The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 10, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1859
Page 4
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?*• ^^!^^^^>*^aa^ •• - 1 •.-'•-.'_: !'>•?( .•-•x:!..:^-*—-••-?'V''- oo»lbn of JurUdtcUoix te taaaV by th « K»l«, T***, of ''' The Afclci arrired .from liverpool. with ' dates to the? 28tb "Tilt. NptMng iinportant ftcm the seat of waTj beyond farthur details of the battle of-iMonte^dlo. • & g •- ^ ff .- ' The Austrians profess satisfaction with tbe reenlt. ,- v * S;"'f. Gynlaieays W.;%ss7waS 3»0;-HJIted^2l8 wounded, and 286 'raiislng. 'He says .-the French numbered 40,000, but abstaTued from all pursuit -"•':'.' ••• ; V /, Count Suadion, eommandet of tbe Austrian forces, was wbnnded. " ; - 1 * "*J ; n ' '• ' Some French antUorities still assert lliat not tnnoh over 4,000 were 'engaged; oth'eVs'esti- mates tb.e number nt 12 000 ; ; J '"•• -^ It was reported «t Turin that 60,00? Awtrl ana had attacked GartbaM's i'aftffcir.afcBwaw, bnt were wpnlsed tuid porsaei ••- . '^"^', Tbeconn^ftrpnnd Varege Was .In insurrec- liiwi " '• 1> ' Y ' : '' ''-• k '--•>.- .' --'• Ouibaldi was on his way toComo. His force jmmbered lO.Oon, but no cavalry or ar- tillflry. vr-ru-VH..!' -- ..' ^ij'lj ' Popnlar risings in Boane parts of Partna were b«ing made in favor of Sardinia. Vagne ramors eo»e from Vienna thatCrort-, •ohakoff, tue Russian iorelgn minister, tad resigned because tbe Emperor requ«sted bim. to carry out tbe engagements with France The Derby ministry have issued a strong appeal to their Parliamentary supporters, for an early attendance to meet th» opposition movement. Tbe Empress Bn^enie, in addressing the great bodies of the State, said sbe placed foil dependence upon the patriotism ot the deputies, and upon the support of the entire nation, which, during the absence of its chosen chief, would never be found wanting to a woman and chBd. Tbe speech was loudly cheered. The Bourse was firm and advancing ; closed , at 61f. 65c. \Tar.escitempnt was high in southern Germany. r Kossnth was expected to go to Genoa in about a week, with the full concurrence of Napoleon and the King of Sardinia, there to concoct plans with Plafika and others to overthrow the Anstriansin Hungary KThe new King of Naples acknowledged by telegraph nrarly all the powers, and the army swore allegiance. Tbe Calcutta mail of April 20th. has arrived Trade, dull, and imports steady. Freights unchanged. TCEIN. Satorday.—The official bulletin, published to-day, ears that Garibaldi has occupied a position al Si Fedelu, but many of his officers killed and wounded. Our troops continue attacking the enemy, and had penetrated as lar as Como. The town of Como was illuminated, and great joy prevailed amonc the whole population. Tbe enemy is still at Camelesta. i LOKDOK, 28th—Noon —On the I7th, the Bed Sea telegraph was successfully laid as far as Saakin: distance about 800 miles from Suez. Tbe Paris correspondent of the Time? announces thai the army of tbe Eact if to b* increased from 80,000 to 150,000. A Talleyrand Peregard has been appointed Ambassador of France at Naples It was reported at Paris yesterday, that M. Beneditta, Director of the Political Department in the French Foreign Office has been appointed to an extraordinary mission. LATEST—PARIS, SATCB.DAT, May 28.—The Monitenr to-day, publishes the following tel- egrapb ; ALESSANDRIA, May 27.—The situation of affairs affords nothing new to note, MADRID. May 27.—According to advices received from Lisbon the Portugese Government has declarwd to tlit Cortez its intention to r6- main neutral dunce the war. BERNE, Maj 27—According to a message "from La can o to-day. Ganhaldi left Varese this mom nc tor Como 6,000 Austri:\DF are concentrated at Comer- lit ti. Bailway commnim-ii--u between Comerlitti and Milan is interrupted, and al>o the telegraph from Como to Jocco, and through the Vu)**tine - of*egul«ang, ibe ttoimlttion oftb«St|te._ Thehajl wag crowded PoUonerHnng. COBCEG, C. W., June 9. Dr King, the wife poisouer. ivas bung this morning. He mad* a opwcli uu the scaffold declaring his guilt, and willingness to die. He said hf had made Lie peace with God. and desired the people to praj for liiro A vast nom ber of people were present. I -f Additional Foreign >>ws. NE«- YOEK, Jane 9. A lftt*r frt)m A Ilessandria BXT.« that when the carriagfl, rootainiue the Austrian officers and other prisoners taking at MonU-twIlo, passed l«forp a group of the French Imperial guard, the tnsn raneed themselves in a row, and look off their FLaktws A decre* of the Emprvss Regent enacts tbat in virt ae of the law recently adopted, and of a ball of the Pope, tbe Episcopal seal of Arms shall bf raised into an Archbishopric, and another decree, signed by the Emperor, and dated from the general Imperial Head-Quarters at Allessandna, appoints tbe present Bishop of Rennes to be tbe new Archbishop. Consols are steady to-day at 92 l-4a92 1-2. Sugar—Qaiet. Coffee—A cargo Sat Domingo sold at 5a8 f^r Genoa. N Tea—Firm. LIVEBPOOL, Saturday, 3 P. B.