Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 18, 1941 · Page 40
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 40

Phoenix, Arizona
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Tuesday, February 18, 1941
Page 40
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Page Eight Globe Group Urges Repeal Of Tax Limit Arguments for and against re-'one of the delegates as to what ,. peal of the section of the Arizona!limitation if any, the Globe-Miami y 51h Ar) ion» code which prescribes a tax limit (faction would favor. .•...«..„. Legislative Log Of February 17 —nil OWING 1» the Arttona Republic'. I* dallv tne ot bills, resolutions and ir lal» in the .irwlar «•» o; »« he Arizona Republic, Phoenix. Tuesday Morning, February 18, 1941 i Governor Signs Bill To Cut Travel Costs of S2 per $100 assessed valuation of property in towns incorporated under common council were pre- Mayor Sullivan replied that the, 5JS.^ vf ™Biii S 'R n — Solution. M—Me- •oup considered a limitation of 10 i ' marl ^ t— joint, c—concurrent. group considered a limitation of 10, moruu per cent of the budget adopted by sented by representatives of towns!a city in the year preceding consid- throughout the state, the South- jerat ion of another budget should era Pacific Railroad Company, and : apply. IXTRODCCED House 1S1— (Williams of Maricopa) era J'aciiK-naiijuau t-uiujjau.», aiiu ojj^v j." -•"-. .„,,,.,,,- r^iatim* tn 1 sx associations at a hearing before j Harry M. Fennemore, Phoenix. —To revise statutes relating to the state senate finance and (attorney for the Santa Fe railroad,'municipal budgets establishmg a revenue committee yesterday. | pointed out that only two cities in: new. system for determ nmg and The hearing was interspersed [the northern part of te«« e ™-§y£f£^ s &™£& «£ i-ilhsauabbles between representa- l° una «• necessar> io^x|ena m<^ ; au {j iU)ri trP asurer. and examiner . T. taxpayers of a sug- Jaw, «t| : i t . . nn nrnnriate with squabbles between repres< lives of the City of Globe and the railroad company over a suit in received tax rates beyo commented that to upon taxes levied in cities under for legislative correcting. for legislative correction. Hearing was called for edification of the committee, which had been presented with a bill calling for the repeal of that section, introduced by S. L. Bixby of Gila county. Its introduction was prompted by j difficulties in Globe and Miami arising from lowering of assessed valuations of property in those I common council. Pension Is Debated HB = 1S3—(Lockwood of Maricopa Sharpe of Cochise. Jameson of Mciave and Dudley of Yuma)— [Tn create a merit system for em- Iployment, to include the state de- Ipartment of social security and j welfare, unemployment compensation commission, highway patrol, state prison, department of liquor .licenses and control, state board 'of health and bureau of criminal other de- u. ui i,,. u| ,ci..j -. ...— ... , ., ,, . . 'identification, and any cities. Representatives asserted .., Atta . ck on ,. the °M;Hge assistance [partm ents which may elect to be it was necessary to raise tax rates j bill—Riven do pass recommenda-j goverripd by it. past the prescribed limit in order| tlon , ln , senate committee of the HB ls4 _ ( stover of Pima)—To to obtain money necessary fori£ fl n °! e .'*f "^ '"£ t°~-L~/"/;--'make uniform the law relating to operation of the city. back lnto tne J udlciar > "With the limitations prescribed whole last week .nly to be forced| ke un if 0 rm the law relating to back into the judiciary committee j ,j bj]i( for par ticipation in breach- yesterday-was started by H. H. """>'. ..^ ob ' liKations . Baker of Yuma county, one of the HB 185 _ (C - rabIp O f Yavapai, by measures introducers, who cen-i «^+\ Tn m*i\.'n uniform thp "we couldn't even hire one "re- i mum wage law." reu«.Tomako uniform the ' rt " tutes ° f Iimitation m clvl .' and ^"^^Kinney of Cochise, To limit issuance of liquor licens- Governpr Osborn yesterday signed House Bill 14, sponsored by Don Udall, representative from Navajo county, to reduce the mileage allowance of state and county officers and employees from seven to five cents, congratulated the legis- eliminated s section which would require operators of motor vehicles to obtain permits for purchase of fuel before completion of dcfristration. Two