The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 11
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SATORDAYf "JULY 7, 19ZJ , THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. IS IN DEMAND improved Buying of Medium Grade Wheat Also Today—Ordinary Goeo to Elevator*. RANGE OF OPTIONS (By Qott* * C»rk«o«r) AT CHICAGO. July. Sept. Dec.. July.. Kept,. Dec.. July.. Sept.-. July.. Snpt.. Dec Open •ItlBh 1.0.1% 1.04 ,-l .«l >i 1.O0V4 WhMt. —Closfld— Low TMay Ta«y 1 .0-JJ4 l.tM 1 .(13% l.OSJJ 1.02$ I.O534 .R0 • 74->i -.63 • 3SH .35 • M« .67* • 70ft July. Sept., I J.)cu. . July.. Supl.. Dot'.. Open MM •—\r - gales of dark wheat unchanged. Two cars of this kinil of wheat sold, ono at $1.00, the other at D8c. It is understood tbat neither car "Was very strong in protein. V Sales of hard wheat quality considered generally unchanged. Improved demand, for medium strength wheat, good demand for the higher protoln No. Jiard at $1.05 nnd. $1,015. Ix>oal mills wore Fair buyers today. Considerable ordinary wheat is being disposed of after the, close of our markets, being Hold to olevatorlutoreatB. A message from SpringfJeld, minion, states that somo dealers are bidding aa-much aa 90c per bu. to the Farmers and are not buying any wheat at this figure, these dealers are located ot points' taking about ll%c rate to Chicago. 'Receipts of wheat In Hutchinson today were 113 cars, one year ago 94, one ear bulkJiead wheat and corn, 1 kalTlr. Receipts of wheat In other- markets: Salhia 10, Wichita 145, KansaH U. 8 Steel Corp. Oily 13, Otuaha.17, Chicago 18, M-tnue- • ft,*?, 9 copVr aiKills 122, Duliith 52, and Winnipeg I 'nimi ruclric rty.' VaTrndfum HtfM'.l . 1.06% l.Ouj Corn. .8 0 54 .80 .76K .74}! .63 W. .S2V» Oats. .40 .8SV6 .S6U .34% Rye. .65 .64% .67* .66<J .70% .10<A 1.00% • 7E% .03 . ,39 .3514 .05 .67 H • 70H AT KANSAS CITY. Whont. .77% .71% .58% IIlBh Low .95 .94% .00% .06% .»S«4 .MJ4 Corn. ,78'A .77Vj .72'i .71*4 .69 g .0814 —ClORPil— Today T'dar .94% .ft)'* .90% .78Vi •V2M. .5914 •H>A .JISV4 .MV4 .'7\4 .71V4 l'an-Amn. I*>.lrol«um "B" I'KCilio Oil I'eiuj. Hy Houtlu'in Uv C. M. A. tit. 1". Hy O. M. Si fit. V. Hy. Pfd. . Ut-BtllnB HY Hock Island Hy Ki'Publn Iron .v. Stool :U. K. rttil .liei- j Kmithr-rn l'upitlu Ity. .. . .St.mlolmker I Klnelulr on Koars-lbK-lmek 26,1. ^.'ilt'p or whoa In the Hutchinson mnrUo to.l ly, Kansas CMty !>asls, were ad follnWf 1 car No. 2 nark v.'hcnt. .. J1.0I) 1 cjt.r No. 2 dark wheat. .. OS 1 car ]•,'(,. 1 hard wheat. 77 % dark 1.04 1! ciirn No. 1 harrl wlo-at. . . 98 3 curs No. 1 hanl wheat. . . 97 2 cum .No. 2 ll.nril wheat. . . 1.04 2 CM K No. 2 hard wheat .. 3 cars No. 2 hard wheat. . . '.98 2 earn No. 2 haul wheat... 97 8 CUtH No. INJ ..i .nl wheat... »<1>4 1 car No. 3 hard wheat. . . 1.02 1 cur No. 3 hard wheat . . . 97 2 car No. 3 hard wheat . .. .» 90 3 cats No. 3. hard wheat. . . sr. 1 c-,1- No. 8 hard whont. . . 94 Vi 3 cars No. 4 hard wheat.. . 94 1 car No. S hard wheat. .. 94 1 car No, 5 hard wheat... 93 1 cai- No. 6 hard wheat.. . 