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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, June 11, 1859
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^•Vf^r^^r^r*-* 3 jV^-"';'-^^^'- -"-T •ztmmmmm^ EE NEWS. ^ 3TJNE 11, 1859. NKMI'.KU v THE DAILY NEWS. HffltWHBD *T & JLATHKOP. j. ».'B*A»reTir«, i'. josaTB unto*. • «»rf en nra, ornuo» STUKT, «*» viun Boosm. DM)/Paper, published every morning, except Monday. Tri-Weettr Paper, Hoed*;, Wednesday and Friday. Weekly Paper, eTeiyTuwdty morning. • ... : TERMS OF DAILT PAFEK. Dally Paper for on* year, payable In advance 17,00 ;-i TKRMBOT TB-WHCffXY PAPER. : Trl-VeeklyPaperroroDeyear.payableinadTanoe.lS^ -TEEMS OfTHE WEEKLY PAPER Weekly Paper Tor one year, payable In advance...11,00 KATES OF ADVERTISINO IN DAILY Tea linet, or lea, of Nonpareil make a square. ««uare, 1-day...... f 1,00 do. Sdtyi l^SO do. 8 dart .. 2,00 do. 4 days ... tf6 do. bdavs ... 8,00 •do. Iwrft.... SJK do. 8 trwl't... 1,00 do. 8w-ka... 6,00 1 square, 1 month.. .1 *,00 1 do. Smooths.. 10,00 1 do. Staonthi.. UflO 1 do. 4 month!.. 15,00 1 do. 6monthi.. 16,00 1 do. 9 months... 10,00 1 do. lyear.... 80,00 Rounds A: ADVFUTISiniC a n g d Q n , AttENTS. I &5 Randolph Street, art authorized to receive AdverUtemenlf for tMt and ali On Leading Papert of Vie 2fttrthv>egt t and art the OHLT and u- fLmrftvr authorized Agent* in the NorOimest/or a majority of them. mar 4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. MARK M. POMEROY, Editor. 6 P. n il He cord, for Jane 10, 'M .tepl by C. B. «.ARDINER *• 00., DrngglBts, 1» Spring street. ' THmuflOMBTKB SA.S. S r. u. 46=6 44o a For Telegraph and f!nrnmercial matteri set Fourth Page. SinotJLAE —We noticed a man on the street yesterday without an overcoat on. ' A fine bay hnggy horse witl be BO! d at Hood's auction rooms tbii morning at ten o'clock. TtJRKEn UP.—Mr. Hill, who mysteriously disappeared from Bridgeport, a few weeks BiDce, has written to bis wife, who had offered $100 for his recovery, that she had better keep ber money, as 6lie •. ay want it. STRIKE AMOKG MASONS AND BBICKLATEKS —Tbe journeymen masons and bricklayers of Chicago are moving to seen it an advance on wages. What they are at present receiving we do not know, bat they demand 82 per day 1 One pound of gold may I* drawn into a wire that would reach around the globe, so one nnkind word may estrange fond hearts for ages, or a loving word kindle anew a flame of friendship that will burn on with increasing flame through life. f&* New News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin street? Late papers kept constantly on hand. New York dailies in advance of the mails". A choice selection of stationary and new books Please give us a call. WM.E. TUNIS & CO. THE SEAT OF WAR —Mr. Henry Holland, agent for most of the principal Insurance Companies, has laid on our table a well gotten up map of the seat of war. issued by the Home insurance Company, of New York, for gratn- itons distribution among their customers.— Call at Holland's office and get one « ,, a ,, FOB TEE LADIES AJTD CHILDREN—Dr.Kane'a Arctic Expedition, as exhibited by Mr Failing, at Young's Hall, will be exhibited this afternoon at 3 o'clock, for families and childr n. It is so perfect and magnificent a work of art, that we cannot refrain from urging all our citizens to go and see it. LABOB HAWI. o» WOKTHISSS ^fossr.—Day brfore yesterday. Chief of Police ; Beck, came •oroBB a chap having in fcig possession $1,600 in oneSj tiros, threes and fires, Wine" Wis- consta Miners' Bank,'' of Peewecona, all dated May 3d, 1859. They are a good looking bill, on light paper, and well calculated to deceive those not careful In taking bold of the root of evil. There is no such bank in the State. their WADPCH IIBKS.—The- Times gay* streets are being improved at last. A severe frost has need op all their garden taaoe, and hurt corn, materially. John MoParlane, a bl acksmith, had his leg broken by a kick from a horse be was shoeing, last week. The Waupun Light Guard give a ball on the 4th. Some scamp threw a stone through Huston's •tore window, the other night, because Huston was a temperanoB man. Thomas Oliver came near shooting some one by handling a loaded gun, supposed to be unloaded at the time. How DOES HE KNOW?—"Brick,"whose surname is Pomeroy, after having tried various occupations, has at last turned Observationist, and recently announces the important discovery made by him that ladies invariably put on their left stocking first. We would be pleased to know by what process he arrives at this conclusion, or bow he knows any thing about the matter. We supposed the fact long since established, that a lady put on the left stock- Ing last. With the Grand Ohamb. rlain of a Harem at Bagdad, such information plight ,be possible, but with a onu-borse Wisconsin editor, 'e must confess it brings "snppieion and fantastical surmise " Shall we accept the discovery as an editorial leff i-*ef>—Rockf»rd Daily Register. We never said jnti on first. We never thought of such a thing ' We don't have anything to do with snch matter. 1 !, and though we have, at times, seen ladies ancles, never !4 ar- lived at the conclusion" that we know of — We handle over a great many mailt, but no fe- «nal«s, and don't like to be thus talked about. And again, we feel insulted,clear to onr boots, by being called a "one-horse Wisconsin editor," by a'one ass Illinois editor," who will accept an editorial leo-i-tre, if he comes within reach of our boot Just as if we had nothing to do but look at a lady'e ancle We feel above it, sir, and disclaim ever making any such statement in regard to the stocking question. It is not rigtit for anv one to speak of such things, and Uie sooner yon hare iff! it off the batter THE DEATH or AN ACTREHB IN NEW YOBK —A MTSTKBIOUS AFFAIR.