Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 9, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1888
Page 3
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TiUW EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1868. Evening Gazette, TH» Bviwraa OArRrni can be Imrt at all (be naws stands. Price TWO OHNT«. THURSDAY, FEB. 9, 1888. SOCIETIES AND AJIUHKMF.XT* "V" "%* Phantom party In O. A. R. Hall. During dancing absolute cilence enjoin ed. BRKVITIK*. ~NEW CORSETS, New Collars, Huchings, AND MANY OTHER JE¥__GQODS —AT- Lowest Cash Price, REMNANTS: REMNANTS OF DRESS GOODS, " •« SILKS, RDCHINGS, HOSIERY, MANY OTHER GOODS _^4 TO BE CLOSED OUT AT ABOUT HALF PRICE, —Mrs. Isaac Breasler, Sr., is quite ill. —Mr. and Mrs. George Getz are improving. —It is a year ago to-day that the Ice gorge formed in the river here. —One of the children of Mr. and Mw. H. B. Annlng has the scarlet rash. —Chronological; To-day is the anniversary of the death of Bishop "Waugh, (1858). —Communication "Who is Klgbt?" and signed "Observer," will appear in tomorrow's issue. —The Kansas City News speaks very highly of the Kermeag of that city, Mrs. Salmon (daughter of Mayor Elliott, of oar city) is president. —The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, illustrated lecture, will be given in the Academy of Music, Febuary 21, next, under the auspices of the. Sons of Veterans. —ThefEvenliiBt News, of Kansas City has a highly eulogistic article on our former townsman, Hon. Joseph Patter, son, and reommends him for mayor of that great city. —The Sub Kosa party in G. A. R. hall (bean bag party) to-morrow (Friday) night, will be the last before Lent. It will be the effort of the ladies to make It exceptionally pleasant, and It Is expected that the attendance will be large. —Ilebekah Degree Lodge No. 28,1 O. O. F. had a sociable in their hall last evening. It was regular work night, and several degrees were conferred. After meeting, there was singing, recitations and speeches. Supper was served during the evening. —The dam. meeting last night was very well attended " and the interest manifested was fully equal to the expectations of those who attended. The committees reports were received with applause because of the apparent success they are having; and considerable money was subscribed. "^-Rev. Mr. Scott, of Nebraska, delivered a lecture to a moderate sized audience In Fourth street M. K. church last night, in the interest of the Good Templars. Thirty-six names were secured and they petitioned for a charter, with the following officers: John Hnrpham, P W. C. T., J. PX)verholser, W. E. T., Miss Chloe Hill, W. V. —A story is around town that two men were standing day before yesterday on the Q. track, opposite Mr. Sanborn's farm, when a snow plow came along and picked them .both up and threw them into the field, and that one of them subsequently died at Morrison. Diligent enquiry failed to give any confirmation of the story. —Last night a surprise party 'was made on the Misses May and Emma Suavely, living two miles north of Sterling, in honor of Miss Sallle Dodendorf, who soon leaves for Nebraska. The visiting company was made up at Sterling, but many neighbors also were present. The Misses Suavely were admirable hostesses and they and Miss Dodendorf made it delightful for all who were there. . . • . —Mr. Isaac Reed, of this city, celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday to-day. ' Pap" Heed, as he Is familiarly known, U a hale, hearty old man- who may be seen on our streets almost every pleasant day, and still seems to enjoy life as well as ever. He ordered chicken-pie and oysters for'his birthday dinner and assumed the part of master of cermo- nles at table, with as much ease and grace as a younger man could have done. —Tbe C. B. & Q. will lay steel rails from Amboy to Denrock, beginning work early in the spring. This will require a large force of men whose Headquarters will be at Sterling. What with the large fo ce to be employed by the Northwestern litre and that of the Q, it will mean considerable activity and the paying out of ' considerable sums of motiey for work, greater portion of which will go for board, cloth- Ing and other purposes. —Miss May Land is, 22 years old, daughter of Emanuel Laudla, who resides north of Sterling, died last night of consumption. She had been ill for some time, and her death wus expected. The funeral will take place Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Miss Landis was most estimable and exemplary young lady, who bore her sufferings with resignation. Her death while not unexpected, has brought great grief and distress to her family and friends. From the house they will proceed to the New Mennonite church, where services will begin at 11 o'clock, liev C. C. Herr, of Osborne, Ohio, will offl- ate. ' • .