The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 8, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1914
Page 5
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Wednesday Evening, July 18,1914. T H E D E C ' A T U R R E V I E W Page Ffv« Commodores Failed to Res- j cue Their Companions. f* and CLOSE CONTEST i Hits Triple, Double and a Single. ! The sad, sad story of the bride who j«ras left waiting at the church was frothing compared with the gloom t-aused by the nine Commodores who w e r e left waiting on the bases at the league park. Tuesday afternoon. Their comrades could not deliver the blngles to bring them home and Bloomington won the mme. 6 to S. KilSER DID NICELY. Joe Kailer pitched nice ball but the t u r n of tnr- wheel was against him. He shaded Harks, who hurled for the Eloomers b u r the required swats were not fortlcomlng. The game, however, was a peacherino and was much en- Joyed ry the home folks who attended. MANDA'S SWATTING. Mania did his best to relieve the sit- uatioi. He hammered out a. three-bag- ger. double and a single during the afterxon. His blows came at times whensorae of his companions were on the nnway and they scampered home wlthscores. g o many succumbed on the sacki lowever, that the, home club f l n - ishel behind. T»dap is an off day and the Commodores ire resting up for the Danville Eerits j -which opens here Thursday. TuesiJ-'s score: DEC.*'-'B A S . R. H P O. A. E. Manfla."b .1 1 3 3 S : Brown ;»3 4 0 1 2 -1 O Blitz I 4 0 1 2 0 0 IMissaj Ib 4 n I 14 1 0 Lynch.Eh s 0 0 0 1 j wIdai If ." n I n 0 1 Schere. rf 4 1 r, 2 1 0 Shanrjn. c 2 2 0 4 1 I Kai!»i p 4 I J 0 1 0 ToBls C J^kson. II Crau cf . v Gurl. 2h O'Brta. r- 5 S 27 12 2 K. H. P.O. A. A. 1 1 2 0 0 0 ss d. c Malay. P O 0 :y innlnrs: X-:ati:r BlomiTiiclon O ^ O O I S O O 0-- 5 . 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0--6 SVMMART. bits--Manda, Kaiser. Litter. rhre»-ba§5 its -- a n a , a s e r . . To-base hits-- Manaa. 2. Sacrifice hits-- »-n Craig. Sacrifice files-- Dugsan. Stolen bases -- Gurtz., O'Berta. . ., . Buble plays-- Dugsan to Manda: Scherer , Dugran. ftrucH out-- By Kaiser, 3; by r-« -- . Uses-- Decatur. 9: Blocmlnston, 2. Time it garr.e -- 1.35. Umpire -- Knapp. DAY OF BEST ·FfllNIL TEN Ho Three-I Games Today-Dubuque at Pana. Wednesday Is the second oft day of tils season in the Three-I league. The romrr.ortore? w i l l not be playing. The DubuQue t e a m w i l l play at Pana while jpringfield and .Quincy will play off -.heir game scheduled for Thursday and will then rf?t T h u r s d a y afternoon. DANVILLE NEXT. Danville will be here again Thursday for a three-game series after which the Commodores go to Quincy lor three games, t h e n to Peoria for a Hour game series. The Quincy games are July I?. IS. 14. The schedule makes July IS another off day. Then Decatar Is in Peoria on J u l y 16. 17, IS. 19. After t h a t , they come home for two series of f o u r games each, one with Quincy and the other with Sprins- tleld. -MME IS Season Will Be Closed Aug. ust 10. I.-M. LEAGUE STANDING. W. L. Pet. 6:reator 5 1 ,S33 Ottawa - 4 2 .667 C.iampalgn 2 4 333 la Salle 1 3 .16" Because of the new schedule calls for no games on Monday, not one was pl«yed in the I.-M. the first day of tn* week, each of the contenders for the rag getting a chance to "sit by the firesidX" Since the reorganization, a d i f f e r e n t ··pect has been placed on the per ·rttage cofumn, Streator copping the lead with Ottawa second. Champaign looms up in the third stand, while the la Salle crowd still hugs the bottom hole. THE NEW SCHEDULE. ' The revised schedule of the renewed tight for the league pennant has been completed and Is ag follows: Chamjaign at La Salle, July 5. 