Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 16
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 16
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16 DECATUK M t R A L D TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 14, 1930. OECATUR H F R A I D By PETER B. KYNE A TWO DAY STORY Storl* Today nrliM'c-! Tomorrow Famuli* Authoitt will vtttir tthurl M»ri«H for Thtt KvpninK HfniJil, from Yrxlcwloy) on 4i supply of gasoline he wont be back tilt a|rl» ;, An' a t»f,w deputy United States ^ommts- s inner Ml came back tip with him in try mo p tor ItiHln 1 Tandy.'' : Sii|»ibose they prove K on Dan ?" you He "Garohlm '» a lot o 1 rdiprci (or line';, nm) won rt'iwn the river tn Junonu,! I'ntly. But If they don't convict me, I done ll Cam*" Iheie lo "Wliy? I'm not w o i t h it" i n o iiiHti-iut "The kid la," Far* Hun nuuirrwl Dan Slmtii bluntly, "I told you vhe klsuml me, dWn't I? Or didn't* I'' And nhc xulil stantm t W«H Mil ffUfrlH, whiitevct that time, meant." "It'tJ Littln," x.ilri ('ally. ' ntul M tne»nj there utoti'i u n j nnuc nt home like you." That night wilti» iun i;lo^»»l hh E4me and spread the cloth over Ms !»yout. thr deputy Cnlted Huite* marnnti! mild to him: "Well, I5an, the coioiii't'" Jut*. Miya hirfd to ti warrftnL bpfove]!'" ftnn out as soon n« the trial's KP, oharulnK Faro with murder, An p l that ulRlit thf fliiit Itii/wrd of the a month ahead of When ihe \\cather ttoared, the t IVM wftn frozen ^nl'kl anl navl^'i* lion win at mi piv.l for llmt year Howpvnr, all sii«ti3 pointed to a few ttX'Ici of ulcar «"ettthar before ths wititei uhf,titcl nrrlve in earn*nt, so Catty Devintx tn/ld the Cfoldon North t;'tfiil) 11 UK it nd twenty ... . h Tandy cfttno to lib ilmtth m Iha'.mil went down th« di'tr in n sled hands of n pui'ty or (iniHfd unkiimvi., but revomniond)) ilwt sow effort oe made to find otii. rt» an thr te.(irc- *er\Utlve ot the u-w lit Knni|»)ni,. I'tn Marling vulli yon. t'hi hoping JVH won' 1 off'.T no objcntlon I" rwcoiti- n 1 mis to my Itltl' 1 lop Jail" and haels tn rr*;pf ctabllity. 'I'll* nl,';ht bfttne itlie left, "tic a-kptl (Tiuo Dun to com,f with her. "Wlij','" he |UPtled bluntly "Fur lm;k of n hetlet excuse aup Dan. and wouldn i pote 1 my [ lojte you. ID would llhfi 10 mai't-y vou. [ ymir wiviitnll, Mnmhal',' fru| yon nau, 1 Unnw you love mo," fciiiipnitl He ftiillil citifi of his rare I.· the .imlli 1 * "I'm ^ul·l l rcnitpllnn L iited, Cat- The utll.v pcraijti the I'ljihr to t'wic d»,pi|i*, Unitoil tt!il« I'tiiniiilr'sloiicr, t y , nothln' would iutt nn' he rilod o' n-«rt dmiwit n wi-i'k Imi I pun't (;o f t " H((o, "I'lfi H r r e i t l n K ymi "ti otiipl., 'Vim r i l l " -ihn clou." - tn ui h money tin 1 . "Which [ won't i» t L i r i ' i t i ' r l " Kiir-i t f i f l i - Kid p.'nl7" Dan implied c^rnly. " u i i t u v(m ycyvr "^'ouM bet if i i-oni*- fi'-jire n M j me better. etl "How the But"\V" 