Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 3, 1993 · Page 8
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 8

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1993
Page 8
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8 — MONDAY, MAY 3, 1993 BEETLE BAILEY -THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- IS THAT THE NEW PROMOTION LIST? OH IT?/ YOU'LL SFF IT WHEN I POST IT 5-3 ALL I'LL SAY IS EYERY00PY00TJUST WHAT THEY PESERVE walker We call our mother-in-laws many names BLONDIE By Dean Young and Jim Raymond I'M SO PROUD OP YOU, HONEY TOU TOOK WHAT X3U OO BEST AND MADE A REAL BUSINESS our OF MAY9E 1 COULD MAKE MONEY OUT OP WHAT 1 DO IN MY SRAHE TIME THE RJMSTEAO METHOD OF TOTAU \>t RELAXATION I'LL MAKE A FORTUNE.. IF I CAN JUST STAY AWAKE LONG ENOUGH TO TEACH IT CALVIN AND HOBBES By Bill Watterson I SEE SOU WKSTED 1(X)R TIN\E PRIMUS & SAFETY POSTER FOR "Wt 5CUOOI CONTEST. SURE NCW 0\D. THE WINNING ENTO \S RIGHT HERE. THE PR\ZE \5 AS 0000 NSMlME. "BE CAREFUL OR BE ROM)K\\-l!" THAT'S REALLY DISGUST* KG. XCM. WAT AU. THM THE DRNtUNG ? CUUNM SPAGHETTI Dear Ann Landers: This is for the woman who wrote to say she would love it if her daughter-in- law called her "Mom" but didn't know if she should keep bringing it up. Lady, back off. She'll do it when she feels like it and not one day sooner. My mother passed away a few years before I married. I barely knew my mother-in-law because she lived in another city. She let me know when I became engaged to her son that she wanted me to call her "Mom." I kept trying to force myself, but I couldn't get the word out of my mouth. I knew she was hurt, but I just couldn't do it. I respected her, and we had a good relationship, but call her Mom? Never. I vowed never to do that to my daughter-in-law. It will be enough if she likes me. The best part of all this is that my husband knew how I felt and never tried to push it. Just sign me — Lucky in Lehigh Valley, Pa. Dear Lucky: I was surprised at the depth of emotions that letter stirred up. The next letter is from a woman who had the opposite problem: Dear Ann: I was 20 years old when I married "Harvey." His family was not thrilled with me, because they were socially prominent, and my family was working class. I didn't know what to call his mother, so I asked Harvey. He said, Ann Landers Utters to Ann Landers should be mailed to P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562 "Why don't you ask her what she would prefer?" Well, I did. Her answer was, "Call me *Mrs. Smith' since that is my name." Ann, for 35 years, I called her "Mrs. Smith," but I had the delicious satisfaction of having three daughters-in-law who called me "Mom" in her presence. That evened the score in ways too wonderful to describe. — Houston From Tokyo: I realize that most of your readers are Americans and Canadians, and your replies must be designed for the majority. In Japan, however, where we read your column in the Asahi Evening News, we were quite surprised that you advised the mother-in-law to suggest to her son's wife that she call her "Mom." If the young woman is not comfortable with such intimacy, it would pose a real problem. My sister and I feel that no suggestions to that effect should be made. It is up to the daughter-in-law to decide what she chooses to call her mother-in-law and when. — Faithful Readers Omaha: My son, Gerald, married a woman seven years younger than me. It was his second marriage and her fourth. For the first year, she called me "Gladys" or "Elizabeth" (my first name is Martha) and on occasion, "Marie." These were the names of her previous mothers-in-law. When I accidentally called her "Janet," the name of Gerald's first wife, she corrected me gently and said, "OK. Now we're even." We had a good laugh and have been much closer ever since. Louisville: I grew up with the idea that feelings were more important than titles. I hope my future son-in-law and daughter- in-law will call me "Mom." If they aren't comfortable with that, I will suggest they use my first name. "Mrs." has a formality that carries the unspoken message, "Keep your distance." Phoenix: Everyone in my wife's family has a crazy sense of humor. When I rparried into that clan, I asked my mother-in-law what I should call her. She said, "I don't care what you call me, just don't call me collect." You guessed it, Ann. We've been calling her "Collect" ever since. Gem of the Day: There is so much nudity in films these days that next year's Oscar for costume design will undoubtedly go to a dermatologist. FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Johnston What's your sign? Astrological horoscopes arc for entertainment purposes only. <Your 'Birthday HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Dik Browne May 4,1993 In the year ahead, you might make a major change in the type of friends you find appealing. Present pals who don't fit into this stereotype could be left standing at the station. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) If you are negotiating a critical matter today, each and every step must be clearly defined. Assumptions could prove to be both unwise and counterproductive. Taurus, treat yourself to a birthday gift. Send for Taurus' Astro-Graph predictions for the year ahead by mailing,$1.25 a long, self-addressed,,sfa^jibed^eriyelope to Astro-Graph, c/o'thffiiofewspa'p'er.iP.p. Box 4465, New York, N™-10163. Be sure-to state your zodiac sign. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Someone might tell you something confidential today that he or she learned about another person. There is a lesson here: Don't tell this person things you want to keep secret. CANCER (June 21-July 22) It might be wise to find other things to do today, instead of attending a social event which might make you uncomfortable. If you don't think you'll have a good time, you probably won't. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Think twice before talking about anybody today, even people who might deserve a tongue-lashing. You are the one who could get pricked trying to make your points. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If you make a mistake today, it's best to admit it and try to rectify it as early as possible. The worst thing you can do is attempt to hide your errors or blame others for them. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Do not throw good money after bad today. If someone is already indebted to you, don't broaden the liability. If you are in something that isn't panning out, cut your losses and run. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) This is not a good day to get into a finger-pointing contest with your mate regarding who is right or wrong. Each will resent being the scapegoat. , SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You might spend more time talking about your intentions today than doing them. If you want to be productive, it is best that you reverse the procedure. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Someone you are anxious to appease today might not be responsive to your generous gestures, regardless of how far you bend over backward to placate him or her. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Broadcasting your intentions prematurely could give a competitor the edge that he or she has been looking for. Don't be a participant in your own defeat. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You might not be in the mood today to have your opinions challenged by others. Unfortunately, you could cross paths with a person who feels the sarne wayjhat you do. , ; ' ; ,;,. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Be on guard in your commercia^dealings today, because you might be inclined to give up a number of small advantages and wind up giving yourself a bum deal. POP CULTURE By Steve McGarry PEANUTS By Charles M. Schulz 6RAMPA SAYS HE WENT TO SCHOOL FOR TWELVE YEARS, ANP U)AS NEVER ALLOWEP TO PRAW ON THE BLACKBOARD ME SAYS ME U)A5 DEPRIVED OF ONE OF THE 6REAT JOYS OF LIFE.. 5-3 ME 5AY5 SOME NI6MT AFTERAPTAMEETIN6, WE'5 60IN6 TO PRAW ALL OVER ONE OF THE BLACKBOARD.. CAN ME PRAU) PRETTV WELL? NO, ALL ME EVERPRAWS 15 MICKEV MOUSE.. Four weeks after Lesley Gore celebrated her 17th birthday in 1963, her debut single "It's My Party" was the number one record in America. Following cameo roles in teen movies like Frankle Avalon's "Ski Party," Gore appeared as Catwoman's assistant Pussycat on TV's "Batman." She later branched out into theater, starring in productions of "Half a Sixpence" and "Funny Girl." 1. Which Marvin Hamllsch song from "Ski Party" gave Gore a 1965 Top 20 hit? 2. Name the follow-up sequel hit to "It's My Party." 3.1n 1970, Lesley Gore teamed up with singer Oliver \o record under the name Billy A Sue - what was the title of Oliver's debut solo hit? 5/3 .eumsjeis Bu/ujon poog. <fc ./Co 01 wnj. s,/tpnr. (z .SMoquieu puy s<iod///07 'eu/i/suns, (i :tJMUuy THE BORN LOSER By Art & Chip Sansom FRANK & ERNEST By Bob Thaves PITCH...H£ MAK£5 GONTACJ...LOOKS LIKE A SHORT POP...SHOOLD BE AM EASY OUT... •*» r WHQA!lT56EMSTOB£OVeR THE F£NCE.,.U GUESS ITS A HOME RUN! rWBY-PLAY ANNOUNCERS? TO CALL IT ANNUAL t -1 »^y ^~=>^k m, rilled & 1 ^*p8m_ - - ALLEY OOP By Dave Graue and Jack Bender ROBOTMAN By Jim Meddick YK5OTTA6ETF BETTER HIM WK3OT THAT )HEY LOOK! HE ISN'T SLOWING THAN US! I RK5HT. J pdWN.' TH' OUTTER EXACTLY /THAT'S Ntf POINT .'I'fA TYPECAST AS A "SWIG BEER" GREAT. I JUST SOT A PAP* PAVJLA WUl WE0 AMP LOOK WHAT M SCRIPT SAVS 1TCOULP0E COUL7 AS THE "TOOTHLESS CK> MAN WHO SPINS fROM TV\t. FRONT flOROH" WHV coapN'T i LEAST AS THE" STRAPPlfc- MOTOR CVCLE, RUM FINGERS THROUGH HMR" CHARACTER? SAV- THAT VOUR ROL6- THE gOLTON ARLO & JANIS By Jimmy Johnson I'M J06T6irTll)(xArMY /"/ I rll WM Wl LA<bT WIGHT. WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli THAT HASTHE RlfiHT TO BEAR ARMS? WEU-x HE G*M BOLL. Hie LEEVeS UP IN THE SPAWEI - x IF THATfe VVH AT ^rOU AAEAN.

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