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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, June 11, 1859
Page 2
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LOHT d left for rning. ut seven wing is a copy of a letter aw ornef General of the %nlt«t States,' . lane U. As soon as it was known that the two yetrs Mnmdment to tbe Constitution of Wasswhn- lette bad been adopted v the German republicans of tbe western States made the following demands npon the republican party: 1. That tbe republican central committee of tbe States of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York be requested to declare against it. ' : . 1. That a similar expression should be had from the republican Senators and Representatives in Congress. ,",".. '8. That in the next republican State Con vrations, resolutions should be brought in denouncing this act of Massachusetts in the most unequivocal manner. v ' ,: , 4. That in Massachusetts UIB consistent republicans should -organise a distinct 'party. 6. Ttet the'National Convention of I860 ought in the first plane tfr f admit tbe delegates ai the genuine republican party, of Massachusetts, should make a declaration of opposition to tbe position of Massachusetts, and .should nominate a m an for the Presidency whose sentiments and character are a guarantee of the maintenance of the equal rights ot all inhabitants of tbe republic. The Milwaukee Allot published the above in tbe German language, and the free Democrat acquiesced in the justice and propriety of the German repnblieans making a compliance, with every one of these demands, a condition of their further co-operation witb the republican party. As yet there has be^n only a partial compliance. A few republican members of Congress have written letters since the adoption of tbe amendment. But the republican central committees of Indiana and Pennsyl- fcythe to the. Marshal of tbe^Nortbern., Dirtrict Ohio. Wethjnkthatall law-abiding eiti* will acknowledge the correctness of tbe Presi- dent's'position He' must .gee that the Uws •re faithfully executed ;J - - 'I QHIBIL'S Onto*, Washington, April 28, i859. ( SIR : It is due to tbe public peace that yon and «ll *he other, federal officers in Ohio should be careful as possible not to giva any jrjst •_i.__^ J — V L**.._. . l'^--fta.j- 'Q4j^4jt^feMtl**k'Mt4tA« ri A eauss of offence to the 'State authorities, it is necessary that'you obey the ooart whose offloeryonarel ,Yon will, ofjoonrse, .see (6! It " 0^| .0 risoners are not rescued out of Ijr, either by the void process of vania have not declared against it. Nor has the republican convention of the State of Ohio —tbe only one held since the adoption of the amendment—''denounced this act of Massachusetts in t be most unequivocal manner."— There i« Certainly no direct allusion lo the act of Massachusetts in tbe resolution adopted by the Ohio Republican State Convention. If alluded to at all, it was in the most cowardly and equivocal manner. We have published the resolution which declares, in effect, that if South Carolina, or any other State, has created a distinction between naturalised and native born citizens, she (South Carolina or any other Slat*,) has done wrong. It U stated—on wbat authority we do not know—that South Carolina has naver'done any such thing, while everybody knows—"for this thing was not done in a corner,"—that Massachusetts hat created that distinction, and that, too, 1n open defiance of the threats of the German republicans, and In contempt of tbe appeals made in their behalf by tbe leading republicans of the Western States. Before the election in Massachusetts, tbe German republicans were comforted with tbe assurance that the Massachusetts republics,^ would defeat tbe amendment at the polls. Aft»r thtv failed to do tbat, they were told tbat every Republican Stat* Convention would "most tinea oi vocally denounce the act of Mas. •achnsetts.'' The first Republican State Convention held after the promulgation of that demand decline* to comply witb it. What wil] tbe tiermari republicans do now v Do they vet see througli tb«- trick ? Will they consent to be further duj.eH ciecoiv-d and snld, by those who Lave bo Ix-tiaved them ? who have no jurisdiction, or by open id undisguised violence. If yon submitjto either,It Will be justly retarded as an acknowledgment that the Constitution and laws of tie United .States have no longer any practical force Within ihe limits of your district : The Supreme Court of Ohio may be so far imposfed jnpon as to award a writ of habeas corpus for the prisoners In your custody. If this should be done you will respe tfdlly d iline to produce tbe. bodies of the prisoneU >efore the State .Court or to let them be taken out of your own custody. But it wilt be yojir duty to accompany;this refusal with a proper explanation., Make a return stating the facts and send copies of all the -documents in your possession which may be necessary to verify your statement, including, if yon see proper, a copy of this letter. . ; The {federal court in your district has exclusive jurisdiction of the oflence with which these parties are charged. No State Court has any power whatever »o interfere in the matter, either by means pf a habeas corpus or otherwise. All process of one court the object dr effect of which is to interfere with the administration of justice In another is void and of no effect. Any forcible effort to take these prisoners out of your hands by virtue of a habeas corpus from the State court will bo to all intents and purposes, an act of lawless violence. In saying this I speak by the book, for such KOMPTH Oil »RB t