Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 14, 1975 · Page 16
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 16

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1975
Page 16
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Page 16 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Monday, July 14, 1975 PEANUTS BLONDIE WELL, WHY DO YOU THINJK I LEFT HOME? THIS IS TME TELEPWONE COMPANY. VOU HAVEN'T PAID YOUR BILL, SO WE'PE TAKING TVJE'PWONE BACK, DONALD DUCK SMITH FAMILY IH SQb\£<SUr/ COOLP 4,000 BEETLE BAILEY PON'T SIT IN FRONT OF LOCKER NO, BUT 5OME OF \\\<=> LIN/MHNT hie SPILLED SNUFFY SMITH HE JEST TOOK TH 1 VOUN'G-UNS OFF FISHIW'PER THREE BEE-VOO-TEE-FUL DflVS BODACIOUS FISHIN' TRIP!! WHAT DID SWUFFV GIUE WE FER MORE BIRFDAV, LOWEEZV ? BUZ SAWYER HEY/ DONT PAS? our ON ME, HOWIE! WAIT; SIR! COME* BACK/ THERE'S A FORM TO BE FIUFD our. UP, ALMOST TC HOSPITAL A GUY OUTtHERE WHO'S BEEN HURT/ THE PHANTOM SENERAL REPUSEP TO PA"! A CENT. THREATENED? TO SHOOT IT'5 MORK-, ON HIS /MISSION /AT IVORY- LANA . MORK HERE. -» I LET ME TALK TO 5KUL. NO., NO ONE FOLLOWED V ME. WHAT NOW S FUNKY WINKERBEAN ODHKi DARUMG HEREWITH ATVPICAL LITTLE LEAGUE COACH .WINS A LOOK AT HOW LITTLE LEAGUE HA& CHAMGEDI I'LL BET THE^ CAN'T FW l/ERV FAR I FIRST OF ALL,COACH.WHAT'S <rOUR OPINION! ON ALUW\IWU(V\ BATS WHATS V A , HOt-£ 66? WHAT WILL. VOU o WITH THE IDPUTlTIM 3y Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Judge's bench 5 Amazon estuary B Flatfish 12 Samoan seaport 13 Acrid 14 Dutch city 15 Alabama's state flower 17 Word with charcoal or sand 18 Italian noble house 19 Ham it up 21 Hurls 24 Burden 25 Worn grooves 86 Rich source 30 Philippine Negrito 31 Cuttlefish secretion 32 Sesame 33 The corn crowfoot 35 Lady Chaplin 36 Garlands 37 Garment with , strings 38 Napery 40 Kind of mint 42 American humorist 43 Clifford Odets' play 48 The law thing 49 Large.lake 50 Alleviate 51 Dutch cupboard 52 Male sheep Avg. solution 53 Stains DOWN 1 Sack 2 GI's address 3 Nothing 4 Younger sons 5 Gasp 6 Israeli port 7 Spanish river 8 Things to be added 9 An electro- plater 10 Entrance 11 — noire 16 Letter time: 27 min. Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 20 Silent 21 Steep, rugged rock 22 Self: comb, form 23 Silence 24 Fetid 26 Letters 27 Poet's word 28 Spanish boy 29 Ardor 31 Lively, modern person 34 Scottish river 35 Unwrapped 37 Time of life 38 Bird 39 Mental concept 40 Slender 41 Fruit drinks 44 Money of account 45 The laurel tree 46 Chemical suffix 47 Positive answer 15 21 33 38 SI 22 39 23 16 31 52 27 40 41 19 20 35 50 S3 45 10 28 29 47 CRYPTOQUIP 7-t'H NUG YMEEN UGH YOIG OVWHGEEM M WOVWGHNUTTI Saturday's Cryptoquip — FRESH HERBS AND GARDEN VEGETABLES ARE VALUABLE FOR OUR TABLE. (© 1975 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: W equals B Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Even \i you take pride in being self- reliant you must sometimes allow others to do things for you. This Week we'll concentrate on plays that force an opponent to help you. South dealer Neither side vulnerable NORTH 4 1032 V 06 0 K865 4> Q642 WEST EAST 4 None 4 J 9 6 C> JI0984 • Q? 7532 OJ9732 OA104 * K87 * A 109 SOUTH 4 AKQ8754 C> AK O Q * J53 South West North East 1 4 Pass I NT. Pass 44 All Pass Opening lead — V J You take the king of hearts and lead the ace of trumps. West discards a small diamond, and the first cloud appears in the sky. You can set up dummy's king of diamonds, but you can't get to dummy to discard on it. If you try to lead everything out of your own hand you will lose a diamond and three clubs. The solution to your problem is to cash the ace of hearts and then lead, the queen of diamonds. v Favorable Return Somebody has to take the ace of diamonds. If a club comes back, you lose only two club tricks. If a diamond comes back, you win in dummy, discarding a club from your hand. If a heart comes back, you ruff in dummy, discarding a club. If East happens to hold the ace of diamonds, he can return a trump, but you win in dummy with the ten of spades, after which you will discard a club on the king of diamonds. The principle is to throw an opponent into the lead at a time when any return will be favorable. In this case you must cash the ace of hearts before giving up the diamond trick; for other-' wise East would get out safely by returning a heart. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with one heart, and the next player passes. You hold: S- None; H- J 10 9 8 4; D- J 9 7 3 2; C- K 8 7. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid four hearts. This shows strong,trump support, good distribution (void or singleton on the side), and not more than 9 points in high cards. A, POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE written by Alfred Sheinwold is available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents .to The Freeport Journal-Standard, P.O. Box 1111, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053.) Los Angeles Times Warmer Weather Brings Nixon Out For Stroll On Beach SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (UPI) Sunny skies and warm Southern California temperatures brought former President Richard Nixon out for a weekend stroll on Red Beach. Nixon, barefoot and wearing long pants and a windbreaker with the presidential seal on it, strolled around the Camp Pendleton beach for about an hour accompanied by his wife, Pat, daughter Tricia and son-in-law Edward Cox. The former chief executive chatted with some beachgoers; shook hands, signed autographs and posed for pictures. FREEPORT ••••IMMM NOW * THURSDAY GENE HACKMAN FRENCH CONNECTION OPEN 7 P.M. • START 7:30 | French Connection II ......7:35 Box Office Open Till 8i30 Feature Repeated In Pert. Ann Landers Answers Your Question} Dear Ann Landers: I hope all those people who .think living together is as good as or better than getting married will read this letter - and think again. I am in such a trap and I don't know what to do. G. and I decided to were in love. He didn't want to get married again after two divorces (one was a real mess), and it was O.K. with me. That was seven years ago. Our five-year-old son starts school in the fall. His name is the same as mine. I will have to go to school with him and write on the registration blank, son of Miss A.L. and G.O. How will it look? Whenever I mention marriage, G. says, "I couldn't think more of you if you were my legal wife. Let's not spoil our beautiful relationship by getting married. I did that twice." He really 1 treats me royally, Ann, and he's. crazy about the boy. Tell me what to do. -NO-RING WOMAN Dear Woman: Give G. 10 days to make up his mind. Either you get a ring on your finger -and that piece of paper in your hand, or it's goodbye. And make it stick. If ne loves you and the boy as much as you say, he'll marry you. If not, it's better that you know it now. * * * .Dear Ann Landers: My brother tele : phoned me last night, quite upset. He said he had just received a note from the principal of his son's school saying Jerry, who is six years old and in the first grade, is known for picking on the other kids and makes a general nuisance of himself. The principal warned him that if Jerry hasn't settled down by the time school starts in the fall, he will be expelled. Is it possible to expel a first grader? How can Jerry be helped? -CONCERNED UNCLE Dear Uncle: A child whose anti-social behavior disrupts the classroom can be expelled no matter what the age. Obviously your nephew needs counseling and so do his parents. Children who cannot get along with others and misbehave constantly are troubled. They seek attention outside the home because there are so few rewards in the home. It would be helpful if you could establish a close relationship with Jerry so when he feels the need for help he • can holler "Uncle." * * '* Dear Ann Landers: I am very fond of a young man who needs psychiatric help. He has moods that are fright- Complete area television listings are carried in the "tv talk" supplement of the Saturday Sunrise edition of The Freeport Journal-Standard. Today's Highlights 7 p.m.