The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 8, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1914
Page 4
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Wednesday Evening, July 8, 1914. Page Four 1 TELL LISTEN TO Rupert Neily in Recital at the J. M. U. clety of the Westminster Presbyterian church Tuesday night. "Drop the Handkerchief," "I Spy." and similar games were played. Children's costumes were worn by the men and women present. Each person was called upon for a recitation. Animal crackers and candy ice cream cones were served. The occasion was a most enjoyable one to all who attended. About forty or fifty.peo- ple were present. COFFIN MAKERS Rupert Nelly, director of the summer term at the Millikm conservatory, w i l l ; · ppear In a recital at 3:30 o'clock Thursday a f t e r n o o n In the Kaeuper recital hall. The recital is open to all Interested In music and cards of admission will not be necessary. The announcement of a recital Dy R u p e r t N e i l y of Xew York City ret a l l ? to m a n y persons his d e l i g h t f u l locum- of last s u m m e r entitled, "In Quest of the Art of Bel Canto." This was in the form of an open \nto n to the p u b l i c , w i t h i l l u s t r a t i o n s w i t h suggested tho balient f e a t u r e s sf I h c Art of Be] Canto, sine! \ \ h a t the p u b l i r m i K h t look for in a great artist RO ;i.» " r e f o u n U P those qualities which m a k e a creat. smser. F l ' K T H E R DEVELOPMENT. In the .-our.-e cl t h i s r e c i t a l several b t i t n e n t s showed to t l i e public the f u n d a m e n t a l s of this a r t . as establish- M in t h e m . This year it is the i n t e n - tion t c , s u q s e f i more d e f i n i t e l y t h e f u r t h e r . | \ . - l o p m i - n t s o f t h i s a r t i n (he n.orr- advanced work of the stud e n t s and In s-trr-.-s the o p p o r t u n i t y t h a t the A m e r i c a n s t u d e n t tins at this time rf n t t a l n i n e to t h e art of Bel f a n t o in Ins own Country. Mr. Neily w i l l .ils« e x p l a i n to his a u d i e n c e the n»-d of developing receptivity in the l i s t e n e r a-; well ns in the student, and *on:e points whi--h will he of v i l u p 1.1 l e a r n i n g h"w lo listen to nvisi-. so t h n t the perception of values w i i : be '-iTir ami c h a n n e l s t h r o u g h Tvhi'-h er iv. n T t m v come t t the list C T r t h ' - n - i r ' i rmtsir. w i l l ho recos- (BIG YEAR FOR Over 200 at Torrence Park Every Morning. 9 1 The large number of children w h o ; use the public playgrounds this s u m m e r are conclusive evidence of the success of the playground work. J. N. Ashmore, who Is superintending the playground work, reports that there is an average attendance in Torrence park alone every m o r n i n g of from 200 to 230 children. The other two grounds, at the Roach school and the new one at the Pugh school, both average about SO each morning. j 100 PLAY TENNIS. j Ray Glenn, who has had charge of tho vork at the Roach school, reported that over 100 people played tennis on the Koach courts Tuesday. Great interest is being shown by the boys In the Playground Baseball League. There is generally a good attendance of "grownups" as well as children at the games. Because of the limited finances, the Pugh school playground is open only in the morning. Earl Devore has recently been appointed as assistant at the Torrence p a r k g r o u n d DEFEAT MUELLERS Wills Pitches ami Cn«lict Bulldcr» Win Game. 0 to 4. The Decatur Coffin company had little trouble defeating the Mueller six-man team that showed up against them Tuesday night. The final count ended 9-4 in favor of the C o f f i n company. The score: Irjnings. Decatur Coffin C o 2 2 Muellers ° ° Z J;~~' Batteries for Decatur C o f f i n , w i l l s and A u g u s t i n e ; for Muellers, Cochran and Burley. WARM GAME TODAY. The undefeated Railroaders w i l l meet the Decatur Brlflge team this afternoon and a hard light is looked for. The Bridge company has an exceptionally strong team and is expected to show up well against tlie team. STANDING. Won. nailroadcrs I, T. £ D e c a t u r B