The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 8, 1916 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 8
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imm eMZLLioonn DAILY OOMSTITUHOS WEDNESDAY, NOtf 8,1916. SOCIETY AND CLUBS Years the Standard Adds only healthful qualities to the food" CONTAINS NO ALUM Deformed Childi en. Mother s Magazine As an outcome of medical inspection in public schools, people trie beginning to appreciate the important part "which school seats play in the physical development o£ the young Statistics ot deformities of growth ha\ e been compiled in for vears they are likely to ba«ome | eith ei neurotic or dull ' A woman went to the Orient, and coming back, was caught trying t o , smuggle in a lot of choice silks She tad to pa-v duty and a fine Then there was talk of criminal action to a ' f o l l o w *Hei son-in-law called on the A I/ight Ramlall. Engineer Dupey at the pumphouse \\ edjiesdaj morning reported 45 inch lainlall Tuesdaj night The «e.ither_ Rain tonight Colder except extreme south east portion Thursdaj cloud Probably rain extreme ease portion Colder east portion Election Ollicm's Strike. Kenosha, Kis , N o v 7--Election officials here struck lor higher wag. es Tuesday, and the common council refused to meet the demand The election officials demanded ?10 instead of ?6 a day Mrs. Fred Brady will be hostess to the young Matrons Friday aftei- noon. Dr and Mrs R Barney will entertain guests for dinner Saturday eremng at 7 o'clock number of American cities, and the\ are impressive, even oppressiie A considerable proportion of school children are afflicted with curvatuie of the spine This difficulty becomes more common as v.e go up the grades int 0 tn e high school What is the relation oJ school seats to curvature of , the spine' Suppose a pupil during the growing period-^ uses four or fi-ve houis each school, day, thnty-eight to fortv weeks each year for eight to twelve yeais, a desk which is so high that in order to rest his arm on it he lifts his shoulder and so pulls the spine out of correct alignment Ordinal ily the right shouldei w i l l be ra-sed too high and the left will be too low 3j Is probable any cnild who maintains this posture in school year after year will acquire some degree of curvature Even if no curvature results there will be inequality in the height of the shoulders, which will p r o \ e a handicap to an individual in later life Older pupils often use deskb which are too low It is practicallj certain then that thej will bend o\er the desk and they will be in a. cramped posture several houis each dav In such a position the lungs are constricted, the shouldei s are pressed forward and the well known round customs officials "Is it possible," he asked in a se- ·\ ere tone, "after my mother-in-law has paid the duty on the stuff and her fine, that j o u contemplate crini inol action 7 " "We are considering it, 1 ' the customs official replied gravely ' And if my mother_in-law ·were to be convicted, as she probablv would be she \ \ o u l d have to go to jail 7 " I think so ' "Do you mean to tell me you intend to do this to a woman--a woman w ho has ali eadj expiated her A Serious, AccJtleiit A letter was recerved by Frank C t Mann trom his paients, Mr and Mrs C A Mann at Callawa, Neb , stated his brother Howard ^\as ruu down by an automobile and badlj injured, altho not seiious This will be sad news to Howard s many Chil- hcothe friends Silver Cai.go lor U lancr. New London, Conn , Nov 7 --Six and one-half tons of silver bullion from the mint at San Francisco werp unloaded here todav at the railroad station by an express company and transported to the Geiman merchant submarine Deutschland, moored at the state pier, for shipment across the ocean . Tomorrow Mrs George Macdonald and Mrs( Wm ,Laghtner entertain with a Bridge luncheon, at the home of the former Mrs Hughes Mangur entertained the Alpna club yesterday Mrs ClyJe Stewart, club member, made the high score a"hd was presented with some dainty hankerchiefs and Mrs W H Ellett, guest, a lingerie ribbon case and bodkin. Other guests were Mesdames 3 H Barclay, Ralph "West C B Swan, McKim and Miss Hur\- thal Assisted by her sister, Mrs Campbell, and daughter, Betty, the hostess served a two-course dinner at the close ol the game A Pie Supper and program will be given at Coor Campbell school, 7 1-2 miles southeast of Chillicotlre, on Thursday, Nov_ 9. 