OenfuicUston of (be TreMfe* 0 J& t5f 181«, -r " - \ On theSflth day or May, a few days prio -i^lUffSKsri de^tae for Genoa, Governo T&tossntninade a^ery^owerfnl speechrwhtcl was listened to br-» large «nclte4ce, at th London Tavern. Be urged the neutrality o England as the only position consistent'wit her ; honor and safety in.ths present crisis pointed out the leaning of the Ministry to th side of Austria; and argued strongly thu necessity of Parliament and public opinion hold ing tliB Government to • strict observance o their declared neutrality. Concerning th treaties of 1816, he lield the following Jan was the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of the Uafeed States in tbe case of Ableman vs. Booth at the last term. if an attachment should be issued again&t you by the State court for your refusal to obey- their process, yon will, oi course, appeal 16 the federal court under tbe act of 1833 (ani agreeably to the precedent in Robinson's case) for relief, which will no doubt, be immediately afforded. Bat yon are to exert your utmost vigilance, caution, and prudence in avoiding evory cause of collision as long as you can possibly do so without eurrenduring the legal rights of this government, or abandoning yonr duty as one of its officers Let your desire to keep tbe peace be as manifest as you can make it.— Anything except yielding to an unlawful demand, is better than a trial of brute force ; but the prisoners tnust not be surrendered. 1 am aware that th- liabtax cnrpus law, as modified a short tifne ago by the legislature ol Ohio, authorizes & State officer, un<ter certain circumstances, to take a prisoner out of the hands of a person who n»« him in custody.— This may be one of tbt? forms in which the up. prehended force will show itself, and jl is what yon must prepare lo resist. If the gtat»- authorities should disregard tbeir d«ty to tUe Constitution and laws of the Union so entirely as to make an attack upon you, do not forget, «or let your assistants forget, that they who defend the law are protected 1 by the law. TLe assaulting party must take all the consequences .npon their own heads. The moral as well as tl* physical power will be on your sida. Tours respectfully, J.S BLACK. To MATTHEW JoHSsoa, Esq , D S. Marshal, Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland. Ohio. Difficult to Ple>a»e. A correspondent of the New York Errnirig Pot! states that he ha* h«en the whole length of ih« State of Minnesota, "north and south, twice, and conversed upon tbe subject of the potoinp election everywhere." He then proceeds to sj>-&fc of some other matters which are more or less interesting to tbe peo pie of the west He say? th* republic-mi!- "iii> poor, thay j want speaker- from the east, bai Ke.jj thai DO man,-not even Senator \Filson, be sent there who has ever had the smell of know nothing ism upon him " A very sensible suggestion, but pray, where are tbt republican speakers of tbe east, who hnve never had the smull of know-nothioirism upon them ? The republicans of tbf west wil) undoubtedly remain poor if an improvement IB their condition depends upon the east Bunding republican speakers up here who have never beeu connected with know-nothingism H* thru proeewdfi to discuss the popular!: -. ,f Seward, Chase, Lincoln and Biswll, and arrives at B very sensible conclusion, viz : that "it will require B strong man OD our (the republican ticket to carry the west against Douglas We think so too, and from tbe description Riven below by this correspondent of the promtD-ut names mentioned in connection with the r«puhlican nomination, we do not think there is the I Hast probability of their finding a man in the r< publican ranks who can carry "the west against Douglas." Here is what the !'<,it't correspondent says of the "nags 1 ' now undergoing the process of training "The question »ho will be onr candidate for President, is freely talked over. It is | erally expected that Seward will b«, not that they desire him. but they think that I e wil. manage to pack the convention, that hi.« friendi wi!l b« more active and resort to means thai the friends of other candidates will not This feeling does Seward no good. 1 6nd that who are Seward men are willing to go for any person. Many of those who oppose Seward will not vote for him if nominated. I am disappointed in Governor Chase not being bette.r -known and liked by the masses in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, and the same in Illinois' I am satisfied he will not go Into the convention very strong. Governor Bissel has the. most personal popularity of any public man out west, and oug^t to be on our' ticket if it is an object to carry Illinois and Indiana " tincoln is well spoken of. but the'gBneral feeling is that he was over-matohed by Done- las. He can never run as well again as he did for Senator. " From all I could gather, it will require a strong man on our ticket to carry the west against Douglas, if ho shonlrj be in the field, aai " against ua. What he says of packing the convention throws a' flood of light npon the movements of the Sentinel clique of this city. But as this writer well says, this does Seward no good. It will be well for the friends of Seward to disguise their hand a -little more now, that they are detected in playing snch a disreputable game. They are suspected of resorting to means that the friends of other candidates would scorn to use, for the purpose of packing a convention. Of course, under such circumstances, "many of those who oppose Seward will not vote for him if nominated." We are quite certain that the writer ts cor. rert lo saying that the general feeling is that Lincoln was over-matched by Douglas. A marvelloiu Concrptlon. Among tbe&oasts drank at Detroit, on the recent festive occasion, was the following, which the papers ascribe to our gallant oo- «emporary, Gen. King of the Senttnrf: "The Soldier j of the Northwest.