The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 10, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1859
Page 3
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i ^ i -'- : -.:-- : miiSSS^^^^^^&y^, t ftrfesf Jtstaibii LS«sjoriwi»ej»flott»e«.mnd Manstae- .-• ^ •. Sftgfe!e!*r!fei?*?".-««*- JP3P; art" S? ;!^^'lJRDWt^lNO,'Bto^ofMe>riandlielninre<ir ^s^—^ &^igifflg^^ : l' IssW^n^Ma'aL-''" '"" *' 3> ' iHWiiB^P ^ -i^^^^f^^^^B ^^^^A^ 1 ^ 0 ^'^^''"- ^"^^T* *™ flPH^"^™ M-3^"f fjK^r^T' -V; - T; " --''i-' • -"V i 'irS ; - • ' - V 3 ^'-^' I^^^I^T Y-"^:" ;^^-^ !i '^ x ^^^*''^^^--y? ^^^^^!D'tf'Tf*'i*~O'Ii'*A > T"aE D~ X H ' I'-S'l'"^^''*"'" l '" " ?.i*i\ <f rkfViiRfi.T«" •^'.y^^^^ >'^.S^.^iw*i.,,,i«nv^nt ._ .'ti.r^.wo'fta GLOBE AJ8D CHECK VALVEB,' , sUwa»»;oBhand,» targe a^orlment of ;^ .*.»,•*• I- X- X :U- K K S ;. . ,. , Work donwto «*l»ain»(OUk:t aanner, at abort BoUoe ;; iiA. 1.-. a..v: _.y... >i-'.i- }e>-dly N. il ' v if. .svcuUv' nxiittt Mr LADUBVSlMTLIMECfl AN BOOTS, SHOES a«l> .. O ,i p o « 1 1 « 1 1» e W a 1 ke r H » a • e . ' K "y, •AiprAonntik JUTO msua t»'~ , JM: 0 p poni*« t myll _, .. 5 .;,i, Ho u«e 9 «tx>i A SJhofi Stoire.: NO. 48 EAST WATEU SXKEET, JOIIN PHBLAJN, KGKP8 alwayt on hand good eaatom made Boots and Shoes. ' " ' •- ' ; All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order In the latest «tyr» and warranted to give •aUsfactlon. ?•;. . . aprSS JOHN ,iiI,CJE. OKtJGfilST, K^BSJSigT'lrVAtEE STREET, Has Jorlriceli'ed'* (Ml supply o Celebrated Union work* CyUnder Qlata, laannfactojedmt Cleveland, New York. Transport entirely by TfisseJ, It comes In perfect order, and enables me to tell at low r»tta. I hare permanent arrangements to sell this fcrana of Glaas hereafter. JOHN RICE. H a r pe r JB rothe r *, -. .(SttabluJHd in 18&J aooBi sie*,SHIP, OAERIAOE AND ORRAMENTAL P«.tn icrs>, (ilazlorai & Taper«Hang-en, - IHITATOES Of WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 38 ONE J» A STKEET, A fTW DOORS EAST OF TBt XARKK1 HOU&X. • & WHITKHKAO General lkan& and Immrance Agents NOTARIES PUBLIC, <VC., OFFICE, oorner of Reed and Oregon streets, Ueyroae'f r BlocS. Fifth Ward. Will attcBd lo, the 'buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out of DeedvHortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac- AJ1 Oolleotions'made on aaconata placed In our band will be promptly paid over, A. o. JOSBS.... ..... -jyi*. ...... SCHSCBCKEL & BRUNOTTO, OOMMISS4ION MViK.GH.ANTS, Seal Estate and ifoney Broker!, NOTASIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WIBOOJIBIN. Ornos>— No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Pcttt- Office . mar£7 D. CORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. OAS removed to Offlee, No. !>, Btau Bank Building, corner oJ taut Water and Michigan street, Muwaukee. martO-dSm tmo. L Boca* KMOHIXVT. & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, (Wat— Empire Block, 221 Eatt Water *., ____ WISCONaiN CAPITALISTS \ITILLnnd at my office a Register, open to their In- TT epection of Bonds and Mortgages and other se- curltlec offered for sale. Persons visaing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find U to their Interest to file with me their applications orctatementi. O. 80HLET, ylK Opposite Walker House, J B. BBYLXk. ..;...,-» ..D.T. POST. Boarding Stable, River.) rpHE subscribers have rem«ved their stock from tnt A stable formerly occupied by them, comer of Matnwid Ilurou streets, to the old estaljllshment root of Masonatreet, tbos consolidating tht two establlfb- menta, m&kini; the largest and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. W» shall be .glad to see our old friends swA customers, and feel confident thtfwr can furn1sl(;tbeol v^th a« good and styliBr) a torbobt as any similar establlthnier;! In the city. Thankful for past patronage, we -hope to meet a contlnnanc* ol the same. fy Particular attention given to fornlsnlng carnag- es an<Jin»rtts~for tnneralE. myH-a ' BPTLEt * POBT. JHOUSES TO RKNT. ha« several Brick and Frame Houses to rent on v-«ry reasonable terms. We have*lso foraale a vast qd»ntltj of real estate, cO-el«tlnf of H onsen, ix)t*, Improved and unimproved Panes, School Lands, it. We have 60 acres near the Olty r "with House, Barn, ±c- t for the small rent of t -JO and taxes. GREGORT i CO., may! _ 224 Eagt Water street. GOOD CRANOli. HOPSE A1VDL.DTFOR SALE CHEAP. r t • Hi-onderslpned wUl sell his House and Lot, now i occupied as a Tavcn by him, situated on Main st., Racine,' Wiaoonsln, near the Steamboat Lining and the E.'l'M.E^K. "Depot. The house Is located on the belt business place, and the House ai well ai the «tn&- tion of the Lot, would answer for any branch of bnsi- neaa, especially for Wholesale Btor«, wklcb branch Is already. now projected at that very locality. Those who li£e to'make a good bargain., are requeoted-to apply at tht undersigned . JOHN BARTQ. Iang7-d6ni ' Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schconer Faahloo, ^224 tons. Schooner D.fiewhall,190 tunt. Scow Schooner Euf bj, I® tuns. The above vessels wUl be sold at very low prices for iatisTaetory»eeiirtty. Good title. _ TAYLOR * JEWaTT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. Joins, Mil ankee, Wisconsin. lebSS -4. II. .LORD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS Oomtr Spring and Third efrentu, MILWfVtTKXE, WI800NSIII. rn£D(ia1Dacrl^eTi >'T~'-ote all kinds of Marble Work 1 'Tbrlbilldfngs, Ttllu^ < <r Floors and every description of • ORNAUCfilVTAX; WABVBL.E 1TORK.. ^Jf e have In our wareroonu^ MftlR-Bl-K MAT«JTLKS Of crts/^deacr&itton constantly on hand, at prioes rantf}nK'XE00t>tiu'itnd npwards. TAOKSHKHTB AND STATD ART of all kinds executed at tBeT&trrtesl notice. . OO. febt-dly ^~ ,. . .. A. H. LORD* WOOD Ai\D HAV 1 AKIK .t: jl;«-,-:H.. LA MBK K TON TT AS just opened, for ihe benefit of all who may be- JEl^wmiChls Oustomert, a Market for WOOD and HAT/at the N._E. Corner of •fffest Water and -Cryboarn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett t Breed.) odTU large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and ''His Ktock oY of tbe BEST QUALITY, aud BALED DJ OOODOSDEB. Bach wUl be delivered to any part of the Oity on the 8HOBTK3t«)I^OgL«iin the LOWE8T TBBMS. H. B.