The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGI-: KfXE. CLUBS TO MEET Two-Day Program Will Be Held Herre in August. PLENTY ENTERTAINMENT Afternoon and Evening to Be Spent at Country Home of Senator Carey. Hadcl.uu;;h, V. G.; Jor.nlo Smith, wnr- (IIMI; Fern Hoborts, conductor; Ciert- nulo Uamel, chaplain; Eva Tultlu, I. S. G.; Veda Kay Strickland, O, H. (.).;, Helen Ma^nuson, H.'- A. II. and Clara llaRiiuson, I>. A. I), The membershlilp committee |3 madq tip ()E Mra. Eltilo Algen, Judith Titers, Henrietta Oallup, Elhi Forea and Mary Wrapo. Mrs. Lola flaniian reporter. RAILROADS MUST HEP TO PAY FOR HARD ROADS TALK OF A NEW SANTA FE STATION Rumors That Gano' Property Across the Tracks May be Taken by Railroad. T*lans have been announced that nil tho members of the calf, pig untl .poultry clubs In Reno county will hold 11 two day program In l -hitoliliiBon on August 14 and 16, which will ctosn with a county livestock judging con- teat at which tjio team to represent •this county at the State Fair'will be cnusen. The club ufeinhern •will meet at the Farm Bureau office burn on the morning of Aujjuse 14 and each one •will bring lunch for the noon day meal. They will be taken to livestock farm:) near Muuhlnuon at wfflch demonstrations! will bo held toshow the boyu and girls how to prepare their calves, pigs or cocks and hens for exhibition. To Senator Carey's Home. The -Chamber of Commerce will Provide entertainment for the lioya and Elrls after 4 o'clock In the evening. They will be taken to Willow llrook, senator Carey's country home where games and contests will furnish the principal part of -tho-enter- ta'innunit. Then tihey will be the Kuests of Kmorson Carey for the evening luncheon. The elifbs members will he piests over night at the homos of members of the Hutchinson Cham- bed of commerce. The morning of the second day will be spent in attending livestock Judging demonstrations which will :bc given by experts from the Kunsas Stat.e Agricultural College, Then in the afternoon the boys and girls will compote in the county judicium con- testiest and those who stand highest in tiie contest will represent Renn county in the state Judging contest at the Stutc Fair. „ To Be Given Luncheon*. The noon meal on August 15 v.' ill <bo furnished by the. '-Meridian Cream- cry. I lie Kelly .Mills, anil the Winchester l'Hckliif; Co. It will be served on one of the farms wkert* the judging work la being done. V. S. Crippon, county agent, filutfts that this will be one of the hlnqest boys and clrls club events which ivill bo held in tin.' county this year. The p'an was worked out to stimulate interest. In livestock judging, iw that this county will have a hotter chance of wiiiuliii? at the State Fair which would online 1he team to go to the national content -which is hold at Chicago at the Annual Hoys and Uidls Chili Congress in December. SEATED NEW OFFICERS. Topeka, Kan., July. 7. —Railroads in Kansas are subject to taxation to help pay for special improvements which would benefit property ns a whole and must pay a small, but pro- ^deration the matter of the purchase per share of tho cost of highway lm-! uf th » George E. Gano property, op Word received from Topeka and Amarlllo, Tex., is to tht effect that the Santa Fe railroad "may erect a new passenger station In Hutchinson before another year. Tho