'i-oulil »nllt ahom two him- c )tin, you " f t l nithiir "ht-'ii 11 "in w i l l s l dUI tint iine-,| f u t n "1 lir.v^ (u umeti miif ; tul I iifcd mcll ether." "lHu t cun'i no no«.' he vppltnd, "I (priuiil-cfl th'it deputy mai'llirtl I'd In l'"in 1it ( h n i t c i M l ii liutiifli v.'lth hl- IC«nit»ir( wfiri'tiul Htl an' hf Ktit served Vha^ Tooy ft Mean? I H ' i ' C "Will ;'on looli me up'T' "If you t«avo fne vour iiddre ·*,-,." witnesses, it la your privilege no to do." "They told the truth, Judno," Dan replied. "Par be It from me to try to trap 'em into say In' «ome- thin' else an' tfettln' them In with their ni«." Cntly commanded fiercely, "I'll wslt for yon to com is "It mny be » lonfr wnlt, tfty deal " Well, there wasn't any law In Knnxpost that ·winter A miner lioil n wordy quarrel with the Butterfly Kid because th« latte*' Changed die* 1 nn htm utter the miner htid rolled cmpR eight times tn mieoesslon. The dice were not loftded, but tlic Butterfly had grown suddenly superstitious and believed In change So (he miner killed Ihe Butterfly, and Fttro Dan killed tltii miner By unanimous consent old "Judcc" Borden, the dlntrlct re cord or, who had been a of tho pracr In n previous Ineiirnatlnn, Art it tin (I a reputation (or belnfr tlip mo-it Ju«t nnd Incorruptible man In I bo territory, -was olneled president of the Vlftilancfc commlttro, the position with It that of Jiulpf wheti' «Ver thai Committee Hhould function a.i a Jury. Jlidfte Bordfsti knew little nt the law, but li* strong on SandV MeK^n^le was elected public prosecutor, with authority to enforce appearance before the committee of all perfume c.hnrKed with an offense agnlnst th«J hack extremely sketchy statutes tnutlc and provided Mr, McKen^le thereupon decided to eorjimer(.'« operations by Faro Dnn Simmons In the bar o( justice for the murder : '( nob Tandy, Unrtui Hie Hhre"Wd quewtinning of McKenvlc. ro; Hsmby fei([flcd thai I ; 'aro Dan had inn til tested nil alert ;Interest In Ttmdy'tj welfare- hnd i voiced, lo him. Doc. the opinion t.hfit tint-haps Tandy wasn't »d dellrloui as Doc thntiffftf', that he hud fnciulrecf if Tandy would (tel well, nnd upon assured that Tanrtv would, hnd .rnmarkcd and that there off, flnrl-- fiat eahnlv by nros«int!on'i t the tvlal Fnri HBII Imd snoltln^. When the wo"i all In ··I.IH11A" If rtdolici' H(h If V'nit hirtliiifti' t h e he*t liourd fin vou on llil 1 ' dalf Rorden fcaid to him: Daniel, 'you have refined to nclinnwli'tlgr HIP *(urlsdfcllon of this committee. Vou .'Imve declined to pi end entity or not The cMzerm of ce from I I :;o p i" 1" p in to 6 | a in, I SO l'i mmn t i o m ' i u c h a pool s tu and from itot»Hy hear MIU i f mi-^lcni'p o f i p r i woih* u n f t i r l u n n L i t h n l yon Imve.havc a moral rlp;ht to orKanl/e for of huoioi -you eon without protection until unch time a* a tieiv deputy United States commissioner The