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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1859
Page 3
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. OP WlBCQKSUI, » Circuit Ooort, Mllw»«kee Oo. f ..... . Cortes* Wlnstnrleo, Johannes BohmuU, frederlek Bohmutsand Christian BcbimtU. ' ! . i -•'-.-• ««iiinst • Joseph &. Treat, Junes w. Steams, Benjamin ». gules, Kbe President of tna farmers * MUler«' Bwk, Dei. ter,B. Brittbn,«. W. Wheelock, Hormce H. Preemte >"- 'Sna BUtbett, hU wife, Caleb U. l'»tttrnHi and — i>mttei»on, his wife. Judgment Foreclosure TKS virtue of and pursuant to -»' jidcmen't rendered In J. said Court, In the abo veeutltled action, dsted March hall expose for aale •na*ell»tFnWicA«c- tl»n, at the Post-Office on. the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Hreett, Jn the OHy of MUwMOcee, on Sat* Mi*., jythe iTlsa day of &e£tei»be*t 18M, : « the hour of S*. K., of that d»y4heIoUowlnJ5 describ- edmortgafed premises or •oauoh^hereof ** maj be ne- oessary to raise the amount 6f said judgment, interest and eo«U, together with expenses of tale, to wit: "The sooth west quarter of section nomber fifteen 115J, In township number seven {?], north ii otrwge number twenty-one iSlJwwt, except• IDS nineteen and $*-JOe acre heretofore eold by Christian Wintenried and wife to Thomas M. , Jaldd e; said premises being situate In Milwaukee County and State of Witeoniin." Dated SnerUT'i OSlce, MUwauiee, March 10, 1889. stS-Asraiw-to, i A. J. I.ANG WOBTH . , Pl'jtt Att'y. f % 8h*ff. Mil. Co., Wli. snarlO-lamom-lastfcrlaw 6*4] SUEHLJUr'jra ttA^e. (NeWrsj 8TA« OF WISCONSIN,» Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f James EmoU, against Bphralm Marinw, Thomas Reed, Reuben A. Lamb, Hiram Farmer, The Globe Bank, Ida Jane Lewis, executor and Ephralm Mariner, and John J. Orton, executors of toe last »111 and testament of Allison Lewis,-deceased, Martha Lewis, Barah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha H. Lewis, Elizabeth Louisa Lewis, William J. Lewis, Ida Jane uewls and other unknown heirs of Allison Lewis, dcceusd, and Icbabod Smith. I S virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, dated March 18th, IBM, I shall exflMe for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-OEce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Mstnrdar, Use %•>) day mt July 1859, at the hour of S p. K., of that day, the following described premises, to wit: "The south half of lot numbered nine (9), In block numbered thirty-seven (37), in Third Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated. Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March U, 1859. Do-rut* & LiBEK, I A. J. LANGWOETHT. Pl'Bt Att'ys. f fih'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. aprl-llnSw UNITED STATES IHAK8HA£,'S SALE. Charles W. Wlllard, •) vs. \ Band P. Bull, Marian Alton Bull, Edwin Palmer, Trustee, Joshua Batbaway, Byron W. Clark, Charles B. Clark, Robert B. Bull, The Varmers'4 Miller's Bank y ln|£quity. Henry L. Palmer, Herman S-;hwartlng aud Augnsl Orenllch, Assignees at tbe People's Bank of Haertel, Greenleaf t Co., Edward 6. Tyler, Jabez H. Foster, Horace H. Hnnn and Jasper £. Goodrich. | I K pursuance and by virtue or a decn* made by the District Court of the United Slates fur the District of Wisconsin, on the eighth day of April, A., c , 18f>9, m the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, tt the United States Marshal's Office, la the City of Milwaukee, on Thursday, the £lst day of July, 185», at 8 o'clock p. M , the following described property, to wit: Th« east one hundred (100) feet of lots numbered seven (7) aud Ijtht (8) in block numbered twenty-five (25), in Sherman's Addition, in the Sixth Ward or tbeOlty of Milwaukee. Manual's Office, Milwaukee, April 16, 1648. aprlft-Ilniwam M. J. THOMAS, D. 8. Marshal. Foreclosure and Pate 878] SHERIFF** STATE OJ> WISCONSIN. Circuit Court, Milimuker Oountj- J«hn KerUr, 1 agalust I Thomas Gotw&ld, Josepha Oniwaid, Adam Orth, j Toepfer Wenzel. J T*M trtne ol and pursuant to a jadgmect icn.lcied It, M. said Court, in tbe abort entitled nctiun, dated December SI, Itos, I shall expose for'Sale and sell al Public Auction HI the Post-Omcr on-the corner ol fflsono* sin and Milwaukee streeta, In the city of Milwaukee., on Malurttuf, tbe 2Oth claj of AUKU»C 1W>!!, at Uic hour of S T. • ol UIRI dav the following deac'li ed mortgaged premises or so much 'hereof ltd may be necessarv to raise tht amount of said judgment, interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, the following real estate to iri- : "All tbat piece or pan el of land situate In the County of Milwaukee and £ ale of State of Wisconsin, known and described as the south e&st quarter of the north east quftrter of section thllty-stx i36j, town eijrht [S], range tirentj- one [21j, containing foitj acres more or less " Dated fiherifTe Office. Milwaukee, May 14,1SC9 UrBASl t GuiHiK, I A. J LA.NGWOETHT, Pl'ffs Att'ys. ( fcli'fl Mil. Co., Wig. maylo-2m-lin2w NOTICK I S hereb., riven that a petition Big- ed by twelve freeholders residents of the N nth Ward of the Oil of Milwaukee, 'having been presented lo the C mmoc Council, setlinp fortn ihe nect-gsity of taking tertalD lands in said petition mentioned an 1 described for the purpose of lading out and extend ng Sixteenth strtei CO feet wide In said Ward, that an application will be made to the Judge of the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, OD Wednesday, Uit 2£d day of June next, lor the appointment of twelve jurors to view said premises and determine as to thr necessity of taking the same for the purpose in said petition set forth. Tbe description of lands proposed to be taken for the aforesaid Improvement are as fallows, to wit: A piece of land from a 1 acre tract supposed to belong to A. Botsen. Beginning al stone in the cent r of 16tD street and at the noith east corner of Plankinton's Addition; tbencr north on the % section line running norm and south throii.h the MS j< of section 19, town 7, range 22 east 594 feet to the north east corner of said 1 acre tract; t ence west JHl leet; thence south on a line parallel to the^h section line 094 feet to north line of Pla* Union's Addition; thence- east on said line 30 feet ito the place of beginning, conlainln . 