Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 9, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING QA2KTTE: THURSD Y, FEBBUARY 0 ; A CITY DISPENSARY. MEDICINES AT TEN CENTS, OR NOTHING, AS YOU PLEASE. Th» Syafsm bj Which Fifty Do<-tor» AV tarnd 2S.OOO rntl*ntl In a TfttT — G»tt» •rlnK «f Hi* Sick Foot—Th» Question of Eligibility. _Xhe ol'lpst and largest of New York'4 doct'Urs c>flice«! Is the ui«pensnry in Center street, which is now ninety-two years old, and tins' treated 2.000,000 patients. The old Northern r1isrwn.«!iry in Christopher afreet, founded In 1«17, treats something like 20,0<X> persons in a year; the Knsiern. in Esses Htreet, founded in 1833, is equnlly busy, mid then'thero are th* Demi It. foumWl in IB-'il; the Northwestern, tho Herman, the Northrn'stern and a host of outdoor department* of hospitals, snd RTvhims, clmritable societies «nd the like. A reporter spent n dny in Die Demilt dJapenBary at Twenty-third street and Second avenue. It Is a three story brick building, but' the. bnsement is UMK! as a dwelling, HIP upper pnrt la leased to the Dental college and only the first floor Is upert for dispensary purposes. This floor was found lo consist of n large open room - - filled with wooden benches, divided length^ wise by a partition of wood arid ground gloss separating eight or nine rooms from the large hall. These and tivo or three ordinary rooms that also open into tho main hall are the 'offices of. tho corps of physicians, and are called class rooms, being devoted to the treatment of different classes of allmraita. The patients know that certain ailments are treated at certain hours, between 9 o'clock in the morning arid 5 o'clock in the afternoon, M> i hat all the cawB of toothache and other «oes anding the aid of dentists assemble in the Diorninp, all the nick children come in the afternoon, along with those wlio need electrical treiitment, and so on. There Is an evening rlnsa, presided over ny two femnle physlclansJjPr. Sara E. Post and Dr. Ellen G. Crumffor the treatment c>£ women and plrls who ivork In shops and factories. Every sort of treatment for •very sort of ailment except smallpox Is freely given here. Whatever misery there Is In this iierpet- tml -gathering of the sick poor is not visible In tho main room. There are H great many more women than men. and Dr. Charles G. Carrier, the house physician, accounts for this by the statement that women are more frequently ill than men, and are more prone to regard themselves as ill, when they nro not BO, than men, who are more practical In this as in -aM- things, and come lor help only when there Is something the matter with them. These women who are seen fnrover on the benches walling their turns to go to the smaller rooms, seem, ns a rule, to be neatly dressed, and are often stout and ragged looking^ Now and then a bad cough, or the wince of the features be. tokening a t.wltch of pain betray the fact that they_nre-suffering. _Thc room jsjivell lighted, as clean as wax, floored with •crabbed bom-dp and plainly furnished. It might be mistaken for ihs classroom of a Methodist church but for the searching and comprehetiHive odor of drugs that flll» the air. As the people come In they go to the first of the little rooms, where th« honae physician sits, and kill him, through. •n open window, whnt they want. "1 want n tooth pnlled, sir," says one. "I have the rheumatism," says another. ' Even a crick-In the back or a heiulnche or a sprain «rn complained of by cithers. Now and then a drunkard totters In. ''I've been on a spree, sir, and I want to brace up," said n young and c'.cccnt looking man.' • ' "Well, you'll have to come in the afternoon," Hays the house physician. "Then give me a dose of lilowmide for my nerves," he says, A prescription of bromide of potassium is made-nut for him with n little chloral In It, ami the friend who is with him is told to sec that In- goes to bed and lo sleep and Is wnkened and brought aronnd in four or flve hours. One woman who has n relft- • tlve with the