Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 16
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B-8 Alton Evening; Tclnerpph Tuosdny, January ~\. interest RATES >OWM nge. You'll fall comfortable home, 27,500 CONFUSED? When you're not familiar with all the complexifies of buying a home, it's time to consult with someone *"lio works with real estate day in and day out. M.iy we help you solve your home-buying problr;r-,s ? NORTH ALTON Comfort, roiivriiieiice mid eonleiitiiieiit ! This I lieilrooni homo li;is all Hirer points. A fr;iine liiiiiuiilo\\ \\illi :i CO'/.y livinif room, lorm;il dinini; room, pleasniil Uifc'lien. •; baths. Full hasenient. <i:is lirjil. ( ;i!l us s now to SPC this r:irr li;ii'K:iiii! GODFREY A "vest pocUct" farm — M\ I-; A( I«I,S! This .1 lieilrooni home is .just riRht lor the (srinvini; himily. II features n large liviliu; room, tliniun room ;!in| liileli"ii. I nil liasemenl. Fruit trees. A liarn for your child's poii\. There's lots ol spiu'p for the 'green-tliiiiiilier'. Slinlnlj siihiirlian Iml convenient for all your needs. Call us SO I flfjfl for an appointment "I ^UUU MIDOLETOWN Hore.'s an opportunity lor Mr. l'ainil.\ .Ainu to\ life ill a fine neiRhliorliiiod. You'll ln\e tin- ".t'^' Ihinn room, llie 18' x I';' dining room and Ihe larjje liitelieli \\itli an ndjoiniiiK lirenUlast room and a i ,ni\ enieiil »all< in paiilr.N. See the i< larici- liedrooms \\itii man\ elosels. There's storage spaee galore \\itli additional sloraue spnee in llie walk-lip attic. Full liasemenl \\ilh workshop. I)onhle uar- in lo\e \\ilh Ihis liriKlil. !S I A Qf\(\ A woiiderlnl hu.\ al I **l3UU NORTH ALTON You'll the air ol uracioiis i'oi'malil> in the laruo rarpefed li\inn room \\ith the lriendl.\ \iarmlh of a corner fireplace. The formal dinini; room will accommodate the larnost family. There are I sunny liedrooms and '! hnths. 1/arne kitelien. lOnjoy the enclosed simroom oM'i- lookliiK a, terraced garden. (ias hot \\alcr heal. I 1 nil hasement. You'll appreeiali the aucless lieaiily and sturdy construction of this fine home. See it with S US. ('lose (o Hie Cathedral BRIGHTON Clean, fresh air every day is just one ol the nian.v pleas uri-s awaiting you in this L.AKKSIIM'; home. The lar^e li\- illK 1 room with its lou linriiinu lireplace vrealcs the ideal atmosphere. The attractive for I diiiinu room is only n step away I rum the convenient Uilelien. ; restful lied- rooms with ample close! spaee. (ias hent. Central air. Full liasemenl. Thermopane sliding glass doors to a sun dock. You'll he proud to play host in this cleverly designed ranch home with carefree aluminum siding .S It's a liuy — come see lor yourself GODFREY Head every word carefully liccanse this may lie .\oiir future honic! A delightful split-level home in the suburbs featuring a nice carpeted living room, sunny kitchen with beautiful cabinets and built-in range/oven. .'! lied- rooms with ample closet space and a co/y family room for the Uids. <ias heal. Situated on a nicely landscaped lot. The price is reasonable and you ran move in anytime UPPER ALTON There's room for the whole family to havi 7 room carefree aluminum sided home with a pine recreation room in the lull basement, features H liedrooms, :: baths, large living dining room and cheerful kitchen. Ampli Gas heat. Central air. (iarage. You may have immediate possession MILTON "Neat and Trim" describes this attractive with a. carpeted living room, •• nice bedrooms, kitchen. Full basement. Comfortable gas heal, urn storms and screens. An attractively $ Icept yar'd. Close to wciiools GODFREY A home appealing to the budget as well as the eye situated on a 150" x I'-JiV sile. There's a :M' v Hi' formal dining room, large kitchen and closed porch. (ias heat. (iarage. Thi redecorated. This house is empty * I I QfiH airtl you can move right in • • J«*vU NORTH ALTON Hero's a home with character that will he lovelier with the years. It's situated on the Wnfls ol the Mississippi. A lovely IJ story brick home featuring a rose carpeted living room with a log Uvii-uinn tirepluce. Furnuil dining room and the, large kitchen with 'Is 'companion breakfast room offers 11. combination of charm and utility. You'll he pleased with the :j large bedrooms and a ".T \ ".'^ bedroom with bath upstairs. Also a 'J.Y \ -M' family room with fireplace. The numerous closets arc a housewife's dream. Gas hot water heat. Full basement with workshop and storage area. Garage. Located in -me of S OO F Alton's choicest residential areas Uilji GODFREY 18,800 19.900 hobby in this large knotty This home room, formal c.loset space, 21,000 Inline a sunny Aluiniii- 12,900 living roiiiii, lieilrooius. I'ln- honie is ne\vl.v S Fr( fsis- \\r inn cry annle .you'll lind lliis 7 room brick ranch home i •!