Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on February 26, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V 1 N , STEELE JOHNSON. EDITORS A N D PROPRir. T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 26. IN THE STABLE. The Stable Dour--A Horse That Kicks tlifc Stall. Did you ever have a stable door blow against you and land yon almost in "the middle of ue'xfc week?" If so, vroulcl Hie selection you made from tbc vocabulary ou tbat occasion look veil in print? Stable doors aud baru doois · A VERT SIMPLE DEVICE. are dangerons 011 windy days. When a large door gets in fnll swing, it is very apt to hurt a person who happens to lo in its path when it slams shut. A simple device recently illustrated and described iu the Iowa Homestead will prevent accidents of that nature. ' Get a sharpened stick of hard wood similar to the one shown in the illustration, make a large wire staple and attach it to the inside of the door at A. When the door is opened and the stick let down, the latter will prevent it from shutting again nntil the stick is raised up. "When the stick is not needed, its outer end is placed in a book found at B. This is the simplest tbiug found for doing the business. It is annoying to have a horse continually kicking at the stall while in the barn, or, perhaps what is worse, kicking at his owner as he passes bo- hind him. To completely cure a horse of this practice a correspondent in the exchange already quoted advises plncing a piece of gas pipe, as shown in the second illustration, for him tokickagaiust, and lie will soon get tired of it. The directions are to place the pipe .high enough so he can strike it with his CUKE FOR A KICKING HORSE. leg half way between the pastern nnd hock joints. This pipe can be tiod or laised up when it is necessary to lead the horse out, and it can be put in its accustomed place when he is iu bis stall. A heavy pole placed in tbe same position may answer for the gas pipe. SECTION HONEY CLEANER. A labor Saving Piece of Machinery For lleckoepers. Every man, woman and child that knows anything about preparing section honey in iiisfc class style for the markets knows that burapiug sections is a tedious kind of work and will be glad to loam all about the section cleaner here illustrated nud originally described in Tho PYNY-PECTORAL* A QUICK CURE FOR COUGHS AND COLDS. VERY VALUABLE remedy in all | affections of the THROAT OR LUNGS. Large Bottles, 25c. DAVIS LAWRENCE CO., Lim., ! PROP'S OF PEHRV DAVIS'PAIN-KILLER. ^ FOR S*LE BY a. Fresb Groceries. TT EW GOODS! AVING restocked my DEPARTMENT, 1 ;nn u o w prepar- j ed to supply iuy customers and the j public general]'}- witli e v e r y t h i n g in that line, fresh ami of liie best quality- OW PRICES! PROFESSIONAL CARDS. LBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNJ3I-AT-I.AW Denton, Maryland. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, DHXTON, ill.VKYr.AXU. pHARLES E. McSHANE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UENTON, MAKYI.AN D THE GOLDES SECTION CLEANER. American Bee Journal by the inventor, J. A. Golden of Ohio. Here is what he ·writes concerning his invention: Having au old sewing machine table, I nailed some boards together and cut out a wheel, which is 36 inches in circumference aud has a 4 inch face. I attached it on the old tahle, covered the face of this wheel with medium fine sand paper by gluing it on, and arranging a cover so that tho face of tho wheel protrnded from one-sixteenth to a quarter of an inch, as shown by the picture, . where Flora is in the act of passing a section over the wheel. It will be observed that there is plenty of room for a, full super of sections to bo placed on the table at a time. Now as to how the machine works. Well, it was just fun to clean sections with it, and so clean and bright that no one could tell by looking at them afterward that they ever had propolis on them, excepting at the scallops, which hnvo to ba scraped out. But if the plain, no bes way section is used a knife will never be brought into use, as the machine does it all and very speedily. There isn't a beekeeper in the world who likes nice, clean section honey that after seeing this machine and its work but would make or procure one. As I am generous to beekeepers I here publicly present to them the right to nse and also how to construct it. If there is any beekeeper in America or any other country that after dressing a half dozen sections of honey isn't in love