Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
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Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 9
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25, KHI DAILY GAZBTTK News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties PMNIETSTOWN »ra!d Reiley Tells of lei* Tiktn Prisoners During Wir Maneuvers Stgrml Corpora! Gerald Reiley. tented at Camp Forrest. Trnn . *ho llhavinf a I? 1 <i» v furlough. l* trending a ?ew day* in Prophet*town with hi* brothel*. James ana Bernard Relley. Before coming nere. k h€ spent a few day* m the ho:r- " sister, Mrs Ronald M'.lifr '«! Bfcst Moline. He will return Jo Camp on Bunda?. Oenld is in the first headquarters battery. ItJrd field artillery, and has •H at Camp ForreM since March TW* la hU first visit here since ^Jmeniber. Itfl. He said he gained teene valuable experience in the recent army maneuvers. Gerald and nrt o* hi* section were 'captured •ad teken "prisoners' in the war uwuven about a half mile bnc* the "enemy" line*, and were tak- i about 2 l -i miles back of the lines •Bd placed In the "bull-pen." They were atptured by the 145th infantry from Oklahoma, which took the serial numbers of the trucks and men. There were about 2,000 "prisoner* f war" in the group, the chow line about one mile long. The " were then taken to ____ , La., then moved 125 to a- eoncentratlon camp at Charlee, La. They were registered there ana re divided into separate cot of about 100 men in each com- I. Blanketa were ia*u*d to those _ j not have any. but the** who no meat kit*, had to eat the way they could. The food at the tton camp WM good, but they did not get enough _ |£'The water come from streernt •Hi weJb and wet purified, but dur- k meal Oerald found a unall In hie oup of coffee. kept H hours at the • bath*. allowed uee of the ahow- releaMd from the camp 4 o'clock one morning and to Alexandria, La., where a e*ehange wat held, Gert waa called the Reds and exchanged lor the Blues. ire returned to their own and were instructed as to they would find their own , which they located at Fort ! Of the oldest- army out- of the Mississippi. jikta army Ufe and en- Joyed the maneuvers. He said you fat wit of army life just what you Mt into it. If you go there with ttae JfttHttUNi of not liking it. it it going to be tough, but if you take tthtaga M they come.with a smile «W gab ewne valuable ex- Mrs. Gcorgt Mtrrill Wait Humt Hostess were 31 member* pretent at of the Wett Hume club afternoon at the home of IBM. Begin Merrill of PronheU- Bftm. Mn. Lyle Brooke wat in of the garnet and priies were Mr*. Nathan Hand and Mn Awreaot. Mrs, Mary Berge •Btf Mm Oeorge Baker wereguetU Iridge and Luncheon M. A. Btowell had hlghtcore Meettag of the bridge cjuh afternoon at the home of Ayleaworth of Proph- Mn. Ajrlaeworth rntertain- at a 1 o'clock luncheon at a local l MBt*urant, followed By cards at five i at htr home. Quests Included Ufa. B. J. BuUer. Mrs. A. S. Green MM. M A, tHowtH. Mrs. Ed Rodee L O. Campbell. Church Night Supper i ware 7* present at the ttlfht meeting Thursday eve- at UM Prophcutown Congrt- ml church. A picnic supper aorfwJ •! •:«• Ogden Pnnrin of the program and were played by a ejuartot. composed o afatthewi. Bwnadine Moorr aad Ofdan Per Hoy 'pick receiv- the meeting Entertains Cord Club Ufa. AbreJB THomnaon won fya «J»b priM end Mn. Bo e* «B* grntt priae at ff Uie bridge club Friday afternoon z£ of Mr*. Charles Roetc C epnetetewn. There were three ef curd*. Mrs. Prank Beyle* *M* fjao e dub guest. Review looks ot Club A I e/ctoek luncheon preceded the {•"Of the Current Events club afternoon at the home of Or of. Prophetttown it topic* were diacu*s*< the book "The Green Light," by Deugleat. we* reviewed. Sister Is Injured O. A. Merrill of Prophets to Mineral to as«i> «itt«r. MH. P. O who we* injured recently automobile accident. Mrs toourred a fractured arm ether severe injuries. ; Furchosers Form PBirtet Ie*Jer. residing south of has contracted to a MO acre farm, near III., in the \icinity of Peyton* to move there on rch Night Meeting •iftbt Meeting Thursday IB* eVopneUtowT) M'-ih- jaWifc,. A ptotic Htpiief JBt BUBtlnj 'Sweetheart' of Camp Grant Miss Louis* Oelnes. ». blue eyed brunette of Lexington, Ky.. at Camp Grant with Private Paul Dalley. 