The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1973
Page 12
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS OH industry explains gas shortage Too much regulation, too little understanding' Tt'LSA. Okl.i tAPi — A petroleum industry official ha* Joined with Mate regulatory officials in rejecting ctintttitio»vs Uiai the nation's energy idwrtage VIM man-made. |jow prices for natural HAS and crude oil drew mom of the blame- for supply shortage* Monday al the opening session of the mid-year meeting of the 34-&taie Interstate Oil Compact Commission. LcKoy Culbertson, a vice presidwt of Phillips Petroleum Co.. attributed the man-made claims to "some $ell-$<T\uig politicians and petroleum experts within the new* media " Culbertsoo Mid Phillips' motor fuel inventories at tlw eixt of April wereitnty S 9 million barrels compared with 12.7 million ;i war earlier and that propane gas supplies approximated onh X75 thousand barrets compared with (• 1 million a \var earlier "We are operating our energy producing facilities at maximum output rate*," he said "Obviously we're not hoarding energy. There's mi dtvp. mysterious conspiracy associated with line figure*. For year*, they have all been either reported publicly or made avatlabit* to Gas rationing is predicted increase of five to 10 cents m the gasoline tax which would act as a deterrent but would not sen* the entire purpow of guaranteeing essential consumers rr»c$h fuel l» keep the natwn's economy sound. Later, in an address to the 17th annual meeting of the American Petroleum Institute's Dimwn of K ma nee and Accounting, t-'llman urged immediate adoption of criws tactics He blamed shortsightedness by both government and industry for the energy crunch Money missing LAKE JACKSON - Some $S5 m ca4h and a small check were reported missing in a burglary at Kirby'j Culf Station 10 the downtown area The break-in was reported Monday morning and had occurred sometime after 3:30 pro Sunday, police were lotd Entry was apparently gairwd through an open window Store burglarized CLL'TE - An air conditioning vent provided entry into Clyde's at 7co Duw Drive overnight Sunday. police reported. The business place reported tH in cash rm»mg Poise said there was considerable blood, apparently from a hand the burglar must have cut in tbc process of gaining entry into the clothing store Mini-bike stolen CLUTE — A green Scars mini-bike with a white seat was reported as stolen from the garage of George Kraroig. 831 St Anne St Kramig reported the theft Monday and placed a value of I1SO on the motor bike ft* ii«j (ur g» {»-« ltf>< ill J«», NEW ORLEANS Rep. Al Ullman, DOrc.. espects gasoline rationing in some parts of the nation brior* the e»d of the year. UUman. ranking majority member of the House Ways and Mean* Committee, said in an interview* Monday that to keep the nation's economy on its present level, priorities musJ be given to farmers, the transportaboc industry- and to manufacturers. He said the average American must not only suffer from gasoline rationing with the present