Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 14
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14 DECATUR HERALD t UESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 14. 1930. DEDATUR HERALD Listening In 8inc« the miniature %u ·wept t h o country, the lioimlf 4I««, n vocal trio, tvppropi'littoly open · th#lr broutlcnNt Tufwdny night with ''Slnet) Thoy'io AH Pluylnn Mlnta- tur* OoK." TtMilo autltcnctt) will hear thlN pvogrtim over nn DBC n»twork ftt 6:40 o'clock. Included In thin proRCam will r.loo ho "Croonln' In tht) Moonlight," Ma cy ChnrleM, oharactor And. I'ontn.U", will ho tho «urM Hilt In tl pro(tfftm to bo broadens t ovtir tho Columbia chnln this ovc nlng fit 7:^5 o'clock, Mlwi Chnrle* will *lnj{ "Do It A(!ft!n," Othftr BO!OO Horm Indurtlnit "Betty Co-Ed" nnd ''So KftttK My H(inrl Tor You" will b» offot'Cd by tho Orel i os i en, Wliconnln nml Mlnnonotu will be honored wlicn lliolr nchncl »onit u (ilen the iiroKrnm tho Pure Oil or rhofitra t t n d u r t h d direction o( Wayne Klntf will liroiittctviit f r o m Uto NCC ChlwiKO iitudlo this nlnft at 7 o'clock. Tho orchestra will nlso o f f w r nurh popular numbflra n: "I^ieky Sevnn," "KUwsi Your Uttlo Hfldlt" nntl "I S L I l l (tot. ft A proicrnm (| t H v n l y rwcnl mujtlctil shown (inil plcturr» will tm ]l(iyiid Ijy Coon-ii(in- Ann tlnnco nrchnvtrfv j a r l n j t tin iTlnr.ilir'ltii Krollc to bd b r w u /corn thd NBC Chlt'iitfo »tudlo» thin i ^ v n n t n f i tit 7:30 o'clock, "f.ucky Olt Sun' w i l l tm h o f t i d lot tlm (irnt t i m e nn (hn f i l l whon II lx u u n d by lli« miik (jiirtfti-t. O l h t r wiich [uvovlle^ it "Uit'n f}o N u t t v n ' ' and "One But fd Llttn t f i M u k n You Hrtpiiy" will bn o(tcrnl by thti ["CHAIN BROADCASTS (CSS) WABC W M A L WLBW K01L WBT. Pure Olt orchoatrit (NBC) WJ2 KDKA KTW WMC WM WSB WLW. 7:,HO p, m.--Plomholm Frollu (NBC) WffiAF WP1 WKC WOY WOR WWJ WfiN Ksn WOC WHO WOW, 9:90 f. ni, -- Llvtrcady P r o g r a m (NBC) WRAF WSB WRC WGTf WOU WW.T WON KSD WHO WSM WOW, 8:110 p. m--Phllco concert (CBS) WABC WMAL WLBW WOWO WMAQ KMOX. Knppy Won (iur Bilkers (NBC) WKAF WRC WGY WOR WWJ WTBO KSD WHO WOW, 0:00 p. m.--Enna JoUlck Songbird (NBO WEAF WRC WGY WIBO WOW WHO WWJ. K f l t u t " fNBC) WJZ KDKA KYW WSM WJR WSB. f:10 p. ni.--T), A. Rolfr nnd Hln nr- i-heutm (NHC) WKAF WRr WWJ KSH W F f O WOR WSB WMC. 10:00 p. ni.--WIH Osbornn and His orchcfitrft (CBS) WAHC WMNC WORC. Duke Ellington and His orchwtvd (NBC) W E A F WOY WWJ KPD WMC W1IQ. It);30 p. m.- Roniiinplll and Hl.t nr* ctientin CBS WABC W M A L W M N C ' WOKC. Vincent liOpvi; and His orcltcslrn (NBC) WRAF WFt KOA WttC. 11;IH p, m.- AwlmiT Pnrk orclinnlrn (CBS) V.'ATIC WHAT. W M N C WORC. Jiie-k A l t i l n (mil His orchestra N B f ) WI'.AF \\Ttr WWJ WOC WHO Art KniHcIlN oiTllf-trn l ' WJX WSJ! WJR WIBO. R ;4S p. m.