Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 13
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 13
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i of »tat« ** Mr*. ,, , various of I club offl J Mr*. k. Plan* t luinffrs and ,,,,. IP -"tale music work tho time when ' Music Federation UtCATLJR HERALD EVENING, OCTOBER 14, 1930. DECATUR HERALD DRESS :: CHILDREN Mr. 3STPONES ITS f. A. TO OCT. 2 · · - mode for (ha ntM In the inefltjnit (if y nri*niro nM ft* ·ut-H ihfit 187 fnlK ll.temhpi. Tho neia .,,,,,,. I ;ns(x;Utlon, which wt. ken t h i n Vi-l.l. ** em inj«i Friday ovenlnt tied until FrlUfty, o«t aT -- will ho In nowni'viji I spoonful M won as n Ur the neat tune waleti VI breath, or u bilious. ---- condition warn* " it U Ihft rrow or let!)'., puru iicjMJn and [fill ingredient*. · tt ttisles nnl Iho w«y it maif! Dr. Caldwcll's thp PEPSIN Family Laxative ,xam h!" lie lini.'llMK . ihf liibnr slips nvtl\y hnciv. n..i. ng lunrh 11 to iucff« w i l h him ns with «vciy furnish the Jf yfiith w i t l i In*, mincrnU. d f i i r n i f h ptlnttve form -ss and con st on URIZED ILK yur Grocer 'tlkman Ange/o Pafri Says To Watch Child-Dreamer foo Much Dreaming Calls For Investigation of Home and School d(«i ant' jldH" hm « el' in i h p h vtt\ lnnd I t i n ·( » l»»d DAILY MENU HINT BroukfuM Coffee ' Cereal With Hot Rolls Luncheon and Onion Soup and Olery Hulsii (tot WtociiK Maple Simp Coffe* Dinner Lrfinib Broth Chicken rind MtlPlirttim Ptc Rrownud Sliced Fruit Tour Family fill Like These Simple Recipes As Well As Elaborate Ones (WOULD YOU WANT ; TO BE JUDGED BY SINGLE ACT? nut '"i f i n _ ) n v v « - p'oilil il- mid d i t d l i i - . l n t u M 11 l l t tI ^ufk, IMP5 t i l r n « i J f In i I'l t furtf* 1 ' 11 to kfi ]i mi (i|ip«lniincut H h l l t n i i In (hhl 1'frii' i f " '"'I'd *' J t)1 ' lt ' Vl ' u mint (hid wlim *h,it (1 lf w(1 c(in I, TriM'hi'r Sjmiiitlhr-tl*' )/ t r h 1" « h n » l -u'liii-h lhnrou«h- ii- th ic tt'lmr -iotl of umchfir hfis IK--' [XIK tiPi mmtrtTtiiiienl ttml hl rtjtti r! (n" they hiiitimnloti*. Thai .' JtUotit tha OLIVE fit. YOUNG Mlllikln ItnlvfrHll} D ID YOU. EVER happen lo thlnli how strange H ta that Uier* (M c 10 many dlflerenl Ulntlfi of i-ultch and ycl they ore nimlc out of lit* mimo Ingredients, Theie docs not (i|r0rtr t.o bo m y niwlt d l f f n i - otice in the propoi llonn ei'Vt In fm:t two peopli! oun une the t.ame nnil KH svicli different r^* thut K |j [UHii/.thK A cake niultH In yolr mouth In wonderful. but ono thnt Is toufh and hreail-ltlw and not very "sweet IH ino^l un»itll»(ylng, fii- wo em cultc became we Hko sw*elt, enpeclnl.v at the end of lh« mciil. A cnltu howcvfi- may he -.tmiile and ndi ovi'i-lv i l i h , titnl 1C well nnt! carefully miulc bi mot.l But thpsp for tiiev wltl not lae| a-j w^N n, those with niwi- butter Mid SIIRBI- ttnd (isrun. cake,, n»iilr with mllh or cri'iim will lo-cp moli-t thnn n h d h t v tiii(i»i»i(il. ^f«1 ni fthltli !