general manager's office at Amurillo has been diavlnR undor con- provemenU, tho state Bupreino court ruled today, in deciding a suit brought hy the Uuion raclftc afjainst the Jefferson county board of commissioners. In improving tho Golden Belt highway the commissioners assessed the property almtts the highway along most of the distance through Jefferson county, noting nn the theory thnt the i-ailroail would receive the least lienefitf. Tho Union Pacific claimed that, improvement of the highway was « detriment in that it would take away traffic. • Both the Jefferson county district court and the supremo court, -however, held that tho railroad must stand a^re-asonable. shRre of tho highway improvement costs. RAILROAD NOTES potato the Santa Fo passenger sta- lion, either for tho erection of a new station and-for the purpose of moving Rome of the tracks- to give more room where the present slat km Is located. Still Has Property. Mr. Gano announced today that bo railroad" aT "'a "Tmv "rate, TltbouTh 'itsi had not sold the property to' the San-, ta Fo 'but that he wanted to sell It to the company If It would be used for .make things look better there. The news from Topeka. is to the effect that general officers are Batting facts In regard to this piece of property, In the expectation of purchasing it and, if this Is done, starling work within a year on a new station. Superintendent Ogg of th-e Santa: Fe l» hero from Dodgo City today but couid not be seen this afternoon. He haa been busy in regular duties here today and it Is belioved his visit also has something to do with the pro- iposeil new site for the station. . A Good Location. The present site of the Santa Vc passenger station is a good one for the needs of tho company. It is also -believed that across the tracks on the site of the old Gano elevator property would be. a good place. The property there Is wedge-shaped, being 114 feet deep on the east end, along Poplar street, and 35 feet deep ml the west end, at Walnut street, externum? -for a full 4»eck oast and west along Third avenue and tvedge-shnpod along the Ruin F e tracks. It Is a very val- OL' SvVIMMIN' HOLE SANS BATHING CLOTHES Rebekah Lodfle Has Installation Meeting Last Night. The new officers of the Koboktih lodi ;e were Installed last evening at the meeting of the ludg<j members. The Installing officers being Mrs. Hannah KYIeaen, Mrs. Dora Cline, Mrs. Esther Sullivan. .Mrs. Bertha I "The Fountain of IJvtng Water.' Mead.., Mrs. Frances fcranklln, Mrs. !'7:W>. Y. P."8. C^-B. 8.00 ,-eTening ser Elsie AIscxi Mrs. Rosa Rutherford and rice, sermon, "Salvation." 11:30, Sun- Mrs. Elizabeth Cline. - day school. Harold P. Post, the as- Thi> new officers are Viola Yost, • Distant pastor, will have charge of tho P. S. N\ G.; Effie Lentz, N. 0.; Jono two services on Hun-day. .1. K. FStewart, Santa Fe stprekeoper at Newton, was here today on busi- uesa. J. A. Gilllefl, Santa .Fe assistant superintendent, van here yesterday from Dodgo City. C. II. Bristol, Simla Fo assistant general manager from La Junta was here yesterday on business. He was accompanied by O. J. Ogg, division superintendent from Dodge City, ami K. P. Dudley, division tiainmuster. M. K. Way, Santa Fe agent imd his'unblo piece of property and Mr. U-ano wife left yesterday in their car for, has not considered rebuilding the ole- Mullitiville to visit their son Arinondu j vator -burned there a few mouths ago. Way over Sunday, . W. V. Wilson, a representative of tiie Santa Fe intovclunige department at Topeka, was here today on business. Miss illnbel Huntsman, stenographer at the HanLa Fe division freight of- fic& will leave Monday for California to spend her vacation. She will bo relieved by Miss Nell Tludall. FOR ONE YEAR. Two Kansas City Attorneys are Disbarred From Practice That Long. Topeka, Kan., July 7.