The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 14
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Reading program... ^m (Continual from I'age n ijpludenls actually reading for pleanure for the first time ft»iu\ Mudentx "having rwrve enough to attempt to read " > ,{ lie felt the timing in the program wag good and quoted Making peace... J\\t> \tm# some of their rnlhtulantn for u station, |«i to other station* " \ n*>Ur.eable dmnge In berwvior lor the „ rved in *ome students/' Caxhion twid, "not only in eadinx claim txil in other claMiai its well " e remedial reading program wais Ixfjim, l»r «e«t» told the Hoard, in response to m-o«nWori by 'wrs and administrator* ihst student* needing emedial reading «fre not being readied through ttfoatfe arts classes All students in (lie Mfventh and Mghttt grade-* had t«*ri w oiled m Kttglinh language Arts for one 50 minute "••'i*l p«f day aw j ,,, atfcjinon students wlxj were jttiiteil as tV*|R'ien( f eadef-s were t^imH^d io <* feadihtf irv !uf vise 'ft tnimite period per day \ftw a thijfutiKh study durirs^ the'fall <,l \'f!\ ul (! ' »*• itltMMefoJ 5,<>rilf IrfU.K Mr4hfH*»M-V i Imt. hr trpttlnl J 0 ;/«. ||, Mft ) nttxirdi, ni lliii.'ij «!nl i*.r! hav(-(/>«• t4iiic (rachrt t-K Lafi^uajje Arts. .n*J fur r»-ai!ihf> Jtuj !t-MMM-<! tl«- opportunity for teai-ht-r* JuMfijj I'itt-.ftlf^r k/sirt»Jr<t«e i,{ the IxUI l.tngiuKr i»-r«is «< -'u-.h-IiU ' !i*«ij jji-uia !i»iti hit.) 4 {(.1^1 ,4 j^,),, -'fiif..*- lif*H!l M? trjt !^f, ha,] t *-,rf Katl any If/rtual imtrui-tu-rt in >«/-* (r, (Continued Mike Gilbert of the fWQB, Grantham told the council the Robertson official* had tald UH city notify Ihem It haa trouble bvpaiAed upttream of the plant, a report thowed. Grantham «aid ad- juttmenta had b««n made ao that in the past three month* the clty'i plant hag been In compliance with handling the wa»t«i 1 and the agency'* chlormaUon the truck* will haul the standard of one milligram petrochemical waatei eJMwnere. The dty's engineering consultant, David Lawson, DEATHS and FUNERALS THfi BHAJOSPOKT FACTI T, TIHUS, , HOVJMM* », Mrs. Laura J. Hill per liter. The city already had applied for « permit Amendment to allow for wiggertod that we of the expanifon of Hit plant city « o»d storm pump* capacity, &« lh« TWQB had could be modified to P«wid* additional pump capacity at the plant's douWe the plant a present treatment capacity will be compietad after the TWQB grsnU the permit amendment to wllfr*- the greater discharge Grantharn laid the city wat !old to continue it* diltcharge pump, at ibe TWQB had r*commet>ded A new pump *twld coot the city t5,«W, h« noted. During period* of flooding in the receiving ditch l>t« plant capacity had bwn limited by the flood purnp captcity, and raw »«wcfie would t>e r««mmend«l Renovation of an abandoned sewage tank to Mrs l,«ur«J ,Ifill,7.V difd an . .10 p m Tw>«tey 'N«v #. !