—Breadstnffs qniet, withont change in many articl«-s. The Vienna correspondent of the London Times furnishes a version of the battle to^fhe effect tbat Count Stadion passed tbe Po OD tbe 20th by tbw strongly fortified bridge at Va- oaritza, with 25,000 men to ascertain the po- mtioo of tbe French. He found them in Caste, gio, which place be stormed He then com« upon Paraeoay and Hollers' army, near Montebello He attacked it BO as to mak« enemy display his strength. In tbe fight Sudion was wounded. Tbe French broughfap fresh troops by rail daring the battle. Al night, Stadion retreated, having effected, "bis purpose. The eajne authority says the Aastrians are satisfied'with the Montebello expedition, as the exact position and strength of tbe French were ascertained, besides the conviction that the Austrian troops fight qnite as well as tbe French. The London Times' Paris correspondent states positively that only 4,200 French troops were engaged at Montebello. The Anstrians are admitted to have fongbt admirably in line, bat not as Well in close quarters as when tbe moment came to cross the bayonet. Other accounts estimate the French forces in this action at fully 12,000. It is said that Gen. Forbes 1 coat was riddled with ballets Private accounts say that the real loss of tbe French was 100 to 200 men. Tbe London Times' Paris correspondent says that tbe Aastrians admit that the French fought splendidly from the heights. The Aastrians beheld the novelty of train after train of French troops arriving by rail from VUiesa, disgorging them, and immediately hastening back for more. The first Austrian corps d'Arniie, 4000 strong, was to be sent from Bohemia into Tyrol, by way of Dresden and Munich. Tbe accumulation of troops in Munich was so great that 200 beds had been made up tn the Crystal Palace. The report that tbe neutral powers had protested against the occupation of Tuscany is contradicted, bat it was believed that the English and Russian Ambassadors in Paris had made observations on the subject, which were not very well received. A despatch from Trieste, says that about 60 Frenen men-of-war was in the llediteran- ean erasing between the Adriatic and the Levant. ASoattnaof gun-boats was ready to'sail for Tonloa, and was shortly to be followed by • second. It was supposed they .were intended to act against Venice. Five gon-boatt, which could be taken to pieces and re-mounted, have been sent to<Je- neraV The/ were intended for ose on Lake Mtttotae. ' »»Letters from Borne state that the great e*- thusiasm. was prodaoed among the people and •tbe French troops by the news of the triumph of the Frenah army at Montebello. / The Lofldbn. Newe' Turin correspondent telegraphs that tvn official inquiry/made on the •pot, established the fact that the contributions levied on tbe Aastrians'at Vfrcelll, and which the special correspondent of the London times declared had not been raised, amounted to Una sum Of 2,000,000 francs. < Ibe London limes Paris correspondent says that independently of tbe 8 divisions already designated to form tbe army of observation, nader,F«lUsjier, four additional divisions were being orgaiflied for the BameiObjeot. Jl. letter from Toulon atatea that the banish' .wa&vf teamen from .thai port, if not abandoned, is at least suspended. /Ihe French Envoys at the eourts of Bavaria, /Bmorer and Wurtemborg, were in Paris, har- ingbtwnjHTOBjoaadtogiTt verbal account of iSaittonHi.*^ <beir portion,' «rth*war ' Hon. JaB. Alfred" Merte, "cfiafmiaD oomaitlwion wsatatidns, rob«ittedi|, ' ' ' .. «d :iha vieWof»portSoii*f >th8 minority, betot e ar^Mnovertl.fl »l»ole gronnd , of free on thepopnUtJon '*T^ r j4y<K»tfeii tbeprohiWOon'of enwnoipa «on andpTie pTB«»ge,of laws for tbe extinction ' ' ' . inajorltf wpprif-ia aooorppamed by the g' r'eiolntiohs i'' -' ' . = '. Rgtotvcd, That the convention consider any measure for tbe general removal of free blacks from (lie State of Maryland, inexpedient and uncalled for by any public exigency , which . -Resolved, That the free negro /population should be well »nd thoroughly controlled by efficient laws, to the end that they may be orderly aad productive. • Resolved, That for the 'purpose of diminishing, ae far as possible, the evil a which proceed from the excessive and incr»asin£ free nopro class, tbe policy of the State declared in 1831 ) should be re-affirmed, and such amendments be made to the act of that year as wilt give to it active force as will either prohibit emancipation altogether, or compel the prompt removal" from the State of those emancipated; and that the legislature bo asked to review and amend the laws relating to free negroes and to emancipation, BO as to remedy ad the dei fecta of a .system which time and experience has shown. Resolved^ that a committee of - . be appointed to submit the views of ; this convention, and to ask appropriate legislation by the general assembly. Death of the Late Llnnt. Wlnfield S. Brll. NORFOLK, June 9. Lieut. Winfield S. Bell, of the reven ue service, died last night. The Member, ..f the Thet* Delta Chi has Met. TBOT, Junx 9. The convention of the Tlieta Delta Ohi fraternity is now in session Mr. K O. F Wil- kina, of N. Y., delivers the annual address, and Mr. W. B, French, of Bostou, prononnot-s the poem. The hall where tbe convention is held is crowded to suffocation. Great enthusiasm prevailed, and it is recognized as the most important gathering of the kind that was evor assembled. COMMERCIAL.. OEO. GODFREY, EDITOR OF THE DAII V KKWS, , Ml!wncliff, June 9,1169 i AKOIAI..—Money m»tU:rB oouUnue in the old way. Currency and exchange are both scarce and tl:e latter firm at 2 per cent. The demand for ccrrencj is moderate, otherwise the banks would feel pinched som-- nrhat. « e tee no prospect • f i nr le> np at jireient. The followmg is the New York Bank statement for the week eodlnc June 4th : Decrease in loan 12,180.594 Decrease In Specie 691,511 Increme ID Gircul»t on 191.SS8 Decrease In n»t Deposits . 9,91-3.519 Total Upectr 23,788,811 The statement, particularly as rejrards specie. Is surprising. OoKUCBClJkl»—The markets to-day were very dull In eTTythlnp but wheat and penernlly drooping. In Crmrno disposition was manifest to oper&te, save In the sale of one small lot of mixed brands at £,00. la wheat the amount sMd exceeds somvwhat the amount of yes.erday, but at s lower njrure. Coarse grain* were very doll, no salea being reported, except s rery STiall lot of shelted corn a TSc. Provlsinni a-e generally quiet. Potatoes nre Rtl'l ID fair demand, the ro- ceipt- being light. Freight! are he'd firm with an np- irsrd te drncy. "Wool It inartlre as yet; rery little comlnp In at the present low figure?, and buyers refuse to advance, sayin? the orden fr.