The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS* sATtjfu )AY, July 7, 1923 . 11 rm »ii>ii-rnir 1 ill • 'nitiiliiiif 1 ii' < Open . T. TA FT F 1^ Close * at 5:90 llrcsMiifj the little tvouMo. no iiiV.icv lu.v: of llu'^c ciiiitiiiis,' lilt!' 1 S delighted with tin: way the licnt. ' , '. A Group at $4.95 Olivr.r style suil' in M/C> 2</i to 4 yi'flrp h.iv£ (lotted Swiss waist will) sc.i-.ittr <.• ,11 ar ami cuffs and white silk tic. Tlit litlU''j>;ints :iri' of s'.isflte. One iminl'Cr has white w»i .<-t with red df>!> ;u.d tan trt.u .MT.«. Another style has brown waist with wi.iu: dots and Inown pants. The Miit $4.93 An Oliver Myl'' made of Jap i-rcin 1 comes In rose and in I. in. t Villa r a»'l infis of white oi ^aixlv. Pearl button trimmed. Size 1 to 4. Hie suit ' $4.95 Oliver Style at $3.45 This cunning little suit has waist of fine white lawn with blue cd(fjn(, r on collar and cuffs. The pants are made poplin. Ionics in pink and white a!.-u. ? to 4. The price $3.45 of till Size The price Other Styles at $2.45 Mitlilv and Oliver -uio made of ['aimer Linen come in I OIIM and short sleeve >!y!c-. Tan Miio and blue suits with braid and stitch trimmed collars and cutis. Sizes to 8 years. The suit .$'-'.45 Junior Base Ball Suits, $1.50 ttic play suit to deliidit the youngsters. It 1 lere is is made out of tan coin denim piping. An Oliver in blue letters. r- ami has pi ice Hit to de denim and trimmed with blue vie with short sleeves. Comes "baseball" across the front $1.50 Special Demonstration of -am-Te Liquid Powder Monday and All Week ula. w strut i; '1 SuilMU clear, will d well a -s ( arm' 1 be in oi .ud lab: a' e face i; !• till!.'. i t oiiie in ; . It is a a li WHO pcru-ctc. tile I. Whittali Rugs at 20% Discount Monday and All Next Week Reduced price sales of Whittali Rugs are very .rare occasions because the retail prices are fixed by the Whittali Company and no reductions are allowed except when the company notifies dealers that they m*y dispose of drop patterns at a discount. It has been several years since we have had the opportunity of offering Whitta'l Rugs to our customers at reductions from regular prices. We. have 19 WhilUnU Rujrs in sizes from 22 .\41-inchcs to 1 l-.M5-fcet which are effected .by this 20% discount. They are listed here as to quality, size and price. They will wear just as lonjr and look just as good as any Whittali Ruy; you buy at lull price. This is your chance to pick up a real rug bargain. DON'T MISS IT. They go on sale Monday' morning and first selections will of course be best. 5 Anglo Persians, 9x12 size Regular price $155.00 for $124.00 1 Anglo Persian, 36x0.3 inches Regular price 26.25 for 21.00 •t C'eo am Tc 5«tt "ii .vloiu '.av ti e lorm- demou- d let aM nntre: •jllid P' and .lttention in the picxion fair and u what -Te a skin food as 3 Anglo Persians, 27x54 inches Regular price 1'6.75 for 1 Anglo Persian, 22x36 inches Regular price 11.25 for 3 Tep'racs, 8-3x10-6 size . w Regular price 96.50 for 1 Teprac, 27x54 inches Regular price. 11.25 for 1 Peerless Brussels. 11-3x15 size Regular price 129.50 tor 1 Belma'r Bath Kug, 36x72 inches Regular price 19.50 for l'Belmar Bath Rug. 27x60 inches Regular price 12.50 for 1 Belmar Bath Kug, 27x52 inches Regular price 10.50 for 1 Belinar Bath Rug. 22x41 inches. Regntar price 7.00 for 13.40 9.00 77.20 9.00 103.60 15.60 10.00 8.40 5.60 The Price $1.00 Water Set Special at $2»50 Ch--nr KUIHS of p««l quality frosted can in line ami lent doalgr:. 1 fai'iii^.it untor I'iti.:.("'. G *trai(rht liiiiii.ilo.^, 1 II1<"!I K M \ tiuy. Blu-'-la] illBi'Uy on tlie third tloor. - * Your Last Chance To Get One of These Weather Prophets T3ils t'mrpon will imt. ui^'ar )u. re ajraiu. If y<m haven't mailed or broiiRht your coupon In yt-t, net qiilr.kJy. fur our supply will not lost lvivg. Our prico, while they hint, only ti'J;.'