pneumonia calls it the ammonia, and another one says she has the "brown heelers." In the course of the day no such cane occurs as that which Dr. Stlmpson tells the Seventh regiment boys that he once h:id, wherein a negro complained that he "hud a brown tnste In hia mouth," but all things ore possible to 1 him who waits and llatniis in this dispensary.. AtS.o'clocV fhe dispensary was at its busiest. ". The main room, was crowded, and the work W<IH under way in nearly all the smaller one*. Just beyond the nervous room i wo physicians seemed to be holding n reception for mothers with babes, nearly jill BO rosy and bright looking as to lend to the suspicion that some one had advertised for exhibits for a haby Bhow. Next door iho room for general medicine., usually the busiest of all, where ailments not belonging under nny general yhead are Ireuied, was closed and deserted, bnt In the beyond Dr. Knlplit was treating throat ailments.' And here .was something peculiar and interesting, for he wore, ulinchtil ion leather xtrap nronnd his forehead, a circular looking glass with a hole in the center. He held a very small looking ghiHS on the end of n long handle, Thepatiriit opposite, him silt with hl» mouth njieri, ii nil tin- mirror on the doctor's forehead cmiiihi iln- rays of a powerful light and ilirvw .ihera into tho man's month, in the man's month the doctor held the little in such a position that the depths of the throat were reflected in Ii. In another room wus one of the best microscopes in the country, a German one, that cost $.V>0, and that is in use on uu least half the duyn of the year in tbe dispensary. Further on were tho rooms of the experts In dentistry and women's diseases. It has been found to be impossible to decide as to the eligibility of indoor patients for charity treatment. No one can de- From Jlontmorrnrj-. . fpb. I.—Owlnjf to tli« fact that quails are crUir.ff extremely scarce in part of the State for various reasons. Mr. John Stein, who is Jit jin-Hrnt in Tenm-we, sent up to his frit-mi Col. StiimbauRh, of .Sterling, fifty quails which he ''obtained in some manner there/to be taken out in the country as a Barter in the hopes that in a few yeara they will multiply to a large number.' So Mr. Stambaugh has placed them in the care of I'ercy Williams, of this town, where he has lilted np a room purposely for them in his shop Mrs. Hull ^collt-M ati.1 Mrs. Klin" ol Hock Tails, rruuio us H pii-fisaiH Wednesday, that is it would have been hud any one been at home; ofc'imse they wcre'nt lost. \V« 1-, am that f?ev. Small, father ot the lute Forest Small, is preaching near Worcester, Mass. To be even with us, Irvin (ireen announces that he is the owner of a p»ir of twin calves which came a few dnys since. A good time WHS realized at the (tout iii ivi'iit oases tirat makes itself kimwMi liy »n aruti- pain in the joint of the (jiv-it t'it>. iT'iii most excruciating pain may in- llken»d to that produced by the driving ol a weflfje under the nail. When thus affected rub well with .Salvation Oil, the erratent pain cure on earth Price ^"< cenU. frnm Sfl t live. * Wonrtrirfl "fist In thousand nf n^, Nit aro niirp.-^^d by t:ie marvels T.-pstlon. Tho"* who are In 'u^fvi nt wdrfc t)mt can ft* 1 done wM!« livuic ;tt liri at nnr 1 * 1 p^Dd th'Mr jvMr-': 1 "^ to H;i'- PorHstt r t. MAiNf, and receive free, ful! ^n how either srx, of nil acen, ca.n T\I-'I » §£5 j>er day mid npw.inis *vh<M-eV'*r You are startof( free. Capital not re- (Jwtf . nnlmt. Some have niiwio over-fW In :i day at thli work. AH «ucreed.' chamber, where they have been nince their arrival here, vr'jich is about ten days and are seemingly contented. Ten of them died on the trip north, leaving but forty. Mrs. A. 11. Hendricks and child, Mrs. .loe Detweiler and child uud Mrs. 1,'helps, all from Sterling, were over and spent last Thursday with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Oeeting and family. Lee Rogers has written that he cannot at present return home from Colorado and his parents think strongly