—The body found in the water near Fort Hamilton, N. V , Sunday evening last, has been identified as that f Mrs Fanny Deane Halsey wife of Henry HaVsey.of No. Ill, West Twelfth street The deceased disappeared on Wednesday last under circumstances which gave rise to the supposition tliut she Lad been murdered. She left home with the ostensible purpose of purchasing a pair of shoes, ftn.i that was the last sen ofh-r alive. Owing to various causes suspicion pointpd towHnip her liuslmnd as know ing something of the cause of i»-r death, and he was arrested and held to await the result of the investigation now j>-nding. At a post mortem examination, there was no evidence found on the body of violence or anything to indicate the presence of poison in the stomach. The cnse Is full of mystery. THE NEW MAIL LIITE.—Yesterday the mail from the east wag brought by the steamer from Grand Haven, instead of by Chicago, giv ing it to us twelve hours in advance of the old route. The mails from the east will now reach the interior, and other parts of the State, tventy- foitr bonre in advance of the time heretofore. A capital arrangement. PICCOLOMINI'S AO.KNT ARBKBTRD.—Wm Fish, who hae been the acting agent of Lumley,. musical director of London, who is understood lo have had a pecuniary interest in the profits of M'lle Piccolomlni'e visit to this country, was arrested at New York on Saturday for a hotel bill of §1,300 which had l>een scored against the divine Piccolomini at the Everett House, and sent to jail as a non-resident debtor SPEBOEH HODSK, CIBCINKATI —On the oc. cajion of our recent visit to Cincinnati, the Spencer House was our home, and a right good borne it was The proprietors, Messrs Pratt &. Metcalf, have, in the Spencer, one of the finest Bonnes in the city, equally well kept with the "Bur-net " and much better situated fjr^the accommodation of the traveling public in general All Hi. .'-'Vacim? and substantial^ i of the season arc spread before the visitor, while the Bleeping apartments are kept scrupu- ( lonsly neat and clean. Travelers will find the j "Spencer all they could wish. | GOOD JOELE.—Yesterday at the Police Court after several witnesses had been examined in English on an assault and battery case, a German woman was brought up. The lawver for the defence, insisted tbat the German woman, who could not understand Engiih, should tell the particulars of the transaction she had jnst heard related. His Honor remarked that as the woman nonld not understand English perhaps tb* lawyer was asking too much. The suppressed laugh {hat ran around the room, oonvineed the lawyer that His Honor had him where the hair was short. ACODIJL, or a Month with the Bine Noses , By Frederic B. OoEeent, author of "Epurowgrue Ptpen." Messrs. Terry & Cleaver have laid on onr table a very readable' book indeed, with the •hove title, describing life in Novia Scotia.— The work is really interesting, each page abounding with " dry licks " and quaint burner, making it almost an impossibility to lay it by, after reading the preface, till it is finished. The author has described Nova Scotia life to a charm, and written a book that will •ell f» any clime. A dollar invested will bring a return of at least five dollars worth of enjoyment. WENT TO TBE PEAK—SAW THI PEAK— QUIT TB« PEAK.—The Western, and some of the Eastern papers, ar« now frequently giving accounts of the return of Pike's Peak adventurers, with their experience The Ltetroit Fret Prea has the following respecting the experience of a round dozen of young men who lately returned lo tbat region: They went as far up the Platte River as Ft Kearney. There was no suffering among the returning emigrants on the ttortfi side OP Jar up as tbat point.. Provisions were plenty and cheap They report large quantities of t-opu* gold- dust IB the bande of sharper!! along the road. They say there is some gold at the mines, but it will not pay to dig it—a sluice that takes five men to ruu only makes about twenty cenu per day. Men were offering as high as one hundred dollars per ounce for genuine fold dust dug at the mines, for specimens. They estimate the people on the plains at one hundred thousand. Now If it has cost them at an average of one hundred dollars each, (which Is very low.) we have the snug little pnm of ten million dollars sunk in this speculation. They report large numbers who have not got money enough to return with, and that the St Joseph and Hannibal Railroad are sending those through on their road free. .