Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 6
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 6
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Sis if jjMKQ PAILT QACTTM. STBttma, , October 2T> t 1941 Sport News Covering Local and National Events Close to 3,000 Fans See SHS Win from Dixon Last Night Galloway's 25-Yard Run for Touchdown « Brings 6 to 0 Victory Consistently outplaying Dixon from start to finish with the jinx bobbing up at most. Inopportune moments, to hold them in check. Coach Ted Scheld's Golden Warriors finally downed a stubborn and inspired Dixon team by a score of 6 to 0. before a stndium-pncked crowd of around 3,000 fans Friday night. A 25-yard Jaunt' by Oallowny early in the fourth quarter struck pay dirt for Sterling and dropped Dixon with a resounding smack. It was a typical Bterling-Dlxon classic with plenty of thrills. Dixon went down fighting and so another context between these two friendly rivals becomes history. Sterling is still undefeated in North Central conference play in defens of her title. The conference fine comes next Friday night at De Kail when the locals tackle the undcfeat ed Barbs. Dlxan Fumble Coats 26 Yards There were thrills galore in this game and both teams came In fo glory. Dixon won the toss and chos< to receive. Egler made a 20-yard re turn of the kickoff before Leonard downed him on Dixon's 35 yard line Weidman was stopped by Miller af ter five yards. Dixon lost a yard an then lost 20 more on a fumble when Kelly smeared the Dixon ball car rier, Egler got away a 46 yard pun to Sterling's 30. Sterling was offsid but Dixon refused the penalty. Co-Capt. Woodyatt, Riser and OeUoway made a first down. Wood -yatt-inade-a-yard- and Shank recovered a Sterling Jumble on Ster ling's 45 yard line. Dixon lost four yards. Riser pulled a thriller when h* tipped a Dixon pass into the air and then grabbed it on Sterling's 33 yard line and made a 13-yard re turn to the 45-yard«iine. Riser mad six yards on a lateral. Oallowa made it a first down. Sterling drew • 1ft yard penalty for illegal use o the hands on offense. Woodvat B ted 35 and Hoeman returned th 15 yards to the Dixon 20. H was tackled by Co-Capt. Nelson. •W«idman—electrified—the—crow< with a great run of 22 yards to Dixon's 47-yard line. Egler and Quil hot made a first down. Miller and Galloway each got two tackles M the quarter ended with Dixon in of the ball on Sterling' Step* Off 42 Yank 4Jullhot made five and a first down on the next play Dixon dre • five-yard penalty for backfleld in motion. Miller spilled the ball car tier for a six yard loss. Egler re covered a fumble for a four yard loss Dixon's punt went 34 yards and ou of bounds on Sterling's 11. Wood yatt made nine yards and two play: later made four yards and a firs down. J. Gould made three yards Riser gave Sterling fans something to .cheer about when he raced * yards to the Dixon 20 yard line Woodyatt made five and Galloway tor* off seven on a fake and a firs down on th* Dixon 17. Riser hit cen tor for six yards. He was tackled by Bharas. who by the way was a tower of strength in the line and who a big share of the tackles. Dtxea HeUs *• One-Yard Liae Sterling got a real break when pats interference was ruled agains Dixon when Galloway was shoved out of th* way on the Dixon one- yard line. Here the jinx really got to work. Sterling fumbled a poor pae* from center and lost four yards. Sterling lost another yard when Collins brok* through the Sterling line and spilled the ball carrier. Woodyatt mad* three and Sterling fumbled a lateral and Shams recovered OB the Dixon seven. Dixon had stav- • 4* off what appeared to be a certain touchdown. Arming blocked a Dixon {Mint ot^the one-yard line but Dixon got a break when an offside penalty was charged