dmu-ei- pt. flltictilnf,', hut vnu ean terdum lau-rh^hfi'^havo^fpn iippolntpa hy our tn. nt them. Your moral code?) nf« very ilrlfl ontw, and vou Jiutjfe harahly noili (xrn fnmi H'3n ri. in, (n 8 n niH\ from t |i in. tn It f 'n A-tttotrijjlrvi] IttflUciH'eH on thin dhtf thofie who hrimh rttem -to you there i ·A Hi " l u l t l f y yimi 1 Inlilivtu-e. (uid »ri no r-ctcminllnft ctreum*)l*iiK*s. It (lntiitii*ii your *plrlK Seek eompiin-'ln prohnWc that you will £a.ln toler- rtf\wt Ion-hip 'mill (are* ueUvlHe.i Vim nnce and forbeivi unee through some POP will IPI mnro p!onn"d with the world vtiry blttei experiences which will anil 111.* w\tf durliiK !!'· evenliii; rtanf Into your lite. Some of, your hourt. when i lnu 1 * will ho n dmiw In own Hhlcktin* will come twine to (hi 1 liiiii'i'nl nlnidipln're 'rdoft, Ytui nr** jioniewhnt of n renl- Tlie child horn «n tills Oclohcr I' 1 '. ''" V»w *"· flicker to ace *vtl l l t l i u l l l irnriH ii hcnvy frtiln 1 !' 01 'h'" 1 B l(ltl - nifKhcr (itlttildt! rn |.rfiit!ilnei. M i l 1 '" "tplK 1 »' .'·"· dt'turmlned will, will tiavi* 11 i-ciitKinlni- mliul unit will »» w'· what Ih- doctors Rail a fon-i iii",-.i h ^ l i n y (i lniit nt |irlvllfr(,'n K lv- 'Inued "mnlntlc ininftlnnlre." r o t i l l w o WaVS tn itoi.(l f n l U tt will 1, ,vi. ,lc- , ( l l l n t t i o n Tx " l( ' h " 1)r " 11 ' eur health, | £ »»:.;,,,, when j-oii **' r^ a "lng cnt deal, ·!· iiiuft of vout worries are Vim a i c hi imwr ic-ippfl*. » vor K t o t M r t u H y fS«Kt-er«t..-d. Tour af- minder! itml (l.'l*unlnwl l)i'ins,' f l ' r t l r "» l q (lri? 1l( ' 1 *TM *TMn*- Httcceniful I'enplc Born Oct. H 1 William PPnn, founder of Penn-, n v 'IvttnUi. t ' 2 - Pieiitixi Kltiffi dcnatfir H -nntilet fCtintliigtiin ·I--.tatnf« O'Neill, nrlor. S Mrlm MtilMitnil Armstnme, ne- If you eare to your own crofts-examination of th* "Have you any utatement to make In your own defense? If you have, I advlN« you to make it before the Jury retires to deliberate on n verdict." "Who nets the ponalty, Juilffe Borden squirmed. "Cnilaln- ly not the jutlgu of this court. '11m Vtgllancfs Commit'en -- thai \a, tho Jury, will act the penally und curry it out. It 1 am a of the tumper of ihe Committee, it will, upon finding ym guilty, lini)),' you forthwith to the nnariast tree " His tone chnn*;ed to one of pK'nrilug. "Onn r foi* GOI'B ,iak'. dun'i bo obstinate. If you hilled Tandy and had ft real, **ttlld man's reason for titling It. ipenk up tintt .s«y no. This Coniniltlua Id nut UHreasonable." 13ut Faro Dan ihooU hla heud, "If I did that. Judge, I'd havu lo drug a lady'H nnmR Into il- twn I miles. In fact An' botli ladlti are p{uiui re- appulabi*." 'His Honor fished.