*ra the cast wili b«- withdrawn If hlphprices are Insisted upon. The market pecerall'- closed dull and drooping. Mil wan He* \Vlio Je«a|p iTInrfcrt. THTRSDIT Ei-isnr- 'one 9 FREIGHTS—unchanged; 50c on floor through to New York. Schooner Morntnc Ijjr' t chartered at *r with wheat to BoSalo. FLOUR—very dull, drooping Receipts o03 bbls; sblpnvnts none. £alea 70 bbls mixed brandi at 6,00. RYE Pl.Orfi—Inactive and unchanged WHEAT—moderately active atrrduced figures. Receipt 8,911 bus; silpmenll 10 500 bus. Paki 616 >.nl No 1 ID store at 1.11, 570 b,.« roiled w th No. 2 it 1,06. 6,480 do So. 1 (. o. b., 1,12X; 250 tio «rtr» Ne 1 «l 1.40-, 60 do choice whit* winter at 1,60 RYE—unchanged and Inactive. OuRN—dull. Receipts 89 bus. Rain M bu« nice shelled at 7S. OATA— receipts 679 bui No salci nominal at 40 HIOB WINES—steady B. 27. BrTTER—rather qtrff I Firkin 9.JU1, fresh roll >1 (&1S l&GS—ea«y a! 9^9 POTATOES—ready tale Receipts 181 bus; 4sa65- HU)rx—unchanged. Green BX<2>"; suited 7)^<3>'; dry Uaid- Receipts 7,794 Ibs. WOOL—market unsettled; receipti very light, prices (r m ZO to SO uallroail Krcelpi*.. Rioerrrs ET Li CKOSKI t Mn.wcitci Biiumin— 180 bbl) Hoar; 181 bn»Trh-at; 80 do potJitoes; 1 ,C30 Ibs hides, 64 M itilnplrs; 100 doz pallr. 6 do tubs; 12.K49 Ihi sundrlea. RionpTB sr Cmcioo i MiL'AUxri RAH.KOID.— 7th and 8th.—82 bbls flour; 1^69 bus wheat; f>8 do corn, 434 do oats; 6,164 Ibe hides. KBCnrro BT MiLwiccn A MISSISSIPPI RiiLuOiti.— 241 bbls flour; 2,441 bus wheat; 245 do oats; «2 do potatoes. ntjht, M tie Propeller Galena wsWioles -in to »hfh»rbnr ot deijelan-', the^dra.irtag at'thrtlo.;!! ftit 6inch« waler, ran against the b»rj and «»oig around aftlnil the old eut pier, iDjorlnz h«r««W » tbmt rte leaked btilj. Caoviu'wai rttged oTer.tb.9 leak, e-no-sh* left fair Buffalo on Saturday night." .Bhewa» loaded with floor some of which wa» damaged by tbe water. • .- t3f~ Th.e following veuei* pasied Detroit yesl<*}a j : Banndtft).— 8. B. Oeo. Jfoffat; proprlltn Northern Light, Bacolah. KeBMba; btrqaet Arabia, Londtn; Bdu-i txchsrge, Mitchell Ouelle, 0. North, L. Woblc, J. W. Sargeant, Rapid John Idllj. Bound Down— Prop. Iro i City. BY TELEGRAPH. Now .York MftOtet . Hur-TftBjt, Jane » n,Ano—market very r.eavy and lOo lover; lala 8,701) bbl»at4,25@ttU f, r lopsrane-suvle; 6,653ie,» for extra do; 6^25®0^iO f..r,soperflne wtatero, 8,fl8f« 7,10 for coftaoon to good • xtia western; 6,80^745 for do rnund hcop Ohio, M»ik«t elosln k very heavy. CANADIAN FLOUB—rrmaias nominal, small sale* • aVE 1-U»UR—atiiioVBi. WHKAT—tie.vy, dull a»d lower; sales 8,OOQ,bU3 a« 1,65 for white Micb; a strati iiarcel very choice Dew crop red Georgia iold at 2.03. EVE- dull; sules4,000nn at8T(283. DAKI.KV—quiet CORD—heavy; isles 81,000 bos al 97 for old mixed western; SB for new; 95 for cfiojce yeiloir southern; 90 ®9'2 for round yel'.ow and while northern at U. OATS-lnwe and hes»j at MCt62 for sute; 53J}6| for vrct^-rn »Dd C«n»dlsn. WHffiKKT—lower; sales «T5 bMi stt-iTM. PORK—opened firm, birt closed doll and heavy; sal. s 1,6011 bbls at 17,OOaK 25 for new mess; 18,00 for prime me s; 15.32 for prim- BDITK.K—dull at 12©20 i *i Ohio Mid State. STOCKS— fflrmcr. Va C'» »T; Mo 6's SIX; Erie 4th mort S4X; G * C 2d mo t S»; » H 65; N T O ttH; Srleok; M Ofl\; M 8%; tin zrad SOX;! 0 66&J O t O MH; R 1 59X. BUFFALO »: ARKKT. FLOUR—active and stei l>; sales 28D bbli at 5,76 for state from Chicago spring «-heit; 6.75^6,8f^ for extra Wis; i«l7,l!7X for e<. .i t • choice exits Xlichliran, Ind., and Ohio; 7 1 503&'S.O(i f T H«at»le extras; qa-e . H'tlK*T-In morlrrate stvutly; salei 1 ,000 bus at I red Ohio; ,60 for white IDI! <'OKN—stesJj; sales) 5.IH gran s qniet. WHISKEY—nnml..tti al :•> OA.NA1 FUHGUTS—un<-i .ufred. OSWEOO ' VRKKT. OSWEGO. JUDC t Nnf demand; (fr winter III. nloslng market III. al 77. Other FLOUR— a sh»de easier. WHEAT— very quk-t, bo to com*' into the market ev> no sale*. COIIN— keW fitmly; sal . rt,UJO bus (Aoice ) Ind . fi/r Canada Rt Kd. OATS— Uiacnve. CANAL FHKI ,HTS — »teu t t having Httle eonDilrnce ti U a aooceytiou in prices^ snd nnctaoged. Bcmto, June 8. Tlie fo luTine ve-selt pa.' -• 1 the Port Colborne Lack Lrom 4 o'ciock P M. oo tht s* , till 4 o^stock K u. on die 9th : Bound West— On the Sit— alrlg Sir Charles Napier; Schrs Wlule Clou 1, Utlca. i' ihe »th-«Schooner Sea- Bound Lasi—On the 8A— :cl»r Jsmes Colcmtto. the »ih—Schrs Ralclch, Emi.vr,.r. On I N PUtlSCANCE of an *ru. i of the District Coart of thf C ulted States, for Hi Dt»trnt of »Fisci>DSiD, mad*- en the 16th day of MJ.V. A. O., 1S59, 1^ Dan'el H,, /Bsignee, in b.>okfupiej ef Josikh K. McClure, trill srll al Public Auc-i in, al tbe Court lioase, In the citj of Milwaukee^ ot» tlir> o£th day of July next, between the hours of tun** &"<* ten. In the foretiooD of Ui»t day, all thf right, tiJc Knd Interest, which the Bin! J,, BUN K. McClnre h.» I ;. - the time of filing his petiliou In bankruptcy, u rj>.| to the following real estate, and in and t • th. iimrtgagr herelnalter described atni all the right, iiDd interest, which J, as said Assignee, hare tn and i« tne same, that Is to say : Lot eipht, v:>) Kgan'i .n of block forly-»eTen, (47, ' school feet on addluon to Chicago, HI. ; alto the North half t>»J of We»t hull ^>j) of East half, (S{,) Norlh We-n quarter ( V) °f • r lon thirt/-sii (86,) town thirty -nine, \39.) Nonh ranj."