and look them over--you'll be wonderfully sur- __ prised. They're all from our regular stock--broken lines that we must sell. The season's latest styles, colors and fabrics. All sizes. $15 20% OFF ON ALL BLUE SERGES STRAW HATS $4.00 Straw Hats $2.00 $3.00 Straw Hats $1.50 $2.50 Straw Hats $1.25 $2.00 Straw Hats $1.00 $10 genuine CR flfl Panamas ...****""* S7 genuine Panamas .. $3.50 Sri genuine CJ 50 Panamas ...*"··*** FITFORM One 'union suits lot of 50c porous QQr» ............ O«7U Both Phones 1177. Eldorado and Broadway. Who ot» not love a head of pretty hair? Some women is a gift of nature and envy their more fortunate ·iTters. If your hair is not fluffy, soft ·M lustrous; is falling out, streaked, filed, brittle, or full of dandruff and if tie sc-ilp itches, do not think it must always be that way. for pretty hair is oily a matter of care and proper nourishment of the hair roots. Hair i« something lifce a plant--if neRlected it soon withers and dies, while with a little attention it keeps fresh »nd beautifnl. Parisian Sage is * scientific preparation that supplies Iturt the elrments needed to invigorate the hair roois and stknnlafe (he hair to grow long, thick, fl«ffy. soft and lustrous. It removes dandruff with one application and quickly stops itching head and falling hair. 'The Decatur Drug Co. or any druggist can supply }ou with Parisian Sage--it is Inexpensive. You cannot be disappointed with this delightful and helpful hair tonic for the first few days' use will jive the hair the beauty and charm of youth. ___ __ ' Family Tree Dates Back to Time of Napoleon. Mr. and His Max Atlass and daughter, Beatrice, are at Ft Wayne. I n d , attending the annual family reunion. Tile Ft \Vane Journal of July 7. gi\es the following account of it: ' T h e annual r e u n i o n of the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Atlats is beins held here this week and is large- lv attended. The family tree dates back to the time of Napoleon and the n.eetings are held in a. d i f f e r e n t citv ch year There is a news letter published each month relating all the news that pertains to the family's affairs. Sunday evening an elaborate seven-course dinner was sei^ ed in the blue room of the Bohemia cafe. Covers were laid for thirtv-two. Yesterday the party motored to Tecumseh trail, where they enjoyed a picnic dln- A Qtorauft ^^^^ Hu_3? -J a/"!-- Pronounced Kleek-O GINGER ALE On Days When the Sidewalk Scorches the Soles of Your Feet, Drink Clicquot When the sun beats hotly down and beads of melting pitch pop up between the paving blocks, drink Clicquot Club Ginger Ale. In the E'ng er Ii £S a wake-up stimulus; from the lemon and lime juice comes re- H freshment and from the highly carbonated ' j Clicquot Spring Water comes the thirst quenching, throat wetting quality that makes Clicquot so well loved. Drinks called ginger ale that are not ale and contain no ginger are not to be compared with Clicquot. Try Clicquot and you will agree. At Good Grocers and Druggists Other Clicquot flavors: BIRCH BEER ROOT BEER SARSAJPARILLA LEMON SOUR AND ORANGE PHOSPHATE , 1 \ National Grocer Co., Wkolewite Distributor*. Two glawfolr in a bottle. If one glau is enough tor your thirst we will send--for ,4c postage--a pfctent self-clampinj? stopper (cleverdevice) that Will hold the second (class fresh for 46 hours. "There are two kinds of drugs--our kind, and the kind you don't want." Play safe and buy here. THE DECATUfe DRUG CO. -- THE: BIG D R U G STORE-v^-- H.C.BURKS, Re£. Pk,Mgr.. .331-333 NorJh WaWS*. · " T H E M O S T OF THE B ES T TO R TM C LEAST V . V. · "We cut prices, but never quality." Gret your drugs at the right place. We sell --you buy--both happy. BORDERS Malted Milk BRAIN WORKERS who are careless about diet invite their own punishment, if after a long evening's work they would try instead of a