oftaking a trip out there. Clel Davis lost a good horse last week from colic. Tom V\ imams, of Sterling, was out home last Sunday. David W oodwell, of Coloma, has bad a good horse sick all winter and thinking there was no chance of its recovery he unded tbe animal's misery last week by shooting It. Mr. Grove Wright has been very sick for the past week, having something on one of his fingers resembling a bad felon, and has been Buttering excruciating pain in consoqiitnce. Dr. Hoyer is attending him. Several of the schools had a vacation last Friday while their teachers attended the Institute held at the Wallace school. Mr. S. T. Shirley and the writer at- tanded the convention of fanatics at Morrison last Saturday, otherwise termed the Prohibitionists. We notice, these cranks have ceased to be objects of ridicule and (1. O P.'s are fearing them "mnchly." The Cap Allen farm of mi acres, which lies near Stone, has been sold to Mr. Frank Heckman for .*:t:i per acre. We suppose his intentions are to live on the place. There is considerable wood being CiKtJ\n<JJiaAVleMrp_mJandB 1 _which it is expected the new dam will overflow autl some very big loads are drawn. Bun McWilliams had just two cords on one loud, but running into a hole caused his sled to break and all was precipitated to the ground. Mrs. John K. Kipley has been very sick with typhoid fever. Owing to the abuudant success of the meetings in the Sturtz school house, there will be meetings there for several evenings of this week. After a few weeks efforts will be made to Imld a series of meetings in the Hane school house. 0. A. Olivflr and Robt. Leitch, ot Hock Falls, led a meeting in the .Scott school house last Sunday - afternoon. The intentiors are to hold them there every two weeks. Arrangements are being perfected to hold several temperance meetings in the (iplder school house, of which due notice will be given. They will be held onoe a week, K,Mrs. Will Lyle and children, intend starting about the. arlnst. for Silverton, Colorado, where her, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Glfford, reside.' Mr. Lyle will follow sometime In April. Mr. W. M. Dillon 'intends, as we stated in the fall, to turn his east farm Into a stock farm and has hired Mr. Henry Marshall to work for him there foi the coming summer. Mrs. 0. C. Babooek. of Hock Falls, Pres. of the county W. C. T. U., who severely injured her right ankle a few weqks ago while getting "pff the train «t }Crie, has received word from the managers of the Ii. B. to the effect that the best of medical skill will be given her and they will do what is right about tho matter. A gentleman of Sterling is canvassing this town and other adjoining towns for bills of groceries, he being agent for a Chicago llrm. He claims to let the consumers have them much cheaper than they can, be purchased in our cities. While we believe that a man has a right to get articles as cheap as possible, yet the principle Is, we think, wrong; for If we all would patronize such agents, what kind of a city would we have 'i \Vt|must help tnebjoine cities. "Eye Gee"says, he Is not much on the fight, but he believes he can everlast- dance iU Edcur Woods last Wednesday night, about eighteen couples were present. (Jeorge Detrick'snew four-hole corn sheller has ''arroved" and already been initiated in Whiteside county corn. lie has also bought a new "O. K." feed grinder. Fifty steers were driven through our town one day last week for Amboy, from there they, will be taken to Arlington, a man living there having bought them of Smith and Kreider, of Sterling. Miss Lou Worman entertained her Band of Hope class of little girls last Saturday afternoon, and a me r ry time was had by them. There were eight in attendance. The i ongregational church sociable which was held out at Mr. Fred Yeoward's last Friday night, was a success in every respect; about eleven dollars were added to their fund. All Had an excellent time. Mr. Will Childs, a young man living at Wm. Jamison's, -was kicked by one of Mr. Jamison's