6. 7, 8; July 31: August 1. 2. At Ottawa, July S, 3. ·»: July ~u. 26, 27. At Streator, July Jl. 22. 23, 24: August 3, 4, (. L4 Salle at Champaign, July f", IS, PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THKEE-I -IF' CABLE. Club-- "Won. Lost. Pet. Win. !xM. Davenport .... 48 26 .853 .658 .845 Peoria 43 32 .513 .578 .566 Sprlnglleld « SJ -588 560 .506 Decatur ........ 40 34 .541 .547 .533 DiiDuque SS 37 .483 .500 .4SC Quincy 33 41 .446 .453 .440 Bloomington ... 28 4S .378 .3SJ .373 Danville .. 26 48 .351 ,8«0 .317 GAMES THURSDAY. DlnvlHe at Dacfttur. Peoria at Davenport. Bloomington a.t Dubuque. TUESDAY'S RESULTS. Dutnique, 4-9-0; Danville. 8-10-0. Batteries Gregg and Hammerechmidt; Walsh, =;e]bv and Erloff. Second Game--Dubuque, S-ll-J: Danville, 2-9-1. Batteries--GreBB and Hammer Schmidt; Eller and Main. Springfield. 8-8-0; Davenport, 3-6-1. Batteries--McManus and McNeeley; "WYells, Lakaff and Simpson. Quincy. i-S-0: Peoria. 1-4-2. Batteries-Cummings and Gray; Seaman, Romine and Telle. IJT MAJOR LEAGUES. Club-Philadelphia Detroit Washington Chicago ... Boston St. Louis ... Xesir York .. Cleveland .. Club- New York- . Chicago ... St Louis .. Cincinnati . B r o o k l y n .. Pittsburgh Philadelphia Boston Club-Chicago ... Indianapolis B u f f a l o Baltimore .. Brooklyn Kansas City Pittsburgh . St. Louis .. Pet. .597 .553 .518 Pet. .612 ,553 507 .493 .470 .475 .470 .412 Pet. .MI4 .587 .531 .530 ,47S Bat- GAMES TODAT. Federal. Boston at Chicago. Brooklyn at C i n c i n n a t i . Now fork at St. Louis Philadelphia at Pittsfourrh American, Chicago at Boston. 5t Louis at Washington. . Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Xew York. Federal. K a n i a a City at Chicago. ?i Lp:iis at Indlana-poU?. Pittsburgh at Buffalo Baltimore at Brooklyn. MAJOR LEAGUE RESCLTS. American. Washington. T-ll-O; St. Louis, ^«-1 teries- Ayres. Bentl.y and Henry; J«raB», L'verer.2 Taylor and Agnew ana Fumlor. Cleveland-New York gafne postponed on account of wet grounds. Chicago-Boston game postponed OB ac- "DSfro/t-p'nna^.pwt game postponed on account o? rsln, ~stlonftl. Pittsburgh. 5-W-l: New York. 2-9-1, Bat- ·teries-- Adams and Gibson. M i r q u a r d . Dt- maree. Fronime and Meyers Open date for all other clubs. ^hica^^^Kansa. City. 0-4-3. Bat- tefios--Tvitson and W i l s o n ; Adams and En- "BuViaio. 3-9-0: Pittsburgh. 1-5-0. Batter- Its-- Anderson aM Lavlgne: Dickjon. ]- r l i l r and Berrv Second Game-- Buffalo, .- llJn- pVttsVursh. l-T-4. Bauerief-Moran ·"LS^JSrSSl^SS?- Postponed on account of wet ground*. 19, 20; August 6, 7, ?. At Ottawa, July r"iO 11. 12; July 2S. 29. 30. At Streator JulyVs, 4 - 4 ; July 25. 26. 27. Ottawa at Champaign. July 13, 14, 15, 16; August 9-9. 10. At La Salle, July 2li 22. 23, 24. August 3, 4, 5.. At Streator. July 5. 6, 7. 8; July 31; August 1. 2Streator: at Champaign, July 9, 10, 11, 12: July 2S. 29. 30. At La Salle, July 13, 14, 15, 16; August 9-9, 10. At Ottawa, July 17, 16, 19. 20; August 6, 7, 8. Ashland, July 8.