i M g t 1 C o f f i n Company THE C. E. PLANNED Plans for making next year the hest In the history of the society were discussed at the meeting of the executive committee of the Christian Endeavor society of the First Presbyterian church Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. James TV. Miller, 1332 North v7«,ter street. It is hoped to enlarge the society to include all the young people of the church and efforts will be made to that end. Details have not been arranged yet but It is the plan to have a week's rally when the work opens up in the fall. One feature of this rally v. Ill be a big social occasion. Tho society will not only aim to en- I n r c e its membership but to do more ef- f e c t i v e work than ever before. Lost. 0 Leaders Muellers Wabash Clerks Pet. 1.000 .714 .714 .62.1 .571 .1SG .12;', .000 INFORMAL DANCE AT "FRAT" HOUSE FIFTEEN GALLONS OF JCE CREAM Con'uaed · L- A. of B. of L. E. Social ·t Fair Residence. The Ladi«»' Auxiliary to th» Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers gave an Ice cream social Tuesday night at the home ot E. E. Fair, 220 Stuart avenue. About 400 people made up a. «ood crowd for the hot summer night and $40 was taken In. Of this »27 -was cleared and this will go Into the general fund. The ice cream was served in the vacant lot next to the Fair house and It was served from the basement through the windows, which was much easier way than serving from the house. Fifteen gallons of cream were consumed. ( FIRST BAPTIST SOCIAL IS HELD LARGE CROWD AT ELWIN METHODIST 4.n u n u s u a l l y large crowd gathered ru'tlie lilwin M e t h o d i s t church last Wednesday U."attend the recital given hv Miss Olive Shaffer of Macon. Miss ; 'naffer's n u m b e r s were greatly en- ' joyed and her voice wan pleasing, the ' i l u n r i a t i o n being particularly good The social f o l l o w i n g was well patron- I i?ed. l i p f r ' s h m c n t s of ice cream, cake, a n d ' lemonade w e i e served. The receipts , VE . rc rver $30 and the Ladies' Aid s o c i r t v of the church cleared S,:i.70. MAROA FARMER FALLS ON HIS HEAD r. M'. MoiUentx'roush S("'TelJ- Hurt While I nlnadiag Ha;. Maroa. .t'i!v S --C. W. ?t.-utcrr.or- cngh. age'i a h n ' i t f o r t - , a tvealtr.v j f.armpr living: a o,'::irt»r of a. mile -west I of Maroa. "-a? S--,OI,MY h'irt Tuesday afternoon wh.-n lie f:' harkr.-ard off j a. Joa-1 of h.iv w h i c h he was s e t t i n g - r e a d y to ri'iiFr i n t o the haymow. Th« t r i p rope b r o k e , p r e c i p i t a t i n g n l m *° th« ground. He fell on hia head and »ho«Id»rs Jsr-i wa? iin--onsrioijs for a lime. He TV .if not able to undergo , r ;o5» e x a m i n a t i o n last n i g h t , but Ihe p h v j i r i a n stated t h a t he thought Fom* ribs were broken. NEW T E A C H E R . 3Iias Esther Shields, a graduate of ths 1934 rlass of tho Maroa. high s-honl. h a s b o r n engaged to teach the third grafl" room. )o succ»'.rt Miss Minnie Ford of Maroa. resigned. KID r '"PARtTAf THE WESTMINSTER rrildrfn's riodien Worn anil Children'* Game* Tleyed. Chfldhr-o'l z a m i S and children's costume? were f r a t i n e s of the kindergarten party held by the Ladies' Aid so- i $75 AN ACRE ON RASPBERRIES !s Report of C. A. Hnzelrlpf? On His Crop. C. A. Hazelrlgg on the Bloomington road north of the city, who is number- r-d among the most successful berry raisers in Central Illinoi?, approximates that his berries w i l l net him about $75 an acre this year despite the drouth. The ground has been c a r e - f u l l y c u l t i v a t e d and i Isrgs yield is being gathered. I Resident members of the T. K. E. ' f i a t e r n i t y , gave an Informal dance at Ithe. fraternity house, 124 Oakdale Boulevard, Tuesday evening. Music was f u r n i s h e d by a phonograph. Light r e f r e s h m e n t s were served. Among the out of town members of the fraternity and guests who were present were W. B. Holmes of New Ycrk City; Clyde Hart of Hlllsboro; Ray Irvln of Patoka; Nellls Parkinson, Carrolton, and Miss Hedley of Paris. Mrs. Ethel McCarn chaperoned the r More than $21 was taken in at the ice cream social held by district 