- Channels 6, 7, 15, and 17- NBC Double Feature Night at the Movies. The first of two 90-mlnute dramas, "The Rangers," features James G. Richardson, Colby Chester and Jim B. Smith as National Park Service rangers who face many problems from romance to hungry bears. The second featuree, "A Matter of Wife and Death," stars Rod Taylor as a private investigator known as Shamus. ¥iie CONVERIIBU COMEDY STARRING SUSAN C. LLOYD with "our Professional New York Company L 1 1 1 L ••M i^BBB ^ 3 MILES W. OF MARENGO ON U.S. 20 PHONE: 815-5S8-7218 PRICES: Sal. $4. 50, Matinees $3. BO Wed, thru fit. & Sun. $4.00 CURTAIN TIMES: Sit. 7 & 10 Wed. thru Fii. 8:45 & Sun. 4:30 Tue.. Wed., & Thur. Matineei 2:00 P M Rtstiurint Opens it 11r30, Shops il 12:30 Starting August 12 'ROOM SERVICE' Tickets avoilable at Weise's, Freeport 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ening. Sometimes he becomes so depressed I'm afraid he might take his life. Other times he is euphoric beyond description. His temper is unpredictable. I never know before we meet whether he is going to be cheerful and affectionate, or glum and rejecting. I've begged him to seek professional help (he can well afford the best) but he refuses. What can I do? -PLENTY WORRIED Dear P.L.: Nothing. Unless a person recognizes the need and wants to avail himself of it, it's utterly hopeless. This goes for alcoholics, overeaters, chainsmokers - the whole kit and ka- boodle. Nobody changes anybody. People have to change themselves. And it's the hardest work there is. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I am a smoker. I have been a smoker since I was 16. I will always be a smoker. I tried to quit four years ago and gained 30 pounds. I decided I'd rather take my chances with lung cancer or emphysema than look like a blimp. The problem: My sister-in-law has the crazy notion that the smoke from my cigarette will be damaging to her health. Whenever I light up in her presence (which is often because our husbands like to spend time together) Irene makes some nasty remark about my nicotine habit. Unless I put out my cigarette she leaves the room. Please settle this question once and for all. It seems crazy to me that my cigarette can harm Irene's lungs. -HAPPY PUFFER Dear Puff: Irene's "notion" is not so crazy. Dr. Joseph B. Stocklen, president of the American Lung Assn., says there are four times as much carbon monoxide in side-stream smoke from the burning ennd of a cigarette than in mainstream smoke inhaled by the smoker. This is also true, according to Dr. Stocklen, of several other harmful constituents in cigarette'smoke, such as tars. He further says the increase in carbon monoxide levels found in the blood of non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke exceed federal safety standards. Additional evidence is provided by Dr. Jesse L. Steinfeld, the surgeon general who issued the 1972 report that led to the law that forced cigarette companies to print a warning on each pack sold. Dr. Steinfeld said, "Many rooms in which we work or hold conferences, and the autos in which we ride, have a very low rate of exchange of air - and in some instances none at all." So - Irene has a very good point. a PLITT THEATRE DOWNTOWN ' FREEPORT the \oynge OPEN 8 P.M. • START AT DUSK I DRIVE-IN THEATRE ROUTE 20 WEST LAST TWO NIGHTS "HJUUty Art Carney ACADEMY AWARD WINNER "Bett Actor" CO-HIT TONIGHT Cinderella Liberty \ st Horry A Tonto 2 n j TUESDAY-: Harry A Tonfo ) s t Cinderella Liberty 2nd

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