«· H rttnilrcil In ·inclt ' If it i( " r ' fin' nr tll(1 "'l rtw , lv w 11 '[-i|"' '" 'ill-mil (ton docs h,. tret ..... n up to tlii« rt-iti of the ,!!,«· II'M nhi'lifl 01 far h^lltnil? Ts itini' tttu iiin- nibli ( I In whlcn nil (nt]4 M K l l U l K M "IH ll\ W'hll'h V ! · f , r If! ii4i.itf( ' Annin P h c i ' - lx room hi 'In i i n l l i i l ' ii r.iii' itntnii An I lii.« n i M H i t li'irnf " ti l l f f ( l i f M ' n j|yl t l ' I l l m ' I I I M - I V l H i l h |)!Lllllt UK I oiii I ' l l ( F i l e i - r I !«· i h l l i l In t l v t i ·ind-,!" I N I i h y »]ivuk iwnily" f 1 " t i i c v - I ' l ' l %mh h i m 'i- wHii n l l m l i l mill, fun In n ' n t i i i l i i ( i I n t o (i Ilirin ,-.f in n i , 11 n i v ..... i Mil ' in MH-V i n ..... 11 ,, r j i l « i v * t h t i i f t ;i l« ( i-ry 'tiv i CM- ( O f f l c u l i (" B tltTK CAMICRO.N- t HKAITID TWO wotnon tl. Snld (IB»; "I don't think ·(ho ciirf- vi;ry nniub about her hmlmtid. She , UflH I f l l t f l j t f|« llOW tlttMl hP WHS tO i «*t olonn with, tmil how imretnoii- uhl*. ntul whitt a Invc-ly home shp tint) bnforr p\if nvirrtntl un.l a. kit of HilnKi llki- Ihftl. t fcot the Idea Hint ph^ thoitKht Mlic hiitl ma do a hljc rnlottihr." ddwM him nnd li fidnrM hrr, fflic wnn jmt Iftlklnp then, Sontc little*' One cup sour milk thing had (torif wrimc and 'ih« |iwt' fil( thtit way for n nilnulf I ltiou l»i hftK-i t h n n von tin 1 ' "Tt Jim doPfn't iti'Prn pft^iihli" If yoii'tt him id he nl" "Doitbllfit* I'd have fr.|t I l i r way von do If T (tlrln'l Itnow her hur 1 You think should be I'alen at milk (m" OHP cilsoo One and oiif-sult cupi flour Oni tcnsponn -tcda One and one-half aquarasofchoeo- Into, melted Creoni the butler und '-i.fftii and ndd Iho egg and beat Uiwoushiy. Then add the sour tnllli and mui ^ell. Sift In the soda and Hour imt lastly add tha melted ohocolate. Baku In n sheet, lining thu pan with paper and oiling It well Ci,"er with un uncooked powdered ei-gur ·,'x.kf 01 a eooiced fudge one Sour Crnikm One cup sugar, One-half rich sour Two eggs, One anil onf-hnlt cups flour, One-eighth toaspoon sail Ono-half teaspoon cinnamon One-lomth Uaspoon nutmeg One-fourth teaspoon clove:,, One-half teaspoon aodn. One and one-half teaspoon baking powder One-half i«j seeded raltiini Cream Ihu sugar and aoui vroom toRCslhcr and luld the well tialrn CKK yolhs Silt the flour, sptetu and leavcnlnjju agents and then add the raisin-! which hnve been llphtly fold in thr ptl/fly beaton egg: whites Bake tn tt niod- etate oven cither In a lonf o' » ahi-eL Ice with a white mountain know it'= only (i niooit. you can judge hy whnt anvonc snys In ionic mood Would yon (\1wny-i HFJ^ALD PATFERN bf- willing to lp by what you on wmr one nccfialw? Don't xitmpdmfi (t"t cnlne jincl «ay t Hint would ftlvc ft ffil»f im- {ifoi-lon and wnnilM- nft'rwnrtli why In thi- world von rlld with I HI, i i i l l i i U 1C' I , ii l n - F i l r l i v i l i l l i l ' A i f MIH 1 I H I T . 