2 of the First Baptist church Tuesday night at the home of Miss Anna Evans, 1060 West Marietta street. Some money is yet to come In so the proceeds will be over $25. About $15 is clear. The crowd was not as large as expected, though ten gallons of Ice cream wera disposed of. The yard was nicely decorated with Japanese lanterns. Six tables were used for serving. During the evening there was Victrola music and the following program was given: Piano solo--Harold Glessner. Vocal solo--Mri. Oliver Evans. Reading--Helen McComb. Solo--Mrs. Mark Hartford. Piano solo--Dora Patterson. Vocal solo--Clo8 Patterson. --··^^^^ IMMB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ----* FIRST USE OF RESINOL STOPS TERRIBLE ITCH TM.ET, 1914: "I suffered over elgh* mare with eczema. It started in ona littls place and kept spreading until it covered my hands. My hands looked like they lad fceea burned by fire and peeled off in large pieces until they were only raw flesh. I wag told it w»§ eczema. It itched and burned me to that I could not sleep at night. I tried all sorts of eczema solves and one prescription after another but nothing gave me any relief until I tried Keuinol Soap and Keeinol Ointment, and after tha first application my hands never itched or burned again, and were well in ona ·week. I 'want every nuffercr from eczema to know that they can find a cure in Resinol." (Signed) Miss Ethel Scott. Milstead, Ga. . . Phvsicians 'have prescribed Kesmoi for nineteen years, for all sorts of skin troubles, pimples, dandruff, sores, ulcers, (burns, etc. Every druggist sells · Ointment and Kesinol Soap. How to Get of Eczema Your Blood Must be Right! if Skin is to Heal Impuritiei Will Come Out Same* . where ·Working outwardly through a myriad of very small blood vessels, the famous blood purifier S. 8. S. bring* to the skin new material for Its regeneration. And as these new materials k-" up a flood of action they keep cm '.ins oft t.-.a scales or patches of eczeir.: . new, smooth, shin forms beneath, all destructive germs ceasa to withstand the constant healthful Influence oE S. S. S. and the most baffling case of eczema just dries up and is gone forever. You can't cure cczoma by smearing the skin; you can relieve the Itcn and burn, but to cure It the blood must be right. There Is no 1 getting away from this fact. Get a bottle of S. S. S. today of »ny( druggist then write for a. copy of "What the Mirror Tells" published by The Swlf« Specific Co., 113 Swift Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. For more detailed directions write the medical department as suggested In circular around the bottle of S. S. S. Avoid substitutes that may contain harmful mineral drugs. S. S. S. Is purely vegetable. CULTURE CLASS HOLDS PICNIC PERSONALS. Mis* Flossie Cooper is visiting her sister. Mrs H. H. Eyman. of Bleo:n!ngton Mrs. Robert Lycnn and daughter?, Marv Ellen and Louise. SM North U n i o n s'.reet. have returned from a three week?' visit in .Marshal! and Mauoon. Mr and Mrs L,vnn Schaniel. of Indianapolis, have moved to 340 West G-eer street. Mr. and Mr5 L. T Malone. 1-^ East Marietta street, have r e t u r n e d from a four davs' visit in O^vaneco Miss Marie White. 435 West Ktnq street, has gone to ShelbyvIIie to spend T C P . days with her grandfather. Jacob Frln?er C. P SneSl. of Chattanooga, arrived ves- terday for a t-,vo iveeks' visit with relati-.ep Oliver HcDermott, clerk at the Wabash shops, spent Sunilav in Detroit -Ruflolph Hans spent Sunday in Chicago. James Bucklev ind Charts Fitzgerald of the AVabasri shops, spent Sunday m P f r u . Ind. Frank Pauly. 340 West Green strep*, spent Sunday ivith 'his sister In Patoka. Verr.elle and Lenora Barrow. "S orth Edward street, have gone to Welflin for a two weeks' visit with relatives I Mr and Mrs. Robert Barrow and daughter. R u t h , motored to Cisco Sund. Th» C ' - i i M U n Culture class of the C e n t r a l r h u r r ' i of Christ had an enjoyable p i c u l i ' Thursday e v e n i n g ?t Faries p.'rk. Pome ot the p a r t y went out to tin- pa''k a* 4'30 and the others went .".' ?