autos but must abo plan to "live a tocg time with the situation." He also predicted a trend to smaller vehicles. UUman sasd he esptcted President Nixon to cafl for an Three hurt in U accident LAKE JACKSON - Thr«w persons were given emergency treatment, then released from Community Hospital Monday afternoon following a iwo-vebicle collision reported at S33 Magnolia at 4:37 p.m. A hospital spokesman said Mrs. Lynette Davis. Jackie Bartlett. and Mrs Larry StroUtrr. all of Lake Jackson, were treated for Laceratices Police reported that Larry O. Slrother was ticketed for failure to yield righnrf-way. Further details were not immediately available. SONOTONE HAVING TKOL'BLE HEARING? or - Hear hvl Doc't I'adenUml? COME SEE US! WED., JUNE 13th FRKKHOKTtNN SAM toll AM See our ( New SONET bearing aid were in ear n.« Itlnt t* lion CUM* cnkrf * f IIEE *»Oc«Mfta< tnf I 1 »* K»MI I'lrO BARBS Jim C l»>r^i!«Mi. ttw compact's ksal cimuftiitee chair nun frmii AuMm, I>\ . »gre«l with a Culbetti** vUitti that lututityt* ti> the eiwrnsy (irv.*k-tii4 are M the political field "It is K' 1 '"!! ll< ^ diflkcult to iijlxe the p»wWel!i* withnut mmr relief mtf* [vltticul field," itald I«a4ij!^-''t. ch»>ifnwn vi TViai' o*l ami ga.% regulatt>ry iigency fullvrtwi hdtl IJH! he felt no !«;•.«•?»< or rrttictJiH'e it; pJacwjj'h-enssy* r«(jwiwnt>ilil) for S4t n.ip}>}) ihorlaK*"* "up»o shvwt tight «tl .i"*\. it! v,»itie caiiM. puiittv jl!> itiv<ita)ed fttlrra! I* ice rvgujjtur) p>i!n.-u--> " "Since !!:«" advent of pfixlu:er rexulativit ui S7,>l the ^wincri! im-n! h.n .I'A'jMii,! rukrv, regulationi *i'i.\ pulivten wutt «<:* jp jvitvn! uMTrs\li!>x ijvkil in mi!»4 tu SA! ttx- (irive u/ ^> in the (i»'!il to tltv UAUM! n.vs;j|t;{« l«r\vt, ' Cui*.'«rrt»<)« vi!<i "Tfn-i jjujl (vrmtrd usihl wr> rvvent tiiiw-4 wulaxit an> tint piiit>lrm U !>,i> m«iti tfi fMrtrflv* i»f>«l U« liUtc J*iWii' u '.H - M»>«n tie wtut S'-iii !Sii(tvr. vhwl rmgknttrt •> rf>.i'k>ft Cbrtirni.Miwrt. »aitJ tlw jluiS'S jt«> >VAI Iwffi rit.'W Vti< •>}**'.*£'*• li ftul »'!«> f.';hf-^ Ihai '.ifw tui 4fwl jjjrt ryw*l iV<t*-aft*.J Kir ujraiitu 'Av 4fr |J'>i^$j '.*> &.*• »!wft > v> ''•* tntrrtirf fva^tgr^ in l'u<", V W ififcrk!. ifiM-t cr • to llfiMUMiK t*V»Sc u«i J.*i«*» »* A i>.t» JIfif. U s-tt'k'a! " u j|jfrj#l;> aifr * A >«iKt ?'JBP •>! 'h* i»,tj;s:.4u» «'l ?':r vrrjtM.'n '.>.,ai ^r',,'tesj I*:.** r n<iu.:V'i '- * 'i .Vj- !t-»-ft -J' 1 *. t'+rfj:!; ^'' -'?. )£?•!. *if ^tri-:pi,-'. t ?': T -..jj ! :i-Iii( n t THf COUNTY AGENT Sorghum midge damage feared To c«n:ri>J ;h< nker KI* i r««;o£nn«n«jed it a! tNt to By PHIL PA8TORET Guys who doodle at their deiks are marking time, T/iitifc uj fMTktng jea this ua<j you're jMt Hfr piny thvie p'tlty mfter maids' A pessimist tees a cloud with eyery_silv-er lining. ThePiiyroU 0 • ^ Plan theendof the rainbow more than just a dream. JWW frjXJ l** t*W bw t/ ft >*»**, K) ttuuilkt ,1% U* t/« i«MEkV illAWW* Iff 4ft< M&VMl to ftU&r T^B? slock in America. KM IMyfa n*tiui 4) IBM liiM KU J*H» B> I.. M v.u'MiVN Cereal* K*tr«.tkm A^rai Sieee grain jorghuus in Ur'aiori.