--Followers of s«mi- professional baseball will watch with interest the result of the game at Ashland next Sunday, July 12. whan the. strong Decatur Monarchs mix with, the Ashland Merchants. Both teams are playing havoc with the championship aspirations of the various "future greats" In their respective territories and the w i n n e r it Is certain will be decided only a f t e r a fierce battle. Peacock and Stocker will form the Ashland defense. ·' AT KE'NBY. The Come Acrossers will play the Kenney team next Sunday while the Blues will meet Centralia. Both of these are fast teams to go up against. Kenney has won all of. Its games so far while Centralla has always had » strong segregation In the field. DAUGHTERS OF MAUD H., SOLD Jacob H«n«« Dispose* of Mare to 1VII- lard Shoemaker, Although Decatur Is again out of the harness racing game. It hasn't decreased the n u m b e r of breeders and trainers of speedy animals around here- They are all her* and still making swaps and deals. One of the latest deals of Interest to local horsemen Is j t n e sale of a four-year-old trotting ire. Jacob sold her to Wll- lard Shoemaker. This mare r gives signs of being another plow horse to go on the circle and surprise people. She Is the daughter of Mauds H., the famous mare belonging to Hanes and Is sired by iKjrd Llnton, the older Keller horse that died at the race track some months ago. She was brought In from th« farm, where she had been working a few days ago and after a little work was put over the half mile In 1:1" and it Is said since then. Shoemaker has brought time on the half mile down to 1:12. Morrisonville Cracks Win in All but One Match. 15 MATCHES PLAYED More Good Players to Eliminated Today. Fifteen matches were played and one went by the default route Tuesday in the opening day of the Central Illinois Tennis tournament held at the Country club. Twenty matches in singles and doubles remained to be played when play began this mornlns. Twelve matches were played off in the singles Tuesday and one w o n t by default to Dey of Morrisonville, after the latter, who had also drown one bye, defeated Denz of Decatur In three h a r d sets. BERNARD NOT HERE, Bernard of Springfield, r u n n e r up in the singles tournament last year, failed to show up Tuesday d e f a u l t i n g - to Dr. \V. R. Adams. Dr. Adams d e f a u l t e d in t u r n to Dey In order to save his strength for the doubles tournament, in which he is showing great Ha?s w i t h his partner, G. E. Odor. Dr-y is now in the semi-finals and will p l a y either Busher, M a n n i n g or Bonus to get into the finals, GREAT DAY OF PLAT. Tuesday's play saw one of the greatest series of matches ever p u l l e d off In Decatur, The t o u r n a m e n t w e n t along like clockwork and the play now so far along that it would take a couple of days' rain to keep t-he t o u r n a m e n t from being f i n i s h e d this week. At the- present rate with which it la progressing, It is expected that the. f i n a l s will be held Friday. SEVERAL UPSETS. Thera were several upsets In t h e "dope" In Tuesday's play, especially in the singles. Gauer of M o r r i s o n v i l l e . who was expected to get at least to the semi-finals, went down to defeat at the hands of Busher of Decatur after three great sets, 6-3. 0-6. 6-3. Xot long ago Gauer beat Alex L/ong, Decatur city champion and intercollegri- 3te champion, and it was expected that since Long- had been trimming- Busher r'ght along that Gauer could also t u r n the trick. It was expected this m o r n i n g that Busher w o u l d work his way i n t r » the finals and meet Miller, who is picked to win in the lower half. JENZ LOSES HARPTIIATCH. One of the prettiest matches Tuesday was t-hat between Denz of Decatur and Dey of MorrisonviHe. Den? was really u n a b l e to play, but he f o u g h t gamely until his strength gave out and then, continued to make it hard for Dey. losing by the scores of 5-10. 6-2, 6-3. - - : --.- : BBME.N'T PLAYERS WIX The Bement team, Taylor and Camp. had little trouble in w i n n i n g t h e i r singles matches. Taylor defeated Morrow, 6-9, e-1. and Camp defeated Wand, 6-0. 