—The Herald says tbat 8. P. Aylesworth's new three story hotel is now nearly completed. The streets and sidewalks .ire being repaired very neatly. A. ievere frost and heavy rains have dan- ;«ged crop* tad mill-dams in that vicinity to a great extent. . ,; Shaw & Nye tyivean extensive ale brewery .in sncoessful operation there. v JL new foundry has just been started ,at ' Sparta. " -' ' : - - j- - Cnparalleled Villainy—Female Depravity. At Chicago one John McLaughlin ie on trial for throwing off a train on the Chicago and Galena Railroad, by which deed a man was killed and several persons injured Un the reraon ot McLaugblin, at the time of his arrest, were found a number of letters from abandoned females in Buffalo, and other parties, going to show the existence of an organ ized band of murderers, whose operations were conducted by means of poison, arson and railway obstructions. One of these letters, which we will copy entire, will give an idea of the revelations they make. It is addressed to Captain Jones, aliat Benedict: BTPFAI.O, Feb. 19, 1859. DEAK HENBT : • * * You may be sure I shall be on hand to help any one yon may send here to give the old cuss a rip; and I think it would be easy to light up bis storehouse, If the fellow you have is clear grit ; but if be ie not don't let him come,for if he should back out I would jnst stick a knife in myseK for I am bound you shall have revenge, and that before 1 leave here ; so don't send any one yon don't know is game; but you say you are sure that Johnny yon speak of is game lo the heels. I don't know him; maybe he is and maybe he aint; try him first and see what he can do, or what he has done. I know a f reat many fellows that can tell big stories, nt don't do any thing themselves , and If Johnny is one of that kind I think yon had bettersnot send him. I will go oat this week and poison tbe dogs, so there need be no fear of their yelping; but take my advise, Henry, and don't send any one unless yon know them —that's tbe talk. Ton gay that Johnny has bad his father killed by a railroad. I don't think he is good for anything, or he would have revenged this long ago; so that is tbe reason I do not like to trust him. I think be Is a coward, or he would not let another have done that job yon write me about hix getting a man to do; tbat ain't no revenge, apd if that is all the courage be has 1 don't think I would trust him, if I were in your place; at all events, if you should send him here, and he should show the white feather, / will kill him before he can came 'back, i like to see a man have good game; if he is good grit he may have my sister, bnt he n^ver could if he was not. I am glad to tell yon tbat your old 'enemy, the conductor, died about the 8th of February'. Ob, how he Buffered 1 bnt was I not glad to see him dieing by inches, and thai think tkat it was my Henry who did it; bnt yon must keep close, as I do think they suspicion you, and although I do not think they could do any thing with ypu, yet it is better they thauld not get yon I have ten dollars more for you, which 1 tend yon in this. I will get you the balance in abont five or six weeks, bnt I will be able to send yon some in about a week. Write me iwon. We are still Jiving on the Orleaiu. I wish I could come to yon instead of this letter, y fours, M ever, ••!•!•• EMILY Southern Correapendence. ot il>« Nertra..,, ; s'l'^ " Louisville, Ky., JuneT, i'j ?' A»efat<^ ye»torday, ttere'iire inany, wh»t v« call np north u'wtil 48 el-ewhwe,'' "solid men" in this city, wh» count their wealth by tbe sopre of thousands, and many of the poorer alias khw. Their hospitality, «a U the bos* pitality of. all southerner's, proverbial. If »gentleman oomes in the place, he has no cause to complain. A horse and carriage ii plaoed at his disposal; or if be-prefer It, a span of horses, handsome carriage, and black boy for driver, and be Is told to drive np town, down town, through town, around town,-or where lie likes. To drive fast or slow *s best raits bis convenience or inclination. To drive ont in the country a mile or fifty miles. To return in an hour or a week, and we don't know but if the stranger wag a good looking, honest faced chap, he might have the whole establishment, carriage, horses and driver presented him as a keepsake. Kentucky hospitality for ever. TBI SLAVS POPULATION OF LOUISVILLE Is above the average of other southern cities, we think, as regards sobriety and cultivation. A largo part of the li^n-,-r» abont the levee, hotels, ets , are slaves wlio have been raised in tbe vicinity, and have little or no inclination to run away, a comparatively easy mailer, as there is but the Ohio to cross to be in a free State. Men owning slavts, hire them ont to store*, hotels, boats, etc., tbe same as a father in the north would bind out a BOO till of age. Tlie man hiring them, pays for jjood stout boys from fifteen to forty years of age, suma ranging from one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars per year, according to their knowledge of the business he wishes them for, or their honesty. Besides this sum, he pays all their doctors bills for the time they are in his employ, clothes them, and pays taxes on each one, which amounts on sn average to ^twelve dollars a year for each negro. They are work ed no harder th*n other iiplp, are cared for in sickness and in health, and manage tu lake life very easy. They are very independent over whit* servants, and a negro hack driver will soundly abuse a wtiite one, because he is a poor white ss, with no one to care for him. At titnes one runs away, but many of Ihera could not be hired to leave, while others, afte.r trying Iho norih write back, or laave their friends write, asking for money to return with, and promising to be very food, If their masters ' will only let tfeem return and uot whip them. The slave* in the southern Stati-s are belter r.ff t better cared for, better fed, and totter contented than are the free negroes of the north There ia not one instance in a hundred where a slave wbo attends te hia business, is kind and mannerly, is punished. They are uot whipped without caus«. At times, one ia so mulish, so dishonest or no ubstisale and ma- inns thai he must be whipped into subjection, or he is dangerous. A slave of this kind is looked upon as a "bad MIowV by his brother-servants, and receives little j.ily from them, | when puuish'-d for any misconduct. If r~a- | snnahld puntahiuenl will n. t answer, he is j sold soulh TliU accounts for the fart that the farther south on Iru-els, the more he .