The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 7
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S'U'UUDAY, JULY/; MM Guaranteed Electric Fans We are showing a complete line of guaranteed, standard electric fans at very special prices. For example we have an 8-inch guaranteed standard fan at $7.50. Come in and let us show you. 4 North Main Phone 621 Does Your Iceman Muss Up the Kitchen? Every housewife knows how provoking it is when the iceman carries in mud and water on his shoes and leave "tracks" on a clean kitchen floor. A new feature of service has been . put into practice by this company to f prevent such regrettable incidents. Every man who is in charge of an ice route has been given a piece of burlap which he will carry with him when making deliveries. On entering your home he will lay this burlap in front of the ice chest, using it as a rug, thus preventing his making a muss. This is characteristic of this company whose aim is to serve its patrons in the most efficient and pleasing manner possible. This Emblem Your Protection OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS CITY OFFICIAL " IS FOUND SHORT No Prosecution Started Against E. D. Mace, Treasurer" at Spearville, as Vet. Spearville. July 7.—K D. Maco, for the past nineteen voarB city treasurer ot Spearville was found to be short $13,219.62 In hla accounts by tho accountant who has been checking hla office. The bonding company has been given notice by tho city officials that a claim will be made to recover the ?10,000, thu amount of bond given by Mr. Mace. The lattor has turned over to tho city his residence property for which a credit ot $3,21S J 52 has boon made. The cash balance in the city treasury Bhould bo 113,104.76 while thore was found to bo only $979.84. Mr. Mac© Is chargod with accrued interest on pant duo bonds and coupons making the total 113,- 219.C2. According to reports, no resentment is folt against Mr. Mace at Spearville, and It Is said there Is tio disposition on the part of citizens to prosecute him and that tho bonding company thus far has shown no such move. It is thought by many, It 1 B said, that most of tho shortage has been caused by carelessness and that Mr. Mace has not maliciously misappropriated the lands during the ninoleen year3 he has ibeen the treasurer. ments of tho business world. Tho machine Is not very large and [ and wraps tho coins in five or ten i dollar groups. The secretary of the | Mint at Denver was greatly pleased with tho lnvontlon and tho patent has been secured and the machine Is ready for tho market. Tho secretary became president of this organization at Denver. Mr. Williamson vlsltqd his brother this week and also called at tho banks, and on his return trip from Wichita, he may place-* few ot his automatic coin stackers In our city. The machine sells for fifteen dollars. MILLING CO. BONDS ALL ITS ELEVATORS Muskogee Red is Settled at Least For a Few Months Saxman, July 7.— Tho first bonded warehouse In Itlco county began doing business yesterday under state supervision. Tho KansasOklahbma Milling company having converted all its prtvnto elevators into bonded warehouses, by posting the required bond with the stato. With tho approval of this bond a few days ago the tonka of the Saxman mill become a public elevator. All grain storod thero must be. reijorted to tho state and withdrawals will be chocked by deputy inspectors from the stato gralu department. As a bonded elevator the Saxman mill will bo cabled to Issue warehouse receipts against all grain In storage Those are rocognled by federal resorvo banks as adequate colate- ral for advances to farmers who own grain. Making the elevator a public warehouse Is In conformity with the marketing policy of the Kansas Wheat Growers association . It enables tho lattor to finance tho pooling ot grain and make advance payments without borrowing or withdrawing money from local hanks. The warehouse receipts are taken directly by the federal banks and bring money from tho oast hero for circulation. CAREY ICE COMPANY Phone 900 3 Ellinwood, July 7.