The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 10
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, John Solomon, Incognito ctipyrl ^Hi by fox. SYNOPSIS. <**.' A I 'T I•: \\ I A I in.- 1.;, VTKHrt o-,\ IIN f> ni"t I. -i siiia!! i>l:uit ;i t ion In Uit* I-f.u« i.r.rf i..i5.. t «:«. J5ii/» l .-;<vr* ,)>,» m.m- f ii'Hi r .).>hri l'„ .wi «!. t i'- t:i i tli", mi-! l;i 11 \\\\\\, l.ijt tu-t ft \iut»\ \>u ->\iwn* niiiii. [if- An I .i.-, DIP Mrtinhu. Vh.i If irviiu; Id Alii!-. ••> 1'UUnp Ui 11 .* j ri > M ••! nm- .I'.hn S< •'union. Ailtifs li'i'-;^ i'.ivnl Mf t .-(ut\ urn! h\K ftov. Fell*, tni 'L -r pr.-:i'nt.' of li'okfnt; uft'-r IUT i I*- tr-i'-Hl-t. j'l'.l )<t i;t't t;ui:tr</i ut tho .limitation. fMIA.'TF.K II <»IH- of Hi till" MrlnMll"* IH • In in ilv 1 .;i > i ,u iunl ili ii's il i y up livr ric.. f!.-iii : ;. "i"ii-Ti ')>"> 11 y to r l.i -'I ; an instant thfy ludil a singular K Vtu.i.ihU. M. i..- fii'*..'•'-•<' I « ,hi ;. •V. r , 'V.w'' i I lYeliiiR. or emotion, of oxprcssio »;<i i"-H'>!i:l:< .link l--»ilnT, it S '-'J -'K !•«••'• * f AM- 1.1 rilAl'TKIl 111. Mr fin.Is n fSRht o n t. -i n , l M i-,r Uu- MRi'i'.rljH ati) ai ,-.s.;fNi Yh. v ••>• l-> l.rfU. Mm nlT. .... t-HA !•'!'!:): i"v. Th-Ti n.<'v liiivo him j In Port is sua .it was. h y> h* t- i.i tf,u ..'Il Ml"' !Mt( !;>.-.) Mi Jl;-l I.' r<< (.'.mm I'V li.i: i> Jl". II! iiuiroK hi a inn "Ami I kn.iw-ot ymi/'.ho suit,, a r:it.( h iiT pain in bin inflexibly viMrtf. "1 luivi- known of yon for many yoaru he fun* WI'^CV«-T nn-t. Tlu;y say that Llic ib'Vlls s<M "Vt' ynn." "No!" tmUl Solomon. "It's mo as M'TVt 's PrnvHIeiH't)." 'No matter. J'romiso t\w. one thing! That you will protect her-" Koloni. n loo'Ked at tlii j fiyius in an and noiMoil. His c*yt*s wid 'Miod. Kor i;low of ion. Yen. 'Kr frith IT was me fri'-nM; ! that's why I'm 'rrc. Years-, and youra j aKO I knowRtl 'is werry \v:dl. indeed— W'e do in.' some KAKKRS PAJJCI: yow lioMn FOR onrriAys U. 6. CHURCH room aml-aaiinrate clasa rooms fonov- iM'y^gi'uup. . \ •' TO BUILD SOON READ DESPITE HEAT, LIBRARY RECORD SHOWS Smith & English Drawing Piaix? For Fine New $40,000 EWck Structure. :n v. Tim i :r-\ t • 1.. ' i in-.! by John f |, nH jnpiy together. Hut yon''tivon't no !v ,, ,j rolJ nJ1( . n 1 notion o" wlmt thern Miiuartys :irv ! pl.innin' to '!o','" i "Noiu\ Maearty wan ho: 1 ' 1 yep- 'Vn''^'-I ?r1 'dav. lmt I rould le;irn noihinj.;. A i i n v K-'X u' u j H''piii ia his r?.'iff mart - tV'tii s:n ; ; «;^t hr> l» K' 1 " j j f . : ,.,. What Is the. rr -a *oii? What da : ,M .i icn il--- • i.f I -:tnl .tin Wri'\- Alii-. ' }in's liilb-.l '1 l..<v--'j:i ' Vll th'-y ssneU from her?" " \ forttino," said Solomon rofK-i'- ^nl'i:ni-,n f.-.'.la un (lt * | t i t >i v l '"' , " ,H - j^',, r ' tu ;; t ;; "Uuf the* fflrl fs poor: Thar in to . is ti..-!'i ; nay, she lias litih 1 nitiney " vi(i ""'" i "Yes. hut 'IT fiUhor 'ad a forume. }Z w;wi ke'.'j'dn' of it for me in tin*!. i Ti> Km - tti 1 i ii I tliinl; in" a.3 'ow I niig'nt need it .^oinc day and c,*i)[ for ft . Then "L-M 1 nurne- THE StJMMKIt PAIiACB of the former Emperor of Germany on the island of Corfu in Groccc now houses 1,000 Anmmiau war orplians in Uu- care of tho Near *iast Heliof. A group of .the boys are shown doing their drill hi tho palace grounds. • f V: Wr«.