--1-5 of the horrors of slavery The uply, hard I fisted fellows, ar.. spnt t.. sugar and cotlou | plantations wher^ Hi- v me managed by » .lif \ ferent disposition?*! overseer from the noriii- «rn one. The dregs work to the bottom This same clasa of slaves are the ones In the north, who commit all manner of crimes, from rape to robbery—from theft to murder, and whom no driver's lash can Buhdno, uor kindness affect Slave help, w« are told, is ruuch more HXJK-U- five than free help, but the slave ia incut to be depended on, more honest, and when well used, roore willing workers. They hare their holidays as well as de white folks. Christinas week, by aStaw law, no slave can be compelled to labor, but ii as free ai his master and can either work or play. In the hotel where we are stopping, are some fifty boys, mostly hir«d. On Christmas morning, they walk np to the office of the House, and bargain for tbe week at about twelve shillings per day. Thoae who choose can work, those who do not can play. They have their parties, their (ohooU, their churches and all the necessaries of life, supplied them. Latt Christmas, the proprietors of tbe Lottlsvillft Hotel, gave a supper and ball to some fear hundred of tbe negro population The males appeared dressed to fita, while the ladies were dressed to the extreme of fashion, ujther in their own or mistress' fancy silks. They wear their master's jewelry, and hare for the time the names of their owners. The boys wonld introduce the ladies at Miss B., Miss C.. Mias D., dropping their «wn names for those of tie master or mistress in every instance We asked one why he did not rnn away ^ He replied, " I am no such tool, master. I wouldn't live Dp in tbe north, whew a man can't earn enough to live on without stealing, no way. Like old Kentucky better." Here darkeys are respectful, while with you, oftentimes, they are the most Insulting creatures alive, and though we are no advocate of slavery, cannot help thinking tbe condition of the negro, as a genera! thing, is better here than in the north. TBB ARTESIAN WEtL Is worth visiting, not onry on account of ti>« medicinal qualities of the strongly impregnated sulphur water,!)!}! as an object of interest The well is near three thousand feet In depth, and the water comes boiling up through the three-inch bore with force enough to throw It one hundred and sixty feet above the surface. Large quantities of it is bottled and sold, and the proprietors,Messrs. Duponts', have ID this' well an inexhaustible fortune. The water Is so strong as to oolor a piece of silver black by merely holding It in the water two seconds.— An old negro, Capt. Charles Sanders, as he calls himself, waits on the visitors, dips np mineral water for them, and reaps a gooxl harvest of quarters for his pains and eccentricl- .ies He has picked np all the >y-words and juts them together in abont as orderly a style as Mrs. Sickles did her things when caught in 6 room With Mr. Key. This morning, a party >f fire ladles and as many gentlemen visited ;be welt. We met Charley at the door, when ie broke ont, " Oh ! de Lord bless you, ladte*, rat how does all yon' harmonious mass roses lo. Bless your sweet innooenses, how glad I kin to see yon." On being told that tb« ladies were sick, he informed them that the Artesian ater would harmonize their probate, dlscum- boberate their ailments, re-invigorate their ipasmodlcB, and cause them to evaporate Into a being more beautiful than the butterfly."— Be tells some wonderful stories of marvellous- is ires effected by the Artesian water, in a mar- vellons style. We were treated to an Artesian |ulep,as he calls It,; and ^evaporated" with the assurance tbat the water wonld !.' harmonize" till onr ailments would be " discombob- berated," and we wonld all appear more lovelj Ihautbe .bridegroom I Don't fail to call »t the Artesian Well, when in Louisville. We met some Milwaukee people here to-day, as happy,fai lordfl r all in love with the Mace, and enjoy u ; themselves finely; 1 ; " ' ahead of thogd iortb. .Farmers I a « already commenced harvesting barley, wil in Wisconsi B the "greea sauce" Just jpljmted i, is now fit for nan, or tod jnnoh M>. Thopi ispeotisfor a good crop of i both barley and ore, with » fair crop of wjieiat.— Frniu are Jo»klng well. I*H( PKOPLB OV LOCI9VILLI We like, irfhe gentlemen are whole-scjoled; liberal audgbpd natured, whllo tbe hi|ito.are handsomej ajnd dress well. They dreaa |>ett«f here than in- tbe West, while the men; go in for more comfort, and lest show. If We •: were to change pur abiding place, thi* ii abojni tbe spot onr Ub^s should be cast in, as it tatty be the spot a jftlw more lines may reach you from. ' I i Whjj don't street sprinklers keep dowu the dust oil bur business streets ? If th<j city don't '• do«(n with the dust" aome way, we shall pray f^f a little shower like tllei one Noah had, Whether we get it or not. : WOLF IN SHMP'S CLOTHIBO.—Yesterday morning, Re '-rend Mr. Conrad Holmgfean, a professed Latberan minister, was up: belorc Judge Foote^charged with robbing Maria John- sou of about $75. Conrad is a curly haired spectacled, sanctimonious looking individual who looks as* if-the saving grace of God had not affected 11m favorably. Conrad ia, ;«• wa» a deceiver. Q»nrad was traveling on railroad passes as a minister Conrad called an'the lady, and for an hour talked beautifully, to her on religious tnatters He told her the ohoroh was n great institution, and expressed h hope tbat she wasia Christian He asked for a drink of beer, and While the stepped ont to get it he stole her money. Conrad drank tLrf beer, hoped Heave^i woold bless her, and cut stick for the depotl where Chief Beck beckoned him to the station There, Conrad put on ails.