The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 9, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Thursday, November 9, 1916
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/ Chillicothe Constitution. VOLUMU'XXVIII 4 Pages No. 303. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, THURSDAY, NOV. 9,1916. WILSON'S RE-ELECTION IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED CALIFORNIA, THE DECIDING STATE WITH 13 ELEC TORAL VOTES, SEEMED CERTAIN TO FALL INTO WILSON COLUMN--DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE HAS MAINTAINED A LEAD ALL DAY WITH ONLY A FEW PRECINCTS YET TO BE HEARD FROM. GARDNER IS ELECTED GOVERNOR Wilson's Final Plurality in I,Ii ssouri Will Reach 30,000-Reed Safe With Possibly 20 000 Plurality Over Dickey- Whole Democratic State Ticket is Thought Elected Without Doubt--Prohib ition Amendment Fails But "Drys"JHave Elected a Maiority of the House and Senate. county, complete, sives Wilson 1721 and Hughes 1549. The last five precincts have added 10 net to Wilon. 13 -of the 14 missing precincts in Polk conn ty added 86 to the Wilson lead Republicans Desperate. (Br U»l'«a PremO San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 9 --In the face of unofficial returns -which jjrve President Wilson a lead~~of 5,000 over Hughes in 5692 precincts, Ohas H. Rowell, republican state chairman at noon today issued ,3 statement declining to eon cede the state to Wilson and claiming California for Hughes With only four small pracmcts missing, the republican candidate has a plurality of only 205 votes in t h i , county_ The situation ( in other doubtful states was as fbllows. MINNESOTA--2534 out of 3 0 2 4 precincts gave Hughes a lead of 258 L NEW HAMPSHIRE--Secretary of State Dean told the United Press today that the result from some villages registering only 23 or 30 votes might saving the state either way Democratic leaders claim that the re.count will s;h«w_that Wilson has a maiority of 93 The republicans now claim 161 plurality for Hughes in the legislative fight, dry leaders in Missouri claimed today, so that the state wide prohibition battle has merely been transferred to Jefferson City before the legislative body Altho complete returns are not yet in, G B Bertch, Superintendent of the Anti.Saloon forces in Westein Missouri, said today I "We have a working majority in the Senate and a huge majority in the House. We have elected 101, and possibly more, of the 142 members of the lower house '" Dr Bertch would not give figures on the Senate until returns from the Senate fights were all in, but indicated that the drys expected a certain majority of 2 in that body-with possibly 2 more Dry leaders believe the Senate stands 19 dry and 15 wet Dry Fight Will Go On. Kansas City, Nov 9 --As a result of the tremendous gains made by the drys in Missouri over the vote of six years ago, plans are being consider. GREAT INTEREST IN ELECTION CONTINUES CROWD THRONGED COXSTITt/- TKX OFFICE SEEKING TfEWS. DAILY EDITION, NEWIROAD PUN Wilson's Gain Dining the Afternoon \\a s Glad Tidings to Jliinj. The interest continues unabated lu the election. The Constitution oflioo is being continually besjeged by people anxious to know the result President Woodrow \Vilson continues to be the best bet and ha, election seems a certamtj The gieitesi event tbat interests the nation is ,\ presidential election and there is no lessening of interest in the lesult ·over that of Vvednesday In Chilli by a narrow margin. "Our figures, very carefully! afternoon checked, show that we have the state bv a narrow margin," he said. "We are taking great New York, Nov. 9 --At 11 o'clock Hughes, accompanied by his wife left for an automobile drive thru the city, not expecting to return until ^ "McCormick's Statement. s ·4- New York, Nov 9 --Demo- ^ · cratic Chairman McCormick is- · 5- sued the following statement * $· shortly before noon toda~v · * "It's all over We have won ? $· the election I can merely re- S ·§ iterate