33. who entered her picture in contest in which soldiers of the Illinois post elected her "Sweetheart of Camp Onnt" over 300 other entrants. Prophetstown Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Jake Housenga entertained at a dinner Wednetday evening. Ralph Wierenga, who it home on a furlough from Camp Forrest. Tcnn.. and his parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wicrenga. Mrs. B. M. Frary went to Rochester. Minn.. Saturday to be with Mr. Frary, who 1* recovering from a recent operation. Mr. Frary is getting a4ong-ntc«ly-4md-e*pect*-t» return home next week. Dr. I. Vandenriyde and Dr. J. W. Medley attended a medical meeting in Mollne. Thursday. Jack Shearer of Mollne. who i* home on a furlough from Camp Pormt. Tenn.. viaited PropheUtown relatives Friday. Mrs. Florence Sholet went to Rock Island Thursday to visit the rest of the week at the home of her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. M, E. Hailing. Her daughter, Mrs. Claude Richardson, and Mrt. Louis Lawrence took her to Rock Island, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Slmester of Steamboat Rock. Iowa, arrived Saturday for a visit of a with thelr parent*. Rev. and Mn. A. H Simester and Mrs. 'Mabel Woodworth,, , : • They stopped Saturday'at Mt. Vernon, Iowa, for the homecoming at Cornell college. Rev. and Mrs, Simetter and Mn. Woodworth also attended tha homecoming Saturday at the college. The high school at Steamboat Rock will dote week to permit the boys to with com picking. for a attitt Winners of Exhibits In Women's Division At Carroll Institute Winners in exhibit* displayed at the first day of the Carroll county farm Institute.held this morning in Uncholn school, Savanna are a* follows: Women's division: Canned fruit* end vegetables, Mn. Laurence Miller. Mn. Loyal Hanr and Mn. Loyal Seidenberg; Jelly. Mn. Ed Kelm and Mrs. Ralph Fllckinger; dark candy Mrs. Wayne Whisler. Miss Arlene Dauphin and Mrs.'Willard Welch: white candy, Mrs. Whisler and Mn. Hal Ashby; original centerpiece, Mrs. Ashby. Mrs. Miller and Mrs, Olenn Law; plain aprons, Miat Arlene Dauphin, and Mitt 'Louis* Moyeri tea apron*. Mr*. Vttm_AU-- brey; feed tack garment*; Mn. Eu- Fred Engelking, dress; and Mn. Mae Back, apron; bedspread, lira. Clarence Doty, Mn. Edward Oebourie, and Mn. Aubrey. Forty women entend displays in Oenii i U Parts in Senior Class Play Are Well Portrayed In Friday's Production The senior class of the Milledgeville high school presented their class play, "The Nut Perm." Priday night to an audience which filled the main assembly hall and the gallery. The play was spoken of highly by the audience as they left the building The casting for the production, selected after tryouts by Miss Harrie Beattle, the director, left little if an> room for Improvement. Th* cast o: ten all played their parts with ac tion and enunciation which ap proached that of more experienced acton and actressea. The heavy parts of the parts in thi play were carried by Bob Rann K Willie Barton and Ruth Acker, play inc the part of Mrs. Barton. Willie 1 ! mother. Supporting in strong, wel played roles, were Palth Coleman, in the part of Helen Bent, daughter o Mrt. Barton, and wife of Robert Bent, played by Clarence Lubbs. who carried another hard part. Leonard Hummel, cast as J. Clarence. Biddle ford, a movie director, did some verj clever acting in his part, as die Keith Coats, cast as Ezra Sliscomb a farmer, who sure-could "nay." Others in the cast who played th more minor parts with fine ability were Janet Hawkins, a* Agath Bliacotnb, Ezra's daughter home from seminary, Lynn Sandell who played the part of