—Wood Pedlan, and those who ah'p large qntntlties of.Hav.^lll always find It tfrthelr advantage to boy of .us. IrVe'wtlt'TieUtotnal dealers may make a" QENTtiEMEN'S FPKNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT*8. « 6,' § •«• ,, fiC VJ i .'•V .! O7 0 p 0 I N a '•^fo'r'ifajUii'd.aiort ••Tram fscts narrated byWnuell; ..JtotT««elre<l by. y :m»ylO STRICKLAND A'OU. ; , '•' '•• Of HewtorkiCityy ^-.. ; • ,-=^--.,': ;t Pwh Capital audBurplue,............11^77,990 « "iVo'WA RI) IJTSUKANCE / ' . : " -Of Sew Tork. '- •- SRi ! : INOOBtOBAtED IS 188*. Cash Oapltalaad Snrplna ..:..-.. PHCEN1X INSURANCE ,. . Of Hartlord,OonnecUcnt, •. < Cub Capital and Sorplui.............,.»419,064 (o ""SSUJRANCE CO., ' Of New Tork, ' uon rencU|^\roiuta7OiaBK.-^iis/.aau to the.*!People'A. Pencil," (round red gllU)''»lso to tie "Engineer's Penell," (hexagonirflt:) J ",All«r uhloh wilLbe.lound superior to any other pencil In the market. Aiwa; son hand a complete aesDrtmem • of b'.ack and colored leadjienclli ot jill the desirable gride*. •,A discount allowed tilhe TVade -prbportlone* to- ; «iUnt *of' BfSOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, ,.' J " jOf New York City, •- • d Oash Capital and Surplus, f 2tt,B8» 68 CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, , Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oub Capital and Surplus, V .»S08,231 48 'i solicit boslnesi for the above named Companies, «n- ttrely upon their own merits and responalbitlty, anj refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses •heretofcrc, as a guarantee for the future. Policies limed without delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent. JQHK HOLLAID, Aas't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. hUESniu., Surveyor. Wisconsin tls., Milwaukee; ieptS orders. ALL/BONE'S A Critical McUoiUufyiXpL&iaUlK Uttn»UTt. and British and A&terlcan Atiiho'B, living ana At- ceaud; /rest Ou EOrUt&At-e&Mt* tath>.Mid- dit CifOunitufciuta.Ctfilv-rj,. Cffjttain- inff Thirty t?u>tifand£1oprapM£> and Literary Noticeti ,«4W forty, ^ 1 NDESPEN8ABL7 nroessary te all who Read, all who Write, all Clergyman"; all Physicians, all i*Ky*n, Bclentlfic snd Literary Hen.. Merchants and Punners, ttanufactureri and Ueoln&nlcs.' ir ' ' ' IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISHED BT & CO., BOOK if STATIONERY JOBRERH, 13S East Water itreel, WISCOA'&JJ*. [Prom TheophlusParsras, L. L. D., Prolesjor of Law In Harvard Dnlverslty.1 Ci»»iniKis, Jan. 5, 1659. DEIS 6iB :—I have had the first volume of year IMc- tlonary for someday*, and hare sat sfied mfself that your p an Is excellent, and that you have carried It out with very great i&dastry and with -good judgment.— de follneas and accuracy of its Information concerning modem authors and iheir works, arc Indeed remarkable. To any one who desire the* knowledge your book purports to give—and what educated man dies not T— it must be of great Interest kid value. Respectfully, Ac , THKOPUILD8 PARKER, f. Austin Allibone, Esq. rom S. IretiKUB Prime, D. D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] NEW You, Feb. 3, 1659. GUTLULUI :—The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have peru&ed with astonishment a [ d delight. It Is just whatl have long desired to^iave, and have sought for rn vain. Thousanos of clergymen, stndetots, and all literary and intelllj ent men, must wish to have just t Mi work; and tiler will hare It, when they learn tnal It Is in llu world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and 1 trust that the t>nthor and the publishers will have the largest reward for their eater- prise and labor. • Yonri truly, . B. 1BEN.SU8 PRIME. Chlldi t Petirson. 1m, wn D, Jan. i ', 1859. Mr DEA.B 8i» :—With better knowledge of your book from repeated feasts upon U, I sm ashamud to have written you so commonplace ac acknowledgment of Its first ree Ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable mattvr the •'Dictionary of Anthort" sre • s ti m« the most captivating. The good taste, industry, and skill of arranpement therein maziHesttd could n ot b« su-passed, »ad it will make :or you a reputation very enviable. 1 shall try to mase amends in print for my apparently inappreciative first acknowledgment of the acquisition. H ith many sincere thanks for the prire 1 hare In tiie book, I remain, mf dear sir, Toun, fa thfully, N P. WILLIS. S. Austin Ailibone, Esq. ma} 18 NEW JfVElVILS PUBLISHB:D BY OAKTKKS. A Kinv ANT* *nA^uan>. A LICE A I'D ADOLPSOs. Aunt Jndy*s Tales. Parables from Nature. Hotea 1 n the Sun beam. Fanny, the Plower 0IH. Cncle jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TJCKKY ACLE4VEK, maylc 167 East Water it. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRV & <LFAVi:it^, 167 &AST WATER HTKEfT ERTH'S Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travels In Southern Africa. 1 vol. Speergeous Sermons, 6th series Higher Christian UTe. maflti B SHIPPERS OF PKOl>UOfc; C AN supply themselves with Bills of Lsviinc at TERRY A-OLEAVEK'S, may20 167 East Water street. BOOK*. O CR slock !• the largest la the Weft. We sell even Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which ellsto, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. janZO 8TUOK4LND • OO. Scbool Book*. W E have ever; Bchool Book in demand, and •« them at wholcsMt or retail. J«.°M 8TR1CKLAND * OO. BIND UP^TOUR IYIAGAZINES ! \1/ E are prepared In onr Bindery to Bind Magaslnes, ff Periodloala or sjnythlng else In the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates. ' " STRICKLAND t 00. W Stereoscopic View*. E have reclved a One lot of 8terescopic Views embracing views of Interesting localities In RC88IA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, 0&EBOB, ITOB&XY, ntBLAlfD, AC., AC Also a large variety of new American Vlewa. Sew and very desirable (tries of Stereoscopic Insttu- menta. STRICKLAND * OO., Booksellers and Stationers, aprl 134 East Water ttreet. SIXTH VOLI71QE WISCONSIN REPORTS tor sale at teblt BTRIOKLAND * CO, 134 East Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. 4 HEW MAP, stjowlng the Eonte to the Gold Beta, glons In Kansas, jtun received by STRICKLAND * CO, CeblS 124 Kasl Water street NOTICE TBE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the Olty of Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of lie Legislature, approved Usrch 17, l»S 0 ,.hen:bj g*res notice thst he is now famished with the proper welghU ajyl brands fat ihe due performance of the deities of his office. :Kj tbe said "Act" it Is made tbe duty of all persons dealing in Fish to give notice to the Inspector to have -ttye same duly inspected and branded before packing. •M'. Smith will be found at the Hew Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong * Son, South Water st., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left. Mllwa-kee, M»y 1, 1858. inaylO JOHN SMITH, Inipecto*. a. a. UTAH JAS. o./Exxm. Ryan & Jenkins, COUNSKLLORS AT LAW, j MITCHELL'S BANK BPIJLDINO. Cfcrner Bo*t ffdter and Michigan lit.. JUOmaukee. may6 v Jaiiies A Swain, Ot THE LATE ABM OV MAG-1C & SWAIN : WILL remain at die Old stand where he will be plea eQ to welcome thejpatrons of the eitabllshment. i apr!2-dtf ' CHARLES QUBNTIN & CO. C HARLES QOTNTIN t 00., corner of East Water' and »'asonitreeU, Milwmakee.Wlseonste, have fot sale Beat Estate, in the City of Milwaukee, In large or small parcels. Building loti In every Ward oft h City, of all slses and prioes, for business arratdne and o£ ewy terms. Also, small Farms of from 6 to SO acres.near the Olty.ier gardening purposes. Also, several thoiuands of acres of the best farming lands In Wisconsin In quantities to suit any detnai.d. feb»8 3HARLt8 aDKNTIN * OO. WEfcsTEBN "• . ""...'." --AJi . Wisconsin Slate Telegraph. ! , Office, tr^Demoa-at SlodCjlfilVMittee, ;.- i •:; j ConBectipB«;*rilh all tines iEasi. fhnBK .Wlssoflsta State jitnen. run from Milwaukee to -JL l*0roa»e, fond dtt I<ae and Waupnn, on Ballroaa Bontes, AUoftomlCllwaakee to JacesTlUe, Hadlsoo, W«t«rtoirn»n4Pralrl» do Chlen. Station! aialllm. porUnt InWrmedJatepolnU. •', -..,,.-, • • 8 ».«.-_ v,-.--;, ;- ^ -I' suvlsVdtf i ^ -^_^ A. WXLLXB, Agent; a'^tTJ2iW^3EsiCSlBJ<S?ig Hnited Stale*.»«. & F. lit*. Co. jjaCAPiTAL .......,....:...|iob;boooo .: Office, nnde'r Mitchell'* Bajrir, corner of Kut Water and , Michigan streets, X1LWAVK&8. .. va- Oblcago R. B., La Orolte CMU.B. K., md MU. A E.B., or by Boat. An proceed to tte ibore plaix., , , -Connections at-e-niade at Watertown with sUfes tot' L»VeMUl»,JofferSorl,W»t«rloo,HuichetvIlle,8unPlH^ He,'Cottage GroTeiantl Madison. Also at Colomtiiu. for iodl, BJerimaii.itsegd. Fiji Eire', LeedV Oorntrs,' •Hunaen, LowYlUa, 6ekora,Tork, Arlington, Itrtatol ind .forVljoinUiotnejVrertandHorthWest.. I \ PaiBenrers UTlvBig at the Jfunctwo irofflihe abort pi«ca mate couneeUoni h the MHwantee aVHlols^ -slppi tt. B.| ; (or'jlneiTtUe, Madison and PralrUida Chlen tnd at llllwanke*, wllh To ads to the South, We«» and North. • <. i , . i ' kprt J8. B. MEttKILL,8operli»t«oilent. ciucrrou: J. A. Beltecsteln, K. gandenoD, Hose* Kneeland, S. B. Daggctt, t'amoel Hale, 6. D. Doumma, H. L. Palmer, Edtrln Towosend, Solomon Adlef.- '•'*••' f. A. t£E!JT£N8TElri,Ptesld»nt. e. D. DOD8MAM, Vice Predduit. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. 8. 0. Wast, Secretary, fi. S. DAOOKTI, Treasurer.' B. L. PAIJKK&, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKKK CITY INSURANCE CO., O^FIOIT: In lUttcbell Buildinu, tflkrliigau •!. WlKOOSUII. CHARTERED CAPITAL, • • $800,000 1 a*h Paid in, $1OO,OOO. Ul RKCTOSH : O. D. DAVIS, 8. t- COHOVE&, J. HinmfkiT, J. H. Ooanu,- O. OOKSTOOT, K. TOWNBKND, President. A. L. WAt-RATH, Secretary. H. L. fALBla, Attorney. j^P" Fir*4nd Marine HlBks i«34 II. L. PAUBSBl, C. ToWKSsxn, J. n. KiLLoofi, J. B. HARRIS UHAB. OEISBEKO, W. A. PUEJITIBS, H. EmjtBatOBV, Joscri t. HILL, JAS. UtraaAi, tiro, DTIB. s taken st current rs>t«s. if»i»i;uArvei . fllHE underpinned is prepared to take Marine Risk& M. and Fire Risks on t reduce in store, In ta» North Western Insurance Oo., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Aiient, novS ^ at office of H. i J. F. Uill. Quaker City Int»ura«ce Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, t&00,000. PAID UP CAPITAL AND ASSETTa, 277,866. Offlct, FraaJUin Bvildiiiq, Xo. 40S Walnut itrtet, Philadelphia. T UB subscribe r has bet>.n appolnte** agent for. this Company for Milwaukee ar.d vicinity. Risk. t*ken ocas favorable lerou aa other responsible Companies JAMES.