92./ NEW YORK STOCKS, (Reported this afternoon by James E Bennett & Co.,. p.OB Horabaugh- Wiley bulldinc, by wiro from New York.) A. T. & S. F AJHert OIMTIICM Amn. .Smelling A- HofhdnK Anacoti'Ia C '«*m> c *' Amu. Unct SuK'tr Amn, far R- Kmmtlry Amu, litn'Oirmtivo Atlantic Ciulf-WVHt Iiulle.s AH.»*-Chnln.-»f* Amn, Tr-U'i'luinc &. tV^U-iii :i| Amn. Inn Corp On<ual Aspb:<lt H.;!.liU'hom iUliKvni L^-oniotive naltiinurc Si Ohio Ry. . .. CIIJIH tVii»it:r CViiUal Li-athrr ...^ Amn. ''an f.irn I'rotJucLri i'*nl>:i <'';uif ufrar ........ <*iih ;i t'aif .Sueur PfO- ... Cil'n-Anin. SugMf- i<-|lvi Sii- -\. V.' (.'vtitriit Rv. , O'.ytU-n Oil .... (?!-.-tn<Ii<T ... AiiiM Sloi'il Foundry 'Famutja l'tn\'<*Tri . , . . iiuli Stat.:.-' "riu-cl ... White KupU- Oil .... GT«nt Northern Hy. CJ en era I MntdH int"J Httrves?t«r Insplratiori Co^iitT , rut'l SuM K'nlty-Sprlrifir-Iil KcTiiHt'Ott (.'ojnii'r .. C'hiiio Copp-.r f'-t-f ManniiUt" Uv. Mihsouri Pariric Uv. Missouri Piu-lfl^ fiv. Marin nd Otl Oprn ClOBO .. 9»«» 99 U .. 66% C7U .. 56% 65«4 .. 39 3S»* . . 32 3i'li, . .156 166 . ,. HJ»i liU'k .. iMi 10V4 . . . 4f> 41 ill 121'4 121 "i .. l»?4 19 V; ... *\ 29 ... 4f.'4 t5'j .. lis 119V4 .. 44?, 46 • • • 2r>'^ 2i, 20 ., 87»i ssi-i ...119 120'u ...11 11% . . . 4S -I i 4i<4 ... 26pi 2 7 '4 !I 11 J , , 'YH )47'i . . . Ill 54's • .. »7<ii 9S 4(1 Amn. Woolen \V(>atlnttl'ou. y e F.leotrle Amn. Ayrlcuturul-Chenitcal tloo-lrleh Uul.ber Willys-Overland l^ltna l^)ConV)tlVo \*. 1^. ... Kilo l\inunon Erie Firsts Miami Copper .Maxwell Motors "A" ; Maxwell Motorn "IV (Ucat Northern Ore r. S. Inrhistrtsl Alcohol ... l-:ndl'-ott-.Johns<in Wabash I'M. "A" 1 J. & N. >ly ColiNnttdHtfxl Toictllo tT«»s<-d Ktcol Car Mack Trucks Now Haven > Inler-hovo Rapid Transit ., C. it- N. W. Hy t-'tandartl of Ind PtWW of N. .1 Standard ot CMUI Skellv ,<dl IinporliLl Oil Houston OH Ciller Sve. Cornmon Cities Sve. I'td Curbs. 8tnnd(ird of Ky ytntol.ud of N. V Standard of Kan r *ralrle l'ipft Line ......... Total stock sales. 290,600. . '51% . 32 ?i, . 43'.4 . 33'/i . 10 . 3l*i . 71% . 24 Vi . 43Vi . 41 H . 86 Vi .102 . T.IK. . 71% • 91% . 42% . 57% .129%!, . 2VH . M54 . 54 Vi . 12 . 25 Vi 6 . 60'i . 11 . m-i . 22V4 . 39 •.m . 47*i . 05 . 27 % . SO . 73 • . 11V4 . 11 . 70V.4 . 53% . 32 <i . 51 . . 90 . 52 .134 • 047i WHEAT WAS SOME HIGHER AT CHICAGO 33% -43',4 M% 19 3H4 71% 2t','i ItVi 42 K9?i 103 ',4 24Vi "2 91% n% 58 130 V-i 29 84 54 ; !» 12 25 6 VB 60'4 11V4 lS'-i 22Vi 40 • U'Vi 2 G '.-i 48 ' or, 14 2714 »<> 7'4 54 ' Il« 11 70", Ik 51% 17% 65 62 134 64-li -S614 37>4 40 95 But Very Little Difference in the Price—Corn Mwket Strengthened. - Chicago, July 7. — PoaslWlitioa of black rust, damago gave something ot and advanttigo to the bull side of the whont market today during tbo oarly doallngs. Besides, hedging salSa of now wheat wero light, and Liverpool quotations were higher. Buying, however, lacked volume, wwf a forecast of cooler weather northwest helped to allay 'black rust fears. Tho opening, which varied from unchanged figures to