—Born of the immortal ordinance of 1787; worthy scions of the Illustrious stock." . If there chanced to be at that festive hoard •ny worthy scion of the illustrious stock *»f Nioodemus, imagine if .yon can dear reader, th* pnnla-headed state into which he must have been thrown -by tbe. announcement that tie soldleriy of the .Northwest were born of th« immortal ordinance of 17871 ' e Fourth of July will he MUbnted throughout the State this year. Prom the New BareD Journal, June 6. Paiaage of Mount CrnU by tbe Frrncfc Troops. GEXEVA,'May 4 1859 You will receive quite n budget of letters by this !<t.-amer—tbat (rom Florence, written the day after tbe revolution ; from Genoa, giving a hurried account of the movements of troops at that point, 30th ult. , from Turin, amidst soeni-s of intwnsest interest, ilur 2 ; i,nd now 1 have to acquaint you of oar leariu« Turiu (not deeming it prud*nl to expose tbe ladies in such immediate proximity of the contest), at 9 p. m , on Monday, lor this city, where we arrived saMy at 10 p. m yesterdky Leaving Turin, we took the cars for Susa, at ''ie foot o tbe Alps, which usually occupies about tw hours ; but being delayed by meeting Ions trains of cars filled with French soldiers, we did not arrive till 12 (midnight). At Susa a sublime scene awaited us " Itnmed.ately in the Urcre open spa«- in rear of the depot l.'i.OOO of tbe French army arriv«d daring the eve. ning—some actively pre;iarinc to t&ke fas many a* could ) the cars. A wilder midnight scene can hardly b* imacrined Camp UrVs, witb their dark line of smoke, throwing tbeir lurid Hebta upon ih* immense bosts ; lb. sounding of bagles, tbe hurrying to and fro of officers, the columns marching, was n so lone to be rem«nibered. For t»» hour* were in the midst of all this, occupying, in common with officers and soldier?, tie caft attached to the d^pot. from th* door of which we lookrl om upon the army, occupying even to the spot where We stood, and by which they marched to the cars, sixty-five of which, drawn by three engines, took the.f* departure whil-- we waited. It is strange wbat a portVct sense of security we felt, surroondad by these regiments of soldiers They were under tbe most perfect discipline Not & word was uttered tfcat could offend the most susceptible. Tbe officers were extremely polite—even amidst all tbe stern duties de volvingnpon them under such circumstnnces, never p»b$ing the. ladies of onr party without a polite salutation They, with tiieir men, were in high spirits, and, althnngfc having eu- dured a march of thirty-three miles across Mount Cenis since 4 a. m., appeared fired with high enthusiasm for tbe fight r At 2 a m. We took the diligence, six in our party, Major Franklyn, of the Indian army, of whom I have hi a private letter spoken, being the 6th. We commenced the ascent witb eighteen mules attached to tbe diligence—the night very dark, with dense clouds and rolling thunder. At B a. m. we were, well towards the summit, in the m dst of a heavy snow storm, the mountain being entirely covered by it. At 6 a. m we met the Advance guard of the French, and soon the main body were in sight, the columns marching at ease (tbat is, each man allowed to march and carry bis musket in the easiest way to him.) Before we arrived at the foot of tbe mountain we had passed through over 20,000 soldiers of the empire, t For two hour they were marching through a pelting snow storm. Was it not an inspiring sight, then "I now come to the pretended Inviolability of the treaties' 1815. It is the more importan to hare tbe mists of prejudices cleared away in tb'ls regsrdy as It can admit of no doubt that should it 80~bappen (which God forfend) tha £pgland were to depart from the principles o neutrality it would be done in favor of Austria, It would be done on the ground and nn der the pretext of the inviolability of the treaties of IjStS. • It is woeful to remember, my lord, that tbe sovereigns who, on pretence of -asserting thi liberties of Europe, eniined the nations to shed their blood in streams lor nearly a quarter ol century, and. to'waste away the prosperity oj generations for the preservation of dynast!es,at last requited the* deluded nations at* the Congress or Vienna, by selling and bartering them like cattle, and by treating Europe like an al- lodial farm. [Hear.] Thus it is. that Lorn- bartty, thus it is that Venice, the Fairy City, robbed of its glorious independence 1 of thirteen hundred years' standing, were tossed over like a cricket ball into the Krasp of the House of Austria. [Hear,, bear] These last forty-four years of Italian life, wil h their groans, with their ever growing hatred and discontent, with their ever recurring commotions, conspiracies, revolts, revolutions,witb their scaffolds soaked in the blood of patriots, with tbeir horrors of Tplelberg and Mantua, Mid with the chafing angel with which the words, "Out witb the Austrians," tremble on the lips of every Italian—these forty-four years are recorded in history as a standing protest against those Impious treaties. The robbed protested loudly enough against the compact of tbe M>l.:-«rs. (Cheers.) Yet, forsooth, we are still »,.i.i that tb» treaties of 1816 are inviolable! V liy, I have heard it reported that England t^ig with a merry peal when the stern, Inwar.l judge Conscience, led the hjindof Castlereapl, to suicide; and shall we in 1859 be offered the sigh* of England plunging into the inaaj- liable calamities of a great war for no bettt. • purpose tl»»n to uphold tbe accursed wi- t- of the Castlereaghs, and from uo better mo 1 > • than to keep tbe accursed house of Anstn.i --afe? (Lood cheers.) Inviolable treaties, in-i.