-- «'flITE, A(t»nl. Office, corner of K*»t Wkter and Uaron itreeU, )fp stairs, over lh* Marine Hauk. ma^29 BY STATE AUTHORITY, ^^•^m O N and after» tlce» Passe thedepot,footofE H«»f . mnbnsat4 SUMMKH I8*5». MIOHI O. Western (Canada) Railway; mSAINd leave Qt« Great Central Deopt, feoiof rjske- JL street Chlcago^as 'follows : | j 4:OO A. N.-bJKTOlT ACCOMNODATION,(4ni dajis ezcepted), arrrve at Detroit 8.0^ TIOO A. »l.-CINCINNATI EXPRESS, (guodayi , excepteU.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4:00 p. i.: Clnclnn»tl&SO r. M. • i 82OO A. HI.—LIGHTNING KiPUKtS,(«nndays[«cj cen'led,) arrives at Detroit 7^0 r.jM.; Susbenslon Bridge or BalTalo 4:01 Aj M ;jAJbany 3.-00 r. H.J Mew York »:00 p, W.; Boston 11 r. K. ', • 2:OO P. ITL-NtLEH ACCOMMODATION, e±ct^ Sunday. I : S:OO F. m.— NBW FORK AND BOSTON BXPBgtT,. (exbcptSatorday.) Arrive at' Detroit 7;ll)i. af.; Sorpenslon Bridge or Buffalo 4t80 r. 11.; Albany 4.1)0 A M-; Hew torK - • IDA) A. H^ Boston 2:05 r. u. i ', 8:UO P. B».—CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLElUd :- ' ralsa. (Except 8«tard*x.) Arrlrcai * OlnblnnsAI 8:1/0 A. *,; LoalsvllU 4.-00 r. «|. ' One trkln on Sunday al 8:00 P.M. Tbe 6:00 a. M. aodiS^O r. v. trains counsjct at Pan i • Itb t&« Buffalo 4~ Lake Huron Railway, for Bua<^ and all points e'jt; ki Toronto with Stand Trunk Sail* way, to Klngstta, Ogdensbnrg, Montreal, Quebec an j all points In Canada East, Nur'hern Vermont, Jlew Hampshire and Ualhsw . j ty" Baggage ehec>«0 UtrouKii. Through tickets (Ci sale at tbs principal lUilfoaj office! in the West, ani sit the general office, cortitf Lake 4 Dearborn streeta, opposite the Trecnoni tfosie, Chicago, and at the D«i>ol, foot of Lajke street. ; \ R. N. BICE, Soy't- U. J SrsLDicu.Dtn Pass. Art. »pr12 ' Detroit & mil. Railway. «lT"~j THE Steamer Cleveland wfll take JBssisiMsisI h « T P(»ce In line of the Detroit t Milwsn- kee kailwi-y, on Monday, the 14th March. Fass.ngert wishing Uiroogh .tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at J3<) East Water street, or at the offlc* on the dock o( the Detroit A Mllwaake Railway Oil.— '• Due notice of tl»e tidie of departure will be given, this wlil-make Ute short«al, cheapest and quickest route to all points Kast. < mafS ; 18.19. SUMMER ! ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee A. RAJL, HOA1>. WISCONSIN INSTJRANOE^GBNCY CHARTER OAli. fIRE INS. Co., Hartford, Conn. OASH ASSETS ................. t841.666 K !q<tNT EfXPEDITIOI'») KOt TKI TO Lansing, La DroiiMr, : Winona, Head's Landing, Bed Wing, PRESCOTT, BT, PAUL AND ST ANTHONY ( l ol TimK Moaday, April i, ISbtl, i 1ST Til AIV LEAVES Tin. WAEK EK 11:90 A Jl., Arnvlni »l Janrsrll't 2 30 P M , Msrllsos 3:35 P.iM. , Prairie du Chlen t.-OO Pi M : . Conncctinfl Lh' Prairie <tu ChleD fcnd St- Paul Packets, which leave Pralrl4 do Chlen oi the arrival of the 6:00 P. M. Trkln. 2D TBAI.M IJK\VES .Til I.U A I li£P. 0:16 P M , Arrlrln^ tt Janreinllo o:.M P M • Ma>lUol! ItcOO P.jM. $ff Far. to all ^«lnu on tbe Mi&stssif'i'i Rivetf as low as any other Kobte | WILLIAM JERV1S, '.,}, '.|f :-#*-lllU*-ft«i* ~MicilN[JL»AY. DJEO. GpieftS, Lot'^rlil'nui u follows. T»: ' • ^ l : . . • - .mff^m WtflHI . .* Trllns; eoiiro tor t« A CO.. tr. is. Lea»»: ; l»tnrl» for Kactoe—JrelgLt « ACC., i>*> *• M. Paisenger* by lallng tb» T-*. «t train- off Hie Lake BJiere HaUrotal at Hllwaoka*. couMCt «t ' arrivlnn at I>avU icr Vreepurt'oD a*rif*l ol tr«in. §:8"l *. «. traOifrom Uatil c<mn«uia atlUclAe «Fith aflerao«o trtlns o* tie Lake .ghcu-e Uallroatl ftoi tl> and ^mth. ' " »rsltM/or»-»nlcd with wupateh. ' UOBtKT U ARKfi, 5Ju«wHm«nii«ni. Pittihargti, ) KAIL UOAD. rTOII8 uaw and direct Qoute now open t» Ne» York. •J. Boston, Plttsbtfrgli, PUlaflelphlii B»lthDOr« end 'Wsahjncto'n eUr, Cterelaiid, Wunktra, .BuOalo, Niagara JsJls, tod all eastern eltle*. ClnclnnsK.ColuinUas.lriy- ton^ Springfield, T/rbana, ^cesVQletSttubeuritle, New- arksai whtellag, IOK! »H Intcriof townjvf Ohio, Peuis- sylv&ails, Virginia, M«ry[ai>i, fiew Jersey, *c. Ulnkibp one Uraiid t'libroKto JU R. L^ar jfAjtx AJ 1.0 w AH AX r orhKB a (JUTS. ftirtiiatc dtiiriug to' gu by Ihts Isoute «1U b« par Uculaf awl cO<t«t« '°s Tiakt-u »U Furt Wayne, thereby (iro ! ldiaV the annoyaoc* ml recheckiag (Ueir Uag^a^g. TRtJJiK LSA VS OSPOT VS VAX BVUfy 81 DAIL t,ASt OLLO Vfti: 6:00 f.«i.—N*g*t tipriss, dally, Caturdayi exccpted. 6:00 a. M.—Horning Hall and Express, daily, Sundays exceptea. rVith but one thange of cart la Pittsburgh. To Plttibnrgh, fhUadelphla, Baltunarg tnj Ne« York, connecting directly with trains on thc.gieat 1'ennsylTa- nla Central Ballroad, to aH eastern citl->. Also, «/ith Olevdapd A Catunrbn^ RAllrosd to CUvelanJ, Dunkirk, BnlfalOi Niagara Falls via New fork Central and N-» Vork A'£r^e Bailroada to New York.aim Boston. ^Ptrsqus going east will flbd thi5 route by tar the mosi desirable, both from the a^rantagfc rn point of distance. varietymd iieaatj v( the country Uiroujh which the roads |nus t as well as the less frequent changes of can and tbjtt annoyance ot re-ottectllng bas^Kf* required b; other rontes. Facilities foi Uie trantpoitaticn at I'rtifht inJ Livr ^tttck by Lull rvuta are uuaurpasded. B«tea h» IciW n.