with the machine and its work, let him "arise" aud explain the objections. * In conclusion let me add: Bread and table knives, penknives, scissors or any small edge tools can be. quickly ground on this wheel the surne as an ornery wheel, so our women folks will now have no excuse for not having sharp knives, as any one who can run a sewing machine can run this section cleaner. A Valuable Implement. A roller is one of the most valuable implements that a farmer can nse in making a flue seedbed, but scarcely one T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DKNTON, M l ) . marketing IMaplo Sugar. Vermont maple sugar makers propose tv change in their methods of marketing. The Now England Homestead says: Jealous of the good unmo of the Ver- mout product and dissatisfied with the manner in which fictitious and adulterated goods are placed on the markets under a Vermont label, tho sugar makers iu recent convention adopted a plan to establish a central trade bureau to handle the product. It is proposed to encourage shipments from farmers to the central bureau iu the form of sirup in casks supplied producers by tho station. On arrival the sirup is to be graded and credited to tha producer and eome portion, perhaps one-half, of the .probahlo value advanced npon it. The station is to bo supplied with arches, 'paus, molds, etc., for converting the sirup into any form called lor in the markets and two or three grades estab- . lished for both sugar and sirup and nil 1 goods sent out to be marked with the grade to which it belongs. The method of operating plant is to be on tho cooperative plan--after expenses have been paid, including interest on tho money invested in the business, tho producers to receive at the close of the year the balance due en goods furnished. Tomatoes Under Glass. The best results gained at the New .York station in growing tomatoes under ' glass was with Lori Hard trained to single stems. In a bulletin on tho subject it is stated that the fruits on the singlo stem plants are heavier and greater in number for equal areas so that the total yield per square foot of bench surface is decidedly larger. The amount of fruit ripened during the iirst six weeks of · fruiting is much greater for tho single stem plants, although in many instances the first frnits ripened were upon the . three stem plants. In comparing the plants grown in pots and in the benches very slight differences were fouiid when the plants were trained to single stem, hut with the three stem system retaining the pots seeing to be a decided disadvantage, as shown by the less number of fruits aud smaller total yield of plants thus checked in growth. News and Rotes. From the far west to New England there'is a general disposition to return to sheep industry. * Tho special wheat investigation of the department of agriculture shows that the crop of 1897 amounted to 530,000,000 bushels. The Cincinnati Price -Current's estimate is 540,000,000 bushels. A writer in The Farm Journal says: In applying commercial fertilizers to garden crops sow the fertilizer along between the rows at planting timo and then draw this fertilized ground up to the plants instead of applying directly. The latest craze in some sections in growing tobacco is to shade it or to partially protect it from the full raya of the hot summer's EUU. Information comes from tho agricultural "department that no less than 20 beet sugar factories have been estab- litbed in different parts of the United In tba last few mouths. SUBSTITUTE TOK KOLLEK. fanner out of ten owns a roller. The cost or the trouble to make one is the excuse given for their absence from the farm tools. An easily made substitute for a roller is shown herewith. It is from The Farm Journal. The sides aro cut 'from two planks, and narrow strips are then nailed to the lower edges. This contrivance can be weighted to any degree desired uud will do good ·service in fining or firming the soil. Stable Ianuro In Winter. Cattle feeders who cart ,aud spread their manure as made have had a good fall to top dress meadows if the meadows wore hard enough to drive upon. I want to emphasize the benefit of fining the manure spread in this way. I have used this fall a light smoothing harrow behind which a bnsh harrow was chained. This was not too heavy for two horses. The harrow alone will scratch up the chunks of manure and break them. The bush harrow, made of four or - sis bushes in a bush head, will smooth along and mash. The