. Coupon Thl» Coupon and 69 s Q*od Hr Ono •1 Weather Home * Prophet An Excelllent Gift for All Occasions*. •When the leather to fine, the two ettli.tien w .n i, 0 out, and •wlion rainy "weather Is approaching, the witeli wilt m m <y out 8 to ti tours altead of mill or snow. Tho hydrometer will tell advance weather iwports batter and mora reliably ilnoi (suntwci weather reports. It also has Thermometer,' Elk's Head, Hird's Nest, ote. Mail orders 8o extra, for packing and postage. Other Wilton Rugs Reduced From Regular Prices We have gone through our stock and picked out 36 oilier Wilton Rugs of standard makes that we own coiiMderabiy below regular prices, that have been in our store some time, that we wish to dispose oi and we are marking them at attractive sale prices in connection with our discount sale of Whittali Rugs. LOOK AT THESE BARGAINS 1 Imperial Ispahan, 9x12 size 1 Glendale Chenille. 9x12 size 1 Roval Ardehan, 9x12 size 3 Wiltons, 9x12 SIJT 1 Gleiioble, 9x12 size 1 Akbar Wilton, 9x12 size 1 Imperial Ispahan, 11-3x15 size.... 1 Imperial Ispahan, 8-3x10-6 siz.e. . , 1 Rosslyn Chenille 9x26 size. 4 Bundl'mr Wiltons. 6x9 size , 3 Bundhar Wiltons. 36xb.5-in. size.. 7 French Wiltons, 27x;4-in. size.... 8 Bundhar Wiltuiis, 27:;54-in. size. 2 Bundhar Wiltons, 22x36-in. size. .Regularly .Regularly .Regularly' .Regularly . Regularly .Regularly .Regularly -Ivcgularly .Regularly .Regularly .Regularly .Regularly .Regularly .Regularly $150.00 for ?120.00 138.00 for 110.40 •13B.00 for 97.50 for 95.00 for 85.00 for 250.00 for i3s:oo 351.00 70.(0 18.00 15.50 11.50 7.75 for for for for for for for 108.00 78.00 76.00 68.00 200.00 110.40. 280.80 56.00 14.40 12.40 9.20 6.20 MORE INTEREST •*; PAID TO STATE Banks Which Have State Deposits are Qiving Good Money. SHOWN BY TREASURER Large Amounts on Hand, Loaned to the Banks, Brings in Some Good Returns. *t***»***^f**»**^t^<*m^<»^ •**•>•.-^-. r i-%fimjlii _r ^T-,-|i l niii_iiiW J-vJl WOMAN DISPUTES THE WOMAN ALTITUDE RECORD Mrs. Horchem Had a Male Companion on the Trip, is the „ Declaration. Seattle, Washn., July 7.—A record of 16,300 feet nititudu for a woman 1n fiyiuK, sot Thursday at St, Louis by Mrs. Bertlin Horrticin. of Hunr,oin, Kan., In challenged hero by Mrs. Cyril Turner on tho ground that Mia. llor- ehom had a ntalo eonipaniou. Jlrs. Turner, -whoso liusband ia an aviator,' doing letters In tile aky hero, until recently was Mllo Andrec 1'evre, nml In May, at I.os Angolcs, sot an altitude record for women at ] 5,000 tixi. M TH. Turner said that Mai. William B.' Robortson, commander of tli« Missour! National Guard ulr servku., went up with Mrs. llorchem. Mrs. Turner deelared that slio had eono up 10,000 f(iet H-itli u male iiasseuKt-r but "never' thought of It In record biualdu;;." Kho addod Unit she had ordered a novv motor from I'Vnm.-o nml Hint whoa it wired she would havu it uul Into linr piano and try i 0 riao feet without a male passenger. 1 MANUAL TRAINING POPULAR FOR WOMEN Emporia, Kan,, July ' 7.—Manual training la becoming u popular subject for women, according to l'rof. O, L. jHCknon, of tho Kiuisaa SUito Teachers' college here. Hight women aro lulling work in tho manual training department this Bummer term and they aro proving as adept as the men in certain parts of the work, the professor Buyi. "The women excel the men in accuracy," one of tho Instructors declared. "In machine work they are more awkward, but tho finished product la more neatly and better done. In -urawing tho women experience more difficulty In handling tho fine Instruments. The finished product, however, In about average iiicrtt." Voiir of tho womon expect to teach iH-xl year and tv\ r o of them will taach manual training. One of them, .Miss Mable llurgy, Is an Instructor In tflo commerce department In the Teachers' college here, and Is taking the work beca-UHfi Hlio "enjoya it." Others who me taking the woodwork and mechanical drawing courses: Martha n if" M, As!f:lr ' a : °Jesa Mui'i.hy, Bolleviilo; M n y Bhafer, ioh,- n e \lle I'roudfoot .Scott City; WilhelnUna I XJOSC, Jllllsboro; Jtosomary Heyuier Kansas City, Mo,; and Ileulah to;i, Ji'Iorencq, (Ry Tho Associate*! Prpfts) Topekn! Knn„ .Inly 7.