- "TUen yuu iwl- nilt having klllcl TunUy 1 '" "I won't admit nolhltt'," fc'flru UHH replied doKgcdly, "except lo n».y that thin sktmk Tandy wanted killln'. Me tried to ruin one woman's repu- lutlon In a quarter where hir repu- tFition counted p and to rto Uml he had lo break the h«art« of two woni- nii, A man found lhl« oui, anl proved tt by one reputnW* witness and a letter Tantlj- had wrliton, TliiM-i! ueln' no law In Kiim)iost nt the time, thin man flppterl lo tty Tandy h tins ell "Ah," JurtBC nordon inui me) ed, "Vou have made a Htulunipnt that will cany woigbl with lh!» Jury, you can |trov« It. I llilnk about. He can cul oard« and draw inble, hfl'ts handled Uiji life, I'v* tmen him do trlckti with eiudK -R' fi)n plopiiHlltnn dtm'l KI)." Judge Bonltn guxntl iiadly i^imi Faro Dnn. "t think I hut objection i» well t ilk (in, Dan tel, tirtd in ronmi- (lueni'c DIB court MtiDlnfnx It. Mire- ovor. und*r Ihn nil en, ihq couri "Y.JH, I told her." "Dnn, I ftdvke yon to niak* a elnnn breajt of thin whole affair, without mentioning namea. I aa- nure you your statmncrit will curry weight with thla committee, If you (ild nol kill Tandy, you have admitted you know who did, and by infilling to ntuni tl)? murderer, you make of yourself an acoefwory lie- fur and after th« I'uct." "Tha(.'» my Itard tuoh JtidK''- ' jitptt won't tel). An' that'% alt I'm go- inn to say on Ihe nubjecl, oxccpllri' that I thank you. Judge, for your Opcldln*; a tle'votr., IntPresl an' fairness an' frlendllncHti ( He left the courtroom ami ·*··· an"ff therc'H no objooiion T'll (?o outgone (Dtaclly half an hour, When an' git my lunch now an' leave the _ he mturncd, he nnld: "The court hii* 'deoidod tu rx)ll I he Ijonen, one fl*tp, 1 odd or even, with the defendant. (Ji!l, "frpntlemiin," awld Judge BorO«n.-ii,, wins; oven, wo IDSO I* thai m*-th' "you will re tiro to your de liberation!), ort satJofHClorv?" tinder U» drcnmnUiieulyouwlll ev- ' OUM me from otMrgliix the Jury am) I ^^^y., M , d thf . r , lrtR( , ., pro . an Judge, I may not Join In your o-|,j u .,, ft TMi r «f .ilw'· liberations. I'm (ruin* lo lunch my- du ^ * P»' r .TM TM", , self, anil will be back at 1 o'clock, . ,, ' , , , , ' T, , ,',;, 11 J!^ .j L . '.,. , 11... i.. ..... iTM Uiljle twiorn nlm, llo HeiwUrt ft High, rm Innocent. Low, I git hun|j."l wJ!" H« went w the hack door nm»| "Nothln' doing," n Jurymtn pro- 1 found mat II had born Jimmied frw touted, "Dan Simmons thln«s ,if thf loch with « uliort rrowbM-. In., with Oftrds none of «s kndw nothln' deed th« ccowbiir lay on the kitchen 1 "Dnipprd In front of ' has the right to deviiw the mMhml of invert, to wnow off c burceu, un' il "Wonder whs! the HW'h!r'« took?" Jl* ll»Vurilli{iiled ··ni-ofully n»,\ ||. luitl^omin; to the itDiidnulon Him hi* iul« imnavMlon* that wiii nilNNiDk wvii thr pinr of tnurn iKcc Cully l. had Uiknn from Uoh Tandy «nd nnn, whlclt he' Jury to 1(» deliberation*. I'll be my oabln when you send for me." "I you mv word of bonoi, Judce, T'll come back with you peace- nble an' hand yon my «una before I ^ dlc ';. we utart back " And Faro Han took the Judge's nrm