The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 17
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FACTS TEXAS, WEDNESDAY. NOygMBISR H, '^£*»»B West* Columbia plans community service I WEST COLUMBIA The Community Bicentennial Thanksgiving Worship will be held at St. Mary's Episcopal Church on Thursday at 9 a.m., sponsored by the West Columbia Ministerial Alliance. The Rev. James Morgan will be host pastor. The Rev, Harold J. Pamell, new pastor of the First Baptist Church, will give the Thanksgiving message. Other ministers to participate include the Rev. Howard Williams, the Rev. I. Noel Snow, the Rev. B. B. Hankins and the Rev. Leonard R. Swinney. Any others available have been asked to contact the host pastor. Persons of all faiths are invited to participate in the service. Masseur rubs wife the wrong way By Abigail Van Buron Presidents' wives spotlighted In keeping with the bicentennial year, Mrs. G. E, fSammye) Woodward presented a "Thumbnail Sketch of Presidents' Wives" for the Wednesday Review dub at a recent meeting in the Lake Jackson home of Mrs, R. E. {Lee) Griffin. Mrs. Woodward presented pictures of presidents' wives including Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Rachel Jackson, Sara Polk, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor ; Roosevelt and others. She described their lives from their marriages, told for what they were best known and described their dress, children, tragedies and deaths. Co-hostess was Mrs. E. A. (Arlean) Penney. The/ Sore Focfs I .. ;_. •_.. . .._. , ^ A BtCKNTKNNIAl, afghan made by Mrs. Eula Gray, left, a resident of Woodlake Nursing Center and donated to the Volunteer Helping Hands for a fund-raising project, was won by Glemla Fipr* of Iflkt- Jackson, This is one of several Biccntennially oriented programs and projects in which Woodlake residents are participating. of Dimes Sickle cell disease: What's it all about? Mr. and Mrs. Bennie R. Stokes of Lake Jackson announce the Nov. 6 birth of their son, Michael Ray, at Brazosport Community Hospital. He weighed eight pounds. EasyGo-Togethers Printed Pattern S{E TtWSSUF i - tooting slim, tOi«l!i«(j. Choow Printed Pjlltm 905 M S«ej 8. 10. !?, H. IS. 18. ZO Sut 1? ft«t J4) ttnic 1 54 inch, panls 1 ?i <(!i, IH yds J^tnch. Send $1.00 Iw rich wtletn. Add ?S* lor «Kh fu!!»ra (of 'irst tins rnjij ini tundfo* K Mj'lm O«parlm«ne The Braicnpor! Facti n? Wnl Itth SI New York. N.Y. 1001 1 .Print NAME. ADDRESS. ZIP, SIZE ANO STYLE NUMBER D* j»» kaiw la* ta |d J ntttn tret? Stod »«w Ijr •«r M* FlllWhttr Pittir* C«UI«t-eiip coayjo iuWt lir tftt p»tttn it jtw ctoitt Seed 75< oa«! Sew 4- bit Bask $| J5 laibat Ug«t Crafts JI.OO laslinl FltAhi But VI .00 lastint Joint Book SI 00 MOD FACTS, sponsored by the Brazoria County Chapter of the National Foundation — March of Dimes, provides an information center for the citizens of Brazoria County. Question: What is sickle cell disease? Answer: It's a hereditary blood disease in which the red blood cells sometimes assume a strange shape — like a sickle. These sickle shaped cells can't float through the body easily, carrying oxygen to all the different organs which in turn cannot function properly. Question: Who is likely to have sickle cell disease? Answer: People whose ancestors came from Africa are more likely to have sickle cell disease. The mild form, sickle cell trait, is likely to be found in one out of every 400. Some Caucasians whose ancestors came from the Mediterranean area, the Middle East, and parts of India may also have either form of the disease. , Question: What does sickle cell trait mean? Answer: It means that DEAR ABHYr My hu»b«nd U a maawir. and he hat hit own parlor. Our problem is the growing number of women who find It Impossible to come in for massage* during Walter'* regular working hour» To accommodate them, h» stay* evening*, whkh me«n» Walter and hU cu»tomer are there all alone. On* woman uwd to come In three Umw a week- ~alway» after hours ~»o I started going down there when *he did, and she finally quit coming in for managed Walter twrame up*«t and wid hedoean't want me coming clown to his parlor at all because the word U getting around that he has a jealou* wife-whkh la hurting hi» bu»in**« I say h« does* well enough during the day hour* and tkwan't n«*d to work evening*, too AIM, I've rw« know him to work ovwtlm* on a man or an rklerly or ob*M woman -only young, gtxitl-looking onw Have I a right to b* »u»pick>u»? WALTER'S \V1FK f)KAR WIFB: Y« Hut «m eaa't b« abteHiUl; •«« until yon catch Walter rubbing MM at hi. c«*ttm»f» lH* wrong way. DKAR AnilY ! urn «Utton*d in »wul, KOTO, and read your column in the Pacific B(*n «ml Stripe*. My wilt I* back in the Siatw We've b«n mmrtMl two y«nr«, but have »p*nt only 10 montht logrthw bec»u«* of my Army training »ml fUtioning In Kor« My wife ua«d to (moke befor* *• w«re married, bvi I •nk«l htt to quit ind *h* did She wra(« to Ml m* «he h«» *tart«d Mttoking »*»m 8fc« wy» it "rete»M" h«r »nd k«*f*» Kw weight d»«w "Only h«lf * peck « day," ifa eUimi, but I am vtry muth up*et IWCBUM I h*t« lh»t habit and don't wtnl h«* to track* it ill A* hff huttaml, do I have (he right to tiwtuml that the quit? My mother u*wl to tunolt* ovcf lh/t» p*ck« • day. and ytw «lwH)ld have tetm hw wK«n »h* |{»t up in ih* morning I ikwi't want that to Happen to my wife. What »hwiW I do? FAR FROM HOMK DKAR FAR Doa'i ma*t •« !