- The supreme cjuirl. today confirmed the disbarment suspension for one your of Lee Judy and Karl (lil-bcnt. Kansas City, Kan., attorneys. i The pemilly WHS recommended hy Z. C. Minikin of Halina, who was appointed by thy court to hear evidence in the case. The at- lorneys were charged with violation of eQiioa lu their method of bringing, damage suits and collection. of foes, Tho charges originally were riled by tho utatc board of law exaiolners. at the end of the afternoon haa to enle.rtaln the remainder of the commission at dinner. Chet I.ymun la ltav. lug a 'bountiful" lunch iirepared. SERVANTS CHLOROFORMED AND ROBBED WAD OF LIRE TROUBLE OVER SOME LAND DOWN IN MEXICO (Hy, The Associated Tress) Home! July 7.—Prince Carlo Oiustlnlani Bandlnt and tola wife, Princess Maria, were chloroformed during last night by two servants In their palace who stole JewelB -and money valued nt two million lire. The servitors escaped from the palace with their booty and havo jjrrt. yet been found. . GIRLS GET THEIR TURN AT THE CAMP The camping trips of the boya of the First Methodist church ends this evening and the girls' timo starts -on Mond«y mornlrigT At this time 40 girls will gather with their blankets, plates, cups and knives, forks and spoons. DIED AT HOSPITAL. Hamlin, Kas., War Veteran Has Been Here Short Time Only. Joe Kantcm, of Hamlin, Kans., died at noon tSday in a local hospital. No funeral arrangements have been made as yet. Mr. Kanton was drawing compensation from the government owing to disability received during the World War, and was entered here four days ugo. He i» eurvived by Ins wife. First Presbyterian Church 11 :00 morning service, Topeka. Kan., July 7.—Tho call of the "0" swimming hole" prevailed toduy '.iver any Interest tuo monthly dceisiom day in the state supreme court and legal affairs in I he lower courts might hold for lf.O Tupoka lawyers. Virtually uho enlire local bar association -today left the city early for the lawyer'ft annual picnic, at Col. A. M. Harvey's summer camp oh tho AVakarusa River, 12 miles southeast of town. One 'of the ntl *M of the day pr.imulgatetl by Col. Hervey in that swimming is to be "s:ins bathing lops." A i>lriilc dinner at 1:30 p. in., fishing, n horse shoe pil*-hiu£ contest, ball games and •other event* also nvn on the day's progrann THEY'RE GOING FISHING. City Dads Will Have Big Stories to Tell Monday Night. The city commissioners, will anu sermon. 1 themselves with rod and reel and leave In Commiasionor Lyman's car Monday afternoon for l^iugdon where they will spend the afternoon to tvy and catch tho elusive fishOH .said down that way In plenly, inlssloiier who has ihe smallest siring g : Goodwin Funeral Tomorrow. TJte funeral of J^errollyn Goodwin, who died Thursday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Prod R-'bertson, south of tho -elly, will be held tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock from tho Robertson home, burial In the Elmer cemetery. Rev. W. II Stevens of tho South Hutchinson Met .hf5dl .st church will officiate. SPEEDING AUTO— MAN INJURED. Ponca City, Okla., July 7.