- -tuneen, (14.) Kasl, and our undivided fourth^) of t.. naif (X)of N. E. quarter (it') of sec. twenty, ^U.l town thirty-nine, (ii9,> range fourteen, (14,) and one uji.MTirtrd hall, (X,) Sou h felt qu^rter^X) of wectl'.n twenlv, (20,) t"VU thlrty-nine, (iS9 t ) rangr fourteen, <14,) m.d one-third (H)of East h-tlf (>4) of Ninth East quarter ijtf) of Srction elgnteen, (IS,) town thirty-nine, (39 ) north range fourteen, ^14,) all la > ot*k County, lll'i>oi% and east of the ihlrd principal meridian, and a roortfrajre on the above uu&rUT, (>4) the i^outh \\rst quarter (j^) of section treaty. \2o.) town thl-ty-nme, (39,) range foqru^n, U*.) given to J. E MrGlnrr by Wlhlam Raymond, da- trd August 1st, lb3T, to tenjr.- |1,7AO, and recorded ; alto lots one and two, (1 A ?) In block two, (£.) Wo - coit's addl:. n, to Chicago, in "aid Oonnty of Cook , and thf fnl'owinj,- omitted to Ov ""'heduled In I'-t r Ineteen, i!9).n *^lock ih^ty, (Si,) srli-,ol %*ctiPTi ftdoUVoB to m sn-'l County uf l 'ook; also ,nt one (l)in ^l.' -rn, (18,) sn I lots five, t5,l six, 16 1 seven, -iphl, (8.) n bock forty-tliree, (48,) In iht- n a:|.| t.uii to Jollet, Will county, III. al .iiU»mrr, Mil ISth, 18i3 UANlKL H. RICHARDS, m i v Ai-dla-w6<f A"i'irnee. Chit a Wock I C1IICUIT OOCRT, ( .lwautt-t- County. ) NO. ^NMB4 Attorneys &GuiigelloT3 at; CKOM the Etst. hat opecea u> fii:e arSS llarketiqaarc, no «1- bear OneMa IL, Mllw^nket, h treatment and cure of 0Tei| ipecJes ..f 1'rlrata I>'»c«Je wlttt nut tti« use nl mercury, the no f.<rtjm.i<e shouli) be particular :3 >el<-cttn«? his physUiian, u U I* t > liuni-ntatile, yet Incoatrorertlh "fart, tbal many sypriilui" pstlei. are mlule miserable with rulnod MILWADKBE. ] ..... J -' if • i.«. »s(utram. * I'AKHISH, ) i 5 * OO'fJKSELLORS' 4.T; t±W. 10, Atbauy .eonjUtciion* by ?, pnji'.cljns In general fxracUc*; V fefleraPy cnnceilert-by tlie b-»t 1 tfao study and management nf t ! ' eBgroiUll* whole tlni> of tt>i>«.' tent ami ncceufal ID '' " toexpe'rlence'i? Bi-n«ral pr»ctii:«ner b:>vituf i portnaUy nor time i» .-n»toliii-<j«Hiittin.4cBti ' for II Is » poic , thi ciitnpiaiut* sbonld l---' ..-ji-t-. Th« i'iit- e4 Wttll their I.Stholf.)t», i''ITnt.'.nlv of treatnentrin most ,-.w« m.ik.r« aa OK Of the srfHquatcj! «nd «"P»™» -W . MoreeantlOn, lK.*evcr,iho.>Wl. e usr,l nomU. . a. nf I , Mercury ul the ,1 1 ATTORlfs^YS & COUNSELLORS AT J.AW, ,j anuufo iOW<n<r, U3 Au( ITaUr <<., JHtia^tM. O. W. f iciffliK, formerly, 1 ' PlOnUUS i 0-ll.T .Albany, V f«iSC« BU New Vgrtr.1 J F. DutoniicbDIsil.&Oourt CommiOionef cutaVioncr forievonl states. noi * Frenrh And other i of the ^ ta rtiU-r Ihdff Betpr Futiif sKiT ami polion Ihem v?\r. *o<rrnrr PerBOM llrin|I at % dijl*act fcpt to be dttp*t b^ t*ic lyln-/ 6TAM. i-^ii MI<;K it HTAKie, : Attoniojyi & Coufipellon at. Law. . 41?" (JfflteiNo. 4, Mitcl«irs Hew Uanlr BuiUm?,cor- ner of Mirlilffan an'l Cast Water atrMli, Mil>1sakcc. Attomeyi A ntid ffil Counsellors ati Law. Will (.rac-tiCein Uit var'OPB Ooort of lb«*ir?^nUt Jud cial Olrcdiljof Wisconsto, and will faiihfulrjj r.H bcslne roacr. lhfi«e al to oe, n-»niiiftn«.j8'pFonipUy locat^-l in M-iprtMH»r> '•• ' ••» Dr. J. TfloauK)' hasre-e.-y hlj father, Dr. Win. Ttioin»in haa practiced over Sf> rvar«. failures of the best Phv<ir>. "Periodical Till" hunibu/. cian who can vrtat such c*- fQlty. Hpennatorrticr^ nr 3- qneoce of self atoue, ir*-1 without tho ose i->f munler'.L Tlte new French .Shield constantly OD fian.l. Tl, • can be had l.y* 1 ! - I 1 Illinois. B<n T?, n.-i•: • ) ^l«I.. • r - *>i. i-».! m m ku tio-i from ittou, »vho H afipi the T. *•• '.lid .e.i '-? -V -Cls .at.••! PATENT MEDICINES. AYERS CHERRY SECTORAL, THE GREATEST J. R. Sn LITTKLL A liACKR, M Hii-sMAS ft |t«)t<rn. MATTOCKS ti I!IB«"I lion. J pi TOB, i , tunkcrt, HICTOCJ Point. A. SAVACIK, Jit., Attornev ; aod Counsellor at! Law NC^. 9 4 Kl.PHOKNU BUII.US -j WISCONSIN Mil WAt'KKt-, . . It Ooramlsii.'S<T for lr*drflni, I c>ri-»i/ L'nitfl jcfi ' • <1US'1!AV VoN DKr'IM'U JlTTOHiiET AND WCNHKLLOR *T 1,'Aiy, OXtiOK— Em/.irf Illons, 451 Ka»l W HU i :i m> tJ • un.wjccE2, t7[Si.ussiN. ; ' J, JV. V. fi, I'i'TOi Attornejy &. Couneellor at luaw. (®^ Office', iu MiUhcll': Bank llujldlng. So S, wanlwe, Ml CotntM-iiur* ^-4, A/f.a..j H* Law. e Newhafl Hous; . Milsraafcec Wu. a. sriltaijcyua. Jolin W. CA*T ................ W AU-lCS PiiiT JAKY & PMATT, < : Aiiorue)J nnd 4'oiun>ellan> all lin Office in Sloung 1 * block, Corntr Main aod WIs- cx^oslr. street, M1LWA0KK1!, H.A. j. lif ; M.\'ir« i Atu. nc>» at L%w aii-i ±k/iicitnr» i * .»cun*m street, Milwaukee. . No. 1 MlHtJKl.J-ANKOtlS. </ha>.r: \ liradicy, HAHtK AND HA(i Di;.\I,KHS •J ,rt VVI..ST \\AIKHM-llKtr, MILWACKKB,.. . .[apriCJ \* J-CuV-I.N B VILU1H3, Willi.tii.Mik Auction ind Oommissie'n Merchanta, 1. VNI) 1U.JNTS AfJI) MONEY >0. 10 U'IKtOX.SII W ILL (OTCJlirlicuUr iiurntion turr. Dry O'lo-ls an-l every iiurntion U) the «»U >f Purnl- j 1 . ,.in of MCT-- or County . gST" Liberal * vances OB c< rtrlurn, m«d»-.' f». It. — ItnndX Notes and MOI- pan of tlh; Oly nu, ao u prompt i P. Lyn.le, Tel" Errrcrs or THI PBOFT. —Prom all parts of the country In our latitude, w« receive accounts of the ranges of lh« recent frost The reporti from some sources are that every thing Is cat 00 Others that tbe wheat Is still safe, and the corn will recover. We think the ertl tj exaggerated somewhat. Meteorological. Jen ». 6 i. «.—Wind W. S. W.—gentle breeie—ny bright with occasional p&tches of cirro stratus. Barometer 29,43. Thermometer 62. 12 ».—Wtad W.—sky cloudy. Barometer 29, 45. Thermometer 70. 4 p. *.— Wind W.—light—sky cloudy—sprinkling rain. Barometer 29, S3. Thermometer CS. 6 p. B.—Wind W —«ky clouded with canull. Barometer 29, S3. Thermometer C3. MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of lnil\ra.nkcci Jnne 9. AKKIVI:I». gtmr Gazelle, Budln, Two Hirers, 1 pkgi sundries., 8tmr Cleveland, Doogal, Grand Haven. ficbr Bose Donsmao, Rlcliarason, White Lake, 60 M lumber, 20 M timber. Bohr Plshavk, Thompson, Sbeboygan, £6 cords wood. Bchr Traveler, Wright, Manltowoo, 18 M lumber, 1,800 cedar posta, &5 M shingles. Schr Stella, gmltb, Two Rivers, 90 H lumber, CO H inni shinnies. CI.EAUED. Schr Fred Hill, Fitzgerald, Buffalo, 10,500 bus wfteal. Etmr Gazelle, Butiln, Two Elvers, S tons mdi, 6 bbls pork, 2 do -whiskey, 9 do sundries, 41 pkgi do, 4 kegs lUjpor.. Schr Rose Dons "nan, Richardson, White Like. Bohr Stelle, Bmlth, Two Elvers. SHOOKEB GUI. HOCBTO« WBXCEIB.