«. A warm, liospilnlile Ion luiriiiiiK lirrplaee up (he larue earpeteil livinn room. h'ormnl tlin- .001)1, II bedrooms, I 1 - liallis. The 'ilreinn Uilelien \\illi 31,900 hililt-iM ranni'/oven anil ilisliH aslier is a rook's <h'li|;lit. Clean Has Ili'lit. New central air. Also a fireplace in tin- immaculate liaseinciit. Take llio first slep to S< hotter liviiin l>.v calling us no\\ •'. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS TCvory won will love the inucnioiis kileheii with its ninny l»uilt-in leatures in this K ritom Itrirk split level home. Krom the I'n.ver you'll stroll into a siinm earpeled living' room and heyiind Ihiit, a den. There are :t lovel.v liedrooms :inil 1 '^ Imtlis. The large liuttilv room i 1 -' perlecl for entertaining. h'till finished liasemenl. (ias hot water baseboard heat. Aluminum storms and screens. .Attached garage plus a carport and sun deck. A S ma^ic (ouch has made this a heaiililnl In GODFREY The resale value of this hriek and frame split-level home will improve over Ihe yours because of llie excellent location. N'euly carpeted living room wilh dining area and a cheerful hrcaklasl room ail inmiiu.', the modern Uilelien with raligc/ovcu, dishwasher and disposal. You'll lind I delightful liedrooms, and '-'' • hatlis. Alany closets. There's a largo family room and laundry room, (ias heat. Allach- O(l double garage. Nieeh laiidscapc'd lot. Situated neighborhood that is cherished by c\cr,v member of your lamih. ... ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS The pictlircM|Ue selling of Ihis I c no equal m Ihis section. A fireplace enhances the lieaulx of the hnr.c living room. There are i! large bedrooms, '( lull hatlis. '.' large linen storage cabiiiels and K elosels. The convenient kitchen is endowed with the built in leatures you've always wanted. Knlcrtain .Mini' guests in the dinini; room or the ;MV.' \ \~>\i' walnut paneled lamilv room with its lias radiant heat. Double altncheil a secluded •; acre wooded site. Trillx a SI 31,500 eheerllll lireplace. KaraK''- Sitnali'il on an eminent home lot professional family ...... 117 ACRES Just 10 miles from North Alton oiler-, 1 1 aniiuilil \ — an ideal hoi. ii- lor .will! Iteantilnl o|>ei! rollini; laiiil uilh pictlirfsqiK' woods. There's a heap o' living in the oilier farm house overlooUinn the vallf.v. Truij' an e\ei'|it(inial valllK at licllrci's. Call us for an aerial-photo of tins \vlloloioiue fiiiiiilry plaee ......... NORTH ALTON If you uri' a career woman, here is the ideal house lor you. A '•' heilroom lirieli eoiilempoi ar> in an exeellenl neighborhood. fancied enlraiiee hall and li\iim room \\itli built-in Danish sola. The kitchen feature-, a laiiil -In snack bar, fold awuy burners and a bevy ol butternut cabinels. Klectrie heal. Central air. Knio.\ the sunken garden just across the way. You'll like the sensible $ featurcii of this lovely home 52,530 ^0,000 I "I Qflfl II )9UU CARL BELCHER, REALTOR 466-5874 Evenings please call: lion Rives ........................... 462-4205 Carl lelciier ......................... 466-4621 107! JvEAL ESTATE SALE | Houses for Snle 59 i .-,., .... „ i i NEAR WESTERN MILITARY Slii-iil.• . ::!.. ,-.. .1 -n if..11: noi - " REAL ESTATE SALE j Houses for Sale 59 FARM — LIVESTOCK Meats 69B • — i,i, wrapped, oviwred. USDA 1 ,' its ( n. F r ront ft ii :::,, I, ,:v rlr.p'i - il !> id,, 1 ' l I-- , i i •.••! •• n ,,L"$15,900 Imrnedtrito Possession in 1 - s i ,\i \ i f i -.• ._ -, j rip, — i F b.'iroi.-ii., p-Hi'-iinc! j r RF-.r-:/FR F.r:F .M -MI i in, : ,i i fro/en r,nd MI, ni. - |..< ;|i m : f'HOK.i: II''.-R . . . . .;'i viT) i Alhy Ph. <(i. 1 3-»'i79. '.-lit h'is... ll'.'iH -- « 11 ,-,.-I HAROLD'S F.XFRA F \N< ',-. :,(•,,.,.!. I R IM-.I-.I•— Sirle •,!' lo ;-,",), I I p. I and I|-')-',-M. An" Mil -,\-a i' ibk 1 . 'ii' ii-,Tii,- Or'ler no-.'. 1 HAROLD'S MARKI'.I. i,,..,i . . >,i O't'i ' Rl ' Id", (ii'dtre I'l. tfi-.-fidl-'.. pl-.Ai.l / I It'll 1 - — 7 ;r, 'ii'r, JRAFIHriS I OR SAI.I-: — F'urL-bred --- -- "-.'-.'.• /.e,il,Mid;. Dud h. F-'lemish I (tiaiv-,. f alilornian 1 .. 2' < '-ri|liI. Rt 4. MISC. FOR SALE [ Business Equipment 74: BEN O. MOORE, MILTON ' I I A i , Rrvlltor , I I I!' Wanted Real Estate 63 Wi-'R! P. A JAM! •I'd ••:"<!) :, ^n'i,l ioli selhnp: our t""'ii i -, h,iir-'-s tiiai '.- e -'lie de .i •'!'- loi ne-.v listin,"^ f all n norsi- f i .:•: i i-:n 1ii';-H2Hl l-dvv.irdsvil MISC. FOR SALE Articles for Sale i h ! AUCTIONS Auctions RIini'll.T FORKI.IF-T Kepair work, hand and appli lin,:ks. Other mater in Is handlinRlgn — 7 equipment. .tfi.l-IOSfi. '.MATCllKD MISC. FOR SALE Musical Merchandise 80 so — r. MARMADUKE Bv Anderson and Leeming TRUCKS — JMODKIJ. 