Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 1, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1897
Page 8
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W«Wfr'SS''»'!«?>aS^^ STERLING, ILL., APRIL I, 1891 '!?>« f te l*« rtffW o/ wo«r netmf * tptT to prrtdiip to. If tMn ntofs fncrtpttm is (Jus. Jn« rn/e <* jxr NUGGF/T8 OF NEWS. The Time is Cetning— Th9 days ure passing swiftly by, And thou, n pilgrim stranger, Canst not detain them as they fly Toward coming toll and danger. For soon you'll stand, Stovepipe in hand,' Begrlmmed with soot all over. Thus, through the haze Houseoleaning days You can almost discover. —Despite the hard times, tailors in the city are all doing a rushing business. Men will wear clothes. —Charlie Shumaker, who has been I-IIiQaklngi-iTiort-Visit^icF^this-city, returned to his home in Naperville Tues- znorning. •—Dallas Cramer is building the foundation for a new house in the First ward. From all appearances the home will be a handsome one. —An old fisherman wants to know what bait is used to catch fish in the river at this season of the year. He is suspicious that seining is going on at a lively rate. —Judge Crabtree, after hearing the Township High School case and several others of minor importance, declared the February term of Circuit Court adjourned Monday. —Charles Domeyer is suffering severely from a hot cinder, which he got in his eye on Friday night, while work- -—ing ata-blttcksmith'a-forgei^=Dr. Smith removed the cinder and is treating the wounded member. —There Is a young man in town who enjoys nothing better than to attend a sewing bee; help eat refreshments and pull basting threads for the girls. It ii a ild, too, that the girls do not object in the least to his company. —U P. Qoeken Monday purchased of C. E. Grove, the residence property jat East Seventh street and Fifth ave- ' nue, now occupied by E. B. Fletcher. The consideration was 82,500.' Mr. Goeken will occupy the place in the near future. —One of the moat noticeable features of the crowd which collected at the fire on Sunday evening was the presence of a large number of young ladies, accompanied by gentlemen. Evidently the boys about town make long calls —on Sunday evening.— —The Savanna Dally Times has "been born again." This time J. B, Parkinson is publisher and F. H. Hur- ^-^s^isity-e^tpj^ Biz column"~ln size, patent inside, full of news and a reasonably fair amount of advertising. Success is our wish. —It la now officially announced that that the Bi-ennial National Convention of the Home Forum Benefit order will meet in Galesburg Monday and Tuesday, May 3 and 4. The April number of the official paper of the order, "The Home Forum," was received yes„ terday making this announcement. —Workmen are busy in the store 'room, lately occuptedJ>y,B.-L.JKlmbro, preparing it for a new tenant. John Qrove will move his bakery and restaurant into it as soon as the painters and paper hangers.have finished their work. Mr. Grove's new location'will have many advantages over the place he now occupies. '. —The bicycle repair shops are crowded with wheels which need more or less repair work upon tnem before the riding season begins. The owners of the repair shops say that a.bright, sunshiny day at this season of the' year brings an avalanche of wheels into the shops, while during stormy weather there is little to do. •—Inyjtstions have been received in this city to the graduation exercises of the Northwestern College of Dentistry, . at Chicago, which will take place at the Grand Opera House next Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. John Davis and Eugene E, Wiljsey, both of this city, are members of the graduating class. Their many friends extend congratulations, , fad In }• !'f' j>'>H p-'"-''U rir-^it"". •—It is reported that the farmers in the vicinity of the city have began plowing old ground. —Word comes to the city that a daughter was born, March &>» 1897, to Mr. and Mrs, Fred McBdde, of Santa Fe. N. M, Mr. McBride is well known by many in Sterling. —Rev. T. B. Stanley arrived borne last night from near Springfield, where he preached the past two'Snndays, He also visited the Legislature and saw the working* of theSolons. —A number ef the Sterling Woodmen expect to go to Emerson tomorrow night to assist the lodge, of that place in initiating'two candidates. A good time is anticipated if the weather is favorable." . —At a mass meeting of the members of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic church of Freeport, 111..resolutions against the free text-book bill were adopted and copies will be sent to the three Representatives and a Senator from that district.