•Last night Mr. Humphrey Anthony and Miss Phoebe Buah were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bush, two miles north of Sterling, the Rer. N. H. (J. Fife officiating. Only relatives of the family were present Mr. Anthony la a prominent farmer of Genesee township, and Miss Bnah has been a very successful teacher of thir county, she resigning one of the 'beat country schools of Wbiteslde a few weeks ninoe to make preparations for the wedding. There were many valuable presents given, and an excellent collation was served the guests. The newly marxled pair w\U settle at once on the farm of the giwm la Otonem. Th» QASKTTC —The Sterling Pleasure club bad Its regular danco in Masonic Hall laat night, thirty-five cotiplesbelng present. Professor Back's orchestra furnished the music. These dances are exceedingly popular, and those participating greatly enjoy them. —It is the duty of a newspaper to point out advantages to its people, particularly as its editorial force, by means of its large number of exchanges and Its constant communication with people, and being devoted Jail the time to Undlng of news aad learning of opportunities, become acquainted with facia not posessed by those whose scope of vision Is smaller, or whose duties, cares and responsibilities prevent their discovery of them. What we now invl e attention to is the fact that thousands of hogs are shipped from here annually- to Chicago, and freight Is paid upon their hoofs, hair and Intestines. Remember this fact and then let; usitell you this. There la a little village In Virginia called SmlthUeld. Well, if you go to New York or Philadelphia, or Baltimore, or any other of the many eastern cities, yoa-wlll^lQd • tEar fashionable-hotel^ and restaurants, and people generally, who can afford It, take pride in telling you that they have ( Hmithfleld hams, or Smlthtleld bacon upon their tables. And further enquiry would elicit the fact that said Smitbneld hams and shoulders, sides and middlings, sell from two to five centa more per pound than western products of the hog. It la not Smithfleld, as a fact, but the farmers for a radius of about sixty miles around that put np this bacon. In that region a farmer who would ship live hogs would be regarded as improvident. Now put the two facts together. Those Virginians 303 C! • II • I « M * K f «. Chimes of Normandy. C • II • 1 • SI * K • (*. Valentines Day. 55 cents. AboiU that Coal. As Mrs Knowles did not see any of the GAZETTE folks, nor know that her name or losses were going into the paper, it is not strange that it should get in a little crooked. She simply said, 'she wished she knew who around her is out of coal, then she might 'send them some." She ia willing to divide, for she knows it is hard to be without, but ahe does object to their taking it In the night. To put a stop to misjudging she now wishes to add, the tracks were never made by a woman's foot; the print of a big boot under where they took It out was Just as clear as of the big pails, or tubs, they put it in; several others saw it plainly. It was a big man, too lazy to earn his own; no hard working woman would do such a mean thing. We advise him to get his living honestly. M. B. KNOWLES. The purest Japan tea imported L. P. M. for sale at Gaufrapp'a Grocery. dS05-w8~~ Sterling Boomlnfr. Call on P. T. Van Home for plans and .specifications for all kinds ot buildings and cut of same. tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do fine watoh repairing, tf "Veivef and "»r." Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. II. Seloff, manufacturer. tf Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good properties of the older preparation in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered In modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler& Boorse. . tf Another Bargain. 8 lots sold in First ward last week and I now offer 4 lots more at a price that will insure 60 per cent, advance the first year. Call today and see about It. [305] GEO. W. CUAMSEBLIN. FIRST GUN PEOPLE'S COLUMN, ^T-We will Insert three linen In thin umn one time for 10 cents, or for 40 cents a week. Kach additional line will oe 6 cents a single Insertion, or 15 centa a week. FOR BALK. See the new Co. tf ad of N. Carpenter & and North Carolinians near Smithfleld cure bacon carefully and reap their reward; but they have no such amount as is raised here. Armour and a few others have grown enormously rich packing pork, and packing bacon and lard and butterine. Our hogs instead of being shipped alive from here, ought to be bought up here and killed and packed.^ A man of experience could, within two years, by making a superior and extra quality of hams, shoulders and middling get a, run on these goods that would insure the Lightest possible market price. The same could be predicated of the lard, while the pork would br fng its .fniir market Yftlue.._Iti8 of jio use to discuss the Tact of profit. If Armour could grow famously rich, so a company here can make money. Certain it is, it would start out with the advantage of saving freight, commission and other expenses over Armour at Chicago. Host of this work is by hand. Armour has to pay much higher prices and his expenses are greater proportionately every way than would be expenses here at Sterling. We invite attention to this subject now, but expect to say something further upon 4t, later. —The Supervisor of Pine Creek ridicules the idea that