Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 18, 1941 · Page 38
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 38

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1941
Page 38
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Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Tuesday Morning, February 18. 1941 Page Six FUGITIVE ON A DUDE RANCH by STEPHEN PAYNE r=> PAYN& WHAT HAS HAPPENED With the connivance of her uncle, John William Smith, Nancy Smith is lea vine Phila- COPYRIGHT \9AQ BY STEPHEN ' •Impossible." said Tony, instant- behind the__door_ answered^ forji j tag tte^hu.^outjrt the_bunk- ly. "I'll take the message." A telegram for Roberta land! Damn it! In his -- clothes closet, and hanging from: house, at the guest cabins and fi- i one of these was the suit Nancy nally at the lodge. How quiet it vlEleanor Smith wore the night she. was with only the musical murmur |-, left Philadelphia. Her slender hand o f jj m creek to b.eak the silence. delphia"for Perriweirs T Slash I worded letter he had specifically^" d in to one'pocket after an- J ..., ,. -. T:....«,..« «-,.„ I ir, c lr,,^^rl Mrc Paulino SloVPHSOn ^^ Qf 1}jat sujt an( j f inal ]y " forth a small hard object, dude ranch at Jimtown, because her socially ambitious stepmother, Pauline, insists she marry Hudson Alexander. Nancy fears Pauline will use the money Nancy inherited from her father to back him in a theatrical venture. Nancy's heiress chum Marcla Farnsworth wires the ranch for a reservation, using her own name, confirmation to go to "Win. F. Waller" at Smith's office. Donald Sturgis, young garage mechanic, jumps at Smith's idea that he get a job at the ranch and look after Nancy. Smith gives Don expense money but in a crowd Smoothie Dick, Alexander's Smith's wallet. Smith suspects Don and, signing himself Waller, wires the Jimtown sheriff to arrest Sturgis. Smoothie, trailing Nancy, learns she now has the securities representing her inheritance. Deciding to doublecross Alexander, he follows Nancy, wiring Sol Perri- well that he's a ranch buyer. He uses the name Roger J. Barclay. Don "rides the rods" to Wyoming and is known at F Slash as Cinders Malloy. At the Jimtown stage station Nancy induces Roberta (Bobbie) Rowland, now ranch maid, to change clothes and identities. Complications increase when Don surprises Nancy reading a letter from her uncle addressed "Marcla Farnsworth." Young Tony Perriwell proposes to Bobbie, thinking she is the Farnsworth heiress, and is accepted, and Kirk Maxwell interviews her for a society paper. Nancy's securities and jewels are stolen from Roberta's cabin and Maxwell's manuscript disappears. Tony sells Maxwell the "information" that Roberta (Marcla at T Slash) is Nancy Smith. IT ---- T ---- ~ , --- 1 1 U Hunting! on-Smythe to reply by , from one of Paul- from Dagger Wash, then relay it to 1he T Slash, while ranchers' . She would love it here among these great silent mountains if only she could free herself o£ worry and of haunting fear. Some one was crossing the yard as silently as a ghost. It was STORIES IN STAMPS By I. S. Klein e Nancv sank down on Roberta's clay. He ^ppcd.t Nancy', win- ^ed ,H iW hociv limn, in memory re-|do\v and tapped on the glass. i „__ STAJIPS TRACE MAN'S SEARCH FOR GOLD There's gold in stamps and gold seekers, too. In all corners of the world, man's unending search for the earth's hidden wealth is chron- hax-e theirWs giued'to their re-!™ i; mn i n m emorv re ™ ccivers. "Just a minute, T the voice at the other out all lights, she was leaving the row morning I'll be ready to drive Slash," said smvthe house. On the soft hall to town. You'll go with me to send • end of the ru g ner f 00 t had encountered some | that wire to J. W. Smith or I'll spill wire. "I'll have the telegraph of- small object. She picked this up! the beans." fice in Dagger Wash give me the hastily and slipped it into a pocket: "You're s message, then—" .... . _ .. . sure you can spill any of her suit. There it had lam for-: beans?" Nancy heard herself ask .._.:, «u .,.,._,»; „, j, T1]1 tell thpm a[1 wh(j "Hold on!" yelled Tony. "Don t jjotten until the astounding neusj "Can take that telegram, Central! Who's from Uncle Bill has brought it to you are lit from? t mind. had hoped this something she ; ,>a,«.