other sections making the motor vehicle fuel tax a lien on Water Users' Meet Postponed MESA, Feb. 17— A meeting of Mesa district shareholders of the Salt River Valley Water Users Association, originally scheduled for tomorrow night in the high school here, has been postponed until further notice, the committee in charge announced today. The assembly has been called to discuss the Water Users' labor situation. Inability of an individual ..... • lature on enacting it, and su^eVted motor vehicle Iuel tax a t j fnr uation - Inability of an individual it could and should go even farther 1 the vehicle were suggested for, who js well informed on the situa- with legislation along the same elim in*tion by the eomnnttee on tion to attend tonight _,,^ ,„„ line judiciarj', but were left in the billj postponement, committ ' Recklessness Law Brings Fines Meet To Mutua problems of law. ment will be discussedI * 9 representing the after an'amendment was inserted ' sa ]^ caused the committee members Bill 14, it has been estimated, will save the state as much as $75.000 per year in payment of official travel accounts. " jectef , that tne bjll in lls orlgmal The amendments of the law (form might have prevented fur- brought about by House Bill 14 ap-j ther sale or purchase in Arizona of provide that the tax lien shall ""gilbert district shareholders will iph'npniv JL supersede any existing liens. • •• "-- "" J — -••-*••• ••- 1-rnunu.s. C. S. Goff of Final county had ob- [ne nicn scn ooi mere lor a sumiai recklessly tne bm in its - original He explained that under the pre=- " This bi " as a " lpn(1p <j w '» direct pr for ] iqu or sold for consumption rteexpiaineainai unaer uie pie. ;county auorne ys to go into a home' off rcta jl premises in original wnfv 4CccnW of each $2 for re- and find out » hout thp oonditions^^Vone to each 2.500>r- L^l 1 , „, C "^;l „„" *1 en for in .' hat home BS .'° the financial' S0 ns in counties of more than 100.1 " f ability of the recipient and of his;ooo population, one to 2,000 in "relatives," he began. "I am op-Jrounties between 25.000 and 100.- _ co "";posed to that bill until the judiciary JOOO, and one to 1.000 in counties of;had on his desk—were"signed"^'^ "'jcommittpe has the opportunity to'less than 25.000 population. Governor Oshorn. which $1.20 would go by law to struction and maintenance •treets. ply, however, to travel by private conveyance only, and while he did not so state specifically in his letters to the president of the senate and the speaker of the house concerning his signing of the hill. Governor Osborn is understood to feel that some limitation should be placed on other forms of travel expense, especially travel by air. "May I not at this time," the. governor wrote, "commend the members of both houses of the legislature for having enacted this worth-whole legislation, which will result in a considerable saving to the taxpayers? "I am particularly pleased that in reducing the mileage allowance from seven to five cents a mile, you have made it applicable, to all public officials and those traveling on state business at state expense. "I am informed by the state auditor that there are other loopholes in the matter of traveling at state expense which have not yet been plugged. ".May I not hope that this session of the legislature will pass whatever legislation may he necessary in order that public monrys may bp adequately safeguarded?" Two other measures—all he then . or purcha motor vehicles on conditional sales contracts, since finance companies would not accept liens .without full priority. Sections which would have required posting of bond for payment of the motor vehicle fuel tax by users who remit on a monthly basis to the highway department were knocked out on explanation by Representative Crable that the committee on judiciary felt such requirement might cause the law to be found unconstitutional on grounds that it would be harassment of interstate commerce. Attempts on the part of Representative Mitchell to cut the state motor vehicle fuel tax from fivp cents per gallon to three cents, and then from five cents to four cents overwhelmingly were rejected, but ran the house into a blind alley out of which it had to hack before it could proceed with the bill. PrecnctJustice Court suilty to driving discussion. Some 400 