The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. "THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY. JULY 7, 1923 eand Financial News of Hutchinson AMY B AS INVESTMENT I"Ws Fact Would Indicate the Time is Here For Prospective Home Owners. f **In thn reports of pales niadn through the. Ileal Kstnte Hoanl office It in especially noteworthy that a pf <n] lumber ot people nm buying mi pros- Hit market viiliioR for InveMmi-ut pi; r- fftSOH," aiiyit lion V. j.ambnrn, Realtor. "This faet alone is i\ prime reason *hy those rnnU'iiiplMini; the purchase &f n honif! Hhoulil make a special effort lo do so now. Kvcry one wan'.- ; to buy Dn ft rbintf market but it. is th,< wise •s hi '•Ml'! on thd Man -who nmli low." The T #;uMhi !fn Armey has been in- Btruinental lit moving many Hut chin- pop j »ri »pt'rtl )'K In tin- (Hint few month:' tunoiiK which h«ve 1K:< n the- aalea or the follow in K: ni.TfMii-*' M. lU-.rnnnl io U C. Mt- Tver the property located at fiOft iiit hiiiinp I'-.itin; 1 >I• k uf i;niuiul nortiun Mr. ?.1<•Iver turritd property at Mb Ka,t mill 17 8th Kast, the latter h> l.'ff,' ••< Vii (limbic [•}**(•<• at rear or th- Mi'tiu.ilist Miwpltal. O. I'.!. l>n^«f.. to barrel A. llrilhart inodern resilience ut tlUfi North Ail- Ruy.->; Carey HIMI Rotate I V to Carrie A. Hums, resident;!' in Carry vlllo; E. K. U.tiinll to Kreil La v.* m uu, 10 acn? tract mi 4th Avenue Kast; F. \V. Law iua:i In .1 .P. Thompson, rofddonee sit 31MI.S IJ Knst; John M, Mnrltii to J. A. Ilisnii K.-r. resilience at I'll &th Knsl; ('. M. liol>i;irion to Mrs. j. A, Snxton, n -Bhlt-ni r Kl iUit mil Wost; Charles to 1:1arl Moore, L! aeC'H on s oad; Kranii Smth. to M. A. ct*r, r "si (!cnre at. 7'c.i SI h lCa?l; . l.amborn to Ooorjie Turner, e lit 2ml Hth Kast. Several i.. liaiuileil iii nlhi'i' towns are the flinch hi son Homo Improvement Co. The cottage of Cot;.Thompson Improvement Co. at IPSO 3rd Kust TVUM M(il*l to Willinrt MeMulHu. The acre traet with modern dwelling of .Huh Hurt on un 2-lfh West In Wooilbluy Heights,, was luihl to A. 1). Stewart. REALTORS FOR GROW TIRED WAITING FOR LOWER PRICES McNaghten Company Reports Active Buying of Vacant Lots in City. Tho MrNiiKhli'll ]nv( pany rtpnrts ilmt. ]n^t viii.'ttit i*rosif-rty was <JI ninn;!i more ilil to |>Oi>',ill" IM^-.r.'t'. - ;! KiBlilH.i rvaj ..]'c :n l ;ni! fi't i Cof-Thompson Denl^. 1" I;: 'I'll.. Till K:, nil;'. Till' Mini I',: Ri;-, III i-;. liiulili; Cr-w . f'Ulili; l'i • I::.;: tn-.-l li'mw-tiic.'iit Vo. 1(1- • UniiKiilnv.' nt fill .sohi in lli-nie Srh- ii h<'ini. at in uli! I" 111'' lliitiliin ii-iii en. |HH-.'!i .l V 1:1 ll, . in: ;iU"s, in •til Illvd., M' .1 lllilljl.'. I I'..- !nv.',i 111. Ill III 111 ll I' ill II!.' 'tlHI 111* naii j.iii.iiiisi-il Two ut . iv. i llii.ill, l.ciiiir a .i'l, ,,n J2||> w.-. liln-1; m t- Willi i -xp'-.-iril to lmilil on till!, i' lots than 1liry iiavn ynlil during nny oilier iiionih tiiln >tnr. A lot of 1 'eoiili'. niailo up thi-ir inillitvi that the cost oFciui-l prysi'nt iitnii.'tloi) 1^ nut ^oip^ to bo a proal. { funflitl.i tlMii In..,, very Fooii, and that llioy will go ahead anil build thopo house:* now, anil the dit'ferenee In the amour*!, tlie.v will have to pay In liuliiliii.c: material and genera! cost of onnsii'uctiun will he ofliiei hy [lie amount of rent t.hey would have to jiuy If they wait. As ro .TU 'areil to tho rrlro.i of property In oilier towns, Hutchinson property Is from U» to 25 per cent letvs, ami offers an attrfu'tivo Invesfment for hoine owners. INSURANCE FEATURE HELPS LAND BUYERS Tho feature of iiH-liranca as appiiivl to the home owner and farm ov.*:ie w)ui find It necessary to carry a ninrt-' KL^tce in completL' payments through a p« riod uf years, l>: ort'erofl a Je .-tv Herv!er> l ,y ihn 11 nl rh i nson 1 nv (?st in en t Conipaay. thioiij;h polirifs v.Titten by one t>f I be lead tni: lns«r «tnoe Con»- ]>;tnie:;. the A>'Uja l^l'e. 1-Vr r.