1 t H l l l ' C * l l l l I ' l . ' H ,, n 1'l.mrl nut ''f hulnlH'i 1 nil , ii.nlli, n i l ] m i - " - n iiniih . tl'" f l i ' W i''lr''(iH In n 11 1.x » liiltl .pci lull it I'liin dx , [· ,1 m f i c i i i u t l ui',1 ttprili \ln\ }ti* |)uiiKiniis Knlill n i i i t R K iti-jcinil tti» -inti'iy iiulnl ]-j n r(nnK''"'ll' )l»tH (t I'l Inn J ruI'l'li'il '.li 11)1*11^1) till. i l l Intf. tl,n d i i ' i ' i u " I V I n i i a n v n F ii Fliiii ic. in-" him I t i t f i n i* .,i I n imlni'1 uf fin-Inn It l i l t ' u n i i ti, [ ( i * m t i!m rt'fii|r in l ( n i n ) ) i l l t 1 html t i l i i (ili U'l, n » r l l l l l | | | ' ( M I , ' I it di IF ;, t h d i n i i i l d - l i l n i n h i ' i i ) Is i- l i n i i l l l i i i , yi it t l r i l hi- I' f .' In ni ilixl'. l i r uinl t h n l , l i , i | . h, . U K - H I i - t i t i i t K l i m |:l" mn Ii f " l l n , i)l F - t f l i i ' n f \ i IIM 1 till" H l l 11,11 i ! i -111 ...... 1 l",ctl If VI II lo tlic ituicli InliM-PHl. Nf't bfca,i=p I the w o m a n tit ill T ilim'1 hftrniir I WFIS Intfrpstcd iti th* phenomenon It plctum! |i«r«iin k'ottlnc i t I n l k h i K and tlilttK-i which, luken away from Hie context if her flflllx life wtiiild el* i- no c n l l i t l v wmns; lin nnu-. Wlltit tti- ri'nllv t h l n h nbcill nm or "Ihititlfln onn only ho «,·· t Its iniiWni: n liiilM" of r ,nv ni r n t i u v i n f f f . , f n l I Imp-. Wtthinn bcliiK iibnormallj tcnii)i»rA- im-iitiil or niontly. "'f w fill of us .'rpnliu'i'i fif r-lviniflnj,- minrii Il8«i-i- nou. -.ti-cji r^ci'Tit hnr) ll *nli l K.'' find (·(nciF'ti htjrh t i l l i ..... n't low lldf f ((IP nffi'ftloni. mid fnctora Outer Into dtir of moor! nnd ftf Thr htomt v l c n j i n l n t n ))(irinn, ni'l by nnj- rtnuli 1 ntlcr- linen tn t'Otivt'li'iillon, I f our ot the IhlnKi Wf Mliould ii Midi n 1 MI vti (trt ( I d ^ i nnd wli r. Rut thdif I w i i ndjci'tUM dfiti't ",i hnnd In ivnul iiH-- HUM tit 1,11)1011 I." 1 *' I'NTIKK t'JUHU'll r;inc'r,Bvrr.M':. O - H H I - H K« nl Ulrrtcvlltf. tliniiKlit then cue under iltf foundation of n to * v ( 1 'oniircli would tic iilnnii n* »nfo « rm . . .,-,,,,,-v.- ~ u »TM ..-- « MMiiiK»l..r will Im.. t h l h ol jinnin p)[(M (|11 h(1 ^yi,! fln ,i H(l | 10 ntorcd mwtel smcc It borrows ill M«nrl tl«- I 1 Fi I l l l i l II ,|i('i I i M l f i l l i l t l l . l l ' i l l i.inill,!!^ t h u t hi- i fin d Dt-'t- i linn i i i i v l . i « l - i i-l-ii TtK-jr- i* »!· « i ^ - i M i i i l l i l i i ^ On,- Ind fdllld nlow l'iilili|i-i l i . i l i , t h n n 1111} nt In- r litil in M c n k 11 i i - l ' l i . i t v.n, il him ,\ l i n k .lllll.'llll Hi 11 III] Ml Hill' (l")l lOII^'t tlm.i . i n v i.f M i , l i l l l i K i l l i uhil W j - l i nliuiil ( i l u i In i In iinl I lull unvril l, i ' I'.- Hi' i t i l l , I n u t F i l l uf iUlM!«*t 'n *liifh |i. din In. i . ntui hi- lit wi-ll I tl tin n i t ^ ii|,[ i I i l l i N i i t l l a i l i l · Illit II \ l l l f i l l i f J i m t l - v (( i-l-'.n ;hl tV,!» I IV '1'llv l l r l l iMiidli tin tin- l ci-osi - ot.uKvr yrottv; 111' i, t f . ' ' U W U i H M I ' M ' K ' I ( m l Phini 3. K'Uiii-il -iii in,. ,ii,,,,.ii i h f . tin- (toodi I'M i- HP «].. i i i i i l f"i- 7d r i - i i i t i In t h p '"lie l i i i i i i l u i i id- i i H i r d d f t o r )M- hli llfiuoi ihot*. Cfivpicd II. Ins out ft Piy