shareholders in the Glendale district met there last night to discuss the association's labor problems. Water Hearing For Two Fay $25 Fines In city court, Estol Ragan, 35, Five drivers were penalized yesterday in local courts for reckless driving. „ — telK In West Phoenix Precinct Justice an C1 ty Eovemments Court, John T. Doyle, 2934 Westj^p a meetmg to be Granada street, was fined $25 and sentenced to four days in jail, with the sentence suspended on condition he surrender his driver's license for five days. Raymond Murrieta, Tolleson, 21 years old, was fined $25 in East The e session, to be h e u • federal courtroom, old SI'S building, will open at * ernor Osborn and Dr mayor, have been inito , come the visiting pe; Discussion will c ' agents of the treasury!J*; n rp nronnrorf tg _:., ' _ uc PaiS pear to answer a similar charge. A public hearing on House Bill 72 and Senate Bill 74—duplicate measures to create the Arizona Water and Power Authority—will be held before the sponsors in the house of representatives chamber at the state capitol this afternoon. The hearing will begin as soon as the formal legislative session has ended for the day, and will be carried into the evening, if necessary, the sponsors announced. The measure was introduced in the senate by William Coxon of Final county, and in the house by Robert H. "Forbes and Frank G. Rqbles of Pima county, Roy A. Williams, Frank Mosshammer. W. (Hugh T. Mitchell, 34, forfeited $25 I bond. | Other fines and forfeits in city court traffic cases yesterday: Speeding—Bob Turley, 947 East Van Buren street, P. b. Morgan, 1534 East Willetta street, $10 each; Antonio Pilleggi, 1603 West Madison street, and Leonard Combs, Glendale, $7.50 each; W. B. Rogge,! route 2, box 98, Ralph E. Staggs, Before a vote was taken on Rep-i w - 'Mitchell, M. R. Bailey and T. resentative Mitchell's proposed cuti M - McGowan of Maricopa county, to four cents in the tax. C. J. Car- ^ellie T Bush of Jtuma county, ing agent of the u . 0 Bemi ice; Williams Jennfan 12* collector of custom/at ^ geles: Isaac Polhamus, yZ' lice chief; Frank E. district attorney for -r Jordan, sheriff, and S director of the local off? government reports ™ ^National , x , ap . ggs. -. route 9, box 402, and Cliff H. War- pu'lners association ner, 921 Woodland avenue, So each, mdustrj-'s production Machine Stop Signal Violations Failure to heed a stop signal— Marvin L. Leonard, 815 North Third street, Clarence F. Bard, total 75 ° milli °n dollars. ° -- ' ? Netherlan* Norway all , . , 1819 Grand avenue, Frederick Lu .|go^i-nments-m-exUe at LoS --- r-» J. L. Hensley, 1232 East Tay- J trppf Sd onr*h ' i '•we'd have only SWMMeft for Hp *%£ fta? if uTblll pass- ^HB ISS-rCommittee on appro-1^^^" no'inst^ni" paying those two men." ed with tj f e amendment which re- — ~- ! — "•"=' D - ona in no mstancp • Contention of the Globe contin-: qu j res coum >y o ffj Sent was that the section, now ap- | finaricial (. ond itions plying to common council cities, dren or spouse of a <t , „ „„...„_ was enacted in 1901, before Elate- whom the pensioner is living, the! HB 189—<Curry of Maricopa)—I Th hood^and jiiat ^smce Bother laws jsupreme court would hold it uncon- Jo appropriate $500 to ^purchase \ fi have ' J ""' *~ *~" e " * ~~ ~~~ ' ' "* T "~ ~~~ ence Another pointed elapse; receives valuations equalization until its budget is to was held until that time, with his reon of Maricopa county moved the j Don Udall of Navajo county. Rob- amendment be tabled, and his mo- 1 erf. E Perkins of \avapai county tion carried i anrt Walter Pulsipher of Apache Not until' W. G. Rosenbaum of jcounty. Gila county pointed out that tab-1 ° l ^o^m^^ii n L%^ 0 ^\ He ^th Is Pictured rules, did the house realize what it had done. It had to vote again to get the bill back onto the floor and kill the der, route 5, box 670, $4.50 each; I and O. L. Bryce, route 3, box 35, and J. L. Hensley, ~ lor street, $4 each. Failure to heed a boulevard stop! sign—Eduardo Cano, 1326 West; Lincoln street, Roberta Gonzales,; 811 South 16th street, and Clarence. Means. 800 East Washington street,' $2 each. i Failure to yield the right-of-way at an intersection—Frank R. Boykin. 