against Sterling Dtaon wae penalised five yards for backfteld in motion. Dixon got away • beautiful punt of 56 yards. Be- fejrevthe half ended Woodyatt passed to Galloway for 20 yards and a first Dixeei Place Kick Pails Sterling made a first down (o start the third period and then lost 30 yards on a fumbled lateral. Woodyatt got away a beautiful punt for SI yard*. Dixon punted 36 yards to the Sterling 1«. Sterling got in the hole when Quilhot recovered a fum- M* on Sterling's 1>. Sterling's line fought dtaperately. Reitwl tossed the Dixon ball carrier for a yard loss and thon he and Galloway checked Quil- Prep Footboll <By The Associated Press) TayloTvill* 0, Pana 6. ,• fJUotou^tv Jacksonville 0. S Peoria Central 38. Pekin 0. BUeator 13. Peoria Manual 12. Spring Valley 32, Peoria Wood- Farmington 20, LewUtown 13. natetburg 37. Macomb 0. Kewanee 36, Canton 6. Bast Moline 13, Ottawa 0. Charleston 7, Marshall 0. Blgtn 13, Precpon 0. Baiam 13, Centralia 13. Mock bland 37. Moiine 0. Thornton (Harvey) 7, Danville 6. Champaign it, M»Uoan 0. Urbane If, Moment* 0. Wo* Rockford 32. Kast Rockted 0. Mt Morris 37. Mt. Carroll «. JWm* 6. La Salle-Pf ru 0. •tojfctoa 17, A*uin ipreeport) I. Oaten* M, Warren t Oefteee* 41, W4*h*nA*M (Kewa- mi 14, •. ~ Bradford f. Touton 0. II. MecMkna II. ho', after a yard Rftln. a paw inrompl'tf. A plsce kick by Weaver wn« wide. Sterling toofc the b*H on their 20 <.srd line. Osllow-ay, Woorl- yaM and Piter made * couple first downs and Woodyatt punted 37 \ardi to the Dison 14 as the third period r-ntird. Jcnnt was stopped by Kellv after two \ards and Dixon punted 31 yards to the Di.xon 48. Riser made 12 yards and a first down. Riser and Woodyatt made a first down on the Dixon 25. It was then that Galloway earned a niche in tiie hall of fame bv his famous 25 yard reverse run for the winning score. It was a great run with perfect interference. The kick for point WHS wide. This proved sufficient to win but Dixon put up a desperate buttle during the remaining eight minutes. Woodyatt punted 56 yards to the Dixon 38-yard line with 15 seconds remaining in th> ball game. A lateral, Shank to Wild man. was good for 23 yards and a first down with four seconds lef in the bull game. An incompletet pass ended the game. What a bal game it turned out to be. The lineups: Pos. LE LT LO C R3 RT RE QB LH RH PS Sterling •Nelson Eigler K. Reitzel Leonard Dahlgren Miller Kelly J. Gould •H. Woodyatt, Galloway Riser *Co-ceptaln§. Score by quarters Sterling Dixon Touchdown: Galloway. Substitutes: Sterling, Frledrlchs O. Hunsberger, Anning, Pluck. Dlx on, Hink. Pierre, Edwards, Van Me ter, R. Collins. Referee. Duncan umpire. E. M. Cole; headlinesman, N Mosher. Dixon Shank Weave PotU Shara Hoeman Evans Weidman Loftu Egle Joyn Quilho 000 000 0—0 Dixon Wins in Hard Fought Frosh-Soph Game with Sterling Coach Marvin Winger's Dixon high fresh-sophs defeated 8. H. S 13 to 6. in a hard fought game be fore a large crowd at the stadium Friday night. Sterling took th< opening kickoff on their own 30 yard line and marched right down the field for 70 yards and the firs score of the game. Mangan scored on a pass; The~klckrTor polnt~Was blocked. The locals then met a de termined Dixon offense that turned the trick by a consistent drive from the Dixon 46 for a touchdown. Coo per acored from the 36 yard line Weinke put Dixon in the lead with a boot between the uprights and Dix on left the field with a 7 to 6 margin at the half. Early in the third period Dixon clinched the game with Oaowski a* the leading ball carrier. At/one time he got away for 17 yards and on fourth down and a couple of yards to go on Sterling's 20, he got *wa with good int.rferenee and carrin the mail all the way for a touchdown. The try for point was missed Welton was almost away in