25 LESLIE—Good condition. d appliance! SIT.i. 4B2-374R or 4B5-MOV. COAL 64C UPPER ALTON lAKI.I .1 DOOM I RAM!. — I t •- M, . i>i' -•• '.is :'". .I.-IM I -. ii !'• M.,, ; IS I'l >1 "Mi ni I >M 1)1 OH!) S A I.I I in:. — ;i(,7 ,il N,",'. '. l'i II" Open n to :> Mond.iv Ihmngh -- v.'iiij ''.ilunl.r. S,-i|i. Wednesday 7 p.m. .'•Mienl 1 ' 'ni,i'!iinii-iil', u-.inl"d. f'h. 4lifi-170.1 ill' in |'i" — .Inn S i ." ii : ' (P.'Ml i NM I VI Al'f I IONS — Rte I I" Melhallo. I-.'.',•! v I lH'sd;iv. l-i I ni i,.i dr. .Hid s.ilnrd.i'- ni^hls, '»•::'). 1,1 In! i '^.'in'ed: heili'Mini Inniilui'e. tools.! I Si,'Kini .oi'ic|iie ('hour .T/'T Lull 01 '_'.1!l 1M7-I. I '. I ' I-'"- i loes'.inan AIM noneei . j ..,,, ; 'MORSE"ATJCTION~CO. i Coal—Coke—Wood 75 S(.RAP LUMBER—Suitable for fire- pl.-iee or kindling. Worden Industries. Inc. 618-459-3200 7.-, _ r-ch. fi FIREPLACE WOOD — Seasoned oak. delivered, stacked. Fh'SS- I.MR'S f-IRF-.WOOf) I-OREST .(er- seyville 19.8-5089 or Alton 4ITI-7545. 1 — .Ian. Ii IRF-;i'I.A';|. WOOL - sear.oned >ak. ,'>2(1 r">r ', (11.1 truck load. delivered .uHl slrjiked. Oriveva 1 ' sionc. hand spread. F'h. Woodhurn !7S-2.'i2f> or 250-7134. PAIR of Atlas sound ; horns. 2.19-R287. JTUNINnAND REGULATING of all i makes of pianos. Licensed piano I teelinil'ian. Work guaranteed. Ph. •_'.=; n :ii4i. 80 — Jan. IS PIANO CLEARANCE SALE—Rent, with Huyinj? option. Also tuning, repairing, reconditioning. Member of Piano Technicians Guild. Hughes Piano .Sales and Service. 2.19-2917, iO — ti LESSONS ON BANJO — 5-.strinp. and illcrtrum. Kiiitnr. drum'! and mancktlin: sales and service. ROSEWOOD MUSIC 31 Kastg.ito Plaza East Alton. 111. Ph. 2r>i-88r>:> - "i •"• !"<i> <"<;"-• ii.i .MI.,,i -.:,.., !Highway 140, Cottage Hills I;';-',;- : ""' ' ••"'" ' "' : '" V-! ,>!'"* DAILY r-n, >, , „ to r, p.m. I Phono 25(1-2821. W t •!!• and sell I I'. \ % ALTON ;1 used lunnine MI'J anptianec! r . • and slock i;q,r.i-i HUMS ' olii ill public auction, l-i' an I ml a 1 7 p m. i,K _ i|_:-, 7 1 'M.'l-l | REAL ESTATE AUCTION SA I IM'DA V JAN |i;, 'I A.M. i,•;,!,"I !,AS I-IJRNAO- BLOWER ei.million. -Hili-.I.ISO. "I (j . I WO Hi-l iAI.1 .ON AOL'AHIKMS — rtiiiiiili Ii- v.-n.l' lish. Cheap. 4W- 112.1. SI.ARS I'ORIABI.I. IICMIDII-II-.R — !,•!• sk.iti-s. ladies, si/i' 7). Ph. M-.W POR I AI11.I-. SANDBLASTKR — $21. (Air compressor required), lie,- liinehuie. Inka Industries, '.'.(,2\ I'ersa. Houston Texas 770()(i. WANT YOUR"COLOR~F1LMS PROCESSED CORRECTLY? 'Ihev will he il you lake them lo's Drug .Store. 2'W K. Broad- wav. l-liiwn directly to I-'.ASTMAN KODAK COMPANY every evening at 8:30 p.m. ALTON'S PHOTO CI-:N M.K. 71 — General Haulinq 75A 7.1A — F-eb. 7 LIGHT HAULING — Clean basements and Enrages. 46(i-0399. 7.1 A — F"b. (i I.KiHT HAUI.lNd — net .cmonts & ^atai'.cs cleaned. Ira-h hauled, p'.isnnablo. 251-6421. 75A — F-'eb. 4 I.KiHI HAULING — lime days and evenings. 25n-5Sfn. 2.19-4166. 75A — I-'eh. •> HAULING TRASH —Any kind. Cleaning basement, garages. Very reasonable. 41)2-08.1.1. 7.1A — F-eb. 2 YOU CALL, I'LL HAUL — Baines general ami clean-up. Free estimates. Call 25-I-337S. ROCK. SAND"' FILL DIRT — Top dirl. horse manure, firewood. M. r:. Gabriel. 2.1!)-! 95:!. "I ill"- -.'. i"-l "I l-'uslei hui .'. 'HI I i'ldfi-ev III ii-klo;) ro.ld. Renl '".l.'it,- ("-ist.tinr; .-if H-ror,pi hoir-e, I.'IM;I- h.nn. .!/ ;irr,',, mo,') or Irs-;, nl'-al eoiinii-v linn,--. I'uailis" for j NI; KSl-.'S UNIFORMS I.OEWE-OPTA STEREO — German make. Gnud condition. .|G(i-3!)05. Size Hi-18. STEINER REAL ESTATE -,l.n •• Ann Mom, -il — -(li.'i I.1SK ! ,'1 .... | I- ._ .. .. .. 1970 DISPLAY HOME j CLEARANCE! WITH THE PURCHASE OF j 'ONE OF THE FOLLOWING! 1970 DISPLAY HOMES j YOU WILL RECEIVE | A VALUABLE FREE GIFT...! A BRAND NEW i : COLOR TV! ! f;Y'l. I Ol ONI.A1 lli< ISIl'i D'ADKIAN I'l' j Mill I'AI-MS DR. -.'i.'IIKI K I lit , A R I ill I R DR. il.'lll MR l.ANCI-.I.OI LiN. .. i :l/ MI-.KCUKY DR T'n- loll"\''inr. Inline , have N eh, 1 ,'.I'll by i,II,I free ruin been ,i'.v:irile'l In: ll'.lll CAMI.I.OI — Mr Rohel I Siilindri', .Ii. 25 WOOD GAT!-. — Mr. .mil Mr:;. Dnnalil I', lirou-n 7lil<; SATUKN — Mi .mil Mis. Hilly I SmiMi CHAS. E. SPRINGMAN DEVELOPMENT, INC. 108 North Port Dr., Godfrey Phone 466-4470 liv rl.'. ernis: •-. hill- REAL ESTATE AUCTION SATURDAY, JAN. 9, 1971 I I'.M — 4-KOOM IIOMI-. il 2729 I'.ost-.vicl.. St.. Alton, l-l.mie, IMS '"';il mm In,-, r'jtile. Kenienibei Rent iiavnicnls never 'nil. hnme pavnu'llls d-l See vou Ibe Hill II-KMS: WIHI down ila..> in' Sale, lialam-e in :HI dns.i. Owner Chester I .111,1 Mar 1 , .1. K.irns. Allell'iiieer David T Vlrl ialn;iH V. FARM —LIVESTOCK Dogs—Cats—Pots oS Chef gas range. Large. Excellent. $7.1. 