horses in the stomach and breast on Sunday afternoon; though suffering accnte pain. Dr. Frank Anthony who was called, thinks he will get along all right. . MACK Q,UEEIt01!AIN. From The Progressive Dunkards, who have been holding meetings in the Baptist church for nearly three weeks have closed their meetings. £Vo have been reclaimed. . We regret to say that John Heth is still confined to the house with little prospects of his being able to be out before spring. Mrs. S."M.Kaisinger, who has been quite sick for some time is a little better. . W. F. (!ould, of Sterling, was on our streets last Thursday. Glad to see him. --•• -•-— Lewis lleitx.e^l is still unable to sit np, but is slowly gaining. Lew says it seemed as if his whole past life passed through his mind while being carried through those wheels. We think one of our good citizens a little oft when he goes live miles to meeting and then discovers that he has on his every day clothes. Guess he thought he was going up to see the waterworks. We are pleased to learn that L. F. Basterbooks is able to be out again, after a long seige of sickness. John Clark can now be seen pulling the strings on I. X. Kvans & (Jo.'s, mules. I. H. ivnapp, "of the flrm of Kuapp & Uningood," and his wife are visiting friends in Iowa. Hope they will enjoy their visit and return greatly improved In health. Ed. Webster, who had such a severe time with lockjaw, was in town on Monday for the first time. While quite weak, he is steadily .on the gain. H. J. Durstine left for Iowa on Monday and will be gone about a week. -.Kev, H. Lawrence, of Iowa, occupied the pulpit at the M. K. church on Sunday evening. EPTHA. GOT THROUGH WITH GRANVILUE. f-'rnm <'o!pta. Life ia an expensive job enny way. W« all know what it kosts to liv, and we hav to ptiy for bpinij born, and bur- Soil besides. " II. C. Mc-Cray hasrKi scholars on roll in tlir chips of teaching music at Mil- lidgevillf. Mr. McCray has had years of experh'iico in muxic teaching, and it would be profitable for the music lovers to have him come »nd teach a class in any of our surrounding towns. Wm Lawyer is having great success in buying hogs. Why is an old maid like a bad lemon ? Hecmise neither are worth a squeeze. There is something rotten in Benmark;—Some writer once said, which saying might apply to Colrfta as well ns Denmark, fust now. Earnest Colcord went to his Uncle Ivory Colcord in Grand Junction on a short visit. ~~ The last question which was discussed on Tuesday night at Hazel Ureen school was as follows,—Resolved, that the courts of the United States did right in convicting the Anarchists. Affirmative .John M Dcets, James Morris, IA. W. Ulmerand Will Beers. Negative (i. W. Howe, W. II. Colcord, JOB. Anthony and D. U. Overholser. II. C. Timer has been on the" sick list. Dave .Slick has a very sick baby, Dr. Eraser is attending it. Mrs. Michael Mason is visiting Mrs. Scott Crouch and expects to return to her home in Paw Paw soon. Cards are ont for a wedding at II. C. U Imer's, Mr. Ulmer's daughter Frances, will be married to Charles Deeta Wednesday evening, the Sth; they have our beat wishes. Frank Wilson spent Sunday with Erve Pitman last week. W. 0. Holbrook is in Morrison an grand jury man! W. II. Colcord was IR Chadwick this week looking up insurance for the Prupiiix company. Henry Meekins went to Water town D. T. to see a blizzard, Henry likes water, especially when it is frozen (in the month of July). NEXT S. M. BEECHER, I, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron, Lead, Oulvert and Server l*ipe. A Fall I/lBe ot Brans daod*, Trimming*,* A« Pumpi and Pump Repairs. Oa.i >nd Oil Fixtures. NFIOP OPPOSITE PO»T OFVICK OH FOUHTH •TRBRT SPECIAL J&M termfne, either, whether a man or woman is or is not able to pay for the medicines used In their behalf. Their manner of dressing Indicates nothing, us many, particularly among 4he women, fcave hnd very fine clothing given to them by well to do folks. ;On.t,lic other hand, one man who looked as shabby as a man well could, proved to be