6-2. VETtRAN \VISS TWO. "W. Mannlner of Morrlsonville, the fifty-two-year-old veteran, was at the top of his stride, and his swift cut stroke wae '.ro m u c h far two young players whom he met. He d e f e a t e d Granville LeForgee of Decatur, 6-0. 6-1, and then trimmed Jack Powers. 6-3, C-2. Jack put up a b u l l y fight but the superior skill and experience of t h e veteran was too m u c h for him. M a n - ning was expected to give B u s h e r a hard match, provided the latter was able to win from Bonus. BONUS AND GUILDS WIN. Bonus was easily the master of J. G u s h i n g of Assumption, w i n n i n g ; by 6-0, 6-1. John Childs was in great form and won from Elwood, 6-1, 6-1. RISLEY PUTS TJP, GOOD FIGHT. The closing match of the day and one of the prettiest was between Risley. and Miller, both of Decatur. The M i l l l k i n professor was not expected to win over the champion, but he made many plays which were a p p l a u d e d by the gallery. He had l i t t l e t r o u b l e with Miller's fast serve, but was unable to get his own serve in m u c h of the time, especially his first ball. He managed to take three games f r o m Miller, and kept the c h a m p i o n working all the time. SULLIVAN TEAMS LOSE. The prettiest of the doubles matches was between Barber and L i n d s a y of Sullivan, and Odor and Adams of Decatur. The Sullivan men had the Decatur team four love in the first set, only to lose it when the Decatur team took six In a row. The second set was lost by the score of six games to four after some pretty p l a y i n g by both sides. The other Sullivan team, composed of Pearson and Patterson, lost to the Morrisonville cracks, Gauer and Dey. 6-0, 6-2. The Morrlsonvills team is playing In great form and Is expected to get through to the semi finals. But It will have to bea_t Risley and Eusher and Manning and Porter to do so. ASSUMPTION MEN OUT. The third doubles match was b e t w e e n Bonus and Childs of Decatur and Cush- Ing and Gushing of Assumption. The Decatur man won handily, 6-0, 6-2. This team was expected to meet the Adams-Odor combination today. Another spectacular doubles match scheduled for today was between the Denz- Powers combination and the Peoria team, Riegel and Baymlller. The Peoria te^am is a fast one and m a n y picked it to get Into the second round against Miller and Haln-s EIGHT DECATUR PLATERS OUT. There were six Decatur players out of fourteen left In the singles after Tuesday's matches, and five out of town players out of nine, a larger percentage of aliens than n a t u r a l i z e d subjects. None of the seven Decatur doubles teams were defeated Tuesday, while ,two of the five out of town doubles teams lost out. But it was PX- pected that several of th» local tVimp would go out today. A large gallery of spectators en- PAT FLANAGAN IS WARMING THE BENCH Batting Eye. Evidently Pat Flanagan has lost his batting eye with Atlanta entirely, as the former Commodore fielder Is now ·warming the bench in the Southern league town. Hartford to D«* Molne*. Bruce, Hartford, Bloomington shortstop sold last year to the Cleveland Americans, has been traded to Des Moines. He was fielding gooa for the Naps but couldn't hit the ball. Cedar Rapid* Get* Amateur*. Bernard Coleman and Robert Ford, two Springfield amateurs, have been signed by Belden H i l l for the Cedar Rapids team. Holke HIKIne Hard. - Sporting News: Frisk and Holke of Spokane c o n t i n u e to set the batting pace in the Northwestern league. Frisk joyed the games all day Tuesday. TUESDAY'S StJMMERIES. SINGLES. Dey, Morrisonvllle, won from Denz, Decatur, S-10, 6-2, 6-3. Bonus, Decatur, won from J. Cushing, Assumption, 6-0, f i t , Busher. D e c a t u r , won from Oa.uer. Morrisonville. fi-3, 0 - 6 , fi-3. Powers, Decatur. defeated H. Cush- inp:. A s s u m p t i o n , 6-0, 6-3. YV, M a n n i n g , Morrisonville, defeated LeForgee, Decatur. 