113 Ohio. - 1 I '"( 'I) '' T.--1- ADDINli MACHINES — er.-; bounlil. snld traded, rented, repaired Open evening.;. Davcy. 12(13 Sla'e. 4li2-l()li>l. -| r-j _^ I HICYC.L1-. HICYCUiS— Bassinet, MISC. FOR SALF^ Clothing Electrical Appliances 81 n • 81 — 7 MUST .SKl.L— C,E rerrif>crator. double ililor. :w Hardwich range, Hotpoint washer ,-intl dryer. Call after Ti p.m. 4Gti-fi3G(i. <;!•: AUTOMATIC WASHER — Ph. 76 COATS. SUITS, DRESSES— Formal wear. Clara's Aitcralion Shoj), l(il(i Slate. •1IV2-7')17. Antiques 77 81—7 WKSTINCJHOUSI:; REFRKi ERATO R Trade-in model. Reconditioned me- ehanitfallv. Fully guaranteed. SM.88 On Ifasy Terms. Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION O|;on Every Nile Til !1 4BJ-77G1 81—7 DF.LUJ;E ELHCTRON1C DRYER— 2 "eal's old, perfect condition. $50. 4G(i-filli(i afier '•> p.m. 81 — i; ELECfRIC STOVE FOR SALE — (iood condition. $. r )0. 'IG2-:)12(i or -Kia-nmo. si _ H IWifi COLDSPOT Refrlgeralor-frccz- er. Works perfect. SI00. Can he seen . . . at 321 Wem Main. East Alton. AKC l(l-.(ilSTi;i(l-:i)—While (ierimin Slii.plii.'ril puppies. l!ri-l-;TJ.'Ui. K I'l I I-.NS — Free. Part Siamese, Per-iian and '! hitler trained. Ph. :;n-i-i7fi(). ({;", ( j __ -\KC MINlATUKli I'OODl.lCS — Silver I'.rav. .'I nionllis old. Wii-'iMl. (i,"i — , r p 'I FKI.-:F. PUPPIliS — Musi find lionte, last elianee lo lia f .l home REAL ESTATE 415 E. Broadway, ALTON INCOME. COMIYIEHICIAL & INVESTMENT ALTON l(i;i(i Main SI. — Upper Alton 1IK1CK AM) C (I N C K Ii T l v . lll.OC'K COMMi-KCIAl. — Has -.ho'A 1 -1 Hum. ot 1'iee a nil ware- (uue.e (loinl 1,1,nil si|. II l Ail- join, Wa'-liiiir.lon .Siiuare .sliop- •i:i7 I . -Hh St.—Mldillciown I- K \M I-.. :; anil aparlnu'rt. -I i mini', ami lialh down, .1 niomn ;inil b;il h up. It.i ,,'iin'iu. lias heal. Near ilir.vilim :i. rKAIlli! NIAV I'KICI. $1(1,110(1 EAST ALTON .'Ilili .sialih Ave. Illill K SI UK !• limi.MINi; — \\' i l Ii -I-roiiin ap.n•lineal lip NT XT TO HANUi (iiind luea- lioii hn l-.slale Ol'llee, Dill)'. Store 01 I 'i i >l r'-Liiiiia I ( M'l irrs. S2.1.11(10 ROXANA Maple ami TYtl<' SI-, IIHICK A I K CONDI I'UlNlill CIIIIKCII — Ma , In M-k edni alion al hiiililm:'..; lot. IMUS ;i hcilrooin I'.ir.'.'iM.i;;, 1 .. $7.'i,HUH FOR SALH — AI-"||;R (IIHISIMAS SPECIAL — AKC Shelllrs. Look liliu litlle Toy Collie',. Also I oy Poodles. Professional (>niiiiiiiiiK. 4(i!Mi()52. " IIASSI-I MOUND — 7 in, mills old, i'-;.'"i cd, I'.Mvllrnt with children. *•!(). -Iliii-iiMn. I'ROM-SSIONAl. POODI.I-: TRIM- MINIi—( oniiili'lc 'ir partial Krooin- iii)!. Conlael Linda Williams, 4U(i Rose. Sinilli Roxana. :i54-8(ian. AKC REGISTERED CHIHUAHUA and DACHSHUND PUPPIES — Fox Terrier puppies, 115 Virginia, H' iliallo. ;i77-ii(iLIK. CLEARANCE SALE — Puppies (i slork: Pi'kiiiHi'.'.i'. Pom- ii. Corker, l-o< Ti:rrii;rs, es. I'oodk's, American ICskl- mo Chihuahuas (iernian Sliep- lierd'.. l-jii'lish Setters. Also slud service. .r/li-XHili <I5 — .Ian. :>.\ RliGISTTiRlCD POMIiRANIANS — Variety of colors. A few PURS. Ph. \vati:hes. eleelrie motor, hot fudge eontainei, rone dispenser. <1(i(i-0232. VI — 7 . 7-PC. UINI-;i'Tl- — Includes table and six chairs. Fair condition. .. S20.77 On Fasy Terms—Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION OJHMI every night 'ti! !) FOR SAhF—One Bell it Unwell movie camera with /oom lens, light and carrying ease, with screen. One elei'lric water pump. Phono iiIH-l!)H-47il7, Medorn. RIUINf! I,AWN MOWF:R—Ciood dependable, heavy built. :177-!).'J13. 71 — Jan. 2',\ WAOON WHEEL TRADING POST— Used furniture, appliances, oil, gas heaters, miscellaneous. First house north Hilltop Sale Barn, Foster- 1 hurc Rd. Open 9-5. 71 "USED MERCHANDISE Hoover upright cleaner $29 40" FriKkluire rnnge $59 Also several used refrigerators In good condition. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 Ii. Broadway. — 4G5-7722 (Across from Oermania) 71 — (i ^^-IN. TV—Two sots socket wrenches. HGOxl5 snow tires on wheels, Firestone 4-ply. '1(15-857(1. 71 — !> (i 7 11' \2 Kl M USED APPLIANCE BARGAINS MACi 1C CHEF GAS RANGE — <l- Inirner, griddle, auto. oven. Exccl- lenl condition S'HI NORGE—1-burner Ras range. .. $15 HAMILTON GAS DRYER S20 PI-IK MAG LAS—-40-Ral. unto, gas W£i- ler healer, hike new .MO MUELLER—Gas forced air furnace. IOOM BTU $25 RH/.NOR gas unit heater. IOOM UTU $25 ALTON BOTTLED-GAS CO. MOI Godfrey Rd. •Kili-3'IGl 71 — •! 5 (i IK |!l 20 CARPET ANY ROOM in your home yourself with 100 per cent nylon shag 12x12 carpel tile. No glue or paste, self adhesive foam rubber hack. No seams, no waste. Buy as many as you need, as low as (i!)c a si|'. ft. Carroll Lumber, 135 East .Hh, ROXIIIUI. 