a»c higher, with Set. $1.03% to $1.03V4. and Dec. %1MVL, was followed by Blight general gains and then a moderate sag. Subsequently, the market rose higher than before, influencecl-to some extent by gossip that farmers were slow to sell. Tho closo wan unsettled, at a shade to* net advance. Sopt. JIAi'-v, to $1.0,1 Mi and Docem- ber $1.0f.V4ro~% to ?L06%. Scarcity of offerings, J^nly delivery In tmrtkuilnr, tended to strengthen the corn maFlMrtr; After oponlng unchanged to "Hfc higher, Sept. 74% to 74%, tho market scored an advance all around and Ihen reacted somewhat. Expectance that the government crop report on Monday would prove bullish led to fresh .upturns in prices later. The. close firm % to lv4c not higher, Sept. 75% to 7S-!ic. Oats were firmer with other soreals, stnrting unchanged to %c higher. Sept 34% to Mc and later hardening little more. Provisions responded slightly to weakness ,of hog values. TRADED 2 GIRLS AND BOY FOR HORSE, COW AND CALF 49-1, 33 . 73 .173 64^ .18->4 . 2S 12 . 33 . 33"H IS '4 42H 1114 . 37 (,'aitf. Petroleum 2014 .Mid-States Oil Northern I'aeifir: Hy. . l-roducers & Keflners I'ullinan Co I'uro Oil J'an-Alini. rclroletlin Pfd. Cortland, JJ. T., July 7. —Alleged to have trailed his two daughters aii<l a son for a IIA^I'SO, a cow, and a calf, l^ark ThornhifTlon of Truxton was convicted yesterday of improper guardtan- si'.lp before .lurige -CJhain pi hi in t'hll- drcn 'M ccjllrt, (Icoige c-.h'iw of Truxton, tcith wiuim, it was charged, the bui'tor was coTi '-ummated, recently was relc.'tsed in $1 ,t)Q» .bail on :i charge of attacking Ihe younger daushter. The latter and her brother will bo cotninittod to tho count)* home. The court ordered tho father bo compelled to pay for tlnslr care. Tho elder daughter, Mamie Thoniingtot), 20, 2syi found in the Shaw home, was detained f'"' mental examination. It came to light In the Investigation that 1he children never had soon a railroad train until recently and had been closely confined. 3 3! 73'4 a Thirty Years Ago Today J. Q. Pattern,. Clay township, wm ; ; a candidate for sheriff. 3 PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce, Kansas City, Mo„ July 7.—HOTTER —-Unchanged, creamery •UtS'-Mc; packing 2Gc. BUTTER FAT—Unchanged, 31c; extra quality 84c. BOGS—Unchanged; firsts 21o; seconds 18c; selected case lots 28c. POUl/rRY -THeavy 'broilers down 2c, 2\lc; others unchanged. 1 No. 1 hens 19c; light -broilers 2-5o; roosters 10c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, July 7.—BUTTER—Unchanged. EOlrS—Unchanged. POITTVPIIY—-AUvn, lower; fowls 13 tg'2-lc; broilers 2Dii)34c; roosters 12c. 1-OTATOE8 — Finn; receipts, 37 cars; total United States shipments 7-12; Oklahoma sacked cobblers $2.75 #3.00; Oklahoma sacked triumphs »2J0@2.8O, Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, July 7.— WHEAT— Receipts 73 cars:; ic higher; good demand; No. 2 dark hard 9!)<:(fT$1.0S; No. 3 dark hard 99c(fj!