my statement of t \ \ o ·$ S days ago We are going to : S) 'clean 'em up ' The president's $· s electora Ivote is 2S8," said Me. « S Cormick ® 3 "I have just talked with the ·* s New Hampshire state chair- 5 A\jlco\'s Statement Xew York, Nov 9 --Repub- prccautioii to safeguard an ac curate count. It is possible that the vote may be so close o ncan headquaiters expects posu · that the electoral"vote of Cali* tneH and hnall.v to announce · £ orjlla 11 i-- T:J. ,-- a -- - -" the election of Gov Hughes to " the presidency possibly within ag four yeais a£?o. In this case Bv United Washington, D C , Nov 9 --Advices indicate that Federal officials are carefully investigating efforts, ot election officials, in at least one state, to "juggle" the vote Concord, N H , Nov 9 ---"The re- gue to work toward local option elections in the cities, excepting St Louis, and to begin an aggressive campaign for statutory prohibition by the legislature Undoubtedly local option, elections will Tae called immediately in Kansas City, Sedalia, Springfield and [Joplin " G Edwin Bertch, superintendent of the Kansas Cit} district of the league, who managed the canu paign of the Third Amendment Association, said yesterday afternoon "We will have a dry senate as well as lo-wer house in the state legislature, and will put two bills thru the of this state, so far as pres legislature--one against the sale ol ent returns Indicate Wilson Is victorious bj at least 100 Every sec. the hour, Chainian wilco-v for- «.|ITu£?bes Will be elected "whether j tlon hr -s been heard from and b Intoxicating liquors and the other against the manufacture It has been recognized by the Anti-Saloon ·' mallv stated j u s t before t w o S *· o clock s · This announcement may corne $ ? within the houi, said Wilcox s- 5 However, it is entirely possi- ·$· *' ble that it mav be delajed to · S around midnight The situa- S £ lion looks moie and more Cav- -3 -j orable foi Hughes IO feel cer- · 3 tain that both California and § nan and Wilson will carry New «· 8 Minnesota -n ill be added to the . | 3 Hugiies c o l u m n " , 5 J S S S S S ' 3 S « S " ! S « 1 3 : ( With_jCalifornia, Minnesota |on 169,810, Hughes 168,481, a North Dakota and New Mexico ( lead of 1,329 for Wilson in Min- the deciding states, the le-elec mesota. tion of Woodrow Wilson to the j These figures are not official presidency seemed absuied but aie from oificial sources. from dispatches received at The Constitution this aftoi- West Virginia to Hughes. In» Urilt..,l Prena ) Wheeling. TV. V , Nov 9 -- noon. With 256 electoral votes alreadv in the democratic col- ..^^ l v _ , f ^ u v ,_ timn, California from late andi-j Wesl y^;^ at 2 O c1ocl - ^ cations seemed certain to give aftclnoon appears to Lave ^ lv , Wilson a ma.ionty ot not Jess en jfe electoia] vote ( g ) to than 4,000. This will add 13.^^ Evan TIu£ , hcs . It has more-to the Wilson electoral ^ backw - ard and fonrard vote. North Dakota and New he gets tlie long end of the vote or not.' late this afternoon we should have I League that the wording of the Oregon Gees to Hughes. all of the certificates in, ' deputy Secretary of State Tillsbury declared I to the United Press at noon today_ I The'official vote is vet to be re- · ceiled from 60 towns of the stale Tillsbury said Unofficial returns I have been received from these miss- Portland, Ore., Nov 9.-- Hughes' lead in Oregon con j h f g towns and .it is hoped that the tinuecl to giow as returns he came more detailed this after last of the official results will be in ton ght With the vote of the state noon. With 60 precincts still 1 * 0 be settled T these 60 towns ' and -i~t ,-] -i A i baling the vote ~of these on the unoffi- missing m Portland count. clal returns from ttem , Tlllsbury salrt TT,.. TMi-, r*TM 1-.« ^1 " I T " ! O / v i-s-n^l \ \ / T I Hughes had 111,277 and Wilson 303,830. Hughes plurality was 7,447. News From Massachusetts. United Prei«O Ashbury Park, N. J., Nov 9 --A national cornmitteeman from Massachusetts wired j President Wilson this afternoon that his "bed rock" plu rality in that state will be 100 Hughes Carries Los Angeles (n-r Trnirrd Ppe«M. Los Angeles, Cal, Nov 9.