— -Andy Itdflmon, better known to tho printing fraternity as "Muskogee Kcd" has settled down hero tor the next two months helping out the editor ot the Ellinwood Leader. Itcdmon la one of Ihe few remaining old time "hand-pike" printers, who wore the big part of the newspaper forces before tho linotype machine came into general use. "Red" is known from coast to coast by most of the older printers. He was ono of the.genuine tourist printers In tho good oltL-days, who speont more time touring from placo to place than they did working. But In late years he has cut out the touring and nettled down. Andy lg 67 years of ago, and although he underwent on operation last winter In California, spending several months lu the hospital, ho Is good for muny more year.s at his trade. Andy says California Is alright to go visiting In, but says he'd sure hate to die out thero. Prom now on it's Kansas for him. PARADESlfREET, CLAD ONLY IN BABY INNOCENCE Electric Fstiis Mean Welcome Breezes Electric fans make the home much more comfortable during the hot summer months. Old Sol's rays will have no effect with one of our fans blowing a frigid temperature on you. Select your fan while our stocks are complete. All Fans Reasonably Priced. Ramsay-King Electric Co. Phone 316 421 North Main EX-TREASURY AID BECOMES MEMBER OF MORGAN FIRM in the-form of Liberty bonds through the Morgan office as fiscal agents for tho British government, A boy's definition of water: "It Is a white liquid which turns Mack when you (put your hands in, it."—Atchison Globe. YOUNG FARMER DROWNS IN NINESCAH RIVER Kingman, July"?.— Win KUnker, Tl years old, a farmer was drowned in | tho Ninrioscah while out wading. Jn company with four other ooya, two i of whom could swim, Kllnkur waa spending the afternoon in Uie water. KUnker o violently slipped ott the bank aoolduutly aud was caught In tho swift undercurrent and being \\n- nblft to swim could not got out. Tho hole whero ho foil in was found 10 be 12 teet deep and 100 yards long. lOfforts wore- mado to have- him but to no avail. , Tho body was found after four hours search but not until about twenty mon stretched a rod acro&s the channel of the river for a support while divers searched tho bottom of the river bed. Chase, July 7.—While its mother's buck wus turned for a moment Wednesday of lust week, a child of about iwo years crawled out of tho family hath tub, toddled to -Main street a block away, and clad in nothing but baby innocence, paraded the business district. Amid the laughter of onlookers Mayor Lansing rushed out of his bunk and threw a protecting swp.ator about tho Utile ono. Tho quest for tho child's owner was short as tho distraught mother, fearful of all sorts of calamity happening to seo her .baby was soon on the scene. COMDLETE PLANS FOR PRATT COURT HOUSE Mann & Gerow, architects have nearly completed the plans nnd specifications for the rebuilding of the Pratt County Court House which was burned down recently after being .•uracil fiy lightning. A. Tt. Mann will meet with the Pratt County Commiu- skmors Monday to make urranKOinents for letting the contracts for the rebuilding. INVENTS COIN STACKER. • Kinsley Man 's Brother Haa Invention Which May Prove Profitable. Kinsley, July 9.-—'Art Williamson, brother of .[. A. Williamson, of this city has Invented a very unique littlo machine which will savo a groat deal of timo in separating, counting and wrapping up coins in various depart- MOTOR CAR DRIVER IS HRD FOR MANSLAUGHTER Kinsley, July 7.—Tom HaynurKt of Oklahoma la being held in the K<1- wards county jail unable to furnish bond, charged with first degree manslaughter. Ilaylnir:>t waa owner and driver of tho car which ktliod Mrs. Mary A .McDill hero last Saturday nisht when ho hit the car she AVOH In and knocked her through tho windshield. Hay-hurst was driving without lights and the car in which. Mrs. Ho Dill had only ono light. Tho other boys In tho, car with Hayhurst, Joe Armstrong of lnsralls and l'*rank Hii;h of Arkarfsa3 wore not hold. All the boys wore harvest hands working on a nofghborfng farm. LARNED HAS ENOUGH OF "INSANE FOURTHS"- Lamed, July 9.--Already Kontlnicnt Jn making tho observance of a "Sane" Fourth asure thins la 1924 la gathering here after the most Insane Kourth in many years, that Lamed lias known. Lamed has had "Sane" Fourths bo- fore but last year tho commission tilt- od tho 1M and llil-a year it wan evidently taken clear off. - Hall Spoils Garden Contest. La Crosse, July 7.—The hail storm of last week in Kuah county eliminated tho Karden content which was la lmve been held this year by thu Review club, causing the clubwomen to cancel all, plans for tho Children's -fair. Ttoe club will liavo anoihur uon- toat next year. July Clearance Sale The items on your July shopping list may he bought to best advantage during this July Clearance Sale. Make your dollars work and purchase now from our large assortment* of home furnishings, fabrics and garments of apparel. Prices have been trimmed closely until now every aisle and department has significant values to offer. Specials in this sale are items in Corsets Domestics Draperies Underwear Muslinwear Art Goods Hosiery Jewelry Curtains Wash Goods Gift Navehies Dress Goods Summer Dresses All White Hats One Half Price ,You have two full months in which to wear any of the mid-summer hats that we are offering at Half Price. You will want one when you sec how inexpensive and worth-while these arc. There are some in small sport models and others in droopy brimmed straws and fabrics for fluffy frocks. Values up to $30.00. They arc unusual at Half Price. The remainder of our late spring ami early summer hats are divided into two lots at reduced prices. $7.50 $3.00 This lot inetudos black, white unit navy hats mostly Btrawa in largo and small sha>i>oti-~$7.5Q. A variety of colors in aporta and tailored rmido!.