\ham ., Mm, itn;ti»'i • yon nu 'UtiinHMl— i'ie.:u>.-a wi Ah bee lifted n warning fir it uii.jn him "1 • ; ill iff urrlv hear" .Iidiii Solomon sal in s .ileiKV. Pr'"--v enlly he prodneei! Jdpo and tol)a;\'o, and b-'gan to smokf. lie !v.»en un 1 he point of oxpl-'inihi; what wao meant by those throe namos- the i.*nee:i t)t Sheiia, tJeinini, S 'a-moou. ' All Li e wlio liud eboi that ex- plarirsii-'in, was de.-(i:ied never to hear something in the way he stood thoro j and pazod, canard Tetlt .lean to rUe' and Join Him. They both stared at the slek man. Bui Ah was no longer sick. Tho voire was tied. Thu jade-! iikv cyos were filmed over. A wheu/.y aiRh uscapeil the* lips* of Scdiuiion, Ito blew out. tho lam em an el wotit out of the hut. Walking stiffly, he followed a curv- ins path fro.i the hut. and Ibis path briumht him to an opening at the edge of tho bayou. Here be stood, gazing af. tho seen'* i )0 .o:e Ulm--tiaritti; l smoky torch- s of pine knots lighting [lie \ats, the working, i'lilling figures nt naked men vanishing, and appearing asain, tho sketched sulfation of the i ;wanip and forest h'-iiind. 33ehind Solomon eamu IUP figure of Pstlit Jean, standing fliere with him. Aftor a momont, Solomon filled his pipe- aRiiin, and lighted it. As though :.he fiare of the luateh had bof*n a i?ifi­ nal, a dark figure glided to blm—one .if the two Aral* overseers. He ad- (irt'saed Solomon resptictfully, in Arnbir. "iias my ta(he r Suh'iniaii any or- TO DEMONSTRATE Experts From K. S. A. C. to Give Helpful Advice to Poultry Raisers During Feir. ir. A-i The poiiHry (K-parlmeiit of the Kan Gas Skiti- l';ur tills year will havu u new [oaturo wlilcli lina never bct;u tisotl uefort.. fiy any othwr state fajr. It will inciml* 1 tt.vth di'inonstrations and H-ctun s by tiu 1 i>rDr<>syiniials from ilia Kan^i:-. Stale AKrlt'iiliunil Collcqo Dii r.ratriical lines o." poultry iiianugo- ment. Tliiy now work is l)ein.^ aildod so that visiioi -H at t!n> fair wiil have an <jp ).4iitunliy of learning corroi-t 'er;\c- 'by iuieiiiK eXiieris Jo the work "The Most ITseful Hroedn of Poultry for Kansas." .1. H. McAdams. "TlU! Certification Projeut", J. It. Mc- AdaiuH. Tlie ilemonstralions will be on cull- in^. treatiut; I'owla for lice, caiionizing and buildiu;' feeil Imppers. NEW WAR CHIEt TAKES COMMAND OF GREEK FORCE3 \ lu the jiruvM'r inanaer. 'l'lm Lltunm- Xo." relnrneil Solnnitin in the same! orations will le" en 'ii'-ling, treating !"HKUe. "He. i« ilead. Therti is nolle | tow!* lie" !ii"-e. eai}!.iaiv:ing, and build- to he done MOW. I shall pay !he eooiies loinorrew, and tiiey- may deparr. l-ill Ihem so." A ;),.> j.'niiia- .••.':i:t!n ilia! iruinif. Ir. a ;» Ki-...»ti.' a. Wr-?J.. in 1'ilunn drew a inalrli :UTOHR his • i 'tiflil il to his ••!»:•• Pipe. .1 luied into the 1;M' aiiil sa: il..wu ^iiie. II was e inii'.i lU'.'.-s.ii in ;mys--a lai'i.-e a.'el [.e'/.e ;'u! iifan. .• (a-e was lieai.bul lie:':;.', ihieilj -|t shall be done as nrnernd," was • inents will b. i -aies of evil, in lie: ; ..iii', lisitlie response. "Anil iet Snlelmnn be b-.hl n bins, sli;:!|il\ i-ir\.