254-3888. ANTIQUES — Brass bed, pitchers, trunks, etc. 259-030n. 77 — 29, Jan. 2 5 8 12 IS — HOEKSTRA'S ANTIQUES—915 West Carpenter. Jerseyvlllc, 111. Open week-day afternoons I p.m.-5 p.m. starting Jan. 1 thru Mar. 31. Also 10 per cent discount. WEEKENDS BY CHANCE. Household Goods 79 Hi" GAS RANGE— Made by Orbon. Fair condition. Fully guaranteed. ........................... $49.88 On Easy Terms — Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til n 465-7761 STEREO SET -259-0306. 70 — 7 --ONE MAHOGANY COFFEE TABLE —2 step end tables to match. $15. •!(i(i-221. r >. • 9 — (i BUFFET — And 2-pc. hutch, walnut, with inlaid wood. $45. Ph. 254-4153. 79 — 7 - 39" WAGON WHEEL BUNK BEDS — Break down to twin size. Complete. Regularly priced $119.95. Take over balance ........ $49.88 On Easy Terms — Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til 9 465-7761 "He had a howling good time last night!" AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE Autos—Passenger Cars 91 IMG CHEV. COUPE— 3M Olds en-, Hinc. 4 speed hydramatic transmission. Chrome wheels. S3~">. Ph. 4fi2-r>770. 91 — 9 -- I3G5 CHEVROLET Caprice, 4-door hardtop, V-8, automatic, factory air. power stecrins and brakes, interior like new, runs good. S300 and lake over loan. Call after ">: 254-909-'. 91 — 3 ----- 19G7 CHRYSLER NEWPORT — 4- door with air conditioning. Low mileage. Like new inside and out. $1250. 4GG-0410. o i __ o *) (» Trailers 91A DELUXE CAMPER— Ozark, 8V' 2 -ft. with jacks. Side dinette. Sleeps 4. $995. 465-1187. __ 91y KAYOT-FO~RESTER TRAILER Radio. 2M\ evenings. 81A — 6 — Reliable Broadway. Open __ 19G7 DART— 270, 4 door sedan. G cylinder, automatic. Air. 4GG-1559. Si 250. PI — 13 ---1!)70 DODGE CHALLENGER — Power steering, automatic. FM and Tape. $2450. 465-2325 days only. ni — 5 - : — SHARP '67 MUSTANG— GT Fastback. 4 speed. 125 Wood River Ave.. East Alton. ni — (i -- I9G5 MUSTANG — 289, 4-soced, needs major repair. 254-8388. 91—7 Hiway 36 West, Jacksonville, 111. 01 A — 12 --- • FOR RENT — 10' x 50' trailer. Don- Ron Trailer Court, Grafton. 786-3520. __ TRAILER INSURANCE — Mobile homes, travel trailers camper and Dlciiup truck '.-ampers. Battles Ins. Agency, Bethalto. 377-6461. _ 9 ZENITH 21" COLOR TV — $149. Reliable Radio. 2641 E. Broadway. Open evenings. 81 A — 6 STEREO CLEARANCE SALE — Packard Bell and Zenith. Many terrific bargains to choose from. Brltlgcwatcr TV and Appliance, Downtown Wood River. SI A — (i USED TVs— S10.95 ;\nd ut>. Reliable Radio, 2641 E. Broadway. eveniliRS. 81A —i 6 Open BLACK & WHITE PORTABLE TV CLEARANCE SALE. — Bridgewater TV & Appliance, downtown Wood River. 81A -<• Jan. 22 USED TVs — Large selection. Color and black and white. Also new RCA, Zenith, Motorola. Piro TV and Appliances. 377-5261. Farm Machinery 66 71 2-TON CHAIN HOIST & TROLLEY — Also eleclric fence charger. All like. new. 25!l-ri5-l8., 71 — Jan. 5 USED RAILROAD TIES FOR SALE. 254-0408. 11 _ _ -pp ^____ _____ _«^___ THE BLUE LUSTKE WAY takes the soil away f om oarpets and upholstery. You can rent the electric sbampioer for $1 at Honke's, North Alton or Honke'g Pharmacies, Alton or Wood River. 71 — 5 (> 7 11 12 13 14 -WAREHOUSE SALE! Save 30-50 percent on nur Annual Warehouse Clearance CONCO GAS FUKNACE — 93.500 MTU. Reg. $210, Sale ' $139 ACREAGE I' 7(1 A( HIS God!' ship. S( T'NK ' lime-.loiH' iilltei op- IMlir. ,. '.' rl rel\', .! IM'llll 1 . 1 -, Hi arit", nll.ible hal.ime rolling, wiiiiiletl. i >n '.Miiiui\ i nail 'i ACUI-S Noilh nl llelliallo. I (l\V DOWN I'A'i'.MI-.N I' •- No I'lo.Mii;- ( i' 1 ,1 •, i ti i onni i'i aim , 3 Itrili none' h 'at lien ies. 1 RAIII- i New I'i n-e SMHHI I .H M'Ul S :;ili, C Al|:l|l I D\V I )I)\\'N -•- S-o ill' .lil|; rii',|.,! Irami- nnnn m» M i AI.I-Al.l-'A HAY—$1.011 hale, straw .'ille. No Sundays. Kay Myers, Carl- ne\- Corner, l iralton. MAY AND STRAW FOR MAI.Li — Also hah -lierlnn ealve:,. Will deliver, Medora 72!l-.'iH. r »l. Al I-AI.I-A HAY — l-ir.'.l, second ,t lliird eutl'ni;. Gl MI Williams, Dow, -liiti-LMIi:,. I'OU NAI.i: — Complete set of liirm luilldiiijls- liarn. inanarv, iioullry- hnnse. old house, all white pine. ivo i ea.sonahle offer refused. Esther ll.ileineyer. III le-sels, 111. H,H:i-'.!-l 1^. . . , CAST' IRON FURNACE— 90,000 BTU. Reg. $339, Hide ........ $1C9 RAINSOF T— Auto, water softener. .'10.000 grains. Reg. $379, Sale .. $199 EAGLE GAS RANGE — •(•burner, with griddle In middle. Coppertone. Keg. $179. Sale .............. $149 EAGLE EYE LEVEL OVEN — Ol- ivetone. Hug. S199, Sale ..... $1(1!) Most hems are one of a kind — First come, first sold. ALTON BOTTLED-GAS CO. 5201 Godfrey Rd. 4(i(i-34(U BLOWER 'FANS— For gas » oil furnaces. "LAU" factory replacement units start al $24.95.' Don't spend another noisy nite. Free estimates for Installation. Goeken's Alton Home Service, 4(i5-91!l3. 