17820 iquare feet of land. A piece of land from a 1 acre tract supposed to belong to B. Chapman, beginning i>t a point on tbe >f section line running north through N E \ of *ec. 19, 094 feet Dorti*i of a stone in centre of 16th street, at the > E corner of Planxinton's Addition; Lhenc« north on tbe X section Ilne446 8b 1UO feel to a point where said lint- Intersects tbe south westeru boundary line of Fond da Lac avenue; th nee north 47 degrees •» est 41 feel; Cbeoce south on a Unep rail el t, the X section line 474 80-luO feet; thence east. 80 feet to the plact of begin- nig, containing 18810 square feet of land. A piece of land from a tract supposed to belong to i. Subfile. Beginning at a stone In the center of IGtb street ol HOrth east corner of Plankinton's Addit on; thenice north or, ti,e X section line Co feet; thence east SO fe t, thence south bo feel to the north line of Knee- laod t Plankinton's Additions; thence west on said line 80 feet to place of Leginnlng, containing 1500square feet ofland. A piece of land from a tract supposed to belong to I. •chwedel. Beginning at s point on tie % section line running north through K K X of section 19, 60 feet north of a stone In centre of 16th street, at N k comer of Plankinton's Addition; thence north 60 feet on X sectiOu line, thence east , fcO feet; thedce south 50 feel; thence west 30 feel to place of beginning, cont lining 1500 square feet of land. A piece of land from a tract supposed to belong to 1. hegi'mcix al a poUn on Use X section line $ north through *N E if of section 1M, 100 fett north ol a stone in center of loth stree , al tbe N K corner of Plankinton's Addition; thence fionb on tbe X section line 60 feel; thence easl3o feel; thence south bv , feet; thence west 3o feet lo tbe place of beginning, containing l&OO square ieet of land A piece of land (from a tract supposed to belong lo J. G. Mederer Beginning al a point on tbe X section line running north through H fc X of section 19 150 ft north ot a stone,!.' centre of 16 b street, at N Ecorne of Plankmton s Addition; thence north on the X section line 60 feet; ' hence east 8 I feet; thence south Ml feet; thence west 30 feet lo ihe pte.ce of beginning, conlaln - iDg 1500 bqnare feet of land. A piece of land from a tract supposed to belong to G. Torn. Beginning at a point on the % section line running north through N K H ol section 19, 200 feet north of a stone lu centre of lolh street, nl N K corner of Plankir.toD's Addition; thence north on tbe X section line418<H 100 fee'; tbenc. south 47 degrees east 41 ft, thence south 19j 11-100 feet; th-nce west 8(1 feet to tbe place of beginning, containing 6122 square feet i f land. A :plece o> land from a tract formrrly owned by Klals, Beginning at a point 390 11 -100 feet north and Sufeet east of a ston- placed In centre of l(th street, at ME cornel l . .a »i l n's Addition; thence north on a line 80 feel ea«t aim , _rnj'ej to the % section line running north through n a X of section U, 32 32-100 ft; thence south 48° degrees west 23 63-100 feet; tbe ce son ti 47 - degrees east 2S 0.5-100 ft us the place of be- glnnmg, contain ng 2CO t>qoare feet of land. Apiece nt land Irom a tract xupprsed to be owned by C. Walter Beginning at« point 421 43-100 ft nor b and 80 feet east of a stone In centre of 16Oi street at N B corner of Plankinton's Addition; thence north on a llnuSO feet easl and pars'lel to the X sectl n line running north through the H E )f ot s-ction 19, 26 02100 feet; thence couth 42 ° < egrees west 43 11-1(10 feet; Uienor south 47° degrees eist 17 5vIOO feet; thence morth 4S° degrees esit 23 68-100 feet to the place o beginning, containing 066 square feet of land. A piece ofland from a tract supposed to be owned by O. Pescbke. Beginning at a point on tbe % section line running north through the M EX of sect on 19, 418 01100 ft north of a stone In the center of 16th street, at N K comer of Pianfcmton's Addition; thence north 27 72100 feet on J< section line; thence north 43 => uegrecs easl M feet; thence south on a line pirtllel to X section line 31 82-100 feet; thenc • south 48° degrees west 4S 11 100 feet; t ence north 47° degrees west 1 89-100. feet tc the place of beginning, containing 930 square ft of land. A pieoe of land from a tract supposed to be owned fey C Peschke. Beginning at a point on the Ji section line running north throngn tbe N K Ji uf section 19, 44S 1910« feet north of a stone in th-center of 16th street IN B oorBer of Plankinton's Addition; thence Berth on )» section line 48 64-100 feet tnence north 43° degrees east M feet; thence south on a lioe parallel to the X section line 48 61-1 0 feet; thence south.43degr*.s west -44 feet t j toe place of beginning, contslulDg 14S2 square feet of land, A piece of la_d from a tract supposed lo belong to Waegle. Beslnnl'g at a point en t e % section line ranulcg norlb through theS a 3i of sec. 19, s»4 i8-100 fret not th of a stone in the center'Of 16th street at V E turner of Plaokintou's Addition; tbetce -Derth on the X section lice M.'> 76100 feet to (he aoutb western bouniary ofVond du Lacavecue; thence south 47° uegreet eirt along laid bound.ry line 41 feet; thence a line .parallel to the X secHon line and BO ft cut dfsame** 81-100 feet; thence south 48° flegrees west 44 feet to the -place of beginning containing 16448 . square feet ofland. ,. •y order of the Common Couacll. Milwaukee,-May IB, 1859. maya»-law«w £. B. LVHCH, City Clerk. For JTIaterialu for the IVavy f 4.USLV • ' ""— —-r— ~ ' I Bar : Construction, Equlnment. ic.. S KAUCD PKOPO8AL8 to furnish materials for th nsrey Tor-ihe fiscal year ending 30th Jnne,188P, Wl be received at this bureau ontll * o'clock, p. m., of H> 80th of Jnne next. These proposals most be tsidorsei "Proposals for Materials for the Navy, Bureau of Con a traction, *c," that they msy be distinguished from other business letters. •-... . ,,--.. . , :-> ; ., . the materlsJls and article* unbraced In the classes named are particularly described In prlt.tc4 Schedules, any of which win be furnished tosuch as desire; to of fer, on. appllcatlOD to Ma commandants of ttie respect Ive yards, or to'the navy-agent neircst thereto, am those of all the yards npbn application to' this fcoreu This division Into cl sses being fbr the convenlenine' o of dealers In each, snch port ons will be furbished as are actually required [for bids. The commandant and navy-agent of each station will bare a copy of th schedules- of he other yard-, for examination only from which it may be judged whether it will be desjrabl lo make application for them. Offers must be made tor tbe whole of the .class at any yard upon one of the printed schedules, ot in strict conformity therewith, or they »111 not be considered. The contract will be sjwsrded to the lowest lonafide bidder, who gives proper security for Its fulfillment. The United States reserves the right to reject all the bids for any class, If deemed exorbitant. AU articles most be of the very best quality, to be de livened in good order, and In suitable vessels and i ack ages, as the case maj be. al the expense and risk o the contractor, and In all respects subject to tbe In spectlon, measurement, count, weight, .Ac., of th yard where received, and to the entire stUsf actloB o the commandant thereof. Bidders are refened to the commandants of the res pec-live varda for samples instructions, or particular description ot the articles; and, all other things belnf equal, preference will be given to articles of American manufacture. Every offer, as