Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 17, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1938
Page 7
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rv. MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams ©Samuel Hopkuu Adima WNUEenica THE STORY CHAPTER I--Kclsey Hare, young architect convalescing Jrora a breakdown. meets Martin Holmes, struggling author, in · itorm on · lake near Moldavia. N. Y.. and later settles down with him at his estate. Uolmesholm. Finding Holmes studying a newspaper picture of a Park avenue debu- Unte. Kclsey learns that a story by Holmes baa been rejected In a 515.000 contest run by Purity Piclures. A. Leon Snydacker. president, for a novel suitable for picturiia- Uon. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty contest will star. Kelsey buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One of the conditions of the deal IB that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern- pleton Sayles." After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kelsey leaves unopened. ' Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutante's picture on the on lop of the telegram, v_nnrir.n ti--ine rarnAvenue van sirai- tens, at breakfast ulth their niece Marlon, are bonified to find her picture in the paper as one ot ten remaining contestants for the Purity Pictures award, and team that Liggett Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon's picture on a bet. After threats of being FaKen abroad until the "scandal" dies down. Marion decides adventurously to go through with the contest. CHAPTER in--In the offices of A. Leon Snydacker. belr to the Fecketfs Persuasive Plfis fortune. Marion finds nine other beau- tie*. She makes friends with Gloria Glamour, flip professional beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dlcksteln. Snydacker's press agent and factotum. Sny- dacker Is overwhelmed with Marlon's beauty and "class." to which he la extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her "Darrling, and awards her the leading role. Marlon refuses to accept without Gloria, and the two girts and Moby plan Immediate departure for the estate of Templeton Savles. who is to be leading man. CHAPTER IV--Moby is referred to Martin Holmes tor Information on Sayles. and Gloria flirtatiously takes the calL Meanwhile. Bare is Interrupted in his rewriting by two feminine callers, one ot whom he recognizes as the pictured beauty In the paper. After they leave, he takes the picture from the mantel, and uncovers the telegram, sow (our days old, apologizing lor a "mistake." and demanding Sayles' Immediate presence In New York for a-conference with Snydacker. When Moby and the girls arrive on location. Kelsey learns tor the first time that the Holmes-Sayles novel was the winner. He confides his pr,e- dlcament to Moby and is persuaded to continue the hoax on Sndacker and the girls, so that Holmes can win the $15.000. CHAPTER V--Snydackcr's anticipation of the meeting with Sayles is not shared b Kelsey. whom Moby advises to say "Yes 1 to everything. They meet at a Moldavi: Inn. and argue the title of the "super creaUonal" picture, finally changing It from "Virgin Effort" to "Maiden Effort/' When Kelsey learns he Is to play the lead, the embodiment of the Insidious Sayles. he threatens to quit, but Gloria pleads wit) him to stick for a month. Meanwhile, Hare and Marlon develop a defensive, almost in suiting. relationship CHAPTER VI--The picture goes Into pro Auction at Holmesholm. with Kelsey dolni a hopeless job as hero. Marlon remain- cold to Snydacker's "darr-lings." even U the gift of an evening dress and emeralc necklace. Moby 1 ! publicity hints at romance between star ana magnate. Kelsey's sus plciona grow, and his relations with Marli. become more bitter. In desperation at h.-. acting. Moby frames an enactment of i rescue scene. He sets Hare on the shore conceals the cameras, and has Marion fal overboard from a canoe. Kelsey remain calmly sitting, and It Is Clunk, her sell appointed bodyguard, who rescues the furl oui girl. Meanwhile, Holmes reads the pa pen about the picture, and Is furious as N thlnki Kelsey Hare has double-crossed him CHAPTER VH -- The girls discus: "Saylet." Gloria admitting she likes him, Marlon Insisting he's a coward, which GIo rla reports to Hare. Meanwhile. Marloi avoids Snydacker. who orders Moby to pro mote hi» suit. Moby tells Marion she 1: practically engaged tb Snydacker. and can not understand her refusal to play the game The rescue scene la done again, with "Sayles" and Marlon paddling. "Sayles" stops the canoe at the spot of Marion's fake drowning, and proves to her that It Is toe shallow. Marion, furious, threatens to quit CHAPTER vrii--Snydacker fights will Mob" over his failure with Marion, anc Ores him. He offers her a diamond, an- promises to marry her as soon as he set his divorce. Marlon laughs at him. Sny dacker Immediately calls off all production fires everyone except Marlon, allowed half pay U the itays on at Holmesholm. Moby now eloquently drunk, argues again, claim* Marion's society background is bis cwr