-,»am. w.mtuow.- , New Zealand's centennial issue, The man answered, "At 7 tomor-above, contrasts old-style panning with modern dredging. Goia hunters helped settle New Zealand in the rush following the discovery of gold in 1861. United States has a prospector on the 50-cent Trans-Mississippi issue. The 10-cent stamp of the same series, "Hardships of Emi" the suffering of •rossed the conti- you are and of the robbery job vou ' sam ? E f, rles ' ,, i pulled off in Philly I'll tell th"em !g F ation ' reealls . ^^f "'••Wait." 1 pa S n? P S d Tony and thought ^^ ?S!« e i J *LS2 <1 -£L™ 7!^ Smith, picked Sheriff "Crowder'sl "Man! Would I like to know wnat Mrs. Smythe says! But—" He spoke into the receiver. -Tell the tele-, But these hopes now had vanished, graph operator in Dagger Wash to she had trjed to save that which put the message in an envelope and i the three Smjth ir]s had inherited . -seal it. Send it in a sealed en\el- from their father _ and she had!P' n the deadwood on your friend ^et lt! _. Ifnilnrl. Failprl misprahlv. What I Sturgis." the 'stole ' of Wvomin g' s statehood, pictures a "Prove?" asked Nancy pointedly. and Panning for gold is shown on Ecuador and Mozambique issues, sluice boxes on French Guiana and Guiana stamps. South famous mines are included in the designs o£ two values. -, T »>» Th T- . . Okay. Sure I get it. The Jim- , d now be the fate of Elizabeth ' Something tingled Nancy's Newfoundland " "?• i fn" Z ? t5 - ih ' a "d Jane? What would Uncle Bill! nerves. The man was so sure he «L a nd of Gold" in a 1933 air mail I " '' tose " the " " ° f G ° termed Labrador KamVor' E'jffi^"^ « ^ " h ™ he *™* ^^^ ^ deatUV °° d " °" "H-S an'riEht £ alfaday Hank " That be | Oblivious to the passing of time,! "After all that, you'll take me T^ "•H 1 it»lJL . 4 U — 4«tmiU1nfJ rrlr-I — nt in l^-li-iln XT . . „_ _ 1 1- * _ _i .*i . II INSTALLMENT 26 vTnm r " Bedtime Stories By THORNTON W. BURGESS Patience And Impatience One of the first things which the little people of the Green Robert—Bobbie—and I want to' a man who was trying to blackmail o' your standing'. '"Mist'er^Donald I wno hunt other little people learn right "Uh-er? Yes. That Tony was sweating I up the receiver. Observin. j regarding him in a puzzled ^.. , . ...... he said, "You keep still about this." dered always came back to center! you to think things over while "Why?" | around one man now on the Tj you're waiting for officers from Tony did some swift thinking.! Slash ranch; a man who knew all: Philadelphia. The experience will "It's a mighty pleasant surprise for; about her. and her family as well; will be, well, humiliating to a girl! Brotvder's Passport Conviction Is Upheld The supreme court yesterday: Upheld Communist Earl Browder's Conviction on passport charge. Ruled Federal Trade Commission could not act against intrastate trade practices alleged to be unfair. Upheld Iowa tax on sales by mail order houses to residents within state. _ WASHINGTON, Feb. 17— (AP) — Earl Browder, American Communist No. 1, lost his appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court today frorp a passport fraud conviction and his last chance to escape a four-year prison term and a $2,000 fine unless the court should grant a rehearing. Without a dissenting vote, the court waved aside the legal argument upon which the appeal was based and upheld the convictions of both hold it for her until tomorrow i her, a man who must have some! Sturgis will be occupyin" the next > s patience. Son wnpn she 11 get the telegram, sav-I good reason for stealing Cinders | cell, if that'll be anv comfort. But a long time to i T?nM,io «L]S ny "II ! . th . at ! Malloy's ragged shirt; a .