Hamilton Holland, self-styled and shrewd movie pro ducer. and Bob Brown, who was cast a* Harold Van Horton. autho of a great play to be produced fo the tcreen. Verna H»de waa cas a* Hilda, a maid. Assisting Miss Beattle in the directing of the pl» was Miss Ruth JoHriston, membe of the class. Syn«f)si» ef Play The synopsis of the play it as fol lows: The Barton family, consisting of Willie, a most ambitious young chap who yearns to be a film-comedy di rector, hit married sifter, Helen whose husband has 130,000 and wh is ambitious to beconvj a movie star and their mother, the patient though frequently sorely tried third mcmbe of the group, carry on moat of the plot and action of th* comedy. Hel en's husband, who has told a grocer) store in Newark, N. J., with the in boy't—pl»yj«it.-Mnr tention ot^bnytnf aTiutrtarorinCali the institute and they judged by Mrs. George Meyers, Danven, HI., of the state extension service of the University of Illinois. Judging in the men's division was not complete. Ernest Rose, soil conservation agronomist from Mt. Carroll, is in charge of judging in this division. Forty-three men entered displays in the open entries class and twelve entered in the 4-H division. Church Services Main Street United Brethren. Rev. E. C. Owen, pettor. Bundey aehoel, 10 a. m: morning wonhip. 11 a. m ; Christian Endeavor, T;M p. ».; midweek prayer service Wedneadey, T:M p. » The following program for W. M. A. day will be given during the morning worship atrvtoe: ~ Hymn, congregation; thesne, "My Faith Looks Up to Thee;" toto. Mr*. Wayne Shank; Scripture. Lucille Maxwfll; prayer, Mr*. Charles Mill-* er; nespoosite hymn arrvke. double quartet: playlet, "Pfeceente.tion of Ottering." four exiulU and W chil- aJbtut M present at -oren; girl*' ejuartet; artkk, 'lant Paitc Grand." Mr*. AJvte Wtakey; ladks' quartet r ertiictr. "A Loving Faith, Mrt. Lawrenee OVUM; fomia, i* more or lea* the motor of the plot, for it it hit I90.000 tha enable* Helen to get a chance to be a star. Poor Hubby Robert! By the tun • slick film producer, an' effeminate eeenario writer, a bored leading man hit own wife and his broiher-in law get through with that MO.OOO all Bob has left is a memory an not a happy one. Fortunately WiUie aave* Uie day and the money by a cute little bit ol movie magic an everything ends happily. The play wat in three acts, a com edy drawa. Before the opening cur tain Verna Heide sang several popu lar numbers, accompanied by Helen J. Alien. She appeared between acU two and three and we* given fin* •ppiaute from the audience. Evelyn Onagey. another member of the senior class, made a hit with the au dienee with her reading. The read ing required some clever unpenona tion, and Evelyn carried this with th" amity yi f prof*Riitoiial. Th* Rpviile. Included in the Pr * j4 rv c. E. St'J.irt and Mr*. ohn Frank. o* Mt. Carroll: Mr*. ;, R. Wov. Mrs O"-*r D*e-h!er, Mr*. ( , n p. R H,- yr r < w ,y c^ieM. M*" 1 V .1. \VT,-. M: T . Ha:--' 1 Zusr.'<-h*.rr': 5 A:-, ::-.' L-:"r Nfr.v K, W. fieri- tf. >•-!: = A'.'rvrr* HaMmftn. Mr? C. Dm!. Mr? L. A Frank. Mr*. Ar- -'tfe C!e:rent, Mr* Bc.v; Humbert rxl Mi.v Alire p**rtz of Crmd*r.:* nUMEWS Double H Club Family Party at Library £ Comprehensive Program Of Road Improvement in Ogle Approved by Board Th» members of the H. H. f'•.:'•> and famine.* enipved a backvard Inllowe'en ;>Brtr ; n thr ba.scm*"' of the Mary Fi*'..rrer library inM:'.- ,Bevilie r>n T-v;rsdsv even;r.£ Mnrlvn Kimrr^ and Carol Jf*:: st fhiiris co'-.T.e. Kermit Ssib»>r rernved the r>r:7* ;n the chl'.rt .