The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 18, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
Page 2
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two THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MR, FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1939. DICKINSON IS MAKING DRIVE A fed Crusading Michigan Governor Aims Blow At Gambling And Vice .LAKSIKG, Mich., Aug. 18.—Governor Lurorx D. Dickinson, 80-year- old crusader against vice, whiskey drinking, etc., has launched a. drive Against gambling in Michigan. He ordered virtually the entire State police force of several hundred officers to seek evidence of gambling violations, arrest operators of illegal gambling devices and confiscate the equipment. Dickinson's action followed a threat by the Michigan Liquor Control commission to revive its "flying squadron" if necessary to pre-> vent gambling or operation'of slot machines on premises of licensed liquor sellers. Murl H. DeFoe, liquor commission member, charged recently that slot machine operators had become active in an attempt to "besmirch" Governor Dickinson's state administration. .. Gambling has been a recurring problem in Michigan since last January when charges .were made that "wide open" gambling was resumed shor'tly after Democratic Frank Murphy, now Attorney General of the United States, left office as governor. The late Frank D. Fitzgerald, Republican who succeeded Murphy as governor, answered the charges by ordering the State police into action, much In the same manner as Dickinson also a Republican, acted today. In addition Thomas Read, State Attorney General, served notice he would prefer charges against any local enforcement official who failed to enforce the laws against gambling. Several large establishments, notably those in the Detroit metropolitan area, closed their doors. Fitzgerald died in March and Dickinson, then lieutenant governor, succeeded him. May Revoke Licenses DeFoe, who expressed belief worry over the gambling situation hastened the death of Fitzgerald, announced this week he would vote to revoke immediately the licens'e of any beer or liquor dealer in whose place of business a slot machine was found. Published reports yesterday stated that slot machines were installed in many Michigan resorts re cently after representations by dis tributors that the State administration, was giving resort operators a chance "to make some money out of the tourists before the resort season closes." The only gambling recognized as legal by Michigan statutes Is pari- mutuel betting. Editor Of Paper Expires At Home Ross K. Gilbert, 59, editor of the Chambersburg Public Opinion, died at his county home in the Graef- fenburg Hills section on Thursday morning after a short illness. Death was due to pneumonia. He also suffered a heart ailment. Early this week he sustained a heart attack and was unconscious since that time. He was the last of his family. Sneezing Sniffling I Put Just "2-drops" In (each nostril for quick relict from Summer head cold discomforts. PENETR<K*° 0s ,f & .z^y&z^ggk „,»,-._ ^Jfc**«. ** J —. 1 i-".*W."' -• f •/ •"•*- f^» • -l-LTrVm. -'_ RESORT FOR NAZIWORKER S-On Rue«n island in the Baltic, apartment to house several thousand holidaying Nazi workers is beinc built. It is a "Strenrth Through Joy" resort. Father Chained Her, Girl Sayi Dr. Evaul To Speak Sunday Will Give Addrest At Weekly Park Vesper Services. Claiming her father kept her chained, at home, Alice Wisowaty, 14, brought about' the arrest of her parent, Peter Wisowaty, 50. Wisowaty told the police the reason be shackled the girl was because she remained away from home too late at night. How To Win $30,000 OCTCCTIVC DIVISION I It CUl A ft NO. 11 AUGUST S. 1*3* John D. Myers & Co. SPECIAL LOT 3 and 4 Piece $1 9.50 SUITS L ^ Year Round Weight Remodeling Sale Now in Progress! — Th« Original — Miller's Furniture Store SI South rotonmc Street For the Entire Family R & G DEPT. STORE Removal Sale Now Going On at ZACKS' BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— THEBEST| POLICE DEPARTMENT CITY OF NEW YORK CLASSIFICATIO $25,000 REWARD DEAD OR ALIVE DESCRIPTION — A«c, « ye«r»; white: Jewish: hei«ht. 5 feet. 5!i incites; wei*ht. 170 pound*: build, medium; bliek hiir; jrown eyct: complexion dirk; mum'ed, one son H»rold.»*c «bout 18 yc»r». REGULARITIES— Eye*, picrcinc «nd shifting; no«e. hrge. somewhat blunt «t nostrils; c«r*. prominent ind close to licud; mouth. Umc. ili*ht dimple left side; r!