Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 14, 1975 · Page 17
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 17

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1975
Page 17
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Freoport (III.) Journal-Standard, Monday, July 14, 197$ p agd 17 DESIGNS FOR THE OFFICIAL ILLINOIS BICENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS to commemorate the American Revolution have been selected for 1975 and 1976. The 1976 medallion (left) was designed by 14-year-old Zackary Kallher of Peoria, who combined his Interest In wilderness canoeing with studies about development of atomic energy. Eighteen- year-old Darcy Krueger of Hawthorne Woods visualized Illinois agriculture enhanced by manufacturing, trans- portation and such great events as the Chicago fire and Columbian Exposition In her design for the 1975 medallion (right). Next month Gov. Daniel Walker will present the two first-place winners with $1,500 scholarships and four other student winners with $2,000 In scholarships. The medallions will be available later this summer In sterling silver and antique bronze. " • • School Spending Rockets Past Regular Consumer Index Hike By PATRICIA McCORMACK DPI Education Editor On the average, serving up education in public'schools last year cost $1,168.22 per student -some 211 per cent more than it cost in 1967. Many states spent more, many, less. From 1967 to 1974, the Consumer Price Index shot up 57.2 per cent. If school costs had grown by that rate, the average cos,t of educating each public school stu'dent last year would only be $870.71. A report on school spending -National Comparison: Local School Costs -shows that increases in fuel costs and raises for teachers were major factors in the annual education bill this, past academic year. For example, the per-student cost of heating buildings went up 49 per cent. The non-salary portion of the school bus bill went up 37 per cent. That is, the gasoline bill. All of this- plus a 14.1 per cent increase in teacher salaries. The National Comparison of Public School Education Costs is conducted annually by Market Data Retrieval Inc., of Westport, Conn., in cooperation with Macmillan Professional magazines. New York had the biggest school bills, putting out $1,887.02 or $718' per pupil more than the national average. ' The survey also showed Illinois tanks second with an average of $1,624.56 per student. On the low side, Arkansas spent the , least of any school district nationwide -an average of $604.21 per student per year. According to the new survey, 31 states spent over $1,000 for the total net cost of educating each child. A year ago only 21 states spent $1,000. Grouped by regions, New York and New Jersey spent the highest for any area per student. This was $1,533. Conversely, Region IV had the lowest per pupil cost - $851.18. States in this region include Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas. What about the future? Statisticians at the National Com- parison survey center maintain the dramatic rise in educational expenditures in recent years "unquestionably mirrors society's concern for better education." However, the statisticians' are not at all certain that this concern will continue to be translated into additional dollars at the local level. In many localities taxpayers Want the line held. Cuts in state aid to local school districts' are being discussed as real possibilities in several states,'and A growing number of districts "are having budgets fejected or are performing major surgery before submitting budgets for approval" School administrators' will be Under greater pressure in the immediate future to at least hold the line ort costs .and at the same time provide quality education for all students. * The survey was base<J on data supplied to Market Data Retrieval by 2,693 school districts. •* one of FBI'S Caviar Popular 'RA-.tAf . i. I 'Most Wanted' Surrenders OeSpltB Recession HONOLULU (UPI) - For a man on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted List," finding a jungle island hideaway might have seemed idyllic. But Richard Dean Holtan apparently found it something less. Today, the bearded fugitive wanted on murder and robbery charges - was back in jail. By his own choice. Holtari surrendered late Saturday to a surprised policeman on the rural Hawaiian island of Kauai. FBI agents flew there and brought him back to Honolulu to be arraigned today before