- any otller route, and with equal di6p«u2b. Tickets for aale at alii hr ^>nuctbal Ucket ufices iu Ui< Wesv, and at Coai^aoy'i) Ot&ce, No. tM) D«arh«rn itreci opposite Trefftoai Uvusc, Cti^:*j$o, and at ibe ^>Ace ^< the Lake Klnirc Rallruad. Mdvautue, by A. O. Lrlan.l JNO J. UOD.TON, (general rreighl Agent. PiUntajrjjh, I'm O. YV. B<«?, (lemral \\ cal«ru Agetit, Chicago. Chicago, klar.:t t 0, 1SS» marg fliiwaiiket-A < hif.i^o K. K. 1859. 1859. AKliANOKMKN'l'. Great United States Mail and Ktprtu K rl^UB oul/ reliable and «i_L Rogis TO THK k.*3l. : 1 and NouTB.WhiiT, add Ibe only Line IQAKIQI Trains ... Oo and eficr Depof, corntr ttf Mur .<!:*. «njii Bmr.!*/ .:.i IO::IO A. M.—ta»aix« l'»»s*»,,,«-»rr.,H,,< >' Ltn- CKlfE) St 2:10 P. M. ft! I A I*. VI.— k^UBkAn 1*AfHKRtiUi—flirnvirig si I ti!- CK|fo at 6:1& p. u , &r,«l max u^ clvse L-onnt-ctlOtu «>lh eivrAin^ Traiua Eajt icftd ^ouit WsBt, &D4 with thv Hacine ad t AlAsaiMl^pi KailroAi , 41 Uacm o[i thftt Line Kretght Train leaves at tv3u A. H . arrive* S.llfl p x PiMenjfer Tralni leavfr Chira^t, I r MuwauMee Khil tlie Nortli »'»«tat V:00 ». «., »u.| l IJ » « , arn-»u.K here at 12;6O p K and 1^:^ A u aprta JN') * MutsbT, Muter Tr>usp..rut,uii OFFICE O? THK / ap]> Oen'l guperlnt. ndmt, NORTH AITIEKK AN FIRE INS. CO., Hartford, Oonn. CASH ASSKT8 ................ I«M,8«0 06 WESTERN MASS. rlRF. INS. CO., Of Pitufield, Mass OAJH A88ETT8 »205,G» 41 COX WAY FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Conway, Mass. OASH ASSETS *3«S,4M *7 HAinPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO Springfield, Mast. OASH ASSETS 1228.000 OIHAKD FIRE INS. COMPANY, Of Philadelphia. CASH AU8ETS $284.76« 73 J. W, €rain, Agent, ornoE, NO. a, MARTIN BLOCK, DP STAIRS, marCT Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargain* in Dry dino<h THA . 1MMEN8K STOCK Of l-AT-1 «fo. 187 Ef tit Water Mreet, BE CLOSED OUT BY THE ASblGNEK. Great Bargains may be Expt cted. aprU-dtf JOSEPH CAHY, Assignee UNITED STATES ITlAlt8HA I.'.S SALE The farmers Loan A Trust Oom 1 . The Milwaukee A Superior Rail- I • road Company, I In the D. 8. Dls- Olty of Milwaukee, itrlct Court for tht John Stewart. ( District of Wisconsin. Johann C. A- Ailerdlnf, • • i In tqulty. Ohrltttan Hahm and f Gottfried Weocsoh. j I N pursuance and by virtw of a decree mad"« by the District Court of the United States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1861, rn Uu above entiiltd cause, I snail sell at Pebllc Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd d«y of August, ISSt, at 8 o'clock In tht afternoon, from the steps of the Custom Housej-jn the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In tne bill of complaint in said causb, and described as I "All the following, present and |p future t* be acquired, real aid personal property and real estate of the (aid defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Rallread Company, t at Is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Milwaukee, to ttie Oily of Green Hay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Inducing the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of said Told, (subject to the right, title or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and Wools**, or either of them, may have bad at the time of makingsaiSdeoree, to land upon which said Rsll- r»ad Company nu located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made to them,) together with the TOperstructnreand track thereon, and all rails and outer msrterials used thereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipments, neeeseary depot grounds and braidings thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Oora- ^oy,and all rolling stock, engines, tenders,'can/ tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and aU other personal property appertaining to said first division of •aid jroad, and all rlgbtf thereto, and Interest* to be so- quired by laid defendant, the Milwaukee aud Superior Uailtoad Company, together with the name and fnno- tlonl appertaining to the said first division of tald road, all tolls, rents and Income to be had or levied there- from, and all corporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of the said Railroad -Company In or to or concerning the same." . - . "Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April«, 1SS9 ; . : • M.J. THOHA8, Onlted States Marshal, District of Wisconsin. . , Via Drw * HAHii-ToH.Oomplts,Solicitors. 1 ''" ''"•''• ,. Lycrirgui EdgertoB, , -: ,) iln the DnlUd State* Dls- i j va. (trict Court, District of WlnthropO, Lard and fWI«eoB»ta. « Seorge Lord. j In gqulty. TS (pursuance and ky Virtue of a decree made bw the 4 J^^^ nrto '»«;P n "« »«*« Tor theDUtrlet of W,l.copiin,oB;tbe ninth day of May, 1899. In tne •bo»e«n«Ued«»Bfe, I shaUwll atifnbUtf! AnVeion,»t fflee ef the Onlted tlate. M»r,hal in "the fflty of Jn Khli DUtriot, on TrWay, th« , 1859, M three o'clock, to ik* aS , , , lolloping described property, ta wU4 ."Out lot 'I). 1 nnmper'twenty>otae (SI), In the vfflsgeof Waapacea, In thbContily tof Wanpac«»-and 8t»te ef .Wlscoosln; also a eufflctent quantity of Water Fewer to be taken out of the Wsnpacea River, a* the dam erected s«ross «»ld Elver, In the ^Tillage of Waupaeca, to- propel three run of stonef for flouring porpojer »t all aeaaons of the rear" . .. .; ^- f ; ,~i ;.