the third period on a reverse and picket up 22 yards to the Dixon 38 yard line. He had fine interference on this play. Sterling was cheeked aev eral times when Dixon intercepted passes the last of which came in the last two minutes of play on Sterling'* 37. Dixon made a first down on Sterling's 25 as the game ended. ed to show the consistent brand of ball that for a few minutes made it appear they might win. Throughout the game there was outstanding play by members of both teams. The lineups: Pos. C LC LT LO R3 Rr RR 4W LH RH Dixon Bowers B. Goff Dennison J, Woodyatt Pish Drummond Walters Dsowski Cramer Cooper Meink* FB Score by quarter* Dixon—-- —— Sterling Touchdowns: Oaowakt Point Meinke. Substitutes: Sterling. P. Hunsberger, Kraft, Freeman, Robinson Sternberg, Ridge, Watson, ReltseL Dixon; Prey, Wilson, Hansen, Alexander. Sterling Caihoun Duhm Nelson Birch Griffith Mulcahey Arterburn Mangan D. Hunsb*rg*r Wtlton Engie 6000—6 Mangan, Cooper, after touchdown Lee's Long Runs Big Factor in Victory of Tampieo over Ohio Tampieo high defeated Ohio, B o 18. at Tampieo Friday afternoon. Lee mad* three touchdowns for Tampieo including th* 70-yard return of a kickoff for a touchdown. He also raced 40 yard* for a score. Warkin of Ohio returned a kickoff 60 yards for a score. Tampieo mad* 12 first down* and Ohio eight, Tampieo completed three out of seven paste* and Ohio completed five out of 12. I-. Atkinson play* at Tampico next Friday. Lineup*: Tampieo ;Ohlo Van De Veld* LB Kerr ?hapin C Bat*rday Tempi* RK Smith Lte QB Bioier McCormkk LH Warkin Cady . . PB Krapff Sew* by quarters: Tampieo 14 11 0 6— » Ohio 0 0 II 6—18 .Touchdown*. Lee, three. Van D* Vide, McComuc*. warkio, Kra**. Bisler. Point* after touchdown, . four. Lte. two. Officials, Rock Fails Machine Crushes Polo with Touchdown Jaunts Rockets Continue To Pile Up Lopsided Scores Against Foes Dodsing and salloping down th fleld with ease, the Rock Falls speed RockeU smothered Polo. 48 to 7. on the Rock Falls field Friday evening to continue their drive for anothe Rock River Valley conference, am for first honors in the state. Polo made its only score in thi final quarter when D. Terry block ed a pass by Spencer. The bal bounded into the air. Holby caugh it and ran 39 yards for a touchdown J. Terry kicked the extra point. Three T«ucheewn* in Fin* Peried Rock Falls started iU scoring spree in the first minute and a hall Rock Falls marched down the field from Polo's kickoff. and Spence made a 19-yard run around left em for the flrat touchdown. Bamhart went over for the extra point. On the Rock Falls' kick. Polo fumbled and Rock Falls recovered on Polo'. 15-yard line. On the second play Spencer went through left tackle for the second touchdown, and Barn hart made the extra point. Following the Rock Falls kick with Polo In possession of the bal on their own 35-yard line. Holby got into the clear and was bound fo the goal line when he was caugh from behind by Bamhart. The run was good for 45 yards. Rock Palls gained the ball on downs on thi 18-yard line, and marched acro&s the field. Hunsberger carried the ball over from the 25-yard line, bu the ball was called back and Rock Falls received a 15-yard penalty for holding. Interference was ruled on the next play. Spencer then car rled the ball on a right end run for the third touchdown. Bamhart made the extra point u the firs quarter ended. Coach George Quire began maklni substitutions early in the second quarter, and the varsity reserves saw much action. Rock Palls made its fourth touchdown at the start of the second quarter, when Huns berger went around right end for 16 yards. A try by Geringer for the extra point failed. A 26-yard pass Spencer to Card., who ran 24 yards for a touchdown-brought-the-aeore up to 33 to 0 for the first