-. Mexico also give huiifavoiable ahvelys ]f returns but with the electoral ^.^ -' votes of California alone son will have 269 votes seveial times tho Hughes has U94 precincts of Los Angles! iiaintained a lead of at 000 Mnce cail% that the state would go 100 for Wilion. 5 "It Is not safe.^however, t o say that New Hampshire Is on© way 01 the other" said Secretary of State J)»an "The official vote may upset previous figures The state vote might swing on the final official vote of some village When these 60 towns are heard f r o m , New Hampshire's vote will be com-plete as the militiamen ot the state now on the border did not vote No provisions were made to permit the national guardsmen to rast their ballot* Bv United I*re«i. New York, Nov 9 --A divided Third Amendment cost the d i y s 25 000 \otes which taken from one side to the other would have given us a probable majority "The decrease in Ine wet majority of over 150,000 in si-t jears Is the greatest decrease of any city in the same length of time in the Nation ' Kansas City now is the largest city in the United States that ever voted a dry majority " A committee was appointed at a meeting of dry leaders jesterday to look up the law and determine how soon local option elections might be held in Kansas City and the other cities named It-was the opinion of the conference that the election could be held as early as January t - - -- - = - . -- . i.uui, VL w ^su.m.t;su.a,j in vJililU ed by the Missouri Anti-Saloon Lea- cothe everybody is on tlie anxious* seat, the party adherents expecting lightning to strike at any moment with the final announcement that their favorite has landed the plum The suspense is simply alarming anl nerve racking to a Misbounan whatever may be his political belief, anJ especially to a Misboun democrat, the latter continuing to receive bj long odds the best of the reports HARD SURFACED*!^ HIGHWAYS ENTHUSE MOTOraSTS. State Motor Association Flooded* 1 ^ With Bequests for Meetings to Br- pluin Plan and Form Auxiliary Clubs. Seaaha, Mo, Nov_ 9 --A state system of cross-state, hard surfaced '-$?· rock roads, the chief object of the i ecently formed Missouri State Motor Association, is creating much inter- '"-T^ est throughout the state among the /^1 105,000 motor car owners and tern j^f" of thousands of permanent road en- "Sg thuslasts The temporary headquar- " '^It ters of the association In this city" ··$$ is daily in receipt of mall and wirof,. $4"! requests for public meeting dates to %^ explain its objects and purposes, and 1$Jj to organize local auxiliaries . * "~ f ^ Announcement was made here to. J 5| day that speaking dates for officers S l3 of the state association had been as- fej signed for Lamar, Nov 8; Carthage, *'| Nov 9, Neosho, Nov 10; Osceola, ^V Nov 11, Bethany, NoV 13; Albany ' ^ Nov 14, Cameron, Nov 15; Chilli. X? showing Wilson to bo the winner I cothe, Nov 16, and Brookfle'ld NOT" Some of the side lights to the re [ 17 suits are exceedingly interesting Things looked gloomy for Frederick Gardner for governor over Judge Lamm in Wednesday's l e p o i t s , but in the evening his possible defeat began to change into a lead which. i» increasing with every j e p o r t and noi\ Gardner shows up as a sure winner by 5 000 to 7,000. John P Gordon for auditor ran over 23 000 behma Wilson in St Louis, which may cause his defeat Tho full democratic The state motor association is composed of the affiliated local motor club? thruout the state and public meetings planned are for the purpo=» of organizing such auxiliaries. Supplem3ital to the foregoing news special, a public meeting has been called t 0 be held in the court house In Chillicothe at 7 - 3 0 on the night of Thursday, November 16. 10 organize the Livingston County Aa- 266 electoral votes will elect him. Concedes Wilson's Ke-eleetion . Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 9.-The Evening Ledger, a strong Hughes supporter, issued ar. extra this afternoin conceding the re-election of Woodrow Wilson. No Doubt About It. I fly United Pre»* Philadelphia, Nov. 9.--The Philladelphia North-American, one of the strongest republican day. Democratic State Chairman Chaver conceded it to Hughes hv 2500 when returns showed the republican nominee leading hv more than 4,000. with onlv 200 pi'ecmccc missing'. The republicans; claim the state for Txnhinson for governor bv a slight maioiitv and declare congress was forecasted by incoming i TT i ·, or, n , i i returns gathered b the United Press county c;ave IIiiEflies 130,941) up to noon todav Thes6 returns and Wilson 312,205, a Hughes I tend to support the republican claim plurality of 18,736. t h a t the House will be republican altho the democrats insist that the count will show them in control of St Louis, r Mc°"Nov"9"--The elec- i t h l ' branch of congress tion of Col Gardner of St Louis as goveinor has ben practically as. sured beyond a question today Onlv an upheaval in the outstanding precincts could change the result Tudging fro-ni the performance of the outstanding precincts in tliev have elected four con-! relatlvts gams and losses ln gressmen Hughes Leads Slightly Here Concord. N H., Nov 9.-- All 1m t 46 of the 294 election di«- tricts in New Hampshire s^ive ATil^on 36.793 and Hughes 37. 072, a Hushes plurahtv oC 279 K ..^- in the state, posted a,This announcement was sriven bulletin this afternoon conced- ont this afte^oon bv Secretazw papers ' in? the election of President Wilson. Dispatch Concedes Wilson. St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9 W. ,H. Mansur, Chillicothe, Mo. Hughes' lead has been cut down to 500 in Minnesota with 219 precincts still out. 2,009 votes from militiamen on the border are not included in the vote. The St. Paul Despatch an independent paper, con cedes Wilson's re-election. Robert Mansur. Wilson -Gaining in Minnesota. (By r»lted rrwO St., Paul, Minn., Xov 9--The Sfc. Paul Daily Xews has telephonic reports from many of State Dean. 'i Claims Minnesota Democratic St Paul. Minn Nnv 9. -Democratic Kational Cotnmit- teeman Lvich nositivelv claimed Minnesota for Wilson bv 1 000 this afternoon Rermbli- r j n State ChairrncTi Thornton j claims the state for TTuahes ITS 3,000 Tie states that he has heatd ftom all but 200 precinct^ More Wilson Cotinties f Elv United r*r«"t« t St Paul. Minn , Xov 9 --TJc turns from 49 nrecmets in Bel tivu cowntv. leaving 7 still missing, s^ive Wilson 3.222 and Hughes 911. This is one of the far north counties that Wilson r precincts as follows: Vil- men had depended on. Clay ing counties of the representative parties Tuesday, Gardner's plurality will be around 7,000 It may go sliglitl% over and possibly under tnat but probablv a little over Reed's re-election now is just n matter of majority Col Lamm's race m Missouri, de spite his defeat, was the surprise of the campaign He received more than 2 0 , 0 0 0 more than his ticket If St Louis had given him anything like t h e G O P majority expected he would won to a certainty RT TTnltcd New Tork, Nov 9--President Wilson made sweeping gams In California as the count proceeded tbere to. day Inasmuch as Hughes apparently must have California If he Is to obtain a majority in the electoral college, the situation was regarded with the most intense interest here Up until 11 o'clock toda-v Hughes still maintained a lead in Minnesota, one of the two large doubtful states he must carrv if he is to receive the necessary 266 electpral lotes The California jump came m a single hour At the start, Wilson's lead was 641 in 5309 out of 591T precincts One hour later tvhen a mistake w a s discovered In Nendo- cin 0 county returns and S3 new pre. cmcts were received this 641 lead was changed to 4 3 9 6 Democrats mere jubilant over the returns from San Diego cluntv, on the border