first does not distribute well, tho second alouo runs over close lying lumps without disturbing them, but the action of the combination -is searching and thorough. Twico over the field, with a good ruin or a good freeze between, will rival the work of a manure spreader in fineness and evenness. Orange Jndd Farmer in concluding these remarks says, "Fineness of spreading greatly enhances the efficiency of manure for grass especially, and also on laud to be plowed." T71TALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, 5IAHYLANI). OFFICE WITH JAS. N. TODD. Esq. /~iSCAR C L A R K ., DENTON, MARYLAND. Collections and all professional business promptly uttondfd to. TA7ILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CENTKKVILLK, Ml) "Will practice also in Cnrolinc, Tnlbot find Kent county. TCT AXJSX. HUTSOX, * ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MARYLAND. Will practice is the courts of Caroline nud ndjnceiit counties. rr\ PLINY FISHER, A TTORNEY-A T-LA If. DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to my care will receive prompt attention. Collection of claims a specialty. The San Jcwe Scale. The San Jose scale, although introduced into, the eastern United States ·scarcely ten years ngo, is now known in Massachusetts, New York, Now Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri iind Ontario in Canada,'while westward it occurs in British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California and New Mexico. While believed to bo native to a more southern climate, it is reported that it is actually thriving in localities as far north as auy part of Iowa, aud that its survival depends rathor on food plants than temperature. Tool For Slicing KoutH. Secure a piece of steel about a foot long and three inches wide and have a blacksmith weld to it a piece of old broken hoe ferrule. The steel is 'to La bent to the eliapo of a letter S, aud the MKA'l'S. flnn-nnJ ( MKA' United T ;»/ C OFFER, »·!.·· KtJT TKAS. Notions, Ribbon? AMD My stock of the latter is very complete, aud my lady f r i e u d s will do well to call and examine my poods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, and in fact :v general l i n e of Notions. Drop in and see tho stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Cream w i l l also be served in season. Aiiy quantity supplied for family use when desired. (CSFMeal? at short notice. JULIA DAY, Successor to Jan«s ParH. ALL TIE mm WILL BE FOUND A GOOD STOCK We have just openod n I urge invoice of SriUNG GOODS, :uul » bettor collcctiDii from which to choose tins never been offered in Denton. To le appreciated it must be seen. Your inspection is invilcil. The prices will lie a very startling I'cn- lure ('!' the snlcs lien 1 lor the next ihirU tlnvs, mid Inij civ w i l l Jo well to note them. How would some of these strike yon? Percale, ic regulnr l!2e. k i n d ; our price, while it ists, only 8c. A belter gnidi) nt 12c. Calicoes, mid Oc. llluo and Light Prints, plnin lid I'ancy designs, Gc. Pique Remnants, 10c,, lie regnlnr 15c. kind. Ginghams, rom oc. up. Lawns, cgnlur price 12c.; our price, lOc. "We iiivc nn excellent nssortmeot of these. Table-Cloth, jlioiec quality Irish Linen, 50c. per yard. --OF -- A GOOD ROOT SLICE!!. lower side is made sharp. By putting a haudlu in the ferrule itvrill make a very good tool for slicing turnips or mangels when the latter are placed in a bos. This suggestion conies from a contributor to the Iowa Homestead. TTARVEY L. COOPER. ' ATTO RN EY;AT-LA W, DENTON, MARYLAND. Close attention will be given to nil business entrusted to mv care. OHN W. CLARK, JR. Box 68. Deijton Will sell property in Caroline or any of the adjoining counties. HKSRY R. LEWIS. WILLAIID i:. WEST. LEWIS A WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA W, DENTOtf, MD. Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Tallotand Queen Auneeounties. Money to Loan, $30,000 to loan on tirst mortgage. WILMEB EMORY, Attorney-at'-Lnw, Baltimore, Md. Corner Fnvottc and North Sts. DK. ENOCH GHOKGK, DH. P. K. FlSllliR GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Maiu Street. WM. II. DEWKESK. FUED H. OWENS DE"WEESE OWENS, /Vttorneys-at-Law, DENTON, MD. Office in the Court'Honse. Mortgages foreclosed, ustntes settled nnd prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. · · Will practice in the State and Federal Court. "WM. H. DEWEESB, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINT.ER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, Mr Uas had ten years' experience in the cities of Wilmington, Philadelphia and New York, and is now ready to make contracts and guarantees skillful work, fair prices and entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, - :DENTISTS: -MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, Will -practice at Preston on Mondays; Denton on Tuesdays; I'Ddoralsburg, second and fourth Thursdays; Enst New Market, first nnd tbird Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administered. DR.ANNA GIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. Specialist in Diseases of Women .only. Private Sanitarium ot lugh (repute. Absolute privacy afforded. Female Regulative Pills SiOO per bos. Advice by mail. (603 EAST BALTIMORE STREET, RALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound Tor Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me. Tbonrjas Carnrjine, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, Kidgely, Maryland. Contracts tnken in Caroline nnd ndjoin^ ing counties. Thirty-three ycnrs cxper ieiiee. 1'lans nnd specifications cheerfully furnished. Best of references from Cnro line, Thibet and Dorchester counties. JAMES SWANN. BEPKESKNTINO TheBestLifedt Fire Insurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. TO ONE AND ALL Wlio wish to purchase for 1898 NEW BICYCLES AND SUNDRIES Cheap for Cash, I cnn offer special inducements. Consult curly with or write to 2 12 4 DENTON, MARYLAND. For Rent for 1898, A. nice 8-room dwelling, with necessary ottbiiildings and good water, situated on Main street, in Denton.' Also a gooil stable with carriage-house, in East Denton. Apply to J. D. D9WNES, Denton National Bauk. Boots, Slices, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BEAVEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe StocH of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You can also find at tbe LUMBER Y A R D Full supply of all kinds of Lumber Sawing and P l a n i n g d o u e at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Latbs, Doors, "Windows, Etc., always on hand. T 1 . W. 1IV.DDKN. \T. F. MURPHY REDDEN MURPHY, UKALKRS IN riRST-Cf.ASS BUILDING MATERIALS --AND-- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. MARYLAND. Prices on all goods warranted to he a low as those oflered by city dealers. Mr Murphy, u builder of long experience, wil have charge of the practical work, an satisfaction guaranteed in every particular Bsta.T3llsli.ecL Frank C. Eolton. LeeB. Bolton BOLTOJs BROS PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL KB PAINTS b« Finjily S Machinery Oils, Tar, Oafcnrn and Pitch ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies 418, 420, 422, 424 1!. PRATT ST., Farms Wanted, Have purchasers ready for cheap farms Anyone desiring to sell, send particular and lowest price to HEYEUIX OOTTETC. 209 S. 6th, Phila. For Sale, Five million (5,000,000) Tennessee 1'ro lilic Strawberry plants, nt Si.25 per tlious nnd. THOS. II. EVEKNGAM. l-23-5m. Concord, Md. Wanted, One Cnroline County Mnp ns survcyet by Suulsbury. Stnte price, nnd address "VV. E. COTT.ICR, 209 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Notice to Growers, "We nre ready to contract for Tomatoc on Saturday afternoon of each week dui in£ February. Our contract price Ib 1898 will be six dollars per ton. G. T. REDDEN CO. For Sale, Lloyd Strawberries, tbe most prolifi nnd popular to date, plants for snlc at les^ than Imlf market price. H. "VV. VIVEN, 1 29 8 Bridgcvillc, Del, Cut this out for Future Reference Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout tho ycnr. We dcnl in n kinds, from tlic very best to the very clicnp cst. 400 HEAD of Horses. Mures an Mules, always on linnd. Visit us, it wi pay you. PllIVATE SALES EVKKY DAY. POLL LINE OK Wrw a«)«l Seeot)«l-Han! CarrUges, Day toil?, Bug- · JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8, 10, 12,14 16 N. HIGH STREET Near Baltimore St., one square from Bu tinioro Streotbridge. BALTIMORE, MB TREES *? PLANT! The leading varieties of Ap pie, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cher ries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A, G. GELLETLY CO., TVILLI8TON, HD Pnntnloon Goods at various prices. §1.00 Smyrna Bugs at 80e. A. E. COOPEIl 11EO., Dciitou. Md. PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shall constantly k.