half. The reserve team scored the nex touchddwn in the third quarter, after Boehm had intercepted a Polo pass on Polo's 40-yard line. The reserve* started a march down the field, and Kyger went over for the touchdown from the two-yard line A paas. Kyger to Warner, was good for the extra point, making the score 40 to 0. Pete Been* Agamet Begalar* Polo's only touchdown came against the vanity team at the start of the fourth 'quarter. Polo kicked and Rock Palls returned the ball to mid-field. On the second play, Hunsberger shifted and dodged on a reverse, running 47 yards for the final touchdown. Boehm, a reserve, attempted to kick, but failed. The reserves completed the game Powell was headed for a touchdown on a pass from Robinson, but be was dowped on the 10-yard line, after a 14-yard gain as the gam* ended Th* Rock Palls team was in high gear, doing better at shifting and dodging than at any Urn* during the season. "W.™McMurrr the game because of illness, but Kimmel proved a worthy substitute Spencer played his best gam* of the season. Th* Rockets face their strongest test next Friday evening when they journey to Rochell*. The band majorette* and a large crowd of fan* will' accompany the team. Both varsity team* are undefeated in th* Rock River Valley conference. The lineup* were a* follows: Tifas-oat-irf ~PuckH Rock Palls R. McMurry r. Kofiter Gregory Damken George Oeringer Bard __•_ Hunsberger Spencer LE LT LO C no RT RB Polo Wilson D. Ttrry Bowers Copenhaver Howard Stuff LH RH , J.-TOW- Holby C. Ames D. Reed Barnhart PB BuhtUUita*: Rock PaUi. Lane. Kyger, Wagner, Draper, Nehrkorn. Miller, L. KosUr, Robinson, Werland. Kimball. .Pelton. Wlke. Pfulb. and Prance; Polo, Olson. May, Bodomel, Oaylor. Riggs and Horton. Official*: Henderson. Mt. Morris, refer**; Toa Johnson, Rockford umpire; John Omclak, Rockford Fights Us* Night CHICAGO - Bob Montgomery 117, Philadelphia, outpointed Juli* Kogon. 1*4. New Haven, Conn.. (13). WJJlard (Big Boy) Hogue, 116 1-3. San Diego. Calif., won by technical knockout from Mike Bopko, ISA 1-2. Indian* Harbor, Ind., (a). CAMDBN. N. 9.-~«averio TurfeUo. 147, New York, outpointed Buck Btreator. 1*4. H*4donft»td. N. J. (6). TrenUin.NJ'.—Antonio Fernandas, 146, Bouth America, outpointed Carl Dell, 146 1-2, Brooklyn. (10). HOLLYWOOD — Jacki* Wilson, 140, Los Angeles, won by technical knockout from Kid Aateca, 146, Mexico City, (6). .Horstshow Winntrs KANSAS CITY — (AP) — Result! in the American Royal horaaehow yesterday Included; 63,060 championship stake fer Uiree-gaited sad- dto horse* over 14-3 han4s—third. Hut But. B. * Moody. Du Quoin. 11,604 rhamplanthip atojae for vy heroes* herag* over 14-1 Pilot, Hawtfaana vUU, 111 : Juae ftoktei. Libberty for ro>*it*re- Jarrin' Jawn fo Wed John-JEimbrough. Texas Ail-American back field star who has turned pro, and Barbara Oolding of Houston, Tex., who are to be married Monday in New York. bw inX P-TOWN MAJOR Walgtens— Lyon 145 151 -172—466.- D. Dora thy 141 148 170— 459 Blair 242 139 14»- 529 Herald Weber Totals Olivers— Beechel Sholes Jorgenson Soliday Wheat Handicap 179 178 159 143 168— 506 173— 494 885 740 831—2456 165 182 179 141 123 19 144 213 141 176 142 Id 152— 461 137— 532 116— 436 112— 429 149— 414 19— 57 Totals Wheat's Cleaners- Roman 198 245 Hunt 143 187 R. Dortthy 145 124 Toppert 192 191 K. Brown 192 202 Totals 863 • 961 Thede's Implements— . Zschiesche 179 168 Oetwl 155 147 Taber 202 154 Thede 146 165 Weitekamp 142 154 «* 835-665—3329 Totals 824 786 179— 622 170— 500 146— 417 179— 562 176— 570 664—2707 174— 521 164—466 160—536 206— 517 156—454 •63—1484 COMMERCIAL LEAGUE STANDINGS Sinclair Wright's D-X Wai* Lunch Nit* Owls Eureka Co. Manfield Clothing Ridge's Service Seven-Up Wilbert Vault t's Service Sullivan's Tavern Peter Pan W. 13 11 11 11 11 10. 