where Hughes was expected to show the greatest strength T h a t the present demociatic ma- lonty of 21 will be deeply cnt, how- eier, Is certain yan Francisco Cal_, Nov 9--Pres. i d e n t Wilson increased his lead In C i l i f o r n i a at 9 45 o'clock today wlipn returns came in from outlying piecincts In the state At that hour, with 5,531 out of 5,867 precinct* heard from gave Wilson ff.533 majority The totals were Hughes 440 947 and Wilson 4 4 4 , 4 8 0 _ This includlea returns from San Francisco clmplete which ga\e Wilson a plurality of 15,094 St Louis, Mo , Niv 9 · -The heav-v dry vote thrnout Missouri was ^ lowed up by a sweeping dry victory | the Chillicothe Business college ABSENTEE VOTES AKE COMING IN. TWEJfTY RECEIVED BY COUNTY CLERK THURSDAY. Must Be In Hands of County Clerk By Noon Saturday, When Count Will Be Made. The absentee vote cast at the elec tion. Tuesday are now being received by County Clerk Fred H Harris Thursday morning's mail brought in twenty votes and more are expected These votes will be received up to Saturday noon when they will be counted and the results placed to the credit of the candidates who received them "The absentee votes must be In m j office by noon Saturday or they will not be counted," said County Clerk Fred H Harris It is believed all the absentee votes will reach here this afternoon and not later than Friday afternoon as tlC £* t ^ aS _ ?'f c . ted ln L m n c o u n t I tomobile Club as an auxiliary of the Missouri State Motor Assoclaton and every automobile OTiner and dealer likewise every citizen heartily In fa- ^or of a state system of permanent roads, is cordially invited and expected to be present S S Kelly, president and M V Carroll, secretary of the Missouri State Motor Association will be present and ad dress the mteetmg The membership fee will be one dollar per year It is hoped every automobile owner in the county will be at this jneot ing and have a^voice In the mee'lnc and organization of the Livingston county organization The Constitution made a record n getting complete returns on the county ticket Tuesday night By 10 o'clock w e had the complete returns This was made possible thru tha courtesy of the election officers of the various precincts of the county previously arranged by The Constitution Eerybody takes the resulb good naturedly and they are having one grand, good, jolly time out of the big event However thev are all agreed that the final announcement should be f o r t h c o m i n g and stop the agon of suspense NEWS NOTES. Tlie Weather Fair tonight and Fnday_ Warmei tonight west and extreme north portions and east and south portion 0 Freight Cars Into Ditch. Seven freight cars went into thi ditch at Chula Thursday marnmg at eight o'clock, when a northbound Milwaukee fast freight was wrecked by a breakbeam coming lose on one of the cars TrafBc was delayed three hours No one was injured Funeral of Thompson. The funeral of Judge F K Thompson was held from the Elm St Meth odisc church Thursday afternoon at 2 30 o'clock, Revs Ri\ey and Mapel i AND WOMAN HEI/D IN · CONNECTICUT WITH MUBDEB OF THE lATTER'S HUSBAND Denver, Colo , Nov 9 --Howard Turner, aged 23 and Mrs R. M. Bushong were arested in, Denver today and are being held in connection with the murder near Wilson Kan , October 31, of the hustiand of the woman According to Chief of Police Hamilton Armstrong, Turner confessed to killing Bushong ba- cause of his ill-treatment of his wife and their two small children. The pair were arrested here after a vigilant watch v bv the police for a trunk which was* expected to arrive here containing the body of Bushons The murdered man, according to Turner's alleged confession, was buried in a wheat field near Wilson Kan conducting the services Interment \ The trunk which arrived here con- w a s made in Edgewood cemeterey There was a large crowd of friends jrat'iered at the church to pay their resppct to this noble man Attacked Girls With R.»zor. Hannibal, Mo , Nov. 0 --Blood- these