•,,-.,'. - r Manhal'sOffice, a«lwauk£e,May IT, 18W. - ; ~ B.J.TaOHA».P.a.Mar»haL SMiM?^^^!^ LA CHCSSE AND MILWAUKEE IIAJI- 1COAU. SPKINO [rVKHANOKMKN'l'. UUl - - N :>lfril-\» F.STF.«> I MTCI> NTATEM}*! AIL* EXPRESS AXD OXLY\ ALL KAIL Kui'fK. TO llA CKOSSi: OB Use t FPtB ItllKSISHIPPI RIVE.H, On ami after Monday, April Xfi Two Through ' Expresi Train* Daily, LKAVK'i Mll.WAUKKK, ?»l»l DKPOT I?OOT OP CHE-TNUrSTRKk-T, i as roujiwa : ••2: 1.1 A. «. aud t^:45 P. II. Trains arrive al JHlwaukev at 9:3O A. Mi *AND 3:3O »'. M Close connections arc made at LaCross*. : Twice daily efich v»ay with the fllu nrsoia Pnrkift ( onipany'« New KI Sjilendid I biledStatco Hail Line of Sreamern to & from Si. l*nu< aod iutermediutc poiuli. . (9 Passengers, ^y taking this route, will iave \Sft miles In distance anil 18 hours time, from Chicago ot Milwaukee to La Crowe or HI. Paul, avar any oih-r route. j •Mondays except^. tSundays ^xcepted. Milwaukee, April 34, 1&9. E0U1JV H. i^OHDRICII, apt24 : Manaircr. CHANciK OF TIME; O N and after Modd»r, April 4th, trains on the Mil- wiiukee, Watertewn A Uiraboo Valley Railroad, will arrive In Utlwafkee st 11:M a. «., and .Irpari at 4r20 r. si. i an>3-dtf I B. ft. M KRULL. »ur) ( t. NOSTBES4 TRABSPORTAT n?i foi ifilw&ukee, April Iri. I^dV ) Rates of Freight Reducrd Again by .»w York A. S.ric K;iilr«>a<1 -AND— Northern Tran>portalK»n <-o.'«. E X P Ii K S S ¥ ' NT1L luflhrr uolicr fL» 'rfi- • i Ti.lii N. * V "V L. U Mttwaukf-, * u r.- <ij f., ...w i j.^r l\»' Z *, tel' \ --r e*l al itortrfl : 111 ClaSrt -•! Claait. :-I t']-,.-^ 4ih ' is*-.U.=)C. *.W. 1 5r, .7 .ii . th»- l4Lhllt»t , Sl.l Ur C^a>r)ir.l <l( Uirr-v rh\.r--i ''if, Ofrntr'tl't&l ijf *<<a/^. Ap. I* I J ti CKA '* j-1 .it*. \_. i.:, .N < w \ - - . t h r. r tL-. . . A i. J. MIUJL.^ A»r.t, If; hroa !*>*.. N V FURNITURE _S_A "LJE-8 . C>TJT ^.T OOST. NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., B ELVG about to dissolve their Co-Partn«rshlp arrangements, i reserve. The best aotl largest stock of , thtir »hol« «t..,:k » .iirr FURNITURE EVER OVriBED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THK NKXT SIXTY I >AY^ THK STOCK IS IIF1V¥, AND HIST Kt %«M> • 218 and 22O East "Water Street, TI II. W t I K 1 5-:, u is< <»>..i% "~ DRY GOODS, &.C 18.19. \ F U t •»••$« SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! MISCELLANEOUS. Ti>i.rif w. -=-— IJ , respectfully infTnw ih.; the citizens of Milwaukee that, haviflK located m till* place, he intends \>t actitJlDg hi* pr->- entific style, an., ,jt-n. rat ,1.1 neciit>o, with hi* LII-V Urn rie will Priclt and Dock Tail* In ! the mo*t approved vy'<?; aiid. public, he refers Lo thf follow ' n B (gentlemen, who have *m- ploytfci Mr Kt*<ihe;ul man v times professionally In the eour**- often years. We feel jnsutietl in 8»y l ^B lhal '*•* pratuc»- LI *u^« ,r!or to Ule general run of Veterinary Pr%*.-t,nnH-r* John C. Brodhfad, Wai. J unis- n, Murray, Pryer A Co , OtBVEL^.tP iMct. H. A Act l«y, 37 Btahop, " Kelly, - vud«n, a*, u Jani^s. Ketly' tSi-X N. 1 Brwwo, MILVV A I KKK. I " NUW r,...,,.. ,.„ .,„ -I tt.. »..,,. Jno K >*'» Dt-Wll, JW t: foa.|(»,ri The Latest Novelties ; W i. linn,, While 4 New-l, J.K.Curta, VVm fr-irfLs, i Sllai Merchant, Hru. K A.IUJI,*. ' Offlo KlrdyS Livery !*tabiV, M*ir, *:i---: j VHK I. \K , r..- !' * M DETROIT & MILWAUKEE! Railway S 'i t 1 I I- j k.". fcuJ • lt«f 2*1 Uay 1*1*1 L, par lie* «.il t"* • !-• -I • , tmcfclj-.rlt'l " Vt-*" '-i.', 11 ~ i • C ' ., * n • i - , 11 i:; . K.IL. iv *• Ui i- r.:-r.' *- • VP;UM I.e. 3, *«, i t--. five— t" Grant! Hai rt* *n 1 ha- * f ' ,.M' I'U* part <•• D( flv- to t-ti mil Kapi. 1 auJ ti*..-•. , a ." VI MK tta u r<* af in i 11 UK .v U u ii uiu»• or l r u . n - . Arrlv c »l !TI siri i Itrtunl-. i 1 X> f - * - < > K L-»v- .rrin.J M • !• - '•', . * • ' * Lea v.- i H . «• -i. ••.!'» * /•<-.,> * • 1 Of \ J 'M >fi, N j. < » E ! DkPUU m-. W • x * i : I i CLOTH LJ&PAH I r .. r- ' * ::• » <inJ . u.; -r;« ' •• .: - f. A., u i t [ -j,..: a; i, *;,•; .(.i Hi 11« • u r » e ' )' *t rQ . i. :. &&~ V \T\ .• ' ' ' '• : •' :< • L -* .- I, • -I.- t . I <[•" ( ' ' t -ai, • - '.in . n ,»i.ul..-a i .MI '^j t..« • :.t. •.. r ' , r i i-*-i u •, d.'.' I V M I^at'roHM 1 A tii.. fi»;;iU*4>.ul. W X,U.e iti,.^;..^^.!, ta> i,. «» •. * i M., tr,1 t.^:i. for ihe '-(.ii^rti, ) n an<t leu . .-t i f r r-- - ' ; ' r ...... company, l>^it to infurtr. jer-li*:i'.- in ) • - • - i- ,' -,r : April, where or len ci.. !>•• Vii. *.:. * w 1; • j r.,^ |, ( at cfttlon. var auth. rui-tl t .;.. • : .r* » . i - .- • i* •vi Lhr rarehouaea .fif^^.-T, [ : ,f n ..•»: - .1 r-,,..- t( r ,,' J: K.STIK.' ' t < «> iljl^aukre, Marcl. SO. 1 9,'tf j." 1 FA liK RKIH'CKD BY THK NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! T IKK Far* U-twr^-n btttaiirk .i,.| N«w York * fr*, K*Uf».i. «i . '•' !'• •»• th<rr ootic^ aprlO J 11 CK4U M>:.l. k Mil ii. •••K. n- ,- » n .. ij.» <<•:><• It :in«l >;»,<l«llcr> 3L DEI "O W" >v .n. TTI . iiAU.NLS BKOTHKKS No •! Al-HA N N M ! o< J\ ^ . ! ; .: * • i. • - , - • -•••».' SADULLRV HARDWARE AltliiAd'K riiI.M.Ml.\( i.- l iif", -I »r«, ! - >t.-i l tn 1 ('i^i, 1 i.r.rV-f. II H..-, OUfi JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY utHD? AND Y:. \Kt.E .\i;Tli;\- ( H I . V i ' I ...... \ - n I.I I) V 1 , , 1 ' ' 1 - . r I , \% a«l) Hi;; i oia* • -1 j] (J i 3OO Saddles, OFF.Ct. UK BISHOP A Co., &KIUG tuKR,- t * !