a federal magistrate ,on the murder and robbery .chargesr Holtan,'tattooed and wearing a colorful tank-top shirt, said he surrendered because he was "tired of running," and that he had been "living in the hills" of Kauai and Molokai, another rural Hawaiian island. i Meany Urges Tax Changes WASHINGTON (UPI) - AFL-CIO President George Meany urged Congress today to tax millions of dollars held by wealthy people and corporations. "The tax structure is rigged," Meany said. "Every dollar in taxes that isn't paid by wealthy individuals » and corporations because nf sowial privilege loopholes is one more dollar' that must be paid by someone else." In testimony prepared for the House Ways and Means Committee hearings on tax reform, Meany ticked off a list of tax changes sought by the AFLCIO. Meany said 1971 government data showed that 1 per cent of U.S. families with the largest personal income received 47 per cent of the total dividend income and owned 51 per cent of the market value of outstanding corporate stock. Chicago, Pittsburgh Banks Raise Interest To 71/4 Per Cent NEW YORK (UPI) - First National Bank of Chicago and Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh today raised their prime interest rate to 7*4 per cent from 7 per cent. The higher rate at Mellon was effective immediately. First National's rate is effective Tuesday. The banks followed the lead of trend- setting First National City Bank of New York which raised its prime to 71/4 per cent Friday. The increase in the prime is a result of Federal Reserve moves to tighten up the money supply and to slow credit demand. The prime is the interest banks charge their most creditworthy corporate customers. By FRED T. FERGUSON NEW YORK (UPI) - "The play, I remember, pleased not the million; 'twas caviare to the general." -Hamlet, Act II, Scene II. 'Shakespeare's quote might once have been applied as Well to caviar itself. But no more. "The demand is strong, the supply is short," said Arnold Hansen-Sturm, fifth generation of his family to run this country's largest caviar importing firm. He has long since removed the last half of that quotation from the backs of his tins of sturgeon eggs. The best -fresh beluga malossol, which Hansen-Sturm's firm imports from Iran -sells for $100 to $110 a pound. "There is a saying that if you have to ask the price you don't eat caviar," said Hansen-Sturm. He said that still applies to the fresh beluga and it sells well in the recession just as it did in the depression. "The wealthy are always wealthy." But gourmet cooking Courses and the energy crisis have put the one-time delicacy of royalty into many homes, if not on every table, Hansen-Sturm said. "Housewives are doing more and more entertaining at home both because of the energy crisis and tight money," he said. "They are serving caviar and pate de fois gras. But there is a shift to the less expensive grades." Not fresh and refrigerated but more salted and vacuum-packed and available on supermarket shelves are two- ounce jars of imported osetra - medium size eggs, rather than large -for about $10. The price for a comparable jar ranges down to domestic red caviar from salmon, $2.50, or lumpfish caviar, as little as 79 cents. Hansen-Sturm's Romanoff Caviar Co., exclusive distributor of Iranian caviar from the Caspian Sea, has hdd to rush by air from Tehran more and more of the fresh beluga - particularly favored by cruise ships for their status- conscious passengers -because of the growing shortage. "We Heard this week from Iran to expect a 50 per cent reduction in deliveries because the spring osetra catch was so short," he said. ' Contributing to the shortage, Hansen-Sturm said, are smaller catches resulting from the time it takes sturgeon to mature -15 years for beluga -and a reduction in feeding grounds caused by an annUal drop in the level of the Caspian Sea. Hansen-Sturm's ancestors established the firm in 1835 to operate fishing stations on the Volga River and export Russian caviar to Europe under a Czarist contract that erided with the 1917 Russian Revolution. After that, the firm managed to handle some Russian caviar, sometimes surreptitiously. Ferdinand Hansen came to America in 1859 and exported to Europe high- quality caviar produced in this country until the industrial revolution's pollution ruined the quality of domestic sturgeon at the turn of the century. In 1954, the Shah of Iran nationalized the caviar industry, run until then by Russians. Hansen-Sturm's