(lht-handcd ; suffering from kidney »ilmem. Frequent! b«*cb»ll i«mev. U wc-'lliy; h«» conncciion* with ill important mobs in ihe t.'nitcd bu'ic*. Involved in nckdccrin* ,n Union* .nd I'ur In- duitry. "»« Slron«-mrm methods. Influential. Thi» Dcpirtment holds indictment w.rrant ch.rfrnt Conspiracy .nd 1=\jortion. iMU«J by the Supreme Court. b*tr.ord,n.ry Spec,.! .nd Tri.l Tcrmi. New York County. Kindly je.rch your Prison Records .* thi* m.n m.y b« icrvint • Prison sentence for some minor oftentc. H loc»tcd »rreM .nd hold »i • furtive .nd .dviie the THE DETECTIVE DIVISION. POLICE DEPARTMENT. NEW YORK- CITY, by wire. Inlorm.lion m.y be cornrounicmlcd in Pcr.oO Or by Telephone or Tclc«r.nh Collect to the undcr»i«ned. or m.y be lorw.rJ«d dlrecf M the DETECTIVE DIVISION. POLICE DEPARTMENT. NEW YORK CITY. LEWIS J. VALENTINE, Police Commissioner TELEPHONE: SPrin* 7-3100. SPrin* 7-2722. SPrinf 7-1M6 or CAn.l 6-2000 The ' Young People's Christian Federation of Washington county will present another in their 1939 series of vesper services on Sunday evening, August 20 at 6:30 o'clock at the Band Shell in the City Park. Rev. Harry Evaul, who is well known in and around Hagerstown, will be the guest speaker of the evening. Rev. Dr. Evaul who at present is affiliated with the St. Paul's Methodist church, Hagerstown, is the district superintendent of the Frederick district of all the Methodist churches. Dr. Evaul, due to his church affiliation, is quite interested in the active growth of the different organizations of the church which includes an active young people's organization;' which in turn means an active church In the future. Dr. Evaul will make his first appearance on the federation vesper programs, with an interesting and timely message on the theme "Who Is Thy Neighbor" as built around the biblical story of the "Good Samaritan." The young people's department of St. John's Lutheran church will be in charge of the program and conduct the devotions. Mr. Walter McLain, president of the young people's group will preside and give the call to worship. He will be assisted by Miss Betty Auxt who will read the Scripture lesson, and the Rev. Stonesifer, assistant pastor of St. John's church, will offer prayer. The young people's federation chorus will be present and lead the congregational singing. Special music for this service will include a girls' trio from St. John's Lutheran church, composed of Misses Betty, Katberine and Dorothy Auxt. It is a special privilege to present a special musical number by the male quartet of Kitzmiller, Md., of which the federation music director, Raymond Long, was a member. The officers, advisors and committeemen of the Young People's Christian Federation of Washington County invite the people of Hagerstown and vicinity to attend the remaining vesper services of the series. Much time and effort have been spent by all in charge to make this a series of outstanding services, keeping them strictly interdenominational, with an outstanding cooperative group from the different churches of the city and county. The last service of this group will be held on August 27. In case of rain in the late atefrnoon no service will be held. NO DECISION IS REACHED American Federation Executive Committee Split Over Actors. Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 18 (Friday) (#>}—Split over what to do about the dispute among actors' unions, the American Federation, of Labor's executive council recessed early today without reaching a decision. William Green, AFL president, said the council had "nearly completed" a statement of its position, and this would be 'communicated tomorrow to officials of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America, the "4-A" which is the parent organization of a dozen actors' unions. The 4-A, Green said, had asked for "an interpretation of the executive council's recent decision as to what authority a • supervisory committee would have" over the American Federation of Actors. The 4-A had expelled this group, but the AFL council proposed the AAAA take it back and a supervisory committee direct its affairs until an election of officers could be held in 90 days. Ralph Whitehead of New York is executive secretary of the AFA. The 4-A has served notice it will not take back the AFA if he is to retain his job. Green declined to say what effect the AFL's statement would have OB Whitehead's status, but did say, in answer to a question, "Whitehead and Sophie Tucker (AFA) president) are not pleased." It's Nice To Be Cured By A Mirale, ButCuredCripple Worries AboutCash BACKGROUND On July 13 the New York papers reported that Mrt. Anthony Geraci bathed her crippled foot in water running through the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdei in the