The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 8, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 7
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\. THE CHILLICOTH1! DAIL1 CONSTITUTION WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8,1916 All Agree that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Wonderfully Relieves Woman's Suffering. From all parts of this country the clearest evidence is constantly coming to the office of the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. of Lynn, Mass., proving the wonderful power shown by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in controlling ills peculiar to women. Here are letters from Vermont, Arkansas and New Jersey: It Cured Me! IJoxbuiy, Tt.--" A year ago last December I was taken with a female · trouble and doctored for it but did not get any help until I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. My back troubled me a good deal and these troubles lasted so long that I grew terribly poor and I felt a great deal easier lying down. Ko one knows what I suffered. I did not dare consult another doctor I was so afraid he would say I hud got to hare an operation. I can truly say that Lydia E. Pinkham's "Vegetable Compound was a god-send to me for after suffering about eight months this wonderful medicine cured me."- -Mrs. ISEKLIE E. FKEUCH. Her Best Friend. "Weehawken, If. ,T.--"I must call you my best friend for what your remedies have done for mo. I am 50, and am passing through the Change of Life and for some time I felt bad but since I took Lydia. E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I feel fine and will 'recommend it to every woman who sufl'erj as I did."--Mrs. KATHIK LEOKHATOXT, 419 7th St., "Weehawkeh, 2s T . J. Had Awful Paans In Side. Branch, Ark.--" Every month I suffered with cramping pains and I had awful pains in my left side. I was very irregular. I had a tired feeling all the time and did not sleep good at night. I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and in three months I was well."--Mrs. MAT. GATXIS, Branch, Ark. If yon want special advice write to X,ydia E. Pinkbam Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass. Your .letter Trill le opened, read and answered woman and held in strict confidence. by a Better Quality Larger Quasii The Young · Men's Bible class o£ ioii church entertained the young ladies class with an oyster supper last Friday night at the home o'f their teacher, J. E. Wilhite. About fifty were present and a most delightful evening -svas spent by all The protracted meetings at Cen tenary church closed last week. Rev i A. J. Parker of William. Jewell filled iis regular appointment at Union church last Sunday morning 1 and evening. Miss Minnie Slater ot Chillicothe visited Miss Irene Kriner last Sunday. Mr- and Mrs. Frank Lang were shopping in Chillicothe last Saturday. 'Misses Nellie -and Bertha Burns and Mrs. Edna Burns went to Scotland county last Saturday to visit relatives. Mrs. Nettie Tanner of - Jackson. Miss,, who has been here attending the sick bed and later the funeral of 3ier ho'ther, Mrs. Chas. Hagamin, will leave Wednesday for her home. She will foe accompanied by her fath. er, Chas. Hagurain, who will spend the "winter an the South. Mr^ and Mrs. David Owens, Miss Blanche Hutchison and Mrs. Oscar Darr of the Olive Branch neighbor hood and Rev. A. J_ Parker of Liberty took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Morris last Sunday. Mrs. George Knaus of Utica went to Chula last Friday on an extended visit to her daughter, Mrsll E. O. Harvey. 'Miss Irene Williams o£ the Chillicothe High school spent Sunday with home folks. Tho little children ot Mr. and Mrs. George Eng-ert, who have been ill of scarlet lever are convalescing we are glad to announce. The Ludlow High school basket ball team played the Chula team at Chula .last Saturday afternoon and defeated them. Mr^ and Mrs. W_ R. May of the Chula neighborhood- spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Clark Mor. ris. Mrs. Mary Cox has been in Chillicothe attending tlie bedside of her j mother, Mrs. Manning, who has been j seriously ill. S. 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Any article that is endorsed at home Is nrore worthy of confidence Than one you know nothing about, Endorsed by unknown people_ Joe Fant, contracting painter, 1527 W. Webster St., Chillicothe, says; "At one time when I had trouble with lumbago and backache, I gave Doan's Kidney Pills a trial. From the experience I had with them, my opinion IFI a good one. Doan'« Kidney Pills greatly helped me and from the relief I secured, I can recommend them to others." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same that Mr. Fant had. Foster-Mllburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. T. - Not in some faraway place. .. Some People We Know, and We Will Profit by Hejvrlnc About Them. This is a purely local event. It took place in Chillicothe. visiting in HAJjE. 1 Miss Kuth Dwells is Chillicothe this week. Miss Lena Plumnier of Hale is home visiting her mother, Mrs_ Black- hears. C. "Wells visited with his brothers near Chula this week and attended a sale north of Chillicothe^ Mr. and Mrs. Todd o[ Hale visited their daughter the flrst ot the week. There will be meeting at Grace M. E. Church the third Sunday at night, November 19th. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Heward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh -Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliablf remedy for Catarrh. BaU"s Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you ·will see a great improvement in your general .health. Start taking Hall's I Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send for testimonials, frei F.' J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. Sold by all Druggists. 75c. When There's Sickness If there should be sickness in your home where would you have your prescriptions put up? Perhaps you've been so fortunate in not having sickness that you're unable to answer such a question. We are quite sure you -would appreciate the flue service at our store and our prescription department is a special feature. It is equipped with everything for the skilful manipxilation of physicians' recipes and only experienced prescription druggists have anything to do with the compounding here. We would, like your business. Clark's Pharmacy T1TB REXALL STORE MISSOURI - In the programme pertaining to legislation Dr. W; 'McN. Miller, sec. retary of the Missouri Association for i the Relief and Control of Tubercu losis, in discussing the papers sub mitted on local and State legislation, said that Federal legislation should .have been included; that tubercu losis is a pandemic disease and tlia^ it should be fought by nation-wide method's. He continued: "Inasmuch as legislation usually pertains to expenditure of money:i | due regard should be -paid to th. practical or economic aspect of thi ;| disease,-from which point of view, th · : , tremendously important facts pertaining to tuberculosis that social' workers must always keep in mind are. Tuberculosis Is not inherited, as is commonly supposed. | "It is essentially a disease ot childhood, for nine out or ten children at the age of 13 years "have already been infected. "The disease is most commonly' transmitted to, the child through par-| ental ministration in the home. "Thesusceptibility of the individual is highest in -infancy, lower in youth and lowest in adult life. "The resistance ot the human to infection and to the process and poisons of the disease, when once established increases with age. "The period of life in which death from tuberculosis occurs nvost fre. quently is in the period of parenthood bet-ween the age of IS and 45, in which one out of every three who die die of this disease. "Post-mortem examination, reveals the fact that nine out of ten who die OF T6 Bore out in its heroism, and in its martyrdom, the unconquerable characteristics of the patriot fathers. That same spirit is as manifest today, as ft wasonefiundredand fifty yearsago. The call to arms that PREPAREDNESS has sounded, has proven that the "spirit of '76- Is not a patriotic reminiscence: but a live Impulse ttiatthectrcunufcmceofacruls called Into reponsiv* action. When a "crisis" In I-- ··--"·· ·- reached, S. S. S. Uthe most responsive F buy S. S. S. as you are sure to do sooner or later, look out for substitutes. Insist on the genuine. Write lor free book, on BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES: or writeonr MEDrCAL ADVISORY DEPARTMENT freely and fully, in confidence, for free advice. Addicts THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO. 163 Swift Bufldtafc ATLANTA. CA. , r H C REAT NATIONAL BLOOD P U R I F I f P Make Thrift a Household Word Teach the children to be thrifty. Habits formed in childhood are not apt to change in after years. The key opening box of SHINOLA with more than fifty shines and a SmmiA HOME SET for polishing is" an outfit unequalled for economy and convenience. BLACK TAN WHITE At «11 dealers -- T«k« no rabititute. SHINE WITH StUMlA AND SAVE «fcji;ffii. HOMt SIT give evidence of having had tubercu-' losls, but that only one of nine have succumbed to the disease. Here lies our hope. "Our efforts should bo directed chiefly and constantly -toward in creasing the resistance of the Individual In childhood and adolescence and to prevent the transmission of the disease from parent to child with- i in the home. "In conclusion we may say that 1 whether we fight tuberculosis by pub. nicety, education', open-air