—A speed lag motor cur driven by Dewey Donaldson, Osage Indian, collided with a •hrlrtgii railing near liarticsville, last, night with such force . that a stee beam of the bridge pierced the en gine 'blook, severed the driver's left leg. passed entirely through the automobile body nod emerged from a truck fastened on the rear of tho macliiiKi, according to informAtien given at a garage here where, the machine was brought today. Donaldson was pvoba.lily tatally injured, it was said at a It^rtlesville hospital to which be was taken. Seven orher occupants of the wrecked automobile miraculously escaped serious injury. HUTCHINSON IN LEAD. William O. Jenkins, American Down There, Still Sticks Up For Rights. "-Mexico City, July 7.. —Despite the Injunction which William O. Jankins, American consular agent at Pueblo obtained against tho action of the state agrarian commission in ordering pari of his agricultural properties divided among the residents of the village of San -Miguel, the legal department of the ministry of agriculture, says Mxcelsior, has decided that the expropriation is equitable and that the injunction should he dissolved. .Jenkins whoso kidnapping in the spring of 1915 brought about strained relations between the United States ami Mexico, has announced his intention of appealing to the highest court In order to obtain his fights against what he declares to be a misapplication of the agrarian laws, says the newspaper. The advices add that the InJunctlcn has not been dissolved and that Jenkins still retains the lauds in question. MILADY MAKES CHOICE OF GOWN FOR VACATION TRIP Score 4 to 2 at the End of the Fifth Inning. ^jTuiohiiiBon led in the first Rume 1 this aflornorm with MuskoK^ by the scoro of 4 to 2. Tho visitors hid on In the Hr»t inning whh two scores ami the Bcore rcnuiinHd. 2 to 1} until in the fourth inning whon the local nin« , xjiled up three scores. Tho Ilintchin- to be j 6( > n ti>u.m also came tmek in the fifth. 1'ho co»n-, inninp and inside another score. The batturk's of the first gitme this attcriioon were: Smith and Forrest. for Muakogec, and Henry and Wells lov HuU'hluHon. H. K'ilhuni of the Ruckel EnKi"- «(;riiiE Co. went to Coldwater yoster- day on bustnuas. P. J. 7lu<:M at the: Knckol Engin- enrtng Co. wfttit to (I TC :U Bend yoa- terduy on LniHlneHS-. •'Mrs. IJ. W. Lanumt. an dehtldvon hnva been aponding the week visiting ro];itlv <!3 at Turon. John T. M<»rrisseey, prftaidont of tho KaiiHua DftukorH Surety Co. tinm Topeku, waa hero today on business. .T. H, Martin, commoi.dal aupc-riri­ te nd en t of tho .Southwestern Hell Telephone Co. wan here yesterday on huriinosij. Thn Topeka firm nudliiiiR Mie county records ot Kico eonnty in neurly finished and expect to have ita report ready lor the Auuuut meeting of the Com mission er^. Mr. and MrR. W. F. Jtarnem of LyoiiH and Ui'-lr ilanshtt -T, Miss Edna Barney of Cftiic*at;o, are the weeK-e-urt KtiOKts of Mr. find MI*H. A. 10. Duvall of ICUivent'ii nvenu-> west. Mr. and MIR. Karl A. I'aine of CM- cat "ii,- 111, were dinner ^uer.ts Inst eye- nitis at thn home of Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Mardt as tie, '.W, Seventh aveuu« Mrs. W. A. Jouea, Mrs. William Miles and Mrs. Kd Klayton will entertain the members ot the Past Presidents elub of the W. II. C. At the liniin' v»t' thu former, Slf» Avenue 1\ u ; t. \\'etlnesday afternoon. Tom Salmans, of Lamed, had a paini'nl accident the other evening. In ittu-wptiujj to reniov*; the cap on his radiator to refill it, the <druu.u-tkm \\iis peer and the steam blew the cap off, then pent up steam blew all ever his Vui-e. He. is improving idowly, it was a painful burn. BRITON SUGGESTS HALIFAX BE USED AS STEAMER PORT Wl.e: ever one va::atiotis one [s almost r .uro to have occasion for at least or.e evening l-'own and Che chooB- lng of it is very important. It should b-o as uon-erushuble as possible and if it can bo made to look like a different gown by the addition or subtraction of Jewelry, headdress or trimming in tho shape of flowers or Hush, so much the moru useful la it, for unexpected occasions may arise when one gown must talyo tho plipe .of two. This ia true, too, ot -the woman of limited means who needs to make one gown do duty on tsevcral occasions and does not wish to be recognized by tho gown aha wears. To fill this need -women oft«n chooso a black gown. The one lu the center mljfhf Illustrate the point. It Is simply made of satin black moire. Tho only trimming shown is a bunch ot blue flowers at tho waint. Pearl earrings and necklace and pearl and sapphire bracelets are the Jewels worn. Substitute a buckle of oriental -design tthd hair ornament and Ibrnco- lebi to match and an entirely different impression la eronted. Those different effects are only limited by tho Ingenuity of the wearer. Tho two other frucks shown da not admit of Quite so much ot a motmuor- phoslK, but they aro charming in themselves. and might be worn with different dressing* ot tho hair and or-J floor. naments so as to make tor variety if worn min-i) than once In tho same crowd. , • . The ouo on the left Is made of bright colored laco combined with a brocaded material. Thu dtp "V" of tho blouse extends to the waistline and Is finished with a beautiful oriental looking buckle. A vest of tho brocaded material is lusertod into the "V". . , Tho queenly gown on the right Is fashioned ot iudustrucl ible chiffon vollo «tt very loosely. It is fastened over the shouldera with silver brocade straps, Is caught at the waist relieving tho straight appearance, and side imuels ot the coiio just -brush the Reur Admiral Sir Guj Gaunt. Rear Admiral Sir Ony Gaunt, form er naval attache at the British em bassy in Washington, has sugRosled in the House of Commons that ISritish liners substitute I-ljUiiux (or New York as thu American port of call Halifax being in Canada would ollinin ato present difficulties uver Hijuur supplies. Williams wlio will talk on. "Hull bio- son, an Industrial City." Frank tost will preside at the meeting. TO REPRESENT CITY AT YEOMAN MEETING Committee Will Present lititchin- »on'» Claim* for Children's Home. A delegation of Hutchinson biisi- uows men will Irave here § Monday tiiph-t for De* Moines, la. to present the claims of Hutobiii/witi to the national meotlnK of the Yeoman lodge for the location of tha pruponed ehli- dren's home the lodge will build the e.oiuiUK year. Those t?oluK from here are