-nan who i remember, I've told you how to has to be learned. Bobbie would never see that tele-; for some o dd reason continued to | avoid trouble for yourself and him " "' : ' v ! Marcia Sometimes it takes learn this, but it Reddy Fox had _____ j -.«• uv***u ^...-4 - i_uuv»* ».«......*.%_.. +** \ a\ uiu n UUUJCT iui vuurstfu. Jinn Him IGoFnOCl *l* »V lin all ilia i»iev Nancv had delaved Iookin<* at hpr ' carry a broken watch fob dan S Iin ? i too. I'll see you at 7 o'clock tomor- ness Reddy knew that often clever- letters untU she had a few min ' on a strap from his trousers watrh \ row morning. Good night, Miss!ness itself would not succeed with- leiieib unui _sne naq aie\v rmn-, pocket ! Smith." out patience. When he was young it-iuiK me room, me girl locked' " A luck piece ' ma y be '" Nancy j After a fe wmoments Nancy mur-h p had _lost many a good meal the door and drew the window • wondered, realizing that many ! mured, "I'm afraid my dreams will I through impatience, shade. | crooks, and others too, set great be unpleasant . . . Tony's a mere! ™~ JJ ""* ' She read first the letter from' store on luck pieces. i piker compared to that grafter!" ' could not understand! ."^f 11 - Barclay's luck is running But strange to say she slept T-nffl j **"*•-*" ant* t-uuju UUL uiiucjsiiiliu ! ..^.., *^v..^.w,. d luvn ts »«iiii'iie *3UL Miau^c lu aav sue Slept hpd hv it- after she had twice road ! ni S h -" sh e added. "And as yet I can soundly and well, all unaware how ^nnl' n »n « A^nnlll. p nn «V.n^] U.. *"* OilC I1UU l\MV.C lUdU! '"fo 11 . JJit dUWCU. ^lllU O& * C L Jh^th g ™,»h?nf fh» ^h»rE ?» h-. -n j - the second letter - from her "ncle.'see no way of trapping him." a^MMr™^ Squaring her showers, she j during this same night, while the . Reddy could not remember when he had been more hungry than he step-, T Slash ranch also slept, a heft\ was now. Lying there behind the fallen tree trunk watching the fat hens walking about unsuspectingly just a little way from him. it seemed to him that he simply must rush out and catch one of them. But Reddy was smart enough to know this there would at such a screaming and that some one would rush out from the farm- out what was going mind marrying me off to a wealthy i^! 1 .: sn . p shuddered. As Uncle Bill •?,"""*%""" e '»n««a|m. nowever He dreaded the noise of starting }""• Iri " b r srn aH chance^that^he woman. But he has no better sense said, she must stay in hiding until .BroncPctres and Cinders appeared.: the car. but no one on the Slash "°" 5 havp a chance to Bet an- How long must this mas- an <i although the girl didn't know:T seemed to take alarm when the 1 olld - e - cfta . nc . e . to . Bet . an than to put his foot down on something else—something it takes '• cleverness and brains to put i was cau across." i was cleared. . i would that be. "Not gettin' along so good with the young lady, huh?" said old Sol. , . cs "I heard she'd gone ridin' withlioud Slim. Tha w " "if nnlv T stocks and go on? Until the real thief st - tne Presence of these two young motor began to purr. Nor was there ght and Nancy's own name i mp n wa s all that prevented Bar- any sound to indicate pursuit when! ;ared. But when if ever i day from annoying her. Yet Cin-jthe darkly clad man eased the carl i ders was too glum and preoccupied! across the bridge and took the ~, .. « y i, T V 2 i « e Sood company and Bror.c road leading to Jimtown-and ' th»™ i, « . mown-an Choked could not have talked entertain- 'points east. Heavy, erstwhile pal of I " 6 ' nl hadhe "' nur "' ' nly hadhe "' anted to talk ' Slim. That worry you? "Not at all, Dad. I was hunting; of those she lost But I canTdn i v,,",r"' t'T""' *?'