\;im!>'«'. tlte home or furni hnyer who ciiiTh'.s a !J:Vn"'i.0o nioi'ti:af;e. may. hy a premium payment tit less than 1 addition;!! i n "i AfNrr c j( V U.-resi , ?.rrnr" uh-olnlc jirotet 4^, yol ^ Soutli Side Should be Granted Equal Facilities For Children Board Declares. The MutcliiiiJiim Ileal Estate hoard by unanimous ii'tion lias endoiiied the aWioii of tlie I'o.'ird of ICdurrntion ami ihe pctitkins of citizens :or u bond issue to ('over i oiisinirtloii oE the. new 1 Maple nl.reef school and improv*;meiHH i-o hadry needed at the Sherman Junior hlph Hchool, In taking this action th-(?. boutd acted on the reiorts of enm- inittfe which has gone into tlu> neyd for the Ixind is^uc The LOiiuniHoo found tlifit the I '-chnol patron^ of the south end could not he f-'iven a standard of service in th" old Imilding in its overcrow do d and run down nditlon consistent, with tho ataudard uf the IlutclihiMMi schools. The board feels that the need for the improvements is a genuinii one and amguutinft to a near necessity. If. was also pointed out that tho per cent of taxes paid by the citizens in the Maple school district was sufficient to more than justify the expenditure considering tho improvements that have been made in other parts of the city. Must Keep-Up With Growth. Cone role reason* why tho ileal Estate Hoard of Hutchinson ban declared in favor of the bond IMRUO for new school buildings and additions to thee e already hi use, are four in number: 1 1. Ileal Estate men being familiar with the needs of every section of the city, and reaihiin*: perhaps more than in OH t citizens just where the need ex,\ ists, believe that the city should ex- i pand ks school facilities to keep puce j with the growth of the city in population. That Hutchinson ia steadily | L -ro"\\ini: is shown hy the assessor's re- i port of population, and hy th^eunsus | as taken by the school hoard of chili liren of Hchvol age. H this were not j enoUKh. theie is ampl REAL ESTATE BAROMETER, 4> f * •4- Heal estate btilea and e\- >r •t> clian^o.s as reported by the Real Estate Hoard for the v. eek end^ Int' July 7: <i- Valuation <?> Sales oily property, K & fieven : f3n,<»5<> I'Virni property, one ?H ,00O 4* New 'bulldiuirs, six 51,250 Total all hiliorin;: men employed and wlren jobs will he more scarce thrxn at other times in the yenr. 4. We all recognize tho need of keeping the town in lino with other progressive," oltioa, and providing the impetus toleeep the town growing. It is easier Co keep moviu <fi while we have lite am up, than It is to sturt moving after we po iU:ad. The ts>mmer- cial and property interests of thp uity will be benefitted by the epcndini; of U }ls money and Lho mahins of Uws iinprovement. \ HARRY TIDD HAS BOUGHT DAIRY FARM NEAR SYLVIA Will Stock it With the Best Grade Dairy Cows and Make •' i it Pay. "Hurry Tid.I. pavement contractor and uneo Veprosentattvo of tho pav- IIIK brick association for Kansas, his homo in Hyflo park, hna boitiilit a tlslry farm two miles north of Sylvia on tho paved federal aid OTHER TREATMENT FAILED—CURED WITH " MAGNECOIL BLANKET I am •wrltiiiB to toll you my nppreci- aliun of Hie MAllNKt.'Olb. 1 had tieen to -Exeelslor Spriags, Missouri twice, receiving some rnliet whilo llicrc. I had been on crutehus off and on for two years with rhtiii- mat-isin, lieurUin arirt tliRbetri*. I had despaired of being 'better and was down with nervous prostration, when one day my husband helped me . out on the porch. While si!.:aj; mere Consideration by tho Real Estato I ntii 0 Francos Dean, who was takins board is bcliiK Riven to Hie problem of, treatinent.'! of Mrs. Thur!>er, passwl or!;ani!!