In his, onrt they walked on In silence. '''"' |RH ' " Th) V and with vary, to be hori* IXm. wtll y»u throw first?" And hi* UiHnetl (he dk'i» tu F'aro Dan, who rallied them In hlH palm an and threw them out, ·Well?" W.M the Judge prcnefttly. "Klsh* · nml even." the Judpy nn- TU t«lt you all the Inn an' outs of-nounm! "If the court throws an thla ca»e." Faro Dan replied iiffably. | ov * n number also ,lhe contcwt JM u hud plfwd In iilfi lij]fiit) tlrnwiT Whl If he wait xvonilcrlnft who could huve Ttikirti ilium. Judije (!mdin wulItcd l« tm him "HVM. Dan," he unuounwd, "I fui- ;KW cnitKrntulatkinM ore i M t u d e i , I ev)nn; uny sentiment In t h e . in. bill now thni wc'ic sloti.'. t do nio--i benrilly ronifriituliitr you." "Thiinh yuu. JiidK 1 '." KHI«I IMn i f . (jlti'd, "Uncli*! the (iirrtitimiiintCK !'iii wuiiileiin' tr w? Hhunldn'i IwiKt oi)"?" "We Hliimld by (ill insftnK, Dan," So ihry ti'iUtod. Vnifi Dun ml*«t '.N nt(\in. looked Lllrousb it Hliil then n( the Jud^e, "t drink," hi* Nitld, lo H. Just ami tnroiruptlbli judue in i* mtin rto titwrt thvrit ntn't n mnn li UM» Usrhiory of At/inks dream of «rltl«)«ln' hf« 3od l)l«s« you »«() t ot)([ llvu--you dutificr) old i;rook!" The Jiidt-c r(plN(t.l hltj jjin*,, .^ Tfwy dumh "You nun' iTM. llui» dice llk» nn cxiieit," ).',,,,, JT 1 tnld n.'ttllilti«ly ^t "Ah'l why mil?" n.r Jljh | j,,. lotixii "When I win. n very M. Knin -mmty y.'iiin | t»,,. j ^^ cd thm tnuni-xly In l h - lii,,t $,. "ml Ntitni-fjDutilly i'Mihll?liH| t, tailnn fur iticorni|)i||)llity j mtu \t nvititt befiiriK ni.. cir-iui;,,,,, (llfl , )t ; they hud ».·.·» nn ular, it ,,,,,,, Itln Hunoi flmllr'il "And hcKiitm"-,, I'lilKlltJi-tl lll-cliivilllll*,' '[ olVnytfy H k c ' " t t y tJcvnux I »!wtiji( (IOUK. ttntf J*A7(Hy("l lllOt^ L1L)| t, if*]!,* tlt.t . . . r * ' ^'Hk LAUGHS FROM LIFE ,. . because t can trust you, And there-, U* a»l '«im1 continue h» told Judge Rot-den he h f t d i ' h r o w B »r rv«n nnrt tb klllrd Tundy and why [ *"*'' " Together they roturnod to the i tint I) oth'-i t thai In the dJK/ij)» (-v)»^ i*ytn of the woild I'm tocri'jni'i! i|ttlt .finite Burden mohtvned hit- lip:; it reprobiiu. Wllh ull tllo crlnicn I 1 '..· headquarters of the committee, to discover that the Committee wiw h« reachi'd^ into hirt ijoekct, drew forth a bandana htindknrchtef (iroperly, but I'm nol itluivetln') hud i'on' I've hcuu in Jail lor every rent man In this room will agree that. If Tandy did ihnl ho de- servnd killing, Suppusn ymi produce the two tadlos (n queMlon itnd tlte incrlmlnntln); letter. It you lv»ve It Sueh tesUmony would srestly elnrlf.v Ihp," "The letter wnjn't mine an 1 I haven't (tot It, Also iho tw« wit- nessoti live In the United Stales ;in' I wuutdn't. (lisfrraoe by iiskln' dendlwiked on a verdtof. "Reckon wiped his brow. He put the hr/ndkpr- I Rot fifteen frlenda an' fifteen «n-1 chief back In hhi pockci with hit little offisnues arson (Hie time I emloe on this ;ury," wild Faro Dan I rtRht hand nnd rciiohed for lh« die* 1 file lo tbe Qrphnnaii**). Ivtty litrwhy 'on one thl«K I'm sure of. My|Wlth his left, lit- i oiled thcjii in th" whuji 1 utole thfj conteniri (rum u MtwlH will HHck by me till they ] cupped hniidn and threw them, blind mnn'if cup), bdi^lur)' nn) n.