firm became Iran's exclusive distributor and in three years Iranian caviar captured 90 per cent of the world market the Russians had dominated. Oil paintings of the relatives who've run the firm before him decorate Hanson-Sturm's Manhattan office. He talked of them and said one thing they have learned is "a short supply keeps the price high." MATIOMAI WfAIMtt &itVIO rOtlCAlt «»7*uFS1 1 - * - 75 2977 3Q.OO 30.00 DURING MONDAY NIGHT, SHOWERS and thundershowers will be scattered across parts of the mid Atlantic and West Gulf coast states, as well as In portions of the upper Rockies. Mostly fair weather is forecast elsewhere. Minimum temperatures include: (approximate maximum readings In parentheses) Chicago (2 (8<), Los Angeles 62 (71), Miami 77 (87), New Orleans 69 (86), New York 79 (83). Phoenix 82 (104), San Francisco 55 (70), Seattle 57 (72), St. Louis 83 (87), Washington 71 (M).-UPl Photo. Pennsylvania Employe Deaths Strike Talks End HEREBY, Pa. (UPI) - Negotiations aimed at ending a two-week strike .that has halted the flow of unemployment checks in Pennsylvania's big cities broke down Sunday night, the Union rejected what the state called its final offer. "I don't know when we'll have another meeting," said mediator Edward Savko after the eight-hour session. "Each side will have to reassess their position." i A court hearing was set for today and a ruling was expected On the state's request for an injunction against some 1,600 workers in unemployment compensation offices. The Commonwealth said the walk. out by the Pennsylvania Employment Security Employes Asodiation Has stopped distribution of unemployment checks in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The association is part Of the same bargaining Unit as the Pennsylvania Social Services Union, which represents welfare case workers. Both walked off the job July 1. Lt. Gov. Ernest Kline came briefly to the negotiations Sunday afternoon and said an 11 per cent settlement was "the best offer the state can make." "It must b6 made clear we are deal' ing with a final line offer within the parameters of the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes) settlement, "Kline said. The state 'broke the silence it has kept since bargaining began with negotiator C. W. Myers, handing reporters A three-page outline of the latest proposal. It called for an average 11 per cent increase spread OVer the next two years for many union members. Myers said the increases would raise the average worker's salary by $1,300 to $1,600 annually. But union negotiator Edward Purcell rejected the offer, saying it was a "public relations gimmick." The union wants a one-year contract with an immediate six per cent pay hike. According to the breakdown provided by the state, most of the union members would get one per cent less than the Increase won on July 4 by the 73,000-member AFSCME. Court Rejects Mrs. Gandhi's Appeal Hearing NEW DELHI, India (DPI) - The Indian Supreme Court turned down Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's call to- .day for an immediate hearing on her appeal of a campaign corruption conviction. A four-judge panel, headed by Chief Justice A.N. Ray, set an Aug. 11 date for the hearing despite a request by Jagannath Kaushal, Mrs. Gandhi's attorney, for immediate consideration of the case, Shanti BhUshan, lawyer for the socialist leader challenging Mrs. Gandhi's 1971 election to parliament, asked for more time to prepare his arguments. Mrs. Gandhi did rtot appear for the preliminary Hearing in the court's main hearing room, crowded with an estimated 300 lawyers, visitors and reporters. Socialist leader 4 Raj Narain remained in jail with thousands of other politicians reportedly rounded Up by the government in a crackdown against Opposition leaders. Robert N. Leonardy OREGON-Robert Nathan Leonardy, son of Robert and Pamela (Oelke) Leonardy of Oregon, died shortly after birth Sunday in DeKalb Public Hospital. Surviving besides his parents are a brother, David, at home; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Oelke* and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Leonardy, all of Oregon; and great-grandmothers, Mrs. Gtfford Bent Of Oregon and Mrs Ethel Colbert of Eldorado. Graveside service will be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Daysvllle Cemetery. Lester B. Anderson of the Congregation of Yahweh of Rock City will officiate. There will be no visitation. Arrangements were completed