-13ni't I.ciwn w«l HI* ot- «hOMtrn (CHS) WFAN WJA8 XVMNC WDAY, :(K( p. m.-- Bln:k flnd Gold Room o p j h c u t r d I N » f l W K A F WOC WHO WRC W!Y WOW WSM KHD, :tS p. m.--Hni-ry Tuckor dod His oiThnstru (CHS) WAHC WLHW WHOM WDAY WBUC, ;W» p, m. The I'cp«iodnt proKrf" 1 * (NBC) WJH W H A M K R K A WUC WI.W W J l t . Th«i Crookctt MoiinUlnoors (CESj WAIK; WMAI- wwuv \VAtACj vtw.o wtnw. tlt* p. tn. HCHIIH tiu-ht'Uttn (CHS) WJ'/:. U I N ) V V ( ( t ' Wt.tlW VVMAQ W l ' f O W1MVV !,W p. 01,- Plill f u n k NBCl WJJI VVRO WIW WliKA. ;0n p, tn. RI»fh»Uno [M Radio Dealers* Daily Directory A dtptntlabfo j(tn'(/c! by w!«c.h (o buv H«(f(» ad,' and DECATUR'S MUSIC CENTER «MmyfiT-!Vftl-t,TM A Hflitr A War- Illii. r tlrhHil I'I ilm. K. Itt'A II nil) nl lit-(411,1 SlltJp«Ho HHfttn, nriimwii ll (H«l iitiiRihln rliini«rHItpi, Oilnmhlii * I li-ti rrniriK Itlind l»lninirnl* -- I'flijcr llnl)*-- tllirrl Mllitlt -- MrlliK In'tTMOIPIIM A AIMWinwlM. ,« Mmlr" DECATUR MUSIC SHOP ltd I K, WIIIInin St. CLARION RADIO (or ttacilt." finny Pft mcntit. Sold I'xrliii Iwly nl H. S. Gebhart Co. Edison Radio .Itn wire tn honr ftri'l «( tlm tont i'iv:itlm pt tltf "U'l/unl ()[ ti-ftrlcllv" -- I lit- nt'w (Alison lpht'O-Miillu vmllo tt t't iir*r(Ml- ! Mtvvvclnttti' Snl Haines Essick Co, ,! 1902 - r PHILCO ELECTRIC HEADQUARTERS it) K. C O S T U M E S MASKS A N D MMtfMIFS Haines Essick 431i *| AA nnd Hrlltok«a »r X * VV ALWAYS CAM. . iruirr" Ml N. M»tn Ht, AOJ M«ln Owmirnt, »1.«0 MILUKIN FRESHMEN TEAR DOWN FLAG OF SOPHOMORE CLASS Wur was declared Monday night. Possibly BovftRt grooR'topped Mil- Ilkln unlverNity freshmen didn't real- lie the consequences they may Buffer, but Ihty made an open Insult to the entire nophomora clues of tho university. Slipping along the dark paths o( the west u(do campus, some 26 i'lr»t year utudenta gathered at tho power houtte whore a sophomoro flag hoa been wavin); since Saturday night. W i t h a bit of acrobatic man ire ve ring one unn tinted froshninn ucalcd the Htnoke stuck. A few minutes an otmnlly tnrgo flap bearing !fttter« "ti'twh" fluttered proudly atop the sinoltr stnok. The group chuckle*!, (julotJy, und In a few minutes tho fr call I us slipped hack to tnlngln with their tipper clansman and await the mom Ing. But ha who toughs laitt laughs tTNt, i\t\ thn two cl Bases tindouhedly will t i n t settle tho yearly grudge until th nnmml Frcahmnn-SophO' more buttle during the Homeoomlnfi tott on Novcmhei' 8, uUr (ne Church of Christ Begins Second Week of Revival Mltfh points In Iho history of Chrlsl show t h a t He was IndHCoreTil to t h e matter it Hid reputation Kvti n^cllst K M. Xcrr nald Monday nipht In Cliureh of Christ rr\ Ivol sol-vices. "C'hvlit winio Intrt Chi 1 world to an u n p o p u l a r race and Hn selected Ig norant ftahormen as Hln reprwentn- live men. He ajuoclatcd with pub licana and sinners. Thl« humble