a^cntti dla- Konp 1» KorV' WIFE PRESERVERS A tiy i mop ill clwn «xl!iy -v- busineis demands healthy men and women--and more than ever it is the survival of the fittest... P ^VSt^ OOR health is » dlttlntl drawbwk to progwj* in busiiiM» ot **l»i life. Undt-rwelirht, lack of oppcttu, sluBirlshiwM, « dull men- JSjty. nerwusniws and oven akin diwrderi , l» nnd pimles-- j .i · ""· ·· *H»L (\ VI* VIIV UVUJ p 1OVU ^IIU M ' l f l U T »IV4I. V I I V - * ! « · * · -- · · · » --T--· J«fld«nt In number. (S«o cn1«rjpid blood jpicluw above.) 'Moreover * low rcd-blood-ecll condition mitkoa Uw *y»t*m *n tuy p»y to JWMO. When your red-blood-ecll* «· only W% you ue NOt The w»y to correct thh wndition li '« Uke S.S.S.--the tonic that Will help \i\m rt lll " l(J ltp atl(l * nr ' c}l y° ur ' ( ' ow ' 1 "illllnni; of peonto hnvo found it tho natoit *ld sui-i'iL way to keep themselves "(It." If Will 1 vitality I* slipping away from you, do ry SS.S.. Take U Litfore « « c h m««l. Get '*« lwrg« sijic. At all drug store*, c *!*«. f i n m Ihf «rown-up mlde. The trihcrLod .skirt gndria fotmltiB fiil (larps, nnrl wcU fliirt trhnmlnK of conti 'i^Utijr nitttorliil pr(-sunt on n r UP wont Putli'i-n lllTd i m t i l i S n i ^ plain print r tl t f t b i i c s iii'i-^l inilnWe Jersey, linen dnnlty. nrc WHY SLAPPING IS INEFFECTIVE AS A_PUNISHMENT BIYKTLE MKYBB KUBK» THE HABIT of BlapplOR urnftll bn- biea when thty molest the home Itirnlahlnga If probably ono of the {XWnioriCHt of p^renlAl p\in!9llHif*nt. The Hlnppins may nol be ilune In a mean wny, Ihc parent m»,v not f\f.n be anwry. She honcaitv ililnhH thnt thl« IH n li-RttlmeU V.AY to tcacli tici child not to toiicli what w)n knows li ma I not lie touched Siippomi bnby pull*, a hooK f t u m tho f m n t l v table nnd team ll tn p«sc- ct. Naturally tlic mother Is annoyed, so sho slaps tha baby's him (Is, "But iwn dnyi ititpr babv rlnda another bwk arift tciin H to blti "Thn llltle w i d t h " nio»ni ! mother "H» knew h! wfis doing wrong [or ho lookit at me w i t h ab not dtp. deviltry In bin *i'M. t just had to spank Ttlm hard " Prl7.s1 POIIW««)UH» Jlarmlciw ti Children Why didn't thp slapping do the work? We know more in ft perfeetlj Rood rule of psychology (Thorndykol which says. : 'Atl«c!i nnnoyancB to n res]xit36 and It la weakened." 1 Surely slnppins li an nnnoyanco to thn child, as la all pain. But In the rtov* caap, the nnnoynnco wa* not nttaeheil to the totichlnn of the object, but to tho mother who Is i-ntlroly ontulde of the Bitnatlon Hurt tho paees of the book cut bo- try't finger us ho toio them apart, be would hnvp howled and dropnod thp slioct^ ftnd In ths future lookwl with mistrust lit nit hooks. Mi)t,l of the thing* which w« tell rhlldron Ihev rnunt no(, touch carry i no ppnaltki They tut hnrmles'! 