-T Mostly smnll sliaiioM. Especially nrlcoil. $:!.()f). No Felts included in this sale. Special Offers in Madeira Napkins, $3.98—Set of 6 Ono lot ot madeira linen napkins, sizes 11, 12, I .'Much. Dainty or elaborate) doslgno. July CliMi'Wimw, $:),<IH f.»r 6 Madeira Scarfs, $4.98 <^ Special lot of Maderia scarfs in linen or •l>:itlnli\ Hind PIIIIIIMMPIVII, V 45, 61-ln. lengt.lra. July Clfjanuw, {l.'JS WOBBLY IN JAIL AT LYONS SEEKS COUNSEL Lyons, July 7—Harold Klske, I. W. W. organizer in jail at tho Klco county jail lias wired lo Chicago fur an attorney to come and defend bini at liin preliminary trial sot for .Monday. It is presumed tliat either Harold Mulks or Caroline Lowe, who were hero last year defending a member of tho I. W. VV. on a like charge of violation of the anil-syndicalism act. will come. In the ease of K|»ko it is slated ti;at ho took applications for mom- bersUln in Itico county. DID YOU HAVE YOUR "IRON" ASKS MEYERDING I,. G. Moyordinp LH aaUinfi his iriemin and cuatbmt.TS today IE thuy have had their "iron" yet. liu does not mean Suumuld rate!lid however and tho bodily Iron that In derived from Lhem but El trie Iron that ho is Hiving nway with every yuirehattB of $'£'2.Si} or more for the next week. Mr, 'Moyerding in ceUibniting lite first adversary In ffiitcliinfion by giving overy cu&tomor whn purchuflea jewelry In tho amount of $22.50 or more a guaranteed electric iron absolutely freo of charge. AMERICAN FLAG SAVES HER FROM CHINESE KAN HITS Mi8H Margaret E. Denbler. Minn Mansim't M Dnahler of Seuta- turia Springs, N\ Y., has Just reach'. it Seattle from China, wlinrc shu narrowly ofjoajied capture by Crhlne^n banditH, Shi; wna a niemWr of a par­ ty MMit nut by tho medical'-nt iu* Syracmso collide. When ('hiii-^; pirated threatemHl her uiid Ivr parly idiM drew" tho attention of the civw of au American gunboat on U)* 1 Vi »n::- t.szo river by waving' an Am^nr.r.i flag. POCAHONTAS DEGREE INSTALLS OFFICERS The new offieerrt In tho D'v.iree of IVnrahmitaH have boon 'imitaHcd ;'-U 'I an* taking up their new dutbM tn'bty. J* 1 ))] lowing tint bunf m '.-t3 of the evening, refreshmiriitH were i;**rv< i d. Tho orrieers I retailed, wore Mm. Myri.ln l.ynn, l'lK-ahoii'Lan; ."dr.*. .\h)>!e ri'e.lh, Winona; MI-H . Dera ('.rit'tith, 1'i-oldu -T .eH*; W'unilo, row- Mr«. f.ohi HtiwuitMi, first. lOiiunn St.':tt.ler, neenmi Hei'tha \VVl91m, KU.irtl oi" Knard i>t r^'i(fe-h». '.1. Hei:»>nd luil an j-icoiil; Mra scout; Mrs, lie- Topi '-'v; MI*H , Uuhy hnnti, tie' K-irr <*Ht; Mr-;, Dal.;y r,v<-ti flr;L runner; Mra. XInth }Jork\ M- ntiHu-r; Mra. Atiiiia Juliiin, first rior; Mrn. lOmtna McM.ilutri. warrior; Minn Klo Hpuln, third riur; MIHH Uuhy Sis ell, f<m rt h rlur; John K'-ls«>n, firnt. comt and Mr, Alva Slot tier, ^''omi cilor, Mm. Agnt 'H Hniith, iuu -ii< i war ihjr; Painter and Guide. San KraneiKco: Mrs. Klor--nc.t Davon port, of Han KYunelwo, ..'arnrf h«?r living na «. painter and an a gu!d» to partierf of louriHU v-ialUajj i'urlH. THE GUMPS—BABE ItuBsell Cornell Lefflngwea " (RUBBOII Cornell Fotflngwell, formar- WT assistant socrotary ot the treasury I »nd well known New York lwayer, lias I entered the firm of J. P. Morgan & Co. ' tt Is believed tliat because ot his ox- I perlenoe in the treasury office lie will ; MISTS charse ot the Britfgii payments of the war debt„irhlch are belmt mad* ~TH€R 5 Gots Tv^ia e>K^ ^ RSOVA- / ^ov)'^ T HINK swe. OWHEX > -tv»t SXREtT- AM*> /V. "rVRSVCVASS ; (^A.VOc-UP W^N tf tHEH tOOK &DO^> \W K BWMNC) SU\T t>0W"t-V0O««S ^OUX SAOVA) "VrieVU- U30K \H k «WtrttK «R.OM- BUT X TOTS ^VIE MW \MViO MW?R\tS OWE OF THtrA" J V^i —— MEAUS OUT Or^ A VAPtl*. C>NC> OR. tK CA.O'seS HtVV STAUUt_TO PetCTVX- THAT K\Nt> OF A WOMAN TVUNK.S A, HUS8A >tSt5 \S UWt Av CA-V-^liAR- TWtT WAHT ^ NtvJ OMt Sk =5X0? TO ^VUNK A'-V- THE MtetSM THIM tvtoWbH to KHCW ftfV-TtR- tWECtv ,W6 To FVHtJ WS , BtCAutJt HE VICKE<& Hte. 0\)-\ To \>0 VTO H(Art,%VX««.- \T WtS. HAHt>-S ACE RtX> fUONV \JJA»>V0HC> 'C'xtHt^ TWtT VEM\M\> WNA. OV SOMt OTWtft WOMA^S FROM C0fvV?(\RO> WV.TM A SK eoMP-we XlMt® S500S; www to 6\>H A tooob

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