?" "' " le uarK for the thief. No doubt Marcla was! even that much now Uncfe says i J window of her room watch- bored and Slim offered an outlet j Pauline's were stolen the same i lor her energy." I night I went away. And there was "Humph! I've knowed cases !no clue to sh ow that any one ex- and tell her to take them in i xT e o a ' Smoothie Dick, was heading for ' ^ (To Be Continued) where them them high-toned girls cept me had been in the house." got plumb fascinated with cow- '• Abruptly she sprang to her feet, boys. i washed the tears from her cheeks "This girl won't. You see—keep and e - ves - combed her hair nnd this to yourself for a spell—she ac-! | t , e .'? p , ed out int ° the kitchen. Ike cepted me yesterday. We're en-! bklttles was taking his afternoon gaged." i nap, so no one watched the girl Old Sol's left hand scattered the' thrust both letters into the kitchen cards on the writing desk. He lum- '• ran , se : bered to his feet. "By dogies, Tony, i "- a ^ some one besides Barclay that news just plain stuns me! It i alrea dy seen them. Not likely. He sure does!' I seemed to be playing this unusual At this moment the telephone "IS cr ooked game alone, rang the Slash T ring—two shorts -lony also was playing his game and one long. Tony, glad of this' alone - How had Tony learned even Interruption, ran to the instrument, i as - Tn yp h - as ne nad? Wi By THE FOUR ACES (David Burnstone, Merwin D. Maier, Oswald Jacoby, Howard Schenken, world's leading team-of-four, inventors of the system that has beaten every other system in existence.) Was . . land to the phone. T Slash?' the contract. South could be pretty sure that West had 10 cards in the minor suits, but how could he tell how the three major-suit cards were split? The method was simple: South did a little investigating before he started the trumps. At the second trick, he led a heart to the king, and returned a low heart towards the dummy. If West had had no can play at this contemptible game • ne commits himself. The. . perhaps, dumn iy would play a low heart and INVESTIGATION In contrast with the player who makes his guesses according to the "Thisircentrklin JimYown.-hei, Suddenly the girl; watching the ma ^s ms guesses according to the «• told. "Dagger Wash telegraph i ^Uers: burn in the stove, found thel«*«* e f » r JJ« *^.?« JWPPS" 1o . ee<ran , e , office has a wire for Roberta "How- answer -' She nodded her tawny fcel at ^ moment, the expert con- land . . Can vou eet Miss Rov-' ead - "hat's the wav of it 1 Two' ducls a little investigation before ' ' ™" ^°^' "* <h; " — «-—-•=•-• »-« ---- =•->-: --- " T-«-- — ' ---- other fat hen. Roddy is clever make the most of an . He knew that if he get one of these hens with- g the others he would c to get another. He a chance to get several in this way. So, though he was eager and so hungry, he made himself keep perfectly still and studied out a plan. By and by he stole ever I so carefully around back of the jbarn to the cowyard. Some of ; these fat hens were scratching in Uhe straw of the cowyard. Just heart and two spades headed by the!outside the cowyard was a pile of queen? He'd bid the same way and I old boards. Reddy crawled be- then the trump finesse would lose I hind this pile of old boards and • - - then crouched and settled himself to be patient. He knew that sooner or later one ol those fat hens would be likely to come out of the inning Contract e . . . , — of opening letters. Tony got his in-' he has no guess but a certainty. HOLSUM • . <V »"!*.• /-vVILJIJ^fH- -...