— Conrad denied stealing the UKney, and mgjnu ated tbat Beak was an ass for arresting him. At the station he was aearched, the while Baying, " you make a big mistake—1 am a holy preacher—an hoc eat man—a good man—no thief—you dojn't understand your business. 1 ' His pocket.*) wi re searched, and as he waa about to b« let go, Beck saw a small hole In the Ii. nlag of liis coat tail, just cut with a knjk, and on ei&mining then> found the purse Conrad " com«<town;without shooting," and bad no more to say. Irj his pockets werw found the g'eategl ?»rl. ety of traps, euch as l.-ttera ot recemmanda- tioa, railroad pauses, cigars, pipes, penoils tobacco, a little book on the co»era of which were pictiirtfsjof women dressed id was Eve in the Garden ot Eden, minus the fig leaves, ami all sorts of odds and ends. Conrad " Went to jail for want 01 bail " and will likelj hare a long chance to meditate, and may perhaps see the inside of thn stone milk house at Waurjun. Conrad, take pare of ynurs-lf THE UBATOJi FOR THK ElUTURlAL COJVE.V- TION.—We c n hardly see the justice of the comments made by ihe .\>u>. this morning, relative to thejsnlwtitution of a lawyer ia (his city, to .IHifef the address l^fore Use Editorial Convvntioni in th« place of Col. King. The gentl.uian 'i,, .[iiwtioD is Kr. H W I imp in, .-ind it was entirely m c,>| Kin<'.* ur«-tiit. r*- , that ne consented to deliver the adiiriwa. U lo-inc an act of courtesy on his |iart,*lh(-re- f»r- it (toes nOt seem Hit lit th it ho should be indirecily abuW-d for it W- will not say that Ool King .lid just the right thing In qoing- oil at this time, Jilit "inc.- the servir- •* of Vlr. Dennis have ln-«tt secured, entirely without »ny policitn'inn mj hU part, we ought lo (hank him n, t ...i of throwing onl ulura agaJnsl Irini. He will havej.ilD aM- address, we feil a-jured, and we bop* there will be a good audi-t,re to llBfen to it — M~M«-frm'n tif la-nt rrf'itn<j Hiir evening i-olemporary is iu error ajj lo th» tenor and meaning of tLe article to uliich h- alludes <V- would *ay uothine against Mr. Denuu, l(y no meaii?. We have no doubt he i« folly capable of getting up a good ad- tirwss on what tb» Press In. and what tt fan sfcxjmpl.fih, bnt all this tre know ratter lhan any one oulilde the profession can telt iu — How would it: look for Mr. Dconis, artc* Baving tM-en appointed for a year to driver an-a<l- dri«» at an Bar meeting, at th< .'l>iventh hoar, lo «lip «ff, and inviu- G »neral King to take hia plade ^ That's the idea 'Ti« Jiot Mr I>ennli we are after, but Wr. King He is tlie chap, and none else We editors WartUjd an address frftm an editor, or th* last oQn««n- tlon WDnld have IriTitwl Mr. Dennis, or §0me ontsider from'lhc le^al. mercantile, clerical or some other prbfesnion, to a.ldress us If 31r. King liad appointed Mr. Shol«», Beriah Brown, Col. Clement, Sam. Ryan, (ien Ellis, Charles Holt,; or anv editor, we would never hare Raid a ffoni At a medical convention doctors would make asses of themselves to Invite an editor] to deliver th- main speech. • At a Presbytery'hveting', Jivines would Ix" foft to hav« an editor preach a sermon to them, (not bat whut he ciould do it,) and the aam<\ rate applies to us Cif the quill Mr Dennis il all right—win gfi up a good ao!drn, Mill w« insist that Mr. King has served the editors of Wisconsin a ^singular trick, which we. 'for one, do not like. ! NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. I LUG At ADVEKTISKM ; NOTIOE. ' Ctrl ConrT»oi.uj>vOrrici. I " : Contract Department, Jnne 10,185*. { f JMUK following U a schedule of lota and parti of lot* ij. ' In Third W»r» of City or Mllnnkee, which hire been declared publ'o nulunce. In con«qaen« of <ug- nint water and filth the'eon, and the amount Mtop^o •Iteiach lot Ii the amount o( benefit" which laid loti Will 1 derive by b«lnf (lied lufflcleDt to abate the »td ontnnce. ' JOHN McOBATU, fRANCTX McCORUICS, Btrret Commlnlonen. Lot. block. C40, . Jell-si* I * •i 11 12 T» 7» r» T» T9 Benefit!. 6«,29 30.00 13,00 21,0« 39,00 30,00 I. L'S.GARDINES, Comptroller, NQTICK Cm CoMprBOLL«»'s Orrioc, i Contract Departneut, Milwaukee, Jane II, 'it. B Y resolution p( the Oommoa Council, adopud June 6th, 1859, the reeommmdaiion of ihf Strret Com- mliiloneri to grade Nbrth alley to ihe «jt»blljhe.l grade , miming throogb Uoot Its. In ibt Second Wird, tli ordered. That »ld tllef be gradrd to the e-tibltshfd grijp, tccordlnf to the Htlmateof Ike Oily engineer on ale In thta office- Omen ol property to said ttlley are hereby noctfled t« make »uch ImproTemenU with n 20 d»} f from ittls date, or the Bteeet Commlastnnen uf Uie Second Ward will cause the suoe to be done and charged to the re- tf eotlTe lots according to law. Jell-dtt E. L'H. UABDINEB, Comptroller NOTICfc,. Crrr O>rMrraojjjtBN Orrtov, I Oontnct Department, Milwaukee, June 11, 1S5» ( ^ EALED proposal] will be received at this office, un > til Thariday, June 19, at IU i. • , for furnlihlng the following named article* for the use and repairing of Bridges, Tt*.; Outings per Ib; Bom aol Nuts per Ib ; Spikes per Ib; Bibbel or ComposlMon Metal per Ib; » rough! or Forged Iron per Ib; Blael work per Ib; Ja<ja Screws per ptecr, and work per day, filling ap cartlnra. 