required by the lair of 10* August, 1846, must be accompanied by a written guarantee, th. form of which Is herewith given. Those only whose offers may be accepted will be no ttned, and the contract will be forwarded as loon there lifter as practicable, which they will be required to ex ecute within ten days after Its receipt at Ihe post offlc or navy agency named by them. Burettes In the full amount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certified to by a United States district Judge, United States district At torney, collector or navy agent. An additional se cnrity, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until tn»- contract shall have been completed; and eighty per centum of each bill, ap proved In triplicate by ihe commandants of the res pectlve yards, will be paid by tbe navy agent at the poln'fi of delivery within thirty days alter Its preseo tation to him. It Is stipulated In the contract that. If default be made by the parties of tbe first part In delivering all or sjny of the articles mentioned In ny elass bid for In the contract, of the quality and at the time and places above provided, then, and in that case, the contractor and his sureties will forfeit and pay to the Dulled States a sum of money not exceeding twice Uie amoun of such class, whleh may be recovered from time to time, according to the act of Congress in that case pro Tided, approved March 3, IMS Class No. 6 to be delivered one-fourth part on or before the 16th May, one-fourth part on or before tbe iOth July, one-fourth part by t he 20th September, and the remainder by the 1st December, 1860. Glass, 8. tbe whole by the Utk May, I860 The remaining classes to be delivered one-fourth part on or before the 1st September next, rnw-fonrth part on or before 1st December next, one-fourih part on or before the 1st April and the remainder on or before the 30th Jnne, 1660 unless earlier required with a notice of twelve days comprising at each delivery a due proportion of ei article. Class 10 and all following, if additional quantities of any of the articles nauied therein are demanded, they are to be furnished on lUe terms and conditions previous to ihe expiration of tbe flsral >ear, upon receiving a notice of fifteen days fekra the bureau, the commandant of the nary yard, or navy agent. form of Oftr. of • in Uie State of , hereby arree to lurnlsh and deliver, m the respective navy yards, all the articles named in the classes hereunto annex • d, agreeably to the pro visions of the schedules therefor, and In conformity with the advertisement of the Bureau of ' onstmction, ic., of the lirthHay, 1SS9 Should my offer be acuept- e , I request to be addressed at , and the contract sent to the navy agent at , or to -, for slgnatuie aou certificate Signature, •f ». B. Date. Witness. The schedule which the bidder encloses must he pasted to his offer, and each of them signer by him. Opposite each article in the schedule the price must be set, the amount carried out, the agcre|r':tr footed np for each class, and the amount likewise written to wordi Form of Guar ; The undersigned, — - - , I State of—— -- , and the State of . of ID the , in , hereby guarantee that io case the foregoing bid of for any of the classes therein named be accepted, he or they will, within ten dnys after the rtcelpt of tbe contract at the post office named, or navy >>g<-nt designated, execute the contract for tbe same, with good and sufficient su etles; and I n case said shall fall lu eater Into contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to maJce good the difference betweei. the offer of said and that which may be accepted. Signatures of two guarantors. C. D. E. F Date Witness. 1 hereby cenilj that the above named are known tome as men or -property, aDtl able to make good their guaranty. Date Signature, G. H H. KNAP P. TJeCMJtly of N. T^maybe consulted at his room No.«, XtiBewhaU Hans*, Milwaukee, Ihe first of every • j saontb, commencing Kovembtr 1st, In rcfanl to all diseases, which be trsats-with nhprecedenled success, lie t i r a^res chronle eases of diseases, which have been pro. •'. f nooneed -loenrmUe by the medical faculty 1 generally, •{-,;: :-: is«imsw fierrons and Henralglc Affection, Wseases ol f !a..i.JW<«Bett, ill formsof Scrofula, Oyspepsla, Constipation. i:\~ta .•aaa Piscsses, Canctroos and Tuberculoos JUtectlons, ..n ", itsjatadtng Pulmonary Consumption, Rheumatism, Far. • • - f «rMsj KpUepsy, Eemlttent and Intermittent Fevers, i-.l'.i > As. sBseases of Children,**. AU. tbe perils and most ".: la flsf>tJM«aferfas|i of child-birth sure removed- b; early »,thattheDoctor does not promise to cure f Diseases. Whue all diseases *ree»rabl», tin (essun, all a-tages su* nut. rear caseway e this week, not next—t»-dav. not *Mnorrow. (danger of delay. _ _ r.KBAppwfflbti ..iNttiaoadv noon, June IScht Dr.KBapp*llll>t"atnlsKoams,Ne*baUBaBie , UU WedaesdajHnoon, To be Blfrn-d bj the United States dislricl Judge, United States District Attorney, collector or navy apenu The following are the classes required at the respective nary yards: KITThRY, MAIN*. Olas< No. S. White-oak promlscuoos timber. No. 14. White-ash oars. No. Ifi. Whin-oak stares and heading No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and nails. No. 28. Lead, zinc and tin. No. 25. Hardware. Mo 27. Paints, oils, tt. No 82. Leather. No. &S, Hose No. 84. Brushes. No 37 Pitch, t»r, rosin JJn. 8». Tallow, soap, oil. No. 89. Ship chandlery. tii> 4«. Stationery. No. 41. Fire wood. CHARLESTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Class No. 21. iron. Ho 2! Spikes and oalti. No. 28. Lfad, zinc and tin. Ho 25. Hardware. No. 27. Paln-s, oils, *c. Ho. 28 Max canvas. No. 28. Cotton canvas. No. 30. Flax and cotton twloe. No. 32. Leather. No. 83 Hose. No 81. Brushes No SJS Bum- Ing and dry goods. No 87. Pitch, tar and rosin. No. 8S. Tallow, soap, oil. No. 89. Ship chandlery. No. 40. Stationery. No. 41. Firewood BROOKLYN, NEW VORK. Class No. 6. Fellow pioe plank stock logs. No 10 White pine. No LI. ash, cypress, whlte-o%k boat boards. No. Ii. Black Wainul, cfcerry, *c. No. 13. Locust. No. 14. White-ash oars, hickory bars and butts No. 1& White oak staves and heading. No. 16. Black spruce. No. IS. LlgnumvlLae. No 21. Iron. No, 22. Spikes and balls. No. 23 Lead, zinc an<l tin. No. 25. Hardware. Bo. 27. Paints, oils, Ac. No. 2S. Flax canvas. No. 29. cotton canvas. No. 80. Flax and cotton twine. No. 31. Glass. No. 82. Lesther. No. 83 Hose. No. 84. Brushes. No. 35. Bofitlng n and dry goods. No. 87. Pitch, tar and rosin. No. 2S. Tallow, soap and OIL Ne. 39. Ship cnandlery. No. *tl. Stationery. »o. 41. Fire wood. PHILADELPHIA, PESNBTLVANIA. Glass Ho. 3. White oak promiscuous timber. Ulass No. 11. Ash, cypress, white oak boat boards. No 12. Black walnut, cherry. No. 14. VThJte ash oars and hickory bars. No. IS. Llgnnmntae. No. 21. Iron No 22. Spikes and nails. Ho. 23. Lead, zinc and tin No. 25. Hardware. No. 21. Paiots, oils, Ac. No. 28. Flax canvas. No. a». Cotton canvas. No. 8(1. Flax and cotton twine. No. 81. Glaaj. No. 32. Leather No 83. Hosf. No. 3i. Brushes. No. 35. Bunting and dr; goods. No. 87. pitch, tar and rosin. No. 88. Tallow, soap and oil. No. 89. Ship chandlery. No. 40. Stationery. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Class No. 10. While pine. No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and nallB. No 23. Lead, zinc and tin. No. 24. Pig Iron. No. 25. Hardware. No. 27. Paints and oils. No. 81. Glass. No. 32. Leather. No. 8i. Tallow,soap, oil. No. 89. Snip chandlery. >o. 43. Tank and galley Iran. No. 44 Chain Iron. No. 45. Ingot copper No. 47. Bellows. Mo. 48 Poles. GOSPORI, TIRGIKU. Class No. K. Black spruce. No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and aafls. No. 28. Lead, sine and tin. No. U. Hardware. Bo. 47. Paints, nils, Ao. Ko.28. flax canvas. No. 29. Cotton canvas. No. 80. Flax and cotton twine.- No. 31. OlJ-ra. No. 32. Leather. No. 38 Hose. No. 34. Brushes. N«. 3S,BuntU)g and dry goods. No. 81. Pitch, tar, rosin. .No. 38.Tal.oir, soap «nd oil. No. K. Ship Chandlery. No 48. Stationery. WARttlNGTON, FLORIDA. Class No. 10. White plae. No. 12. Black w&lnut, cherry, Ac. Mo. 15. White oak staves and heading. No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and ns>ils. No.$8. Lead ilnc and tin. No. B5. Hardware. No. 27. Paints, oils, •e. No. 29. Oottou canvas. No. 30. Flax and cotton twine. No. 81. Glass. No. 82. Leather. No. 33. Hose. No. 84, Brushes. No. 35. Bunting anddry good;. No. 87. Pitch, tar, rosin. Mo. 2S. Tallow*, soap, oil No 89. Ship chandlery. No. 40. Stationery. may24-law4sr. KHEHIFFff SAI,w. STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oo. ( Hans Henry Jnrgens, 1 against V Judgment of Foreclosure and Daniel K. Cotton. .{Sale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment >ti sa>d Court, In the above entitled action, dated November 10,1867,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at-the-etfurt House, In the City of Milwaukee, on gaturdaw< tbe *d day of July, 1869, at the hour of £ p. ».,of thai day, the fallowing described mortgsgexlpreraiies,to wit: "All th»t cer aln pi- ce or parcel of land, situate, Ivies; and being In the County of Milwaukee and Bute of Wisconsin, and feeing a part of th* nfertb west quarter of section 17, In toirnjhi|> I, berth of range 2i cut, anj being the K. X of those certtin 25 acres, conveyed to John Adva Mueller and HUiaJils wlfc,and Frederick Mueller and Charlotte Wllhelmlne.hlswife, by James Ii. R ,gers and wife, by warranty de, d, dated March 11,1844, and recorded In the Office ol Register of eeds of Milwaakee County, In Vol. a. of Deeds, pages 76 and 77; founded on the north anftsoath b/the respective north and south lines al said north west quarter of sa<d section K, on (he east »y .the west line of 86 • acres, being sfso part of said north west qosj- ler, set off In, a regular form, from the *asl ' part of said quart«r section, and on the west by certain noeth and south line to be drawn through the centre -ol said 25'acres. belnlibv - estimate 12 80.108 acres, be the same more or Dated SheriO '« OAce, Milwaukee, April M 1859 BOD» ft PAI», I A. 1. LANU WohTHV H'ff* Att'ys. I mayM-lawow UWohTHV. Co., Wls. • CIRCUIT OODRT, I H Uwankesj sTonnty, Wls. f Mafdaleua Sirfl. 1 . , •gainst > Jacob Haff. ; } State of Wisconsin, to Jacsb Haff: Y OB stre hereby summoned sind required io answer tbe complaint In this action, which has this day been Bled in theoOeeoftne Clerk of the Circuit Coat U of the County of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee, •jtd to serve a-copy of your answer to Ihe said complaint, on tie subscribers at their office, In said city, within twenty days ifter the service «f this summons oa jon, eicluslve of* tht day of such Service; and If you fall to answer the said compla'nt within the time aforissld, the plalntlETlD this action will apply to ttie Court for ihe relief demanded in the complaint, , Dat4asJayl«,18W. ^ - - §OD«APAWK, ' , mfya2-law«w v Plaintiff's Altoraeys, Mil. f RQUUI atfleket Ol»oe,corner Wisconsin uO btt ',-«4^ ; J "v,. JeTrilt ; fcJ V ,CR DWELLING, Store or ilercbandlM Insured r if not, caU Immediately an! get them Insured in the toll! wing "First' Clasi," 'old established anS prompt ''" ''-' '• 3RTKJK { Of Hartford, Connecticut, < , • I 1 N C 0 K P O-& A T E D I M 1 « 1 9 '. ' ' "''. Osnh CspUs! and Surplus,.':.'.: ...... \4\,bftpiO U IJAHTFORO IJVsilll ANCE COnjPANX* • ••-.! • i --Of HartlbKlt Connecticut, <• • '•'. i ' 1 M-.te-O » t OB A T E » I N 1810. . Cash Capital aDdBnr P lu»,..............tT99 J «S2 00 K INSURANCE COM ?AK V, • • : Of New York CHy, , ' . , ' ' '' Cash Capital and Surplus,. ... .. ..... .tl.on.MO 40 HOW AR1> INSURANCE COflli'ANY, : . Of NewTork. | .' INCORPORATED 15 IM5. i OsW Capital and Burplus... ...... ... .. »88S,960 Si INSURANCE COM I 1 A N V, I ' Of Hsjtford, ConneoUent, Cash Capital and Surplus ........ ....... 941>,OM 66 LAM AR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New York, V. 'w Capital andBurplus r ............. |2B9,OG9 83 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, OtNew York City, Cash Capital and Surplus, ...... ^ ...... (246^839 £8. CITY FIRE INSt'llANCK COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus (SOS^Sl 48 1 solicit business for the abort named Companies, entirely upon llielr own merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. W. HKNRV HOLLAND, Agent. JOR» HoLU«n, Ass't. 'Northwest cor. Main and D. f. MmgBiLL, Surveyor. Wisconsin »ti., Milwaukee. septS D lilted States .U. «*, f\ ins. Co. ^CAPITAL $100,00000 8DBPUJ8 j. 29.658 00 Office, under Mitchell's! Bank, corner of Kast Water and Michigan streets, MIL WA Of JUT. WISCONSIN. Dtuonw: J. A. Helfensteln, K. Sanderson, Hoses Kneelancl, 8. B. Daggett, flunjoel Hate, 6. D. Donsman, 11. 1<. Calmer, Edwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. i. A. HKLFENHTtUN, President. G. D. DO08MAN, Vice President, W. T. PALMKR, General Agent. i. 0. Wss>, Secretary. 8. B. Dioorrr, Treasurer. H. L. FiLSOtE, Attorney. marlO M1LWAUKKK CITY I\f»il 1C \\< I. « <>., OfFICE : lu RUtcbcII Building, l»l Ic-blguti. hi. MlLWAUIXS, WlEOOISISl. OH A RISKED CAPITAL, - - $2tW,oOO €anb Paid in, $1OO,OOO. 1) 1 B K C T O R 8 . 1. L. Piojias, O. D. D^vis, W. A. Paavriss, E. ToWTbaan, B. 8. Cosovxa, H. Esa^aaAOUT, i. B. ELcuLouo, J.HuMrKaxr, JOSKTB 9. HILL, J S HiktiB J, U. OOIDSB, JAB. Uraui, sAfi. QKISBKEO, C. OoM^rooa, 6to. Dvka. K. TOWN8END, President. A. L. W A LRATU, Secretary. D. L. PiLBas, Attorney. OP* Firr and Marine Risks taken at current rates. IHAKINE AND tlltF. INSI- K A !