schools, ·sanatoria, hospitals, or by periodic examination, we must ever bear in mind that the most vulnerable period (in life to attack tuberculosis la in childhood and adoleseense in the home and In the school. QUICK REPAIRS flUC Uriltfi "Why %vait three days, -Khcn Ul*t n U U n i c?an m a k o ' H In oho iftur? ^AVP C t Why pay two pro Tits, TV hen you *8"C 9 P c;iri buy from the factory? PYAf*T nilPI iPATC Send the broken glass. tAAbl U U r U U A I t i guarantee an exact d u p l i c a t e ·without, your prescription. Frainea repa 1 red a 1 so, Unt m l L L i J N (UNDO grind over one million kinds of lenses from the rough glass. Com* and see. UAH nflrtER^ P^clt all the broken part's mfllU UflUCno in a - a trons box. I reUrn glasses same day by parcel post C. O. D. Lowest possible charges. C. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY 818 Webster St., Chillicothe. Mo. Phones: O""---«- 908. Residence, 1450W Closed Every Tuesday DONT LET THIS SCHMIDT HUTCHISON'S FIRST ANNUAL SALE 60 Duroc Jersey Spring Boars and Gilts SO BOARS, ALL O!? MARCH AND APRIL FARROW. 30 GILTS, ALL OF MARC AND APRJL PARROW. Friday, November lOfh LAREDO, MO. miles west oj Laredo, Mo., and Sale will be held on farm southeast of -Trenton, Mo. This is absolutely the greatest offering of Duroc Jerrey . u gilts ever made in this part of the state. The blood lines represented are the best, the same that produces champions and grand champion" a- the leading shows and fairs. · . Every Animal Cholera Immune -- Come to the sale and get some »r this good seed of the greatest utility hog on earth. Sale begin 1 ; prompt' . at 1 o'clock. ' vScKmid DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI PYORIIHBA A SPECIALTY OO4 1-^ Wnxhlnicton St. Office S0* --PHONES-- Residence 731 HELPING H U N G R Y HOGS Lots of folks think that a hog likes dirt. So does a baby like candy, and a boy mince pie, but Bawlius says too much is not good for them.. It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a hog's fsed is good for him. A concrete or board feeding floor will pay -for itself in feed saved and .double in hog health. SAUNDERS-TURNER LBR. CO. PHONE 247 CONSTITUTION WANTS GETRESULTS BEFORE YOU BUY COAL CALL UP THE STANDARD COAL and JUNK CO. TELEPHONE 718 WE SELL IT FOB LESS. WE PAY MORE FOB JtUfB 406 Second St.. Chillieothe. M». C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A S T O R 1 A LOCUST ST. PHONES-- Office O4O; 15O7-\V Dr. J. L. Job an sen Dentist and Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) .Corns 25c Club N a i l s . . . 50c Bunions . . . 50c Hammer Too .50u Callouses.. 50c Ingrown Nail.SOc -Massage ot Foot.'. 50o Special attention and care given in all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. A. 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Oooper, represent Ing; the Troy Laundry i\b chlnery Co., jr ·'aivni^^. -v;, In town last week v i s i t i n g M: S L I F E R L A U N D R V ·j.'dd, "Tfcls Is cne most up-to iate L a u n d r y . .-I'-h 1 .? . ' ^ · nearly perfect woi I ·!., hav.£ »een ID m a u da. Mr. Cooper was in the laundry business hlmsel' Chicago for i n u m b s - vearB.--Adv Col. P. M Gross and Col. Cies, Auctioneers. Announcement. I have contracted with tiie interna tional Harvester Co. for the full lint of McCormick line of farm machin ery. Any one wanting repairs foi any part ol this line, including gas engines and cream separators will b' furnished by me. E. H. LAKE, Phone 818. 506 E. Webster street Chillicothe, Mo. IFE'S a game, and we are all playen in it, to paraphrase S. And the best two cardi im any hand are illurtrated above--. the PAY ENVELOPE; lecomd, the BANK BOOK. Withoi; pay envelope there can be no bank book. Without the bank, bo pay envelope is robbed of iti FULL VALUE. The BANK SOOK · LOGICAL, SENSIBLE SUPPLEMENT of the PAT ENVELOPE DO YOU HOLD THESE WINNING CARDi MUANTS BANK Pres J. 0. HIL! ICO1HE. Brooksfaier, ; Rl Notice to Hunters. Having leased the Gold Jones Ian 1 south of the Dawn ballast pit, hunters are hereby notified tnat we will not tolerate tresspasslngr. (SIgnad) Sportsmen Gun Club. Fr Black DEPUTY STATE VETERINARIAN Private Calls Promptly Answered PHONES: Office, 841; Residence 716 In these Day T or co-operative business effort the organization whiah does not enlist the service ol a strong banking institution Is courting bus:. ness disaster. Numbered among the clients of this Bank are many firms and individuals who have had their accounts with us for years and who havo found the intelligent baa" ing service rendered by our ofllcsrs and organization an important factor in their progress and success Let us explain the superior details of our service by letter or in'.e,- view. Fi N ic r · i "TO tfrTrf ·"·"*"·"·· NEWSPAPER! NL\\ SPAPJLR!

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