< A rn»d construction prn<fr«m In Of> county hM besn approved bv •.r.e board of supervisor* who have •. c'.ed appropriation.' amounting toj $*« 700 for construction and 1m- FUNNY IUSINESS Trie program Includes conMnic- :or. of about 24 mile? of bituminous •jrface ronris and morp than MX of travel surface rmdn. The B«me ar-f^ Mr*. Ruwel V-» I following appropriation* were made rweived the pr'.w- in the adult Rue*- | for construction O f bituminous high- in(t sumr Mrs. Abe Heif. Mrs. R*v ^ svy . Mr?. Abe Reif. Mrs. R«v Meyers and Mrs. C T. Moon wpre n charge of the entertainment. After gamp,i snd Munt«. refrpsMmpnts were served by trie ioUovint committee: Mrs. Harold Kimmell, Mrs. Clint Boyd. Mr*. Roy Rile. Mr* John Freeman. Mm. Lawrence Post. MIAS Helen McKean and Mrs. John Fogel. About 40 were present. Gives Book Review Before Woman's Club Family nittht was observed by tht Wornarrs ... day evening when about 60 in num- jbrtckroad her rnjoyrd supper. The committre northerly in chnrjzp of the supper wan Mrs: E. S. Wagner. Mrs Dallas Wendell, The following appropriation* wpr« m»dt f6r the construction of roads with an earth grade with a stone or gravel surface: 19,000 for a road beginning at Hazelhtirxt in Eagle Point township and axtending north two and one-fourth miles: M.QQO for a road extending two miles north to State Rout* 64 from near the southeast comer of Lynnvllle $6.000 for a road beginning at the Pinw road smith of Stratford and extending northeasterly two miles to Pine Creek township, The sum of $18.000 for B road extending from the west rnd ol the in Pine Creek township between Rockvale and Mrs. R. F Puterbaugh and Mrs. Charlp.s Moon. After supper. Mrs. C. W. Noll, president, called the meeting to order which was opened by the pledge to the flag and on« verse of "fltar Spangled Banner." The speaker of the evening was Rev. James Uhlinger of Rock Falls who reviewed the book. "Keys of the Kingdom," by A. J. Oromin. Submit to Surgery _Heporia_from -Clement—Langehaug. superintendent of the Mil- ledgevUle schools, who underwent a major operation on Monday morning at St. Mary's hospital. Rochester, Minn., and from Rev. W, S. Feldwisch, pastor of the MiHedgevill* Methodist church who underwent a major operation on Tuesday morning are encouraging. Tractor Catches Fire The Milledgeville fire department was called to the M. H. Eubank* farm, west of Milledgeville about 9 o'clock- Friday morning to extinguish a tractor fire. The tractor was pulling a corn picker in the field near the Cubanks home. Considerable damage was done to the tractor. Milledgeville Briefs Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Milroy left on Wednesday to visit several weeks in the home of their son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zenner in Chicago. Mn. Karl J4ilroy, who has been caring for them returned to her horn* Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weatherwax. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weatherwax and Harold Weatherwax of Sterling were guests Wednesday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weatherwax. Marlon townships to State Route 73 at Byron bridge; $12,000 for a road extending five miles west from Flagg Center to Woods corner: $11.000 for a road beginning at the village of Creston and extending threa miles north in Dement township. The sum of $4.000 for a road extending two and one-fourth miles weat from Forreston; $6.000 lor a road on Winnebaoo-Ogle county line, beginning at the west end of the "I think we'd better go home, Gertrude—1 just heard the trainer tell him to knock the other fellow 1 *! followed by games and ttunU pertaining to the season. The ]«&&> came in costumf. Polo F. F. A. Boys Back From Kansas City Three Polo F. F. A. boyi. James Stauffar. Richard Adams and Lyle Deuth. have returned from Kansas City. Mo., where they attended tho annual F. F. A. convention ttiU week. The boys were awarded the trip as the result of having won first place Entertain Ladies at Dessert and Bridge Mrs. Rlley Temple and Mrs. Kenneth Whitney of Chadwick entertained a group of friends at a dessert bridge party Thursday afternoon in the home of the former. Mrs. George Dambrnan, jr., and Mrs. Ben Stadei were given the prises in Uie games. Quests were: Mrs. Eugene Murray of Thomson; Mrs. John Frank of Mt. Carroll; Mrs. W. J. Quest. Mrs. W. E. Bailey. Mrs. C. R. Woy. Mrs. L. A. Frank. Mrs. Har- ye Zui*chwerdt 1 _Jirs A heff. Mrs. Robert Isenberger, Mr*. Osear Daehler. Mrs. Ben Stadei. Mrs HTC.