««« of It to jrow Mtm Ycm'O oaljr ttp*n her ami l»<rt«*i twt B**d ID '>««*» " Wh*a yon «r< Wn«. ANK h*r to pl**M quit Hat 1 war* you, unit** fttr tatttlf U notitcttd la qutt, *fc* won't IMa« a some people carry a gen« for sickle cell disease which they can pass along to their children. If lhea« children marry someone who also has this trait, their children have a higher risk of being born with the serious form of the disease. Question: What are the symptoms of sickle cell anemia 1 ' Answer: There are many different symptom* of sickle cell anemia Generally, sickle cell patients get pale, tired, and short of breath They have pain i>> their arms, legs, back and abdomen They lose their appetite Th«tr eyes lake on a yellow cast. Their joints sometimes swell Usually, their bodies do not grow or develop as fast »s they should. They have low resistance to infections Question p . Is there a cure for sickle cell anemia? Answer: At presMsit, no. But your March of Dimes Chapter is supporting projects to find the answer as well as project* to hdp sickle cell patients live a normal life. Next week: Young people and birth defects. DRT d/sMcfs meef In Houston A combined mwting of Districts Six and Nine of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas was h*ld recently in Houston Mrs, H Raymond llagnn, past president general of the D H.T., gave a program entitled "Our Sacrtd Heritage" which told of how the 1> H T was an outgrowth of thf Texas Veteran AjaoeJatioo Mrs Hugh Uourkc Happy birthday to: DORIS FOLKY, KEVIN FRANK. CAROL FRANK, BEVERLY MKNARU, CHRIS VRA2KL. KLAINK SAVAGE. KIMHERLY ANN TAYLOR DKAH AIIHY I tin ll-fva it, tnjt I >tit) wet th* («<i \VKtn my (rw-ntl* itk m# it t (fi*/n. I makr up»fi ntus* likr AWjy, | lifwjur n'» * tin to It* that I »!ill wri th« tm] Can y l *ih*m*ti to *«lm*< »tm I M «is «t I jttsS fa* t t«i) th*Bi 9 h*tp m* f I»:AH A jrwt it'* A»k t« i»» « "»«< alarm " ill'* *«4 it I* ' Aftrt tot j»v I Celebrating nivmary MR AND MRS JENKINS CK> <*n \V fix A MM « t»«khi. Ho* Iw M*»« * t.»> «*d H 1 1» Abigail V»n »«f«* 1 1.' U»i, |>f y. president general of th« U.H.T.. gave a report on the Alamo. French (Cation. Old l.inrf (Xfice Museum and the Cradk Prenuptial events NDAR 1 in FP COUfH€ Two prenuptial parties were held In Frtwport to honor Deborah Klwabcth Havron and Michael Lawrtno; Heather. who arc planning a late tVovember wedding A couptas "stock your bar" shower was held m the home of Mr and Mm Dennis McCowwtl and a miscellaneous shower for Miss Havron was held Ir the homir of Mrs 0 (.' Fanner i i i i i INVENTORY SACRIFICE Every thing is reduced so much we'r " DROP! ~~^^ HOUSE SHOES FOR THE FAMILY 90 EVERYTHING IN THE STORE, NOW MAK.SHAI.LM.MU.I.KK . where the knee bone U connected to the thigh bone CARVING... I You Must See It To Believe If! Buy at Cost! Buy Below Cost! (Continued from Page I) through the ribs close to the backbone. This Is the only place in disjointing the chicken that it is necessary to cut through bone, — Remove the excess abdominal fatty tissue from the back piece. This can be boiled with the wing tips in a half gallon of water and salt and pepper to make a soup stock which can be frozen for later use. When wrapping the pieces of meat for the freezer Miller suggested putting the meaty parts to the outside of the package to prevent tears in the wrap. Chicken may be kept nine months to a yea r In the freezer. He cautioned the audience against leaving cooked pouJIry unrefrigerated for any length of time or leaving stuffing in the bird, even under refrigeration, "Most people are so sanitary they can do a lot of things wrong and get away with it," he commented. "It's the odd time that isn't worth taking the chance." Miller has co-authored a booklet with David B. Mellor for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service entitled "Freezing poultry for Home U*e" in which the disjointing of chickens and turkeys is illustrated, to obtain a copy check with Frederica Seaman, county extension agent, at the courthouse, extension 493, M{H. WOMfK AND CMUOttM tp CMOOII >»OM WEDGES FOR LADIES ON THE 60! \ \ .{ i tM rtnU 10 WK> IO Ht ' Of IA6S Pttttfl 10 SOI f«I! Ml" \l»(l HOT TO 60 HEELS & PLATFORMS ' l»t!t M< illi.Ii ns^ 5 l«IM « I) I«O«M •UNO to CHCOM i»o» IATAWAI MOW "° "*""-" SPORT SHOES t DESERT IOOTS • _ A IATAWAT MOW MMt H*n ..'»' I* WESTERN BOOTS I WORK BOOTS ?ONf IAMA. HOC OHM OtOtOM OUHt, HttTtM. IAMU IOU AMD 01* OWN ti«oi wotto MAHO Results s H o E 725 L MULBBW ^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^BBBBUJMIP

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