6-0. 6-1. Riegel. Peoria, defeated HaineE. Dc- calur, S-6, S3. Camp, Bement, d e f e a t e d TVand, Der a t u r , 6-0, 6-2. Taylor. Bement. d e f e a t e d Morrow, Decatur. 6 - 0 , 6-1. Odor, Decatur. d e f e s t n d E a v m i l l e r , Peoria. 6-3, 4-6. 6-3. Childs. Decatur, defeated Elwood. Dec a t u r , 6-1. 6-2. M i l l e r , Decatur. d e f e a t e d Klsley, De- Fowers, Decatur 6-1, 6-2. Dey, Morrisonville, won from Adams. D e r a t u r , b y d e f a u l t . M a n n i n g of Mnrrisonville. won from Powers. Decatur 6-4, 6-2. DOUBLES. Adams-Odor. D e c a t u r . d e f e a t e d . Lindsay-Barber. Sullivan, 6-4, 6-t. Bonus-Childs. Decatur, defeated C u s h l n g - C u F h i n s . Assumption, 6-0, 6-2. Gauer-Dcy. Morrisnnvi!!.-. d e f e a t e d ·Pearson-Patterson, S u l l i v a n , 6-0. 6-1. Figures of St. Johannes' League Compiled. Although the St. Johannes' German L u t h e r a n church bowling league closed in March, the secretary ha.s just compiled the, list of averages . of all the players Ben Ksrwaskl leads the league w i t h an average of 19S for twenty-four games a n d H. E. Jeworoski is second w i t h an a v e r a g e of 191 for twenty- t h r e e games. HE ROLLED 2S9. The l a t t e r also has the high score of tho season of 2S?. which is also the alley record. Ka-rwaskl has the high average for one evening, that being 2 4 9 . The total pins made by each team in the season are as follows: Ramblers--23,521. Monograms--22.455. Lyrics--22,446. Majesties-- 22,095. Giants--22.031. Come Backs--21,311. The secretary announces another league will be organized next October. Is hitting .340 and. Holka .331, accord- Ing to late figures. Holka also rank* among the ten leading base stealers of the league. Calvo, the Cuban with Victoria, Is making a bid for batting honors, with an average of .328, according to recent figures, QulDcy Players Panlshed. They must get up before breakfast to get ahead of Ott Urban of Quincy. When he was apprised that Pitchers Miller and Holland had jumped the coop he got busy and stopped payment on their salary checks he had handed them a short time before. They are thus out t h e i r salary and must also cough 100 bucks each as a f i n e before they can be restored to the good graces of organized ball. As neither slabman had been going good of late they will hardly catch on with the Federals. Manager Kahl is after other hurlers and hopes to annex one or two more. Takes Lightweight Title by Defeating Willie Ritchie. London, July 8.--Fred Welsh, a native of Por.typrldd, Wales, danced h i m self Into the l i g h t w e i g h t champions h i p of the world at Olympla Tuesday n i g h t . In the o p i n i o n of P.eferee E u g e n e Corri, Welsh scored enough p o i n t s to defeat Willie HItchie, holder of the title, .and the verdict was popular with the Britons. Amoner the American spectators the concensus of opinion was that the Yankee f i g h t e r deserved a draw. From the f i r e t r o u n d the contest resolved itself Into an a f f a i r of scientific boxing against f i g h t i n g . The r e f - eree t h o u g h t Welsh, exponent of box- Ing-, had jabbed his rival often enough to give him the honors, even though his punches lacked steam. WELSH TOO SPBE-DT. It was a f i n e e x h i b i t i o n of tap and clinch repeatedly t h r o u g h o u t