^lei Mr*. Albert Hartme*, Mrs. Ralph Perrii. Mrs. Oeorge Dambman. jr., Mrs, Letter Moritte, Mrs. Herbert Spealman. Mrs. Baas Humbert, Mrs. Annette Clamant and Mi» Alice Swart*. CkodwiciTBritfs Mrs. Violet Heimbaugh and ton Delmar of Dixon were guests on Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Sollenberger. Lonork Boy inters Internotionol Show reading was written by her mother Mrs. Alke Gnagey. Lila Wehger aeted- as -prompter sound effects were by Dick .Henna. in chaigt of property were Ethel Blythe. Gene Ut«Uler .and KenneUi Nye; Lucille Holleweil was in charge of cottumes. Arnold Rife handled tkkeU and programs: anakt-up, Helen Smith, Lois Landts and Evelyn Bkrman; publkity, uciUe Bardeli and Wanda Smith: u*t»«rt BuUn Fletcher. Agnes Jane*. Helen Heffel- flngtr. Margaret. Moo/e and VaWa Foseett. •ridge Hostess Mra B RunneU enuruirjed friendc Friday afternoon at a dettert party *t 4»er bam* ia Mil Loren Mtrtz. 13 year old Lanark boy, will be among exhibitors in the mi-Iutenmtional livertoek expos^ it ion. Chicago November 2f to Dec. 6. He has listed two Aberdeen Angus beeves of hit own raiting for the exposition 1 * junior livestock feeding contest. Loren's entries both were high ranking winners in the Carroll county 4-H snow and in the Clinton quad-county show la*t cummer. Mort Carroll Huskers Enter Corn Contest Two more wen- Robert fiebier of ThOMton end Everett Bturcevattt of the Oar- roll have eawred couaty asm present blacktop road near Middle in the itate F. F. A. grain judging Creek church and extending west for > contest. The boys did not compete in " ' 'the naUonal contest. Will in Probote Tht will of Barah Jane Bchreffler of Polo, who died September at at Dodge City. Kansas, has been admitted to probate by Judge Philip Nye In Ogle county court. Real estate U valued at 111,000 and personal estate at 11,000, according to the Inventory. Bridge Hostesses Mrs Bdgar Jfolby and Mn. Alice Sweat were hottettea to tht W. R. C. bridge club at the cofpt hall on Wednetday evening. Polo Briefs Dr. and Mre, A. J. Loeppert and their granddaughter Reealle Bergman of Chicago, spent Thurdtay at the home of the former'i ton. Rev. T. A. Loeppert and family. Mist Gertrude Loeppert. who had been visiting in her brother'* home for two and one-fourth miles: U,000_for a~road beginning at the Wlnnebago- Ogie county line near the northwest comer •of Monroe township and extending south three and one-half mile* on Klshwaukee road to State Route 73. The sum of $500 was appropriated by the board from its motor fuel tax allotment for the maintenance of a blacktop road north of Forreston. Board members alto appropriated $200 for the repairing of a bridge in Brookville township. The township ill pay the other half of the total repairing cost, which it 1400. 'A county defense r council wat organized by the board of supervisors. Named to the council were A. E. Hawn,.chairman of tha board. J. M. Weeks, W. 8. Banford, Jess H. Smith. J. Ambrose Long «nd D. J. Hoffman. Husking it Ogle County Contest Tofcy Is Hide Difficult by Lite Rilns A beautiful tun greeted hutkert and spectators alike today at the H. C. Shrader farm, three and one half milet northeast of Folo, for the start of the Ogle county corn husking contest. The rains of recent dayt made the husking difficult and tha fitld hard to get in and it it expected, for that reason, that no records will be broken. The husking began at twelve noon, and consumed an interval of eighty the supper and was very well P«- troiyrrd. The affair brought ia a nice sum for the treasury. Bridge Hostess Mrs Robert Parker was hoitm to her bridge club Thursday evening, two tables playing. High score priw was won by Mis* Marjorw Bfoer and consolation by Mls« Joan Rosa. Refreshments were served. Walnut Briefs Mrs. Glenn Miller, who has been visiting her mother. Mrs. Helena