19,19-fol K. L'H 'UBDTXICR, C'.mptroll-r NOTICJE. CITY CoMprauu.Ka-'i Omen, I Coolract Department, June II , la£9 | T tHK toUuwtn^ la a schedule of lou fronting en Ninth street, from Trutoma street to Beaabian stre t. In the Ninth Ward c>f the City or Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot, fr ntiQg on said s:re«t, will be benefited by grartltag »ald atr»et and planking and cnrbiDg tbe sltlewalkj at per plan and rst,m%te ^f the City Boglueer, as follows JOHN LAL'BKNHKIMEK. H. RCECKERTT, Street Cooiniiasioneri. , 01BOUIT COUST. | sill«aukei! Ooanly. [ N Ofnrx,! L'UrV, Plaintlll. sgnlnsi Charles J. Kerslinw, Jrtse II. L«avi;nwortPi, xfvmcU Murphy. John T I'trklm, John P'lnnklolnn, J.ihn Ugdnn, Llmtsav iVaril, L»tnan P. ihrlft, Jumei H Bogert, Uecelver nf the l>?rm»a'a Bank a( ;/»,i Pa,. eaulck t Co , • h4rle^ B Curtis. John O. Merer, wi(- llam John Itns, Charles Kuelin, ftfor^i. B II n»r, Cyrus D. Dav:% Jam«* liarsliitw. DefpfKtunC*. The State of WUcou^ui, lo ihw at>ur>- niuta-.l Jof^n.Unta V' OU are hereby jummoaed »n<l r t -nu ie.1 l.» »tnw-r 1 the complaint ID th'S Action, «.1lt m li m dK*<l irk ch*- otBce of th« Cierk of salil Court, iml to serv,- 4 cnpy .>l your answer to '.he sil.l co'iipliSInt, un Lhe iubiicrlbfri at their office, N09 3 snd 4, Albany Buil'lintf, >!I|«-L.I kl-e, Wiscoo»io, »ilhln tweoly .Uys ifler lh<! irrvicn hereof, exclus vo of In. Jay uf such *..rvi.-e .m,| if you fall to ansar-r Ihe said complain! rlthin UIH i.rnu aforesaid, the pl*lntUT In th.n action will ipply u. th.- Ocurt for the relief Jemaniieil In Die complaint WHnen« the Ilunorable AKTIICK 11. (U THL'K, Juilo;* »r the Circuit Ciiur- ' ii ,. i •'oant/ of Milwaukee, at Milwiult-.., ij,,., Uilrtii-lh day of Marcb, i" tr,^Lyear inf Uioasand «uhl^.l a'ld flfty-i,,,,^ UOOKKK * 3P*N()KNBk.Ri, aprti—l ;H *'>- PI'ti(T'n All'/''. ^liiw^iM^^, v\ ,H I'.MSj Ml I UIFI^ s »I.F. ^,-v. , fT»TE UK W1SOONSIN, I Otrcuil Coutl, >lil w.iuke*.' Cn. )' Kubirt Haneyand J<vhu DeBnw, Deanld Nugent and Jamen Nugent. BxecutloD . B Y virtue jf an elrcutlo < i*aued i the abo"ve entitled actmn, i.i i llrered agsmat ih.. <ood«, .•hmtru Dennis Nugent and Jatuea .Nurfeut, ( -,av- taken the following degcribeil r^al -•itat'; i.i ty of the defendants or either ji iheiu. in , £'' Lot number four i 4), bt>>ci or ;mn j thirty-four (I34j In th>- l.rst W», I • of Milwaukee. Count/ .r \Mw:iiii(--. . Wlscorojln, and all L,".e r.^tu. utu- *n.i »hlch the said defendant.* .T -uh.-r •IL-L in and to said [>rfinirtea it Uir lai • . -i of a certain warrant nr itta.'hm- MI •.• r taaued in the action . to wit • )n t '• * *i h June, 1868." Which properly, *a sale and »ell at Public the City of Milwaukee, dui; ol HOIH4.-HI b«T, \*&n* Al " •jf Lhal day to latisf; *a:.i ..-i.-i'u ii t.. i Dated .•'herln">. Otfi.-e. «..*»NK • >!.• tttTTLan, BPTTalCK i C' T* t., < 'f "•'!( M * Pl'tfs Atl'y^ f -'.'t aforesaid, I vill Auction, it th- l.Vx Sjal tl nl it > . irt H • (In- Blork -'16 216 VM 6 iie 214 !H 2U tl4 IU 214 914 Lot 12 17 n 11 1 1SI •tl riuJAH's iDDrTtov rBu. BIO-k U.iW -i\t -'Id 80.UO 30.1XJ JO ,10 30, UU .•tl) 'Xj SU,IIU HO.Ut' 30.I1J 40,il» as.oo -'Id lit •!\t am 214 211 tu I.. It 16 ll JI> 2'J 24 •it a- lu 11 *' •Ci 21 StJ.'H) »«l.l»» *J.mj 30,'JO .)».'«> 30.00 .SII.UU 3- mi ^l,i>.j ID •»! B^" The al-.,vr ,,i« .1-1 -,.ii Uctober -13. l^S, it '>,' .A named Rated .•'h^r.if'i O'li.:^ Un* iepr26 &F~ T>, t .1, ,-, ,.,,e,« ruin '.he 20th day f N"V-niher, I-.'- ri.tur a^ atntve u:tuie.l Dated ^herilt '• Hue-, M.I . i ..,-1^4-4* (9- Tli- Fell 1 J, 1 1*1 ; <>H K Mil iV. >• I I I ."TATK "V Wl.-Oi\;<lN Olr-.-u.i L" .n ". M.. * i ,*-.-• .:i- , \ l'»V.| tl tl .!.-• tl. . -. H 1 411.01 Ii 11 8 S-I.IKI 13 Is 5 *j,i)u H Ij 7 J",0u 113 9 Zn.uil |a IS 11 8<J,ilU 13 18 ly &I.AI H A pice* of l»nd, Njur.dinl E t'>- Nlnlh street, :*outh by Plank Boail. West and N./rUi i,> VII- t's a.ldit'o&, jeIl-j:U E. L'H. liARLilNKR. i V^lTt O"MPT ROLLZJl' DEPiaTllKST, Jmif 11 > Orri H*u, C-.ira.] Br .* •, J , . ^ -^ . J«tn-H VV^ry 1 .N ;.u-> iati. . ai. : N, . '...- ' i . . •'• ., tl. . . . i ar..l -..--.! , ..• ' f :; ' . >*r: n t.' r )• . I* ,.'<.- n. r, in :..- -i, M *i.n «.,( i u r ,| i, y ;i i.l<i li.l ) ill J ul ) .--'.-. ;. 1:1 f U.I*; l . '.- , * : J , -l - tir-'ii *^«. jr * a ^--ri '.-r- "41 *i . . , • ,,• '» f : r- im.Minl -f ,* -1 ..irfui- •. . ^ -- i u .r.-ti^r #un -;i- -i..-i,--- r .. - •*. \;-.- -;.. , V l- ^ tr : / ,• M * t... -- «l ., M-. ».. .-.,'-.« ,.: • . •....-• -r :l • uttl -r. M . > • . • t r . . ,, n« ,- 1 ii«. ... 1 i > ^ v •,:-•. * : '/. V -r- , -• - \i A N01 K K. iJlTT C. HKT« I LV,c.tra. t D^partuirnt, \t n . J B V r.».. ,,t,.,i, a l ttir fninui n C. 6, lilil, th- re'->' a .' : ier^ -f Ihe k tt H »r.|. t f,». - *.| labeth 't'rrl I.. Hi-'v t «[ . an.! - ^ TKal ^ h av -<. jr ao<) < ' i i . . ! imiis be ,fr»dr.l » nd ild-n a 11 , . , tne pUn sn ! sp~-. ri -ati .ti j' • r . n this offi ~Owner. .,< j.r f. • ., .1. .». ! ,., .-. .. , e<Si-jroakr i.- ,i. .- r aiii-.| TI r t wenty I wi lays fr.-in .la « -• - tN - : - ; . (orine>:h^ar.lwlli L-\I]»« It.. ., .'har^rd Lu llie re*p^«"tl>o ..;>, * • -f t [i t je;Ud6t t. L'H O \ kill N K K < t J - NOTK '!,. CUT i 1 . t i T l U * toll..* inn 13 a • -hrd llr ' i . • 'r tonla tirt t, In.tii H-» .h- rt , ' the »th Ward, of tt r O'v t. .,,,,- amnunt w'nc'- pact. , t w . .« ..— T f. * ' f . • tdew&lka an.l cart.u.^ theui. ^n-l £r*>ri u front ^' laid loll a.'»'l- t.t-nt •• ' , .. JUIIN H' MKN H • 11 Kr>CK>Kn. Sir. - I u, In Vhefs Ad:!:t. IP. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. K Mj F i, O V M K N T . %5O a Month and all Eiproven Pai«l. A N AOE^;wanted In rrery town and cobn^y Itl the United Btate* to engage In a respectable.and e sy boiluea*, b^ which the above profits may be-certainly rcailled, .Per further part cultrs, »ddre-« Dk. J H »»t Wimtm.i corner 12th Puvet and UroadVay. New York Ctty, Enclosing one Postage Stamp. jell-d*w-8m i BCf;«V[HOUSE AT AC'CTIOIV., W ILL be So(d at Hood's Auction Rooms, No. 4, Spring It-ion Saturday morning, Ju^e nth, «t 10 o'clock 1 FLnij Bay Hone, 4 years old; tount), kind and gentle undetj saddle nr In harness, double orslug'e. Bnle posHtva. Terms cash, jell ' J. HOOD, Auctioneer. II 14 13 18 IS 18 M 11 13 13 U 14 H jell-.131 il 10 11 12 14 86 'I M.I. 31,90 .il.lW 81.0U Ul.tW 8 1, (HI 31 Ou 3xO«i 3D.LHJ 14 '4 14 14 U 14 .1 4 .4 14 «. L'H uaEDlNKK. l'. NO 1 ICK. CtTT Co«pTRou.«a's "tt ;. K. i Contract Department, M:l., Jine II, ; V.9 i' B Y resolution of the Commoi Couacll, passed Jut.e 6, 1P59, the recnsnmendation of the Street Commi*- nioner^ of toe flh Ward, to have Wa*hinpi.»n street, and sldsrwslks (rrad«d an'l si lewalks planked from 4th arenue to the west line .' Walkrr'i P .iat A.Mltion, .t was ordered : That Washington sTeet an<l*«lss t.. l-e ^ te th« established gruie a.n.1 sulewaUa ?.! fnni 4tbj avenaeto the we t line ot Walker'l Poiut \.l.liUon. laaecord«nce to the plans and spec flcatl >ns of ih? Olty ing.nee*. OTTTjejs of property on above framed street* are hereby noufle,] to make slUd ituproTeinents w'thin '.werty nde days from tbsj pyblica,tlon of this Dot.«-«. -.r t'i Street Commtssl .ners of th* 5th Warit. will -ause tbe stme to bo done a9d rhar^ed to &he reapective lor., ac- covd ng to lav jeli-dSt K L'H UARlNErt, Oomirtroiler. NOT ICK. Cm CunrTllns.LM'B arFici. I Cootiact Department, June U, 1^3'J | T HE fcllowlnff Is a schedule of Ijts frootln; OD Clerry stre«t In PiaoatntoD's addition D the Ninth Ward of tbe CI4y of Milwaukee, from Sixteenth TU TwccUeUi st-ewt—sbowinK the amount which e- ch lot vlll be heoefltrd by gradlntf sajd street aad the sidewalks, planting and curbing the walks and paring tl*e f^iticr*, aod graveling ih« street as per plans of Olty Englaeer H RL'KCKKBTT. ' | Street Oommlssloneri I J :,>•:.«.. >1«. ,• *im.n J Mi. .- j %m • I - » % r. - . : ii. F>4'i -.«•".,. , Tl, .-ll itr Kl.i. . •' . 115.n, J .*-•,.l M .IK len l*-trr V L*.>t-, rt" Mam . iru.l i 4 i "lAtr 'J( ^ »*• .r.^.n. l - ;.e ,o .. - . » - i - n , . M. th- -umplatnt in :•,.* *.it. .n. *.. . • *». - Uie .(fice .f Ihe Clerk if the Ctr .1 if i . .. • . M.lww,!."-, at VIil *»us ee. ,n •.-.- i t' i » T \ '•v'.d, an.l lo *er|.- a • .[.V .f V »•,••*•• « -..raplalnt in me •uNsrr-'-"-'. *i •. . 't, - .f ithin 1.1 II l>H»*IJTO!l'l IDOITUH IO63] SALE. Judgmfffit of ForeQloiure and Sale. i STATE ISOORSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Count/. | Anson Cldred v ! ) against , Uenjamln t. Arrjidd, Nancy O. Arno'd, AJonto L K «ne,i Jonathan Taylor, Ljmaa Elmore, ; Joaeph Halm', : Peter Knelsler, i John Prlen, ' Samuel B. ChaieL Morgan B.CoIeraan, Herman L. P«s«, and John White, ' I N virtue of wid pursuant to a judgment r»nd«red In •aid Ooort In. the abore entitled action, dated tha 4 h day of Juae,ilS69, 1 shall expose for Bale and'sdl it Public Auction at the Post Office In the Otty of Milwaukee an KatardHTi tbe ITth day of Hcptom- ber, 1859, atihjrv Jiour o/ 9 P.M. of that day, tbe;fol. lowing ilescribtdjrnorigiged premltes, or to mochjthere- of as may be necewary to raiie the amount of kakl judgment, Intertst and rents, together with the el- pengetof tale tol wit :. . _ M '•Lot nambe^nlne (8), In block number wrentW seven (77), lathe Fourth Ward of the City if Mil waukee and State of Wisconsin." '• ' Dated SherUfti Office, Milwaukee, Jon, 10, 185*1 : E.Mi«si«, il A. J. LANGWoBTHV, Vl'ttt Attorn«f, ({ ShertlT Mil. Ce., »li. jell-d3melDitj | ' . i i CirrCo«taoLL«a'»Omd»,;i Oontract Detriment, Milwaukee, June 11,18S»4 !f mHE Cotnmbrl Council ty resoUrtion adapted!Mb J. day of Jun*;i819, upon the recommenilattpnW the Street QammlitWDert of the M Ward, ordered: > < That Huron ktreet fromEwt Water atreet.ktj the rlrer be paTed fe accprdebee vtth the plan axtdipiecl- flcattoni of thi ( Hy "Enflneer, on flle in thl* offlci. ^ : Oirnert of pro >»rty on abore mentioned itreet.-are hereby notified to mhki laid improremcoti wituti 10 (1»Tifro«theptjblli:ttIon6f thl»noUc«, or the Btreat Oommuiloneri d/the 3rd Ward, will cao»« the iamB to be done and c&a ged lo the retpeotlTe lot» Moonltaf to f ; •«. t-B. BiBDrtlB, Comptrofier 1 t. Bloct. 1« 16 16 16 16 9 t 9 9 V » 10 U Ii 15 IS IS Ii 1ft IS IS 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 lot. 1 i 5 7 9 21 23 25 27 28 80 Benefits. 67.21 42,17 44 ..M) 58,92 60S5 84,31 41,17 44 54 67.S8 7*,W »I,8S 665,00 78,21 84,88 63^1 M21 49.91 71,38 63.91 61 31 51,81 19 21 ID 33 12 25 19 « Jefl-dat 49.21 90,54 50,21 57^4 01,54 53,21 49.91 49,54 I. L'H Block, 19 It 16 16 16 9 9 U U U n u 11 n 11 U u 11 13 18 13 U '3 13 12 12 12 13 U .GARDINBS, •20 11 26 *7 28 1 1 Benefits 11 ^-4 t4,'.l *«.SO 5T92 Ji.Jl 41,84 4.3 17 49.19 64W il.Sl M,54 60, Jl TUJ21 4S54 4954 4J.33 5054 58J21 59,88 50,54 49.54 4 S 6 9 SO 21 ?« 26 ** Comptroller. 