1233 East Brill street, S2. Driving without an operator's license—Royal Miller, 2006 East Van Buren street, 51. In the West Phoenix court, Ernest D. Mims was fined S3 for driv- M O \ 1 1| Morrison The Den trnm Our 24-Year r««M • ™ • As Defense Factor Frank Williams, educational di- „„ _,_ ^ m uiiv . rector of the Arizona State Board i j n g on the wrong side of a highway ar»=t .amendment with the proper tools, °J Health, told members of the Ys . o r g tJ=nH ! A move by Louise A. Moore of Mar- ^ en s Club, dming in the Young rtv = nH • .Men's Christian Association build- Contracting I irenvo .ling last night, that health is one ^^niraciing license ] of the most important factors in _ „,„„.„.„„ _, CL _ onded" by'Representative' Mitchell. | natior " a l defense. be prepared. Impossible, Solons Told He claimed it is an impossibility HB 190— (General appropriations ;license any person who does workt """P'kerosene in the definition bill introduced February 12 out j at cost of less than $150. of motor fuels on which tax is of order). | The senate sent to the house the' „ pa} ' able - countv moved for return tn ! HB 191—(Virdine of Maricopa,.cities and counties zoning andi Re P re . s ? nta _ tiv ^ Rosenbaum was in- i,?™%L ^U°I S l ££ J° Goff and Ernst of Final. McKin-1planning bill sponsored by William If? rt ?. d '" l ^ bill to provide for dis- approval. Scarcely had the report proceed- than Marvin E. Smith of Mari- junty moved for return to iciary committee of Senate again> pjHng Mim flnd „ fpso , u -. Mayor meant "1 cited the department house as tion. The tteadily money i. necessaril that counts—it's pay." Alexander B. Baker of Phoenix, representing the railroad company, asserted that the company still has SlJSbS't^SSS 1 KSfiS £™^«!!JL^P™^ the municipality and asserted certain taxes had been levied on the .. _. , , _ . iiur-ii nitu n*n\jui i *TOV. nri > uuni ar«K>vn HIT: (jwjiLit^ in t'A' tirm, after the reduction of valua-; tne teacher or fireman if his bus- 000 of such benefit certificates tion, based on the original valua-! band or children can support him taken by its members, or any in- tion and at the regular tax rates. ! x x x Herp are 1he o!(1 peop j e in crease voted on by members of it tne (i limit is taken away for] tne sunset of their lives asking for the jbcnefit company. lion he had received, all favoring district in a board of governors f! "»„! F"""^,- £ "" m "~ •he original measure. lelected by the qualified electors. „. 5-^h- J ^"'P 0 - Jr " "This resolution signed by about HB 192-<Perkins of Yavapai)— ?/ Cocnisp * junty. chairman of 250 people." he said, "refers to thejTo limit salaries of officers, agents--a.;!" 1 '"{"mittee on appropna- T% .: .-- _ , .* , i , . -.. ° Tions, thp house suspended thp nile requiring the general appropriations bill to take precedence over all pise on the rom- mittep of the whole calendar, and set it for consideration on a day certain—next Monday. ,the promise for a $40 pension, x x xition to $3,000 yearly, and to per"The pensions we give our firp-^mit increase by SI for each Sl.OOO men and schoolteachers don't askiaf life policies in excess of S500.- one city," he said, "all the others will fall in line to reduce valuations and put on a 55 or 56 tax rate. One city -won't let all the others get ahead of it." Statistics Presented Mayor Sullivan offered statistics to refute Baker's claim the railroad had not had proper reduction In valuation, and pointed out that valuation was not up to a city but the board of equalization. "If valuations are going down, gentlemen," he pleaded, "how can we operate under the present limitations?" A representative of the railroad asserted a survey of cities in the state showed only three, other than Globe and Miami, had exceeded the limit, but James Girand, representing the Arizona Municipal League, produced figures to show 16 cities had done so. Mr. Baker immediately popped up to ssk Mr. Girand if his figures included that part of the tax which goes to reduce bond issues. HP was told in some instances yes and ethers no. To Mr. Baker's assertion that tax rales of So and S6 exist, in Globe, Mayor Sullivan hotly claimed the rates in Globe had never exceeded S5.05, whereupon Mr. Baker retracted his statement, saying the $6 rate applied to Miami. Tax Merits Debated Argument at that point revolved sbout the relative merits of city and county taxation and assessment, with the Phoenix-Maricopa county situation brought to the lore. It