</-.-,, at Community llwifrfuil Six- hod lived ;ti Wmxllnkc NurMngnnd (.Wak-smii o-ri!"r lor thrr l,is( ow r,mi f.,m- half ywirs Mr* Hill » h/»m« originally wa» in S;in Anwk Surviving an* her itaughtcrf, Mrs Wesley Hamilton of AltoKfurrrjue, N M , and Mrs iCry Uojini-r of Krwpf/rt: two i;>'ldiHjghlm i.rcj five Kn-at -grandchildren. Arr;i)!)>i<rne.rils are pending .it Fr»t'f»«rH,ake-*r/«J nmer.-il J —11 . D tlD©!! r, policy of to accurate « agency Paving contract... AV.I.K'fo.N K!lH-rt 1* .Mi(W!':(/in, »\. of 'jr. S nii-rinftijo. <)M-(| Twvlay ''VrrunK Nov ZTi. Vfi'r. ;i' Anj^l'-t'wi f*i'ij)h<irv <i<T><:i;ii \\tp.\i\\.i\ HI- tiai) \tt:<-',\ ;\ r<." 1 iid«-?jl "f Aijj;i<'lr»!i for I.', yt-.if'i fid'! S<-f,)«'••• j.i!l i..<- ;i! lo ,-i (i, f-'r-iday in f';t!rru <'li;ifx-! <,-) J K Nti'MI'-tori d.njf'.hV-r.Mfs (1<-U:. .Si^'Jan'^v^i. ar.'J !ff'.!i:»-r Karl M:'i'li'-!'ifi. ;>il of Aiifilftoj). plus M.",i-r; A? r ,i(4'i'!i;i'::i> ,-iri- M/ I'alriih Horiif Ari^lcV .>. «st«5*- lhf> inr>*-« lhc tlxtf ilaikfiU (w s JuJ xitlfi'.Jttl f(n;; ( I'.ijji- i f.rp! Urn! if rfloUKlj «kr) id s.(*t-.n!. it »l!i tx- v«J '! ttitrw of ffij i.h''a(J Wo> «.,!.,• thr tw^U-m.- i-i- in fl<-» sdif!^ v, hetl»er the 'listrut fshfwld help Adaco next U-r'.Ji ?i<r HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS \N(,I.KI<)S OA.NHt KVf.KNKHAI. HOSPITAL M«.iM»\V '.in: Aii'lfcv • Shirty.- \VtutiTK-r I^akp Jack.vjn ' i nMMl Ml > Itdsl'l r VI.dr Hit n i>un '.'., . •: K--.!!. ;^:,:>; • ..r cunr 10 SORRY NO PASSES SVIW Y carload Sa*p«fld«d For Tj m « a eaN 265-1*51 _ ^^«tt_ __ ^^^^j-^^^^ A TFHJB STORT :.Y'.-,;[..< A?i y,y?im ALDGf&Y MMCTAUKGS -BEA8 SMITH >=-d SUWAKI PMRSM as John Sagsr i tn •«•»«? ./ • i •;.- c /,-.«• <-...-,••-. ST.vfi;^ .VM U-^UJjlr Crash kiils Damon man ;rrj:;;r;,:^fiae':'; ^ijLri^L;;^ n ^ar Guy Loke Jackson planners... !;;: r i/; KK-;iry if J'ut/'Uc. imr ;-r,».« Am-!, tjriwrTti acctdrfil otrurrt-d on ijuwd !f^<^" <<»*d UK- M.irt-k I^iru 1 on«" mile ifi;.'. f-w HI''- .--f-'u-i-r*. VELASCO CALL 233-2304 F&f Times Sorry No Passes VCf'i-./:_>(;.<-. ; r-f t ;-.<'. >» ' r *. .'»!-. • '. f, f:-. A'ir '.'u-il* rh;^) ir.»f)-^ (!if(r,-rr.U> art) .»! •kitr'r--.'. f.»'( «.. t ' »•*-«! ' 'f'!.(r »,<<! ,-iM4,-ll. Vlf:!ff .4.U;,' If, ,trf''rrrs-,'. rs'.--»V-i ••/ >*•«!.'!,; jmj ',!i*Sf:;!« .«,*<• nj»:iM- !,. (i.rf.'-i -, M'.