71 _ n — — PORTABLE TV $3(1 — Electric stove. $10. Sleuler oil hcule.r, $1.3. Anlliiiies. Days: 2!>»-(il'M: evenings- 2. r i!)-7li7K. EOK SALE — Gas range, apt. ve- frii'.eralor, oil heater. mUi:. clothes 79 _ c -42- INCH KOUND OAK TABLE -5 extra leaves; onk washstand, finished and unfinished. 465-3934. 79 — 7 -EARLY AMERICAN LOVESEAT ROCKER — Printed upholstery. .. ............................. $48.88 On Ensy Terms — Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til 9 465-77GI 79 — 0 LIVING ROOM SOFA — Toast color. Good condition. 462-4205. 79 _ 7 -THREE PIECE walnut triple dresser bedroom suite. Original price $189.95. Fair condition ..... $58.50 On Easy Terms — Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til 9 465-7761 79 _ 7 --REVERSIBLE OVAL RUG— $20. Ph. 462-3446. 70 — 9 --HAWKINS BROTHERS CARPET— 518 Delmar, Hartford, III. New Year's Special: Dupont 401 nylon with 72-oz. pad, now installed for $5.49 square yard. Free estimates. We now have 10-«uUKe rubber hacked indoor-outdoor carpet for $2.49 square yard. We have over 40 rolls of curpct in stock. We have over 12 colors to choose from. We have, a brand new livliiR room suite $124.95. We have a new bedroom suite with double mirrors, triple dresser, $139.95. See us first before you buy. Deliver up to 45 miles. 254-5729. 79 _ 7 --- 3G-IN. METAL WARDROBE— With mirror. Like new. Take over bal- Sewing Machines 82 82 _ 6 SEWING MACHINE — Service and repair all makes and models. All work guaranteed. 16 years experience. New zig-zag sewing machines for only SB9.95. Hamby Sewing Center. 259-5470 or 254-2723. 82 — 6 UNCLAIMED LAY-AWAY 2 new zig-zaj; sewing machines. Balance due $48. These machines make buttonholes, sew on buttons, monograms, and many fancy stitches without attachments. 259-2747. Midwest Merchandising. 1(161 COMET— $100. 254-8649. 19G3 MERCURY COMET — Stick shift. Air conditioning. Excellent condition. $550. 462-7494. 91 — 5 '59 FORD V-S—Automatic. SI50. 462-7480. y As is. 19G2 FORD Fairlane — -162-0725. 91 — n '69 FORD GALAXIE—4 door hardtop Power steering and brakes, factory air. Excellent. 466-4399. 91—9 ' 1970 FORD MACH 1—18,000 actual miles. 351 cu. in. 2-barrel carburetor, automatic transmission. Excellent condition. Call 466-0137 after 5 p.m. 91 — 12 MOBILE' HOME — East Alton or Eastgatc shopping tenter. Private lot Completely furnished. Gas heat. Air conditioned. No children or nets Water furnished. $100 mo. $50 deposit. References. 259-5482 any time. 1964 CHEVROLET SPORT VAN — Built into camper, extra clean ana in sood condition. 259-0900. FOR SALE — Very clean pickup truck with small camper. Good engine. NEW tires. New battery. Passes inspection. -162-2941 or 259-8159. 91A — 5 New 1971 Mini-Motor Home by EI Dorado. Dodge 1 ton chassis complete with air conditioning, fully self -contained unit, available for imediate delivery. Bank financing up to 5 years. VACATION ENTERPRISES 335 E. Ferguson Ave. Wood River Ph. 254-4351 70 MAVERICK—Low mileage, factory air, fully equipped. Pay off balance, no down payment. Ph. 317-748-5070 or 462-0863. 91—6 1965 MUSTANG—Black fastback. 2 plus 2, 289, 4-barrel. Good shape. Going to college, must sell. $500. 259-4864. 91 —— 23 —-~——^~~" ~^~^~ 59 PLYMOUTH — V-8, automatic, $115. Maurice's Auto Sales, call anytime, 259-3309. 91—5 1968 BARRACUDA—318 cubic inch, V-8, 3 speed, automatic, radio with rear speakers, console. Dark blue. Good condition. .$1350. 462-3091. 91—7 1962 PONTIAC CLUB COUPE—Factory air. All power. $200. 377-8516. Seeds, Plants, Flowers 83 83 — 5 3-DAY SPECIAL—$1 to $10 discount coupons on Stark Brothers fruit trees, grapes, strawberries and lilacs, crab apples. Just a few coupons left. Order now, pay in spring. 259-2-123. Auto Trucks 92 92 — 7 FOR SALE—'65 VJ-ton Dodge truck. Fleetside, 6-cyh, std. shift. Located at 317 East 9th St., Alton. 462-7119. $750. 92 — 7 1955 DODGE TRUCK—6 cylinder. Runs good. Inspected. Maurice Auto Sales. Call any time. $195. 259-3309. 92 — 18 FORD ECONOLINE VAN — Heavy duty springs. G-ply tires. 498-2526. 92 — 7 • FOR SALE—1932 Ford pickup. En- Bine in good running condition. Body in excellent shape. 254-4788 after 6 p.m. 87 — Jan. 30 ' ALUMINUM — Copper, brass. We offer vou the best c,ash murket. Sidney S. Arst Co., East Alton, 111. South of Viaduct and Rte. 143. 92 — 5 91 Jan. 6 Vegetables & Fruit 86 SG — Feb. 6 VINE RIPENED FLORIDA TOMATOES — 4 Ibs. 51. Hoepfinser Produce, Broadway and Milton Rd. Homemade horseradish and homemade apple butter. . 1965 PONTIAC CATALINA — Power steering and brakes, air conditioned. Excellent condition. Sacrifice. $695. 372-3380 or 372-3861. 