was headed by a question by Referring to a suggestion byi a nd arrow in hunting of deer, pec-jidity of the manner in which the William Coxon of Final county last I ca P'- Javelina, bear, other game school per capita apportionment Thursday that all persons receiv-i an "" als , 0 , r ,„, „ ing old-age assistance are not long-1 HB 194 —tMcRae of Maricopa) time residents of Arizona, Senator ~ T ° P. ro « de , f ° r , licensing and a paltry sum for existence." Refutes Coxon Charge Representative Sharpe told 'the signatures on petitions for intiative i Dental HB 193—(Fisti and game com- house his reason for presenting the a . nd referendum measures, and mittee)—To permit use of bowimption is that a suit involving val- fenate Bijl 99. to set up a state Smith said: "I talked to Harry Hill (director of the welfare board) about that, and here's what he told me. "As of January 31, 1941, there regulation of child welfare agencies by the state board of social security and welfare and for the placement of children in foster homes. state refunds the tax. subsequently is resold for use in motor vehicles on highways. The distinctive coloring, he said. would enable the highwav deoart- . 4 . , - ". ^i<-pmi. ^ ^ tl ^^ tl jnn, vjirnoiui A^nuuiii.. ment to trace and stop such viola- Both house and senate will con- bill would allow signing of petitions with first and second initials, even though the great - register may have been signed with names in full. The second was amended to require suhmisison by county recorders, on the effective date of the measure,- of alphabetical lists of qualified electors, and to change the effectiveness of the proposed law from 1942 to t!U3, to give the recorders and the secretary of state opportunity to consider the cost of maintenance and the next legislature opportunity to approriate for it. "We may need money to put this in effect." said Senator Babbitt. Action Is Dismissed Superior Judge Howard C Soeakman yesterday freed Charles B. Ross of Phoenix from a misdemeanor charge of contracting without a license, holding that his contract was for wages exempted, by the statute. Thus he granted the contention of John W. Ray, attorney for Ross. Harold R. Scoville, deputy county attorney, contended Ross contracted last November 18 to build a house for Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Boland. tions. The senate adopted suggested! amendments of James E. Babbitt 1 of Coconino of Senate Bill 98. de- j to clarify requirements for vene at. 10 a. m. today. law, adopted by the people at the last general election, got on the ballot still is pending in Maricopa County Superior Court. He said a decision is likely this week, and that it is the desire of house leaders to postpone consideration of the register of electors to expire every eight years. The amendment to the first 17 DR. HAWKINS 305-30B-307 Inhrs BUi g Phone 4-2418 Peacock Shop Introduces The Pracfotf. The For Spring: GENUINE BEIGE TWEED SNAKE The accessory cofor.of the season as it itself to the new prints. Credit Dentiit were 8,500 recipients in the state. T They had time to go through about •:,,. five per were 427 number !general "iidity is removed. bill r%ent or^se ca^Mhe^^^^'^-: J^JT, * - i Tne nVw law 'places the entirP 27 of them, x x x Of that' HB 1% (Currv of Marl -on-,) ;hur(1<?n of the P" rapiu apportion- r «* h 'J 1 "If? h f" «?•"» To HB ap 1 p 9 r orrria C ,p r ^25°O f "^T^:™"[ °!L !£_*ate. as against pre- than A. vious division between the state cosponsor of the bill, asserted the liitmatinn' senate should be careful in adoption of the measure now, in view of the body's action Thursday. "If you pass this hill as It l» nowj" he said, "Vou'll shoot the life out of it. x x x I don't want to spp the Democratic party take the hlame. because that's not where it, will lie, It will lip with individuals. "I believe our party pled EPS should be carried out and everybody knows that we've violated them as this bill stands." years or more, only seven less | claim ' of the Maricopa" County ^^heeountV Gila county, j fpnding interests of the state in' ^ sc ' s U P '"^ ^ or elementary! t'in'g to school land.i schools anri S95 for hi P h schools. Senate ' p<>r ca P" a "f average daily at-1 SB 158—(Stanton of Greenlee)—! tpnriancf> - and during the next bi-j To appropriate $773.36 to pay the if>nn!um wl " add more than S8.000.