tl.e owner of several terte- Bjent UOHHOS, an<! a woman of humble mlra was discovered to be the mother of » Judge now sitting in the courts. Once, when a well dressed man was told that he looked as If ho could afford ten cents for half a dollar's worth of medlclae, he replied: "J have notudoBar in the world. . I pat on my best clothes to come here. If they arouse your suspicions I will put on my worst ones next time I come." But the question ii next to never raised. All realize that it ii impossible, to determine the worldly condition of patient* by their looks, and so no other question U aiked than whether they can afford to pay tea centc for their drugs. With the outdoor patients, visited in the tenements, tha cue la Boinewhat different.—Kew YorV Bnn. ' ' ] .' ' - Tlii Italian Jxavy. Three new ve««!s of tho Italian navy— B* Umberto, Plciiia and jgj^rdegnn—are each to be provided with en«in en to develop the enormous force of li-J.800 Indicated Uoi>6 jtovror. Previous to 1861 the gr«Ate|t {lower put Into one ocean vessel wit» about b,OuO indicated horse power, but the JUl.Uut* uow iutva two ve&stla of 18,000 'Indicated'••! AHuuusaw Traveler. Mnry f;nl!sgh6£.,trf g^uth a,, u KM years o|4, aftd «c*iiujp a Us to ths rnu*k> a? a rloliB. Sb* t4> tibSk t&33t&U9i f^Yfjtly of t^4 TA BL jingly wallop the fellow who stole bis. whip from his cutter u few nigha siude- -at the Sturtz school house. Mr. Sam Woodard r of Harmon, is an oddity, coming to Sterling last week he learned Jo r tbe first time thut he must hava'a bell to go through Sterling; he was equal to the emergency; in a back alley he got an old paint pail, hung it in an Inverted position on the end of his sled tongue, will*an old paint-brush tf r a clapper. And proceeded through town unmolested, A Rood time was had by many young people »t a daace given.last .Wednes day night at Mr. Henry Heln's. We bad tbe pleasure of reading a late letter received, „ fro^j ciety lady of thia county, well known in Sterling, who is now making a protracted visit In an, eastern, metropolis, the following Is an extract 'and might be of Interest to some of our young ladles, f And now about the way I wear ray t hair, I have one bang.ovpr.thjB left ear, my back hair is twisted and runs out like a cork screw behind, one curl banga down back of my right ear t & French twist on the top of my head with a pink ribbon bow on the end of trw tjwlst, a few »plt curl* on my fore head finishes It; it Is quite a job to get it all done, but it look* quite nice, as it is the latest fathioa I can put up with it" Oreat Scott aud Uttle oabea *h»t a coiffure. Be Explain* Why Ha Concluded to Tell Hl» Story—Further Testimony. COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 9.—Algernon Granvilla concluded big testimony in tha tally- ineet case \Vednonday. Ho testified to a conversation with Montgomery a year after tba forgery was committed, In which he told Montgomery that be saw a man writing in his room the Sunday night after .the election; Montgomery replied: "8b-ih-ih; the Walls have ears." The conversation took place in Montgomery** room. • • Granvillo explained his new disclosure* at this trial on the ground that bis conscience troubled him. On his return to Chicago, after the grand jury met, be bad asked God to help him, and He had helped bim and bad been helping him ever since. McStroeny exhausted all Ills powers of cross-examination on tbe witness without shaking bis testimony in the least. Joe Breitinger testified that, Myers and Cogan were at his houte about £ o'clock Bunday night trying to find Montgomery's bouse. He testified, further, to conversations with Montgomery, in which tbe defendant asked him to be quiet about what he knew. Double Trnicedy at Oolt, Outarlo. 641,7, Out., KeU 9.