^. ' -=,-_,.. :,l r ,. , --.';, —The roads over the city are drying rapidly. A week of this'kind of weather will make bicycling fine. People are beginning to get anxious for the time to come when they can spin about the town on their silent steeds of steel once more. —Pneumonia has become epidemic in the village of Plainfield, between Aurora and Joliet, Within four days seven prominent citizens have died, and every other house has a patient. Doctors and nurses have been sent from Joliet. —The funeral of Miss Ella Coiquist was held at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Swedish Lutheran church, the Rev. E. Brown' officiating. A large concourse of relatives and friends were present and the services were very im- pressiver^The floral contributions were numerous and very beautiful. —While in conversation over the Harrison 'phone, with Brother Brigge. of the Clinton Herald the other day, a STANDARD man distinctly heard the deep whistle of a .Mississippi steamer as she was leaving the dock. So loud was the ''racket" that the conversation had to be stopped until the whistling ceased. —An animated game of marbles was played in the alley near the First National Bank Tuesday between two business men and two small, boys. The game was witnessed by a large audience. Strange to say, one of the old boys was the best player and ten minutes after the first game his pockets were full of "allies" won from the other fellows. - Itfls-a f»-v r -,fl.y fffsr-r-n, ,,f II, r IS 3 jPlFet 'if .lUPJ'M r.SC'kf!. 0. W. Mitchell, of ttonnd (Jrr in .Sterling today on business. John Buckley arrived horns last eve- nlng from a business trip in the East. Duke Bashford left the city today for Dnbuque, la., where he will practice his profession. Miss McGtnniss has returned from a visit with relatives in the southern and central portlbne of the State. C. A, Roderick and Thomas Cbron- ister.both of Milledgevllle.were attending to business in this city Tuesday. NEWCOURT HOUSE DEDICATED- ^PERSONAL -MENTION. O. J. Ports, of Hazelhuret, was in town Monday. . Will Civlts, of Woosung, did busl- -ness-ia^own^Ionday. «™=—^—T—- —CountyController W. E. Thompson this morning received a box of two dozen egga from an unknown farmer ot Elizabeth ami Forward townships. Each egg was stumped "We Want Good Roads." The donor, in a note, •aid the eggs bere thetinscrlptiou when the eggs were laid, showing that even the heps objected to the present roads —Pitteburg Paper. . —A party of Savanna hunters had quite aa experience Sunday. The boys had gone to an Island away from the «ajap and had anchored their skiff, Wflile they were on the inland the ice e tar ted to move out and took the skiff With it, whicii was afterwards found fay B> jiumber of Savanna men who , up nnd returned it to the > iumter* would have . toil f ot tto John Harpham shipped a car of fat cattle to Chicago Monday night. Miss Christina Brendlen, who has been quite ill, is now convalescent. F.H.Richardson, of Tampico, was in the city Tuesday,transacting business. Mr. Mangus, the feed stable man of Dixon, was down to the city Mbnday. Fred Vick, of Walnut, was in the city Monday attending to some business. Henry Landis, _Jr,, of Jordan, is hauling eleven hundred bushels of corn to town. Mrs. Jessie Troup.who has been very ill for several days, is reported to be slightly better. E. Bauder went to Chicago Tuesday morning to serve as a juror in the .United States Court. Miss Hose JCohl has returned from Chicago where she has spent seven weeks visiting-with friends. Charles Cash, of Pralrleville, was in the city Tuesday, looking up a residence. He expects to remove bis family here soon. . SamTSdyers, of the Hamblln Printing Co., of Chicago, who has been here several days;on a visit, left Tuesday to resume his work.' •''• Mrs. L. E. Allen and little son, of MUwaukee,arriyed