10 i far fin tho child li mnpernwl. So In- I of prevr-ntrnp Ihp child from rcpcatlrft thf fat bidden nctivlty, ntap- plnc merely prevents him front do- Ing tt while we aie around. He run 1 * Hit* A deer with the forbidden trcns- uro In Ms hand. He wstu until «tr buck Is turned to alioot like nn nrro-w- ^talffht for the prohibited spot. He Is not afrtild of doing what fit Itaa been slapped for ilojnp;, Ho t.i afraid only of his mother who doen Ihe ilnpplnK O«r leaflet on "OTterti- encn and Punishment" »tigBOst? more appropriate punishnienlii Suns/line Does Have Beneficial EtfeciOnVsAll Some Means Should Be Devised In Winter To Get More of Sun's Rays By JAS, W. BARTON, *l. J. W HEN you read thu wonderful advert tscniun La by manufacturer* of "artificial HUD" lamps, and also by manufactures of window glass thai permits ultra violet roya of the sun to enter the homo, you may Just wonder how much of what lh«y state about these rays IE actually true. Now as a mattel of fttct llio ultraviolet rays of the «m will do all thiu 'these advertisements ululfi. Now why ure *hase rays HO effective? They buvo the same ceded as if you were to live outdoors and Bel the benefit of the sun's ray; upon the Mkln, Us effect upon oreunlitris thai KBidov It luumlciiii In Ilia outdoor*, but which seem to give trouble to those living Incloois. Hcultbful ISIfrcl But the greatest of oJI tvio tho ef- lecti upon tlie blood. These ultra violet j-ny* antuiiily In- ercaw the number of i i(i uir- puscleH in the blood--tlir food coi - irlers, etna A)TO nclimlly Inn mine the amount of food Itself Winoj,']Qtln, which these rod corpuscle* carry around to all perta.qf iho body. Aln tho white corpuscles of the blood, tb* )lltl« corpuscle* thai fight off hsrnv ful organisms In the body, *re increased by the ultra violet rays. You may think from- the above that you would be wine to invest In the window g[am thai permit* the sun's vlolnt ruya lo enter your hbmc, or that you s.houlil buy one of (he many Hitn lumps you ace ftdvorUflod. H« Sure You'w lliglil Unfortunately nit ihc miedal win- Sow t'losn and all the apodal.] amp* do not give complete niitlstucUon, Homo makes of xvlndow glass huve In the paat been ahown to lose uome of ihclv jiower to Li'anenilt tb# vloiei r»y» aftci- nionthn or ytars of UM. This meanij that you ohould de ntiind a guaruntce that tt the glar« Is not li'anamlttlne lha ultra, violet rays Just aa well one year or five 1 years nfltrwiuil, that you (tnt ycu:' money refunded. i In iej;nrl to lan)|)tj, ha\e your phy- sklftn invesDgntn them for you. A n d ' what tt. imifcl Impoilant lonvn ho\\ they are to b« tided because mm* hmm hm bnen done by pavcnu atv- Ing Ibi'tr cliitdren "dci'w" that were' loo large. · i (Copyright, 1030, by the 13*11 Wymli-' naif, Inc.) ! TllANHS J»0» AID J!y )'*((,.( ; , L » f . rtOCHIiSTER, N, "V.--lUymond C. Fox, a H.ilflsmun, iccelv^d » broken nose and the thankn of the entire po- I1ci ilcpartmerit when he jumped in and helped « pollormun boat off a down hoodlums who had ntlaehcd the officer. ' CHIL F IVE million modem mothers will tell you that children IX) crv lor Fletcher's Castoria. I'or mothcis aiwuy* give a fcw-drops or thii pure vegetable preparation when a chikl hat any of i lie symptoms (hat tell of elufgitili IxwcK colic,ortther up«U. Wlicn tin/ tongue* am roaiwl and breath id t»u \\'ncn a child is rcstk^; irri taWe, AIwAyi soothinR and com(onin({ uj an ini'*m-- j^t H IK eflcctive for children in their teens, You never liavc to «»»)£ children to lake Catoria; they love it* (ante. Be ready for the nest caw of sour .