6-4 Ruth Gill, teacher Dead Stan Cast Ballot. Sioux City, Ion a, Nov 8 --Clar ence Peterson a dead man voted in Sioux City todav Petcison secured an absent voter's ballot at the county recordei's office jesteiday, filled it out and l e f t it with the recoider .ast evening a runawaj horse plunged into Petersons a u t o m o b i l e , f a t i l i n j u r i n g h i m , and he died early fault and lecompensed the govern-! ftls mornlng . The law piovides Pet- ment'" "I do But, look here, old chap, don t take this too hard I've got to do my duty, you knov, Don t feel so badlj about it " ' B a d l j ' " shouted the son-in_law "Why, my clear =-ir, this is the first gleam of sunshine that has entered mv home in twenty years " If t r o u b l e w e i e a needle in a haystack some people would find it easily enough Miscellaneous Supper. A Miscellaneous Supper w ill be given at the Girdner school house Saturd is the TOO THE HURT OUT OP HER BACK erson's ballol shall be counted A^i.itor Has Close Call. San Diego, Cal , Nov 8 --Aviator Oliver Meyerhoffer had a narrow escape jesterday w h e n , from a height of 1,000 feet, he attempted to drop a floral wreath near the casket containing the b o d y of Joe Bocquel, an a-viator who \\as killed here Satur day Mejerhoffer hoveied over a. funer al procession that was escorting Boc duel's body up to the Santa Fe station for shipment to San Francisco As the casket was being taken from shoulder develops, most serious of all the circulation in the brain in infered v ith When children keep this posture in school da after day Mrs Anna Bjrd, Tuscumbia, A l a , _ writes ' I was down with my baodthe hearse Meyerhoffer dropped his I could not btand up more thas wreath A gust of wind brought it haU the time Foley Kidnev took all of the hurt out "Rheu ankles, back- sleep disturb matic pains, swollen ache, stiff joints and ing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble Sold everywhere MAKE up against the motor of his h y d r o plane, "short-circuiting it and kill ing" the engine Only bj skillful volplaning was Meyerhoffer enabled to effect a landing on the bay Second Annual Senior Carnival, The Seniors are making the flnal preparations for the second annual carnival to be held in the High School building Friday night, Nov 10 In talk, they aie working day and night to make this carnival a fin. ished production, having a thoroughly professional air The class is working in perfect harmony in order to get the desired results Friday afternoon the celebration will begin in the form of a very clever and nov el parade, which will traverse the downtown streets The evening performance begins at 7 30 The High school will be transformed into a great "Midway" with numbers of unusually clever attractions, costing from 1 t 0 5 cents. Remember to buy your tickets on entering the building, they will not be sold at the entrance to the concessions. AT THE MAJESTIC TONIGHT * THEATRICAL. «· $ $ 4 4 4 J $ $ ^ ^ $ $ c $ 4 "tinier Two J^ags" To m orro n . A photoplay that easily rank^ aniOTg the better clasb of screen production and one that will suit the masses is the big Fo\ production of Undei Tw 0 Flags," with Theda Bara in the leading role of "Cigar- lette, ' s u p p o i t e d by Enlar Linden and a host ol famous Fox players Wenzel's for Skirts Largest line IB North Missouri "r.ur and Wanner" S-=H\jn Co will piesent then extiaordma.1} larcju succeis-5, "Fair and Warmei," Avery Hopwood's top- most» achievement in mirth.niaking, at the Majestic Theatre tonight This delicctable bubbling farce w i t h u n c o u n t a b l e laughs in its tin ee acts, ran so long and so piofltabb at the E l l i n g Theatie that before the end of its first si\ months, it had been heralded all over the country as the faice-lut of its decade, and demands loi its out_of-to\\n presentation had pouied in to insure Us wcl j come when Selwyn S- Co should s e n d ) it on tour Xew Yoi k critics held a touinanient of adjectives over Fan and W a r m e r " each stuving for etn- phisis to d^scube how f u n n j it really was These reviews were echoed in