life enabled Him to get next to tho people and accomplish His purpose,' the evangelist aald. Services will continue each evening for two weelta. Decatur Group to Attend Tuberculosis Conference Seven Decatur tutwrculoslB worK- era left Decatur Tueadny morning to attend the Miaaifwlppi Valley Confer eno« on TuhorculoaU und Sanatorl tim ftsjociatlon In Bnckford, Trft meeting will oontlnuo until Thursday, Those who are attending thn conference here are: Dr, D, O. N. Llmlberg, Dr. O, 0. Stanley, Mrs, Mary Mo»e, MlH« Rubyo Moahel, MisH Helen Drajor and Mrs. Emrno Hoff. They roprcsftnt tho Macon County Tuberculosis sttnatorlum, Decatur Medical itoclety, and Macon County Tuberculosis and Visiting Nurses ftssofilntion, Council Invited to March in V. F. W. Parade An invUntlon ,wi4H tslcndrrl to tho city council, Monday lo nvireli In the parade lo be stuped on the ni Bill ot Armistice Bay by thd Vet. cranfi of Foreign Wara. Tho Invitation was accepted, AIUllGSTIOO FOB KPKR1HNC Robcit Pploa, 327 South Crna atroei wrin urrmtcit Monduy e v e n i n g (01 B p p f t l i n i ; He plfnded (jullty and was fined $8.40 hy JUHUCB Jamfli G Allt-n. GRAHAM SIXES AND EIGHTS · ALWAYS FAR TN ADVANCE GRAHAM offers this Undeniable Evidence of Leadership in Graham asks everyone interested in quality in a motor car to look at this diagram--to see for themselves how much more Graham offers in value. Here, in the Graham Standard Six Town Sedan at $845, is an abundance of quality-and-value features not found elsewhere at anything like the Graham price. Make for yourself the comparisons which prove undeniably that Graham does give the greatest value in the world at the price. The Graham Standard Six Chassis and Body 1--Rubber mounting of front springs to eliminate wheel fight. 2--Radiator grid to protect core from i n j u r y . 3 -- H y d r a u l i c shock absorbers f r o n t and roar. 4-lJig 12-inch hydraulic brakes, larger size than generally used in this price class. 1--Self-ad j lining spring shackles. 6--High-grade lacquer finish. 7 -- Cam-and-IcYCr steering gear. 8 -- Adjustable clutch and brake pedals. 9--Rubher-cuihioocd rear engine support. 1 0 -- Additional frame cross member it the transmission box, 11--Independent parking brake. 1 2 -- S h a t t e r - p r o o f S a f e t y P l a t e G U u throughout. 13--Narrow body pillars /or unobstructed vision. H--Interior adjustable sun visor. 15--Rubber-covered, steel-reinforced .iteer- ing wheel. 16--Throttle, horn button and light switch above steering wheel. 17--Coincidental lock, locks ignition end steering. 1 8 -- W i d e door openings. 1 p--Adjustable from and rear seats. 20--High-grade hardware of individual design. 2 1 -- Strong, slatted roof construction. 