-.lonjarl), consiipntiort, or other t»eed for Castoria! When huyinp look for ik ngnaturt of Chas. H f Fletcher on wrapper. cal«, myon wnilt Him t-olor eomblnntlouM iii'riiirl bimvn a nd gioon Rtwl liotfro. navy and red may he wurn If dc- 4. 6, S. 10 A si rod. May bo obtained lit and la Slist- 4 r^ulros 11 yards plnin nntl 1 yfird pilnled Inbrtc. Sund ·Cltlcon ccnta (in; In coins cai'otttlly wrapfwd, or -ititnips foi (-null puttotn Write plainly your nti me, iKldi-p*i nnd -tylc nunibPi Be aucc to Jilatp hlrt ivnntcd Artdiwa^ till mull und orders to Dcfntnr llur- tild. Pdttcrn Dop(trtmint limn -shipping, and a seK-ndrtreDsad. itnmpiid envelop enclosed -with any reader's request will brtnjr It to you. Slapping naff, punishment is never micccisful It is Juat a tempotftty cheek, nnd that, check Is lomovea us soon n« the slipper Is out of night WP have to uso ottwr tnctica In tialnlnjr Children OOMPIJSTJ5M INPIANWPOLIs', ini--A craiy- ((itllt 75 Ittchea square, ropre»nntlng worX was finished this week by Mrs. F. Qrlenor of IndlftHftpoHa. MOREHOUSE WELLS Co. 134-44 E. Main Phrnie 4231 Have Your Spring Gar den Fall of DARWIN TULIPS An Unatual Offering SO DARWIN TULIP BULBS $1.79 $2,68 Vahie Clwa Butt--The bett Pink Reverend Eubank -- Lovendcr Farncombe Sattderi--Ro»y Sckrlet Barlicon--Crinuen. The 6arwin u th« most popular ot tulips. It* beautiful cup shaped flowers ure carried nn long, stiff *tem«. Blooms in May, Extra Fine Stock Matt and Phone Order* Filled NEWSFAPEKflBCHIVE*.-. A Word to Wise Women! T HOUGHTFUL wives and mothers agree that now is the time to econ- rnize on food costs. But tlicy realize that this is often dangerous--that a few,pcnnies saved here and there, or a family fed on cheap food, is not real economy, Here is the way to health-bringing economy--the Holsum way. Authorities say no solid food gives so much valuable, health-building food-value for the money as Conltlin's bread. It is packed full of energy bringers, bone and teeth builders. Conklin's bread contains every essential food element for healthy growth. So, when you serve lots of Conklin'i bread to your family you do two thing*. You serve less of more expensive foods-a real economy--and you give your family the finest food to be bought, one of which they never tire. Star! this economy today I Serve more Conklin's bread than ever before! You'll be surprised how soon a real saving on food will build up. Call you/ grocer--Ask for Conklin's Sliced Bread--sliced for your convenience or Holsum--unsliced if you prefer. They are real economy food's. THE CONKLIN BAKERS Your Home Town Bofeer* for Ooer Thirty Yean . mam KOLSUK --ANDu- SLICED BREAD made from NATURAL flour (UNBLEACHED) A L S O B A K E R S O F T H E P O P U L A R K L E E N - M A I D B R E A D

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