Huteman and her sisters. Mrs. Emma Andrews, andjvlrs. Tea^BoherTler, ln"Walhun«ft for her home' irTgari FrancUco, Calif., on Wednetday evening. Mrs. A. F. Burrest of peoria and her daughter Mrs. Leslie Hanson of Rock Island spent Thursday in Walnut visiting friends. the conteetanU who will have husk ed the greatest weight of com. after deductions are made for can left in the field, at three times their weight and for husks left on the com at a percentage of the total weight of the load for each ounce of husks, above five ounces. Tha winner in tht county contett is eligible to represent, the county in the state contett providing hit score is high enough compered with other county winners. Committees for the contest were: Gleaners, John D. Coffman in charge: Dan Btrite, Bob Joiner. Harold Mem. Austin Bthahler, Harold Stauffer, Robert Btaufler, Max Stuff Clarence SUurler, Bob Wolf, BUI Typer. Paul Write. Laverne Binkley, Deuth. Carl Ooffeaan and Walter Shcmidt. Tractors and wagont, H. J. Donaldson, Lloyd Knipple, Paul Sweet, Jacob Jecklln, Max Shrader.. Clerks. Robert Kantedt, Ralph Port*, John Stuff. To weigh gleanings and trucks, Clarence Farts, Oavtn Cross. Herbert Hayes, Fred Jecklln. Wilbur Orounickle. To weight loads, Uoyd Knipnfe. Harold Staufftr. Judges. Farm Bureau directors. Parking, Albert Cathnan and others he may choote. Prizes. H. C. fihrader. Arch M. Hamilton. Howard Webster. Score board; Clare Bradford. Ideal ClulTofpolo Holds Forty Friday An evening of fun we* enjoyed by the member* of the Ideal club. of Polo *ad their huibead* OB Friday evening at a Hallowe'en party sponsored by the program committee of the club and held In a space of the Hi-Way garage building which had been decorated to suit the occasion. A 6:» o'clock scramble dinner was scheduled for Monday at the O. M. Bloyer farm,, five miles southeast of Lanark: The addition of these two will make * field of 1Q, The siart will be at neofi. Lonork Britfs Garner Sowle ol Oreendaie, Wu , U ak> uncle ai^ auct, Mr and Mrs. Matt a*raar. Mrs. Undine Tet«er eotert*4ne4 her card club Tburt4ay atUrnoou TUree ublet of "NT wtra «Bjoy«4. ten days accompanied home. the group Mrs Clint Brinkwell visited Freeport friends Friday. Allen Montgomery and infant son David, of Rockford. are visiting in the home of the former's mother, Mrs! ttsie DUainger. Miss Avis Trump and Richard, Bentley motored to Mt Vernon, la., on Friday to home-coming attend the of Cornell annual college, which is beinc held over this weekend. Both ar« former atudenU of Cornell.- Mrs. Roy Beck and on Thursday. WALNUT NEWS Margaret Wi E-tAt Members of Hamilton Club Mett in Walnut Mrs Bud LeuritMU tod Mn. Russell Brandenburg were hostesses to the members of the Hamilton club Thursday afternoon at the Laurttaen home in Walnut with 21 viewben and lour Mjrji Hans, LjuriU sen, Mrs. Ueyd Chrttten&en, Mrs Harold Hedgeapeth, and Mn. Lynn Parker of, Hanaon preacnt. Mrs Lauritaen, the president, wat in charge ef the Meeting, which opened with the aong, "Memories." and •U on » doctor Jnpnd •who th* i*fn» oompany as he durmt, he Bpanish-Amerirxn war. They d Tin .Tuar.a. Mexico. »nd drovn lower C*H{omi» throujh the 'ranee. !»mon. fraptfruit. fig, fufivn, >om p :trnnate and date groves. At Tapi.-.'ratio they \Uit*d the Sin ! iirin Miwion and its beautiful gsr- En mute home they drove across h*> Arifonft de«en in th* ruin. In 'rw Mrxfco they vutted the Curls- ad Caverns arrd in this vicinity north to Roswell there was a greAt of d«m»ge by floods and some xayi h*d been washed out. thiouRh Tex«< they visited Fl PR«O thru on to Oklahoma where hey *»w the Will Rojeri muisum it Clnirmore. At 8t. Louis they aw 2SOO soldiers being transferred o Fort Sheridan from maneuvers n Louisiana Throuph New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma they M»W many fields of otton with the be*t in Text*. Some oetlltle* of cotton could not be Hcked. because of the heavy rains. They were accompanied a