in the city Tuesday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sheetz. John Hoover, of Lancaster City, Pa., who as been visiting with bis brother Rock Island Now Ha* One of the in the State. Rock Island county people can congratulate themselves on having one of the finest new Court Houses in this or in any other State. The project of building larger quarters in which to do the business of the county was first agitated in 1892. Action was first^ taken in 1893, when a Coin mlttee 6f T Supervisors was appointed "to take into consideration of the needs of the county. This committee reported in favor of a new Court House and that $125,* 000 would be required to build it. Work was begun on the .foundation July 26,1895, and the building now stands complete In its entirety; a thing of beaty, and, it is to be hoped, it Will be a joy to the people of Rock Island county for many years to come. This new Court House was dedicated and thrown open to the public on Wednesday, and from turret to basement it seems complete and elegant. Therooms are large and well lighted and well ventilated and everything is finished in natural oak and • looks rich. •The chandeliers are all made especially for the building and are of natural copper.—The deorand-^window-trim? mings are of the same. The walls and, ceilings are'all painted in mellow colors and the matnTCourt Room and the Memorial Hall, used by Abe G. A. R., are especially fine. The latter makes a very beautiful home.for the old boys of the G. A. R., and for the women of the W. R. C. Each floor has its toilet rooms and each ofilce is as complete in itself as it is possible to be. The vaults for the County and City Treasurers are of the safestand latest patterns. The building, as it stands, cost about $175,000 and it is a monument to the industry, intelligence and love of .jus- tlce of the people of Rock Island. FACTS FROM FULTON' TOWN GOOD «!nf ,\J» T.tT««< In th«> Town of TTftosisnjj For Rnfp, Dixon Stic: C. II. Rnsaell, collator for the town of Woosung, Ogle county, made his report to County Treasurer Diaion Jsst week. He collected the entire amount of the taxes of the town* ship. Treasurer DJmon thinks this is the first on record in the county, where the entire tax has been collected by the collector. RECEIVERS ARE DISCHARGED. Complain junta Revert, "JPrdpettjr Back to Company, In the Circuit Court at Morrison today the complalnants^in the Keystone case agreed to the discharge of the receivers and also to the reversion of the property back to the company. » Letter List. Letters remaining in the Post Office at Sterling, 111., for the week ending Friday, April 2, 1897: ___ LADIES. '/ • ejvMisa Jessie Ei--. Schtjtt, Jlrs. Bftwii --. , . . Peats, Mrs. Geortcia, Wellington, Mrs. i.elen, Hoover, Mrs. F. A. s GENTLEMEN. Gard, Melvin, Tree, J. F. Goodman, F. Trason, Jonan, luce, A. M. ii • When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." JOHN R JOHNSON, P. M. here for the past week, started on the return journey to his home Monday. John WolferspergerSr., was able to en joy a carriage ride Tuesday afternoon. , The old gentleman is improving in health, but his progress is slow, t ' The Rev. Silas Jones is expected home from Sidell, 111,, this evening or tomorrow, He was called to return by the serious illness of his infant daughter. Alvah Stewart, of Marahalltown, la., is visiting his old army comrade, F. P. KloBtermari. From this place he will go to Sbiloh to attend a reunion of the Army of Tennessee. . Mrs. Neil Melvin and her daughter, Miss Jennie, accompanied by Miss Matae McDavitt, went to Eile Wednesday, whwa they will assist in, the "Female lilsfowry, 3, la 'V^iag fche eata- ^immmt' ^iti.lffv la Being; a Few Gema From the Classic Column of Brother Haitian's Paper. ^^WJUIanaLCrotzier, one^ofjhe pioneers: of Gardenplain, died at the home of Ithamar Johnson, in Gardenplain, Saturday night. The funeral was held today. -^-The second trial of Christian ^cklel^ lebe for the murder of Miss Mina Kell 'near Belleyue, Iowa, July, 4,1896, will begin In Clinton Tuesday morning, April 6. Misses Elizabeth Baker and Elizabeth Cawthorne entertained, at the home of Miss Baker, the employes of the oflice of the Head Clerk of the Modern Woodmen" of