Bronx. Thereafter, the papers said, Mrs. Geraci could walk without crutches. "It's a miracle," she said. So we asked Joan Durham to find out what di"erence a miracle makes. Sought In Slaying By JOAN DURHAM AP Feature Service Writer NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (jp)—There was plenty of vino and biscotti on the dining-room table the night we called on the Geracis iip in the Bronx. There should have been an S. R. 0. sign on the dining-room, too. For the room was jammed, with Geracis, Geraci neighbors and Geraci relatives from as far away as Long Island and Brooklyn to bring their bottles of wine and hear the story of the "miracle" first-hand. . In the midst of them all sat Mrs. Geraci, the "miracle woman." Across the table from her was her husband, a thin little man with grav^e • eyes and a rather nervous, but resigned manner. Mrs. Geraci looked tired. It was lovely to be able to walk on both f ee t—but a woman with a husband and three children had so many, many things to worry about. And so many people had asked her about the "miracle." She Demonstrates Yes, she had been unable to do more than hobble about for 14 years. Yes, she'd been to hospital after hospital—all without apparent success. Somebody had diagnosed the case as hysteria. Somebody had given her steel braces. Now she demonstrated that she was permanently "healed" by walking out into the kitchen, then back into the dining room. The photographer got ready to take a pictxire. The oldest daughter—a thin, 17-year-old girl with great big dark eyes, ran into" the next room to get a big glass block. It contained a lot of pennies, dimes and quarters. I asked about it. "We've got a collection," she-explained. "We've got one fiye-dollar bill, too."' The wife of the prosperous tailor- cousin from Brooklyn leaned over and whispered, "I gave it to her. They need it so bad." Always Takin' Pictures The photographer began grouping the family around a kitchen chair. • * " "Everybody takin' pictures. Al- ^ ways takin' pictures," Mrs. Geraci said with a touch of despair. "And nobody bringin' home any bacon." She laughed a little at her last remark, then sat down. There was an awkward " pause during which she glanced .around-a little shamefacedly at the relatives and sympathetic neighbors who had gathered in the four-room, over-the- garage apartment. Twenty-year-old Peter Shewchuk is sought for questioning in connection with the murder of Wanda Dworecki, 18, of Camclen, N. J. He once was a boarder at the Dworecki home. Police emphasized Shewchuk was not accused of the crime. Accused Grandson Of Stage Star Is Arrested NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (/P).—The playboy grandson of Lillian Russell, famed stage star of the Gay Nineties and sweetheart of the fabulous "Diamond Jim" Brady, was arrested last night on a homicide charge in the fatal scalding of a friend. Police Lieut. George Andrews said James Hazzard, 32, son of Dorothy Russell Calvit, was held in the death of Thomas Martinez, of Miami, Fla. Andrews said the men had been drinking and went to Hazzard's apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens. Martinez fell asleep on a sofa and was burned when the couch caught fire from a cigaret. Hazzard placed Martinez in a bathtub and turned on the hot water, Andrews asserted. SEVERAL HURT IN AUTO CRASH Several persons were slightly injured early last night in the collision of two automobiles on the Williamsport-St. James road. Enoch Newlin, 30, Williamsport, told Deputy Leister Isanogle he swerved to avoid striking a pedestrian and in so doing his automobile sideswiped another car operated by Howard R. Dick, 17, Boonsboro, Route 1, The cars were considerably damaged. Dick sustained a shoulder injury and a little girl in the Newlin car was cut about the head. ROOSEVELT TO TRY HIS LUCK ABOARD U. S. S. Lang, Aug. IS (yp)—President Roosevelt, steaming through fog-ridden waters aboard the Naval Cruiser Tuscaloosa, arrived at Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, Thursday, completing a, 225-mile run from Sydney, Nova Scotia. The President planned to fish tim- til dark and most of tomorrow, weather permitting. Tonight's anchorage was the farthest north Mr. Roosevelt has been since he became President. He has sailed, more than 1,200 miles since leaving New York last Saturday. FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO. 30 E. Baltimore St. Ph. 2460 For Perspiration, Body Odor, Food Odor, Try RU-CO 25c Rudy's Rexa " Pharmacy Hotel Hamilton Corner Pictured, is a copy of one of thousands of posters Issued by the New York police and distributed