^low oinnKea In Kamprtt." j "Seven--and odd," Snntly McKcit- :muli (I hnd Id beat Up two ()ifi-iM-- "ln there any hope of voui reach-, Kir announced The Jmlicc .sat back II'IH old liiillfn and only Rul nonii 'il| insr n voi-dlct^" the Judtfc Inquired, i and tm-iwl btji hunilM intfj Iti-i emit "No." A unnnimons reply from [ pixskcts. llm calm juillrtul (ja^e iwept Fnto IDnn'ft supporlcrw , , "Under the mica KOve.rnlnp this coat pocketn. and In -arh hand win- VlRiliinee Committee o v«rd|cl niunt n s n lu ll uutomailr jilslnl lie I on ft Inn be reached within four hnirs Al j io Pnro Dan Ihe maiB-meetlnif which elected lhln. ·"The dcfciidtinl (-1 dlschuntPd." In' committee, it was nniitiimouj-ly Jurlared. and pnn j ed both the ^iini" "Jni1pt*" inui niiiK i l-iim f) (1 "M«ybe »o," lh« jiiil^i iicjilir,) "lint 1'\f been ^oort in jon puj | ll'Mt'I p"e H'ilJ 1 M i l l .tl(iil[,| , all if, rm ill nit'" r.ij»rlKhi, iiiim, dj The (Ml Mnn I'lM' 1 , lite.) lin, moj f* Ihiiit b^irtn^ * tbn j coir Hnwlnn( mi Yen I've I'iiiiiiniitPd in «irl* of i-ilnii*!. I ' l l mlmti. i^i ^ IhiDn. y1 leiini, * h*veij i ' l'\c n"vt ; i lvil w !!)· w c n f i n i t * f u l l ' l i m a M A I , SMITH Ills polti-n Inn'c of ihe v will will In ihf liHti'M iif Aujerfj-.-i Sir Olivr IT SOUNDCD LBUC IT ·r for r»y pittns · lintujlnc my i l ) , not to x|p»k of . agreed thai there should h» no mine ' i 0 the defendant Jmles-- that In tho invent of a failure of two-thirds nt Hie jiiiy In decide on a verdict, the prlwoner wns to th* ro«m; hln hnndK come out of hl; !tllnht Kccadltln-i flilcll nn tobhlttj; the |)uor-lnjx iind niitsllnjj die cundli'- Hilckrt front the church, gritlntt iiviu\- wild ihe jr-e-crentu und cakf u I h r illrl Scouts' pienlr. knocltllii* !HtJi taoyn down t« tokv their .Suii'luy- Hi'hool ntont-v. .ind the Kk» f«n whirh BtrollBd ovtr I.. Jii« cnbin. «n I WHS never wppudiendert. . Vm to come up an' Icstlfy In my he- hccivuse thnt would reveal the (ll»-[ a tj B vote, some melhoJ of deciding ' his (tool noticing foot- the sno\v. Tin 1 footprint' but that In the event nf lt , ( ) lo his front dooi, ihen tiii-ned anil they savud from which ono of the Isdiej, rfon't even luspect as vet An'^n* f«i as I'm conterned, she nevei will snspr^t "How about the other l a i l v V T* ,th* Infornintt of Ilic fncf".'" "Yes, Judge" "DOCK fche k»(in «*1 Tandy?" deadlock must he devlseil, Klnre tie vote arsuaa UK strojiftly foi ;ii'numl lo the rent etiitunce fl had a visjmr while bein' I rli h d for niv lifts," K ulll as It does for Innocence. Per- _ , rii ftn(1 lnt htniitelf in. On th* uliahby sonally 1 voted aRalntt thie rule and i fl td ,. U|r Jn j,)s rombination dlnlnji I slitl profit "·" tomn and bleeping; tjunrurst h« ob- Well, t don't," said F'tno Dan n^i-x'p^ a small wet spot; he :*awj that jchcfiifully. "Theic »!n't no sen* 1 in , drawer In Iho ron^h home made I wawtin' the time of our citizens, no | bureau wa« pnrtlnlly «pen iflllc'l [ lel'n ffel down to business. Judge, I'll, "Dane thin here rrlme-ivnvo." Faro Mf when lie flndf uut Hi/it 1 cut the RiLrdn with you. High or low. Dun EolllorniSwd, "1 been hni'elai'Ls-l one snvInK ttruee i h n t , in tn;, npln Thru tti"ve w«^ but why *n on' Suffice it t') hiiv that now I inn on my way n tilfi Ktitif Uount; up th» IliXi-r Hh:i! old rllppln nlioiil'lll't huve »tru«i)id ito hard when J tiniltr In on him and took ,'i^y hlx waller or J wfntkln'i liavt* h*d to hi in' nnd ilii* Mint tient" :i · IMII nmony the lioys foi th** Mit}'hi i!«* (iiivoinoi . m»y-- WtH, tkt took mv* bt Ml · «n*n tvtnt «M )w Ml M M UN) KlnwVf. mo IP* U*i TWrtuW-- i^wlt M4 ·*, If* K II) rMd II-"AB4 th* i«w di u tnuUfutty M »· hfcl in B) - J M FE.D TH(5 UP W(TW .(lilnl( TM nmeh Ulents ...... will In* nlde lo l| i» (1 ' 011 'TM !1 ' K v e f wmk i i ( [ t i l i l t i K nn ritiHlvlli'ii! ;i "' M1 Vou vlwr . v *nd yon i.i^fer lo '·|i.iddle your own canoe, and If pi-wiiilr to HM^-I In the ntivl(:nllon nf ttiei °i In wnom yrm tire Howly Inieretiled, It IH nio.i d l f f l c i i l i (or »u to ket-i' "llent whi-n yen Unnw I h n t ou can «lve -K.ine timely advlw. 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BUT 1FWHATSKEETER- CLAIMS IS TRUE WE CAN SET THIS SHIP DOWN ON A PlNE CONE AND WALK ITO./ER ;·*-, THE HILLS* _ CT^ -fl 'IT so LONG! 15 TO AN HARftV . AN Ml" YOU Sfcl? LITTUU Sherlock Holme* Silver Blaze Going Into Action By Sir Arthur Contn Doyle An4 to it hipptn»d th*t *» hour « u lit*r I found *ny»H In * fat* cUll etrrii^* flying ,,, «lonq low*rd Iw1*r, wM* Shnloci , Ho(m»t dipped t»pidl)f Into * bundle at fr*th ptptri, At l*tt, ft*r m»ny mS»i, b« thr*w down Hi* M pt p lr tm s «ff*»d m* Kit proiMm* you IMC* intg th* nvtt+*' of tW murdot of John Stttkw ·nd th* diupp»if*«c* of MMO." Hdmti M 1d. "On TiMid*y boybreu«M m« front botti Cokwitl ft«i, th* ·wn*r, (ndtmpcttor (ar*). my tW "And thn (Bdn' 1 ou qo down . "|KMI* I mid* * Mvndw, my . . . , , wt ferttvt tt »iiiU» *»t tH* moit r*m* Iwt* En«l*nd coiM lonf rwnMbt «ww«*W, MpMi«ly in iiwft « pl*c» M th* north *f 0*rt«n»«t, «W* tft*r* It «(*tt*|y * hmii* or OVM · ih*d ID which ta hid* hint. Htur t« hour **»*"«ir I *i»wt*d t» h**f th«i h* h«d b**n bund, *nd *W Wt «MiKtw.w«i Hi* mutdcftr of John Str*Ui. "SVhtn, howivor, M- o*h*i fwmlM hid cowit, . Mtd I Uwrf *h»t b*r*nd th* trttlt ·) r-««n Fitwoy SimptJ Mthbif t«d ···· dont,) t « w*i trtut f«f »· ** ** WtfM. JWSPAPERj

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