—A terrible murder •and suicide occurred here at 10:30 a. m. Wednesday, tbe victims being Henry Main, a private banker, and a man named John Currie. At 8 o'clock in the morning Currie purchased a W-culiber revolver And went to Main's oflifi-, which he entered, and without a word shot Mr. Main, who was sitting with fall back to tbo door. Currie fired two tboU, one piercing Main's bead over tbe right eye, and tbe other e.iterlng the center of the forehead. As soon us Currie did the deed he turned tbe wunpon upon himself, putting a bullet through his head. Death was Instantaneous b»tf Proceeding* of the Nation*! Builder*. CisciNNATl, O., Feb. 8,—The National Builders' association, in convention here Wedneaday, listened to papers on subject* of Interest to the member* and tbeu adopted rules for the government of estimates for work. A report on the lien lawa was also adopted, in which tbe precedence of liens was a* follows: Flint, personal labor actually performed on tbe property subject to lien; labor furnished or labor and material fur- nlched by nub-contractor; labor or material, or both, furnmbod dlrBcC to owner, either by contract or otherwise; material furnished to • direct contractor. —"The'bPHt ou earth" can truly be aald i if Grigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruiaes, scalds, burns, aores, piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 2,1 eta. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. From Empire. The sleighing has been Improved by the fall of several inches of snow this forenoon. Hert Boss, of Iowa, ia visiting his parents, of this place. Miss Lizzie Book, of 1'a., is visiting at her uncle'n, J. V. Book. Miss Eva Bush was sick on Monday and not able to till her position as teacher in the school, She is on hand this morning. "• • A. P. Heed wiis drawn as a juryman and has gone to Morrison to obey the orders of the court for this week; and next. The school h'mse was crowded last Friday evening at the literary. Come again; every Friday evening. There was no preachnlg here last Sunday, Kev. E. Brown being called to Freeport on business. There^ will be being his day at Prairleville. Sunday school and prayer meeting will be held at the regular time, one and two o'clock p. m. Wm. Mensch will have a sale on the l&th, after which he Intends moving his family to Sterling to live and let his son Clarence run the farm. We are sorry to him leave ua, J. Q. Book's new mill la doing good work. He grinds from 35 to 40 bu. per hour. He will grind on Tuesday and Friday of each week, unless the, rush of business demands more time. '••.-•'• COK; TaTole I-ln-sna arLd. Coroete. Wait for it I Watoh for itII 'ces on the above, line's will be the ' lowest ever made in this city (bue announcement will be made of the exact time. Beat in the World BUTTERlCK'S PATTERNS } B««,»th N. CARPENTER & CO. Cold, colder, coldest. flick- Blind, Hleedtnjc and llchlnir. Positively cared by Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. Bathe with a little of the Fhiid added to the water. A- single application will allay the itching, soothe application will allay all inflammation,^oe eodorize all offen- Blvenesa and 'staunch the bleeding. Tetter and Soald H«ad are quickly cured-by Darbys Prophylactic .Fluid. ttllB wit- Wiry WILL YOU cough when Shiloh'a Cure will give you Immediate relief. Price 10 ota., 60 cts, and $1. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Belt the open winter fellows, and draw and quarter the ground hog fellow. "HAOKMETA.QK," a lastSHg and fragrant perfumev-^Price 26 anH 50 cents. 0. A. OUver&Co. 2. ^ If the weather Is so cold now, what would It not have been If that ground hog could have seen its shadow f ABE YOU MADE miserable by Indlges-' tlon, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Tellow Skin? Shiloh'B Vlt- alfeer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 • '- • A Y. M. C, A. would be a useful organization here. Work quickljr; Ihls' year must ness the growth of Sterling. THE HOMELIEST MAN in Sterling as well as the handsomest and others call at our store and get free, a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for tme throat and Lungs. It cures , accute and chronic coughs. Price 60 cents and 91. A. B Hendricks. IK . ' Let us all try, to find (out) meana for