-d! Why, my lord, the forty four years Hflt have since passed' bave oribbled those tr 'aios like a sieve. The Bourbons, whom they, --jtored to the throne of France, have vanish, I, and the Bonapartea whom they proscribed ure restored. (Hear, bear.) Two changes—the transformation of Switzerland from » coi-ft deration of States lo to a confederated btate. i.nd the independence of Belgium, have been accomplished In spite of tboav treaties, to th.- profit of liberty; but for tbe rust, thedistta, usv feature cf the cril» blinj process through w liioh those treaties baTe passed is this, that ev r\ pnor plant of freedom which they usrt -p red l»»s been uprooted b? the unsparinp hat.d of decpotism. From the Republic of Cracow, poor remnant of Poland, jiwallowc 1 by Austria, down to the fretrtiom <rf the j>iv>$, guaranteed 10 Germany, but reclu-ed to nrli a condition that in the toative land of Gn'i.nberg not one square yard of soil is left to srt a free press upon, everything that was n-.i «.f eril in those inviol bible trtaties has U-en irnmpled down to the profit of despotism, of oncordats, of Jesuits, and of benigbtiiu; dark, -ss All tb»-se viola' lions of the inviotabl.- treaties w>-re accom plished without Eu^lai d once shaking her mighty trident to forbi-1 it ; and shall it be recorded in history, th.U when the object U lo drive Au.-itria from luly, when tbe natural logic of this nndorUk" •» might present my own native land with a , uance of tbat deliverance to which England l-ide God-spred with a mighty outcry of syn.pathv, rolling like a thunder from John 0 liroat'a to the Land's End—(Ht deliverance f,,r winch prayers hav.- aso-nded, .tnd are aso-i ,iing !>tilL, tn the Father of mankind from miUinuH of British hearts— sb»ll n !>• r.-corded in history that at such prevl6n4 or TBS -The (Milwaukee Light O BuSalb U an early_honr yesterday intendin to arrive in that city at ja issyening. They pxpresffii ^thenv* selves perfectly satisfied with ^thejr ?receptioii tn,D<itrc It, everything having beefi done to en- tertatrj them in the best possible manner. The [jajrat the"BnsseIi Housej on the evening, was a success, 'the large dining-room being filled to its greatest capacity by a merry company, w£fi enjoyed the occasion with the greatest seaL The supf per wasgot up regardjess of expenSe.i We hare never s^en a richer table on a similar oc. casipn, either in point of ornament* o* variety. The supper room was open from (half-past eleven nttO half-past one o f lock, during which' time several hundred people feasted them, selves, thare seeming to be no restriction in regard to ijnmburs or persons. Thi iompany were escorted to the earthy the Detroit Light Guard. [If they are obliged to undergo the same aintmnt of entertainment at ekoji of their »ioppingblaoes on their way to New Tork and pack, wf do not envy them the trlp^ for bodily vigorjmust inevitably sufler ftjom a con linual round of traveling by day and festivities by njght.— Detroit free Pret»\ \ ' nni ', ' AH Ox]K««n BtOAtTSE HB BtDH'l! STAND P4«*OB.—At Detroit, reoenMf) »° ox ras killed because he could not Understand the Frenqh language. ' Tbe team,! ctinsisting oi one English and one French o*,j drawing a MIW 1/iarl a**/! **_:.*.... V.» « D«....l.i J^I_ CrfT CovpTtoLLna owncm 1 .., , Contract Department, June 8, l»i». f followln* la » schedule of loti fronting on Sth •"•"». tnm Wlnnebago to Vllet itreet, in (ne 9nd ward of Oa City of Milwaukee, and an estimate of th< **£!**-**• ™<* °f Ihoie lota. arrUlng from ttnlinlnf laid itrMt In the manner prescribed In the City tn- J. H. BCENTNS, £.0018 ACER, Street CommUaloomra. Block. »» J» H» »» «» «» Lot. 1 » » 12 13 14 BeneflU. 417,91 1»» 90 917^4 SW.40 S90.03 Block. 119 118 118 118 129 Lot. BeaeSti. 6 I 10 11 7 411,8ft 20130 S18.78 913.54 079,49 *avy l oa d ) an< j drirvn by a Frenohidrjver.was irossing&e track when the eipre.-a train made ts appearanca The drrver, in greai excite- ment,imniediately ordered his oxen to^cAue* " he French word for '-Uajw." The French ox nuderstoqd him. and turning off ibft track, laved hlriself, but the English ox, barer hav- ng stU'ti4d the language, pressed farther on, and was instantly killed. ; , v i CABS —The D. & M. Rillway Co. iave now'provided sleeping oars with 4 all the night trains npon tbeir road Tha managers .f this road are determined to be behind no ther road in the conntiy In furnishing tbe jest of modern improvements for the; accommodation bf its passengers. The ro4d is rapid- y growing in favor with *iie traveling 1 public, nd therejis uo reason, that we are .aware of, why It should not become the greatest busi- T»ess, as W$ll as traveling, thoroughfare ID Ui« Olthwestl— I, rand Rapidi k'n<fuire*. ' E. L'H.BABulNEB, Comptroller. NOTICE- Crrr Oomraotajat's Omo», i Contract Department. June lo, 18S9. f T UB following IB a «chedale of loti fronting on Poplar itreel, In tae Beeow) Ward of the City of M i- waukee, from Third atr«et to t ighth street, .howlnu tie amount of benefits to each lot. by grading said ij-- t and traia-i, Dlanllnit acd curving iralki and i,a»lo,; g_n«teri, a d grarelllnn the itrwt, u per plan or UV City Engineer, aaieaiment u follovi. J. n. BUEVISO, LODISAtTEn, Street Comml5sloDerB. Beneflii. 24SJT 244,10 1S410 18], 10 260 10 285,10 Block. 