%< I . T HIC undersigned is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire RIBks on rrodoce In store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by ether reliable Companies. The rrputatlen f this well-known, long established Company entitles tto publle confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, 0018 at c.fflceof H * J. t. 11111. RAILROADS. MU,, Wat. &Baraboo Valley y, April <U>; and until farthecn., . train will leave Milwaukee f>oi i .,„ ,«ndstreefcror]Pew».nkee,H»4f»n, ie, Oconompwoc, Wstertown, 1/oweU, aca Co 4 U.8S:a;. a. r\Hand> after rio V/tlceaPasae thedenot,TQ6tpf Pine take tinibusstt^ _ - — — : Iftttsengersirrltfig »tMilwaukee by JheMDwiakW* ChTetgoK. K., 14 <Jrosse tmiUB., and MU.-*5ttk.' E.-R:, orHjrBoat, dan proceed to the above plscel. ' OohnectloM ark made at Watertown with sttgesl f( rj Ute Mills, Jefferjod.Wsterloo.HanchetviUe, Sun fool' rle," Cottage Grove and Madison. Also atColunibi for todl, Merlmact Atngo, Ts.ll Rlre-, feed's Corner Hamden, Lowville,: Jcaora, York, Arlington, Brlst*! jtn for allpolnts to the jWest and North Wett. t I Passengers srrlv ng at the Junction from the ab>v* places make conricollom h 'the Milwaukee k NlisU- slp«l U. Ei, for'Wncsvllle, Madison and Prairie da Icn uid at Hlrwa kee, with roads to the South, Wesil and North. ' ' , aprS ' 8.8. MEBB1LL, Superintendent. ] StJMMKK ARRANtiKMKNJT. —VIA— !i MICHIGAN CENTRAL j -AND- M : G. Western (Canada) Railway!. mRAIN8 leave thd Great Central Depot, foot of Late JL street Chicago^ as follows : ! 4:OO A. M.— DKRTOIT ACCOMMODATION, (Sun daj^s excepted), arrive at Detroit 8.0)) r. si. - 7:UO A. !«. -CINCINNATI EXPRESS. (Sun Jays excepted.) Arrive it Indianapolis 4:40 r. s).: Cincinnati &80 p. 8:OO A. r?l.-LieUTN!NU cepted,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 r., ».; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:0) aj M j! Albany 3.-00 r. «.; New Y oik 9:00 f. »-; Boston 11 r. ». • . 2-.OO P. M.-JUM" AUlOSlllODATION, except Sunflay. ; 8:t)O P. ITI.—NKW YORK ANDBOSrON KXPRI^S, (exeeptSaturday.) Arrive at OeU-oit 7:lSa.».; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:80 p. n.; Albany 4:00 ». u.; New fork 10:00 A. M.; Boston 2101 r. M. : 8;OO p. n.— cmoiNNATl AND LOUISVILLE £X- PR^SS. (K.icrpt Saturday.) Arrive al Olnelnnatl °;i 0 A.M.; Louisville f;OO One train on Sunday at 8:00 r.u. '• • The8:00 A. n. andB:00 r. •. trains connect at Pkrit with tht Buffalo t take Huron Railway, for Bufim> ami all points e/.it; Kt Toronto with Brand Trunk Ballway, to KlngsU a, Qitdensburg, Montreal, Quebec Su^ all points In Oanadia felast, Northern Vermont, tie* Hampshire and UalDe. < 6sr Baggage ctirtKtJ through. Through tickets fdi sale at tbs principal Hallr^att offices in the West, and at the general office, corhcf Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont Qod*e( >!bicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. ! a. M. SI OK, Sup'i. 'B. J. 8ni.niEO.Qen Pa.». AirM. aprlB : Dclroil ii ITIil. Rail way. Til a Steamer Clervland will ts.kt> her place In line of tbe Detroit A SlilwKu- kee Kall»>y, on Mopiiay, the 14th March. Pass-ngenl wbwiloi; through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 23d Kast Water street, or at the omc<! on the dact nt the Detroit A Mllwauke Railway Co.— Doe no'ice of the time ot departure will be given. "Chls, wlfl ms>ke the shortest, cheapest and quickest rout(i to all points fcatt. • tua/| ' I 8. "JO. ARRANGEMENT. SUMMER : &;TRANSPOR'N K.icine <& ITihiMi^lpui K. iC . ,-.-.-•«•_, j... J ,V, . • > . * WV b'ptfew- TO U:AV 1 sT»O BlTlj E S. lU MUtt from Frteport.) « OBANDAs-raK ' j MONDAY. DEO. 6, 1858, Trains will run u follows, via: UOlNO WEfiT. LeavrKaclne for Davis—freight A Ace., i j. M Leave JUcine for Betolt— Passenger, j r. n. . ifi • , • «OINOKAST. Leave Betolt for>Eaclne— Passenger, TMO A. M. Leave Davis for Kaclne— Freight 4 Ace., S-.SO A. M. Pasiengen by taking the 7 i u. train on th; Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect st Kaclne with Jraln to DavU ; arriving at Uavls at 8:30 P. «. Stage leaves'Davis lor Freeport on arrival of train. 3:80 A. •. train from Davis connecis at Racine with afternoon trains nn the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. fSf~ Krelghl forwarded with utspatch. ileca KOllKRl' HARRIS, Dnprt-lntenJent. i Fort Wayno & Chicago KAIL 1CUAI*. TIIHlfi ae» and direct Route DOW opeo to New York, J. Boston, PiLUOurgli, Fhiltulelplaa, Baltimore aud WkafcuHgtdo City, Cle?idaiiU, Uunkirk, BuU&lo t Niagara t«lU(Mnd&lI«*aterncnics. Cincinnati, Coiurabun, Day IOD, Springfieid, Urbana, Zaiit-avUlc, tU-ubuu villr, New ark and W Lech UK, nod ail interior towns i>( Ohi v , IVOD aylvsbia, VirirlDln, Marylnno, N»-» Jersey, Ac. one <-ruu(i I iil>rur.«-n U. It. Lmr vmruui cnio^au AAI> ran tisr. a*j' LOW AA AXf O I'll Kit KuCTK. Tli03c desiring to go by Ihia Route Tilt be par ticuiar a.ud enquire for Tlckrta via KurT VVn/n*-, thfrei.j avoiding Uic annoyance ol rrchcckii:^ their b^Kk'ngr. "•' *-- LKA VK DKTOT OX I'-.A* BC/tlM Al DAJLi t AS f OLLV I*^ M.—Night tCxpnu, d&ily, 8aturaa^i t-iie^l^J . M.—Morning and kxpreaa,, fundayj PXcepted With bat one change of cars to Pittabur^h. OHCOsllVO B^OOsVOK TUROOQif To Plttaborgh, PhJladulphia T U&llimore and New Vurk, connecting dirfctl; with train* i>n Uf great t'eauaytvn nl4 Oentral Railroad, to ail e a* tern citf* Also, viu OteTeland A Columbus K&ilro-ad to Cleveland, Dunkirk. Buffalo, Niagara Palla vli New York Central and Nrw York A Krie Kailroada io New York ami boston. • Persons going ea*t *tll find this route by (ar Lh< modi desirable, both from the advantagu in point ^( Jiatanre vartetjr and beauty o. the couoiry Uirou^], wfurfi ti>r roads paia, aa well aa the Id* frequent CL&DKO u' c^r- and toe annoyance of re-checking bag^agif rrquirevl LJ other .routes. VaclUUes for the transportation of Freight »D<1 Livt 9lock by this roate are unaurpaascd. Ra;<-s a.t inw \.any other route, ami with trqual ulspnurh. TrCktW for sale at aJll fit. pr:nrip&j Ltcket >.[&fr3 ID L:,' Wc*l, atsil at Company's Ufijce, No. SO I>tart>nrr itrer! n)»t»o«ite Trem.toi Houat-, Chicago, &n<l at i; i.fljcr ,• t.ic Lake 8bore Railroad, Milwaukee, t>y A (, Lcts.u l JNO. J. HoLVToN, frCDeval rrcl(ht A^t-nt, PitUburtrh, P*. General Western Agent, Chicagn Uhiea^o, Uar^h 6, 1^9. mtrti K. K. 1859. F U A^J_T U_R E S A L E S . C^XljiOsSXJXrCSr- OTJT" ^±."3? CJOST. NOTES, PLERZHEIM & CO, B^e^'^^T^i.^^^^^^^^^ ' F U I T U R KVER OiTPHRED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NKXT SJXTY I >AY^ >»i4Kk IK n.:.vv, IMI m*,i m ^n 218 and 220 EastW^ater Street, MISCELLANEOUS. in:, n. iv. its i»m \i> VS. I 1 U \ I K I ! . DRY ii.iv.ii/ '... at.-.I .n ir I,- ir.l.-n.N •.. .ii-t,.- r,^ I^Ha.o . Al i.^ or. cue,Hi- .1, i. u, i ... (..•In.I. , l ; . -I _swlW! ""' :t " u •• h '•" ; " (A 1 'I IIw% """'"•" "'"' u -" IM^ Kfii 1-1..,,-.1 Mr II. .!>-,.. on«:!v m !h' ,-"ur,- .r '-.•-. , ,, ,. We frei jom.ri^.i in sav'Nt: -ti^i: i. . ;.- ,.-•.,• HT io Lli •• k 'rii^r:(i run •.( \ ^ur i ;,r . I" , I •>.!{>. ^ I »\ 1 -.'SI* SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Jul.n C llr, ,ll^».i. U,,,. I .