V. M. Wiley, hi K. YaKff>'. John HeeOhinp. E. C. Hackett, lilniersori Carey. Kd MeNrt^hteii, H. K. Moore and W. II. Miller. Sf 'at.tlo, Wash, is .".ending a bis^ del- eKntlon to Pes MoineH, la. with a moving pleture Kho\\' to »ho\v what sort of a proposition has to offer. It is conceded .the western city is oiit of the rare being off to one side. INTERESTING RHYME CONTEST/ One to Be Conducted by Shaffer's U Unique. Are you good at rhymes7'Wen here IH your chance to try your BKHI anil possibly win a nlee cash prize, ns four cash prizes will he awarded t<^ the people of Ilutehinson and vicinity who funiiHh the heat "last lino" for the fol- lowlnK rhyme.. When lookink for furniture flno. He sure to remember tUls line, At Shaffer's store You're bound to get more This contest la a tiniune on*, in that ever}one Is eligible, in faet t >aeh person will bo given three. ettuneoH to try hln or her skill and there are no HtrliiKR whatsoever to the offer, explained Fred Shutter today. W«> want a new alogan and from those i^iiM 'ied in thin eonlosti- one will be used »f our slogan. Kour eash pri/.es of ?Hft. JIT., $t2.r.fl and HQ will be given to (iu* four best. Every entrant will ros-civo Hoinethin«, vvhleh will however not he announced until tlu' elose <d tlw^ i -.on- test. All "last Hues" must-be wrillen on the offieiul i-hyine eards which may he secured now nt Uo 1 Shaffer Furniture store, "1 t<i 25 Soutli Main, or clipped from their ails. The roole-'U opened today anil eloses Saturday night, July 21. at 10:0b o'clock. Thin event ia the feature of Shuftev'» Annual July Clearancu Hale which open(!*d today. TOO TO CLAn^JfV For r"Ht, (iio Gi .-^uvt --t ^:t<\ mnrkot, KicHtlnn ji(1 >o ;i <tnu- iihriiiv. t"n -.;io BllW, 1R7SJ. Ktoua njul UntuOa;.^li 1 - It KvMl SAi.F l">;nInK room B6t, kit^lu:n arli< l 'hr ,n*» ?ZM\V. 18 T-ll Fi'H SAI-i: by cAvni ^r I-V.ur-ri^m houp>i, hii-jri- itKMiiH, Iw -ii livtM, H .^fai, HIIUL U mcnt down, $15 Month, 'i'tmm? U14*K. a* 7 -*t FOR HA 1st'. - - One rt'U row. riVt ^yi-Hrn itlil. J\int firiOi Fhfni'- 17K2. MIU- «ml nri"- tittlt «orih en I .iMUOne slrcot. W. Tururv. KLKfTRlC . Phone 4*>X, 1'AltTV iZi>\mt MM ,1.. in;::i«n or N,. HA Ki in '••^tinririiiii I 'lil.r,- Waj ' !<• K\i'orP«n. tlriv i' N *• us, ii 7 '. fi ell I { > F..rJ i butt-lint; IJKht tar. '-Hy "ii Hi fi 'tint f \j *»-\-- : n'\ - ri• • ,-in h* iti'-:>\ *-ak fleoCN, t l..Ml.l.. fgH- 't'wu lawn. piiTuy c<n,n!.\ tri 'iiirtiiU'i- tminriK una s. .Ni .i-tii L-luin. M V - tit er UM.i. innim f :u -i J-ia^t 'l fo,- furiiio-e. HIS ..... . . ^ , tlint chiflslrtLcl adji van n-*U RiiyLhln* yt.u have t<i acll, necui-f. anything yu\i wl»h To buy, gf'T v.-»u a I'oaHion or .sei.:Ur»! h*dp fu- Any Umu y^u are in noefl rf any of LhfL"i thhiKa. t-'&N nuitilx.>r 3, rla «Hir>'l department. Ti CiUAKANTJ-riilJ rttuillt typcwrH<T» «if all Klntzcl Typt'Uiiter JCxehiunji'. I'hnne TI 4-3Rt FOlt «K \r -T«'i *'«*t :li. 200 K;iKt Thin! intKf .rii, furiiL-Oiod hou9i'ki:«plni;, %h p-r WA.S'TKIi - ^ White K ir\ If, housfl work in ftnmll famli iK-rwrti, '£\>-i, n H UM. for r^ioral Apply in 4-7 K"U KJ-:XT- I'lieiur tp.Ml.] reoni modern CUHL wain* m rare? for Wil|ilr«in by tho clay ur Juuir I'Jioij,.- l.'.^AY. 11 ~.'zi FOK SATal:; Nearly new lo-HMier cntiiin-l ?:f»; OIU - goiUt en It roiimt doiinff UtlpJe', SK.fiO; one iniiUr^Sft all (><itt.)