84 84 39 88 35 83 88 38 38 84 87 37 87 87 57 37 11T 117 Lot. 15 16 1 2 IB 18 1 4 6 e 8 1 2 8 4 6 • « 11 19 278,44 KK.69 3800 119,14 33S.10 11888 108,09 l-.loct. 117 117 117 117 181 131 131 181 Jel0-d3t 131 13t 131 us iii 114 118 lid 118 1-9 129 129 E. L'K. OARDIN 100.69 9809 111.3S 10638 95,02 134,02 Lot. 18 '4 15 IS 1 14 15 16 17 18 19 '20 11 n 13 14 15 '8 1 X 5 Beneflt.. 85.34 99.69 99, T2 11K.B9 644,*! 8 ,11 87.U 36,81 i WOK ns : t A grent man 7 It-airneil tre.» '»»•*» '>***" t«8 ( explaining the origin of, iml classifying gen^rateifln the human lysi^m .io»rr;-*y « medical science hasellecied m»r v *cace -ibur-r profooded r»f arch ; uiU yc* phy»tc(»n» »r- diTldeil InopiDioo on tbe uhj^ct u moat r» e however, ih»t, *fier all, « », .i tf O f worma, »nii ptirtfytuff th* boJy jtu ti of more yjl ue than the wfseat .n.iquisltN.i orijiD. The *ipellin^ agpnt hij M i^n h 'th fir, VLniuP* Yirm-ifuyt prepaiiMt by ?i vnrma ' U-IHC >( STRA r u \ ft K Than « ;JH W (, uo i .,u D hr Purr has, J p ,.|lin« A N 1 M'- 1 ". i'TH KK 'IM M 1 - •' . . ,\ ] ,| la the much aou^ht afte • t< led all i*ht?r worm m l fiy Pur genuine h-- •f-r>r<ve«l Liv n-"v h,« h;i.l at il> r c -.j>. ,• r . '- , , genuine wiMutut U>t *ty"' lf '"~'' ^ llj m»ylJ u*.,,. H.KMI IIITIIKo«.lja \\>UJ|Ol>|-< WHICH i.i Ih-i ffr^i c-i ' v t,,i : the a must luacf*9-ilh c mm.nt n r erica, \n,\ 4.) (e,| hvr.-e.y l.. . t .. - , ;•', it.c .it'it-r Hn.1 £ veil f • .u.- • ••• • . tlon of bum>in i-jjT. rinaf, t • .1 u • •. .•-.,. ]{' i )• i I' A I u \ , ,. H nu ntinkln-i 4(1. M 43.14 5S 14 13 381.1(3 267.*) 1 12. 6'J M.<« 79.02 1*4,69 THK f ''• sin j VMM M RETAIL GUOUs i FOH SALK. French I all i*«cd I L IUE mbetrlber hm juit rccflvtil a stnaJt lampte of White W heat direct frrrn France, and «0l rtc Ive rjen for »ame A» the quantity krrtvlU(( IB small arlieawlghlDii to par hue, wil Jo » c ll to «cn4 In filers early", , „ ., : WM TODNf., '___*_ , Branch »arrh,,use, W«lltir'< Point. NOTICK. i> herehy Jlrpn that C 0 Murray I aj wltirtratrr. from the firm or Murray, Prior. 4 o., havh.g if otd all hia Rhtand luterclt In «.ld flrm t . W| n am U -Klmhall : u c JKJHRAY. Th-hu«lnes3 «l I l.rreaftfr br conduelfit under th- ylt of Pi-loi!,* Co., wt.o Kill icttleull a.-rounii Murray, Pn«r t Co. , , *. P. Pali)a, 1 J. P. HARBl^K It,Comptrnll NOTICK. rilHJ undersigned Street Commml,,n»r» i I Ward, th- - recviv^ -eaJed pr-M o»al f lewer beiw^cn 5tn and 6ih. ,r. •aid ward, according to i/,« ,,ur Ipeclflcattl'iDl tn tac offlr« of the Cl tv C,,mi,troUrr Saturday, UM lltk Inn, at iO o'clock ». .. J U. SU'MNd LOUIS AUKR, jelO-dtt rttrrev Comml.-, o~ ,-r -HI r i rack street In EjtabJKhlnn a h«y market and r*irui«lmir th In t-e Second, (tlrlh an.) Ninth Wirdi of Mllwankce. The Cr.mmon < u.jnfl or 11,^ r, ordain a* follows • CTl .N 1 Tl,. pull • ,.,,,, r .. i, lluatc on Ih. ea>t half l.l...-k tl',, t,_i Poplar «tre.t-.,r. t. c ,-n-nu'l H »r I . I r, waukre. II h.ri-l,; m».V »n.l .L'-i^ri-.l .tan.) for the s»lr nf ,,»d, .1 haj .-)•<• 2 N,, f.,.,,, r , ,,r , , r . ..... t,a i I cr-lttrd [„ r<p.,. (or ,*!, .,, y i.,,., ,, r in the -ecoo.1. Pi ,ll. ..r .Null. *nfl»,. M.i*«ukrr, withoul fir. I J, -, v r „• • ., f, ' a 'I I K I! I I I) |. "UnJN il Ak t. M \\ h -E \, ..i hav C<t f & puf.: - ta:,. p. 85 KJtW AiiL>—.^UT L 6MALL,B;»ck a d \\luie Ului, «o\rln^ a Dew (rather B'.rap around her ncrlt, »od l,a» her ^ars cut lo a f-oint In Uic ihap4 i.l :o>r< e«ri, aaid tirdiirra tt> tlir naiic of "Jennie,''.wan loit tn P»lurdav (-ftt-rn'-oo, Juoe 4lh. Whoever [will relurn »ld *lul to^H Ma.n >tre-t, will rrcrlre Vbp above re- w » rl) ' ' jel COOli, HOLLISTER &COri<iN. Altunki y» and Counsellor*, N09. 4.5, AND 6. PntEMX BCILDtNfl, (I9T E««l Walrr !*trret,) jri» ..i WI -. l^ixl or *f((l«-n. A I'ROUHOBY MOTE for »SO, payable tn'Harb.ra Hi-lil, dichl in.D'hj »fter .latr ttrcuH-l l>; Frrtdi-rlci. Prwgei and M«.|a Ch Krnrr-l,. lUied Mi I- »aukec, October IS Is'o. I warn ev»r, body not to buy »al<l r.c.1^ an It «.JI n l I., pa..I lo any nn«- rt -,|,i itiH). »:« ph or oth- r Vehicle !.-. «trect, in II. e •» ,1 - r . ..|,, than t'-ii nutiuir* at \n puh .c i. ( uare, n the ."• C r»l n-ii,,n of •!,.< (j r ,j . rec «. Bt-f. r, orl-r.r ^a:p with in the I'miu •.' Ward-, «uch hay -ha I I.,C rt'flc ,le of I e we.. I,- • len Ui. I "f ' e-:«l. .. • I thin the Cl y II. I. », . . n.i w », i . lr .UH 1 H«f .-. a - fc-ec. 4 b- entitle i inn «acn h. for «li . h person u. ^hy pay ; \v If AViNO ii trade, c .t.ley t «. ( lot . Unit under such circumstance*, England p'i,up. d ii tn i-b- took upon and universal, the horrors of war— nay that iTSelf to make this war long for the m.-re purpose of upholding tbe inviolability of tuoae rutien treaties. those highwaymen compact* io favor ol despotic, priest-riddm, bankrupt Au.-trin, good lor nothing on eartU eic'-pt to spread darkness and to perpetuate dervitude ' NO furrhaaed of consisting. if Cl.,th niv In • Ooodi, wkh :nt-rr»t n th No. 195 Kiat t*a'c- i r el. • ere the C'.-thln K J,-,,- e«« in all it. b Milwaute .'Maj :fcJ, I»i9 In h'ni; ami U«nta Fur. i.ualn«-v« *t 'b- stor.-, I lute-.d earrylne nn' nch-t pr-.VM .,HB i,! cacti "S -r ce n logrtlir' w tl, !•«. d. iti, P 'l.ce and t ,1 •I-«|H h r-l,y n,c pa I ,'un : wl-'rh may r i fee. 7 ?• llr-^.t' ' f ,JI- Or Im.^n.-^ !• P.«-- I Jul,- It K I t>, • : - «:;,.„! . U : HATHAWAY I i \ N K I \ ( ,. I.anti :tu«j < oil< r:c 'I I I I II I I 1 -N 111 U< I/ • «'.' t A'if • ' ) 'HOTELS, <tc i; 141 i ?- 1 1 ( > i 'K»U !« I v I III I -. 11 j; V > OK 111 TTITK bare • Tf »ilhl R <old to C Bt In nu fti>. fft- reo .ipmen.l bltn He (?enera!i> M l«a 'ki.'May 30, ISM ma »l-<!iw dlabt.y ~tir buxlDe»s, No oar cimtoiu -nulal- hu^Br. is^'r: ..ul Ulr w.. « r '' ' ." firp fri-l .H. (.f .