• PirWESSlofl \if M.L. • t.filC*(.u K. ti , r Milwaukee, Apr.i % ]K'J } O N tad rftpr Apnl 9ih, l^f.9, an-i antil further no- WC«, no pcrtnn )• •nth«r-i»d to ntukr 1 parrha^ra, or c» nlract for maunala for the iJilwa.ak*« an.l Cr.ioa- (to Railroad irlthoal B writte* orfler fmtn lh- andvmen- ed. Bilto w\ll b« [JM<I raoothly t.nj ia-«*v-.un s *.il i,ot b* cont'OO»J'1 Wllh svoy ctncem trtal ti^ftfrU in rentier conthly bllif C. B liALL, Oan'l Agt U.rt^agr.M. ftpr!6 J. T. MuODY, Mwier of Transportation. !1859/ ; NEW AND; FAVORITE ROUTE 1IIG TRANSPORTATION COMPANY W,ii t during th« present Seajoa, rtra their areh . kaoirn and popular LIZK u/ First Cla*« Screw > ; asrwni TBS DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened lo Lake Michigan.) : } AID Siai/l Lov>- Prifttfe first -Clan Stettmtn, ''City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (Thoroughiy refitted for this route.) . . Pa*O N AND AFTER- MONDAY,' June 61H, 1«6», senger Trains vllll run as follows : OOINQ i: lop. Bridge, iteptrti. •Detroit, depart... ; •Oswego* arrive.. Hall. t.m. 1:06 . 10:60 : r. SI. St. Johns, arrive...;;...*.. 12:10 Orand Baplrts, arr..i •tf rand Haven, arr. t. Milwaukee, arrive.. 8:10 5:00 i. ». 2:61 Mlied t.m. 4:»0 P.K 1^0 7:40 A. H. iso 4:80 Noon. 12.-00 Nights Express^. X-st- r. si. 6:00 13:86 OOlNO KAST : Milwaukee, depart. .1.-... .. •Grand Haven, dep Grand Rapids, arr .j fit. Johns, arrive....:. Owoao,arrtn. ..., ; ........ •J^trolt. arrive.. i. j.. ^ 8nr. Bridge, arrive. Jv...... _. 'RefreBbments—Hctet la Depot at 6r»nd Haveo J : Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at I r. H^~for Saturday Nlght'i Kiprfis paiseagert weitj OntiSi.'. st. train will Hoi lea^e an Bannays. ! Trains leave termini dally. Sundays ereeptad. : • THE TELBGRAP^ LINE U uow open for AT DETHOlfr-ORKAT WESTERN RAIL^At (or all points- Ktit—MICHIGAN OKNTKAL iand HICHTOAS gOOTKBRN RAILROADS, and -CLstVB- LAND Line of BtearJen. ; ' • ; ' AX OB AWl*j MAVEN—With « HtmON » Steamer for CHICA(!0,*c.,*c. ' . • 1 .: AT ITHLWACKEE—With ISe LA CR088B, CHIOlOO, WATKRTOWR ^and COS RAILROADS, for SJ1 important potaU Welt Hortltwejt,and on Mississippi River, and with Bte»tieY» for Port* on Lake Michigan. Passengers for 6 w«y taxi BTIAJII Dock at 8:00 A •,•!! . SIGHT TRAINS 1 The Company's I Btatton*. '! { T*f, Western Railway go on th« Ball. M15.* M. B. Sock, iKK> Koon and-7:30 r.H. • SLKKPlHe CARS »ttacbed. h kf*« tt^f. K^ I>BJ| .*•. AAB _ p.^.^ Tablei can be had at any o ' 1 the K. -I«II> IB. Qen'l Supki , . - . > . en V7ar«i«*»0»Ii», Ticket Agents, 480 KastW W«.OiiBA«, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Doek, H.O.Wo8o«, General Western Agent. D.* H.».OfB<)ei, June, 1669 sUB'TOI'-: •"•'•' : •-* 4'f-i! int. a*d: Clottytig .,_ o. 4 gprlaH-WtetJ^ , Jone»Ui,at 10 o'aoeiyi , JassertnwnKif BlapMand' 4».X»k<« Nottooi, Btirlot »id- f,~ OOL>KNSIi»;K<ttl & OSWEUO, AND THI- IP P tit I.AKEM ! Vormlnf a 8«mi- Weekly line brOeen Uc<lensbur(h and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and intcrute-ilat* Forts, eonnectlnn at Oc;densbarirtt wilh the OGDENBpOBOH * VERSfOST CENTRAL AAILRUAD ROtJTE, Between Ogdenshnrgh, Burlinnton, C«nc«rd, MSB- ciiester, Kashua, Lawrence, Lowtll. Wotnster and Boston, anil at Oswego with Uir Nest Oswego Line of Hilrty Vlrst Class Oaual Boats on the Enlarged Canal, between O«We«re,|Troy, (Albaur & l»ew Vork, tOoonectlng also ah Dunkirk with ffSW YORK AXD ERIE RA1LROAI), And forming a Trl-Wcekly Railroad Une between Dunkirk, IQihraakee & Chicago. Property forwarded by this Line will be eobject to but Oae Transhipment. &ff- MercJrandls* marked «*W. T. CO. EX- PKESS," will be forwarded from M>w Vork by an Buprtt* Freight Train oter ttu jV«u> Tart J SHt Kalirotat, And promptly forwarded from DunklrkJ APPL^ '£O J. Mrcaa, Agent N. T. Co., In Broadway, New Tork. J. L. WiMia, Agent N. ~. Co., 8 CoJntles Ulip, New Tork. CHiB. 8. T*»Ti», corner 6th and Ohesnnt sr.> Phlla HOVST A OaAwroan, Oswego N. Y. 8. D. CILDWILL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. UxMuaaus, Caiwrosn t Oo , Cleveland, O.. JOB* Uodisa, Agent N. T. Co., 91 State il., Boston. A.CD8BMtX, Agent V. O. Line, 109 Stale st.. Boat/in. J.t. CBOICH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N . t. Oco. PlaUR, Agent, Ogdeniburgh, N. 7. L. J. H1QUV, Milwaukee, Wis., «9c< LaOrosie A U. B. K. Depot. J. A. CBAWrOH D, i -,;_-_.._ Wu . nn .! n O. J. HALE, { Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Office near H. A M. B. B. Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested to ace one of the abdve Agent! before maklrrgcorkraeu, as ttrfy are prepar«d to offer very low rates) and their connections with Uu Ogdenabargti and Oswego roulo, and especially »ilh tie Hew^Tork A Brie" Railroad give then unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speed/ transportation. • m«r!B-d<iD-<astwlaw HOOT J UK OKNUINE AK ; MAJJUFACTURJU) BT Jjq'H N P H A L E N , T UK only one antborlzeii to inanufactare the abvo* named Boots, at . . .' 79 BAST WATER .8THEET. . The Phalen Root Is one of the most unique and • c- glnt cor,triog» for the feet thjt*as ever been Invested. They art made of the best of "stock and most flnutie I sroriminshlp,'and are wamnled to core ComsTBoa- tons, Swelled Feet, gweUed Uead, Rlniraatlsm,' Bout, > Remember that tte Holt Agent tor these hut Invented Boots It thh) Oily, U lo be found al n East Water it, f here,' jalw, may b» found-a feneral assortmeatof ( BUJOTS A SIIU£8, OAlT£U$, *t., par (Wntlemsn and Ladlea that there ur In thk market* •U manufactured under the supervision of tbesaMcri- ber, "Ml • r [ra»y25]' JOHN PHALKN. Plefti* & Pleasure fixcarsioas. AND . . ng to engage Hack's or Omnibuses for Ybltlng the Q .rdensWfor flc PWc , «l with first clan veMoles-b? .h -.'i trjorten noUct and molt reasonable Urmt. ' A. line ef OmlBosaes wDleomtncuctrttoniniron UulK of Jane for »ore«t Hoow. Uavlng Tan Celt's confer at* Ak ft. and i*b« Omolbn* tori Wanwatosa leavet^V. ' »l-ft;i'/»>KH»iAit;.