Increasing the prosperity of, our city. Without health life has no • sunaliine. Who could be happy, with dyspepsia, piles, low spirits, headache, agile or diseases of th» stomach, liver or kidneys? Dr. Jones' lied •• Clover Tonlp quickly cures the diseases.' Price 50 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. . Too cold it was to ride or walk: A littlr tlr Mviinv; on u marigold stalk, The iniirlirnM ilnwers were fallen Hod dead, Tho innriK"IJ, Howe in were shrouded in snow, A bUU'r \\ iuil rurthed lo and fro, > .And oil the violets were abed. Toe little elf's liose was aorry luid blue, But tbe little cIT's nelf wu jolly all through! Atd as be swung from side to Bide, Be gang hla song with an air of pride: "tout o' tba wool o' the chestnut buda T&y Mtuulo spun my boeo and jerkin; Ot a bat's wing made my cloak. Warm enough to wrap a Turk in; Lined them all with tblslle down. Gathered when the pods were brown; Trimmed them with a rabbit'* fur, Left upon i cockle bur; "Yet, In spite of everything, • Much I fear that cold I be. Hat ha I the spring I Hot hot the aprlogl The merry, merry spring for me:" -. t —Bt. Nicholas. To Trade. A well improved farm in Whlteaidu Cu. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if yon .want It, it is desirable. tf P. B. HUBBABD. WILL YOU BUFJfEn with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint ? Shilob/s Vital- izer is guaranteed to cure you. 2 (iood weather for coal dealers. SIIILOU'S CATAKRII REMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Diptherla and Canter Mouth. O.. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Spring is coming; get ready Delore It reaches ua. • -,. ' Hriu-e l>. ' ' You are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are fldgetty, nerronB, qnd generally out of sorts, and rwant to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which nave for their basis very cheap, bad whiskey, and -which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave yon in a worse condition 'than bafore. What you want is an alterative that will pur- Ify jWr blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restort your vital*- ity.iand give renewed health .and strength, tjuch a medicine • you ; wiu flud In Electric Bitters, and only W cent* a bottle at Strickler & Boorses Drugstore ' • - • Ta]k is good; action is better. W P . NSTEPATION, To*nlOTB6»u»on«»ho«ild have r*«- alar «T»enatlon« every twen r. f onr hovrc. The «!!>, both mental and pbriical,reatrttlngfrom , • ., . HABITUAL CONSTIPATION ar« many and «erlon«. For tba «nr« ortbU common trouble.Tutf» liver avvjcained » popatarltrnopar- . Efegaatly ***** eoai«d. SOLD EVESYWHEEE. uplex Corset <Pflck &•' Schiffmacher, Haiio on hand a big atoe/t of Live Oedar (Posts, the lest J&icfaigan Soft (Pino Lumber, all kinds 'of (Building • \ - • Jdnttrial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Coal, Lime, dement, Hair, etc., &ic. Everything at Lowest Jdar- ; Tcet (Prices. A big advantage in dealing \vith ua is that yiu fan get your loads with; out going over the ' ' . railroads. Nl«ent klad of »qnar« and rial JTluli. eta. for ««rrt«u fence*, Personal purity is needful to the develop of true character. SUILOH' CURB will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Too much poker-playing; better let up a trifle. A N.ABAL INJECTOK tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh liemedy. Price 60 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co, 2 The busy man is the happiest man. FOB DY8FKP8IA audLiverComplairit, you have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's vitalizer. It never fails to cure. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 T«W, Then In No BuitHjr Trait. Feb. «.