bullduD. and 1* rehlred at a raise in Dav. CHAPTER ES Opportunity never knocked at Miss Gloria Glamour's door without finding her at home. Upon A. Leon Snydacker's departure for an indefinite period, she quietly possessed herself of his commodious west wing bedroom with bath. July mornings can be uncomfortably chilly in the Finger Lakes region. Waking at early dawn amidst the Snydacker luxury, Gloria heard the familiar and monotonous drive of the rain against her windows and felt the southeast blast sweep her bed. Too sleepy to close the room or gather more bedding, she cowered into a ball and drew the insufficient single blanket over her head. Her next half-waking impression was that the rain had increased its fury, if that were possible. The sploshing localized itself as being within the house. A leak? Must sht get up into a cold, dank world? Miserably she turned over, and then perceived that someone was takinc a bath in her shower. She huddled closer and fell asleep again. An indefinite time afterward, she became aware of an alien presence. Without emerging from shelter she contrived an orifice for her eye. "Through this she made out a man seated in the arm-chair. His long, gaunt, haggard, not unattractive face was freshly shaven, and his whole person gave forth an effect of cleanliness and vitjor. No casual hobo, certainly. Who, then, at such an hour and in such a place? Evidently the invader of her bathroom. But why should a house-breaker preface his nefarious day's work with a shower and a shave? She peeked again and seemed to discern, if she was any judge of expression, a light as of battle in the young man's eye. Gloria hastily retracted as tfie visitor teed thai eye upon her retreat. "Now, you human worm," said he. . It was an unpromising beginning. Never having been addressed in precisely those terms before, Gloria .deemed it expedient to await a fur ther cue. "Come out of there." It was said as if he meant it. Gloria burrowed deeper. The chair, relieved of its incumbent's bulk, squeaked antiquely. Almost she could feel the impending grip'upon her defenseless neck. She raised a forlorn and muffled appeal for help. "GJunk!" "Huh?" ejaculated the Invader to a startled voice. "GlunkI" whooped the besieged In a super-soprano. The door opened. "There's a man here." ··tirade." aureed Glunk. exhibit- ing an three fangs in pleased recognition of the fact. "Well, I'll be-- It's all right, Glunk," said the intruder authoritatively. "Aw ri'. Aw ri'," echoed the grinning Glunk and withdrew. "Glunk!" wailed Gloria, outraged at this abandonment. "And now, if you don't mind," queried the young man, "who are you?" "Sweet cheese'n crackersl" Gloria breathed. "What? Say that again." "Why should I?" "You--you--you're the girll" "Sure, I'm a girl. Any objections?" "I should say not," answered the men with intense conviction. Gloria dimpled. "That's nice," she observed. "You're not only a girl; you're the girl." "So I've been told before," was the composed reply. "What about it? And who are you? The sunrise bandit?" In his absorption he ignored this. "I never hoped to find you here," he marveled. "Why should you?" "You're the girl on the telephone. The one that wanted to sell me a sewing-machine. Gee, but I'm glad I've found you." "Well, that may be all right, too. But what's the idea of busting into my dreams at this hour? As a merry little sunbeam you're a bit premature, if you ask me. Who's the human worm you're after, Early Bird?" "Kelsey Hare." "Never heard of him. And I'm still waiting to hear who you are." "Martin Holmes." "Never heard of him, either." "Don't you remember telephoning me in New York to ask the way up here?" "Oh-h-h-h-1 You wanted in on the trip, didn't youl I thought you'd gone to sea." "I'm back. Unexpectedly." He reflected. "JEvef hear of Templeton Sayles?" "Sweet cheese'n crackers! That's all I have been hearing this last month." "Well, now you.'re seeing him. I'm Templeton Sayles." "If you want me to believe your fairy tales, speak slow and soft." "It's a little complicated. I'm Martin Holmes. But I was Templeton Sayles. Until I sold him down the river," he concluded. Perceiving the doubt in her eyes, he added: "Glunk is my' reference. Hi, Glunk! Come in here, you hirsute protoplasm." The servitor reappeared. "Who's boss here?" Glunk thought it over. "Gal," said he. "Huh?" queried the genuine owner in discredit of his own ears ·Whom does he mean? You?" Gloria began to laugh. "No. But there's been a new deal." From Glunk she inquired, "Do you know this bird?" "Urgck," said Glunk. . He patted Holmes' shoulder with a hand the size of a platter. "Aw ri'. Aw ri'," he beamed and rolled away. "I guess that's an endorsement," acknowledged the girl. "So you really own this place." He nodded. "And that's why you wanted to chaperon nq nn Vifrp " "·mat ana ncuring yuui voice, i Saylos, Ksq.," was tnc grim rejom- figured out you were somebody I owed it to myself to know. If I'd seen you as well, I'd have cancelled my passage, sure." Glunk opened the door again, and grunted a suggestion. "He wants to know if we could use some breakfast." "I