-l claim of R. S. Black for steel and ^ 1o tne state's direct contribu-! labor in construction of bridges on; tlon to 'he school system, thp Rice-SpringerviHe highway J n committee of the whole, from Octobpr, 1929, to April. 1930. SB 159—(Babbitt of Coconino)— To apportion thp state school fund on a -basis of $25 per capita, the balance of the fund to be apportioned among counties in the ratio the ad valorem property taxes in each county bears to the total state Ihp house voted "do-pass" recommendations for two hills relating to the motor vehicle fuel tax, both sponsored by Albert W. Dudley of Yuma county. Onp would ampnd the law spp- cifically to include fuels developed The bill was amended Thursday Senator Coxon expressed his support of the motion to refer the bill to the judiciary committee, asserting that he would like to see a permanent amount given to old- age assistance recipients. "I'm against this periodic scaling down of assistance," he said "and I'm against these high-priced ad valorem taxes during the year, j r °r use in Diesel engines, coming; to require puhlicization of school : '° he used more and more in motor . Dudley said the highway department now is collecting as much tax as it can igh a "gentleman's agreement" many trucking companies, but to raise the maximum monthly al-! hU(1 Kets, and to prohibit drawing vehicle freighting, lowance to only S35 instead of"S40.1 of a warrant by a county school Representative superintendent unless included in the budget. SB 160—(HaJdiman of Maricopa)—To require licensing of chi D- through i- with ma r* * + /"* t , V_ Co investigators going" around" piryme 9 the .r states having'slmiiar exam- I f fjff)oe f* ,« o L and sno °PinB into the private animations for licenses, and to pre* «. V/U/CO \^ US II fairs of these old folks." scribe penalties. (Duplicate of The city yesterday confessed it! Hubm H. d'Autremont of Pima: H ? I64) owes Blanche Hufschmidt SI 750 ' count >'- whn introduced the amend- j bB 161—(Committee on high- Tor her property and insisted 'it mm ! for instigation of financial! ^ a .vs and bridges)—To prohibit ropodists by a three-member board as much as 540,000 to $50,000 re appointed by the governor to stag-j mains uncollected because of de gered terms of office, to prescribe " ' " procedure and fees for such licensing, to provide reciprocity with Pesent, pay it, hut c. . - I* *-»"-»n., iiov u., UUL • • Superior Judge Howard C. Speak- P' p " man entered judgment anywav. i lav >' ..v.u.u •n~i. . --~ - .- .•-•John M. Le\y, attorney for" thp: pnv ' > the rpcipiont of "not a cpnt" | ishl "ent prescribed for violations, plaintiff, contended the citv agreed' " Thf> onl - v ws .v it deprives is . HB ^2—(Fain of Yavapai)—Ti TO T)lirChSRP hor nvnnn»4.. \»__. . Inrniirrh 1h« i^i.l* _i.:t-j limii in C^ thft *.«««.-.•,. -I :. rip»rf»H -.T "V propert >'- 1hal shp i ° Ug , the adult r hiW«n or llm " rnmmi • ° the Clty Rnd the ritv S P° USC lf <h«-y aro paying an in commission authorized payment i e ? mp 1ax - " p explained. "It pro DUl. SnP TIPl'nr „•„.. ._:j * ' i.j^nc- 4K«4^ 41 _L _ , , . . > out she never was paid. In an answer, William C Fields assistant city attorney, admTt.pd iSL. =:^ s contentions, but said viries that they should help con- tributo the support of the father mother or SPOUSP. ficiency in the present law. Portions of the new bill were said by Representative Udall. vice- chairman of the committee on judiciary, to have been looked upon in that committee as of doubtful constitutionality, and turned the floor over to Robert Crable of Yavapai county, committee member, who explained that the constitutionality doubt arose chiefly from the fact that states are barred by supreme court decision from levying direct tax on inter- or (u 50 the state's share instate commerce, or placing any .[payment to the owner of a reactor unreasonable restriction thereon. At his suggestion the house conditions of the relatives of a ro-' throwin S of missiles or firing of cipient dpfendrd the change in lhe :Sun(i at common carrier vehicles. '»"• on grounds that it. would rip-i cars nr engines, with felony pun- nnof the city treasurer to make Wa > p ro lj<l p!: 'roved under provisions of the "The amendment requires disclosure of nothing concerning the old-age assistance," he went fur-" ther but only those on whom the. bill tries to place some legal re sllre) snnnsihiltti- f«- ,..