22--Heavily.framed body construction, 23--115-tnch whtieibajc. If*. / gt STANDARDSIXtfCX'R. Vt^l ^ DOOR TOWN SUDAN ^J A jX SundirJ iod SjwtUI S«ti, . $04) up. S * p J * f U nail Spldtl Xiihlv I Ii4) up. Pritei m Victor?, Silor Plx* Win it lonroii utrt coil tot web ff And in addition to the features illustrated above, the Graham Standard Six offers ^ll I these advaawgei-66 horsepower motor with 207 cu. to. dtiplacemetit; 7-bearing I H crankshaft, 81,4 so,, in. of main-bearing surface; full length water jackets; pressure (I 1 lubrieation to all impoftaat bearings; itlcnt chain dme/or water pump and generator 1 DAN W. TAIT Telephone 2-0164 242 Eatt WillUm St. ' DECATUR, ILLINOIS CAR STOLEN FROM GARAGE ATTENDANT FOUND NEAR DANVILLE A coupe stolon from .Mrs. J. K. Hutson ol Dccnlur. believed to have been jiwd In the holdup o( a bonk In Allerton, wna found Sunday In n limber oevun mllos woulh of Danville. The car wa* etolon Thursday night from tho Rattan Tiro nnd Battery station by two baodltf who kidnft||)etl John Fowler, guriig« at- tendnt)t, nnd carried him In the car several nil]en ouut of Dccatur, The Allerton bank ww robbud Friday. SOS incssmrc' In a tin recently found rwa cant it light on the If) yearn old mystery ot the (sinking of a ship In New York hwbor. End Oily, Sallow Skin A llltli CutittiltA jinwil'jr njjiinlclpd tin H 11 PI dutli nn* nititii'il K*ntly nvpr Itic tf,t ri lllii h nlifllt BlulK Filling. nLly nl()im ~ plitn flaw )lln Into HnMnw tiltli). nnil cluniw Din porn" or nil iliifi*. 'lli't iinl |iruvp)itH liUiliIn-iwK H innlt-i Ihd Hhiii fwl i*- nnil )nln)it, HO vnu ulll mil'ir * ufti?j nl^ln'n i LiKt Feels Like New; Bowels Regular LEGAL NOTICE Mud* »h»fl o optit to th* pnWI* for ttnttlnt »n] tiuMIni In *e cord BUM wllh tin "Irish corf* nf ilnnnl"" mil) tli* "Otnui ~ ' at lllliiniri" miM'tu ih*t untwine i* LEGAL NOTICE MBS, LKONA COX gtl Condlt St., Decuiw, HI. "I have uitcd Pura Pepsin tor sonic time ana It aurcly IH a wonderful tonic to b u i l d up the body. "I fiavo been troubled with wtomach and liver trouble and had to be very careful about what. I ate. My liver did not work nt all as It should ana (it cuitvwi my bowels wwts not regular. I wuJi nervous at times and fell very tired and sluggish, "I XUCH3 what I needed more thnn anything was n ifood tonic to build up my system and eliminate all the poisons. Pura Pepsin certainly hue helped me In all lhoa« things and I f«il just like new. I am strong now. nnd slocp well, have a (tood appetite nnd my bowels arc regular. My liver seems to "bo Jn better shape filnco tailing Ps.rn Pepsin. I Hnow that thin new tonic helped me and I am only too glad to rncommcnd )t to others." Secure your liotllc of Psva Pepsin today at the Qu»k«r Drw Co,, Dcw- tur, III. Tin LauJi in «l niililo u" miiieluirle* fur HAnif «in1 tfiuitu MnlH KIM) wltii tiitl. nmlH, nuil » run)|ili.e. litlihiu, )hntvhltiit nTid gmiriiAL Auttluui rvcr^nth^hM ground* iilniU iim In nmil tir tiuinliiB, (lihlnN OF (iHhlnff 4r tM4r|tliitf lio iiuunJid.'