hearty meal. a hot cup of BORDEN'S Malted Milk IN THE SQUARE PACKAGE just before retiring, the resulting sound sleep would be an er- cellent preparation for the next day's .work. Rich, creamy milk with strengthening extracts of wheat and barley malt impart to it that indescribable snappy flavor so attractive in a noon lunch. ASK FOR BORDEN'S AT ALL FOUNTAINS 7At* I Hospital CO 98 I H B ! «),» fnr Wfi«*O Small size Qfin for * wip Large size for DRIVE OUT EVERY ANT 4nts are troublesome pests. They invade the home and make raids oh the culinary department. No tood in the house is safe from their attacks. Stumpf s Magic Hoodoo Paper Will positively drive them away. Used and endorsed by U. S. War Department. 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Truf onn Braces are fine for growing girls and boys. They overcome any tendency to stoop, and arc so [constructed that they can be worn with comfort. Be prudent and get one for your child in time. We have braces for men. women and children. Prices $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR FITTING We have a complete line of SHUMATE'S NEW "4-in-2" STROPS Absolute perfection has at last been attained in this wonderful strop. The "Stropping" and "Honing" side is made of the finest horse hide, treated scientifically in such a manner as to produce marvelously quick and satisfactory results. ,, ., The "Finishing" and "Polishing" side is made of genuine, select SHELL horsehide, fully "broke in" and in the exact length required to put the final touch on the razor. IMPORTANT To properly strop a razor, the long "sweep" should be used on the sharpen or honing side, hut in finishing or polishing the blade, only short "whetting" strokes should be employed. Thus. Shumate's "4-in-2" Strop COJIPELS the user to strop his razor in the correct manner. DIRECTIONS FOR USING Honing--A few strokes only when razor is very dull. Sharpen--A dozen strokes before each shave will keep the edge sharp. Finish--Use this side freely. It makes the ed«e smooth. Polish--Use occasionally to polish cutting edge. THE ONLY STROP WHICH CANNOT BE USED IMPROPERLY PRICES Model "A" $ .75 Model "C" 1.00 Model "D" 1.50 "4-in-2" "4-in-2" "4-in-2" "E". 2.50 "4-in-2"-Model Just try a "Shumate" Razor once and ee the difference. Large assortment on sale. Low prices. . Nilodox prevents perspiration - odors Here is a natural, li arm less and odorless relief from theannoyanceorexcessiveper''pirin* --the disagreeable odor and humiliating rmga of sweat under the arms. NILODOX make* dren sMekfi utmoccMMy Do«a th« work;--. 35it'8SK j' "A'SO« twttd* i gUkraiile«d or i *lM« t«k. Per Bottle 50c IF YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL HAIR Vou cannot afford to neglect yonr scalp. Tone and lustre are given the hair, and its growth promoted by CRUDOL. the new crude oil hair tonic. Stops scalp itching, loss of hair, dandruff and keeps the scalp in perfect condition. Begin today to use CRUDOL A Scalp and Hair Food. Send lOc for Sample Tube of CRUDOL Hair Tonic. The Crudol Products Corporation 1777 Broadway New York Buy the Genuine CRUDOL 25(S Hair Tonic here, per tube fc»*l» EPILEPTIC FITS Stop when the weak nerves that cause the spells are strengthened and kept in good condition by the use of Dr. GnerUn's Nerve Syrup It helps with the first Dose. Safe, sure and guaranteed to give satisfaction. Your dollar back if first bottle fails in any case of Epilepsy or Convulsions, no matter how bad. It is the Sunshine for Epileptics. A valuable remedy lor Dizziness and Insomnia. Large bottle. Sl.OO; 6 bottles, S3.OO Sold by Decatur Drug Co. Writ* the mikere. Kalmus Chemical Co.. Kmlmuj Building, Cincinnati. O.. tor! their valuable illustrated medical book. FREE -EPILEPSY EXPLIMEI" MhMfa n MA! (ret to you IN £V SPA PERI SlEWSPAPFld

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