^i i:..t 4tnti!r<> |<-twxr 4 » !(••;..:<• ,» i'-.j<V:--.t i jr. sr.,-.r (<••;•?,-.•, .*«• '.'.,-*',>i*--. ". tl'.athff. !«• fr»..'.' {MW .5 (f-\ wi'.Ji ,t I!.ll',!(!',UW ic< >•• |. r,'-.< !'-njM!->. Si--*-iati{> - .;>li Mir !l,M!(f ->-i ir^lir. .» nryr tr><4V K>»!» (iM tr.'n hirii! !» ii-.-ji .H'I iir,i< r; j.(rt^r»-As, , I; K! jr.irU-rs n; i,>rm; !W'!r-i rr f :ui.»rh Io iiwur LAKE JACKSON ADCTIONING BICYaES I.AKK JACKSON i, («<•( of IN.Iicc H A Niwtwn lnc>cl« will Ho\*ro wld thf us^i («• inld it! awtiim l>y the t«kes itvcliKk' U Uns jiolu'e department ir.mVIs St-\rral o( the 1 Saturday U-^imnn^ a! 3 t»cycl« are lOtpc* 1 *! (> ni at the re«»r id the tTHKU"!*, Ihi-re .ire IWD Kircamil'ulife Huildlng three'speed, and one <m Urtk llttve (iv«^»pr«xi, he s^id n; .1,". • i cri.-.; ['."•i-'-i-.-.lcv: {••T '(IP .iri-.i !•• !.'.'" r.-i!ij'i o! !;iki- The exciting climax of Sheriff Buford Pusser's own true story. fiTlffBTl •'I '«'•» '• ,M.I I P(.;l THEATRE "P »••!•(• «.»s ;< *.*'-«kh tifchtT (:« fir-: , ;,•.);)• •<! <-(>!nnirf ii'it j j t!v«' O ("I Ji> per I'I'-T;' in ')!<• tH t,l:t--s The figure that Kaiwt ,it«nj| -AAV tin- nine (K 1 ! \ ml !'if jv.itiiu i;v< - .»s ^ctrijt.*!»•*! (•' ,.t* u* i^f^ct <'tt> MarsaiJi-r A A inij;h! ix v i Hie !ti Use l,i..! that nauli i>< !!Hn-Mit<-n!ii*!l> «»!>('<! IJIK! ^ ^tlll! 4tndH«>uld !;j\e vHiii 1 vp^ate lU'U'ti'd fur public ptirj»is»-> '*hvnevcr It IS lifVC'lojK'vi In connection with Huiil the H;ilh llcnUcn >»r «-jV1> VIM' .t M-( (VN v! l.ik«-s. iftnii (.i-utsf. i'U' he --.ini i! •*.!% i,<»! !r;i>,iiit Stl.i! l! I'uuUi l.i't tn- rr>r. sidcrtii Jf-r n.-iiAtrtii "toei. (tut r.i-»-sU-ii '•pi'i'i.ii Uu re WqeUatih ' /' '•'•'•*' '•" Vt PIT'S FLICS Duel ti SURFSIDE COUNTRY Ai till It Ciulrj t liitin anli. WEDNESDAY 8-12 SATURDAY 9-2 FEIDAY 9-2 SUNDAY 8-12 WHY COOK! COME HAVE THANKSGIVING DINNER AT BRIDGE HARBOR ALL THE TRIMMINGS ^ $ 3 15 IMU $ 2°° CHILORflj & 12KW KOON TO 6.-00 m *HxJXTtkxCi MOONCHILD DANCE WORLD forVour Pleasure... r ^ v •<•!!* -' .,.««im>^_ ROOSTER COGBVRM LAKE I 6:4548:45 PG Tommy is for everyone! W«J " "^J^M^R i, .LAKE II 233-6351 !'.W.f i'j> Ji,.l| BRAZOS TWIN ih«n a- .BOXOfTKK / AT REGULAR PRICES T/if terrifying mtttion pictun from thf terrifying Ao, / bvxt tvilej JAWS MY suwMouan SCMBOOI MKYFVSS 7:00 10:45 ».-/•-*. i £ ;;>;»:-::' !-*«'. J.." J\ ?S -.-: C*i\! .'StDj: ilr.Vl . *- ; .- -'• '*:;•• '.v» ,i" rV U5 . JUT • K« mg n§ moi OKM* "SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE" (R)9:10 I'boitf uKaii BRAZOS TWIN PLU /fiCttiiM'.r 9:10 THE FRONT PAGE

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