!! ih*.rn[ti, SIO«IH tiiai iht ilcuiiriiiuint i»cr «»triy mix (iroduory 01 d«tru«(vi »ulnml« 't lilrdn on Hiirh I ii n'l«, or rtmovo rougli or undojulnOrlo (kb rtiiui tiTr.hiLivon. Thp limrin »i ««' until" "' MnniHirtfK for tttam ntji) ^ji»i* ^»0i* tin) ^Ilit in^i. itmN ninl to thii .flfftrutttrpi H)IH|| li^p hAu- illu'l ny 111(1 UPII« flirt out In ti^'oiilnlppu WLlh ifliii llioHl (VFtH f .VPiJ Pip-lhiiilfl '»f fm*- fltilry hmlni ilun t'i:iiil 'it ill* i-tiimiir- vjvtioll nnd prr»r^ullrtlk of M^frlUr T)ii l«(iinttni-nt nmy ituvil* iiitt In ft' cimd out} liuildfuil iK.tvM til* T.uOi *PI^ DKiuimiiil nui'H of Hit' I ii ml H(.j»Lrl ui). 1»r ill* iiroil«lTM» nf (Inn AM i" tu» pi iijucilun ot Krlltl 4l)linljt(r for tfm\ inf wnff HlnJ tfunin lilriln uliti fur xvLli] HlilniHljt. Tliii d*!""!'"I"I niny plu tlie woih imi'ii' wiry tu wsiliiTM ililn smlii «' imiy I'' 11 "" tliii I MI.! tn oUi^rn nli'i nDI iin»iu«i Inc cialhi tut IL until runt ttiiu In tum.imury In ili« hi P.I 11 ty . KO 1)11)1 .if )('!! Illlil* V '« ""I pltWI 1 * (4/r CKhEtlff null Jmnlinif llJly IIP l"hJii"l i ti-i-o ii I roi Uio Lirudu.'Uuli i.t if ml ii · UllIIVU iJI'lvlllllll llUl (Ml! I)' llflllllll'lll "' Cunfluirvntlijii miiy li i ft» J ii n li»l^ n f 't d* k in nil nut a nli) i) (nr u^ncrtil i o TMiU»n I" npisiclultoi)ii «ir rtrKHlil/^iloiiJi itrwun\t°i) lur )iiiliiarii1iii)ni t'»iK"'«i "i" 1 nut fur li''Hi, m Doy ui:oiitH, HIM f· null', t;m)ii)ti. li'»« IlilBpiil", )iuif) nnrt i-ivli' I'litl.ii, (ipiiii buruiini! ma J.ilmr utuiiiiiiiitlipiiH noil Jiki. ( Kif;.!il/ii[)iiiiDi tur n i)p,iiilnii) ti.mnl p 11.11 (PI OIVA.'ll fl'tP lptlfltn t"T HltllllliP H'xl for * 101 m nf 1*11 lo CHJ-PJCI! fi%pi j*ti PU IPIIL noi morn ilimi (lt» «'t»« null Im LiinHO'L to nny oini KI'OUJP nr oninnlni!»n All lliol^ux do riH h rlviiil tvllitll lj* luplil n^tu Iliu tmwrvutfoii nni( tiil;ltt imt^iiilvn Uiltti 111 Dit Htulu tl«HUI'. The l*tpiinii«iii of ''·miii'nimwi '"" i kp.iu ItrPl to HX«'IH1 JS |l"l ii'lll IP. '«'· liurii -il.i-ii (u Dip. inllill. f"l Ullilliit mi'l )|p|illl»V fp^r [P I..HIPII "f li'il lo · Irti-I uii'i r 1 ir "».I iiiuJiliiit fiHhiiiii miti hviniinit tllOlvlll 'IlllLllB n'Kh twllO'l I" OlU»r 1) liiTIDlt Itnli ami llfliw I" l I "li" «""·· I I Thn HKIIIIUM-, ml" nllil i.llri-nlini .p' tin- hwiili) unO llin u. i] til HI i lot: nnrt mi- i.,Mls!ijii.'iu o( ilm Hlrilo-M-JiJe jpyjitpun «f It r« ri-iulon Kiouniln. uii'l norjllihiu in- i-l.tcHtnl ttifHitn, BluUl h» umlfir tin ("ii- I ' l n l H!|)l!l vlnlwll nllil . U I U I U I ut I tin ).!· iMiiiniMnt or ' on*'ivjilii», iititpjo't ' tl» i PI|P]IIOVK| nt I Ii'i K.n'ttnnr 'I'll" Ji. ('Brt-l 1 I I M M I T I I I ) m'! illriTii'd in l"lnp n l m l i u f i , Lllll'IIH inHf/ 1PI lpi'11 HKHfy tO raTIj t l t J IPtPlJ'lP* [I., IP« 1-nnitsl nmt »o!il nnil i' "i"" Hi" '! njntcrn DI cou.