part of he way home, by a navy pilot who expected to be flying bombers from New York to Iceland soon. Tha »rty covered a distance of about 1000 miles on the trip. While remaining In Lot Angeles Mrs. Shank visited many of the same sights seen by the others In the party. She spent one day in 1/ong Beach with Mn. A. T. Olatt* bum, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Glassburn, Mrs. Jenny Cooley and Mm. Amy Prettl* all former Tampico residents. She visited the OHf- fith observatory, will Rogers ranch. the Bernheimer Oriental Oardtnt n Southern California, and aU places of general interett. Legion and Auxiliary Hold Hallowe'en Forty Members of the Tampico Legion end auxiliary held a Hallowe'en pnrty Thursday evening in the Legion hall which had been decorated for the occasion with orange and black streamers and Jack o' lantern*. Various Hallowe'en gamec fur* niahed the evening's diversion after which.Mndwichet, pumpkin pjegwi- coffee were served. There we* e> large attendance. The decorating and entertainment committee WM composed of Mr. and Mr*. X. J. Kolb. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Varney and Mr. and Mr*. P. J. Heeren. The business aettion wa* flttnented for the evening. Red Cross Speoker Party of Five Enjoys Vication Trip to Miny Interesting Pieces Mrs. Amanda Shank. Mrs. Eunice Frank and W. A. Kam of Tampico Mrs. Kate O'Neil of Deer Grove and Mrs. Anna Stern of Morrison enjoyed an interesting vacation trip to California during which they vitited the many placet of Interett in the west, Mrt. Stern had the mlt- fortune to fall and break her hip while in Los Angeles and wet confined in the Hollywood hospital for four weeks during which time htr sister, Mn. Shank, remained with her. The othert of tht party returned home without them, and the two ladies returned this last week The group left Tampico on Sept I. going first to Boys Town near Mr*. Ralph | Omaha. Neb., where one of the boyt Town and the grounds. From there they went to the Bad Lands and the Black Hills and at the latter place enjoyed seeing Mt. Rushmore where the heads of four presidents are carved in the mountain. At Mitchell fl. P.. they saw the world's only com nels.ce.. At Salt Lake City Utah, visited the Salt Lake, sal mines, and the Mormon tabernacle gardens and museum. They inquired for Dr. R. H. Wilson, former Tarn plco resident at Ogden, Utah, bu found thct he was no longer there At Yellowstone park they enjoyed seeing Old Faithful and the many other geysers and hot springs, also the animals and numerous beauty spots of the perk There were five inches of snow when they entend the__park. In centra! Washington they visited the Grand Coulee dam They stopped in Wena tehee end Mt Vernon, and drove to Whidby Is land which they toured * and then ferried to Seattle where they took sightseeing trips to the docks and closed wita the aong. 'Cathedral in i taw the shine passing through the the Pines," Roll call .wet answered I lock* Prom Seattle to Tacoma they by each one telling of a motion picture which we* a favorite. During the social hour five' tablet of fifty were in play with guest pcieet going to Mrs. Lloyd Chrittea- sen and Mrs. Harold HedgetpeUt and cJub priate to Mr*. Mary Lovegreen and Mr*. Leo Poley. Lunch wa* served. Form Home Club Meets Wit* Mrs. Fred Jensen Farm Howe dub aueahm Thursday afternoon at the •wi of Mrs. Fred Jensen la Frincetoo with Mn. Hsie Kern, Mn. Harvey Horn* teek e*d Mn. BUeer afeCel! a» e*- aiatent hoaliiaer Mrs, Tracy Ore- bill was in charge of the butineu meetinf and "My Worn Fright - was the roll call topic. The club elected Mrc Keith Buitey and Mn. Letter Sctiulu as delegates to the Bureau county farmers institute to he held at Tiskilaca. Geaoec during a aocial hour were directed by Mrs. W, F. Black. Mrs Ray Buider and Mn. Letter Schulu. A deauxuuation was wade by Mrs. JoJtsn Abrabua. Reirtehiaeott were served. Fell Church Supper A fall fupper WAS served to DM people Thundftv