„. . MjrrKv. I'O -i -t I' . '"I ST Kt. , ^li;,. Wl|s..i,, II..,-I II \ » , •• Bllho t >. M I » • " Kelly. • U L. 11,-w " Antl rw». " K'-n.-r " Vilrtei,. J'. • K rk , .1 J 7 - JAIII..I K- «' .,i H . •! (' H. M' *HT u It^ .f L& . kl. Tbe Latest NcveltieH ; W. J u»n Wtlllr i > HliMMfcK AUHANUKM J-.NT. real United State* .I/ail <ind Ksprt IHE onlj reii&blr and ALL KOCTK TO TUB I and NokTft-WKST, *ou in^ ( jmy Lin* n connections. Bafffsv^i' chrcteO ihruu^ t< poinU. Oa &nil after nONDAY, AI'HI 1. ^.'.ili, i Trainc Ic&vt* De-tujl, corner of Flofhi an-! U l^r I t. i U u K » i > * ' OtJii-.- K ir'-v'« L> s -ry -i inl-. \f » -. DETROIT &, MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Urn ! SI n Mr U r-I.K \«.l KK - V I : I M. ' ( V > ni,.I »" -t .'I >I ( , .-v. ,..,r- -- , ,,- / !h- .» ••.»!. ,.:.,! ,,.-. -'^.11 -, - . , -. . - i/r.i'iKl >!?• v |O:30 A. .H . - aOLFfclW F.«RN... 1 k- irr > t-Afo at J lu r u 311 fi A*, .^i.— tlrkiia hA.- B K3UKK —&mv at tUi and South Weal, ti^ Tri.d.s r.A.-t i i<l *:L|I Quaker City InMiratior Co., «»r run Ann PJIIA. AOTHORizfeD OAPITAL, . *AOO,<OO PAID DP CAPITA L AND rVSSETTS 277,855. | Office, FranitUn Bui'diny, .\'o. 408 Walnut etrrel, T HE subscriber ha% hr^ ttp^nmtdi apeni for this Com pan; for Milvaukt* and victntty. Risk t»krn D aa favornDie t^rm* as oitivr responsible Companies JAM TOP U-HITE, Asrent. fficr, corner of East Water and Huron street*, up gtalrs, over the Marine t'&Mt. roaj29 BY STATE AUTHORITY, WIBOONS1N (JKNKKA1. RAIL KOAIJ. ! THi; ^SHORTEST ,TIO vr KXFtniTioi s KOITI.I; , Ln < Winona, Read s Landing, Red Wing, I'RKSCOTT, 8T, PAC1. AND ST. ANTHONY . Chnnccrtf Timt'. Moodar, April 4, 1859. 1ST THAI* I.F.AVFS .TIII.UAI HKK 11:00 A M., Arriv,n^ at JaBrnvll r '1 30 f . U ; tIa.Un>n 3:.V. P. ii , Pr»lnp du Chlen >*.-Oii P U. Connecting with ill- Prairir 1)11 Chlen and St. Paul PackrU, »h-ch le»vr Pralne Bu Chlen on the arrival of the SKW I' M. Train. ai» Ti»Af> I.I:*VF.<( mi. WAI KUE :.:(I6 P. M., Arriving St Janvmill.- Si.M P. M. , Ma,lljon 10:1)1) H M. &T Far. tu all [Kjints on .u,«. M.s»i»>i|.|., Iliv.-r J»s low as any other Kout<* WILLIAM JKHVf, dplfi Gt-u'l Superlnt n4rnU •UQCUun, fi,r bcioa and nifitr .IJM, un that Line freight Train leaves at ->:&j A. M , Arrives 5 mi p Freight lorwanled wuli despatch, aud <ti ! w r^i» Passenger Trains leave ChK-a«,. I r Mi.wam.-r Ibt North Wrst at y-.UO A. H , and I* !'> ^ » . ir' here at li:60 r M. and IJ. 16 A. u. apr-^4 J.N"). T UGUU1T, >luu?r Tr tr,»i<oriit- .1 • r ,. »r' .•!> • n •-'.', nn.l K». M- >,. , »n I-. ' .1 '. :i t. «r I • ' 1. 1.V1 I, I'-:'. .. ,-.-%.- VI .^, .. . • ' , -, !- v »J I •.. . . i • f <»0i.ij-- i J.i,:,-II Dri, i r (in. NORTHERN OPKlfE OF THR SflfHTiT .^ C-.Mr*.iT. iUrl-, >|TI If. lli'J 1C ii ii Ii J ii ti ,, I INSURANCE AGENCYLA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE < HAHTEH OAiv HKE I>S. C 1 :*.. Hartford, Oonn. OABH ASSfiTS »S41,iS6 98 NORTH AlTIERICAm FIRE IN*. CO., Harlfor.I, Conn. CASH AftgETS *a&4,860 (* 1859. ^AKS. l-ntR I.MH. «'«».. Of PUuGeM, Mass. OArtH ASSSTTS »205,G99 41 CO* WAY FIRE INSITRANCR 4 O., Of Con way, Mass. CAJH ASSETS »««3,4.M 47 MAnPDEKT riRE IKSfRAKCF. CO M Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS ^KKANQKMKNT- Ultl. - ' > nUt'll-W KSTEK.>' l'.>ITi:l) M A n:>i In A i iv A F.X PRESS AND OSLY , ALL RAIL KulTS. To I .A CJKOSSt: llu the I I'lTK rtllSSIRSIPIM BIVF.H, On an*l Rfler Monday, April '^1*1 Two Through Expres* Trains Daily, I -KA V K M J 1 . W A 1 1 K Kh'., fROM PEPOT TOOT OP ri|B=TMT 8TRKET, ,*8 roLLnws : A. .Tl. and t3:43 P. U. Rates of Freight Reduced Again by \ew Vork A. Blrir Kailrond .Northern . Transportation (Jo.'» E X P K K H S 1 * NTlLfOrl.irr uu'.joe Uir- j.r.r, s frcn: >-»Y .' ^J Alil» aakr-t , w U (H. m [..MOWI \,-T \<*- 'Jj-, [-I.\.T ' ' : ' : : CLOTH UEF'AH :;: ... ' * , 1 - " « •«>, I -;.'»•' I ,-t . I- r .. • .) - .-.'-, a n. , • , i \-f-' f '-'•'• '• '••"Hi '3.11- (ill.) Hn,> i J H CKAW f- .••(!». *, Nrw V.. . t |» - IU J. Miuut, A•."! t, 17." liroA.'vi \. > 'l r \ GIKARD FIRE IN8. COMPANY, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS ................... -IZrH.TBS 78 J, VY. Crafn, Agei.i, Traini at Milwaukee at NO. a, MARTIN IILOOK, mart* Mllvanker, Wlsoondn. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION inrgainft in I>rj <»«o«l» THA . IMUENfiK 6TOGK. 01 r-AT-3 l%o. 187 Er si Water Street, MOBT BE CLOSED OUT OI^JOES! BV .r«alBargains maj be Expected. JOM'BFH CAHV, Assignee. IHAIIMIA1 ' lted States Pis- District <f ) In tbe Dnlt (trlct Court [Vlsconsn. ycorgns Edgerton, vs. intbrop O. Lord and eorje'ixird. j In Equity N pursusnce and by virtue of a decree made by the District Conrt o the Cnited But. s for the Distri, t »'l««K.Bln, on the ninth da> of May, 1859, in the entitled canse, I shall sell at Public auction, at ie office of Ihe United Hates Mar hai In the Olty of liwaukee, in th.s District, on Priday, the dfleenih ay of July, 1899, at three o'clock In ihe afternoon, the ollowidg described property, to wit: ."Out lol'B,' umber iwenty one 121 j, In the village of Wsupacca, n the County of Waupacca and Btute ol Wisconsin; so a hufficient quantity of Water Power lo be taken nt of tbe Waupacca River, at the dam erected acron .id Elver, in the village of Waupacca, to propel three •un of stones lor flouring purpoier at sll seasons of the sar." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May 17, 185». maylS-lawow M. i. THOMAS, a. B. Marshal. MTKD STATE.-* IQAK8HAI/8 Sy»l,E he Farmers Loan A Trnst Com 1 I TS. | fhelillf aokec « Saparior B 11- I gad Ootnpan*, I In the D. B. Dls- ItyofHUjranaee, Vtrict Court for tbe ohn Stewart, ( District of Wisconsin. ohson 0. A. Allerillnf, t In Iqalt/. hrfctluD Hahm and | ottfrltd Wootscb. J N pnrsnance and by virtue of a decree made fay the . District Conrt of the Dnlicil States, for the District - Wisconsin,. n the nlneteentli day of March, 1«5», m e above entl led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, nTnesdaj, Zniidijr of Aofrast, 1859, fat 8 o'clock ID ic afternoon, from the steps of the Oostmn >Iloase, In ie Oityrof Milwaukee, all and smpilar, ihe mprtgar-ed remises mentioned la the bill of coranjslnt In said o»e, and described as t "All tbe ioUpwlog k present and lo fntore »o be acquired, real a">d personal proper- yand rial estate «l the said defendant, tbe Mlbrankee nd SapMisr EallroadOomnany, i at.lstos.aj, all of e first aiiislon of the Eailroad of said Haliroad Com any defeodant, from tbe City of MllrouVee, to the Jitj of Green flsj IB said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including tbe ght of way, and tend occupied by said Br^tdivision of .IS roa i, (sobjtct to the right, tide or claim, -which Ihe aid deifeodSBts Stewart, AllerdloB, Bahm and WooUcb.oreltheref them, may have had at the time f making said deoree,tQ land upon whlohsald Sail' oadOompsny nas located tfiway, and for, which no ompeniatlon has been made to tn«m,) together with be superstructure and track thersqn, and all rails and other mi .tertats used thereon, bridges, viaducts, cat- era, fe ices, equipments, neceisaiy depot grounds anil loldjng i thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Corn- any, arid all rolHng stock, engines, tenders, can, v^i«-»UA*&«I^IV •_ ».?