—From tbe Detroit Fret Prett we learn that the schooner Gen. Houston, belonging to J. B. Scott, of that city, went ashore ai the mouth of Grand Hirer, below Cleveland, In the gale of last Friday. She was loaded with lumber from Part Quean, and was attempting tn make the month of the river, where th* entrance U very narrow, bnt was unable to purree her court*, owing to lie Tiolencs of tbe gale, and was driven upon the pier. t-ubseo,uent!y •be went to piece* »nd If a total lose. THI Boroona COKVOT.—The tag Oiw«go worked three days at the schooner Convoy, triiore on tolnt Pelcellsand, bntwastmaklt to. more ber, She vent In light, and U full three feet oat of water. The tug came op Monday night, and it was though, w- old retutu again. It may be Decenary to place lighter* nnder the •ehooner anil lift her «ff bodily.— PdfM Ftf* P^ttl OAEIIID A WAT/—The Bactae Journal says theDrlg Baterprlte came to that port on Baturday without her main mast. She had lost It with all tbe standing rlg- jingtncoojjectlon, off Point an Ba^U on the Michigan •bora. Themutwa* qn^te rotftn where it broke. ' 6or Or»r-The •tboonen Oommencemaot aad Uolon> •hlch went ashore in-the (al« near BI«ckLake,hav« been got oBj. 1Junjun>>uii Btn«4i.o, tn.-^fnp. Chicago, H«r- rick, Chicago. ] ^ ^ lion Hora»o» ; Gacn I«L»M^—The Qreen Bay AS- ^«xit»«*y» thai the neoeasary apprcprtatlonlias b*en t&alt.Jtor i lijt<4HHue on Oreen ^laland, oraocb* point to that Tlctolty M «hjii b« d«eme4 HUM* adTH*. Kpl.rAJm Mar ner and Joh J Ortrin, executnrs, and Ma Jane L-an, executrix of the last will <n.l 'esta- ment of Allison Lewis, deceased, Martha Lewi*, Sarah Ltwis, Mary Lewis, Mar ha U. l.ewi«, Kilub.-th Louisa Lewi.. Wm. J. Lrwln, David P Hull, Jabcs U. PjsUr, Jonhua Uainaw&y, JiuO'i D. Johnston, AdamNntrle, C'.t*i Ice U. HerpmaD, laajic 11. KDOX, Gordon Nome, Bot«.Tt B Bell. Byron W. Clarke, Charles 8 Clarke, ilamfli.n Lud.nirto'i. Nelson Ladington, Dan'fl Wcllf, Jr . O. Van 8chalck, John Dully, !tosei tfln- n'.tt. \\'ilhjm (Hlway, Jatnes Rrily, The Farmem' A Mil.c-tV Bank. Henr; u Palmer, Augustus Grrullch and Hermann Bcliwarllng. assignees or The Peo|>le'i Hank of llaeru-1, Urecnlcaf t Co., Edwin G. Tyler, Horare II Hunn. Jasper K. Goo-lrich, \VftltamBal- Iry, William Grrenslade, Lev! J. Merfick, William H. Mrrrirlc, The Marine Bank, Slary Adams, adminis- tratrix of FrirdrrirL- *". Auacni, deceased, Charfes W. Willard, aoil John A. Page, executor of the 'ast wilt an I teatamenlof Uecekiah n. Reed, deceased. State or Wisconsin, to all the defendants above named : \/ OC are hereby summoned and required to answer X the complaint In this action, which was died in th*- office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Milwaukee, on tbe 12th day of May, A.. 0-, 1&A9, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint, on thesubj ncribera at their office, Nos. 6 and 8 Albany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety dayt after the service of this summons on you v exclusive of tbe day of snch ser- vicei and if you [ail to answer the said compl.itnl wiUun t le time aforesaid., ttie plaintiff iti this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the compl&l&t Datrd May 12,1859. P1NCHE3, LTNDE* MILLER, may!7-la<H; r Plalntllfi Attornrys. I MIJ.VV tVUKtJK OAX.AA1C. 'C, DEURME&OUENTIN ?159 fatt VaUr Street, MEEWKA. UUADruUl) ltlb>1), CITT CotfrTKoLLEB'f* Orncx, ( < ootract DeparUDeot, June 2,1659. { O EALED proposals will be reeeired at tltls office un- O t;l Thursday . June 9tb t 10 A. If. for paving the unfinished por <•. » nf allej ruuning through block 6, fhi'd Ward, and repairing said alley when neceWArj. ; jrV-dtt E L'H. GARDINER, OompTnlier. 1036] Sill .'Cirr'K HALE. [!«COT>. 8TATK Of WISCONSIN, I Olreuit Court, Milwaukee Oo. f Robert Armstrong ] Daniel Donnellf, 1 Judgment and Sale. against f Keclianic's Lien, . Louisa C. Sinclair. j X N rlrtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the «bov« entitled action, dated the Itthdar of March, 18J8, I shall erpose (or salesmd sell at Public Auction, at Ihc Post Offi-e, In the cltjr of Mll- iraukee, on >atiirda)-* the -3d dar of July, 1B6>, at the hour of 2 p. •. of tbat day. pnnuant to Chapter ISO, Rei-ited Statutes, entitled "01 Uie lien of Mechanics and othrrs, the following described premises to wit: "A certain balldlng^ltnate os lot Dumber lour. t-er (14). in block number sixty-nine (£t,) In the' Fourlh Wsrd of tbe City of Milwaukee,. County of Milwaukee and Suite of Wisconsin, together with all the Uglit, tl'le, and Interest the said defendant, Lugua 0. Slncl»lr, hadJn and to said Ic t number fourteen (14), In Mock number sixty-nine (69), tn the Foofth 7ard of the City of Milwaukee." Dated Sheriff's Office, Mllwsukee, June 7,1569. E. K. ADiKs, I A. J. LAHGWOBTHT, Pl'fls Atto.ney. f BhefuJ Mil. Co, Wls. 817] SHEUIFF'S SALE. STATE OK WISCONSIN. I [New* Circuit Conrl,MIIwaukeeCo. Andrew Milcbrll, | John Coo^'^d | 'orecloinr. and gal.. Marion Cooper. J I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In ttre abore entitled action, dated April 30, 1859, 1 shall erpose for sale .and sell at Public Auction, at tbe I'ost-Offlce, IB tbe City of Mllwankee, on Saturday, tfae 2otji dar ot Auia«t, 1859, at tbe bour of a r. •., of that day, tbe following described mortgaged premise's, or so much thereof as oiay be necessary to raise the amount of sajdjodgmentt Interest and costs, toftethe^with expense* of sals, tht following, to wit : "All tbat piece or parcel of land «ltoaie In the County of Milwaukee «nd State of Wisconsin, known and described as the »est halt of the north weri quarter of section 118], town sU (6), range twenty-on« [81], cantalmeg ninety- two acres, according to the United State* surrey, excepting one half acre leased bj John and BfaHon Cooper or one of then to Fcbool District No.ilz fSJ, in tbe Von ot QreenflsjU,. MUwaukc* Obnnty .'