··*'' An excellent supper was served and t h e r e t u r n home was made at 3:1". A b n ' i t n i n e girls, find the teacher. 3Irs. 'vT. H. Cannon, made up the p a i t v . PICTURES 5c Any size print including 4x 5. printed on the highest ·grade paper. Leave your printing with us. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. The Time to Do a Thing Worth While is Always Right This Moment Hart Schaffner Marx Good Clothes at 20% Off is one of the best clothes impulses you could possibly have--they're good to buy when priced regularly; this price reduction makes them still a better buy for . vou. LIGHT-WEIGHT BLUE SERGE SUITS 20 PER CENT. OFF ALL BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S SUItS 25 PER CENT OFF MAKES A $12.00 suit, one-fourth off A $10.00 suit, ofte-fourth off An $8.00 suit, one-fourth off $9.00 $7.50 $6.00 A $5.00 suit, one-fourth off A $3.50 suit, one-fourth off '. $3.75 $2.65 STEAW HATS HALF PRICE Panama and Bankok hats 25% or 14 off the regular price. We Close Thursday Afternoons During July and August Thursday Morning Bargains 3 Specials From Oar Wash Dress Goods Section ) We VOILES AND LAWNS For Thursday morning's selling we will offer thousands of yards of fine voiles, batistes and lawns, in white and tinted grounds, with neat printed designs, qualities that usually sell at 12^c and 15c, while they last at per yard 7ic 25c WINDSOR CEEPES 19c "We have 50 pieces of Windsor Crepes, in the newer colorings and figures, all these are new and perfect goods, and full 30 inches in width. This fabric is very scarce and is sold in the best stores in the land at 25c. For Thursday morning's selling per yard 19c REMNANT SALE Thursday morning's remnant sale, will have some very special features ,almost all our high priced fabrics are cut down to short lengths, and will be included in this sale, which starts promptly at 8:00 and ends at 12 noon, regular prices ranging from 12V 2 c to $1.00. Will be divided into three lots and sold at per yard 5c, lOc and 15c Practical Articles From Our First Floor Departments At Very Great Price Reductions Auto Hoods, made of heavy silk, silk lined with heavy stitched brim, $3.50 to $5.00 values at one- half the former price. Lace Collars made of Bebe Irish, Maltese and Escurial lace in white, cream, and Arabian, values from 50c to $5.00, at one-half the former price. Belts made of Suede and Patent Leather, slightly soiled, nearly all sizes.. ....,*..._.... Enamel Belts, black silk lined, 25 C all sizes, our 50c values -. .=.-.-.. .* -v Enamel Belts, black and silk plaid trimmed, silk lined, all sizes, $1.00 value Silk Girdles and Tunics made of silk and satin Messaline and Taffeta in plain, pleated and gathered with Elastic Belts and girdle effect, in plain with plaid trimmings, values from $1.00 to $5.00, at one-half the former price. $10_Dress Skirts $3.98 For Thursday morning only we will offer these skirts at this price. This assortment includes wool crepes, ratines, chuddahs, poplins, Bedford cords, men's wear worsteds, and fine serges. There are ,grey, tan, brown, navy and black. All waist sizes up" to 30 inches. 60 skirts in this lot. All new this season's models. The greatest -* - --» skirt bargain we ever offered. $10 Skirts, Thursday morning only For Thursday morning only all of our fancy parasols, including women's and children's, values from 50c to $12.50 at, one-half the former price. Hanson Jenks Violet Almond Meal, 25c value Combs in white, black and colored, in coarse and fine teeth, lOc value. 10c 4 5c f» Tooth Brushes in hard, medium and soft ill all styles and shapes, values up to 19c,-Thursday only ....- ···· All our new spring pocket books for women, in leather, silk moire and leather lined, strap handles, values from $1.50 to $2.25, 95C Thursday only Suit Cases in 24 and 26 inch, 95 C value $1.50, Thursday _··· CHILDREN'S HATS 29c This lot consists of hats for both boys and girls. \ Straws, ratines, Shepherd checks and silk hats. ^ Suitable for children 2 to 6 years. Regu- AQ A lar prices up to $1.50. Special price Thurs- [fij\j day morning only, choice r EWSFAFERI

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