__•- - L-.^w. , *!-•'^ .;• ii .--. ' of . . .,_. ~~ ~;••¥» ™«e«>,ana interests w oe me- itrefl to *** defendan^ the Milwaukee *nd Superior allrosd Oompany, together with thb name aid func. •ns appertatolnf to the said first division of said road, all tolls, rents and Income to *e had or U»lea there- rwn, and »tl 'corporate and other fraoehlses. rlghu ? concinU g M Sw 8»!n?e." o»pany fa or to Wsrstisl's Office, MUwankee, Wls., April 6,185» ,i M. 5 TBOVAfl. Cnited itates Marshal, Dl.trlct of Wisconsin. ~ VAST D TU A EU«o.To.,Oomprts Solicitors, r«AliPaENE,BunilDg ttnld, Spirits Tupeatlae, sj. J » 8t:3l> A. M . AND ( ^:;3O \ '. M Clof* connecUona ar» ma«lv at LaCroas^. Twice duilv ciich wny wilh tin- .Mm- ncM>ll I'ncki < Corapiin y'- >cw mill Mplcmliil I flit'-il Mn(f« Mis 1 1 I, i lit- of Sit nnicr- to A dom Ml. 1'itnl and intPimrd lute pi>im«. f^~ Passengers, bt taking this route, will tave tOu miles In distance and IS boun limp, from Chicago or Mllwauke* to La Cross* or Ht. Paul, over any otbjr route. ' •Mondays excepted. t3unda|S flcepted. Milwaukee, April 24, 1.W9 EUUIM II. GOUDBICII, api24 ' Manager. OHANGUt: <->F TJME O N and after Moniar, April 4lb, trains cm tbe Milwaukee, Walenavn i Daraboo Valley Railroad, will arrive In Mll«-Bukc' al 1 1 :25 i. •-, ami depart St 4.-«0 r. •. arp3-dtf _ ^j _ S. B. MKRftlLL. fnp'u ~ 1859^ ^ NEW AND i FAVORITE ROUTE ; DETROIT &\ MILWAUKEE R. R (Now opened to Lake Ulchlgln.) > UD ; Sirift Lntf-Prelifvre Firnl-Clau Kttamfrt, \ "City of Clevejland," & "Cleveland,! 1 (Thoroushlj reOtled for this roote.) : O N AND APTKR MUNDAY, Jane 6th, ISi«, PsS- •enfrer Trains will run as follows: WKSTJ I 8np. Bridge, depart., •Detroit, depart j. . 'Oswego 1 arn ve ].... SI. Johns, arrive....,Grand Rapids, arr... i •Urand Haven, arr...; Milwaukee, arrive i.... Hall. P. H. 9.W A. H. 1:00 10:5(1 P. M. 12:10 8:10 B:OJ A. M. . 2:61 Ml led. >. y. 4:*> r. H. 1:80 7:40 Noon. 12:00 Nlphl xprenS. 4 *• 10:20 8:(jo 11:30 i. S. 1S:3<) 3.-0& 4:^0 Noop. Milwaukee, depart ...••••• •Grand Haven, dep ...... Grand Rsplds, srr..,. . St. Johns, arrive... v . .1... Owosso, arrive. j •Detroit, arrive j..'.. 8ns. Bridge, arrive... i Mall Mcpr's r. si. . 430 . C:40 .• 7:55 11:40 r. M. 9:58 Mixed. t. M. dep't 5:80 U.-20 «:80 1. B. 4:00 Kxpr'a. Nooo. p.*. »:3D- io-.:}o i. ». LIB 2:30 A. H. t-M* •Befreshments—lioiel In Oepet M Qraad Haven. ' Boai will leave Hllwankee on Saturdays at 8 r tf.— for Saturday Night's Hrpress passengers west, but 3 i. M train will n /t leaveion Sundays. , Trains leave termini dally, Sundays ezcepted. THB TELEGRAPH EINE Is now open for fvruo Oti- smss. NEOnONB. . j AT DETKOI*-ORKAT WE8TBRN RAILWAY for all points East—MICHIGAN OKNTttAL arid MICHIGAN 80DTDERN RAILROADS, and CLIVI?. LAND Line of SteameN. ,; AT OH AND HAVEN—With "HURON" Steamer for OHIOA0C, *o., *c. • AT-miTI,W'*U!*tEE—Wllh the MISBlBSIPPt, LA OEoese, OHIOAQO, WATERTOWN and HORI- OUN RAltBOADS, foj-all Important points'West sqd Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Steamers for forts OD Lake"»Icjilgin. , Passenwert for Grea Western Railway go on the Railway FsmaT SrsumJt, at D. A H. R. Dock. Itavlng Dock at 8:00 A n, 12:00 Noon and 7:30 p. sr. • f MIGHT TRAINS hkve gLKEPlSU OARS stUched. Tbe Company's Timi-Table* can be had at any of ttie gtatlooi. ' • -~ W. * K. iriCiIK> ' Gen'I SaptJ WBTTIIAB t Tout*, Ticket Agents, 380 Bast Water si WM. fiiiHAM, Freight Agent at Comoany's Dock. | H.O.WooO*, General Western Agent. • t D. * ».R.Offlees.4uae,18B9 ; je»| OF Dry Good*, Tan) A T Hood's Auction . Thursday mornlni cy Jitf Goods, Tankee <Strthlnt;.*c. . iooms,Ro.'4 Spring; street, of ' " ••t!**^ Motlasu, gpritg and ir June 9th, ftt lo ..HOOftiacttoower. I>uane stret-L, Nrw V<M K ,i(,rl t * i * La Cro«M* & Hit. fit.111 roa H. W E, UiP Uls.]*-I9l|fli<>a, t.iV Ii X "t:- '• -I'P" " »-••- fof Uic ro.u-^lioD and 'leiiv c rv -' t f - . ' l ; : - companj, beg to tDlurm erc!i*M3 ,-i i ;r.. M '.', ii -n. office (No. b Wisconsin itrt-et. i n^rr •- i i th-- i«- Aprtt, «here nr-lert c«.n b* Irfi, ai. i wil. • •• ;.r"mf-t al eaiioa. oar sVuthnruc J con \ i..i * « u. r^i •- j..: ? AI th* Warehouses '.f ihip['-r^ 1 nf -ru-i svt r; r •- . t , - ; , Freight Li*-nipoi Imln.ri UD lt,i» iir,, .11, <, • i - t, v \± p.icatlon at ihe otfic* oC Mr A h ...k » , A . . •, H KM'HJ • l < ii Milwaukee, Mar-h H", i N%9 ,, • ; FAKK Hl.DIX Kl) IIY TIIK NEW YORK SL ERiE RAILROAD ! T IHK Karr U-lwrrn Hun...rV, i-,.| N<*\.. v Nrw York A Kru Railr-iT.i. w . L.- ! ' /-• ,j t '.ir i-:K> OUR JOBBING OEPARTMtNT LiR Y UOu DS AMD Y A N K ; K v ; . \ i'---, . •* , SADDLi.RY HARDWARE ( I I . . \ T I « • i , , \ - . . \ \ , > .( 'AKKl.U i i J !<1 M M I N < , > • <»jj' 'inn I •" r \ \h II. l>r ID J H CRAWK"KI> \j I 3OO Saddles, *• J u - ' v i • .... , : . . : t « K M i \ i N i i K N \» \ MI i M NOTIC;K. orrici or IHSHOP a cu., u Is PQSJ.ESMKIN >-r .Mu . A t.BH- Mliwauht*-, April U N and irtrr April Itth, 1-vtu, an. I un tlc«, no person is »otht.r-nr<l t<i i or c ntract for materials for the Milwa gn tial.roatl without % writlen nnitrr rm ed. Bills will hf pniil rooLtMy anJ acc ront'noeil wivh *i>j-^rn trial n«-pt monthly bills. C. B HALL, Geo'l A<1 U.irt aprlS J.T. MOOOT, Ma»tfr .-f Tran rlhrr pur--fift n,l C'. uti a l^i Ls i 1IIF \<MCTIIFH> TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during thf pn-gent St-aaoa, run their well known and populmr Line of Fir«I Me re it* .Meamer*, Re(raJ»rly, AND Till: i OSW KOO, t I.A KEN ! ?ormlnp » Sctni-Weeklj line between tjg'Jrri3f>uri;'. »ni| Oiwego, and Chtc&go, Mil vault e« »nd Interni," iiate i orta, connectiDR at O^denibarph with th.? OQDKN3DURQH A VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD ROUTE. Between Ogdensbargh, UurllUfrtoo, Cnncnnl, Man choter, N&shna, Lawrence, Lowell, U orcrstcr r»o>] Boston, and at Oiwego with the New Osv**?" Line <>r Thirty Fir ft Glut Oan&l Bo«U on the Enlarged C*nai, '-> between O«^veg*,gTroy, (Albany A New Vork, h OonDectlng alio at Dunkirk with JfSW YORK AX1)>, And forvxlng s Tri-Weekly RailrnaJ Liar hetw^^n Dunkirk, iHilwaukee &. Chicago. I- K I .1 , (. I OIU. I l v x r 1 1^">l>\ t.H \ I l u •- i ;< i i 4 O. illl. VlfOCLD r-ij>--truj;y »nn..ur v t - " - . ..i .-, .1 TT era, th.ti itiry *n;| .-..nL.iiii.- ... ;•••-,. :r- •»...• ID. 1 Wit adtcVtM Miu-kl o 'r .-.1- "- - . ' 'un.l in I. V >P St»ii'. in-i »^i ••• • i i • ' •• r • , « . . fierptofr,re, wilh the ir.t^M :..n •' _" v . Jt - .^, , ,. T'» HJ many new ruaiumar-" -t. 1 " may i*--i i, i, ., , .• -• as ^ ca.l, w« wr>uM *.-\>* >n^ ,r . uf :U'n .--< . . i, - Vorfe. »n«l w<? Hav- facihUt-s for Mi- pnr--hn.i'- » l v •» j.'