—Tho rapid Increase tn the annual amount of Interest paid to tho state by banks which hold state deposits Is shown on a table compiled by Stato Treasurer B. T,- Thompson. Since 1905, when tho slate established a depository law, tho amount ofVvterest has Increased from $2,200 a year to J105.000. This latter .figure is the amount paid In-dally balances by tho ISC banks which are state depositories, during the fiscal year ending Juno 30, 1923, according to Treasurer Thompson's report. The evolution of the state's financial system from ono on which no special regulations were niado as to the payment of interest by depository banks to the present system has been gradual throughout the past twenty- two years. In 1909 the state took over the fiscal agency tor clearance of all Kansas municipal bonds, formerly held by a N'ow York bank. Today the law requires that hanks pay on dally balances; that all interest money thus collected be paid Into tho state general fund, and that biennially Kansas banks shall bid 'for state deposits, specifying tho ninount desired and tho amount of Interest each is willing to pay. \. Tho state treasury board will meet on August 7 to let the biennial depository contracts. These will bo based on an aggregate of about. $5,000,000 In deposits, Treasurer Tlpiuipson said. The Taxes. One main cause for tho greatly increased interest revertlug to the slate Is revealed by the tax statistics which show that the aggregate amount of taxcB collected has trebled In the List fifteen years. Of the ag srogato of JTR.OOO.OOO annually collected In taxes In Kansas, approximately $8,000,000 is paid Into the state treasury as the -"state tajt" each year, state tax commission statistics show. The treasury has Just, expert enced a veritable "flow of gold" from tho 105 counties as they submitted to the treasurer the final tax payments for the fiscal year. These funds originated in the annual June tax payments at the county treasuries. So great did the payments become that It recently became uecossary for the statu treasury board, composed of the governor, slate auditor and state treasurer, to nviko an emergency ruling that the B trejisurer could d(v posit tho excess funds in Topeka banks, over and above the amounts designated by law. provided the deposits wore protected by bonds dellv. ored by the banks receiving the deposits. "We had on hand a million and a half dollars with no Immediate place to deposit It because the law restricts deposits in any one bank to $700,000," said "Treasurer • Thompson. ,"i endeavored to get the leg'.slaturo^to increase this maximum figure, but i( didn't seem to realize tho necessity. A Big Task. % "In addition to the handling of the millions of the .