«i »r 1 J r»J t- ( • •»-»•, ra*. J- >l. •. . .. j,|.-*»'- h A 1 .1 . 01- U o 3ti t..\*t » V 1 I. K ^ I u I 1 1 , !_• JU XI 30 W OULD rtfipfvtfully aonuur-cr- i" Uitfir -1-1 a tff*, tllftt lh'-y Stall CuDtl&Ajr: l i 4cr,i t.'it/ .ji W»*l besi aelcctwil Stock ol li->o*id ,n Uic.r i»i, fooE-l In tJ]»- ^tasv, »n<f w.H v-oi;«*u.-t ^fir h n -«,n» Heretofore, »iUi the ineenuuti >,l <ivin.{ »*4 ti.t. i. IV) a« BI»DJ new ciuUim«n su maj- feci .U L I. :-••'! • us a calf, we would §ay floe jf our flrm r««ii1-a n York, au.l we h»ve faciiltleJ f'>r lh« twir-'.f.jMe *;. 1 afaclurr ot ^oodsi chat CAH aoi b« excelled. ^ - » all Umr» ready to tak« **i¥»nta^e of EAJitern M an*! have been enabled In rrMlucv Uu* [>rk'tf >.' kind*) of joods, whictt «*• ••vail cuat.nn** ID »f.' lowest price* in VVeaU-m \. rkeU. Weary coaatAUtty receiviD(t .•!.] lio^* •,, >ar an.i wilt k«rp It 10 complete &3 t<> u- uhlc AI a.;t ITI flU rtr,J.?-g for %ny kmJ ot Sfcl. liars'. Carnage Mi, crt' ^U>ck, aaU *Ul liu « u .u » a i. t * v.. , . ^ .^. u .»cttoo in respect to -jn»i iy »n-i pri Wt? alio keep an ajutoruoeni o( lu-nt SiuJ 1 . P<>4c», --*h **i!o«a, ;poKi*», Uuhn, 4c., *C., -iu-1 h^Tf .-omtanu h tn<l, or *lll naac t- i filer, *Qy <;a-!.f L'oach, rla*rr, fcaguu or TCACQ }l»rne»a. C»ll an»J •»;« for yuuntel TCS. an K E M O V A L . SOL Til WELL, .IK. ,i;i,1 f ..uir.tciur rk eta, man v *i ih.- DWELLIX, iloLSE>, A 1C K H ( ) I Vt . B \ V a« retnovetl to t*ia old it>Mui .f.AST WATIK ' *f>n#«^«»"* £Vy »uch aJiJitiaa* to J. A. Kl.M B»i< J and N (.:.- \'LK \N. t- I N K K T K A I I s W ![ K A ^i 1 V. A 1 1 . K MILWACKBe, ;.,,..,, for example, Daguerrolype« tor M 1,1. SlZt: FIIOTO<»KAPIt?% Ft»r only $l,0&lh« flrat one, nod Sue for tht* Dupltu 4? d lo fact eTery other k ityle of Plctur«, ai tsorrwi- poodlpg low pricea. I.nPEIltAL 1*HOTU<-H i PHM, lorn) to either OU or Water Colors, an.l flrii.the.1 in the hlfrttnt «tyleo( ihe Aruf TIIK VrEKI.OTVFF, A DCW ai.»l popular §tyle ol Plctuee, Colored in Ot', ch far exceln in Accuratiy, BoldDtia au<i Beauty of anj other Plctwe ever offered to the Public. Tttrte Pictures h«T«only to be seen to be admired. AH who are desirous of taring money nx» reupuctfUily toiiclteii to c*il and examine Specimen* at th* Old SUod, Xo. 13« Sfist Water rtrw., Milicxiu*™, Wisconsin. marl3-d0n W. F. BAVLEV, A, tist.^ Menm to Ihe Pr nctpal 1 <>wn^ m I H. E3 1* -A. KT X> . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOE $30. ATLAMK — A N 1 r— FAI.I. *.T^ l,S,*i » \ i* U 'NCLK UI...N jp!,,-he :. :llr , , M »,.,,. , lr ,-, • . Hun .f U'ln«y, [.»„, , ,-„ ,„., H ...... , :.;r ll.Vt, JU S.VI'l • KU.A 1 \ I ( , I -, l 1 ; i | , i e o r *» i r «• «• , H rHK.),,,- u * I XV ;i I \V. Ii. (.rr^ory A 4 «»., C< >MM1-,SI< >N M t--.K< -H AN 1 \» u oual utenti.,,, B i v .-n 1 >m.t.i "f PT, ,,i, u ., The powerful Iron 01TX Of BALT1MOEE, CITY Or WASHINUTOW. J'h. 1 I li'.-^ 1' V 1 h. N I i% on- Ex plosive 4>i.iK Lamp. T 111 K public i« n«w r»v..r»,l «>Ui l,r HUT. ^.\/KBT aud muse KCONOMiL.\ I. Lltitl 1' ovrr (,n.,iuc^.l . equal If-uol lapcrlur Lu Ihr ^i*st C"«l U;^^. i '. ,H ad«pt»4 t« W.uroh, .. H.ttela. Hti.rv^, Hwn.huu H.M.m, Private l>w..|l,rn:». Kaili.ii,,! »,- > [nal »il- l>ro4J» its «ni>er:i>fi<jf ,iv-r „,, l>., r iabio Lii;lii3 i» uw „ •«•«. His nnll*e <ll .ihtT Lumps, IK-MIK .-naiiy m;uin^,-il brilliant, eronnnncai, T-*. ft ,m «iU',se ,r , n i,.!i ,,,.,' wnat vmore. Kflilrely tafr rrum all janjjcr ,1 -xut. »tnn .tppljr 41 JOU.X ij«IUl»lA.N'!i, Will fall from New fork for Cork direct inJ to LlTernobi, 'ir S VtB YALTSR1TA TS 34 TUKDA 7 TheOiTT OfMlMOaCSlIB ana V1QO will tati fr.,» BsXYlST and COttS tg New York once a Mooth. Bate of Pawags from Wew York fo Cork, Liverpool and lh« principal towns in , EN01AN0 A»B SCOTLAND : '|T5 ........ . ........... iThlril lflas«. . »au. ' far l*aat«n((er» forwaraed to n» Tr i, Antwerp, Br»- neakml Hambmrg (or »-* In Cabla, (35 Third Chun. i »OP*K130nl4bours from Liverpool,; Cafcin Isfl; Tbrr i Clas», |4S. ' fertod* wUhlnR to send for their frtandacaa obtain 0«rUflcat«* of passage from CORK or BuLJAST to HtMf TOSH for 130, from UVCUOOL t*). ; apply to E. J. Cottls * Co , 17T Broade. **W II I'.VitM'M. . . • --••.• .-. : Ullwaokee, Wlsoonsla. M.&-Fas«eng«is bj,tM«. line »T«I4 U* riakan<l del«j<)to»lliBg;atHallIaJiandBt.Joiuii. .1 » n a I Ii a 4 r o ii <• l« , A K tv-K ••tiring M., Opixiiilto .lu»Tl,:iiii |i uu<H KEEPS CONSTANTLY un hau.l » i»r*;-_. tssortm^n Jf Mahogany, Black Walnut auil.ot>ier Womt ODftlns, ro- ^clher wiUrVlslc's Uetallo Ca^eJ. The office- at tno Koxust Hume C«D3eLury Oompauy u it my place, where 1 liav.; lus pi.iu jf '.hu ^roumlj. i at ;Uwa.j-B ready to Acirumuany patrons to tiie u'eme- |ret t« selMl tali of places Tor aorisJ, »nj cun t.e found tmuijr |)iac« of uusiuexi. ( (ay or alKht. Uoilin Trim- anus <>f til fcin-14 for sale. leu^ti f|lU«'place to buy Urooarius u at IT| Ui8 touli, good arocJc L iD store, tor sale. ¥

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