*. .... M . formation before he proposed to For example: Roberta and told her he Sturgis and the M. wTs' billfold S Nancy set the lid back on the •stove and walked unhurriedly driven into the wall News on the Hour E\-ery Hour DIAL 1200 TELEPHONE Tl'KSDAV, FEBRUARY 18, 1841 A. M. <i:30—MarchinK Along 6:45—The Ranch Boys 7:00—The Early Morning Musical Clock 7:30—The International Inimranre Co. I'rornls The first Complete Kens or The Day 7:45—The Musical Clock 8:15—Financial Service—NBC S:3U—The Breakfast Club—NBC 9:UO—Viennese Ensemble—NBC 9:30—Ariz. Federation of Women's Clubs 8:45—Arizona'* Kelvlnatur Dealers Present The Alld-Mornlnc Edition Ol >ews 30:00—Hlen Darwin—NBC 10:15—A Mormnp; Devotional 10::w—National Farm-Home Hour—NBC 11:15—"Friendly NelBlibore," Presented By Alka-&ellzrr 11:30—Burial Calendar Of The Air 11:45— Associated Press News—NBC 11 :oU— Harvey Harding, Baritone—NBC P. M. 12:00—Th- Mid-Day News—Consolidaled Motors. Vour Ford Dealer JI: 'I>—"Joe And Cynthia" For The Arizona ,„ „ Awning And Venetian Blind Co. 12:30—United States Army Band—NBC 1:00—Concert Hall Of The Air 1:30—This Hhythmlc Aee 1:45—The Poetry Exchanse = :00-4-H Clubs Broadcast 2:15—Club Matinee—NBC ; :5 »—Associated Press News—NBC £ ; y?~£' dl!slrcct Vignettes—NBC 3.15—Dancinc With Clancy—NBC ,t:.MI—The Heart To Heart Hour 3;ijD —Wayne Van Dyne. Tenor—NBC 4:00—KTAR School ot The Air 4:16—The Home Folks Frolic 4:30—Bert Hirsh Presents 5:00—P.irardo And His Violin—NBC 5 ; ;?~ > ' BC Kev '' s Rt""" "t The Air—NBC «:30-Lat« Afternoon Arizona llepuhllr And I nitccl Press >e«» Presented By The Mi.slon Dairy " cmco o:46—-H. V. Kaltenborn, News Analyst— 6:00—Speaking or Glanwur—NBC 6:15—Organ Concert—NBC €:m —National Defense 6:35—Musical Round-Up West. Dealer Neither side vulnerable A A J 9 4 <y A 8 5 4 OK 6 + A 8 3 * T* |W E| S Q 6 S Q J 10 « 10 9 2 882 4 K 10 8 7 2 C? K 7 3 O 8 7 3 #75 The bidding: West North East 10 2* 4+ Pas* Dbl. 2* 4* Pass Pass Pass Sonth 1* 3* Pass Mi-ITwiS^S,-* 11 * Mo " J ~ For • I " | u>- 8:00—Allen Furniture Company's Musical Program o! 5 —Electricity And Defense—NBC 8:30—Uncle Walter's llaic House — For TIESDAY. FEBKfARr 18, 1841 A. M. West opened the king of clubs, and dummy took the ace. South knew he would lose only one diamond trick, for the bidding marked West --t r,— . J wiut. jiuuiie < • .nn—Macazme Ol 'Hie Air S-]5-\vT' ni; ^ d '' i "' n • - N «" s £ : '' ( J—Mystery Melody* O,K^—A. fc ^- an ^ e Beautiful 5i«r%!. ry ^??.._' ra S-'n r -CBS :oberta 11 11 : "• — Kitty 'Kecne :?! 1 " 81 ™' Crosswords 0-Uoman s Page Of Tbe Air •,',, S. Weather Reports 1 !:-'»— The Pet Corner "~ir~5 hc Tinvn Cjitr ll:,iCl— Pon Conrert H:-"^ — Smgin' Sam P.M. HIGH CARD VALUES of the rotrt ACES SYSTEM ACE 3 KING 2 QUEEN 1 JACE 'A Total Value, of Pack 26 Averace Hand 6V4 StiJL^n " m ^ oun( top CBS ggiS&3? t^RrSS-T.! 18 Abbotts-CBS 5:30—Second starring Helen _ „ >J«lelBh Tobacco—NBC , «..„,,,. . ^ — • :OI>—Che«ter(leld Pri-senls Fred Warlnc K'4t?' l rs N ' cllte — In Measure Time—NBC "» nn B| t.fa-ymer Davis and the \ew«—TR<! : •".ilSdH 1 ""^*?',',", 11 ! 1 . Bank ••"•«••"• ! 7-!!tfe.J5 r ..r»>pi?.-CBK • Neus - CB s Headlines And HlnhllEht* From The i world Of News ! ''•"-ESS^SE* T> " Pl """ "«"• 5:15-ffiv5.t 10:00—Vour Itlrhrield Rep..rl<-rs—Presented ,„ .By niehfioid oil CO.-XBC rescn "" 1 in in Lanl Mlnlyro's Orchestra - NBC 10:30—^Rii^ van Winkle"—Junior College H : J£—KTAR Nile Owl News JJ : i?—Tomorrow's Schedule Resume . Ss&HX " r r hest J?-NBc i. £" SO-Mect Edftard Weeks-NBC 32:00-Unm TOorrow Morning At I-in-XcwBpaim- Ol The Air i:4j>-Anieri.-a Kirat ^S^'^^^CBS Br- " : ""is Orch— CBS lor ? r The Air *'' Y «rns—CBS with the mond ace. dia- But a club and a heart also had to he lost, and there was some chance that a trump trick would also go to the enemy. If South had been able to see all the cards, he'd have known that a trump finesse was necessary. But suppose West held only one Philippines Seal Changed MANILA, Feb. 17—(AP)— Because the official seal of the Philippines looked too much like the Japanese battle flag, the national assembly decided today to discard it and readopt the old seal used since before the Spanish-American War. The seal adopted by the assembly last year contained a central sun with eight rays. The rays represented the eight provinces which participated in the revolution