9 8 8 -0—1* 5 13 6 13 L, 5 7 7 7 7 6 a 10 10 Pet. .722 Jll .ill All Jit .556 MO .278 .278 Walr Lunch— White Mathew Pexton Qcken Bck — Handicap Totals 156 155 94 202 17 146 178 139 126 163 17 200— 506 167— 500 19ft— 426 165—463 170— 522 17— 51 815 771 914—3500 Wright's D-X Station- Wright Thomson Hackett Waseenberg Bberhardt Totals 139 144 167 153 192 156 166 166 155 163 155— 450 135— 447 166— 563 1&6— 467 543 816 648 605—2460 Mortenson Arnold , Boyungs Hammett McPalls Totals 181 126 166 166 150 .156 163 146 167 144 177— 114 176— 465 167—533 244—599 177— 471 813 706 061—3S73 Puckett's Service Station- Bogott Taber Ptynn Schaeffer Steadman Handicap 114 145 106 140 164 144 BS 134 127 140 164 146 M— 301 116—365 133— 365 420 4»2 146— 436 Totals Nit* Owl Cafe- Abbott 161 White 127 Sears 176 Van Patter 166 Howard 169 814 706 791—3401 136 205 136 166 300 160— 467 153— 464 154—466 166—406 236— 505 Totals 796 633 676—3510 Ridge's. Service Station- Lane Crouch OlUuann Union Brassier Handicap 156 140 146 191 164 11 167 161 161 121 313 li 311— 556 167—477 157—464 161— 473 193— 500 U- 33 Totals WUbert Vault Co.- Reiske 150 C. Shaw 303 Kophammer 139 639 654 900—3593 Brown Mangan Handicap 111 156 71 150 167 139 143 140 71 150— 450 201— 591 131— 417 09— 352 176— 476 71- 313 Totals Manficlds Clothing-Kirkpatrick 144 166 1S4 633 630 636—3400 163—475 itonuaer Oranaow Duf*n TuUU 130 130 140 166 151 146 146- U* lit- 4*6 143— 452 m m-mi Seven-Up- Black —Norton Krueger Freeman Freeman Totals Eureka Co.- E. Keefer Schultz LUkala BetU Peterson Handicap 118 147 159 160 168 !2S 166145 173 178 142— 385 141— 445 137— 470 176— 522 752 789 742—2282 129 182 189 156 145 15 145 202 156 112 163 15 157— 431 131—515 158— 503 135— 403 145— 453 15— 45 Totals Sullivarr's Tavern— B. Shaw 155 199 K. Hammett 137 158 816 793 741—2360 Curry Keenan Pepper Totals Peter Pan— McWethy De Roo Whitney Jones 116 144 158 154 146 202 190— 544 110— 405 205— 475 133— 423 171— 531 710 659 600—2378 m 99 130 116 Komarec____L12 Handicap 174 127 66 145 107 157— 460 121— 347 91— 307 146— 407 120— 339 Totals 641 694 690—2025 Walnut Piles Up Six Touchdowns to Beat Nepoftset High, 40-0 Walnut defeated Neponset 40 to 0 in-a-Uttle-Eicht-conference-game-av Walnut Friday afternoon. Walnut is undefeated in conference play; Sheffield defeated Wyanet 21 to 14. Just to start things off on the right foot Walnut scored in the first three plays and then proceeded, to pile up the count. During the second half Walnut presented an open passing attack completing several passes, two of them for touchdowns. Walnut chalked up 10 first downs and Neponset four. Tlskllwa is undefeated but has been tied once and will meet Walnut next Friday in a game that will decide the championship. The lineups: Walnut: LE LT _____ C RT RE Renwlck Anderson Abbott Water house Thompson Peach Smith Gustafson HB PB Score by quarters: Walnut 13 13 14 Neponset 000 Neponset McNee* .Blake, Stabler Coatee Bennett Curran Pratt Kane 0--40 0— 0 Gridiron Dodgers Curbed in Practice Shoe Cleats Banned In Ebbets Field Drills By jiwison Baiir* NEW YORK — iApi—The Brooklyn Dodgers would like . ;o run rough?hod over the unbeaten New York Giants tomorrow in the day 1 * most, important Nations! Football league Mruegle — but they're not really Mire they know how. Jock Sutherland, their eminent gridiron proffc«or. has tutored them in most of the tricks, but this 1 week they have had some difficulty in learning to run roughshod. They haven't been allowed to practice in cieated shoes, Larry MacPhail. who runs Kbbets fleld primarily for baseball, but per- SPORT NOTES Th» *un ri»fs Sunday at fi.21 s m find wti »t 5.07 p. m Monday it rise* a: f 11 a m. snd tel-t at 5 05 p. m. The run L« fthining on both sides of the fence here today. It is a very- beautiful