<"d truck turniins about Huteh-j hy wheeled in a wheel chair by her inson. It has been pointed out that • 3 i«ter. I watched her go by for about the growers are. overlooking the op- j v um - weeks and hnd noticed that aho portunities for a ready market In nut ( could niH walk at all. Pinudly, when '" '*"" J 1 saw her miking, 1 called her to the READY MARKET HERE FOR TRUCK GARDENS lilKhway ot tho New Santa Vo Trull. It is -10(1 rfcres and was 'bought of O. ti. H|niihaw of Sylvia, e^tonding along the hnrd rond for a mile. "It Is not wheat land," Mr. Tidd said today. "I ara going to stock it ncjth COWB and make It a dairy farm, putting n good man on It and guttlnK a couple of cars of tho best dairy cattle." Mr. Tidd has been trying to get a fnnu along tho hard road for yearn that suited him and ho has found one that ho wants. And ho doesn't pretend that he's going to try-'growing wheat, either. JULSE 8 CO. ARCHITECTS Hoko BuJldJc* HUTCHINSON, KANSAS / Sloux'Clty Dos Moines, la. being able to supply the demands at a time when tho produce men are readj to receive it. A committee has been appointee! to go Into the matter. YEOMEN OFFICIAL HERE. rowdOil condition of liuiidinjts all It is said chat Hutch- ; - pur- -l.'i ft. ' a;ul from foreclosure in c; or total disability. In lirotfM .la his famiiy against obligation.; he ban -uHsiiined. am! ih>- interest I'aJi- 1 would only bo ine.rei , M Ml a bunt 1' this protection featui'e. LET SCHOOL CONTRACT by 1 't ltiy :in jiurcii ; : he noo "hh - •••-ierl> hei,.= i o;n<' ImpVoV' :;•;!;;;; s-ite in l .oi u.M was Air. J'eni.;h li used two 1'Uildiiip v\: on u:-:i w- st r\> d to ihe Hutch- nu-Tit io. the 1700 Mock on 'old to Curtis K, already stsrl'-d eon- : t; act io: of a bungalow on tin* Tie- *; (juist at mom cotiaR'' 1 < Rtmth Map! Hoisington Man Gets Job of Con- Rtructing High School at Wilson Sinil h-KnK'H'.rh. architects, lot tho ton ::':u'ts for the construction of a ue'.v hiuH sehonl \>uilduiu at Wilson. Kan . wliich * hey had designed, recently. A h'.v Heli v.- of Hoi sins:! on was civ u the g'-nc'i-al contract al ? a -. oThe healing and pluin'tinp comra;: .vas let to Malone ft Co. wt Lih. ral at Sl'M'fHt and the electric wfr- f K. C Aim- IUK contract was let to .lohnsuu and • was sold to Yoxall of Wakeency at $1,875. e J ,i,, . t '' l .V" n Tinsou has built several new buildings ,of hi* ^athl^ Ui|i ]uBt ffiw ywirs> Thj3 l8 true \\a> a man . ^ ^ fl , rtlimil ,.] y stl _ because the city I has n*own so last that it. lias been absolute !>• necessary. Jn spite of this fact there is pressing need for additional room. 2. There is a feeliup among tho people of the .section of the city south of the Rot.k Inland railroad, that their pan of Hut chin ^o;i doe;-; not receive its fair proportion of public improvements, and thai other sections of the city have better school facilities pro- viib tV This is admitted by all, and the present move for a new, strictly modern building at Maple Street, will help correct thin injustice. Will Furnish EmplaymenL 3. Ur.tler the pre^eni plan, these Improvements would he under construction during the coming winter, when we will be especially anxious to travo Director Vroom*^ of Kansas City Visits Hutchinson Again. Mr. C. L. Vrooman of Kansas City, who is a director oT the llrotherhocd of Amei-ican Veojueu, and aifio a niein- uroof in the ! lii llle *- ( - l ' !li ^i^ee on location of '' the proposed Chf.dren"s Home, was interviewed by members or the Real Estate bovjrd while in Hutchinson yesterday. Mr. Vrooman a tales that Hutchinson hay at least a fair chance to secure the loraliou of this home. Ho comnieniod on the sph?ii*ijd reception given the Yeomen officials when they were in Hut'dnntion on June G'h, and slated that President Frink thought t.hfr Huti:hlnson Chamber or Commerce was the mo.-.t wide awaHe comuiercial ortTanixation he had ever seen. Tlicst; officialH were all well pleased with the show iii^ made by | IllIJ-irMATlSM Huuhin&on, and it is beijL -vod all are ' of open mind concern in;.: ihe. claims of this city as a location for their Children's Home. porch and asked her what kind of treatments she was taking. She said, "K!