91 _ 5 --1969 AMBASSADOR — Only 8,000 miles. Factory air, power steering, snow tires. Perfect condition. Sacrifice. 462-0940 after 5 p.m. 91—7 - -1964 TR-4 TRIUMPH— $350. Needs new top. 466-2401 after 4 p.m. 91 _ 6 ---1963 VOLKSWAGEN — Engine completely rebuilt. New brakes, clutch. Body good. 254-6382. _ 9 WANTED Wanted to Buy 87 ance due $14.95 Livestock 68 I ,\( 1(1 s IMII ;' i U\V No elo..|n I 'MIDI I I Ill'l • I I ' . I'aai'leil Al •il'vlll'. pile. M-hool hll'. r.\yMI N r i-.l-.i liner hi'il- I i illnn. nioluli III-. C.npel'ir;. Midii liini'il. Ham .'.''lilt .tll'l \\ UOils I I I KADI.! $1(1.MHI 12.05 ACIU S No huililinr, ^ I KM FOK—I hellei MeiT I'iill. Average 1-tl\\ s tiliti HH 10. I (IK SAI.F—Feeder plus. Castrated | .V wormed. -HIM ;i:!OII, F.dwardsvllle. 1 •'()!< SAI.F •- llrieli'nl hull heifeis. .Kir I plv.s, .'' : l-t earli ONI. '.II.IU-.I'UUU COW ,-i CAl.l'"-- ' lleivli'i d hulls, me I'al '.l"er, !'i lleieli-ul feeders. Call .U'l'U'\ ville •I'l-S ;i.',i; I.S ... I ;. li V N !l IK 111 :'(l :'l Ji! I'UUI I1KI.I) HAMPSHIK1-: HOARS i "liunbiana Nreil Cuinpaiiy l-arnis. I hli ed. Illinoe, ii-'ir.!7. I'hiine No Daytime— (LM71 HSH'JIill Ni;;hl Time -- C'\ j ;} !IS;(-'.!7(IS. Moats 69B "HAN s E N ' s "CHOICE R F. E F Fronl i|uailers 1 'i Imll heel 59c html oiiaili'i'. ii!le. Ill Ib . eliuck ! steaks s: 1 , liiV :»i Mi', rib slriks S2!I.VO. I Uliml Iro/i-ti. 'lit wiappt'd ttnd dellvei \ .ree. *' ill linanee. i IIANSKN PACKING C()M"ANY, .lei-'.i.'Wllle Cu .loin lu'ef -.launhter '• ini: anil pi nce>,-.HH! 4'JH 3714 i MISC FOR SALE 71 DRY AIR PROBLEMS? HKLP Mil dry air problems .such as "Itchy Skin" • Dry Nose "Plaster erackliiB - Static shock". Also filler air with a Coolerator humidifier. FRF.E HUMIDITY GAUGE with oaeh humidifier. 4 models on display. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 !•:. llroadway 465-7722 •Across from Gcrmanla" Boats & Accessories 72 415 E. Broadway, ALTON 462-0046 AFTER 5:30 P.M.: 377-6425 466-2117 466-2629 AWNINGS On Easy Terms — Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til 9 465-7761 79 — 7 - TWO 3-ROOM GROUPINGS (Will hold In Lay-Away) ALL NEW • 3 Rooms Furniture !)-pc. living room, 10-pc. bedroom, 5-pc. dinette and Admiral radio. Much more attractive than you would expect at such a low, low price $449 • Deluxe 3 Rooms —114 PIECES— U-PIF.CF. LIVING ROOM INCLUDES: Sofa, Mr. & Mrs. Chair, matching footstool, 3 heavy tables, 2 table lumps & 2 sofa pillows. 10-PC. BEDROOM INCLUDES: Double dresser base, mirror, ehest, bed, box spring, mattress, 2 pillows & 1! boudoir lamps. '.13-1'C. KITCHEN ENSEMBLE INCLUDES: Imported china & glassware, 87—7 -BUYING USED TVs— 462-8082. 87 — Feb. 6 WANTED TO BUY — Copper, brass, prices. 705 Park 462-4891. aluminum. Top Drive, Alton, 111. 87 — Jan. S3 CASH PAID — For good used refrigerators, washers, dryers, TV's. Call anytime. White barn at Viaduct, East Alton, 259-9845. 87 Jan. 15 Top Prices, Copper, Brass Radiators, furniture — Gordon Rubenstein. 462-5243. TF WANTED—Used books, bought and sold. Bring them to Treasure Trove BooK Store, 2809 E. Broadway. Ph. 462-5812 between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 87 — TF QUICK CASH TRADING POST BUYS anythiiiR of value. 198 Old St. Louis Rd., Wood River. 254-727G. II" (il.AsrRON Inbo-ird-oulboard. 4 years old. Kxeellcnl. .|li2-tl.SlM. Building Materials 73 SPEC]AL sii'i'K si/-, 1 aluminum triple traek sIcMiii windows SI 1.95. stock si/e 1-in. aluminum siorm door.-;, $2-1.95 While ei -Initial cross huek storm doors. $:i9.5(l. Call us lor a tree estimate. Hartford Lumber Co., service for All for 8. 5-pc. dinette. $589 CHERRY & GOLTZ Furn. Co. 417 Ii. Broadway. Alton, III. Open 'III 9 p.m. Mon., Thurs., Frl. INQUIRE ABOUT OUR CONVENIENT PAYMENT PLAN 465-5541 Hi Snah — Sc Itejiair Kv^la/.c \Yiiulo\vs 259-1922 Alton Venetian Blind Co. l.asi Alton W- SI. i.ouls RAILROAD SA1.VAGF, — Two carloads plywood and pro-finished panels. Beautiful mini's. 4x8xVi- Save .>'J lo $-1 per sheet, $2.39 to $3.59. Plywood sheathing, exterior, interior. '1x8x1;,, $3.75. Sanded -IxXx 1 ,*. J2.(i5. 101 West Broadway, Alton. MISC. FOR SALE ALUMINUM SIDING Expert Application MUCK ttSTIMATKS Home Improvement 7W Milton UU. 4tii-057U ZIMMER AUTOMOTIVE Autos—Passenqer Cars 91 — A-l SHAPE— 1964 Dodge '/.-ton pickup with Powers utility body. Ph. 254-3622 or 254-9503. 92 — 5 -- . 1948 DODGE PICKUP — Excellent mechanical condition. Good bed. Inspected. $100. 465-3835. 92 — 6 1953 FORD Pickup — 292, V-8 en- Bine, $195. Call 377-5168. 92 — Jan. 5 -IH 1966 Travelall, custom body, overdrive, near new tires, low mileage. IH 1965 •'•/, ton pickup truck. Chevrolet 1954 I 1 /? ton truck with 1970 VW — Standard transmission, many accessories. 