-Tbe Hon. E. 8. Coo- nurifr of the Bottoo Rnhbor 800* ! L - , •aid Wednesday *propo« of tb« ra-' The public library ia liberally patron- oeotly pulilUbeil itaMruuuU about tua form- j z ed, attois of » rubbsr tni»t: "Th«r« b*» b»«n »o muob mid oo thu tubj«ot that I -j have been married now,'' boMted want to «r for th« information g pr'osy old fellow, 'more tain thirty of btuitMM am ifamxuMf that ?6(jr * and hare never glfen my wife a Uwr« will iw no mbtxr trust twawd at o rosa WO rd; ucr hive I ever been wlth- prwoeL fboal4 tbwi txod* fwUwJ W tl» ' ou ^ fl ljotU« of Kr^ SliJl*t f^""* 1 " o "-»"> foui» u wiu uot afl«ot »IM UuioMi ot ja ea»« of * col J or eougtu . The best salve in the world Oar Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt i Jiheum, Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped. Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Ernp- tlons, and posttv«ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund* ed Price 26 cents per bojc. For sale byS triokler & Beorse. Sterling j,wlth7™ population in ten yean 'makes rich all holder* of real estate,— don't forget that. Intefcrtty of material and make. , Giv«5i BHJtsleness, oasa and elenanoe to the form v«i BHJt, Can b» aap«aclea upon lor siitlsjactory service. uracted Sold everywhere far One Dollar. ttmplessat post-paid on receipt of price. BORTREE M'F'O. CO., JACKSON, MICH. Probably no one tbiDg haa caused such a revival of trade lit Striokler- & Hoorpea Drag Store aa their jiving: a,waj to their customer* of BO many- free trtftl bottles of Dr.' King's New Discovery for Consumption. .Their trade is simply enormous ia this very valuable article from thf fact that ft always our«i sad never disappoints. Cough*. Col*, <A«ibnia,< BiauenlU*,. Croup, and «U throat v>A luag di»eajie», (jalesly CBred, You can t*»t it bafoi* buyiuR by getting a trial bottle tree, large ilieSl. Every bottle warract«l. |. B. FACEY & 00. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS FllTEBS H AVE HOW IN THEIR EMPLOY MR. JOHN BUCKLKY. recently in the employ of J. 8. Johnstonfl as Plumber. We also have rtrranjjenif nta with WALTER A. FAOKY, in MiM-rt Plumber, now with £, BaKgot In tb« best plumbing establishment In Chicago, In ease of any One or extra work, to aaaliK ua. We are prepared to mako contracts and furnish nmtf- rlal (or all work iu the I'lunibluu, Bteaiu and Qoa Fitting Uu«, and ker» In stock iron, lead and •ewer pipe, brass iJEW METHOD.OF TREATING. CHKONiO DiSJBASES.' I)rt PKW PLACE, Kslabllshed and auecessfully couducted by lir. JI H.ltcl'ew & 8on, who »re prepared to treat all tliu most complicated forma of ulsciise. both Acute and Chronic'. This Is not asaultnrium orhoaultal.butabooie where patient!! cau l>c cared for while b«lnu treated by the MKW MKTIIOU. All diseases peculiar to WOMEN, diseases of tlluUKlNAKV ttiid-SKXUAt, OKOANS, erery fonn of NEBVOUrt I)1BK»HK8: al«o of tbe HT"MAC11 and I.lVElt. TILES und KIBTCLA ore liyllie MKW S1KTHOI> RADICALLY CURED Tbe udvanURes «>f the !«KW MKTHWU over fill otbera urc. Imnwilate relief aim ooui- plete recoverv. as the castn reported proves. By a NK"\V METHOD of diagnoses they are enabled to treat many cases successfully by letter. Tbey will visit patients in any part of tue country on. abort notice, for a reasonable fee. 'J'belr methods are unlIKo all otbers and will cure wben evcrytlilutj else falls. No letter an- Bwered unlesa accoiupiuiled by 4 cents In aUmix. Addne«s, . ' Or. H H. !>>: PKW A SOS, 801 Flrtb AVAiiue, comer Tbird 8t,Clinton, la'. ttbi-w , , •ewer pipe, brass »x>os, pumps, &c..&«. ; every- tnlng w D« louiiil To a nrst-clau tsttbUsbmeut, at reasonable prices, anil we are now prejiored to wall Uke JRod. I^ine IV o. 1. IHWIN McMiNlUAL HAB frABTKll 4 1 now dray, and : » preuafes lo do all kljiiW ol hauling. Moving buuionoW goods and pinio* A spetilaJty. X^ave onlors at Melvlo ^ tioiid 3o"*6rk in a oittafaetory mannur »n/f mknuiCM *«" fl«""f» JeUnson'e grooery. »ll wurk. »u4 uiM«rlal Ji» rcpr^seal -. T. K. FACEV, who 5>aa 6oen In bu»l«es« her* I ~ Almost ooBtinaoujly for tie Ustitlrty-twoyettra, I . '" »uperinv?nd uia work, iils oiwliOcaitoa* I Mchasie Itro too veil known to niwi! com-1 1 "muqr AT THIS 9t» *»A*P • • AT THM a. '""" ' * H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND • J QASJSTTS sworn

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