$t.OS; No. 2 hard 96cit $1.07; No. 3 hard 95cffc $1.00; No. 2 red $l.i)0@1.04; No. 3 red »«e<g>n.02. CORN—UnchangetJ; fair demand; No. 2 white S2@82H<!: No. 3 White 81V4c; No. 2 yellow 84@S4Vic; No. S yellow 83®84c; No. 2 milted 82c; No. [\3 mixed Sic, OAT'S—Unchanged; No. 41Vic; No, 3 white 40c; No 41c, RYE—64@68c. BARJL.EY--• 55@57c KAFFIR—$1.56. BRAN—R7P90C. SHORT.l-51.33i31.38. white mixed 'li. 7'4 . 60'i , 85 .114% • 19% • 59% 34% 34% 13% 42% It % 8 Mi 38 2114 7% 67% 35% 114 3 Shop Girl a Winner. London: Miss Edith O'Uwyer, a shop girl, won nearly ?30«,0OO 'in the. Marconi Calcutta Derby sweepstakes, --' run recently In England. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, July 7.—WHKAT—July $1.02%; Sept. $1.03%; Dec. Jl.OOvi. CORN—July 80%c; Sept. 7F,%c; Dec. 63c. OATS—July 39c; Sept. 35»4c; Doc. 37c. LAUn—St-pl. $11.35; Oct. $11.45. ^Ul 119- Sept. $9.32; Oct. $9.15. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, July 7.--WIIK'AT—.luly 94c asked; Sept. 9GVi; Dec. 9S-l«c asked. CORN—July 7SVic; Sept. ,72',ic; Dec. 59 %c. Hutchfnson Flour and "Feed. (Quoted by Will. Kelly Milling Co.) Will'.AT—No, 2, new or old, 8*c. FLOUR—per 98 lb. sacks $'3 .15; 43 lb. sacks, $3.20; 21 lb. iackw, $3.30. C RAH AM'—Per cwt, 10-lb. sacks $3.50. CORNMEAI-—per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.20. SHORTS—Per Cwt., $1.45. BRAN—Per cwt. $1.10. SCREENINGS—$1.30. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Carl Nelson.) FOUL/TRY—Hens over 4 lbs., 17 ets.; "under 4 lbs. 14 eta.; broilers 1% to 2 lba. 26 eta.; -under 1% 20 ct».; springs, 2v4 lbs. and over, 18 cts.; roosters, 7 cts. DUCKS—Young, 10c; Geese young 10c; turkeys, hems 8V4 lb. and over 20c, young tom« 12 II). and over 20c; old tonva 18cVi gulnaB, 30c each; pigeons, 6c each or 76c a doz.; Belgian 1-Iarea 8c. - " EGGS—Fresh, candled loss off, 16 eta. dozen. iEEF STEERS ARE MOSTLY 25 HIGHER All Cattle Up at the Kansas City Yards—Hogs Steady With' esterday. lower, sorts considered; In between grades off more; culls and sheep steady; week's extreme trap western lambs $16.2r, ; closing native top, $ IS.25 (tills generally $S.00St-9.00;'/native teodlng lambs $'J.00W>'.) 2r>; westerns $12.50; bulk fat .iwcs $5,011^10.26; trfp $7.00; hoavlos downward to $3.50. Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quoted by Swift & Co.) BUTTER—Creamery, 39@40e. BUTTERFAT—No. 1, 33c; No 2, 30 cts. EGGS—Loose, 15 cts. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; hens 1« cts.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 25 cts. Leghorns and blacks under lV-i lbs.. 20 cts. EGGS: 16c dozen. Cotton Market. New York, July 7.—-Spot cotton quiet; middling 28.06c. Cotton futures closed: Irregular; July 27.00Sf27.06e; October 23.73® 23.79c; Dec. 23.24©23.23c. Kansas City, July 7.