466-0170. 91 — Jan. 6 FOR SALE OR RENT— Single car. 4-wheel trailers, with brakes, days 259-2881, evenings 465-3801. ~ ROBERTS FORD RENT-A-CAR $6 Per Day Gc Per Mile Day, Week or Month ROBERTS FORD 1862 E. Broadway, Alton ' Ph. 462-9233 bed and hoist. Konneker-Brown Inc., Illinois. 217-854-3191. m — 9 Carlinville, _ 6 10(i7 )3U1CK LeSabre. 4 door sedan. Power steering and brakes. Factory air. 254-0204. 91' — 7 '63 CADILLAC—All power, air, tilt whei'l, etc. $750. 254-2405. 1970 BEL AIR— V-8, standard shift, whllpwalls, wheel covers, uivdcr- seal. 7500 miles. Forced to sell, gone to service. ;»77-!>984. 91 _, « l!)B!t CHHVF.LI.1C SS — 30U, 4-speed, red with black vinyl, custom wheiMs. $.2:150. -IU5-S451. Cjl ..^.-.. () .._.-_l!)(i!) Clll.CVKl.LE Muhbu coupe — Air Conditioned, bucket .souls, vinvl roof, Powei'Khde. $23'iO. •182-G7S9. Ill —. !) 1!I57 OllliV. FOR SALK—2«3 engine, 3-spfed transmission on floor. Pon- tiae ;rear end. 405-2431. ni —. (i I9(i7 CHEVROLET 2-door sedan. 327. automatic, air, good car. 8705. Accept crailp. 254-68U(i. 91 — 5 DO YOUR HUNTING WITHOUT A GUN YOU WON'T HAVE TO HUNT LONG TO FIND THE CAR YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ON OUR LOT . . . AND YOU WON'T NEED A GUN TO GET A TOP TRADE-IN ON YOUR OLD CAR. 70 Maverick Grabber $2495 70 Ford 4 DHT, air $2895 70 Ford 2 DHT, air S2895 70 Maverick $2195 C9 Plymouth 4 door, air $2095 69 Buick Wildcat ? DHT $2095 G9 Fairlane 2 DHT $1795 69 Ford LTD 4 DHT, air $2695 69 Ford 4 door S1995 60 Ford 4 DHT, air $2(195 09 Ford LTD 2 DHT, air .$2795 69 Ambassador 4 door, air ....S1995 69 Ford 2 DHT, air $2095 69 Mustang Mach 1, air $2595 U9 Plymouth 4 door, air $1895 69 Plymouth 2 door, air $1795 65 Dodse Sport Van wagon ..$18'J5 08 Chevrolet 4 door, air $1895 68 Chrysler 2 DHT, uir $2095 68 Plymouth 4 door, air $1395 68 GTO 2 DHT $2095 f7 Pontlac 2 DHT $1395 67 Chevrolet B/A 4-door, air ..$11!!5 67 Caprice 2 DHT $1595 67 Pontlac 2 DHT, air $1695 67 Mustang, 4 speed $1495 66 Chevrolet 4-door, air $1095 GG Miistane 2 DHT, air $1395 66 Chevrolet 4 DHT $1195 65 Comet 2 DHT, auto $895 65 Chrysler convertible $1095 65 Ford 4 door S895 65 Mustane 2 DHT $895 64 Tempest 4 door, auto $695 63 Comet 2 DHT SG95 63 Ford 4 door $595 63 Ford 2 door, stick $395 ROBERTS FORD 18(>2 F". Broadway, Alton Phone 4C2-9233 DON RADER MOTORS, COTTAGE HILLS, ILL PICKUP TRUCKS 1952 DODGE %-ton 1964 FORD %-ton 1964 CMC %-ton 1963 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -ton 1964 CHEVROLET Carryall 1965 CHEVROLET 1/,-ion 1967 DODGE '/2-ton 1965 FORD 14-ton 1951 CHEVROLET 1-ton 1962 CHEVROLET 1-ton dump 1966 FORD %-ton stake b2d Several More to Choose From Bicycles & Motorcycles 93 93 _ ]6 650 BSA FOR SALE—Call 254-7419i 93 — 11 MINI BIKE — 2 months old, $150. 462-1846. Accessories 95 liWli rilEVKOLIir Bel Air 4-door— G-cy|,. stick, $150. 32G Guorye St., rear. Easl Alton. m _, 7 MUST SELL—'138 Dodge RT. Call Musical Merchandise 80 — 7 1-T'NDEK BASS GUITAR— Best of- for. After 5 p.m. call 4GG-5G25. 80 — 7 PIANO IN STORAGE Beautiful spinel-console stored locally. Reported like new. Responsible party can tuke at big saving on low down payment balance. Write .lop- lin Piuno Inc., Jopliii, Mo. U4801. ' JERRY'S Brake & Alignment Motor Tune-Up ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Service Sine* 1951 Ph. 259-2513 95 — 7 392 HEMI PARTS—Hilborn injection and pump. Venolia aluminum pistons, roller cam, heads reworked, Schlefer clutch disc, 2 speed transmission. Balanced rods. Competition headers, chrome vulve covers. $300. 254-9G94. 95 — 5 TIRE TRUING $3.45 CENTRAL STATES TIRE 401 W. Delmar 466-1851 95 _ 7 _ HOOD FOR '67 OR '08 MUSTANG— Perfect condition. $30 254-4156. 95 — 5 ——^————____ TWO 775x14 TIRES with Chevrolet wheels; two GOO x 13 tiros on Dodge Dart wheels. 259-7907 95 — 7 1957 283 ENGINE — 3-speed transmission, engine recsmly rebuilt, $75: 350 race cam $20: 1 set of 26J heads, $10. Cull after 5- 465-5613. 95 — TF USED TRUCK TIRES—Any size. HAMEL SERVICE CO., INC. Ph. 633-2224 Trailers 91A Garage— Repairing 97 — 7 97 TRUCK REPAIR—Gas and dlesel. Maurice Delehenty. 259-3309. 97 — Jan. 28 MIKE'S GARAGE—General auto ft truck repair. 611 Clay St., Alton, 111. 465-6802 shop, 465-6888 home. 100 )1A — 7 iflO — Jan. 8 . Sx3 «., F , 00 I, HOUSETRAILER-Rca- OLD CARS REMOVED - Free. Wanted — Automotive '00 — Jan. 8 sonable. 405-8116. Dugans— 254-5015. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE BODY SHOP FOREMAN For GM Dealer, Full Company Benefits, profit sharing, insurance, and excellent salary, Write Box 890 in Care of the Alton Evening Telegraph

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