-itste's general fund and tlscal agency fund-s, the treasury Is now confronted with tho largest job 1n the history of tho office—the receipt and disbursement of the $25,000,000 soldier bonus funds. This money is expected to begin arriving In about three weeks. Ninety-two Kansas banks have been designated as special depositories for the bonus funds," Tho summary of the amounts of Interest collected on state deposits since 1.905, as shown In State Treasurer Thompson's report, follows; State Treasurer E. T. Kelley: 1905, $2,216; 1906, *r.,435. Total $7,CH. State Treasurer Mark Tullcy: 1907, $10,219; 190R, $19,019; 1909, $25,1(17; 1910, $25,479; 1911, $30,4!)0'; 1912, $30 i H0. Total, $141,120. State Treasurer Earl Alters: 1913, $3(1,713; 19H t $40,978 j 1915, $42,083; 191.6, $45,026. Total, $104,780. State Treasurer Walter L. Pa.yne: 1917, $53,400; IBIS, $07,4(19; 1919, $73,500; 1920, $91,320. Total, $2S5,80C. "Tire total interest collected by the state' In sixtaen years aggregates $599,373," says Treasurer Thompson's report. "If thb present rate of collections is maintained throughout the current ihiennlum the general revenue fund will have received as much interest In four years as It did In sixteen years preceding, or since tho depository law,was passed." The Ttepot*t : of Condition of First National Bank 4»t TitttcJiirmoTi, In (ho Stato of Kanntta, lit. the eluau of business on Jurin 30th. 1923. ' IlUHOTJUCES. Loans fltiri dincomitn $I ,MU ,25I.4S ovnnlrarta, unsecured 6,493.80 U. W. booUa (lcjJtisJttMl to 88- ciirc elrfculnlkm (par valuo) 200.000.00 All other XInlted Stales Government securJtta9 873,750.00 Othfcf buiul*. HtockM, Hot -.url- X\va, etc Banking" houso with Kittle in I Jtcfl-erve Hank ., IrtO.Bg*. Cash In vault and amount iluo fmm luiikMirvl bankH.. 37fi,Co0. AmiMint due from. ^ banks, bank era and trust com­ print'^ Exch&ncGa for rlfiirliiR- horisf),. Chocks on bftnua locatfid out.sldo of Hty or town of rerwi'tine hank- and other cash Hems Redemption /unil With U. S. troaix. umr and, du« from U7 S. Treasurer 14Q,tit3.63 94.00O.W 204.402.S8 30.O0fJ.4O 10,000.00 Total Caih $ 729,361 .88 TOTAL ^690,470.38 UA1MWT1I5S. CfipHfil stock paid m S 2r»o,r-oo.oo 100.000.0i) Surplus fund l-iidivkl.-d profits % fi^ltH.&O J.t-ss eurrent ox- pemu 'S, Jnturcat and tu.3tes paid.. 4*.!,W4.4:i 40,S6O.l8 CircuUUiuc notes oulmaiuUnc 196,000.00 Nvt nniouiUa duo to National banks 150,750.61 Net amounts duo tf* Mlato banka, lianUi'is, a n d trust companies :iS5.34S."G Ocrllfl.d check* out 'taiidlnt; ,,.. 2^."),00 Cusliif-c'." c h * c its «utat undine 34,024.95 TnrtJi'idtrai deposits ftubj^t to elicck 919.Ii74.32 OrllflcniM of d ( >- luislt Hue Ih !mn Hum .H Stato, county, or ulhfr iiiunlctpal deposits Rccured by pledRo of as- fiots of this bank r.9,744.11 nivldciida unpaid.. 1E.000.W) Certlfleatcii of deposit (oOior than for money borrowed) 197.257.S3 Other time de- poHiU 234 .0 &5.73* Total Deposits ... $3,094,610.22 TOTAL $2,890,470.M State of Kansas, County of lieuo, I, Fr^d C./ Kretich, cnsliior of th« above-named "oank, do solemnly «w«ar that tho above etatemrnt ia truo to tb« beat rtf my knowledge and belief. FHKD (\ I'-UI'NCU, Cuflhlor. fftihprrJhPd ai;,] sworn to before m« thLs day of July, 1923. J. ti. LOVELACE. (Sfttl.) Notary Public. (My cmtm'.ssion expires March Z0, 1 *25,1 Correct-—Attest: E. I J . MEYER, WIT NATION, OEO. E. OA NO. N. B. SAWYER, Directors. Iteport of Condition of tho American National Bank at HuW-hhison. in the Stale of Kansas, fc* the close of buftineaa on June SO, 1323. KJfiSUURCES. retails and discounts $ Overdrafts, unsecured Dt_-jioRlU'd to secure clrcii'.ftUon (U. S. Bunds par valuej fcO.000.00 AM other t". S. Crov. Hecuflttfs. . 17.100.00 Otlu-r bi-ndfi. slocks, securl- 67,100.00 « tb; '•te. Houl- One Fourth Arrest^ Topoktt—OnJy one arrefft for violation of the city ordinance forbidding shooting of torso firecrackers v/au made ia Topeka on tho Fourth. The ehioi of police jiid not hnvo the heart, however, to penalize tho youngster following his pload, "Well, everybody els© was* Bhoottns "freerackers!" The boy waa released. A Baby Fl»h. Pra'tt—A 'haby fish for f^vory one of tho 1,760,000 poiniJatiou of Kansas, oach year, Is tho-program which Warf-de» J- 'B, 0>OE 6 h-o-poa to Attain. At present tho state hatchery horo ia •propagating about .'half that number. "I'm bunted financially,"'said a man today, "becausn my wife has.spent all my money trying out all of the economy hints for houheholda in the Ladies' Home Journal."