America Wednesday evening. , The North Western Railway Co. has a force of men at work repairing the damage caused by the ice to the sheer boom at the Illinois end of the company's bridge. . Rev. J. M. Phelps went to Rockford Monday, where he is acting'in his ofli- clal capacity as a member of. the Examining Board, which is in session in that city, . Thirty tramps were accommodated with lodgings in the Clinton city jail Thursday night. This warm weather has the same effect on the "Wandering Willie" tribe that it does on the robins. Extensive repairs have been made to the Presbyterian church in this city. Electric lights have been put in the entire building; the lecture room' has been re-plastered,and the vestibule has received fresh paint and calcimine. George Worker died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Isabella Gordon, in North Clinton', Saturday morqing at 6 o'clock, Mr. Worker was one of the oldest persons in Eastern Iowa, being ninety-seven years, of age. He leaves three daughters and a son. BORN. EBERSOLE—To Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ebersole, Wednesday, March 31,1897, a daughter. ' . . RADUS—On Wednesday, March 24, 1897, to Mr. and Mrs. John Radus,.a son. ; • FONDEHSMITII—On Monday, March 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fondersmith, a son. COLEMAN—To Mr. and Mrs. Harry olema 1 nj daughter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. TOTVN COLLECTOR.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and I desire your support, BERNARD STBUOKMAN. TOWN COLLECTOR.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Collector lor the Township ol Sterling, at the comlngelectlon, and aollclt your support. ' f ISAAC OABOLUS. TOWN CoixECTon.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming spring election, and solicit your support. : ' H. H. HIODY. TOWN CotLKCTOE.—I wish to announce that I am a candidate for election to the office of Col lAp.tnr fnr Htarllnnr Tnumahtn nf thA nn**..A n, For the Mud Bonn v»r j We have been waiting for the roads to become better before making inducements for our country customers ; now we feel ithat that time has come—so here goes, .-'.'•. ' . Now, as the roads are getting into better shape, we all our fanner friends to hitch up and bring the folks, big little, to our store and glance through our large and new line yj of Dry Goods.D Just the thing for -Easter frocks. Of course, our city friends will be welcome as usual, but* we particularly desire to call the attention of our out-of-town customers to our elegant line of I; -™*»*w»*«i»j uvh*w but»v juu Trill UOD J \J141 LU Duenee In my behalf with your -neighbors and friends.- Any favors extended In this way will be fully appreciated by ,. War. H. HOWARD. Towir COLLECTOR.—! hereby announce my self as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election __ O'0Ain. TOWN COLLECTOR.— I hereby announoe myself as a candidate for the oflloe of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming -Sprlag election, and cordially ask your support. - ' KEOBEN RICH. Miss Rose L. Eushneli is slowly recovering from a very seve're attack of pneumonia. Dr. T. WilkirisTbf Chicago, wiUbe at Woodlawn Springs for a few weeks longer, where he will be pleased to receive bis friends. 'Several guests are at Wpodlawn Springs, among whom are Mies Nancy M, Whit more and Miss Minerva B. Akin, of Clinton, Iowa. ' —The STANDARD is under obligations to Editor W. 1', Quagle; of Rock Island, for courtesies extended at the dedication of the new Court House in that city. —Editor W. P. Quagle, of the Rock Islander, Rock island, issued a beautiful souvenir edltiou.a new Ouuit House supplement, thia wask. It is profusely illustrated a»<S gif w a complete write' f up of the it*w Ooaift Hypse foem" Jts lj&- i —TOWN- jr---ce-my self as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election and soilcli your support. • DARIUS GODLD. COMSIISSTONER OF HIGHWAYS.