Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 11
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,» STEALING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLIHOI8 'Fage ling My Gazette Con*oTi<W*(i -faro? '" IRS* Oppos»t*_Ptwtof ftr*- Sterne O) ' ManflCPT i V.T I «.IiU"-*i I "--* ••-••• - ' - - * ™ | D W Oranrtnn Avrv-;ftte _ i hy, ff,* mot<>r snd what turn by th*- ji Hint tA TJSO: Soldier* IrPswamps miie< from ar.v-n-here. set lift!" toj!*. !rnm fr^ convenience* buck n.t the b*-*> rump, Rnt If it tafew R Mar's Unfit lOfiO yrant to reach os,, we m»T N- trailing tim? n?i *l*r* that nnt f>?' TODAY'S MENU SUWESTWIS BJM..^^.. PRESS "fh«~As5ods?<efl Press 1,1 .entitled to the u<* for rtpubUcA- « of aU news dlsjw'f »*« "^^ It 01 not atherwi^ credited In paper and also tha ioou iwws I published herein. SUBSCRIPTION To yft jrr, r tl'.fir rfei'-r^rrd p.(rrnt<: ^m trs. harm us. i« no?, an fvt- of riTnocrft'cy. It. is IrnbfCilHy. Vanity '•">"> ui nil. If a « i ,-hTrd bv 3000 of a city'.i two uliio:: h* r^nliy tlv.nks he repre- '":•.'.*• th" voic-e o! thp Brfakffl-t- Grapefruit. b-.irk- -h^at Rrid'i!'' c»kr\ syrup, ("off. mil-: y,!'i"' 1 rflnn r r: F'rifd hnm strsk. tard cr«',\. m.i'hM pot •t counties — P^r year $o.W, BL» • •fonths $2 75 three months $150. on* Bionth 75 cents. Cash with order By man outside Whltrside and ad- .^Mnlnu counties—per vtar $7.00 rii faonthJ $375. three months $2^00, ne month 75 cents Cash with order Per week delivered bv carrier In •Jther StrrlinR or Rock Falls 20 [writs, payable ev*rr Saturday roorn- Itei, No papers sent through the Ipoetofflce In the city carrier district I of Sterling or Rock Falls. A Thought for Today The Lord Riveth wirdom: out of J hli mouth comcth know]ed«e nnrl wndwutandlnr—Pro^-erbs 2:6 Whoever is not too wise is lartlal. .Judp'.r.; bv tlip rasunltv !' Nar.i iffjops are bravely pi rastwnrd behind a screen of Rou- manians ' ; - - bread. honp\dew mplon' with Irmon slic^f, coffee, miik. Cookir<; and «mail rakr-s briehtPn anv partv. Tlir\ nre no* liard to mske and ran easily he droorawd according to tli»> .opa^on Ilnselnut Strips One rztc white. "» nip confectioners' sugar. : * cup ha?r!niits. 1 egg yolk with 6 tublesrxxsm ronfertlon- er«' !mi?ar. H teaspoon vanilla. Beat egf white, beat. In suntsr and nuts, ground fine. Pat out on board, to ' i-inch thickness. Spread «t'h yolk beaten with sugar and vanilla. Let sfnnd until dry enough to cut in strips MO to 30 minutes). Arranee on floured and buttered cookie sheet, Is.l Rt*nd !0 minute?. Bske in ?i)ow o\-en '30ft" F 1 . 'Let stand before removing from pmn. COf'WIBll I^yPT C?>^*wff^ One-half cup butter. 1 nip flour. T cup brown snunr. 1 cup moist rwonii*, '•» ciip nut meats, f ee$*. S ?es«;poon"i flour, '? tesspoort bflk- UHK twwrter. Mix butter »nd flour si for pis- try. Pi it. in oblong p<m, BxR inches. and hake IS minutes in moderately hot. oven O7.V F.t. Mix other top. return to ov'n. and bake W minutes. redtK-inf best to moderate (3W F.). L#«« in p»n 12 hours before cutting in »<ju»re? Enj^Hh RfOJed Wmfer* (^¥alEe^t ito<?o% w^) One-half cup molR**'?. 'i nip butter, 1 cnp flour tyrant*, S r;«p siiftar, 1 tablespoon gin«rT. Heat mo;a««'<i to boihr.jf point. add butter, then alorly. r!irr;rs constantly, flour rnijced and si'ftl wfh irinefr and suffer. Drop srns;' r>->r- tfons from tip of iqfcxm tm larded. inverted dripping pan 31 inches apart. If b*ked on * eooky sheet, wifers sr« likely to burn around edges. Bake IS rrlnuf' l « in slour overs (300* F 1 . coo'. fJightly. remove, from p*n. and roil ov?r handle of wooden •spoon t»-hil* worm. Before bsking. «pr!nk.I? «-ith nut mests or .« roronut if rt"-)red. plftne.s fl. r . an ii h» hrrvjsht down flvp : s World <vnr flyfr known Around tfit World TSie slrplftn* propeller* of World war 1 contained b«t five t* six part* »« ajtainyt more than 600 part.