the out_of-town prefn, so that "Fair and Warmer ' ne«ds no furthei itttio- d action Selwyn Co send it here with an a d m u a b l o c o m p a n j of faiceurs Wenzel's for Blouses 500 to select from eps a and constipation--weakens the ·,'hole system Doan's Regulets (25c r b o x ) act mildly on the liver and h n w e l s At all drug stores \ lazy liver leads to chronic dys- Plenty "at Apples, At Mathews 1 orchard, 5 1-2 miles northwest o£ ChilHcothe Handpicked, no rot, no worms No 1 at 7"ic, No 2 at 40c ?7-6t C N Mathews Try a Constitution Want ad FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JARVIS Norman 6c Jarvis HOME KMBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PEONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A, Mhmerjhagen Son UNDERTAKERS a^cl FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed E abalmer. CHAS. GIBBS, Asst. The Second An-ual C a r n i v a l -of the-C. H. S. Will be held on FridayEvening --at the-High School Building Everybody Come. Bring your friends and have - a good time. Wenzel's for the Skirt That won't rip or spot LIVE STOCK MARKET. Pioauce Market. Furnished by Henderson 3on i roduce Co , 801 L.ocubt street, Chil licothe, Mo Hen ·= 13c, springs 15c, cocks, Sc, ducks lOc, geebe lOc luikeys 20 rggs 28c, butter fat Si BOLLLS * KOIiliKS. ItailtM.- in Hides, Tallow, Wool, l?ur-. Ueeb-H a\ and Feathers. S a l t ^ C u i e d Hides, Hat No 23, and No 22 . 21% Partly C u i c d Hides 21V2 Green Hides 2 0 V Bulls and Glues Ifc Deacons $1 50 t o $2 00 t-kunks 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos 1 and 2, full Majestic Theatre NIGHT -Selwyn Company- (Producers of "Within TLe~Law", "Under Cover," "T win Beds" and Margeret IHiinston in "The Lie", etc ) Presents THEIR ANNUAL LAUGH FESTIVAL "Fair and Warmer" By Avery Ilopwood. The Farce which run for One Tear at the Eltinge Theatre, New York, and broke all records for big business. Prices--$1.50, $100, 75c Advance Sale of Tickets at the Music Shop. Monday Morning, Nov. 6th. and 50c. Sale Starts EMPIRE Steam Heated SCIENTIFIC VLIiY VEXTILuVTED FOX FILM COEPORATION presents V I R G I N I A P E A R S O N la a Soul Stirling Photodrama DA REDE V1L KA TE FIVE S T O C K T O N ' S Shows at 7-15 8130 p. m. ACTS O R C H E S T R A PRICES 5 anri 1O Oent mane and Pony Hides No 1 Tallow No 2 Tallow tail $6 50 . 3 00 . 9c 8c Wenzel's $2.00 Silk | Blouses lead all others At the Store of Quality WENZEL 'S P. S--CORSETS FITTED FREE. High-class corsets odd and end ~.~$1.98 SEE OUR COATS THE PIONCEB PKODUCE BUYERS OP CHTIXICOTHE. S\\IFT * COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM Tod.vjS Maiket. HENS .12% SPRINGS COX 8 1URKBYS . . 18 DUX F F F 8 GEESE F F F 6 P S BUTTER 2 6 % EGGS 28 CREAM . . ... 34 COMING! 10MORROW NIGHT COMING! THEDA BARA IX H.CK TRIUMPH "UNDER TWO FLAGS" G R I P P I N G A B S O R B I N G F A S C I X A T I X G TItRIIjlj AriEB THUILL "A photoplav to suit tables of tho masses " N Y Heiald "One of Fox's greatest scieen achievements"--Philadelphia Ledger- Don't Forget the Date--TOMORROW, THURSDAY, at the EMPIRE. Admission 5c and lOc Dr J L Jouanen wishes to announce thaf he has returned from St Louis and Is now prepared to accom modate all persons desiring Dental and Chiropody work done His office at 509 1-2 Locust St has recent'), been remodeled, making it more modern and convenient ^ 6-^ H I Senter Instructor^of violin - information, leave your name and address at the Chill*ciothe Musio Store and he will make you a call 6-6 Shetland P°ny Sale. 25 head from Aid's herd--all col. ,rs horses a n d ' mares at Gallatm, Saturday, Nov 18th. If you c a n t ome send description ot pony desired j nd bid by mail w l t I H. B. HOGAN WILL BE IN CHILLICOTHE ALL THIS WEEK NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOR A TAILOS^MADE SUIT. Not an ordered suit, made in factory th.9 sarno as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in Chillicothe. Fit, cloth, and everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more to have your suit made in Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and get a factory-made suit.- SEE H. B. HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES. Use Constitution WarifAc/s

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