. ' ' ' ' Dated BherilPs Oace,MUvLttkec, Mar 14, ISfit. ' Wram * UUBAH, I A.J.LAN&WOKTHT,- Pl'ffs Att'/i ( Bh'ff. Mil. Co., Wts. mayl5-8m-llB3w. _ .._ . • 99 141 COBOPIER'8 MAM OF WI800N8BH, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f •' Matilda Foots, against . • Herman L. PMC, .George 8. Mallory, Qarrett U. flta- geratd, Sarah HUgerald, his wife, .Thomsj T. Reeve and Gilbert W. Eoe. Jadgment of Foreclosure and Sale. r N virtue of and pursuant to a Jnigment render, ed in said Court, Inilhc afipve entitjed action, I shall expose for file aad m-U at public anctlou, at the Court House In the city of Milwaukee, on Stitnr- •JlajTt tlie 18th day o* Jnne t 18£», at the boor of 9 P. K. of that day, the follosring dcterlbed mortgaged premlMf, or «o- much thereof u may be neenurr to rmif e tbe amount due to the aalfl plalntUT. \->g«ther witli Interest and "etpensesof sale, to-wit: "Quarter block twenty-nln [2J], tn the east half of the south Tre»tqakr«cr of section No. twen- ty^ne£a],lntown»Up*o seven m, nortb of ranite twenty-tiro pi J east, *n theVfrat-Wara, of tbe City of Hilvankev, la the County of Mil- waake«an4 State of WltcoMin." . Dated Ooroner', 1858. v M'fls 4n'y«.' f Coroner HO. Oo., WIs. * decl8-fan-flrst4yrflam-rLn»t3»law-lail8irZaw JUSTJOBrDOOKKTS, i erprwiiy f or that i S 1 '^*, Wllfow W»rr and Y»-' elilcPf GryJs •»<! Zephyr W'i PAPKU .1. .9. [flcfiKATII A: <:« ui V»I--I<>.VM> sritKr.T, IXrMBTE&ii, WSOLSSALa AVP RKT1I1. ^EALX^t^ IIM Paper Hangings, Window Shader,, Corap**tent <(wkcien sent to tvll parts of tM OViy Ooaniry for Decorating and Paper HaaRtn^: ia all tt.y ork warramel. DISCOVERY Of THE AGE. DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AND DR-HOOFLASTD'S BALSinil CORDIAL* The great standard medicines of th* pr'.irnf o^e, have acquired tJutr great popularity Wy jAron^A years of trial. Unbounded miw/ar CWB u rendered by them in ail cases; *nd the people havt pronounced them worthy llrer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Nervous System, , Diseases of the kidney*, and ail diseases arising fr>jm -i duvrdtrr--<i liver or weakness of the stomack tnti Jiij'stiv* organs, are rpeedily and p*rmtir»fntiy ^red !iy the GEKMAX BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial h.u ic^nrtd i reputation surpassing that •/' J"V «mi/-ir v* paration extant. It >e\iL -itr*, wirtiot- r f\.iL. tht moat tevere and luny-stJ.ndui'j Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bnraciuus. In flttenza. Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption. *N Coiis.'hv u ml II I*:!!"* «*..«*%•*, On, J '' v rsii 1 I.. • ' i— >L.*..- r iiirif/ I '•••T" -»-r'l r., -ir^fiw-*, i.iilit-iiait. «n.l •], 'XiT,<i-ituitji.i.t «v.u(.rortii * '--M. - r n Oiiiaar fsra-^RA i, ' '« -HHirtJi t HIM' a>7 t»rv Urn *Tt<l *IIT famil t^n y>v».r* a, M »i. if n it • nnr rirf ji»* fnr th« *nmf.lAlntM KKKS it'. ,<rlJT ,1 A H. M'XtYLKY KMQ.. .f I 'HI- A. V V . afrit** ' i n*wii f'.nr ,'V-f,.r.,j ,,, TW (f i (11 i HI <uv family -»-»r ' T'ltl .n-'-nt-l ,t, «i,,l r«|j,. v - [ tti- -.-«[ mtvilHrift r (. pnrp...... -T.r ;,..[ ,.,i w-i» . •,*,( ...|,i I UH..IH, -,.«y tir^ntT (!••• l.-ilarn ft-r * •„.«.!* ihan !<• <r(th-.m lX» *ll» .tll«r ' I roajK Whoopinc ^oo^h, (nduenza «*"».[•«•, FTE1.D, Ulrth *>r. ' . «/> B«->THtn \m:i I will -h— .fully v.rtifv ^*rt IB th* ^*«t '•-.DP-JT *• P-.—HH.. 'or -ht. -nro >f wh.-. •mn«ti. •r-ilp. M"l *h- !..« :'..«X.-. .f filLtr-n -V ynnr '-kf-r-i'tv .n •>'- M...IT, •*(. l ,r«-i % t« ,-, JO r »(t I! ti.mi- 'I "-•!' it— H u* • ur j>™,(jt« A.ithma or • <r «r<rfnuMt, int cii* Tt>«ii < onnum ptloo . Confirmed Consumption. ', 1 > The w-cr&i 3, r llf !.«« tn- ' i mouth. Or.- t. • i. r. -f-l • I-.-*, i"..: , . u'- -.or d»f i. •'• ' i.r* rVir tlr^-1 -vr- J :»!« of Boston i.i f.t* * Dar*'.u(f T»o TW ) t the .yitein of btie*. i-are the wor^t c^^kf^ Three u. * kind jf Krj . Ott- i ' '«•. the. eye' Tvo hutti Tian.nj: u!< -r- Ourr t otlii ft I car* *• al; < Two or it.' • bo'i.itj »'» T: Jad o/ noil'*'.•r'Ti. Three to four K««, rheum. .five tc eight ».,«!-. nil. AD ' * p*rf-<*t ar* . 17 U taken. , A few doses li'iii nUfj 'it >i'-! curt the must serer* DiarrhcBa :"- v ,--.-./• /rwi CuLD IN THE B' i w K L •< j Tk&3« medicvtles ar*. y • •-^•ir^'i •/ /'*• ' I JATKAON & (>}., .Vo 4H .-.-a >>"' / '' dtiphtti. Pa., >i?id 'ir*. f/"/ ;y Jru /•/'-;' • ; draUrs in rnedicines *i -rryu-'r-r--. // . > I /;<fr bottU. T ke riyia'ur- ' ' M ' *• < ; tri// 6f on fA*f omyidt >LT ipp*r ; j -i---i • " j /"n the \lTT\<in*i<~ pnhi '.^''••••i : r> '• • '• • '• 't \ pr'-priftors, <-all?d EvF.RTO"!'r * V: rt v - v I yu« u'u'J nnd ' j *'7 fT i"p'/ ;i-/ r '•' '' X/m<jnafj . Ayer's Cathartic Pills T i aatod to cure all II f i J T M the tnon 1 N V 1 (. O U A 1 :'lvKl \ i> ! I) ' 'i I : .''HIUT-' •(> ui ,,»r« «/n.j^iih >r • th-Ir -.*!•] r%, u lint,, mi.! IB pur T I^ j :fi •« 'if » t)->i»« <T«tAin > .t (> *-r y .1* » otll fiAiU '•-» -f t T »'"' '- -1 ' ' '. - T «,. -» . Mtunu t J' "Jt n *. Tui (•(./«. i-OQ'jtr > . In pr^* fre p ' ea 1 t i these ii. Thai TH. ] jot..- uw j ttfinp. r is r-' .. J yoar babe from t*ion »c i ' c rt «lumb«ri ; and the Mt-<ji- | ..tDtajp ' fbic««iQf« to roar* ' creatinji * . to thr rirr> U 1 IV I.»irc3»* the nouri. the c-xnltr day IB foe*-. b«comei IAO« iadi£erence ff IM I.ATfEO, tn i j . Q can ojily t-ii' .«i »y-(r-ra doea not --in n -i 'i-.r- m • - ^ <-' Vh^T «!--. v _,., ,L,->, 'a f ft- -.T-,r •„ , f'. r wan f ^nshment your ( -,^ fibre* t>f y » train of di*ea.