—Atchison, illobe. Emporia—The C O II BKO of lamfcoria announces that ifts endowment fund hue paaBed the $TOG,000 mark. The goal la a million. 3S.7il.38 I 8,. r tl5.U Furniture and fixtures ....... H-.-al estate owned othrr than banking hous« L a iv t n 1 reaervc with Fetloral He- si-rvu }-fank .... C ^Kh in vault nml amount- due from miitlhiial halikn.. Aiii'jinu duo fivra Rtn le ""banks, bimUors, :i n d trust t;on)i)iiiilcs hi ihu IJnitcil Stiftf* I'-xrhanges i " 1* i-l^jiiny nous*. . Ulsc«'lliineoua c ;ush iiuint) ; ,. ntjdeniptlon fund with U. S. Treasurer anrf duo fro m IT. fci. Tvoa altro r 2, 5 0 0.0 0 Totbl Cash & Sight Exchange.% TOTAL S% LIABILITIES. Capital stocto^piild In.... f Surplus fund I'ndlvlded nrofUa..$ 27,7?-'.03 Lefii* current ex- uiMi .suM, Interest, and ta-xes paid.. 22.30 Circulating not t; e outstanding Amount due to national hanks .,. Amount due to State banky, h 11. !ikf ra and trnai oompaniea Cushler 'H i -henka outstanding .... IJi-mnml O^poslta: Individual flcpos- lts, subject lo check Certificates of de- posiLduu In less tlmn HO (Ja)'* State, county, or other municipal deposits secured , by pled go or &u- ' aetB of this hank Certificates uf rto- po»lt (other than for money borrowed) Other time deposits 25,147.74 P. a 3 OI 41,646.87 1Z0.763.S1 835,398.91 150,000.00 20,000 .00 48,900.00 MONEY FOR BLIND. Memberships at $100 Each Are Being 6ecured for Their Aid. Topoka, Kan., July 7.—Since its or- firanization three years ago Uio Kanaa.s State Association for tho Blind has been working to secure life memberships in 'tbe association. Miss bovella Hilto, of tlilH city, a director of the organization, has secured the .first life membership. It has been taken out by Mrs. J. B. Ehrsac, of Enterprise. These life memberships are obtain ed -^jy the payment of $100. Tho money Ku>inod through, tho sale of thorn will b« placed in a revolving fund to provide funds for loaning the worthy blind to become self-supporting, when the loan ia returned to the fluid.- Mlsa Hilty, who 1« a feuexjeRsTu] teacher of piano and voice, was educated In the Topoka schools and in the, institute for tho blind at Kansas Gtty. * ^23 ,755 .30 til ,303.4 H.O'JT.C 270 .C3S-89 IS, 024.23 70,072.43 90.121.17 43 ,'S£ 8. ?3 Total Opposite $ 578,91 Notes TinU bills redlscounted.. 32,SO0.0* TOTAL % 833 .398.0S State of Kansas, County of Ile«o, SB: I, E, r. Bradley, Cashier of the above- named banlt, do solemnly swear thut th» above statement Is truo 10 the btst ot m/ Cashier. Suliscrlbftfl arid eworn to before ma thU» 7th clay of April, 1023. (Setil) Notary Public. (Sly commission expires May 5, 1124.)^ Correct—Attest: _ H. K. McI.EOO, A. C. MAM.OY, K. K. sumciapp, O. R. OAQB, C. K. VAlll, Diroctom. 500 customers and jullk la gather** daily by a tied gt moro than iZdrif trucks. Big Milk Buslnes,, Fort Scott—Indicative of tho increase in dairy farming in this vicinity, tho bis coodansary hero reports June milk receipts were 25 iper cent larggf than those of Juno a year ago: Twenty new patrons were addod tho Jast week of the month. It now- hM about 'Pittsburg'—Members of the Orawv ford County Bar Association h»v« heard tho cali ot nature. The mejr*- .bers reeontly voted to puroh-aae * "recreation (rrounds" in tlio count™ and build a club house. A comma, tee is hunting for a suitable Hlte. 'More motorists are using Lee Puno- ture Proof tires this Summer Uua over before because they make motoring a pleasure. Phone E>9, Ragland- KlnBsloy Motor Co.

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