a gill (one fourth of a pint) of wood (methylic) alcohol could have killed Myers. A gentleman of Chicago, and a dealer In the article, informed us yesterday tUat he had known two ounces to kill. It is a villainous compound, heavily charged with fusil oil (a rank poison); formerly it was used is a medicine being given in doses of from ten to twenty drips for consumption, and other diseases, but was abandoned and it is now only used in cutting varnish and for other chemical and manufacturing 'purposes. • How this supervisor determined that Myers drank just one fourth of a pint, we know uot; usually in drinking bouts, men do not stand by to measure ti>e amount drank; but granted be drank that much, it amounts to 1920 drops, nearly one hundred times as much as the ordinary dose once given. We grant a man might be found, one in a thousand, who could drink a gill and not die at once; but even that is questionable. One thing is certain, however; if Myers was a man In delicate health and if he drank that much, the chances are that the wood alcohol he drank kilted him. But the ' chances are that . he drank more than the quantity named. In any event the fact is that a drug^ gist sold the grocery man four gallons of wood alcohol and. marked it just what it was; the grocery man took the mark off. No one at Pine Creek who bought alcohol knowinaly would buy wood alcohol as a beverage because its vile smell and poisonous properties forbid. This grocery man certainly knew the difference between wood and regular alcohol, because the former sells for less than half what the latter does. But these peddling grocers must sell cheap • goods At cheap prices • to get trade. This wood alcohol was offered to these Pine Creek men as alcohol for drinking purposes at a price about one half of what they would have to pay at home' for the genuine article. They bought it supposing It to be the genuine article. There is certainly criminal carelessness somewhere, and it is the duty of the authorities of Ogle county to locate it. No respectable {druggist would sell wood alcohol for alcohol; 1 these Chicago druggists declare they sold this for Just what it was. The men who bought it, bought it for a drinking alcohol, because they went to work drinking it as soon as they' got it. There was gross deception practiced upon them and the miracle is that more of them didn't die, and it is mot improbable that they might have done so bad they not previously been drinking poor whisky containing more or less fusil oil, and they were consequently inocu- loted against it, on. the principle that men have prepared themselves for the reception of poison in large doses by previously taking • small ones and getting the system Inured to it The more that is revealed In tblc case at Pine Crsek, the greater la ghpwn the iMoa of layeatlgatloa aud piuiahment of Ut« guilt? pirUw. lor Hale. I will offer fur a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on QEO. W, CHAMBKRLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSUKHT. tf .(Standard. ' The best sewing machine made. No stop and start to shuttle while sewing, but one continuous.circular motion. It will make three stitches as often as other machines make two. 2500 stitches per minute. Runs still and easy. Call and see it at L.L.Johnson's 8 ATTENTION. School d rectors and teachers. Chalk crayons, best quality, 8c per gross, at Fuller's book store, next to postofflce. w309 Time Kxicndcd. • • , Owing the fact that pay day comes on the I0th(,and some' wuo have purchased lots at Summit Place are unable to meet tlieir first pnymunt that day, the time for making the first payment of $10 is hereby extended until then and the price of lots will act be raised before that time. 80 lots sold which is in itself sufficient proof that the people in Sterling kuow a good bargain when they see it. Plat and contracts at the office of .. 305 GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN. Pay Your Taxen. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. I will be in the Sterling National Bank, evenings, beginning next week, from 0:30 to 8:80 o'clock. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. New addition opened in east Rock Falls, lots at great red uction. 800 Haakell & Bush. Grand masquerade ball given by the Sterling Cornet band in MffiQnercbor hall February loth, 1838. All are Invited. Tickets 600. f , 805 Grenlcheux in the "rhlmes" gets in- t • some queer situations and has some of the prettiest music In the opera. The part will be taken by J. F. Criswell. 