* Count) ~i Lite thi* rt-^vh? iiir.e ir»J . or sorghum midge arc £a:&-. itee tatt apt rxprvted «h.jijkl t« "Hx- adult m:d^(r u< an crot oi :N orange colored. Iragllr b«ot A kwitr^ gnat or fly abcwt a tw»U thiAiitl Cw irude in thrrv !i> fi«« inch li-^sj Tbe .'«nui< nitdj[« dayt sorghum brad Jt blooming foilow» an jp^iiirj',:*,-*-. at i and pollinjtioR tsm«-. ^aually *h»rS fr»nl»»l (natrrial. each fk>rv? or grjirt '.few tUyi Ifc fwl*!i wfcrrr Onr af^f larva « cjpabW htgh jwrikia ars antKijMtnl. 4 of (Sestrvyir^ '.Jut iltfNiciopinjj third applteatiun may &T arv mutii acbvr iKirvn^ early Sen era! tn tf c lictdrj hours wb«j '.hey cra«! ovttr or fly about th* bioorntrg JTJUS arr dyp-j^itrd in poiltnatwxi cccun PoiUru'.wn bcgjna i! the top *c>i tjram projjrr!ia«t downward to !h»' rnj> atih to wewfr 4 copy «< base trf fach bead Kwhfa K*<t S?w«-S No !. *U enti'.!«4 bl«>j<n:4^ tn th^s 4rra rwr* -»rr Ttwc S*;fSChuJti Mi^ff arri (U very likely to twtumc ui(«£ni Cnntro! and MP 11**. with m*d^e 5*4^*?t5;ors» for C«>c{r^tl;n^[ ) wkti in late bkiofning hvwii lrsrt«T".i 4fi«4 Mi'e^ ofi tor-n,. tew rjr^eti from 3J to 1W f*r Sorjhuir.t. *rai! fjfawa c«nS Mtdjfe darr-Jigt? r**u!t.* in ihc*uc pgi>J;cai:«Pj« ar« Waste water permits lenient HOL'STUN 'AI'J Nior major mdusine* on !h* Hoceitijn Shsp Channel hav« received wa»te water ditchariie permits -*hich Ma'* (hero tu di.Khar£r at much a» twice 4i many pollulanU a» the Knvironmental Protection Agency ongjnall Tne federal KPA came after a wrwa of htranrsg.1 wrrt held her* May H 18 by Murray Stem. tiuH t-nforcrment offictr fw water in the KPA'* Waihington headquarter* The permits awarded th* industries after SScin'j hearing* by the KPA Wa»hmgton headquarter* were much more lenient than thoswr originally propoied Ir/ regional KPA hea&piarlrri m Dalla* lieadtd by Arthur W Busch An ir»duary »pc*e»man said the permiu vtere "tough but achievable ' The industries and other mletcittd parlies liave 10 days to ubpxl tw term* of the per nuts or they go into effect The permit* are coming Mobil asking drilling permit MubiJ Oil Corporation, uf Corpus Chri»li. recently applied to (he Galvtiton Dutnct Corp* of Knglnei-rj fur a permit Ui erect a new oil and yu wet) in the Ciulf of Mexico The propOMid locaik*4 (or UK well u in Btock 310 L in the Kreeport Anchorage area about eight raiiea of Freepcrt. Tbe deadline for aiyirapm»tttal prott*U u July from Uw KI'A tc*Au«- [«-frni! b? th* TriA* '*4trr b> the Under the p^rrmu (ir»t pri>|»Bed by tft* frifionj! KPA all ronr nxki;»tr*f» '»ou!d have brrn ilSo-ned a total daily ducharge of J.' bux'hcmtral atygro HOI*. 4J,4Jfl pound* of chemical oxygen demand, COO. and II 2! t pt»wdi o< iota I ujtpvmckd inlidi. TSS (.'lidCT the permit* it»urd by Stem ar-d the Wa4h!r4l,wi KI'A the HOI) tcveb would U- H.toJ for IMJl). up 68 |>er r«ftj. I3S.WO r/( COl», up Ki per tent and 1S.») of TSS. up ii {xrr cent New look into U.S. fishing industry NKAT'tt.K A!'- tlu.i.itis (Lifting !Us fef.urr.K'^ ",<> >{>rRt! iU jTar ,:!'. Ox t'-w.iu: >'ua. •«i4h it« t ; •> n.'