-IT' , ALBANY RESTAURANT ]»•» tast W \t,, r> aod th* |,ol.- -.l Jol.r (, lill.l i A id > K- , MAhltV A CO. InlcmUng from « aihlngtoii. Cztnixive fraud, on tlit I'ott (iffifr Drpartniml ! by Ike Hte of Cmmtirfeit I'oitagt Stamp* — hrt,m, <f thr Prrndmt—TJit \tutral ti, v ht, \ EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY — a KP— M AC: tl I N K \v o it K ; ril(r<|.\ A .M..IIC -H1SII. Pr..-jr,.i • >o«. 4;»«.2'JS, 30t>, ;!t)i' iai,.| Jill KST \V A '1 K K H T lil Two blodkB below llie La Cr...-^ H R. ', »AI-t:raCTCBI W spEri*L DKsrATrn TO TTIB ». WA8HINGT&», J in tbo HS7. O f t depart- in the pass of the Alpa, to enconutcr th( Prenoh legious, fired with zeal, with tbeir ea gles at tbeir beads, anxious again lo uieetthf-ir old enemy of the fir-Ids of Marengo and Lodi? What a strange circumstance that vr« should have been permitted to witness the sublime sight ! We were passing through their columns constantly for six hours. The world has nevor seen such rapidity of movement as has been exhibited by Napoleon in bringing on to thefiwld of action his legion, occupying In their transit the sea, the passes of tbe mara- time Alps and the pass of Monut Cenis. The resources of the Emprie BTB seen in such movements, and the enthusiasm and devotion of tbe army to the Emperor cannot be mistaken in their viwu for the empire and Emperor, constantly uttered by the advandnff army. At the distance you are from tbe army you might easily Imagine danger in pasting through snob, legions of armed men; but, I assure yon, there was not a single occurrence— eren amid the wild midnight soeno a Susa or passing through the hosts on the Alps—which conld have agitated tbe nerves of tbe most timid. The nhonu of joy, as onr ladle* waved tbeir handkerchiefs to the passing columns, showed that grim war bad not altogether blunted tbe finer sensibilities, and now and now and then some particular expression of joy at being' noticed from these devoted men could but carry oar thought* to the homes tliey had left—manv of Ibeno forever—and to then- gray haired sires and mothers, and to wonder when the time would arrive when war 'swords shall tw turned rejoiced that we of the timid shall cease, and the Into ploughshares and goby the way of MawellfeB, for we have had a picture pass in rtew thrtein never bwef. taoea from oar memory. All this preparation for war cannot pats for itblng; and even if Austria should retreat across the Tidno, Victor Emannal (the hop* of Italy) and the French will pnrsne thei, and, I bellete, drive them out of Venetian Lombard/. I prerame th« steamer bearing this will convey the tidings ot the first encounter. Austria has a magnificent Army, bnl never dreamed that "Napoleon oonld concentrate hfa leginns with inch rapidity. The enthnisasm of the Italians for. the re . \rw »f Italy 1 from the dominion ol Aastria, their worship almost of Victor Emannel, Uie » u». detcendanta of Barolutiwiary ..- affairs Post Office lead lo the Mi.-f that that tnent ol the uov.rnmt-ni loi-es on« million'dol- lars a Tear by the n»e of cout.terWt and re- SLarnps. It IB l»-lieved that there are twii clause* ol persons engaged in this nefariotu liusines-i— erne which manufactures, either from BUgrnvt^i or priouijrrspu«i plaoa, and acllg n-n po«laj3*> siamps , and another that gathers those which hare l.-«n u«.-d, from pap^r ccjl^-tion*. unrt hy iDenns of an acid washes off the Post Offlcr stamp that wa« put on them when they j>a»eed through the of- Icc Under the present po«L»l cystem there is no ' -ana of Ruardinp against tb* first named i-vil, Tor thf rryiTinfacture of the po»t:ig- stamp If so i simple thiit one njan can make h s platu. an«J l produce : msanda of slievU, without tho aid )f a sin^ |H-rson To dispose of them, he j las onty |,< com* into oolrnflon with some of ' the poatnjfl»<»rs or their clerks, of which there are more tl..... fifty thousand in all throughout j :be country, aud the r-onptfttit losses of money ! n passing through thr mails, do*-s not give a lipn standarc' ..r honesty smoag tfcem. All of them are entrnstad with the sale of itampa, and no oheok ran be kept npon them, 'or there is no possibility of asmrtaining how nany stamps are. in the hands of the peopl-. "" " letwrs arc posted the clerks have no imc to Bcrntfnize the stamp on them, and they are rapidly defaced will; a lilack stamp. As he letters with the defaced stamps on them >ass again into the hands of th» people, the .epartment can form no positive idea to what 'Xtent tbe fraudulent stamps are used Tils same difficulty of detection attends the rewasbed stamps, but they are supposed to b« used to a less extent th*n tbe counterfeits, on >. l OS1PT* flaw MtLIJ*, Li>E BHAin l-,.,, MILL iit.AH.Ntt, HORj<K POWF.Rfi' PILK DRIVINu MAC:IIN ^>, IIBHX1E, KAIUlfrip and STEAMBOAT CAgTlNOS. I80K COLCMNK, »or llu.lrtllio.aod every variety ofjrh Wt.rt In f best manner, a&l on the moat liberal :ernia. T>ie attention of Mlll-ownen and ovoen bf Water- Fower, IB paj-Upi4ar!). callt-1 lo the •TUTTUK WAIKU WHKI-.I, Al h^intf by f«t,r vNf powerful, iJura 1 'j \$ { PC '- DOQiciJ Wheel! eTtr inTrnc-,i n<.i h»t..r »«:vri out / ' ordtr, n<-t arrtK.i bjr Ic* • r (.-i kwMi-r. anduair^ l^j •nt^r in proptrti'-a to thr |,o«- Pr pr.v!ur*l; : '>^ n ar> ' Wheel miLb« market. 4 Jrs^r,pure attcoiar for- l •%r !r-«l u[»r»n a^»i>l>r&t>r,n, fre<- of rh%re». -\ &Vi.J - f i: - T t- i 1 . n r:." J»iD taJ 1 ;,,j.i . av* KlTlD.N I. r^ *!*- )1 Ih- I'opiar *\'r-~is wmulf*--* l« h^rt •Vand f" A > OIC I.I \ I \ ( .land lor t.v- ,».^ ..; U H J l •»!•-- 1 I pos , gtreeU r Uie No !,>r tale Tt.e | Ka-t '. n Ihr et.y ,|- BKK- ..r persnr. I.I t- HIS .