—CATTLE— Rocelpts COO; calves 100; for week: Beef steers mostly 26c higher: some grassers steady to 26c lower; top fed lot $11.00; yearlings mostly 35»(:50c higher; better grades she-stock strong to 26c higher; others and canncrs and cutters steady to 25<: lower; bulls steady; calves steady to 50c lower; stockers and feeders unevenly 25e to 75c lower; stock calve:- and stock cows and heifers around steady. HOtlS-Uoeeii ts 2.1)00; fully steady with yesterday's* average; shipper top $7.00; packer top $7,55; bulk of sales ?7.25<ft)7.55; bulk desirable 190 to 2S0 •pound averages $7.50(^7.55; packing sow's mostly $c* 25. SIIKKI'-Rcc.dpto 2,000;'today's re- cnlpts mostly Texas Wethers: early sales at $?.50, fully steady; for week: Lambs steady; to;t natives $15.25; bulk better gnules $M.25(^.'15.00; culls largely $8.00/1/;S.50; sheep strong to 25c. higher; most Texas wethers SH.25; hulk $7.40«"fS.10; fat ewes mostly ?5.00 {iifi .25; native stoeker ewes most numerous at $G.25®7.25. Chicago. ' Chicago, July 7. -- CATTLE—Receipts 500, compared with week ago most killing classes unevenly 25 <fji75c higher; SJKJIS more; values now largely back to season's high time; ox treme top matured steers $11.50; best long yearling steers nnd yearling boot heifers $11 .35 and $10.35: respectively; hulls about steady;.yeal calves $1 fi 1 .25 higher; stocke™ und feeders firm; week's bulk prices follow: Vleef steers $0 K ,«7'i0.fi0; storkers and feeders $r,,ii(i !ic7 .5(i; butcher cows and heifers $5.ROOT'S.75; cannors and cutters $2.40icr3.GO; veal calves $I0.00<3> 13.00. HOfiff-Rceoipts-11,000; mostly 10 li 25c lower; bulk desirable, light and medium weight butchers $7.75 (ij )S.OO; bulk desirable light, ami medium welght-UulchorB $7.75<Te8.0O; top $8.05 early; packing sows mostly $G.35@ 6.75; few strong weight Plg3 $7.26® 7.00; estimated holdover 3.000; heavyweight, hogs $7.00f(j>7.80; medium $7.25tf'8.05; light $7.15(JtS.00; light lights $7,00®7.90; racking sows smooth $G.25@6.S5', packing nows rough $5.9O@*6.40; killing pigs $0.50 @7.(i5. B HE-BP—Receipts 11,000; mostly direct; native offerings on sale unevenly lower; compared with week ago. good and choice fat lambs 25 <rf '50e Wichita. Wichita, Kan., July 7.— IIOCS- ceipts 400; steadv; tup $7.-16; $7.1tbj(>7.45. CATTLE 100 calves, higher on plain kind -ne- buik -Receipts 2tW including JAjr week: Ktnmg to 25e good killers', nu diuni to slow and dull, bsfely steady; vealers 60c off; top $7.60 ot) natives. Stookers slow. WHEATUNCHANGED FROM A WEEK AGO Excellent Harvest Conditions and Black Rust Damage Offset Each Other. Chicago, July 7.—F.xrnHnut liarvont COTHIItions for v.-iator wIn ;U ami In- cr «afting j \orvouKiiea3 in roi;nrd to 'black rust damage to »i'tlng whoat liavo TirUially off sot ofioli other ay prlco facfors tliiB w (U ;k. In conso- Q\ienc©, wheat valuos thin morn ins compared with a wuck ago sliowd no decided chango, varying from \ae. d'.'- cllnff to %o advauee with corn ranging from IH oT[ to up, o«t« to l%c down, and provisioiiH at 15 to 42 cent g-alnfl. Asido from tbo <>|>I>OBO<1 nffects of harvest progress and of black rn«t dangers, tlio wlu-at market, showed by tho reJatlvo firmiwH* ot prlees for tho July deJivei*> r that tho movement of now "wheat from first bamltf •was belated and was apparently indicative of. ujnmual ivhictaneo to ."