-• Knife, j •••aliirfteil thai I and vender Haiwan. • -it iher... l,•];.--. rv ..,-.s >ii, h.- leciii ; »•*»« is al*'> !!»• mm uf my fattier, art- ant.ena! ie.illy !e wiirt tin' l.nii... 1 a.-U j :iwait.-n4 his • oninuiMds." rii.i tie-ill on iiLs Isai!. '['lie man tiepajh-d. Pi 'tilt Jean This -ean was T'lil .lesn 11 - n\.--;,;ti. terUe'l the arm or £o! Mntill. "Net lie.ul y;. e!i'.' ' he •. ..(•!, looking "What did h« say'"' HI lb" Manihii. • That 'he stuff u.l !>•' drawn off to"Not a joiin' lo die, ni'illur, I 'o]e's," j m .U 'r.w," snid Selomon. ".Vnd that ssi.i : : o!oiiiou ciii' ri'iiiiy. At tii.'se j :;!••• i; osiies v.-otlidli't sv'.rk no mor\ w,,ids, a I'lus'iy i ::in,s,'s was for asjl.ew tliat /Ol Lee tlrad. Tn-y'Ve is^lanl vi.aole en lie- vOst"l"!.'l l's ] s-S'lin' b i qn it." ol Aii I.ri'. 'j'iie .M.iii.iiu's iijis opeiii'ii \ Why did John Sciemou lie to this ine feed hoppers. A lar^e feat, is to he put up near tho poultry ibuiidinn and .'..'aunt: ari'ant :ie maib 1 so that people The old United^ Brethren church which i» ouly n frame building will bo repliicoil -wlihtn the next fow- months by ft Ixmutlful brlclt and Btone atruc- turo at n'cost of shout $lt>,000. Tho plans mul iipeeifleatloua for the new church aro belnn prepared 'by Smith & Rrijrlish, the tireliitectn. The work of tearins down tho old building will start within the next 30 ilnya and according to present plana tho new bnUdliiK will bo completed heforo tho winter stonno begin. It 'will bo a thrco story structure containing the main assembly room and the very latest arrangement In the way of a modern Sunday School plant. Each dopartment of tho Sun day school will have both an assembly Thn library circulation kntrpg up fine duriu/; tho hot weatliur period, the average number of hooks loaned last month dally wan 'MO. On Saturday Juna 3 patrons, took out 62<) books, tho fiinnllest day's circulation was 226 on tho precewllng day. Ou ["Sundays there were 210 folks who i>aN ronlzed tho rending room, au uverago of 53 a Sunday. Ono hundred and firteen new borrowers enrolled and during tho month 182 Imoks wero added to tho book shelves. Klrics- collected amounted to $51.23 and from the pay book sholf J10.20. Boxing for Charity. Now York: Mls3 Margaret wtleon, dnughter of tho ox-President, Is arranging boxlnc bouts for charity In Now York City. Six women are now acting as official fire "lookouts' 'In California. 111! You i 'V.'O Vll-R IH CMAPTCn /III. Ah r op PI'HIl' liil'.ir il Villi! 1H1--I.I t ;i. Ilm ellet r:d lie sIKise. lils w^iei- v.-as new no !' mi'\ It w :;.s cli 'ai'. i 'Ut ;',.;s ".'.i 'O'i 'y in i)i" mini;. .S'ii. f u Hi |ia.v i:ly nuri'.' Slv ( . ; Arahs, Kood men. wile Kn iv ana's. V...;i ivil! atteiid to this'.'" 'I v i 1F.'" -aid Solium T.. 'i'le'-r' was a sii.L-h! sii.'iu-e. 't'heo Suhsson ^iaeiasl at I'.-it J-'aa. "Von ass a-1' • )1: i for man . (To be ronliuued Monday.) ins.y watoh tlie di uioe.-irafiona and hear the lectures in n.u.f.ui. The l.'.'(ti !'-'S iPelihi'.- til'- lolinwiin: "t;e-ttintli" Hiyh rri..".sl Ks*." l'rof. I,. V,' Payne, 'i'rar.tiei-s in i'-eeiiinir." I». ,1. Taylor, -liiiornal i'arasit'.'s" 1 or .1. IC. Ackert. "Externa! Parasitis;", I''. G. A. i Dean. | "Xati'i'ti'in of Poultry," Vr. .1. S. I liuiilios. | Geu. Piei-rako? Mayromirhulis, mlu- ' Poultry .