51.54 50.88 49,54 6o,S8 S1^8 49,88 50.40 NOTICE. Cm OonrTjua.uni'8 Orrict, l Contract Department, Bllwaokee, Jane H, 1S59. f B T re«ol'itlon of tbe Common Council, adopted the 6th day at Jane, 1«4», the recommendation ot the Street OommiasloBers of the g<| Ward, to grade the •Oath alley through block 143. It la ordered: That aalo alter be grkded to the established grade, apcordlnf lo the estimate of iba Oil/ Engineer, on &}* In Urt» oOoc '• [ OwaerB of property oa saM allay aa abore menUooed 'are hereby notified to make aald ImproTrmenU within JO days from this Hate, or the Street Commissioners of the Sad Ward will caoM the same to be done aad '(•barged to the reapectlre loll according to law. j«»-« t I'g. GA8D NIK, t oroptroUer. P BUTTER. T WOULD call the attention of families |a my irlec- J. lions o ! CHOICE BUTTEK. 11 am dally rectflrlng by Erpresj, choice leu of Butter from the bell Dalrltt In the SUte, which for quality »od flavor la nmurpaiMxl. Prlcts »lway» to corrn- pbad Witt the '«ma»ket rtte*," and qoallty warranted. Order* .ollclwd and «nt to all p irU of the city frM. ' JOHN W. LBDY4BD, Grocer and Win* DsnUer, ^rvice. \r-.l ,( y.iufii.,i an.-"*." wtll ftpplj Ui ine Court 'ur :hr r-i- complaint. »'.tne»» the AKllIl'i Mo titrif i.. ,,' - theCir.-n.lC ur'. 'rsn.l ^.>.:ii> .;^1 *,., i Mil w^iii*-.-. Uie Ulh lav >' A;.r- IV.-* K M t ItlNfx. »l>r^0-la»«» Plain. ; • \-i. .s9«] XIIKHIKf* S«ll >.• vi. Th<-.Tia» A l.yne, l'*riltne J [v:,.- l»t . II W ., \ , t t A. Pullen I N virtue of an.l pursuant i.i 4 If-rr-e --n.l- --I <»i.l Court, '.n thf at> entill^.I ff .111 i i:.-.t •/.. 19th Jay if March, |H.i9 I -lull -tp..«- • r , , .. ,,,|.-, It publ: i- auction, «1 thePiatOtli.-- o.:h" r,- -M »-»ukre. ,m Haturdny, Ihf ^d day of July iaSd. at the hour uf 2 p M .1 'tint I I y. :h- • >. ,. ra*y be ni-oes-'irv to rt *, ih" 1111 i.r,: • «, i . :j •• The ni.rth .in? liaif ,if |..l« nunio*.r ",u . \ . and IwelTe ^ 2), IQ block number f.jrTy « \ tt, in the ElKhth Ward if the old JUi- if M r,., «r«, being on Walker's Poml A.l.l.n..n i.i <a, I city, in tlie County of Milwiukee. Si.*te . >v , Dated Sheriff '< nttice, Milwaukee. » ; ,r I ;. :- iM r.»CB«-«. I.T!St>a t V(tl.L«K, I A J LlNi»Wl)KTlV Pl^inlltf's Attorneys f .^her [f >1 I i . \\ . aprl tml ri2w t I rv is 11 Court, s ouni) of s^o r ti«4i >•. Will,Am B. T.^Ad^^-li, J »rm .-* P-rry|an 1 b : l.«*r l N ir lon, K U Young, Mary A Young, J.ihn W tfci.--i.-i , 1 n Borers, I H. llorn»oit, Wuuam >l s*ina*.i . I u in Olson, R. Yelvertou, ?. C Wa,«,-r. J . ,ir.. v .. , G Satt^rlee, tj. A. Hennrtt, I. V \\ i \ .. l' I'-, ry, J U. Backer, D While, O H W <-., i;.^ M., fey, J. SI., J L' Meenet J u I' r,.i. j. U C Mali-i The Stale of Wlacunsiu to the »>.,n- i un i ^.-ten.i ants . ^IRd: — You are hereby 4ui1iui»[>i'-.l «,, I '-.ju.r^l ' 0 answer the comp unit in thin a.-u.m. .1 « -\ copy !• berewtth served up-in y u, an.l , e rv- , .|. of your answer on ua at our oflice, number* i an.l + . the State Bank of Wisconsin building, .n 'he r.t , . .Milwaukee, within three months after ihe *er . .-e II.T'- . exclusive of the day of suchscivue. an.l I v i ' answer the complaint as aforesaid, the pUmuN « il IP ply to the Court f.>r the relief .leuian-lo.! ..i Hie .,.>, plaint. Dated .Milwaukee. March -to 1 , 1*^59. o A t j c. STARKWEATHER PIlTs attorneys. Ml > 'lv Witoeaa Hon. Ueon;e W Cate. ju.Ue .1 ih —'— . Tib Judicial Oirc .it, at Plcvrr, 'hei.M u 1 Sxai- I of March A. D. 13S» 1 — r~- ' 8KO BL WALBRlln.K rien Th« complatnt In Ihe abore ent.ti^d .• ,me wi. t> Hied la Ihe office of tbe Clerk of the Clrcu t C..ur' Portage county, at Plover, on ihe i iti 14* .,r v^r' 1S59. Q. A IJ L' 9TA KWKATHKR. .w6» PUInt 1TN Atlnr-.ey.. I I oiBnii on Contract OIHCC1T COURT, i tt Oonoty f Aiel B. Hull and Beniy D Hall, Plant.1T» agajnst Anthony Artora, Cunlsa 0. Qardlner and Sylvanus Lyon, Defend'ts. / The SUte «f Wisconsin, to Ihe abore imnie.l I,In, ants and each of tnem. Y OD are hereby Summoned and required to an»w the complaint In this action, union hu i«-n ill, In tbe office of the Cleric of the Circuit Court, C..UM or Mllwaakee, at the Court House in the City ,l MI waukee, and to »err a copy of your arswer t-i the m complaint on the luhfcrlben, ai their o.iice m Ludm ton 1 * Block, la the Olty of Milwaukee, witlun twen days after the •errlcQ of this summoaa .10 you, excli lire of the d»y of such terrlce; and If you fall to S.DSW the laid complaint within th« lime aforea .id, the pla i tlfft la thti action will take jujlgmtnt ngninat you fu the lam of eight hundred and thirty-fly* dollars u aetenty-on* cent*, with Interat from the fourteen! A» of December, ISiT, beildei the coata of thia actui ikied May U, 1S5». BrjTI.ll, BUTTRIOE * COTTR1LL, m»yl"-ltw<» Plaintiff's Attorneys. «.!» sll|.'|tl J r •-. s v I I ST4TK O9 W13CONHIN. | Ol?<-u!t Court, VlilWaulc.-t. County |* rhumu: *hlenli, , •iiiainst J"hn JentiinifH and . Ji'H.'ph Jar*i..y . I N virtu.. ,f and ; ,ur.i,j:,t . , ; , , .,„ .... «-\ld .t.iurt in Ui.- il...vH ^,,i i ,. , t'^ nert-^aitry -,, i- lia ,. . !lr ,,,,,„.,- lrf«t , : I .,.,1,. . ....-I ... , .. INlr.l -I,. , •] , ,«' 1. , .... , Hi-TLKa ill. -T«.. N « r r T , ' ' • Ml I 1C I » I > S l i | <t' V t<>'. :».':,:..*,. , . r -i| • . ., • M , , ,. . „ >!,. H lei ll , I r.. u ; •... • J *''' *ni ii nlji > i h • ,' '. .1 .1 ,« i ..i j i .N ' • 1 1 i I ! .' •* ! \ I I > ">\t;>M\i H I 01.. i'l <,'hi. **l ti 'H.TK K in-i .h >i . iiHu, *H n .t (• >n -t 'ti.- * - i.r H a.1. r 1 1? r *(!•! 'h -it.ti .it 1 ;,. , • »« nu , h. r -i..;ht •» , -, . , v .,. 1,17 ), north >( r 'niijc \.. -ir . -i , fust haif i» f (he vnn fi v.-^t ,,i i-ltfht p), tl L..WIlHlll>i -lHUIlt^T ..... ., mnn« NJ. -.i-v,»n v l 1 i .-.'Hi \.. -. I t»eiu« ntuaidl n ihe C'-'iiit* n M .. Wlsconam '* \a.-.rili(ilN Om.-«, \|ilw»u«.-. U.r • July 11, I P 05W *a TMf PI v -J K 1 N ". .~ A. 'eco a A AIU N t ^ Ti) N Xifc^_. ^1't-ijji^i^-^B *^2*

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