evejUni »t (he Walnut durittiea church fcy the Woman's auxiliary of the'«^urch A 4a wtttl drove over the world's largest float ing bridge. etnjey • Ocean Drive In Tacoma the group vuited Mrs Dale Cox and Mrs. Carl Paul, niece* of Mrs. Shank, and at Fort Lewis, they called on George Cain, young eat son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Cain of Tampico. Enroute to Portland Ore., they stopped at Mt. Rainta park but the day was rainy and fog gy and visibility was bad. Contlnu ing from Portland to San Francisco they enjoyed the beautiful ocean drive through the giant redwoods They crossed the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco to Lf» Angeles At Lot Aufclet they heard Aimee McPherson speak at services in the tabernacle. It was at the tabernacle that Mrs. Stern fell and fractured her hip. Mrs. Shank then wen to visit a nephew, Guy Ivitu. The remainder of the party visited Mr and Mn. Leo Nokes for two days and in company with them went 01 sightseeing trips which included a visit to the largest lion farm in the world, the Spanish missions, Rose Bowl, Hollywood. Forest Lawn ceme tery, the Old Mexican open marke on Olevera street and the large* food market in the world. Going on to Pomona the party visited Mn Frank Baldwin and from there went to Long Beach and enjoyed riding in the glees-bottom boat to CataUna Island aod the out trip around the itiand. From Long Beach they drove to Sen Dief aa4 Ibuaofe Lake where Mr. Earn O. A. Packler of Sterling, ffl superintendent of Union aohooU, was a guest in the Tampleo grade- •chool Thuraday afternoon §ad •poke to the faculty and ttudent* concerning Red Croat work and various article* the ttudecU could make. ^_ " 23 Attend Convention Twenty-three members ef tht Tampico Royal Neighbor oaap attended the county convention held in Sterling Thuraday. Tampfco't delegation was in number. the second Special Program by Mission Bond Sunday Night at Calvary Members of the Mission bend of be in charge of the servicee evening. The committee in charge of the program are Basden. Mrs. Milton Mrs. Roland Oerber. end Miss Mamie Hoefler. The pianist of the evening will be Marvel Wolf. The program will open with tone* by the congregation and Mite Mamie Hoefler will leed in prayer. The elementary department will tint two numbers and those giving reel* tations will be Kenneth JohaeOD. Joyce Oerber, Janet, Lois and Dtro- thy Vandermoon, Beatrice Mlnaeart. Jimmy Basden. Richard JOBBMO. Juanlta Combs. Janice Hamilton tntf Robert Stockton. Two playlets will be preetBMd. one the consisting of 13 children other of seven girl*. Juftutt* Combs and Jimmy will a duet; -Donald JCrufer, Quentbn Wolf. Edward Seyller. Lowel Oer- ber and Frankie Seyller will have p»rts in exercises. There^ will be e. solo by Shirley Poison and numbers by the Seyller quartet. The program will close with remarks and prayer by Willard Wolf. Philotheo Hostess On Thursdoy Evening Adam Bsackert to 30 Members of the Philathee cl«u of Hooppole at her home Thunday evening. Seven visitors Mn. Ore. Paxson of Richland, la., Mn. Harriet Warren of Chicago, Mrs. Fl*4 Sandrock and Mn. Harvey rock of Thomas. Mn. Ueyd Hee/ton, Neva Jean Newton, and Mn. T. J. Bprague. were alee present. During the business, meeting it w cided that the clast would thank offerinc plates for November. Luncheon was served by the heel eat. assisted by Mf* Eilenoxe MUtor e** Mrs. Jessie Greenwood. Former Resident Dies Word has been received of the death of Mrs. George Urban el Mission. Texas. Mrs. Urban btlere tut marriage/ was Rebecca Ringei. Bne passed away October ». at the bee* pital after an iUneat of one week. She and her, hu*bend were former Hooppole resident*. They moved to Teuu irom thi* toeomunlty ap< proximatly Id yeere ago. Stationed at Ft. Sill Lester Renaer. ton of Mr. And Mrs. Guy Rentier, who WM inducted into arwy »*nk« thU month U 0«V itatiooed at Fen Bill, Okia,

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