801 More substantial benefit can be obtained from a 60 cent bottle of Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure than a dollar bottle of any other cough remedy. It is a prompt, safe and pleasant cure for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by O. A. Oliver. THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was Induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy., and was abtonlshed at-the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and'colds, but this Is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEIIAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Moiaes, Iowa. Sold by Btrickler & Boorse. tf Why is it that people trade at the Boston Store and are always glad to go there? That answer ia easy: it is because they can get better bargains there than anywhere else. And why do the Boston store's customers stick byity Because it treats them fairly, selling them just what they want and at the most reasonable prices, satisfactory to them in every case. It keeps a full line of ladies dress goods, latest styles, all kinds of ladies wrappings- laces embroideries, flannels, muslins' blankets, quilts, gloves, mittens, spool thread and everything else to be found in a first class dry goods Btore. ' 805 •- Card of Thank*. We desire to return our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors for their kindness in our bereavement, and also, to the pastor and members of the Baptist church for the use of the church and the ministrations of the pastor. FAMILY OF MRS. SAMUEL RUTT. Sterling, Ills, Feb. 0,1888. The first annual meeting of the Sterling and Rock Falls Citizens' Association is hereby called to meet at the Council rooms, Sterling, Wednesday evening, Feb. 16, at 7:30 p. m. A President, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive committee will be elected to succeed the present officers whose term expires on that day. Q. T. ELLIOTT, 8*0. Th> Druaunwr Boy of i5iIioa,F«b,81. New Addition to Kant Bo k Falls. JAM LOTS for sale nt a (rrent reduction and 1VU on easy terms. These lota »ro 83 by 178 feet Now la ihe time to buy. Apply to Uaskell & Bush, Kzclualve Agents. jtf G OOD light bob-sled nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at Uil« o/Bce tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sals. George E. JRogers, Sterling, Ills. Addrest, U FOB KK.\T. F URNISHED ro"ms, with conveniences for heat-Ing, and board, at Mrs Krclder's, on 2d avenue, between nb nml Rth streets. U R ESIDENCE of E. W. F.dson and the store room under Farwell Hall. - - - - Graod Embroidery Sale! At ACTUAL COST for th* n»« W stays, m Fuller's Book Store, »EXT I»O»T OS-PICK. Offlea la , Office. The haekroan, Bozmr. trom Sterling to Dr. PoUoekVoffiot jreo of charge. will tak« putSe* to taut U Mci^une. Apply to J. A. D ON'T »leen out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for irora six to seven dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. tf O FFICES for rent In Hell block, being destr- able.aud finished In elegant ibape. Apply to J. R. Bell & tton. tf .-._ WANTKn. G IKT, to do housework; muitbea good cook Apply BOB 6th avenue. tf FINANCIAL. I HAVE fc»oo to loan on city or farm prowr- ty. Edward C. Underwood. ti WE OPEN, TUESDAY, FEBBUABY 7 A SPECIAL SALE Farms, City Property i Personal Property an Stock Bof goods For ether Property —OF— WHITE GOODS —AND— «EO. W. CBABIBEKI.IK. BOOM », ACADEMY OF MUSIC, open evening!. /C»mc Down After Bap-' per and Mlt bytur Open Wrmte and let n« Talk B s S a Q S A POINTER FOR THE BOYS 11 SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! OUTJL.KRY, CUTL.KR.Y, OUTL-KR-Y, BARD WAR K & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klslb'i Merchant Ta.lorlag establishment. Lewis D. Wynn, Oar Htoek In ton larcn and mn*t be reduced at once. Warranty with, each Inetrnmeut, 15.00 to 810 00 per Month. CUT BATK8 CONTINUED. CO., Gait Don** Block. CLEARING SALE --OF— WOOLEN GOODS, FOE THK KKIT THIBTY DAYS. Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES* & MITTENS, Hosiery, Leggins, TOBO OGKAJVS, An Immense and Carefully Selected Stock of the COCHRAN SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY All Grades of Token AT LOWEST RATES. —AND- The Cream of the Market. never Had a more elegant assortment to select from, GALL EARLY. (Beginning February 7. INDEPENDENT GROCER. TIJE JJEEJJIVE .GROCERY ti the most Independent Grocery Home la Bj«r- Ung. We makoourt rice* and MI! GOODS LOW SO TU»t prices utnnlgh erery one. All ireodi W at thi- lom-ai U ^ over-cburglng. . W at thi- lom-ai Uvlcg prices, A child eaa At the BF.E H I TK u low u a crown pcnon st and finest st TOBACCO'S :ht before the rerrnt advance*. The 8KB VK cu-tomeit Ketthe (H-uefitot the lew price! before Uie atirauce, A lain itock of Ullt Ktlga At 45 anil SO Cents per Gallon. Rock C*nd> Ijrlp,, pure w j,,u. at »« c«au PAT UiJlou. EOCENE OIL Non «plo»)*e; the test on told In this market, nt as low p/lceas Inferior olUare>ol<iclwwhe>n Don't b- d/celrcd and buy low leat iilla nod nia Uie ruk or belug bunieil up.. Bemember yon buy U>e BEST J^ At the BER HIVK. Bnow Flake, and Kansas Wlnt»r Wheat; ail Holie? P»trnt» mid all Winter Wheat; muki-s truer ana whiter bread; keeps moUt lonpr ihun Bprlig Wneat FIcwr. \ genuine articl ' Buckwheat Hour I! -AND- DRESS GOODS, At a oaoruS«e, to make mom for blf Spring itock coming IQ at raw lurr «MM»»» Ten Innuitand po-inda aotd but BIX tbounan < pmuid.t i-oM *n far thU aot- 100. This flour baa on equal to thu mar> k-t: In made bytnel-teatproonta; patent balled; no bUck aped*. A ftoe Mock of Canned axd Qried Fruits, California Fruits of all kinds; The Qstiulna Dowa kaat MAPLE SUGAR! R. L.

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