-l-Lt-.SDli A "i T A A -.L - \l \ HO' * I art ' ' '.. •• r- • • . t 19 'rn- ^- d liars, U>i -i . r »,,: a,l ...s f>.c X T',- I . ,.,.,.• , : r»f»>* - f.T* r^r.1. for es,-', ;. :, , l. t.c [.a .1 tr. •.:.. ;.er» u ' urf, n'ea-ureni^n is ,|e! v-- t >*-t 4. It 13 lierrby . lice »n,l h» a.s.i.ian:. .u! • l» e puM r s t ,nd. ' -re-.y i-*ul- |,a' ed, IODJ uf this Or.linance %r- f,-r-t»j re[-»J, Src. &. Thi» OrdiLanre .1 al lalie for-e f-om at..| altc- u'lra'.uit, I'afiS- J Jur.r 6lh, ls.S9 Ooniract ClTT Cr.ttrTHnLLl*'* OI*lC«, tm.i.t, >i. r -o IKJJ io( CounclU.rB \,y re»olution oj Vjai 1* I 1«M, concorred -n by lh r Board of A ,1?rtnaji Mav' 26 18r>9, hartnf adopieil ht rpcnmroer.dat,«n x>f lh- Street Oomm »$io-,rr«. with ajirairornu ,.f hrnoflta ar.,1 • Tlial a ^ewerjb- c.,ojtrur:e<l llir.aph Iam»r»ik « from 6th tn 6lh ktreet. In th. 2nd « ar<], of it,, city -f Milwaakev. ^ Owi,tr» andiarent! of property „„ f ald |treel «r t hereby notieej t« constnirl Bald i.w-r »'l.'iln trn daj-> from thl« date-, or thp nrret tommiaaioner» ; of Uie «*d Ward trlli ta«B- the lamf 10 be done and en, to the reapet-tiridlotB accord.nir to law. '•'H OAjiniNKR, Co; R. B i IB< n. r i) 0>rn.i , .'Ir k •i MIL K T. N _ s.^ TI J OTH'F l« l.erehy tl o . . :>f th,» Comp*ny. e eiecut-d by n, ai lh-- n i:,. LII^ nt .rjej oinptr,,ll,r to be eiecut-d by n,,IJem of mortRice. of thr LaCr »e 1 Ml »a under f,,re<s,,.ure of win h ihu Cnn. and p*-r».,- s h.,i linn -uch , ..(i-l wh e«ccule,l he same are notified (o ... Al-.,rnejr ,luiy auih..rne.| , Nnllre IB slso (liven, th ,1 the *ecr»firj l<any »i'l t»ue cer Ocai.i o- tt,e ,!, ny I,, the l,,,,<ier« offljch l>-in Is U|,ot "f, in |ur>uan,e of Hi- I.TOT »l,,ni •if ».. ,« -1 • 1 . T •0-1 ' \T J f i - ••I a> •-.,':,,,- •>r t' * i * n , ;••-, i-r -. ' - a.1 -,- ^ ..,ii . ' n ' '' : -"' "" . , <*~ - • • : ~- . i . u> • .-- , n • : 'th- tl i-' i r :l, r „' W -o<l BC f "'" rr " "' *••" n - • 1 -, a • If. -.;,. ; ,* .» .1. -1 e(Tr<-t »n.l f,^ :, Ac, ,,< VI,,, w ,""* ' i K si r i r «. \VU | -ed -,f -.- . »i ,;» 'i'lw , '!•' "' "• ,,' .1.1 t, ',il ' R , r . . lY if • •• -.:•, r, li"\ \v* '. 1 1 -.a 1, tn I.T. n -r bf - rj ' rl 1 T ,T. Of II... I .,i»l>.i irrr-- Ur it --- H . *:• H u*- % , ..-<- i". - ,,, , •• - : erv.n* l- , ,*..-,,-,» k .- - ;,, . ; .,,,. i.""K I! KK r 'i h W r \ 1. > 1 :. \ '. « 1 N V 1 \«. II I >|-> L ) I N 1 N ( t s A 1 . ( > L".*"! 1 '-,'-"".-"' V"'.*~ 4 '' "" »"*•>'' ,u" " '"'' • ' " ' " '" ' 0 V •» TI-. KN \ M> (. » »1 I. Srrr-d j; a -v-r> llj -. ,n «| r- •, ,- r »,.»». | Ul ,|., -.1 « 1.- 1.1, :.., r .., t H •.„. ... T-u-v-i i;. r ,• .M «,-i<-. t «,»,• a :. 1 «..»!,, :. . r. ni ... , - i TV. an. A ir ,i, lui- r, r ,i; . - .. i » *-*(' f ^ ^ l. i ^ N .N , , : \ M «• "ILK PK.lPRIb.TlJR t M\St?l TtilKit OHIO GATAWBA BRAN ^ 1 1 H I* 1 il'indjf .*: Hjt Lti-en ii! i :i u *'i. ' ,r- ; I y(r^"^'r.-ni*ti»-^Qr" /!>'-- i'*'-'-tt.t im / 1 if u« » |T 'T.l.n.i iilil:ln.ri». r- v .].-•],•,. t • ,. ., i itirr'.- ( , t-titiT j,r--- *,, 1 i.|-.<try ».i.! • (.,(-. Mll«-r t. I,iir1%: -'.(-..r- -.(U-k. --. • -.«• • i • '/ " 1 * 1 "'' .' <• t>«-3t 1 111 1". i. , I ii r AI • ' ' ,a '»." -.'.c f-^t Itrin-l) *:, * ; • , , ( ., . . T > i- w in' "f P r- K ' • " counirjf, ADI! Ulr .otr».lu,-i n •• a ii ,r- ,• *t ty IM lo inpfr^ -.rif ui,,- « i ;-.- A 4 ii JJ > .\ CO L' G-rocei \ It K R P . «; A JOKBrR IN W Y account of the greater facilities for soiling'the latter Efforts have oe.-n made, both in this country and 1n England, where the same difficulty is encountered, to obtain an iadel-bleink for the purpose of defa-ing the used stamps but without success; iind the inefficiency of our police system for pn-venting the operations of counterfeiters leaves tbe manufacturer of surreptitious postage slumps to labor with im. punity. It is the opinion of rugous well versed in the affairs of the Post Office department here, that these frauds have .-in intimate connection with tbe deficiency in ils revenues, and could tbe Postmaster General devise some means lo stop them the department would soon become, a self-sustaining one. j Tbe only possible manner of doing it seems to be to abolish entire] v the osa of postage stamps, and resort to pr-paymem by the nL of BUtnmd envelopes, ^rhich shoaid be guarded in their mauufaotnn. by w a t«r marks in the paper, aod every other nontrivanoe and Improvement in the style and construction of envelopes which the Postmaster General can possibly devise, without increasing loo much the cost ;of the envelope to tbe public The President and Secretary Thompson arrived this morning from South Carolina in excellent health and spirits. ' The Cabinet met at an early hour, and cor- tinned in Session until quite late. There are a number Of important ipntters, whioU have rr - cently ariien, that will require careful considerations, probably the most prominent among them being that of neti tral rights. The evasive and nn»atisf»etory reply ot Lord Malmesbnry upon thfs subject brings the question at once prominently before ouFfTovernment. ,The Waf Department hare recrtred official wnfinnation, from .Major Van. Dorn, of the aattle which was fought with the Camanobeg, near Fort Atkinson, iu which fifty Camanobes »«re killed and a large number captured. Captain Smith and Lieutenant Lee were dan- g«rouslT : wounded, i Despatches hive b^en received at the State DHprnrtmeBt from O nr Minister at Naples. Af- r^M 81 **** • S tb * P reo «^<">» condition of S*ii? n ^*u S '» * h ^ oat P I * d! Pting wliat IB to SLiaT-!^?"^ 119 ;^?^.' 1 ^ w f' he P'e» • kt-<- .