* in 1M1. The errrntrirify of the earth's orbit L<; but, .01577 from being a perfect circle. Approximately 6'">0 \n\ran\f. erst- fr* except today whirh were active . in Ulf hi.'MOTJO'U time- 5 . STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY HOLD EVERYTHING! Tomorrow's Birthdays Floyd Dleckmann. W. T. Oalt, |t«ter Concotelll. Mrs. VV. a. Burr. I. O. KeJsey, Walter E. Carl. Jack Warner, Sterling: ArviCa M. inaon, Everette Wilkinson, Lou pWtrklns, Prophetstown; Mrs. Rob- Itrt Beue, Dixon; Isabel E. Jacobs, f Ootno; Mrs. Franlc L. Spreyer, South end, Ind.: E. J. Isenhart. Chnd- Jlck; Donald Wolber, Long Beach, I C*llf.; JamM H. Halnes. Paul Long, |lfn. Laura Chapman, Rock Fulls; Jev. Paul E. Nelson, Portland. N. Y. | Monday—Bernice Miller, Tliomas ' nd Michael Latio. twins; William Haverland, Paul Kleinschrodt, p5f, K. Rloe, Arlene Hendricki, Lester j IWward Carl, Edwin Nelson. Ann Lobaugh, 4, Mrs. Virgil JrJr, Slerllng; Maaon Allen, Gale Kennedy, FaTla; Vernie Rowland, Proph- ; Berrxioe McKenzie, Tami; E. A. Boweri, Pickford. Mich.; D. Hare, Chicago; Clifford Nafu- •, Brie; Homer Miller, Malwrn; John Babln, Nelson; OrvlUe ithew, Round Grove; Mrs. Alice I, Palmyra. Quillen's Quips By Roben Qullien qu«ttion ia. will freedom of I fftUgton «nabl« UM Ruwiana to kill I vore Oennans? •igni must be older Uiad Ian- How many people can de- anythtag without using their • Why nei ext««Ml focial Mcartty «• utcUier 4» million? Their w<Mld help bttiM ahipc, « world! If you expose ft -dodfer. you are a nasty in* if you don't, you pay his »Why ask • writer to criticize a tfLftnuacript? If he had that much |> «kUl. he'd use it on his own stuff. It's ft crime to uy it, but some furniture should pay the 10 cent tax. It is made of fir. ; A womna is as old as she 1< man is as old as the way women at him. "Latest and Best Dodge,"—adv toM it beat that one of paying your Wife ft salary to lower the tax rate? , On* for the quit kids: What pro" i of an airplane's roar is made STAMP NEWS ••••••••*••••»•• towo Memorial Honors iCqnodo's Part in War $ IXTY thousand Canadians dkd in World War I fighting in t. More than '175,000 wcrt led. Canadian troops fought itiy, especially at Ypres, the u Vimy Rid*e, Saint-Qutn* and Cambre. war. Canada com .. rated its part in the war war memorial at Ottawa, , __ ft in the 1938 stamp-above. Tbi» memorial takes the form • huge archway, topped by two roic figures symbolizing Peace 8* Uberty, through which pas* group of Aguves representing . - memorial was set up in Paek, Lontlon, and— wa» led scioi* the Atlantic in It was assembled in Otta* ItM and was unveiled by VI in I W, tnaxription on the me- *llH.ltJt.'» The pcd- the fiiure* "He's so proud of his new corporal chevrons that be aewed • set on his pillow 1" SIDE 6LANCES •r Oalbralth «.*?•••* vftjw. },.' V^jt -'' ' "M^r-* »•• i VTMU MMNB. a* v. MJH. w-a-Mr. «»*r "We've had them -in the hospital, shipwrecked, robbed and tied to a Irce^-maybe we ought to* have them feeling well for one program!" THIS CURIOUS WRLD AW1WI*; U>ui*i*o» it OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE VEH. I (SOT A F»W?TY TO CALL M£ UP. TtX>, RK AT TH' START Of= TH MOPES 5 TH' I'M 'TAUKIM'. MV CA\_U PEP. OXUl_, WIUU YA? OUTSIDE ASSISTAMTS JVJUE FOUMO ) OJT ABOUT QUEcN'E- fo GEMTLEf?. _ 6= SS TKTTOOED j^f MISJUDGES GUC^ PO13- OM MN CMSSTjSHE: { :\ L£S AS YOUR TATTOOED LCO-<S AT Me < I'M A TVPJ.010 S.i LET ME ASSURE IS -C7 QTP MASCOT OP T(4E PAC\P1C V^ A9 TME ROLUCrV- '^ND IS REGA(£DHD H IMG SPIRIT OP M=7VVO«?PsBLE IT TO fr OLD TE TO FEELING A (JU9T ) BY ASTUTE ADMIRALS \ S EVICTED HIS .\ ^MD PHTTV WK^T voa BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Tsk! Tsk! BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Bull's-Eye! BY MERRILL BLOSSER VVMKN vco cer BACK YARD N IMF SAME C I"O»JNO rfe ur KMOW/ YOU 1NMO JERKS OUOMTA LEARN MOW t> RUN FASTI*— UKE WB DO/ wv err voutj uxe SMALL NCVnt VDUR. 8ILVCK HANOUD AND STICK IT €uy WASH TUBES Very Unexpected BY ROY CRANE , .HiyiSHIAIIDANOMal VICKIS \OMTH» moafi vootc MOT Hftel OUT TMB IMMDOMI VOO WO LUMMOX! MiPCMNH RED RYDER All Roods Lood to Forodiso BY FRED HARMAN AUJYOOf He Con't Keep Out of It BY V. T. HAMLIN

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