(dl on the 'part or growom On tho other hand*, lack of BU.stalued buying Interest on the j >art of npoeulatora was plainly In ovldeuco, aud export demand eon- linu'-'il to bo of only a hnnd-to-nunith rhara <:.f*r. Inriuenced rhlel 'ly l.*y l'jn>.'i|..'cta that the winter wheat harvest in Kaunas, Mlnsrnirl and Ni »l>rii:-.ka wouVI be completed without delay, In we fit prtcep of tlio season w^ro dupH* eatod by th" -yvptembrr dollvevy. Price Ralllos. Prl '-e. rnllie Pcorrsi In th** wheat mnrkot. nltlumgh largely duo t-> biaek rust, '.u tlio northwest, were aUo mom <ir lpy^ aR<.Tib' i <i to the bullish ivp u *t3 on r-oj-n iicreaire." I'tivrablo Wfath ^r f n r the growth of eorn and oat si pnt, TV'ecmbi'r eorn and i.Vipteni'ber and IVnt'iirber nalg ilewji to tbo lowest prices yt thirt rh'iir.on. Feeding demand for <.*rn, liowi 'V-T, continued to keep tho corn fuippiy hero small and to lift Oh icapo price of July rfollveijy. I *rovi9lona respenm -d to ti^^riy $1 advance in the bog market and 'o nioro lively demnnd from Knropo. FARM LOANS Regardless of Location. —ask McNAGHTEN! City of Purcell, Okla., 6% paving bonds, exempt from all federal income tax. Legal opinion Hon. G. A. Paul, Oklahoma City. Price $100 and accrued interest to yield 6%. Harry Tidd Phone 36ft Notice to Wheat Raisers We are now in 'position to handle your . wagon wheat.—Get Our Prices Before Selling. LARABEE FLOUR MILLS CORP. Phone 1635 60 WALL STREET MARKET. New York, July 7.—Stock prices displayed a strong undertone in to- duy's brief and quiet session In tho face of another attempt to uusettlo the list by depressing Delaware and Hudson to 0V/ t , a now low since. 11121, on unfavorable dividend rumors. Tho scanty supply of numerous shares desired by short interests for covering interests resulting in some brisk gainis aud confirmed'Impressions that such eectlous of the market had been temporarily oversold. Practically all of tho active issues registered material gains with Dupout rising 3Vi, Canadian Pacific 3V!;, General Electric 3%, Mack Truck 3 and Famous Players, Chandler Motoj's y and a number' of others one to 2Vi points. Delaware and Hudson rallied to 96 In tile last hall hour. Tho closing was strong. Sales approximated 275,000 shares. Now York, July 7—Conflicting price movements again characterized the opening of today's stock market, but gains exceeded losses on initial transactions. United States Steel, Studebaker, aud some of the other leaders yielded fractional, Schulto Stores advanced five iwintB to a new high for the year and Pittsburgh and. West Virginia and Maok Truck each gained one. -Schulto reacted three points from its early high and Delaware and Hudson sagged IVJ to 95,jthe lowest since 1021. Some good gains were recorded, however, by the food equipment, Independent steel, and public utilities shares. Houston Oil, Pan-American U, American Woolen, Lackawanna railroad "Nickel Plate" and several others climbed a oint or more. Demand sterling opened slightly highor, but tho other European foreign exchange rates were reactionary. * New York Money. • New -York, July 7.