-cp on hand a full assortment of Iron and Steel for nil kinds of Farm and Wngon "Work. I can furnish you nil sizes of new wheels and axles, and best classes of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee all material nnd work at lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stable. Give me a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. FOR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE! Three small farms, all .idjoining each other, lying on tho county road lending from Bridgetown to Grccnsborough, about two miles from the former and four miles from the latter place, known HS thn "/tlonzo ClarH Farn?,". contniiiins; 70, 85 and Cl ACRES, respectively. The Iirst two hnve buildings on tlicin ; the other is unimproved. TKRMS EASY. Possession Jnnnnry 1st next. Call on or address, SAMUEL B. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md. Or to HENIIYR. LEWIS. 10 2 tf Attorney, Denton, Md. For Sale, One Geiser Siuy-Mill. with 2-incli snw, in good order; 80 horse-power Upright Engine, 50 horse-power lioilcr, all in good order. Tins saw-mill is already set up on a line tract of timber, which is for sale, situated about 1.] miles from Ponton railroad station. Terms reasonable. Apply to W. H. I K W I N , 2 5 4 Denton, Jld. JAMES T. MORRIS, (HIDOELY, SIB.) flieelirislitaeJBlactsiiiitli, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In all branches of my business I guarantee satisfaction. In horseshoeing I Imve the endorsement of best veterinarians. JAMES T. II ORRIS. Farrpers Increase Your Income By Doubling Your Crops 'Without Increasing Labor of Cultivation. I? B«tt«r tb»Q Going to A Liberal Application of BA1NBRIDGE LAND LIME oi) Your Corn Grout)J. Its effect on the soil is most remarkable and satisfactory. Geologists declare that tlic llnlnbrldee Limestone are the 'purest Carbonate of I.linc ever discovered. 100 farmers saved from the sIierifT Insl year by using UaiilbrKlge I. null I,inic. Kcmcm- bcr, building lime is not suitable for Intnl. We burn KutlmiR but land lime nt our Bninlri(lge Works.. 1'or prices, address our General Sales Apeiils for Cnrolliie, GKKHN KKLHIKN, - UUNTON, MD. THOS: A. SMITH, - KIDKKLY, MD. T. C. HACKKTT, - QOKKX AKNli, Mo. 1VHIGI1TSVILL1S LIMB CO., WH101ITSVII.LE, PA. ·45- For Sale, House and lot in Denton, occupied nt present by Mr. C. H. "VVIiitby. Hns rc- ecntlv been painted nnd put in good order. "Will be sold at low prico for cash, or on terms to accommodate purchaser. Apply to T. PLINY FISHER, Denton, Md. Or W. E. DUNNOCK, 1620 Druid Hill Ave., Baltimore, Md. ^3^3* *^sz^v aaqSiq ^u sep^JO asqSiq 9ATiq Q }ua|iaox3 SJB spoo^ SAoqv SQH¥Q2 SHia MO111A HOHI 'JdVHM JL33HJ.S J-HDH f lt A LARGE LOT OF --AT TIIK-- BtlRRSYI LE HARDWARE STORE, . All sixes of Cook Stoves, from the smallest No. 7 lo tho largo«t No. 0. Heating Stoves of all k i n d s suitable for Parlors, Sit ting Rooms, Dinhisj; Rooms. Bed Rooms, Churches, School Houses, Oflicc.", ete. Six kinds of Double llciitei-s. The best llangcs that are made. Large lot of FURNITURE CLOYER AND TIMOTHY SEED. Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, "Wheelwright and Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Unrringe, "YVngon, Curt and Plow Harness, Paints and Ofls, Tinware, Harness and Shoe Leather, Washing JIn- cliincs, Belt'Lacina;, and Stenm Packing. KOOMS TILLED WITH (HOBS ! a large stock of Barbed "Wire Cnblc Wire Buckthorn and Ribbon Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN HARVEY, Burrsvillc. Md. S.IXJOWEU.SOIM, UNDERTAKERSTEMBALMERS AUD FUUERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience en ables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Is yonr Home, Furniture, Grain, LiYe Stock, or otner Property Insured Against Loss by RREORLIGHTNINGP If not, if you will npplj' to one of th Agents of tl.e OF DOVER. DEL. you cnn obtain insurance nt low rates. Th Company is Mutual, nnd you will only pnj what the insurance costs, ns uny amount it ExcessofCost fillte Returned in Dividends or at termination of policy. "WM. DENNY, Secretary. R. PLUMMER, Agent, Greensboro. J. B. FLETCHER. " Preston. GOOD TIMES A R E . H E R E _ A G A 1 N I At this scnson of the year, when it is everybody's nim to SAVE MONEY we have come to help you by ottering you prices in CLQTHlfiG that will surprise yon, nnd nlsoUvtify yon to buy, ns we "must Iwve room for SPRINGjjOODS! WE AUK O V K K K I N G S U R P R I S I N G BARGAINS in Dry Goods, lints, Men's nnd Ladies' -Conrscnnd Fine Foot-wenr, iind also ii Full and Complete line of ^Notions. COME AND GET T1IJ5 BENEFIT OP THE