/ ( , j.; ono st-1. nf SUM.-I tiha Hprinyn, hi,-, ,.ak reclo-]K. fZ.Ui and ^li. nitf iktmiy c.-Uur ehe:-!|. f7.:>l|. Thin in all K"Mfl I'lotl t [ ;;r e 'I'I • U Ft ill IU:NT l.llirrty HMMI TlmmHen. \'>Alr - ri TYn:wniTl-:U iil.!,ons ;fer • tyjii-wi-Iti-! H K«.t!iy.«1-'Tvp. eli:iro;v, M Vv'c^t I-'lrwl, phut ^iiil puintttm. [•', M. it or 101 Went Sixth. pnu:i« Bgnw Tl 33 a it A Cool Meeting, The officer* of th<- lluwluow M«.i class or the First M<."tliodint Hundayl HC M OO I promise a eool nioefitm at the Y, M. t'. A. tomorrow at H:!'.d for tbo^e who attend. The Hieeliu.^ \v ; ll h(^ interesting enough, but the plae-o will be cool, lee water, fans, lots of ;*ou;h windows wide open, and plenty of ;-p;v'.'e -FvfH 'edlng the lesson, y\\yj Kft- ther ^InMurray will gH o a read Inn, entitileJ "Ibdeno Thamre." Any man lit the city is given un invitation to attend the meeting. W« eleii.ii, n\i:b ami «»rrul> IOKS U> /la all Iclnda rui tupati oitf. I'honv ao;i, f.o* BOMB IN THE MAIL. And a Man Wis Injured When He Opened It In Kansas City. KaiiHiia Oity, M<>., July 7.—John Roth, liotpl proprii.'lur here, was sevwuly hunieil on the IIIUIUH loiluy when he openml a iinrkiigo VWIMVIMI in Zion Lutheran Church. Ziein I.utliemn-, 15lnvi j nth nnil T,Vii«hiuKtoit strw't. lie v. A. .1. Hell, pastor. )T<>ly Cuiiuitutifoii will lit! ud- mliilsti'.i-cd f<ir the firflt llmu in thi> »«*• ehuri ;h nt th« rt-isuhi.r 11:1(6 ac.r- vices. fVinnon. "WhnM« ltii ;htiH >u.<n(>»» IH Ajiprovnil Befoi-o OIHI." .Snud.-iy, KPliool flcrvlreK ut il.110: P. A. Ianrn, I sup«rlmt!iHl*?nt.. Similn-y **vi'nliiK th..l. Luther LuiiKU*! will havi: a nionic' \ the mull and w-iili :h, jioliec said, uon-) Uinelicrin ;it thr cliur.-h nt 6 j>. in. At: InK in the t-liurt'li. Tin' tivjiic l<>:- ills- i 'HB!)inn, "What. Dot's fhriHllmi Iherluiod Meau?" This uji.-n to all. f,.\nN EXTliA Sl'KXlliNO MTNICI HY SKI.T.INI! 1'HK NHWs AKTKK t P. M KAi'lI fc-VKN -lwo. HA- .STAKT8 V..U. Al'il.V TO Mil. OHA<;0, NKWH ui-'i.-i.:!-:. ii' l'j-iiii Wester© SJal© Ol.U AM' NV'AV WlNlUlVCS fll.KAS»BU, i-.iKJH cint .spi:i,-iAi.-i'v No nu .li"y „U vv.ii-i: Is ni.t Si.llsf :u lory. rin.M-; .i.i. SIT; N'JUTIl MAi't.l-;. ill.'TClII.VSON. KH •ii r. ...i, as- tot taiiied a lire humh. Itoth was stiiiulini,' In the middle of tho hoti .l lobhy WIIPII h>. onpiu'd flii- imc .Uufic. liiKkli' it cnriUvoard t'.w !>.• fonnd a woodr.n ryljndt.i- with a ^Ti r.. ! w cnp. Koth cayc tilt- cup a ton- turns aiul a dotifenliiK lijcplosion which HIU.I fire uf:i-of>s the lobby, oceurred. > A slicker on the. jiaeluit'.u hen-.; the name of "J. W. i'*axsnu Company, -Viirth Delaware uv.-nue, l 'hilai .l .. 1, lplila, I'll." w i.-Il. Wal.itnn, chief of delectives. !i:ild fiiiil. I lie parkas" was iril.-nded t..j ::.:.•! rt a tin. and not ilonianod tu injun.' any.nie. \ THREE WERE INJURED. This Was When a Car, Overturned Traveling at Fast Speed. ,ieffer ,i .'m .City, Mo., July 7.- -Mr*. A." l aiul two children, of M .i- wata, 0::!a.. were painfully injur-il tiear W'iliiam.sburir, Mo., lant aiKht. ucrordin^ to iuroj-mallon reacliltii: here today. IAH Lie Hi>.wcll. 11. was Kerlously iniured and another dan^'n- ] ter huffereil sltKlit Hculp ivounds. Mrs* llo \\-ol!'