could. If you'll kindly call this bedside consultation off and give me a chance to dress. I'd feel more at home if I had something besides a nightgown on." "Sorry. I never gave it B thought." "Koither did I. I guess that's something. But I don't know what," she appended reflectively. Two young people in the initial stages of becoming quite pleased with one another sat down to Clunk's bacon, eggs, and toast. "Now tell me all about it," commanded Gloria, having poured the coffee. Martin Holmes did so, giving full details. The tawny head opposite him nodded comprehension from time to time. "Then the award was, already made before you sold your copyright or whatever it is for a mess of pottage," she commented at the finish. "Certainly it was. On my story. Just as I wrote it." Gloria delivered judgment. "Boy, I'm afraid you haven't got a leg to stand on." "Probably not, legally." "Then what are you here for?" "To tell Kelsey Hare what I think of him." "You told me. Human worm." "Well, was I right?" "No. Wrong. Anyway, that's my guess." "How do you get that way?" demanded the aggrieved Holmes. "I suppose I'm the one that's wrong." "No. You're O. K., too. But I kinda like this Sayles guy." "Maybe you think that makes him more popular with me," giowled Martin. "Be yourself, simp. Nothing like that. Only I think he's on the level." "Sez you! Wait 'till I see Mr. v Harp ahas Temnleton der. "Listen, boy. How about you going out and sawing a couple of cords of wood? Let me feel the lad out. We don't want to spoil a swell grift for want of a few soft words. And when it comes to diplomacy, I don't see you wearing any spats." "All right," consented Holmes after thought. "Take over. But nothing in this contract shall be construed as preventing the parly of the first part from crowning the party of the second part with a stout brick if he's double-crossed me." Gloria cocked an ear. "Fade. I can hear him stirring upstairs." Entering the dining room Kelsey Hare slopped whistling and regarded Gloria with surprise. He glanced at the clock. "Five to seven," he observed. He glanced at the table. "Breakfast for two. Are you girls staging an early morning walk-out on me?" "Sit down," invited Gloria. She flipped him a cigarette. "The question before the house is whether you're a human worm." "The last opinion was that I'm a louse." "She was prejudiced. I'm not so sure about Martin Holmes." "Mart -- Do you know Martin Holmes?" "In-tim-mitly," smiled Miss Glamour. "In fact I represent him." "Oh! Do you? In what respect?" "In the matter of Templeton Sayles, Esq." He studied her face, which had become serious. "You'll have to be more explicit How much do you know?" "Plenty. But not enough." This apparent contradiction was received with manifest suspicion. "How do you come to know Holmes?" "We'll get to that later. Now look. You've copped fifteen grand for the Templeton Sayles picture. Wait a minute"--as he undertook to interpose--"I know you can put up a good claim to the story. On top of that, you've been drawing down a nice piece of change for being the world's worst lover." Cio be continued next week) Clear The Deck USED CAR SALE IS ON REPRICED TO MOVE Others Will Be Coming In--We Need The Room--These Must Go! OPEN EVERY EVENING Last This Week Week $145 $125 165 145 1932 Ford V-8 Coupe 1932 4-'CyI. 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Qts. 9c 14c Baker's Chocolate, £ 17c Softasilk Cake Flour, pkg. 27c uSSa Vanilla, Ig. 23c : sm. 9c Baker's Cocoanut, can lOc B. R. Seedless Raisins, 2 pkgs. 17c TISSOGOOD PEAS 3 CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 3 2^41 Cans *· J^*» 2? Orange Peel, 2 pkgs. 19c Lemon Peel, 2 pkgs. 19c Glace Cherries, 2 pkgs. 29c I D a£T Glace Pineapple, 2 pkgs. 29c Sun-Maid Currants, pkg.lOc STAUCVS - CREAM CORN STARCH 2 I** 19c ALAMO TUNA FISH 2 cam ASTOR PEPPER 3 Large Glass Shaken ASTOK R I C E 2S215C Va. Roya) . Mince Meat, 2 Ib.jar 25c Scott Co. Pumpkin, 2 cans 25c MBBSeI -Pie Cherries, 2 cans 29c man's Maraschino Cherries, 2 hots. 19c ALL GOLD GRAPEFRUIT 2 Cans LeGRANDE SAUR KRAUT 3 TISSOGOOD WHOLE GRAIN CORN 25c Cans Anglo Corned Beef, can 18c Wilson's Dixie Loaf, 2 cans 19c R. R. Plwn Pudding, Mb. 29c Dromedary Fruit Cake, each 45c ALL GOLD PRUNES PkR. DeLUXE FLOUR !! 12-Lb. Bag 27c HABCAL PAPER NAPKINS WHEATIES Mt Fkgs. Wttk Baby Bulb Candy Bar FKEE CORN KIX Pkgs. Sunshine CHOCOLATE BUSTEBS N. B. C. Exccll GRAHAM CRACKERS BAUNAM ANIMALS Tissogood Buckwheat BROKEN PEANUT CANDY BRITTLE 2L b9 27c L 17C 2 2 Pkff , 17c SCOT-TISSUE KITCHEN TOWELS lOc ROB COCOANUT BON BONS L! , 19c WALDORF TOILET TISSUE Rote 19c Fresft Fruits and Veqetsbles f Ready to Help You Shop and Save Denton Food Market, Denton Harry Stedman, Ridgely I. Calvin Cutler, Greensboro J. W. Sylvester, Goldsboro J. F. Lane, Goldsboro II. A. Porter, Burrsvillc G. C. Cohee, Denton Harvey FlceUvood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr., Preston Arnie's Cash Grocery, Preston Milford Kline, Hillsboro R. H. Gibson, Queen Anne J. C. Wheatley, Andersontown Qoa/tfy Meaf Headquarter*

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