--'.anital ion and T>is''a.-e Coa-i ister of w ar, tias just liet'n named rml." Dr. li. 10. Davis. i maieder iui'S.ief of '.!ie (Ircsk army, 'lle.ocii :'.:on arid Trestoi. nt of Dis- ' suceeedlnj: vieneral T'anftalos, who re- 1 eases," lr. I). K. Davis. j tiiglKiJ because of ill health. Gen. Picrrakos Mayromiclialis. ai. i r: II' hail .•!.•'.. ler "f R "Vi'S." Petit ,It n ...1'lily ari :eiu."l K:,._-:i.-'.ii i "S lepr.l'.ui.tiou. ' i i [ aord froni Uavlii .Msrariy. iid-d tlie plow i y,,story was, irue. Veil re il ii. now lay, a n-., .,|| right." he lin-siiold of j "Th-ii-s wcrrv kind ..f yen in iinpiriai lie who a:'- . iiivll dt- jn.-'i had Salesmen- drii'l. ruof or the -v-Toii him, ;ov-! iii the r,t sundal- . ;i(T,l::S tbli '.•I us. • said "U:.< i: 1 1 ! I 'll' l-a.-i'i! 1 .' '1 r.U in Ml" li an.-, i ha.-i m i IIM bo^i lnon hut 1 pr t . li. :- W.THO.I at 11- v. w-.i had h«-en ,-<>s and loc-lt- m-w had iiip.itiion In witne.-irf hid do- tbe bail; iiotlii'. ::=a!<oMi wiirt John Sidituion. r -r men liad, iv re.-MUi'n ;it in Nf>w <b'- ^idfijnon. "'i'lio in;ss.u4'- also .-aid," and tho • niMaw f:i~; .'iied upon Su.uinon a sti-ady regard. "Uiat y.,u;- e.vid"iu:e ud liang Tluirnpi-uii U>r killin' my broiiier, Oros Mie.hel. so'. 1 " Stilcillun liud(b-d. "That's why I'm 'ere, sir. Mr Maearty, 'e didn't want that 'i::.' Tiunuf 'Sfn hi 'atij.;.'* Ma: ill..'! . udd .•hu had chaJiiAM-l. Fate him. His had hC- {••d lioi.-U i -t stuTorlnK; 'iiriy hop.dejjs ma rhino '•A'II, •r p-ad,' aid AS 1 .00 v, "'.iii' hotdiH of a I'renrhmun to .-pt-uh uf," answered Scdo- o•'.••/ ii> "i 'V't tried wery 'urd iii't Ilk*- to be mistook in mo as lb'' -dii snaii :-:aid whoa "o 1'. nj• l'ur bigamy. That thoro k full o' details, '« was, ML of 'em all wrong, 'hi ! ; o look up "h faua -'o !!.'.!." it-i'," said Ah "in dirt he as).* n nuoHtUm. • there a providence of •-•il im a dtvlnn piMVi- ciiue •ital ! and a m ll -'.-lT JM'llil -IiM jll .1 V, ,.;-.t i! hi "V .'t he was ono of il:s b'-t It \* this: '1. dellO'i,*, ilf i v d' ueeV Ho was rijOit. Tlio MauartJ 'S nt-- r-orvnd hy a p:tivi<Ioui-.* ,if dotnoufl. \V<- .'ir.-i hv.iU'n and holph^s." "'i'i'e, yiei'tM all wrong;" uulti Solomon eanie .-itly. "That'rf natural, '( aut *i* why you 're a Mnnehu, and you taint M»A'k in :-'i '.h things. Not mol ]Vm iU"nee i *i "i>\ J»J • • s j * - • \ I Bays, and I doa 'i 'old with '!";u'»o.i and 8U< l h." Ah l.ue mad»* a w .-aiy, futlhj yed- tUl'O. "I 'avo uio 'ope:- just like that,'' aatd H<;II)»JOIJ. '"J 'iiat Vre Foitior 'o ain 't noitody'H I'ool. They i-an'i twisi 'im ai'ouinl their l'li:^ 1 ':." "Hut wliut do they want?" wuid tho dying man, "Why do they portioouU* iJmr? What is tho mt>anii;i: of tliomi Vordfi- i lie (leinlnl - Sea inuoji-- Queen of Shoba"Didn't I'hilhrtak know'.'" p.irilad fiolomon. "He did not know. Ho KUoaaod--lie Ituew nothing. Perlmrw ho Hod to mo about not knowing." "I know." Tho nyi-s of Ah Loo turnntl to tho fut-v. of Sulonion. ITpon that eipres- KioiileHa \'inugo iliay it\sted ] n a Bpoe. im of horror. N'oar by, a <:andlo lant- rrn funiod and I'uvikvd. it mado tho "hlark eyea glow like