__-'.„ gal re " dourinp art, to require money available for eradication of dou- nnp to be spent first in quarantined areas, and to appropriate 510,000 to the livestock sanitary hoard to carry out provisions of the measure. (Emergency mea- sponsibility for support. He read a card in which HIP writer called him a uilch1tlp racketeer" and PROGRESS House To Senate commented: "chean HB H2—(Robles of Pima)—To >ri- ••Tl r . edGfine "contractor" as used in guess if you run for public offirp tne Ar 'zona Code and to establish and can't take it you'd better Btav a min ™"m °* 5150 as cost for rmTv>e " m-«.u*.i fcLay ,,•»*.!_. ...l.:_t. n_ *__ j, _ , home." Joe Information A^Sfe^sSsr o a packed ra rv " included Mr. Levy said thai wasn't a defense and the judge agreed. -o- Party Is Arranged For Freshman Group Midyear freshmen who have entered North Phoenix High School this semester will get acquainted at a party Wednesday afternoon in the school cafeteria under the sponsorship of the Girls League, Boys Federation and the freshman class, are matrhprf i, ""•"=> Representatives from each fresh- that The ^ ? Slate funds a "d man home room, league and fed-'down' 1 r,,i»c f a S° vp niment .. Ja oration members and the newlvi askance fn 1°- operaUon of the elected freshman class officers- i " Thp , sa" ihf ,1 a ' Tom Stapley, Warren White, and i iiv board U n V e sncial Fecur - work which calls for the designation "contractor," with resulting requirement of license. Senate To House SB 45—(Kimball of Pima)—To allow Phoenix and Tucson, and rv commented that the people "here today should have some inform M • ------------------ • — tion on the operation of this "thh?J " Manc °P a and Pima counties, to He explained that federal fund ,i Eage Jn re S iona l planning and -p mat^-hnj i — _. _. r* al . IU "GS zonmc. nrTnorcron/,,T ;i,nn r ,,,r\ zoning. (Emergency measure). To Governor None. , GOVERNOR'S ACTION Signed HB 4—(Mitchell of Maricopa)— and county officers and employees from seven to five cents per mile. HB 36—(Sharpe of Cochisel— To repeal the law prohibiting the board of pardons and paroles fromj considering any application for' pardon or parole until the con- 1 vict's minimum sentence has beeni served. (Emergency measure).! (Signed February 15). | SB 16—(Blake of Graham)—To establish bond for every person to whom letters testamentary or of administration are issued at an amount not less than the value of the personal property and the probable value of annual rents, profits and issues of the estate's real property, and to permit issuance without bond of similar papers to the surviving spouse of an estate valued at less than $2,000. PERMANENT WAVES BY SNEED'S Kncllr muted to the fixture condition of your hair. A design ru I hat know their way around. 2.00 to 7.50 SNEED Barber & Beauty Shop Pf flCOCK SHOf Owner-0peraf«d 31 North First Avanw Toiletries, Street Floor since 1860 "the Best Always" Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera "Trial by Jury" benefit of British War Relief Phoenix Woman's Club—Wednesday night like an eraser The Erazor removes hair from arms and legs safely, easily, pleasantly. Takes only a few minutes, too. Tiny plastic Erazor with 3 efficient but harmless cutting heads, 1,00 HB 14—(Udall of Navajo)—Toll reduce mileage allowance of state IJ PLANTING ALFALFA—WHEAT OATS—BARLEY CAPITAL FUEL FEED! SEED C° At smart take-off points all across the continent you'll see the newest of Oshkosh luggage ensembles, the handsome Cherokee pattern in maroon. One of many eminent designs to be seen in our Luggage Shop. Cherokee pieces from 18.50 to 43.50 The Downstairs Store IV. since 1860 "the Best Always" * Right and natural for most anywhere, any day in Phoenix. A natural colored easy fitting jacket with plenty of pocket space, sizes 12 to 20, 12.95 Worn over a.plaid skirt in sheer, sheer wool. Beige, blue or rose combinations, sizes 24 to 30, 7.9" Chosen at random from the numerous authentic styles of skirts, sweaters and jackets in the Desert Sports Shop. Second Floor Wednesday at two-thirty o'clock El Desfile des las Modas del Desierto A Parade of Desert Fashions at the Arizona Biltmore Pool No Charge

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