—Foreign exchanges irregular. Quotations in cents: ~ 1 tlreat Britain demand 4.56 3-16; cables 4.5t>%; 60 day bills on banks 4 .03%. Franco demand 5.78^4; cables 5.70. Italy demand 4 .21; cables 4 .21%. Belgium demand 4 .78%; cubles 4.70. Oermany demand 004%; cables .0004%. Switzerland demand 17.11. Greece demand 2,80. Poland demand .001-4. Chechoslovakia demand 3.0SV4, Llbsrty Bonds. Final prices quoted by tne Mc- Naghton Loan company today wore: 34,% : jloo.U 1H <K% 1)8.11 2nd 4*% 98.10 3rd 4V4% 9S .20 4th 4H% '• »8 .n U. S. Ooverninont 4'.i% 8'J.2S What a Sentencsl Muskogee, Okla.—Miss Alice Robertson, former congress woman, declared that office girls at the soldiers' hospital where" she 1B welfare chief, must go back to corsets, quit bobbing tUolr hair, roll up their hose and adopt high neck dresses teeauso of too |,muoh laughing and talking with the patients. This is the Report From the Kansas ^tity Yards For the Week. Kansas City, Mo., July 7.— The hog TnaTket at Kansas City, "enjoyed a considerable advance," during the current week, Friday 's sales being the hdg 'hest in nearly two months, says the v/ookly summary Issued hero today by the United States Department of Agriculture. Friday's top price was $7.00 against $0.05 a week ago. Receipts wero 38,000 against 47,625 the preceding week. The cattle market was Irregular but desirable lulling classes showed uu- f-even gains while grassy kinds weakened oW to some extent. Yearling offerings enjoyed tho broadest competl- ,tion and scored greatest advance. Scut steers sold at $11.00 and a few others cleared at $10.71i@l'0.'JO; re- ceh>ts wero 30,000, exclusive of 8,500 calves against 40,715 the previous week. Sheep and Iambs .receipts fell down to 22,000 against 25 ,844 a woek earlier. Lauibs ruled steady but sheep were sharply higher. Bulk of native lambs wero $14.2o to $15.00, with top t $15.25. People ordinarily truthful, will lia about 'the remoteness ot their last va­ cation.—Atchkap Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, July 7.—HAY—42 cars; unchanged. ALFALFA— Cholco $19,G0@21.00; No. 1 $tS.0OCfT!).0O; standard $15.50© 17.50; No. 2 $11.00@15.00; No. 3 49.00 @11.00. PRAIRIE HAY—New No. 1 $12.00 ©13.50; No, 2 $10.50{?'ll.f>0; No. 3 $8 .CT((f;10.00; packing $6.00i&8.00. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $19.50; standard »l«.riO"(E<)l9.00; No. 2 $17.00©18.00; No. S $14.50iiH6.50. CLOVER—Mixed light $18.50® 19.50; No. 1 fl8 .00@19.00; No. 2 $14.00@17.5O. / FIRST NATIONAL BANK ESTABLISHED 1876 Capital and Surplus -$350,000 This bank has served its patrons Faithfully for Forty - seven years .and has met successfully every financial crisis. We are better prepared than ever before to meet the financial requirements of our clients. , We Solicit your patronage E. L. MEYER; President PET NATION, Vice President ]Jt ••• FRED C. FRENCH, Cashier uMdl&L E. W. MEYER, A.»t Cashier

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