! JtKti fttfc«"T«KfB if ta The indu»tne». nxn* o< the titggenl «i th« channel which ha* frequently b«*n calkd ww of the world'» nvwt pUluicd hxUca of water, art Atlantic HichlieUI Co , Champion I'apert, Crown Central Petrokum Corp.. Kthyl Corp.. Kixon Corp., E I du Pont de Nernoun i Co , H«i»o-T« Otc-mtcal Cwp .. Shell Od Co . and Sinclair Kapytn Co . The Sinclair Happen plant m^ruger. Willwni V. Hall, Mid ht» permit M rrvued by Stem "Sttnu to be a fair resolution of the debate by Uih tide* al the bearing The mr* p«rmit U VjJMvtC -tf tftic I .; 5*jti»<il '.{at ) )«t»t /i.«." > . *l f 01 IS* li'lS '-•»"< esmWM I'! T ft '3 ,J !1J iSl « ( < I 4 i ufeswn, \\ 1 'Jin '.(IK t!*tf>x<«i »< '.?:•:'!« * f :^.ruJlfie«i »i;4fl /':l4i*J »p»3«!»-iJ irft tNp Cia»:«t *«4 <i>:ti 4,1 I£K » amsfi. \3lef lj^frt^ti! fc.4 ;n sftte f.*«ivt ':j:rs ^^3**« Jvi u.ti 7 .S« 4i ij»,«r. itaj at '.v- AcJ vi',!: j conii vr-arett toe fwv M-Mij- iftrt $:••(»): ''r pf'jtcvn. ic jn! fitftefc-rfr. sat abo Sf' Investing in Wine ftt ** <U^ J«ft T^(»4<(*{tt -***»•* t >4»<r¥M.-«$ tsr ^ *,* Jut4$ '.IS *5« ' f ffto* 'Jlf r«rt^,1 VOHK AJ" Itift ItV an* (Sana, V rj UP n< 1*5* I A iv««f. » -I' 't ('jure-. »'.,"* Tern K«*i>r«l» n< N«"» VJ »»» •/**« 44*5 W*rw« <AuM »* Itofdraut Costs\bu Less In The Long Run! They «Ufltd to record thr I th« doiUr An iwrtaung isumter r/< Anurrwanii fca»e dtKoir«r«d *ir» in r*t*tit y«ar» Th* Ciiliforni* Win* Inititut? eawmattd *Mt. fr»m l«» to 1*71. total US «ia« nirawmption inere*«*d from jtixll IH mill»J*i galkxvt a year ti> K7 milli«n ((Jlk*u a vrar Gould. J». became interested in wuve when he lived in B«unn teverat yean ago "I knew a little bit ah«ui California win«." he rrcalkd He itartcd U*tm#. drinking and buying N<n> he h»» about 2iO bo<tle» of imported Kreocd wine in the itr«jodHi<*vd. shaded den he use* a« « cellar •'I have Bordeaux, liurgundiem. a littk Loire," he »aid "I can't afford to buy rrjlly KCKK) wine lixljy The price u out of ii({ht Could vild the wine he bought before moving to CaUfemia has "d'AiMcd or almrnt tripled I »ave it fur big IN A POWERFUL COMPACT PACKAGE i. VMB ^^ i kV waMMn >J K^« ttN ».i»«<2i Friedrich -/ f/J S«v«rai mdunrie* Mid whik the permiU gi-nerally are acfeptible, they pl«n to raiw: wjtue quesUwi* during the to-day pcrkid, e»petialJy aUxjl Uw protleJU* of Ut-jttng runoff rain water during storm* "I ihjfifc they didn't realty umkrttiuid at the bearing what H«W»UMI rain it tike," Mid Orion Hww, a Stwli l/»v<»tiiig in wine iMi't Many Namtt New York'j Kill* I»Und wai known u» Gull'i or Kt- oilik bland by Iht Mubegbfl Indians. Whsu the UrilUh occupied New York, they duW>td it Oytter hluiui After several change i of owoerthiu. it wan purchased in 1778 by Samuel Ellis, a MuntiatUn tUre owner, who iiutalkd a tavern for litimt- Ulti). >* IMU^-JI PowerMiser' ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS Pric*i tlart •» low at V 1 Available in $.000 lo 8.SOO BTU/ht C<tpacitig> Come in...take one cool tonight! THY OUK CENTRAL SivBVICK... 914411 JAtKSOS

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