against Spain. The old seal includes, among other things, a Spanish castle, a hilted sword and the American eagle. The eagle was added when the islands came under the wing of the United States. The assembly acted after some members said the new seal was similar to the Japanese flag. South would have lost nothing. Actually, of course, West followed suit, and South then knew that West held at most one trump. After that investigation, it was easy to cash the spade ace and then finesse through East's queen. * • • Yesterday you were Oswald Ja- cpby's partner and, with neither side vulnerable, you held: 4k A Q 10 ( S <y 7 2 4 A K The bidding: T»n grnenkea 14 Fasa (T) Jacob? Z<y Mnler Pass Answer: Bid two no-trump. Your hand is strong, and you have stoppers in both unbid suits. Your spade suit is too weak for a jump rebid in spades, and your hand is too strong for a nonjump rebid in spades. Score 100 per cent for two no- trump, 60 per cent for three no- trump, 40 per cent for three spades, 20 per cent for two spades. Question No. 686 Today you are Howard Schenken's partner and. neither side vulnerable, you hold: 4 A Q J » | 1 <? 7 2 0 Q J 4 * A K The bidding: V«o Jacobs 8cbenka Main 14 Pass 2<y Pass (?) What do you bidT (Answer tomorrow.) Colombia shipped over 1,500,000 bags of coffee to other countries in the last six months of 1940. Gasoline restrictions have reduced motor traffic and boomed railway business in New Zealand. "BABIES FOR SALE" Also COMEDY — NEWS cowyard. In this way he might be able to catch one without the others knowing a thing about it. Blacky the Crow sat in the top of a tal'l tree where he could see all that was going on. Blacky was as impatient as Reddy was patient. "Why doesn't that red rascal rush in and get ont of those fat hens?" muttered Blacky. "What is the matter with him, anyway? I wonder if he is afraid. He could catch one of them without half Browder and an associate, Welwel Warszower, alias Robert William Wiener of New York. Before handing down the Browder decision, the court delivered an mportant opinion curbing the Federal Trade Commission. It held ;hat the commission could not extend to intrastate trade the fair practice rules it imposes upon in- ;erstate business, which the commission sought to do on the ground hat unfair practices in intrastate .rade affected interstate commerce. The court also upheld efforts by Iowa to require mail order houses outside the state to collect the" state's two per cent "use tax," complementary to its retail sales tax, on all Roods they sell to Iowa residents. The companies had contended that the law was an unconstitutional discrimination against interstate commerce and had been sustained by the Iowa Supreme Court. Browder, Kansas-born secretary and presidential candidate of the Communist party, was alleged to lave sworn falsely, when applying "or a passport in 1934, that he had not previously received one. Ac- ually, the government charged, Browder had obtained passports un- "er the names of Nicholas Dozen- ierg in 1921, George Morris in 1927 and Albert Henry Richards in 1931. The statute of limitations barred his prosecution on a charge of obtaining a passport by a false statement. Instead he was tried and convicted under a section of the passport law making it a crime to "willfuily and knowingly use x x x any passport the issue of which was secured in any way by reason of any false statement." The "use" of the passport for which he was prosecuted consisted of displaying it to an immigration inspector to prove his citizenship upon returning to this country April 30, 1937, and February 15, 1938, following trips- abroad. He could have proved this just as well with a birth certificate or other document and Browder contended this was not the "use" penalized by the law. He said it was illegal only to use the passport in foreign travel. But Justice Reed, delivering the court's opinion, wrote