votes are cast in the state and I hounds are on the track of the man wero mailed from the precinct in ·which they were cast not later than Wednesday morning There were a number of absentee ·votes cast here by students attending NEWSPAPER PRICES GOING UP Increased Production Costs are Forcing Publishers to Raise Subscriptions But You Can Still Get The Constitution A T A L THE BARGAIN PRICE By accepting this opportunity at once Just Enough News and the Kind You Want Home--Market--World Subscriptions will cost more after NOVEMBER 18th Send $2.50 --TO-The Constitution UNION PACIFIC SFJ5KS TO TEST THE ADAMSON L4W who, early today, attempted to attack Miss Mary F U n n , 23 years old daughter of a Hannibal merchant In a fight with the man in her home, Miss Fljnn was cut across the throat with a razor An hour later Miss Flynn's assailant entered the home of George D Clavton, [insurance agent, v, here he was chased away by the three daughters of Clayton Miss Margaret Clayton, 20 years old, was cut across the hands by the man Parent Teachers Elect, At a meeting of the Parent Teachers Association \\hich was heW yesterday afternoon at the First WarJ school building the folowmg officer* were elected lor the vear Mrs 3, M Gallatin, president, Mrs Irwm Allen, secretary, Mrs W A Renscn, treasurer The parents in the First Ward are very enthusiastic about the work which they have before them in cooperating with the teachers about school work. Thf regular meetings of this association m thP First ward will be held the first Monday afternoon of each month where is said to haie married when she -was 16 years old Omaha, Neb , Nov 9--The Union Pacific Railroad Co_ filed suit m the Federal Court here today to test the constitutionality lot the eight-hour law recently passed by Congress and known as the Adamson act Thomas S Allen, United States district attorney, and four Union Pacific trainmen, representing the different rail, road brotherhoods, are made paities defendant The bill of complaint alleges tnat the law is unconstitutional, because it is not a proper regulation of interstate commerce, because it violates the guarantees of the fifth amendment to the federal constitution and because it is unworkable as applnea to existing conditions under -which the trainmen are oper_ atm? The bill of complaint is a printed document of considerably ^ _,,,.,, _ size and contains copies of all the Liven at the Gtedaer school house! prohibition, has not seemed at Mi'cellnneoiia Supper. tamed only personal effects and le1 to the arrest of the couple in o rooming house The murder is saM to have occurred on -the night of October 31 while Bushong and his family and Turner were traveling In a light wagon from Garden City ' Kan , to Denver Turner, according to the police, declared he becam enraged at Bushong because ot i sarcastic remark to his wife and slew with, a hatchet while drivin" Turner shielded Mrs. Bushong from any complicity in the crime Turner and Mrs Busnong are be. ing held pending the arrival ot th5 sheriff from Ellsworth, Kan. Their two children, Melvina, 5 and Orville, 3, are detained in the matron's quarters at the police station Turner was said to have been in the employ of Bushong, who was a teaming contractor. Mrs Bushong's father lives at Junction City, Kas . A Missellaneous Supper will b e » Amendment No 1 SAX FBASfCISCO AGAIJTST LIQUOR SALE RESTRICTION" San Francisco, Nov. 9 --A tremendous vote in San Francisco tipped the beam last night against state amendment Ho. 8, imposing rigid restrictions on the sale and use of alcoholics. The San Francisco majority against the amendment at 5 o'clock Wednesday was 56,689, a lead of 20 065 for comp'e'e schedules -which the trainmen work I Saturday night is the teacher WANTED--Lady Cashier at Ferryman Cafe 9-3 Miss Mable Malorv 8-3 Trv a Constitution Want ad. time to be a winner Read the. For Rent.-For Sile and Want ads in today's Constitution

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