** r f>->dy I * w >-b ' I . , ,• 1 »1. ,f ii • "-* ••" '• - ."<• irrlnsli; '*ln*- ar..] smart t.f u» bark, i tn -n 'i .ta<-i4nn,T . riii «. Storage, Forwardiii^ A, ( omn.issiou MKKCJH.VNTS. i Proprietors of the LAU4.I: CI.EVATOK WAItKIIOlM., At tbe trnhtbas of th? Milw-auh«e A Mississippi and the Milwauke«f Watertowu A lUirattoo Val.ey Eallro^tlB. t^F~ Libera^ nilTanc«< made on property cfi Bfoire, or for shiiimenito Knstern .Markets. oct2^-<Itf fc. 1'HSTEK <V CO. Manufacturers au<l DeaJen >t OQQC« of pr» •• In U>* •ni on j *l ' *t i Njlii Uit j • Pr.ce f 1 -l>, *e«^r«ft« of of the hip-)niat <rei*, ai>d ai*- 1 , . -h 'An tK V t? CUT?, i -' t'lii ,,i . - . . * . i.. - .. / -^ •- • -I -«.!.. > < •» ! N I. \\ 1 1. i . .\ | i JF* It I V Prepared by Dr J C. ATER, ind Aa»i7tical Cismlat, Low<!l'.. Miss ''*., l H -•* -«n : [ ^--, I rot • -« f I DR. M'LA.NF' S tX>NALD SEKNEDT. Por • i « fy v> hol^aie A>renH - ; w-r *r,il Ii«-.^wcrth <t root , r»vrj *hcr= u*i] T1OKF TO i AIITIIKii ni.ts rut U findings, Hldein At. .' 149 Qait Watiir street, Milwaukee, Wl|. Oash p&d for Hides, Pelu, Wool, *c. a John JflarqiiLo, Arcliiiecl, JUNKAU BLOCK, is prepared t.x furnish piao* for all klod at the shortest inotlce. J. 8. HA- LtJMSDEB R13J • DAK FORTH A C. JOVKS. Joss il. SrL«K*H, W. Tnv»rr&, C. E. U»nr<?mtB, Loots 8. COU.JR. OO1.OU. CJ1.OR. C .|J)H. —THE— LATEST STYLES oouo». . I'OLOR. '-OLMTI. I'M ,-.K —AT— BUTTON'S! apr!6 jWl-lOLtlSAL.K ; ; RAPE), WAREHOUSE Hauforjd, Blackiuarr& Co., (LATI liABKiaoN, BAVTOBD & oo.) ; Connected vith HAHKISON, HANFOKD Jk OO., ; MANTJFAOTOBBKa, • OOVABOGA FALLS, ^ .pbjQ. H AVK opened at6 Alhanj Block, Mlcilgan <treeK opj poilte Kef/hall House, a large stock ot j j Boot, Jffws, Cover, (blared tutd Sucetopt fap»rt. Mto, Ltiffff Pvptri, flat C*pt, ftHe Poet, Utter and Note Papen, \ ' Which will be iolu very low. Constant additions vtl at made to the, stock to matt.the «r»nta Of the frside. ,37" PrlBierj aBd others are leyltcil fo cat ujd ez> amlne oar stock and price*. . . aprll CHAKLESR. >. j DI ALII II Domestiq Exchange and Shcclc, mHE highest rate) paid, for all kinds of Got and 811- JL rer,Coin a?id Bullion. f : Exchange tsiistaotly for sale at Ihe lowest pfftts. Al I make dealing In Specie and Exchange nty eallre and eiclustvel bnsinen, I an* able to five nty cnjto- tuerian advaniage over current figures. LUtbf price* will be furnUhbd at my offloe, ! '.:)•: Up. M 'WISCONSIN 83TBEE*,' Under the Barftlst Church, nearly opposite th» dratom Home. . ' | '. Vl ^ ^ K1CHESST DIADEM Ever uorn by hiugs or ^inptrors, I A BKAL'TirUl. HEAD OP HAlH. 1 A BBAL'TiKL'L HEAD Of HAIR A BEAUTIFUL UKAO OF JI.AI1:. i A BKAL'TIFt'L 11K4.D or IlAlu , i NATL'BK'd OWN Ll|^.NA.MK^T NAITRK'S OWN iiRNAMKNT. NATl R>'!* OWN ilRNvMKNT. CAN BK PRESKaVKJ INFALLIBLY. CAN BK I'RESKKVsU) I.NKA1.U1ILY CAN lit PRESERVEn INFAU.IHLV CAN IIK raibiK-KVKD INKALLIBLJ. BOTH THK KttoWTU ASli I'.OTU TUK UKOWTH A Nil BOTH THI GnOWTH AM BOTH TDK riRuWni 4NP TOfTUF. ORC4.TK8T AGK. -fO TaE OKEAtEST »«K. tO TUE OaEATKST A(i£. TO THE (JRBATSaT AGK. BY USING WOOD'S 11AIR SFiTORATiVE. RY US1NU WOOD'S H.V1H RK-TuRATlVK HY L'.-INO WOOD'S BAIK RKSTORATImE. Bf USING WOOD'S -HAIR IIK.VTORATIVK. IT ALSO RK-TORKS OKAY IlAiR. IT ALSO KI-3TOsLiC3 OEAV 11A I*. IT AOO RKStoEEJ GRAY HAlH. IT ALSO RKSTOK.ES GRAY HAIR. TO ITS NATURM. TO IT* NATLHAI TO ITd NATUBAt T.) ITS N«T(!R> I PRKVKNVS ITS FALI.lNd PBSTENTB rts r*u>iin.. PRKTKNTS |T3 FALLING PRBTENTS (TS FALLINb. COV6M THJ! BALD COVERS THE BALI) HKAfi COVEttS TUE HALO HEAD COVERS TUE B*LU HKAD FRKES THE 8DALP FROM ALL DISKASf:^. FREES TUE SOALP FROM ALL UISKASW. FREES THK SCALP FROM AlX UlgtafitS FHKES Til* SCALP PROM ALL D1*EA££9. BOLD BT ALL DRUfiGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DKDGO1BT9. BOLD BT ALL DRDGOISTS. BOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. AND BT 0. J. WOOD * CO. AND BT 0. J. WOjD A CO. AND BT 0. J. WOOD A 00. AND BT 0. J. WOOD A OO. lu MARKKT ST., BT. LOCI& H4 MARKET ST.. BT. LOUIS, 114 MARKET ST., fit. LOCtf. 114 MAKKTT ST., ST. LOBIS, AH I) 312 BROACWAV, N T. AAD 3:2 HBOAUWAY, N T AND 3H BROADWAT, N. T. . AND 312 BROADWAT, H. T. The RestonUlve K put up la bottles ti 8 slics, vU : lar«s metUwn, and small; the imall holds & a ».liit, and retails for oof dollai per bottle; Ibe medium holds at leaattirentjntr cent, mon In proportion Dian the small, retail* for tw« wollars per botU«} tb»!aige holds a quart, 10 per crab nore In proiwrtion, and retalis for (3,00 a bottle. .; O.J. WOOD* 00., Proprietor, SU Broadway, N.w York, (lath* great Jf. T. Wlr* lUiltna - - • ' and 114 Market it., St. Louis, Jlo. Md by 0. HA&BINBVON and all good UuVfuey.eootte Dealers. narl R. A. ULIFFOKD FINE ENTKAE. AMD ART Etut Wattr Strut. AVINB: stcared th» asriitanceof ik»oi<l«it»oif H most experlanota opnatof to tht Weil. kena, (whoaeakllllnhlsaepartineDt b w«U U.'Hs)*. mown to many of the cftliei.s of MUwaultee,)! in BOW breparaa tooffertoth,e ; imbllo every deilrable ityle ol Pietnm , known to tb* opmmn«ltj( M Ipwer rat«a.aod t«etit»i i \ T; "- H "' r » ''•••• " -'•• I iJV .r- I -,,.t. - -..,. , . .. ',. • ** \ , M , ( -' ' N . i:.*:!*.-. N I .Ih. • .7 ! - . -r... j;, ,t» r - ) A Mo* i .-i IK> r.» . : •, \ > • 1 A T! i:i*'rurn« i. [.-.:, ., r w . •, j • _,. , fl - rt a ' . ( '. •> n i.i * • i ' '->* . u. . -i • • , • . | • <l. U>-.J . JM,..'.l l „ t ol'Mi M> N TAKt r.AH : 1 i. \ II" A MI Iff t .-' N 1« , • ,- .. | 'h. ur- i-.p ,.' v- .1 ...... ' I , l'*r> 1'^ .1.1 I. i|.I..J t(,,l Nr- <t > , . , -.t.t: n,y jt.-:ui r,sifutn^i:i . r , , K»n«, . A ust-ii t'J 1 tl" *».-(•!-; i»,i t I. ll.»r-« tiy n/a r.jr '-xpr.:!-" A UI Ri >* AKli tv 1 i-i Or AMOS 1 SON >•»*,• i-v. ; - i • . lai.y ..-r;v.|i^ i, i.,Jt, ;.- .1,, » . , i. , N^ nprr.-.s j.urp'i- 1- -iily ..i ,...