TIMES. BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY, MD. 3D. ICXjIiTE, OProp. GOLDEN IRISH THREAD. G OLDEN HUSH enters the water with stronger claims and backing to substantiate it? superiority thiin in any previous ear. Our sulcs on this thread more than loubled last vear. * GOLDKN- IRISH TIIKKAD bus met with stronpor opposition in the SUopknnk River limn any brnnd ever plnced there. How 1ms it succeeded in the fight, manned by as? It bus narrowed tbc stiles of oilier brands of thread on this water down fully one-half, n»d the close of 185)8 will largely reduce this bnlf, for orders on Shad Seines :iru already coming in and being hooked for 1898. A multitude of fishermen w i l l use GOLDEN IKISII this Spring who did not do so last, because of its fine catcliinsi qualities, established and strengthened last year, to their entire satisfaction. Oni 1 challenge still stands and will extend through the season, of 1898: "Tliat we will m ateli this thread against any other brand (silk execptcd) made, no matter at what for strength, durability and fish catching qualities," cost, still tbe , , Change in tlic tariff has affected the price of thread slightly, but we are pioncerfof low prices, as the following will show: Shad Seines, rcndy-knit, perfect work guaranteed, out of CO 2-cord Golden Irish Thread, at $1.85 per pound. No slips nnd ported knots. Baltimore liO -- our No. 35 -- 2-eord thread in 1 pound balls, SI .2-3 per Ib. ANY LENGTH, DEPTH, OR SIZE OF MESH FURNISHED, varying by one-sixteenth of an inch. ' - To avoid any disappointment, let us have your orders early, and we will knit the- seines aud put'them awav until yon want them; nothing is gained by delay. You are either going lo fish or you are not. Don't forget our Hanging Lines; no boiling, dragging or fixing: simply cut fron the coil and lacfi in. Guaranteed to neither kink . norTwist. All communications by mail promptly -.attended lo. Give postoffiee .address in all letters. On all orders give length, depth, and size of mesh, stretch measure. Respectfully, W. J. BLACKISTON,. Denton, Maryland- THOMAS H. MITCHELL MANUFACTURER OP Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newels, Hand Rails, Cabinet Mantels, Balusters, Etc. j®-Estiui,itC5 Promptly Furnished on all kinds of Building Material. ; SALISBURY, MARYLAND. T. H. EVANS COMPANY,; FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, Bgg-Fruits and Vegetables; Maryland Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. GOAL.WOWHAY The public will find constantly on hand at my coal yard at Denton. Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will deliver in any quantity anywhere in town. Stove Goal, 2240 Lbs. Per Ton, . $6.00 N 5.75 · - ' - 5-75' . STOVE WOOD BYTRfloAD OR CORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TON, DELIVERED IF DESIRED.. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER * ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the use of the public for landing or shipping all kinds of freight. Hauling 1 of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS.. Chestnut, Subscribe for the JOURNAL $1.00. Home Office, N.' W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sts., RESOURCES, June 29, Pnicl-up ..................................... '..... $750,000 00 Surplus...... ................................................ 3E ),000 00 Kcserve Requirement nnd Undivided Profits, 2£ .',767 30 Sl^a7,7e7 so VII E OLDEST A.SD STRONGEST SUJtETT COMPANY IN VHE SOUZ*l. - o Becomes surely on bonds of Executors, Administrators, nud in al! undertakings in Judicial Proceedings. Does nothing to conflict with tho business of lawyers, Accepted by the United States Government as sole surety on bonds of every description. liccomcs surety on honds of Sheriffs, Registers of "Wills, Clorks of Courts, Collector* and other olHcials of Stntcs, Cities and Counties. Also on bonds of contractor* »nd" employes of Jinnks, Mercantile Houses. Railroad, Express and Telegraph .Companies, nnd on those of Officers of Fraternal Organizations. HERMAN K. BOSLKR, ' EDWIN WARFIELD, SKCRKTAUY AND TREASURER. PUESIDRHT For Full Particulars Apply to DIE WEESE OWENS, ATTOUK E YS-AT-L.A W, DENTON, MARYLAND. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of both GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3.00 UP. having watches in need of repair will do well to call on me. T. W. SMITH, Rifely, t\i. ^WSPAPER!

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