\otionii. ALWAYS FULL. p, y n t D..e it,, ' r pany. Are requested to call and examine OOOL>S AND R. P je2 dlj i «a ntlB'l Block, 71 E. Sotlc 11 alBo riven, that the R >ar.| of D r--i ,rj , ' thw Company h.\j made an aiseumeni ,.n Ih<- jl,,c» ai Iht rate of onr per ,-ent fnr Ihe ur|,< expensej of forecloim. the Bait! ro.j n fai,Uini IMs Company, payable ,.n ,.r befo da> of Jaly next, to the Treasurer ..f ih,B i o his o-)\ce in Ih- City of Mi;»auk-» K'-- 111 DtTlOHT W. K h'Yk'S, Secret ry Th«- Frankliu fhfraJcal \Vnrks, SO. -131 >ORTI1 FRA.MaLI.\ VTREET. ao. . . i L i.i \ nis biiiiy , Ac. FAMILY r \ ». r-1 States. rta.i ipfi <:;tr>ti J J' t v •* 1 ..\ ^ \ 1 .-il W E beg leare tn announce to tae In fcener*!. th 1 1 Oentlemen'4, Misses' & Children' Boots SHOES, CLIPPER* dc H(JBBKR$. FIVE BOO.TS MADE TO IVo. 8i8 Ea»t Water utreet (Opposite Walker House,) MILWAOKEEJ [ma>81J ... :ie visit of the frigate Wa. .- P«""r her brief stay there ne urs she was vlsiu-d by thoruands «nd oom- manded universal ( i.ttent|i«;; : ..' * ..-.^/•SMrih ifftDc, i« the Springfield RtpvA- uan t -rvoommends to bashful lardlei who ire Ured out of eouatenaBoe bj horrid men. to ^« *he prabtiM by itowiny On ankle J FINK A 171 £0*1, Water Street. the oldeat and «rator In tb* Wen. lli H»w- . eparttneut to veil of Milwaukee,)! am DOW . ) every desirable ttjleof unity at lower ratal and UOOKKT8. M AHOTAOTDilD eipretal, for that mrpoiii, of flnt qnaUtr paper. ^ §. TU«f *^OC 1 WBartWaiSli, our cu»tomKr«, and tu durin< ihl, *,-aa- ., D,, travel nf agent nil. be dispatched fr,,m our »,,rk. We mvue our old customer) and other* lo rav»r ... h> letter with their orders for or I>iquoi-4, which, aa always, will be er-cnted to .heir entire aatls- factloc. ThiiuaaDda appreciate the pi in upon ahicfi onr EBseneei are n»dr which preienu ihe foh,,»,oii ad- TantHgei and lacilitlel never . ffert-,1 b; nthers 1. The E-Bence from these WO-BS are at-loallv trained bj , Istil.atlon, the efore Hralth; an,I I'ur.-— Borne hlng that others cannot or dare not ci» ui (ur tlteiri- 2. The Coita are mucS leia than oiheri, because these EM-nces re put up In package*, each c nla.nmi; enough for forty gallons, and rompnslng not only all the required logre-tlenia, but aU . th? re/or,nj/ Addrns letten to OARL KRI.fR, Mai.aper. -ranHln Chemical Works, Chicago, III P 0 Box 3113 Je4—<!6m pi*- )c I .AOl-:il UEl-.U » X I) II 1 I. I » I It I ->O A VARIK l-iuiohe Mlt.lTS, . i.ust ^ ' Ihif or .^uppern l |{ Mr.-. >\ U K I -><< L. k I l i. I I i on I l I 1 \ I M I Muslca. Enter ' tmtltanctf free. I S hereby (riven that all th* countersigned circulation notes latned by the "People's Bank" at .Milwaukee, must b» pres. nt<-,l at the office nf the i ank Comptrnlli-r within three yean from the date o( this notice or .Jut tha funds deposit* I or th« redemption at said circuit ting n te> will be given up t , the aald Banking Ass, • cUllon. PK, March 13,1369. 11. HAKKTKL, President of the Prople's Bank HOOFING, HARDWARE, &.C. H . n E A t L K A * O > : MION (.>^ THl-; BIG iiED KETTLE : DKALgM IN Stoves, Sheet Iron, Tin Hardware E Y K A K D K A K AMtlttLTl HAL I.«i'Lli;)JEM>, W OULD rMpn-ttally Inf.-rm ih pabllr generally. Lhat they ha for the l fn^ tn.l ,' , p,.oe\l t 3t,ir, .1 WKST WATER STRKET .'(!« \rticlrs, u.^otf, L - of llie above named •ltd D R. 6. A. SNAPF, OcilUt in.I Anrlat, (formerly ol Buffalo, N. ¥.,} oot»tlnue« to «closlvely restore Jieilgbt aod hearing, «t *19 JeOeraan street, aesr the Doarl Home, Mll*aake«. Or. I. U an experienced Jcdllit; Inierti the but lirtlnclal ejes, for ««,cD he ha> takBii a Diploma,—and will farnlih, or mail hi. hook on the lye and Kir, free of charge, to an; Individual who bis a malady «f either ot than organs: Dr. E. refers to numerous lodlrldaalj la MUwaakee, and In different parti of WHeonatnf th»t he haa r»tor- ed to Hgbt and hearing. lp rt EXCITE HI fSNT ! The best »i»orunent of the finest U'atClaes. Silver Ware, Jcwolrr and FANCY 0001>S !ver broaj^t to Mllwtnkee. Joit Ike thine for Holl dajrpretenU. Jtut recelreil Terr cheap fur cash .„,. „, MATi-ON « UK)MI», ttt]& aplSni Water rtreet, Milwaukee Wis FHOlf ROCENflfl ft General Advertising Agents, ! i , J6B BAlfDOLPff STKXtt, ; Who are anthorliea to rectlve Advertttemtnti for thi. ai w»4I •» all of in. mo«t laflaentlal and largeii cjrco- atlBg p«pc» tBraaduvt Ut««DUre Horth-Wcwt. S1>AI>KS, 81IOVK14, BAKKS, UOKJ«. ir;,l Ajrlcollural Implements generally, ai »«ll a< . I sorts of MIHi: I IU<»> A.XDTI^^KHX- VVOKK, etc. i-tc. etc. Stoves put up to order. |^F" Hoofing. RBPAjaiNO ol all kinds, and every ,ort Af .ork i> oar hue punctually attended to. ~ Onlers left will be attendou to »iuiuut Jel»y. __ HSACLt * 80N. M^-VN"L>' s t: t: .N'* 1 " i'-V:. 1 K uV-,: 8" C" l- N 1 ->< > N I I \ M. >. M • • K I- I > M.\ I' VI i lil I 1 A KJilVAL of »a entirety aew KIM, svleniii'l Stock French, Engllah ami American JEWELRY ! Of Latest Styles, si \ . It . V A \ «J o r T ' * , Cor. Ka»t Water and OTjcotuin &r*et*. Having lately dhposed of mou of my former stn.-k, 1 •a-erelleu* myself In searching at the Kaaiera Markets for all the New Mlyles aud I'atioriii, Which bare been Imported and manufactured sine* ih- laat paalc. 1 have ttio purchased a large itock ot tidies' aitd Gentlemen's Watches. With movement! acknowledged" *&• moat superior bv the Amnrtcan pnblla. nn T au 60 v.: mar .11 K K J t V « O tf r- AM II. V -irk MIIIM /;,.ar. j, t I AJ i(,i,iiiu/ « UK i IK lit P S. K. CBOSBY'S. I7UIPIRI MUli titra Famllj Flour always on hand. sCl M [apa-71 HUMS«OilOSBT'S. SiVH>KKl> HA l.l.liJtJT. HOICK .<m,,»e,l .lill.hul U; IIC'NS t CRO8U7-S. , -,,| lr ulU | M , . II V .N >• t 0 HOSU Y-S ut;NN 4 OSOBT , 3

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