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office 01 Commissioner of Highways for the Township o: Sterling at the coming election, and I solicit the support of the voters. . . MAUNSEL W. JONEH. COMMISSIONER OF HipnwATB.r-I hereby announce myself as candidate at the spring election for the office of Commissioner of Highways for tne Township of Sterling, and reapectfulfy solicit your support DAVID B. BUTT. COMMISSIONER OF HIGH WAYS,—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for I ho office of Commissioner of Highways for the Township ol Bterllngrat-the-comlng election," amrusk the support of the voters. . FRANK S. BHEBSLEB, CITX OLKIIK.—I hereby announce 'myself as a candidate for the office of City Clerk for the City of the coming election, and would be pleased to nave your support. MATT, E. WILOKH.''..'" -TOWNSHIP ASSFJSOR.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate tor thfl office ot Assessor for the Township of Sterling, at the approaching election, and solicit the support of the voter7 of the township. ; ' .• _ ; J, A. MOBQAX, . TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR.—I hereby announce myself as a cardldate for the office of Assessor for the,Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and respectfully ask tlii ' ' ftrc nf tflA tstttrrtatiir\ *-• ers of Uie township. te support of the vot- F. F, KLOSTKBMANN. POLICE llAOiBTHATE.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for re fihctlon to the office of Police Magistrate lo the City of Sterling, lor the ensuing term., . •• . . J. M. GOLTMAlf. Auction To-night. Jewelry, watches, clocks, etc. Room next to Dr. Anthony's office, on First avenue. .•"• - ' ' • •• Something to Eat,' Did you ever try the Merchants Oaf e ? Everything first-class. Low iprices. Good grub and courteous treatment. Try It. C. S. VANDEMARK. Astrolpgist. There has been a great rush to. see Madame Caldwell during the past week. A number testify to the truthfulness of her work. If you have secret trouble, or wish to see your future partner, call on her. Room 89, Wallace House, Consultation: Ladiee.&Qc: gentlemerf, Sl.OO. '•'.-• 9316 Spring may be here, but you still need fuel- I have . EXTRA QOOO Dry O^k ' Wood, cut to length, and split if desired. Hard Coal i« still $7.00. any Best I*, 5«»»lj|finb*r Esttewite* \» out "We are now offering as special inducements, a large line of exceptional fine values in black all Wool ~ ^ ~ Serges, 50 inches wide, at. '. O V** • ' ^ Generally sold at 65c. Also, please remember, that we (ire selling an ALL - Af ? WOOL Fancy Mixture for 34c a yard . ...... 34^ .Bemeinber, also, that it is 50 itches wide, and no % ." other house in this . county -can duplicate it for *• less than 65c a yard. . Cast your eye over the following list and you can no "I longer doubt that we can and will undersell any other reput* able Dry Goods establishment in this or adjacent towns: Yard ^vide Unbleached Sheeting, *- - . 3^ ^Jgured-IiimitieSrT-l^p^quaHty,^^^^^^^^^ -_: :- 9o All Linen Crash Toweling, ..- ~"~'''- ^~-^—--.- m — ^ Good Crash, - „ - - _ ( . . 2 ^ c Good Ticking, - - - _ . . ^ Good Cheviot Shirting, »c quality, - - &%& Pins—usually sold for Ic—sale price, 2 papers for lo 'Wo Cards Hooks and Eyes (4 doz.) . . Six Papers Steel Hair Pins for - Velveteen Skirt Binding, per yard, . . .•' ' • • - . ' ' ' ./,' •'•.••,.'' r if*l Kern'ember, that we are the Dry Goods people of Ster- *| ling, and the real bargain givers, and guarantee all goods as-. ,| represented. . — • . ".- ( "' K THAT'S TH E SPOT! Right there that is going to cry you as thoughtless, care- . less—maybe inartistic. NQ need to be rich to have prettr,«| paper on the walls. Some of the daintiest and prettiest^ paper ia our stock is the leas't expensive. If you intend to 1 ] ; .paper this Spring, or you don't intend, you should see our^l stock. It s worth coming here just to see it. .:.• We're prou<t"l to show it—buying doesn't enter into the question at ""^ It s here to be bought, and it certainly will be bought. ~ • ^ will come gradually.; What we want now is visitors. A. R. HENDRICKS •Opposite Gait House. ' : ' WE KNOW,.. What we are talking about when we say WHITE SWAN FLOUR IB the highest grade flour brought into Sterling. It will make bet• ter bread and more of it than any other brand in the city. NEXT... ; TH ^ AFACT - time you need flour, it will be to Money back to yo.u-« Flour bpcfe to us* 1 if you are not satisfied, At The Bee Hive Grocery M, M. PHILIPS.

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