by Farrell Funeral Home. Terry Tripp OREGON-Terry Tripp of Oregon Route 2 died Sunday evening in KSB Hospital, Dlxon. Funeral arrangements are being completed by Farrell Funeral Home here. Mrs. Robert Stowe GALENA-Funeral service for Mrs. Robert (Audrey) Stowe of Baileyvllle, who died Saturday morning in Freeport Memorial Hospital, Was Meld toi day in Steiflke Funeral Home here. BUrial was in Greenwood Cemetery. Mrs. Stowe was a former Galena resident and moved to Balleyvlllc three months ago. Born Nov. 24, 1899 in Lewlstown, Mo., she was the daughter of William add Dazeriria (Ellis) Roberts. She was married to Robert Stowe on Aug. 30, 1920, in Quincy. Surviving are her husband; a son, Robert of Galena; three daughters, Mrs. Vefa Coffman of Dubuquc, Iowa, ' Mrs. Ilcne Cox of Ballcyvllle and Mrs, Sheila Zink of Stockton; 14 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren. WANT ADS LEGALS Legal Notices 232-2171 Direct Line To Classified Any Time Day Or Night DEADLINE 12 noon, ,day before insertion Except Monday Which is 4 p.m. Friday Journal-Standard WANT AD Hours 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday BID NOTICE On August 5,1975, the Board of Education, Dakota Community Unit Schools, District No. 201, Dakota, 111., will open bids and proposals for materials, supplies arid concrete contracts for the 1975-76 Building Trades Project. Bids will be opened at 8 p.m. at the Dakota High School on August 5th. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all quotations. Specifications, material lists arid blueprints are available at the Superintendent's Office, Dakota Elementary BUilding, Dakota, 111. 61018. 7-ll-12-14-3t CLAIM NOTICE NOTICE IS GIVEN that LETTERS OF OFFICE were issued on July 11; 1975 in the-estate of AMALIA L. GARNHART, deceased, NO.. 75-P-121. CLAIMS may be filed within SIX (6) MONTHS from said date. Any Claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate inventoried within that period. John G. Whlton, Attorney, Ffeeport, Illinois, Dwight P. Garnhart, Executor, 812 S. Carroll Avenue, Freeport, Illinois. ETHA CHAMPLIN, Circuit Clerk Pro tehi 7-14-21-28 ANNOUNCEMENTS Card Of Thanks RENT THE PRO - Stddmex Carpet Cleaner with 6 power jets. Johnny-On-The-Spot, 2324514. In Memoriam IN LOVING MEMORY - Of Oscar Biasing, who passed away 1 year ago toddy, July 14. It broke our hearts to lose you, But you didn't go alone; For part of our five's went with you. The day that God called you home. FAMILY In Loving Memory Of PAULINE Y. BABLER who passed away 5 years ago July 14,1970 Memories are treasures no one can steal, leath is a heartache nothing can heal. Sortie may forget you, how that you're gone, , But we shall remember, ho matter how long. HUSBAND & DAUGHTERS Monuments, Cemetery Lots » ENGBLS MONUMENT WORKS Cor. Demeter Dr. & W. Empire PHONE 232-9U9 FLACHTEMEIEJR Established 1874 807 S. Adams Ave. 232-2312 Personals IB A BI-CENTENNIAL.keepsake Jj Colony spoons with spoon track. C. H. Little & Co., 24 E. Stephenson. BI-CENTENNIAL Miniatures & Ribbons Dorothy's Crafts, D-vU 865-5187 Personals 10 ACCIDENTS CAVllAPPEN! ARE YOU PREPARED? INSURE WITH US Western States Insurance Co. Bone Chinsi By Royal DoUltan $AVE By The Set! Ringers, on the plaza, 283-2012 It's Strawberry Shoftdake Time at DAIRY OREEM N£W BOOKS - "Hanoi's New Life" and "LoviHg Promises" by Helen Stelner Rice. CHRISTIAN SUPPLY CENTER NEW WOODLAND ANIMALS HOUSE & GARDEN 700 W. South St. 232-3298 NO NEGATIVE? No longer a problem! We'll copy your color portrait and make 3 - 5x7 dolor enlargements for only $4.99, or 2 • 8x10 color enlargements for $5.99. Copy negative will be returned. EMMERT DRUG CiO. NOTICE After IMS date, I will not be responsible for debts contracted by anyone but myself. PATSY D. ENDRISS NOTICE After this date we will riot be responsible for debts contracted by anyone but ourselves. ROGER & DONNA RECOY Pregnant & Distressed? Call 232-4093 Sager Tours August 4th, 4 days, Macklnac island & Spo Locks. Aug. 16, Wisconsin State Fair Labor Day Weekend Tours, include Lake of the OZarks of Mackinac Island or St. Louis & Six Flags. 232-3128 SELECT YOUR DRAPERIES In your own home. Call 233-3191 for personal service. Weise's. SERIOUS about saving? Give some serious attention to the Golden Passbook Savings Plan at State Bank. WANTED - Room & board for alert 62-year-old lady with -cane. 563-4640 WICKER WASTEBASKETS From the sunshine state! 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