the twenty rounds. Neither man scored a semblance of a knook-down. Welsh, as expected, was q u i c k e r and ha tapped t h e coast p e r f o r m e r repeatedly on the face. His hitting a b i l i t y can be meas- u r e d by the fact t h a t it took h i m seventeen rounds to draw bloofl from Ritchie's face, a l t h o u g h he hit him time and again f l u s h on the m o u t h , nose and eyes. POOR EXHIBITION. There is no d o u b t but that the American put up a poor exhibition for a champion. He used poor j u d g m e n t in spots and instead of following the privilege of a trtle-holder and m a k i n g the challenger do the forcing. Willie, after feeling Welsh's Jabs for two or t h r e e rounds, started rushing. It must be said he rushed away his title. Oil Settles Dust. Residents of the 1200 block on Bast Looust street are saying kind things about the use of oil on dust. That block is unpaved and d u r i n g the summer months the dust la almost unbearable as It fills the houses. Ths street has been covered with oil this summer and there Is no dust and the roa_dwa7 in packed hard. Armours GRAPE JUICE Bottled mere the Best 6 CrapestCrow a The Drink That Links Health With Sociability month I v advance necde'd. Summer's too hot to worry over money mailers. !f you have a small debt that is crowding you, let us attend to it. We will loan you on your piano, furniture, team, wagons, etc.. without removal, making your payments any size to suit your income, either weekly or If vou owe any other loan firm or furniture store, we will you the money to pay them and give you more money if YOUR VA'C'ATION TIME is here and perhaps you will need money for a trip. If so call and see us. Remember, we give a liberal rebate on all loans paid before due, We make loans in all parts ot the city - - -and all surrounding towns. Mail or phone applications receive prompt attention. Rooms 7-8 Conklin Bldg. 144 N. Main St. Bell Phone 2041. Auto 1595. Open Saturday Evenings. IDS COMPANY TM?MID-SUMMER CLEARANCE Means Kaufman Standard Clothing Far Under Price I T differs from all others because of the character of K a u f m a n garments; because they are in style the products of real art* ists and in tailoring the work of the world's master workmen. Because we carry no goods over seasons this sale offers you Kaufman excellence for the same or less money than you'll pay f o r commonplace clothes. S UITS for men and young men ih.i- were S28.00 are now $20 S UITS for men and young; men that were £25.00 are now $18 S UITS for men and young men that were S22.00 are now $16 S UITS for men and young men that were S20.00 are now $15 S UITS for men and young men that were S18.00 are now $14 S UITS for men and young men that were $15.00 are now $11 S UITS for men and young men that were S12.00 are now $9 S UITS for men and young men that were §10.00 are now $7.50 Straw Hats l /z Price 5very straw hat in our store included--Sennits, Yeddos, Soft Milans--a full complement of styles and sizes. $5 Panamas The best $5 Panama hats jEver offered i n D e c a t u r ; f i n e "springy" weaves, clear, clean color; new shapes, $3.75. $3.75 Extrait de Treko The fascinating perfume with a subtle odor that always pleases. Also Treko Toilet Water. For sale by the following druggists. Call On them for free Treko samples. Armstrong's Pharmacy Bell Drug Co. Decatur Drug Co. Downey's Pharmacy Harding's Pharmacy Horrall Pharmacy University Drug Store West's Drug Store Irwin's Drug Stores Kincaid's Drug Store Hildebrandt's Drug Store Hilligoss Bros. lEWSFAPESr {NEWSPAPER!

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