that "surely the close connection between foreign travel and re-entry to this country is obvious" and that "the plain meaning of the words of the act covers this use." Justice Murphy, former attorney general, did not participate in the case. The trade commission case arose from a method of selling candy highly popular with children. Young Johnnie pays his nickel for a candy bar and bites into it—if the center happens to be a certain color, he gets another piece free The commission has banned these "break and take" packages as they are known in the trade from interstate commerce as an unfa'r trade practice. It sought to order Bunte Brothers, Inc., Chi cago candy manufacturers, to aban don them in the Illinois market on the ground that otherwise Bunte could compete unfairly with out-of state manufacturers. The court, in a five-three decision, held that congress had noi conferred upon the commission authority to regulate practices which merely affect interstate commerce without themselves constituting interstate commerce. The majority opinion, by Justice Frankfurter also noted that for a quarter of a century and until only recently the commission claimed no such power and that it sought unsuc- Am userne Tod ay with Boris Karloff." STRAND — and "One Night STUDIO — "0 P! , "Bank Dick". Also "The PHOENIX - "TorrM 'Village Barn Dane™ RIALTO-'-Arizona 1 ' Arthur. Jobs FOUDJ For 30,8! WASHINGTON, FebM7, Government employment r-OOOIT'or) "?£? 1-tf f rf*«CUl security board reported tn' i n the nation and H,*" : nation and ; the services received «i™*™— plications and placed 3 S*ed. sons in jobs. Placements ta." industry reached 2,676^00 per cent more than in lai board said. Placements h! employment totaled 800 5891' fore traditionally left to local custom or local law." Frankfurter added that the case was "very different" from the February 3 decision which upheld the application of the wage-hour law to a lumber company which claimed to do an intrastate business. "We had there to consider the full scope of the constitutional power of congress under the commerce clause," he explained. "This case presents the narrow question of what congress did, not what it could do." received Justice Douglas, in a dissent Iwork an joined by Justices Black and Reed,} jobs in argued that the trade commission [ ended January'"'! act, "an exercise by congress of =»-- •--- • ' its commerce power, should be interpreted to protect interstate commerce, not to permit discrimination against it." "Unfair competition Involves not only an offender but also a victim," he said. "Here some of the victims of the unfair methods of competition are engaged hi interstate commerce. The fact that the acts of the offender are intrastate is immaterial." The court also divided on the [pwa tax case, five-two, with Justice Stone not participating. The majority opinion, by Justice Douglas, held that the tax was valid aecause "the purchaser is in Iowa and that tax is upon use in Iowa" and that the mail order houses could be required to act as collec- :ion agencies as a condition of doing business in the state. "Use in Iowa is what is taxed," :he decision said, "regardless of the time and place of passing title and regardless of the time the tax is required to be paid, x x x "The use tax and the sales tax are complementary. Sales made wholly within Iowa carry the same burden as these mail order sales. A tax or other burden obviously loes not discriminate against in- erstate commerce where 'equality s its theme.'" Justice Roberts, in a dissent joined by Chief Justice Hughes, declared that "a state cannot justify a burden on interstate commerce by laying a similar burden on local commerce" and that the tax constituted ft "c A jiz is .ca •pal Fre: iou Ibers MiS Bi ino au. age ests De Placements of women read* per cent in 1939, or four S more than in 1938. ' . T '} e oofrd said nearly 63 »« of the placements