<,. i. <j«mD); inL.' the i-.iu!.,-* t iti-..^ ,ni. c ' l' r kin! oallcaalit furm-S'i( l.-.-.u-.-. i. I » .. l»^ r\i-i_-il !•> .me i,; Ui^ !•.!...w ^ i - - Lrifinnii»nt ; tticrel'irt-, IIH AM - .« .- . ^n iliicoV(,rui e. in ir,e *.•'-<•:: -, ' • . • binAliun ol rt-iutfiiei «• i, 'i ' .ir 1:1 . . ler, as Well as tti..s^wh.c k i-i:i.i'i..r- i rij.i plication mi{;ill bi pr tl;i. in i . , ., ll.e lianas ol pri vatt- .n,li v i i, , „ 1 . - . ble en-l nf ll.vir r^me.h .-.;... mas.s of h'miitn 'ii.4*r\ i>y •' • \ , -. . prevention •>! thnse i;ru-v in - -»iMi.T .1.. ' I, , rf^lily the secret [n*-i ,1 iif.. ai i « i, • •. . \"KRMIFL'GE LI\'KR FILLS. I-,,:- P-.'. v, I." SIGHT i DR. F. A. CADTVELL, Fotmerly of Toronto, Oi W., amr pf Chicico, 111., tb« I eminent aad iktUfnl operator on the EYE AND CAB >* Ho. «3 JUndoJph, corner of Dearborn afreet, is . ^ »«*l««J»»Ira«let to the way «Xre.torlBg . LOST SIGST AND HEARING. U7fnrar<l of (WO HCJJDOBD have been received by Bt.O. within the lut four weeks, «aoy of whom have •"—bjlnafor»«»thf»jidyettt»,bf,v« Md their il«ht reftored rnrtaatly by ddlcnttaxd diffleultoptrationt, Whil» tttten, »Ha have bweo inAren from disease, «vr«baw «UnifraIouIf cured fey mOd aad. 5*nOe treai- tMDt» • ' • l" V - '• - r > |i-Tk«tati«oa{ U to how Dr. O.'sierrices are appre- olated la, that h» U-daJiy receiving no* patient* from all p»jtf of tti« country, and dfitnUfiB., «a ctjed. his eatfy received case*. .- t So.ft» If i*qsHrea for *n jRawlnattpn or oploloo.- \\ ... . i Dr I' ]| I .up 11 < i ''I'linur-il \'crnuli:'- r L M,I.! I iv cr P ;u". .:--: , :.:-. .... •'.- .-.;-,-, ^ r. r • • ;• •- ;•.:';•<:•"-,•. : ni i: \ i I;M i rr.,i-: !• - -V--C.. - \\ : \\ .-;r- '.-. ,-•••- i- , , ; lateifvietice in th- n c * LTrmr it ..-• OutNTaV INVALID**, P?Tl ns in any ; :irt nf ffi.- •* r'tj ii«v tr*-»teil Ij> f'-rwiir lmj< .. .-, rrv. L .i t ia w Ui a remiltJiUi - inr .M-«i u-'ir-t, ft.- Ail»lrt*s.s Or AMuS A f>oN, cor-.-r ^f * street, Ihiiralo, N. V. I ntK 1.1 \ 1:1; n i.[.s. I I- >>r "TC , \r-- -' 1 . . k ' M ••, v i \ r^ j i!i H.. : ,t • D ; . v MS: ,, ^i> x H ,-;-A. •; -. A. I .„-. ,.r l:'. ^ --.' A..' K, j.T.T.irKv'r'. • i •• f-j- -.ik.;:-^ Oui '•'..::••, ''v-v i!"' -' ":\ ir ,i-iv m.ikc A ^ STATE OF WISCO.NM.N, v Olrcult Uourt, Mllsrnukee L'ouuty l Si.iney Hh-parii-, against, Chrtettan Uenry >ieyer,.ir,l %i.i, ^:ir-- ' • » - '" S. Brfiwn, Da-Tin H. Puw-r, Kii»ir l II 1-1, »' ' aP. Merrill, Nelson \Veb-trr. (.'linr 1 '" A K I Dettter Kischh*cK, B. l\,,.i.l .s *n.l A- u ( ir -"' £§AdBlnhtrati;nt of the estate ••( J"' i- ' ''•" l ' ceased, Oriuatiil T Cranr, thirlf. >' H' I-. A'tiu trator of the ts'a'f <il Ctijr .-s (' ^.lir- n-r '^.-. e«l, James W. Areiell ami M«-i m»n U- t-'- K-n., r r I N virtue of an.l pursuant n. • ju.luni.-i.l r.n.lvi-i said Court In theabosn l,n,-,l K.rtir' rj S, 1S3J, I shall expose for s»i« iiu.l .<•'. al I'uin.,- v lion, at the Post-Otlioe. In the €Hy ..( \lilw,n«,... Saturday, the Otto tlity oi Jtil>. i- »t the llour of 'J P.M., '»f th;lt ,l.iv, llu- ....,,,1,1- icrlbcil mort|[ageil ^rrIIH3r» »r <. ,,1,1, l, l,,-r,..,r .t, ,1: be necessary to nilae lllr ao-ihnt -tiid il^nirni. terest *uU coats, toirethe- wuh ih« e *pi-m. 4 .1 4,v wit: jg"tnt uuoiber BUte«n <1«) ir..l ihc .;ut !,.,,i r Dumber tiileen^15j, iti lvli-ck f^r 1 ./ -, .-^ 4.11, a the Secoml Want »< Lh«> i.' ly of Mitmtli -, i,. inu on Timars^-ls «tr?rl, S*tw-«r K'fh ".i i:ul ru". CT kritiwr- Tiini-JtcrcJ in i>.^ • -^,- i,i(i\'f7 rnen ".) t.i:l when ui ^r^.i.'x-'j with the Ci.uiity i Sixth streets, all in i and State ot W!acon.stn. Dated 8herlf{ •• OO)c« «J>lw«n»e», April, 1. I".VJ A. J. i -\> >> • it I 1 1 • STATS Of WISCONSIN, i Circuit Coarl. Milwaukee County, t Jatues 8. Crown, Jo^ua Hathaway ami fh .,i. den, against ; A. Fattersoa imlth and in,..i t.Krm.i I N virtue of and puriuant io . ,..., said Ooart, IB the- tbove enti IM i*-i « i ; i-• ' March 1J, 1859, I shall expose for nalu an.i --!• .1 i'<i' i. Auction, at tb<« Post O^ce, in th-- city oi' M:l..iub on Saturditf, the ad dny or July. -r,n ,t thehonrof 2r. u. of that day, tin-,.-.u-^.,L. taortfaffed preinlaes,o; so much t ( ereof t>e r,e~ cesiary to ralM the amount of saiil Judirmgnt, intpn-nt and costs, together with Ike expenses of KMe, to wit "Block number twenty-eight (23), i.( Cl>rk'i addition. In the Eighth "Ward, of the city of Mil- wankesand cetmfy of Milwaukee, and Male of Wisconsin. Dated SherUTt Office, BUwaufe*, April 1st, l»S». DAVTO.B. Oeoa, 11- x A. J. LANGWORtHv, PITiAU'y. { iherUrMlLCol, Wli. Their ur:pr--t.--',!f-'-i! populann, las induceil v ! :c proprietors, FLFVIIV, l^i'THFRs, Pir:>.-.' «..M. rV :o dispose ot : .vr [tru-./ business m which they \ive Seem success- Killy encraged tor ':he Twenty \ ears, and th.ev now give then undivided * \r.\c mil irrention re. "heir man ut.K"ir-: A:'d. he:n^ Je rermined r'-,,ir D- M L.ane's Cole- onited \';T!iii;u u e .invl l.iver Pilk ihall continue r-> (.nup 1 / the hi^h position rhev :-ow huld inn ing rhc great remedies >>t the w.iv, r hey >vill continue r,> spare neither f :mc ;ior expense in procuring the Best md Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. Address ili orders to FLE.Ul.Nli BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. P i Dcal»n ami IMivnicutifi ., l-rini; fnjm i(h«TI bau Fli'mlni! Brm., will l<> w.-u i,.. \vrite thfftr ordsn- Ustinrtly, ami tatt inn- mt in- H L,ine i. prmand i. Ftcmmg Bnt. MitsOun//,. F^. r. ih,«, wnOim* to zlv, Jium » trial, ^ >.lll f,,rw,ml p,.r nmil. pun ua,d, to iai jart of tho Unitod State., ,no box ,f Mils for twelTt -Oreo-cent postage tumps, .r ,n« rtal .-it V^rmifum fo. borteen thrwwnt «amp^. All anlers from Cana,-ta aunt 3« accumpawed by nwnty ?rota «!«». _. , , . „ '•' H WboUtaJe ar* Retail, Ajent ln d

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