. L -u.s-iai)ied .severe brnl .se.s anil abr:u : 'in:i on her 'body. , The UoweU'H if IK undei'iuood here, wri- tiHtviny from their lioine in No wata. U)-:)a., lu North Carolina. They had lefi Fulton, Mo., about 7 o'clock kui! nlj-'bl for Wliliaiusluirt:, If. mile--, distant, driving at a raiiid rale. A'. J they neared \Vilii:mi.sbur^ the driver lost I 'Diitrol of Hie ear, it left the road an. 1 , turned over Mvlrc. One son and another dun^hu-r or Mr?., ilowell were not injured. rniTTKKMtl .K I." "fiiOfui r l..'. 1>.T t'llll.Hl lull. it f t.Ml ini.i.^. Th.- M.-rUI.-n ...'ii-nin.-i S'eutli MJ.IU. ^ IXIR SAr.T .-i'-ci -e'' c'.nitin ln/.iy J'" ^. Wiu.l. U:. W.-.iilli Wulmic Tlt.-4t WeflilidliiiB^ An 'nKBmifflceiBaealfa The (jolilcu llule .' Slue nun. 1 :.<!»t llyl!.-.-.!! It you m-e.d JMStjru«*j*j et u^>'<! ^ P-:ia, cull inr and li-t m.' .-\pliiin t.i you; Klr'». tnriiU'li). liiiiouijilMlfj, liftblUiy, eump 'Misu- tton, hi-ld th ami .-o-cid-'iii, i i-o.jiiito UfO- ImiRllu'l', aiuS ti urliit Mmitir. 1 Ifi Suijlh Main. Phuiiv W2. j Tl *:Mtl R. R. Wreck In Berlin. (By The Assoc livl.-d l 1 rvii»> I^omlon, July 7,—Many per.sonBT^vre killed and 50 were veriou»ly injured in u train colliHon lu tlie center of Bo.-liu today, saya a Ctnitral News deiiptttch feom tho (Jernmu capilal. Says Bryan. .liini.-oln. Neb., July 7.---W. ,T. Bryan today denied that he hud in any way MUST MAKE 'ENV GOOD. Supreme Court So Decides About Farm Tractors Sold. Topeka. Kan., July 7.- •Cuniptuues selling !;irm tractorH Kuaranlecd to be well made siiid of good inalerlal uiuKt live up to their guarantees or purchasers may recover their money, the supremo court decided today In tin; case of M. <'. Viuiii'-mark v». the Knn- .nas Moulding 1'kr.v Company of Labette county. Vandemark Purchased a truclor front Ihe cnintmny but claim ed lie wan unubie to operate It be- caUHe of defect*. The supreme court's decision affirmed that of the Labette county district court. liledsed support for William G. Adoo. in the coming ea:np;il!.',ii. declared that preiM reiwrts to uffc-ct were erroneous. Mc- lle that AN INDUSTRIAL MEETING. Paso Paving Ordinance. The ordinance calling for the paving of Vincent street 'between Hhoruan and First streets was passed at the meeting of thu commission yesterday. This ia the pttHHUge way between the two streets iu tJio DUO block. to The Highest Interest Paid Considering The Safety! I here is no saier place tu put your money than iu a company tlmt supplies the daily necessities of life. This company supplies an every day necessity. It is ^rowiti"- and each dollar that s to the safety We pay you Local IndUEtries to Be Presented Chamber cf Commerce. At the m'-mbersiiip dinner on Wednesday .th<- iielie h ee- o Ilutcblnson j will be brouplit to the .'tiLemiun ol 1 the- uioml)^!•-•'.. On ilmt. .lay thel 'irst- presentations of Ih' 1 ni.ooifact.urers j exhibit will I..' shown. I It. S. limioun • vill !; ivi- a «h..rt talk ! | on ativcrtisinK Ilulehh.^on and the uf the day will be Jadgu C. M. j we spend on improvements add or security Of the stockholders. 7\% interest on your money. Why not invest: in some of our Preferred Stock? Several hundred other Hutchinson people have done so". Inquire at the office.. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. .Customer Ownership Department. United Water, flua & Electric Co. Kentlemen: rieaao send tna lufaraiatloij about your preferred utuckt. Kama City

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