iiati yu Jade. "Von know?" paid the Manchu. "I know." Ah Leu caught h.b broalh. A uiias- Do Goods in Attractive Packages Sell Easier? Of course they do. Every good salesman knows the stimulating effect of an attractive, practical package. Do you realize that this makes it equally important for you to arrive at your customer's store in an attractive package? Jbr Economical Transportation UTILITY COUPE Not only Impresses merchants tts an attractive, practical sales aid; it also eupgests the quality of your house and Its products. It Is the lowest priced quality closed car made, and at the same time de­ livers transportation at the lowest average cost per mik', as proved by actual comparative tests of large fleet operators. This exceptional, reliable car sells for $080 f. o. b. Flint, Michigan. f rial I. o. b. Flint, Mich. He Addressed Solomon ResfveclfuJJy. "Neither do I," n»ld lvtii .lean, mid foil ullont In HIDUO three, vveila, In Ilia slow whutttnK uf the Knife, lay a dre:«1ful HiKiilfleunee. Suddenly th& oiifluu giunn-d UII. 1 When they (ii *iu \er wh-i Mkhel wan Thiimp^on vviii ho tset free. f J'hea hull eollK! afler yell, Selenem! JJtlt don 't you worry, I'll t:il;u earo o' yeu." Werry-li'nul o' yon I eull» 11," mild KohniKHi, with u«nnil. "Worry kind of you, i-li', 1 ;:ayu ! " At;a1n sileiue. 'i'lui tand.le i;utterod In ita KhiH.<. uml fiumnii in'^iler. ihdo-'H pipe mirki'd einiily; he Unorked 11 unt and h-iiiu-d foiwanl, looUitiK at Aii Leo. 'rlitin he ru; e and tuuk tllu lull turn and held it In III'.' fine ill' tho Mani'hu. Komulliinu In the un.-.n uf Soluiuan, Two-rnag. Roadster . rivo-PuM 'ronrlnfl , . Two-Paw UtllltyCoupe Four-Pass Scdaactte Five-Pass S«daa , . . I.iUhc U,Hv.rjr . . . Commercial ChHMls . (Jliiiir Kijrtss Truck Ouuli I5ia S15 890 S3 SUPERIOR MOTORS Phone 3582 108-110 Fir»l Wert Cmvtfni Exprtsi Whatever the haulage condition^— whatever the load, road, business or location,—the Speed Wagon will deliver the goods quicker and cheaper than any other commercial motor vehicle in the world, regardless of weight, sue, capacity or price. Nearly 100,000 in service definitely prove it. Capacity 500 to 2500 pounds • Twelve standard bodies Chassis firice $1185 at Lansing plus tax Haskard Motor Co. Phone 243 17 First Went waicwm ..J MWr*cnit |Ep {t*,, m rut em ^o^ws^IX^fi^uKriHS - I -. " I...-' I 'lf .JJSL ..a. Keep the air Alive" -for Better eBusiness/ When the street air Is dead and hot, the store air can be live and cool with breezes from aG-B Fan. All it costs to run the fan all day is the tan cent profit on one extra sale. The cool store geta the extra sales. Oat a G-B- Fan A GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCT kt8c no more cyfrem than a single lamp SOLD BY DEALERS EVERYWHERE 323-111 United Water, Gas & Elec Co, Hutchinson, Ka. Kansas Ge« & Electric Co. Buhler, Kg. Kansas Gas & Electric Co, Burrton,-Ka. m n Donovan Electric Co. , Cha.. Rutledge Elec. Shop, Hutchinson, l<». - * Inman, Ka. The Electric Store Macksvlllev Kf. Distributed by B-R ELECTRIC COMPANY BR ELECTRIC BUILDINQ 1411-13-16 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Missouri. . .

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