made is;t employment during 1939 „"* jobs requiring physical labor-a sively. Only one per cent w£ professional occupations. F» per cent called for craftsma ** 19 per cent for production "* "an effort on the part of h, to regulate or tax an w which occurs outside her ders and over which shefa jurisdiction." The tax was contested in cases by Sears, Roebuck audl,. pany, a New York corporate! Montgomery Ward and •fflMO trying, and there he lies as if hejcessfully in 1935 to obtain it from expected them to run right into his mouth. I don't want to sit here all day, and yet I can't do a thing until he catches one of those hens." So Reddy waited patiently and Blacky waited impatiently, and the fat hens wandered about unsuspectingly, and for a long, long time nothing happened. Next story: Things happen all at once. Farmer Dies Unexpectedly COOLIDGE, Feb. 17—Eugene Edrtie Fennel!, 60 years old, widely known Coolidge district farmer, died unexpectedly today within 15 minutes after suffering a heart [ attack in the Coolidge precinct court. Mr. Fennell was born in Knoxville, Tenn., June 23, 1880, anc came to Arizona 16 years ago. He had farmed near here for 12 years. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Connie Means, and two sons, Hulan and Horace, of Coolidge. "The trade commission in its report for 1939 lists an 'unfair competition' 31 diverse types of business practices which run the gamut from bribing employees of prospective customers to selling below cost for hindering competition," the opinion said. "The construction (of the law) urged by the commission would thus give a federal agency pervasive control over myriads of local businesses in matters hereto- VALLEY and STAT6 THEATERS "FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT" "WALT DISNEY'S FESTIVAL SHOW" BARGAIN DAYSseLllc * * STARTS TODAY * * Ill's Torriflc! Si: SI For Yuurielf! CflGH T-'A -ALSO TODAY"Village Barn Dance" | RICHARD CROMWELL \ and New* DRIUE-lll ADM. 25c Plus Tax TEMPE New COLLEGE. 21c "TOO MANY GIRLS" and "MEXICAN SPITFIRE OUT WEST- LAST TIMES TODAY Jr. .Main. 23c Prices Even 23c-29c fighting punch and power! 16c Until 5 LAST DAY ERROL FLYNN "Sea Hawk" Alua W. C. FIELDS "Bank Dick" incorporated in Illinois. For the Benefit of lie Schools PIA Fund, the Semite Cl£* ei Present t VARIET SHOW MELODY- MIRTH- TRAVEL- DANCIK- TONITE, 8:15 I. February 18th P, U. H, S. Adm. 35c Res. Seats 21 c After 5 TOMORROW For One Day Only "Garden of Allah" Also "Woman Chases Man' Thurs. — "BRIGHAM YOUNG GENE KRUPS and bis biat Columbia Cartoon YOUti FIN0 OUT LORRE '-KARLOFF ~ ' LUGOSI •in .IliXIORS 12—under 16 Till 5 23c After 5 - 25p-2Re w fomorrow-Thuistole s Seven weeks of glorious * venture—700 miles of «iB" gettable thrill. BARRY GOLDWATER IN PERSON Presenting bin famed lecture with Motion Picture! IN NATURAL COLOR t A Journey Down the Green and Colorado,, Riven MR. GOLDWATER WOJL APPEAR AT 3:10 AND AT »- 6 _ ON THE SAME PROGRAM ..._» Europe's Mont Famous Ruler—England's .Most Belored ? uw ?irJ Dramatic Life Of Queen Victoria Wrote History'* Most FlamlnB "JS ANNA NEAGLE in "QUEEN OF DESTINY (AH In Technicolor) Feature Screen Times 1:35—5:03—7:10—10:15 Benefit nf the- Fund fur Summer Cumnw fnr I'miernrlvlleced Boy<l STARTS FUIDAY MADELEINE CARROLL—FUED MnrMl'RRAV In Paramount'* Glorious Romance Of Diiie IN TECHNICOLOR prog wer Iter; ( V c Jo «" i r u LJea -ROBERT YOUNG • RANDOIPH ^ -SCOTT • VIRGINIA CIIMORE-J- DEANJAGCER ^ PLUS 2ND FEATURE "THE GREAT MR. NOBODY" ALSO DISNEV CARTOON TOMORROW 5TRRND THEY FOUGHT AND 17cUNTIL5PJ BIG HI] •fiui. KENNETH ROBERTS' iltfliny HWIW& NANCY KOlf . BUD to i?.. [ABBOTT. flOBERTCUMNNBl fllAWBOUm "'(••''I muwnuwn ftwwwj > noun ntua.CHni »»u Pnfcdta VKTOR MATURE-IOUISE PUTT LEO CARRIUO-BRUCE UBOT MUSIC BY [SPECIAL SHO«J| POWER & THE LAND ELECTRICITY and the FARM—AN OUTSTANDING 1 ADDED—POPEYE "

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