-n'iintl.pJi Hurt jurtol^lllll 1.p hit ItiUUIfrrt ItttPl icl litillntH'pJ. . Ihiini 14 liaii-lty crgliti'tl piti *i1vlniy ' IrPJdfrl I'l Lit httl*Wh H* t * I O l .rilH, rVAltgl! J AiMl tint 1 i errant Loll hoiiKl p L o^i4lMlijtf 'f H P V C I P III- Plll't'l" 10 ll* inj.ullltlll llX Hi" I v. IMi llio ol tliu Huinil.r [ c l £ iliit in.imb.'ru rif tliln 1 ril, onu Hhnll i initnilMtr of or«niilriij lulioi, 'iim » urngii liromluont In rorimtiy unit i..riir.-1-irilloii i K:inliil1oti Iniuniiliiit In luitillp |plny. ' pcroutiilH tit nthur Mho rf.oj#hlL«nuiL itiipiitiTii, ^ mi.) a piotnDjpiit ftrii).-r ni)il IIMJ vi-r»p]iih wljo nn* ^Hiitiintiin luoiunjuii. pjf ihlw , ami*. , , . Of Din miiiulHrn ut (.u-'li tjppiiJ fliiPl ; inrnt of ttvo yvurw, i w o frir K t*rin nt 1iir ! th.i thhtl M.pintHy Iti Jni^ittjt^ ] 9 M , | pun! Ulllll (lli'lr MIH. pinion nru t.|iii«lni*it · unil dUnlULi-il 'riiticull. r iWr KUr'piHUoJp' i ii hull li.pjrt for · 1-nii i[ nil yuain. lj, u | iuan! ni utiy t!nm for fniitiiu u ittrir v»t ihn JuiUhpi hot f iii nr for miy oOittr niihcoptiluct Ln orrloo. TJi*. t*ioniijoi« i of thl* liontrt nhnl] r^ri'lvn n PIT illem ·( t l.i.l In (· I !···! !l tP'JI llpilldft l"ff J"!" Htlil uliull h" r.ljnliuiwil tir ihih 11.111*1 ill. i r.i-nnn lin'urrcil nhllv jvniif.iimini: iti.n ihnlurt llltilrr tllin A r u ^on*p of th until. l.rtu pif oU'O; 'Jiniiil l,0«rJ ihLill I'D nn I'ltlltloyun nf 1)11. titiilu nor nliril! »uy mull- Lo. li» ltitAr*.blH.I, tllrr^tly or liirlin. \ \ j , , In dm miJii tif iiny iiro(»rtr nmulrc! tin- Ui^r tfi. 1 l.r^vthlotlH of llllf Ai, I J f tiny fliip.h tuijiilip-r Jn Liititijii-prt In thn nuli of Int on tht |ir*otdlni UnriiiilHr, 'i'hd Uavornoi* book! uuil ·(fillTM *l lnllfiM to ih« work i? iiii nuciiinJ ^n *iu)i ymr. I tl. Tllu liiglll'l IK til* ttniJ liUlihu innfiotUoii Funil £r*ut*d by ll)HBr Dlv tiloVlHlqlM lit "All l\''l I* "IVll* ili4 JAW In ri'lnttDn (o Hit LvtinnrMLf ion of Hill. til»r'"li. troMI M'O tlltltd* In (III ttHttt of Dllnalu nhd to prnvM* livunlrlitfi ffii tliv vMmil'tn tlmnvwr Ati4 (u M]#al nil Am ID coiiflki wJLIi ilifi Ant, "An Uio Juun at. Ill), u «n4 . , , ,v i in ravin* (h* IHW hi r«)Atlj)i t i»tiu!Miilon of f ADI*, wild mrim-iTu, fuwlii and li|tl)l til lh« StHl* of ))tl. rtn^ HI r.rovl.14 |iivli4ltli.i foi Mi* il.Jii iliMi^uf nutl 1o t pppul nit Atn lNJUrr ^llh lllltt AvT.' h ll^llln*i"j Jiillt. 'jii. HI 11 n i nil i| 1 1), nlmti DHntl llji' ffiui tmi.ii LEGAL NOTICE KdhUk**, wn, HartKh, ;hlop«l«N, UtDdlit, Umnlr gultivy, lr*»rUM«K*. JMtunm ituN. MMtMin, viillntlli*, Otlln, lM!n*on. vln*y, U tJitlovlll*. CMlKlln, Mt Vtr flaJ.l, l;p)Ql|.|ll,, liiiiiibuiH, c*lr«, KW*, I'untlii-i K roiii 4VIIIH, Wliuwtp, Hi. U«l(»tli, Mooruomii, tttttfpiM, MiiiiiiH)!. 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