-.*ctric." 1 allied her of whom. She said, ' Of Mrs. Thurht-r. at \TS B. l»th Street." 1 said. "How do you feel now? • sTio said. "Klne, but I did fee -1 like 1 vaa a thouKuud year^^old and 1 lhi ;v'r; you A\ ill get well if' v you go thei^.." 1 went that afi-ernoon. My husband carri.'d m» to the ufiice. -1 batiKht. a Jilankct and in six months was »?n- tirely well and I am now in charge of our grocery Htore. I would not give up my iMAONK- COIL !'cr any amount of money. If I could not pet another. It is the doctor in our home. I will triadly write anyone and te*ll them just how it TTUS. Yours very tni!t\ M 'RS. IJ. A. SHHONKKEFT, ;H(i8, Starr Street, Lincoln. Xebr. P. S.™c \lis3 J'Vancrs Drmi, whom the MAONKCOIH cure.I of infantile uaralysis. is now a 'heautifnl young ' nd in perfect health. Sffv 'House Permanent' Gift to Women As Inspiration for Better Homes NEED DIRECT ROAD TO . CONNECT WITH WICHITA It is reported that one thousand ami ten cars with tourists going wrai. passed through Kingman the other day over the Cannon Ball hlRhv .ay. Itis pointed out by Realtors that a large number of these travelers would come through Hutchinson if some direct highway could be opened uy between here and Wichita. XKI'IUTIS 1HAHETKS N'K IIVO I.-'S PROBTRATI O N 1 INKAXTII E J'AJIAI.VSIS MAGNECOIL SALES CO. 315 No. Adams St. Hutchinson. The State of Kansas Invests in Municipal Bonds * Kansas has a revolving school fund of approximately $11,000,000. The state law provides that all municipal bonds shall be submitted first to the management of this fund and it shall have the prior right to subscribe to each issue. When the state of Kansas reserves the right by law to the first chance to buy municipal bonds, private investors can accept without question the security and desirability of this class of investments. The recommendation* of the Brown- Crummer .Go. on any issue is a further guaranty of safety. Tho , non-taxable feature of these securities is particularly attractive to experienced investors. Without cost cr obliantUtn write for vur "Monthli! Infuriiuititm Circular,'* which (fits about itvii-taxvjile JIHI/H- cipul bonds. = 1 " Waver tfieLoss of a. Cent in. --jJPi-mcipal oclnterest to any Investor" The Brown- C rummer Ca {^INVESTMENT SECURITIES y/ICMITA.,KAJSTSAS . j m WITH THE REALTORS / There is & now Jionso In Washington, 1). C, Just Grouted and uodieuted Py President Harding, that Is ot more ttttereat lo women all orer the nation Jbnn any other structure that was or built. It Js called "Home Sweet oino" and pIcurM a now phaso of e Diovoment lor croatlag tetter bomec In A.raerlca, Thin IIOUBO cornea fcery n&&r tonint tha whole »tory pWeh thy women In a taouu&ud cltioe .vo txi in thoir thought tor looey 5. tojnt 6we«t Home," which marked boglrminc 61 ta$ton«2 Better tM V«*k and 1* & oopy ot the lOVU old borne imiaortaJlaed by {ha td John I tow ml Payne, van of the pest truuerlijo )movm »nf iparf ^rlth trrWf mod ore »pnt . It *o deodjd to the NO. i\ redamtlon pt womea's OWb» i« miAaAtlnei by jtbern p A p«r- ient «fdirt)Ukis of tho advantages tiling the bedt materials and ftuuly- fd Ciat Uioiiorn »cienco can vro- 1», tnd U in tuaplratloo to Uio te buildeji* ot the ti»tloa U> talts Ivaittago of the r«U modern home mvsniences ftnd permuueut ftcon- Tho thought beWnd thlB homo la 'ibis: The earning power of the avor- mMB AioCTlean has lucreased rapidly lm Co ixaist few years. He and his family aro better fed, better clothed, and (with the auto, and radio and movie) better eivtertnlnod.\ But they are not belter bouaod. 