.irlurr of stooii.'* Uiil .^an n.u t> r r>\s> .,r-\ * - ir- < »W liiofH rca.Jy u» ta«f ul v m, taifr- i' (• :*,*i-r*i \| *,. < --. in't hrive bv-n -Q.liile'l t" rr-'liift- T..- i>r -•• >' -i tl , Kllli)!* Of (*0.»«l9, Whlftl Wr- *•>%!! 1 '..!,L1[1IU- 1 • «r-l t t ' ,', iowrsi pf'OrS >D \V-«tr'*n V rWrU W ^ rvrr- i ' v r-i-fi v Ik' i ' t t • • ^ i r • v uri'l will k^rp it »o <-omp)etf «4^ i :»,- td 1 .- m t • ,,,, :<i III. ..r t^'- ', T *ny kibd n I >«Jd,tfr^\ i \i •- • t( .'« r- M Vi r-' .Si.ick, an.l * ., ]., , i : , itj Ut. ...... .,.iKMt<- 11 !H r-»!I>-<H L.> .putt t y »;, l (hf , .-, Wf alio Keep \n msortnient uf H«-nt ^, i'.^,-i, •* t ". • (*. ><>rMi\\ i.jj.. JK. t ar|)*-iiHT, JOIII.T ,ui.i f,.-, K" "' 1)\V rrTN(, in 1 ^v A I; i-; H ( > i .-> i • Property forwarded by this Ijne will h« suhjp,-t • to but One Transhipment. ^sT~ MerchandlS' marked ">'. T. < l>. IX. fUKSS," »IH l)« forwarded from Nrw Ynrk by an fxpraf Freight Train over iAe A'«i» York .t Kr-,, Kailroad, An,I promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.) J. Mvias, A gen l N. T Co., 177 Broa.lway, New Vork. J. L. Wissaa, Agent N. T. Cn., S C«i*ntltrfl r*lip N^w :Yor». CBAB. 8. TipriH, corner 6th and Ohesmit m. t Phila. UOVST t CKiwrnHD, OsveRO N. Y. S. 0. CaLDVtu., Agent, Dunkirk, N Y. CnnsuLill, OaAWrOKO A Uo , Ul^veUn.l, O. Joaa Uocuio, Agent N. T. CD., 95 Slate >t., Boston. A.Otremiill, Agent V. 0. Line, 10S State St., Uontnn }. t. OOtrtcB, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. 6tn. Pusm, Agent, Ogdensborgh, N. T. L. J. HIQBT, Milwaukee, Wls., office LaOrosse A U. B. B. Depot. !jr. H. CBAWFORD, i „„ . „,, •• O. J. HALE f Mllw ankfe, Wisconsin, Office near M. i M. H. R. Depot. . N. B.—Shippers are requested to see one of the above , Agents before making contracts, as ihey are prepare,! .to offer very low rates, and their connections with the jOgdetuburgh and'Chwego rontti, and especlallj with the New York A Erie Railroad give tnem ansurposacil facilities tor cheap and speedy transportation. msrl!M8in-iastwlaw BOOT*. 'JHIJ3 aKNUINE ABTIC'J.K : MANDFAOT01UD BY J OH N P H A L, E N , T1HB onlj one aatbarized to manufacture the abvo» i jL named Boots, at ! • T9jEA8T WA-TCR 8TMCKT. : The Fbalen Boot to one of the most unique and e e- igsnt coverings for the fesi that has ever been Invented. jTbej are tnsde of ihe best of stock and most Boishel [vorkmanshlp, and are warrsnted to coreComs, Bon- lons, Swelled Feet, Ssrelled Head, Bhumatlsm, Gout, ' Kememter thaS tie Salt Agent for these tail invented .Boots In this City, Is to be found at 72 Kast Water st., where, also, maj b« found a general assortment of ; BOOirtltfeSIIOCS, GAITER*, *«!., ;For Gentleman and Ladles that there I* In this market' laltmannfactored under tbe supervlsloii of thesabscrl. ; h^r. !' fmavSM Tnniu pnar.rN ;ber, [mayiB] JOHN PHALEN. Pie Nle & Pleasure Excursions. ;OMNlBliaSK8 HACKS. 'or Jo Nlo i, csm be supplied with flrss) cUss vehicles on ih-. snorttst notice and mo .treasonable terms. Anne of Omlbosss* wlllcommuneninnung on the 1st of Jnne (or 'Forest Home, leaving Tan Oott's corner at t A.K. and Thi.Omnlkos for W»owatos«lsjaves V.n liou's .4tU«.an44r.sf . • T.BKOCKWAY, ' Xooto'sauonstrns. h .n«l, IT w .U m *» . \- ri Citl! »nd »rt- for youn-tivr-* K E M O V A L w . i . B A i i. i: \ ,x».3 i H(> i- AN r u ATI-.ii ,v i ii i t i . An i Viv^nK •.•,.!- <u. '• i.| i T ... w • , • .,, - * . '!• 1 N h. I* i ) It 1 It A 1 1 > ' A- t-> .-nah •• '• »*. '" M V !• tfi«r i-»i.«iu- v >i. • ;1 Lhai lir -i iirtw |,r- |mr*-1 t i turtnsh llifiu * -'• •• 'vi sirahlc 5tyl«- of P itur- ktmw; ;n in»- -HU i-, , , : it iuch Antounrfinit Low Pr.,-^i u : - I,- ,• -t ,.- - • for example, I>agii< k rr»iyp<*« lor 1*2^ < i*. Fl |,I. M'/si'' PBI014H.U \PIIN For uiily Jl.iM) U.e lirut one, taJ Into f..r it.- L)u t »i i- «•» ,Tll-:i, VIM.4I I YPt-'.S, A 11 atUO-5. U A IMIs , .nfiJll \ Kl •:•%!. l) 14 1* S aj>> ,111.1 v r,i ' I ' ! - \ ': \ \ JMo. ATLA.NTH i \\.\A. U ' ^''1 !• »kS , . . '<•-" •• .'•'•...». ..--,,. « . ', . A' d In faxt evei y uther t slyle of Picture . %L t -i, pontlint; low piiora. « c \rns, Colored In either Oll'or Water l,'. lorj, »n i rtn.>ri-.l th^ hlfrhvst ityle nf th^ Ar' J T II K NT r 1 1 OT 1 P t , A new a> d popular style nf Plctnn*. .r. ''• which far e»ceis in Accuracy, B..Mnes.s an-l I', iuty ftnlsih, any ottorr Picture ever olTeretl io tlif i'lihlu- These Pictures have only to be 9een tt) he a.lmlr,*,! All who aredeairoua of saving money arw r^sp^ctriill , solicited to call ana examine 3p>.-ciinent 11 Hie ui.i Jland, ffn. 186 Satt Vattir utrttt, ifUiniuk**. \Vl*,;m-rin marla-ilem W. f. BA * I.K Y . A . Strum to' the I'r ncipal I own* in I 3EI E3 X* A. 1ST X> . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30. The pawerful Iron yteamshiti-i OIT? OP BALTIMORE, CITY Ot WA.-UIINOTOV. KANOAROO, Will sail from New ?ork Tor Cork direst tn.l thenct- to Liverpool, trxrxar ALTsasATs SATCBV.I r^sa The CJTT OFMAS011KSTKR an.l VIQO will «»il fr..m Oe-LPAST and CO»K to New York once a Bate of Passage from New York To Cork, Lrferpooi and the principal towns In IRELAND, ENGLAND i»0 SCOTLAND: Cabin,.. ..115 ..................... Third Class »8u. ty" Passengers forwarded i» Havte. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for I 5 In Cabin, fJ5 Third Clsss. TO P AH18 (In 24 hours frnm Ll»ei pool,) Cabin fSTi; Tblr i Class, (3$. Persons wishing to sand for their friends can obtain Certificates of passage from CottS or BaLVAST to N8W ?O1K for »30. from UVBRPuOL *4D. For pa«s»(re apply to R. J. Cortls iCo., in Broad- war. N T.. John ti. Dale, 16 Broadway, N, Y., or to ' S \ ! l U I o - X O O "'LiV ' u :j ' •• >• •* 11-, , ( U . It. 1. r,--,,r> A « «, C« VMM l-M, , N \, ,. , ; , n , .. , . ><). _'M^ \> r s | \> () | |. ^ I n I I | in.I »!' K .,,1, , |..., , , " rillJK ,,nl,h.- -< T •» '•>.• .- » .. ,i, -r , , , ., A in.i in .m KO ' N " »'M 11 \ i i n • 11 i -. - i'ti. j Kriv tui |..v-ll in- It., lint- I I . H>:IM.- .«>! r^Mll iiin:, -i-.. ...line j, »hal ••, miir". -'nnr ••', flnn Apply a •1 «> ii u l h .-) TIMOTHy • Milwaotee, Wisconsin. . B.— Passengers by this Line avoid the risk and delsiyofcalllnf atHallfajandSCJohns. maj 13 Ji IH ,N . ., I, 11) M v \ 4 •-' >* -,. •..-. .1, ... II • • \ il \ . * r <> u <• h , l N 1 ) I-.K 1 \ ix l-.l . •|*rkllt! M., <>l>|,0«llf tlll<Tl< 1,1 Illll,.,. Ut)."JSTANTLK oil Iniii.J , .., *- ,,n..rln.ri, jf Mahogany, Blaca rt r ilnnf m,I ., .. r •* ..-hi.,, ... father with ?tsk'» Vletuln- Hun;il i'-n.-, Thr offlci. of the ?,,r-»t U..HU. ...n.-i.-r, ,iin|»i,y , *t my pla^f. wllcro I tciv,- ;h.- itfAi-, .,f ..ji,. ^r luttila i r;*>- In »flcrt I..In .,r pl!!,-^^ m.My (MAOrt .1 ttuslOt-S* \ni:t 'tt all Km Ii for uu«. night. a T im- to buy trro<wies is SL HU ole, in st LAYTON * PLAHKINTQH. --- r M Kaa fodi, good araole, in store, ror iala auglfl

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