throughout the country in hunt for Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, labor racketeer and Public Enemy No. 1. Federal reward of $5,000 boosts the amount to $30,000 for capture of Lepke, dead or alive. (C.P.) Victims Of Crash Flee Thru Window Two men were injured last night when an automobile in which they were riding collided with a truck operated by William Unger at Wilson, alone; the national pike about five miles west of Hagerstown. The injured were rushed to the Washington County Hospital but. fled through a window ad join ins the accident emergency room he- fore obtaining treatment. Both had cuts about the hood, hospital attendants said. The accident victims wpt> rushed to the hospital by Robert Mo- Gill, a passerby. Upon arriving; at the institution hospital attend ants said, the two men asked permission to go to a bathroom and crawled through a window. Then: were blood marks on the window rage upon orders of Sheriff Joseph D Baker. Damage Caused By Alabama Floods SELMA. Ala., Aug. S (/P).—Alabama flood crests moved toward the Gulf of Mexir-o last night, adding new refugees to an est.imat.ed 2,000 already forced from homes in Selma and nearby rural communities. Meanwhile, upstate Prattville victim of a record but receding flood, took precautions against dis- In that city a train wrecked. One life and thousands of dollars in property were lost. Dr. 0. Newton, Autagua county health officer, warned Prattvillp citizens against, possibilities of typhoid after a main supplying the town's water system burst. The Hagerstown Band concert last night was an enjoyable climax to a sweltering day for those folks who came to the City Park, as the music lovers who • attend these concerts find in addition to the splendid music, a cool and refreshing breeze sweeping in from the natural lake. The green lawn, the lovely box hedge and the flowers make the trip to the park well worth any effort it takes to get there. The overture was Midnight Sun, its first performance with the city band. The Desert Song, a favorite with the audience was received enthusiastically. Another concert will be given by the band Sunday, August 20, at S P. M. Thursday of next week will he the last mid-week concert, and on Sunday, August 27, the hand will end its series of summer concerts with one of the hest concerts of the season. A man (above) hooked as Walter C. Clark, 23, of Fairficld, Conn., was quoted by Police Chief Arthur Bennett as having admitted sending extortion notes demanding $30,000 to the father of Peter Levine, New Rochellc, N. Y., lad who was kidnaped and slain. Police said Clark had nothing to do with the actual kidnaping or slaying. NEGRO DROWNED OXFORD, Md., Aug. IS (/P),—Rudolph Cumer. 10, negro, slipped from an inner tube and drowned in the Trod Avon river here a few yards from a swimming class too engrossed in lite-saving instruction to notice his plight. His body was sighted a few minutes later but artifical respiration failed. Commission Sent Widow Of Officer Portsmouth, N. II., Aug. IS (JP).— A crisp, new commission as Junior Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy, which never will be used, was received here by the widow of Ensign Joseph H. Patterson, one of the 26 who died when the submarine Squalus sank on May 23. The document was signed by the Acting Secretary of the Navy Charles L. Edison, as of June 4, the date on which Patterson's Annapolis class came up for promotion. Mrs. Patterson is the daughter of Captain Halford R. Greenlee, manager of the Portsmouth Navy Yard. The manufacture of phonograph j records !s a substantial business in j Germany .approximately 10,000,000 | records being sold there last year. , Unger, who resides at Wilson. David Livingston", foremost escaped Injury but his truck was ; African explorer, died at Lake Ban- j considerably damaged. The auto j guealo 1R73 while trying to discover j mobile was lowed to a nearby ga> I the source of the Nile. I At a tim-> in the 1870's when the Labrador duck was near extinction, they were hein*, marketed for a fftxv cents. ""'<* kin of a single specimen now is reported to have a market. vaV.te of $8,0<W — and nons are avn :T able, Insist On Tri-Maid Product* Quality Guaranteed, Sold Exclusively By Triangle Food Store* SEARS IMPROVED HERCULES STOKft COMPLETE and INSTALLED with ALL NECESSARY CONTROLS! guaranteed &4 f"/\QR 10 Years! 53 Yrs. Experience No Dirt Du»* or Ashes! • Entirely Automatic • Fire Pilot Control • Large Hopper "Sold on iL-£i Desired" SEARS.ROEBUCK ND CO. Hagerstown Maryland INSTALL NOW! Start Paying Oct. 1st.

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