'i'iie standard of living has Increiisort j sheet mold), riiis-hingK aud vallayn of tho bUiudard of hoaiilug haa not; copper, aud pluinbliiK pipe and hard Lout yaee. U« iiUll builds housua thai ] wuru of brHUti, teaehea tho oaino lea The McNajrhtr-n Inv. Co. Bold D. E. Jaek a building location In Pores! Parlt this lact week. They also sold Mr. flight foot a Farmlngtou tract this week. The McN'aghten Investment Co. re- porls, tUVoiigh the Ed M. Moore agency, the sale of the prorortv at 72fi Hast Third ptm-l. from J, C. 11c- Kagliten to A I Cni-r. Th'.' Hutchinson Investment Co. report.-; the BII iu of M4 Etut Seventh street, to P. H. (Ugh through Conner and Ijyik. Cojijicr and i)ycl; Jinvi;. r'.p.>rl i d the »»k ft the p5operty r.t "l.'W West Fii 'ih to >'ura SehuberL Som .M. Ll. Ariciii- bahl. tW 'Ol 'ge ShaliT, J'onrierly of St. .John but for some time past a rcMidctit^i .if HU'LCILIUHOU hay uiibii; iated hiin^olf -with the Lamborn agency iu the aale of city property. The Hutchinson Investment Company reports tho exchange of the J. C. Fant property In Hyde park to M. L. Olson of Conway Sprin'gs, This home was built hy R. N. Powell and is one of the heat homi-ii in the oity, reprr-Hcntlng an Investment of about $20,000. Mr. Olson will make Ida home, iu HuUshlUb-on shortly. A well im -i proved farm near Conway Springs was given In exchange. ( I The Hutchinson Investment Co. re-j ports the sale ot the property at 1149 | Bast Fourth, belonging to F. M. Houston to Viator Vlgnutl, formerly of Wichita. Tlie property at tho corner of Campbell and Walnut, consisting of an acre and a half and improvements, belonging to the Albert Smith estate, has been sold by the Hutchinson Investment Co. to J. W. Puckett. You Cannot See the Future Only From Past Experience Do You Know— are Investintr in Kansas Real Great Organizations Estate. Millions of Dollars of Insurance Money is Coining to Kansas. Tli ere is No Better Place to have your Savings than in Real Estate. \Vhcn a better world market develops, Kansas is sure to be enriched, v the time to consult a Realtor. hare to b« constantly jwn«wed. He baa not learned In house building the lesiiou of good materials that his wife learned long ago in tho buying of olothes aud foods. Ills hoiuie, as eoon as complete-, 'begins to decay and at once takes on a "third mortgage" of replacements. Ho buys cord tlrod fot his car foe- caimo they are cheaper iu the long run. "Home Sweet Homo" with roof, »on. I>at»or Is high, andiQie hest economy Is to Install only the most durable materials. Xtust insurance, which Is provldod by the use of «>ppor and brass, is quite <is nocosBury as tire Insurance. Tho lesson taught by "Home Sweot Home" is that better buildings mean better niatorlala. The women of America deserve tho best and at the same time the most economical oou- (i!rilctk«i to house that most vital element In future Americanism, the homo. Consult a Realtor! Fontron Loan and Trust Ca B. C. Getter D. A. Moore Corey Real Estate and " t Inv. Co. ^ McNag/hten Investment Co. Coe-Thomaon Improvement Co. Ed M. Moore Hutchinson Investment Co. Miller and Eby " Boost for Hutchinson! Ralph Glascock | ;•' King Brothers 1 Lincoln S. Davis ji Ben V. Lamborn Brown Brothers J. N. Bailey and Son Conner and Dyck Drehm Realty Co. The Klnkel Agency Hall Abstract Co. (Affiliated Member.) Flew on 80th Birthday. (Los Angeles, July 7.—James W. Helnecko colebratod the eightieth an-1 nlversary of his folrlh by tmriUnK a | flight In an airplane. "That's what I've -wanted to do foV | Juat fifty years," he Bald. CONSULT A REALTOR HUTCHINSON REAL ESTATE BOARD A Solid Interest In Your Community The Younger Generation. "I have a mind to give you a whipping," exclaimed the oxasporated father, "Well, dad" replied the athletic youth, "maybe you can; but If you succeed it will bo tjome Hem for the sport page."—IJoston Evening Transcript. ESTATE Nearly every woman loves to r'ecall tho tlmo when tho doctors nearly gave | her up,—Atchison Globs.

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