day and the morning after the defeat of Dlr.on. Not that the world U regulated by a win or loss to Dixon. but things always appear a bit brighter locally after SterlinR has handed their respected rivals » defeat. Friday night wg« homecoming at S. H. S. and certainly the old grads turned out in large numbers. Many of la*i rear's undefeated and untied team were along the sidelines to lend encouragement to the present group. Statistics disclose that Sterling gained 236 yards from scrimmage 87. Sterling « mit-s the gridders to perform there < , B ,- 11 1 " " n . for a price, instructed his grounds- ? Uon S4 ' 8ter " n « completed two of keeper not to let the football -aquad " P" 8 and "" * WM mtr work out In cleats anywhere In the park, and the sacred, even if barefoot. outfield grass was the gridders played , f cepted. Dixon completed two of nine passes and one was 'Sterling gained 38 yards In MacPhail explained that it would cost more M> replace the &od in Uie ball park ihan he would get from Dixon gained 41 and ling's net gain was Dixon 128, Sterling Intercepted, passes. lost 13. Ster- 274 yards and made 12 first downs and Dixon six. Sterling made all the football games piled togeth- • toul ot *° P^ys from scrimmage cr. He imposed no restrictions oni* nd Dijcon 27 - Sterling made four the Dodgers digging up all the|P unt * *°r *n avera*e of 42J yards, ground they wanted to tomorrow | Dixon made seven for an average of when they actually are playing. M - 4 - Sterling suffered 40 yards In The Dodgers must win or Steve!tow penalties, and Dixon lost 15 in Owens impressive collection will (three penalties. Galloway averaged turn the eastern division race into as i five yards in nine tries. Riser av- much of a mockery' *« the Champion eraged 4J in 10 tries. Woodyatt av- Chicago Bears are making of the;eraged 2 A In 23 tries. Gould made west. ;oni in two tries. Weidman averag- The Bears, who have rolled up 175 ed five yards for Dixon in four tries, points in winning lour games, expect Egler averaged 3.5 In seven: Joynt to have another soft touch tomorrow when they entertain Buff Donelll's Pittsburgh Steelers, The Green Bay Packers, triumphant against Cleveland last week on Don Hutson's last-minute field goal."wflToe out to repeat their early- season victory over Detroit. The Washington Redskins, second- place in the eastern division, expect to curb an invasion by the Cleveland Rams, Chicago's unpredictable Cardinals, Ullenders in the west, take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Prophetstown Wins Conference TWe by Beating Erie, 50 to 6 Prophetstown defeated Krie. M to 6, at Erie Friday afternoon to win the Two Riven conference six-man football titto with an undefeated and unUed record. In winning the title Prophetstown defeated Annawan, SO to 30; Tampieo. 41 to 18 and Port Byron. 56 to 6, for a grand total The Prophets took a big lead wtlh 20 points in the first period, added 14 more in the second and then finished off with 16 in the third. Erie scored m the second period. Erie winds up the *eaion play at Fulton next Friday. The lineups: Pos LE C RE QB LH PB Erie Kaftsger Stubba DiVall Oaborn* Wilson Thomas P-Town Lawrence Sommers M. Wtidman C. Curry Martin Mathis -Beort 1>y P-town . 30 14 16 Erie 066 0—6 Touchdowns: Ellis, FraIn, Som- merj two. Martin, three, Mathis. Points after touchdown, Sommers six. Martin two on a safety. Officials. Hunt of Moline. and Hayes of Morrison. — Substitutes—Erie: Peteratn, Plenty, Ellis. Bonneur, Bnowden, Klendworth. P-town—Pratn. Ransen. O. Wildman, V. Curry, Shearer, Roth. 8TJn*r and Meier. ' Eisy Victory Friday Touchdowns. Peach. 3, Smith, 3, Gustafson. Points after touchdown, Peach, two, Reuwick, Thompson. Savama ConNwes Victory March; Beat De WHf, l«. J4 to 7 llNl. Savanna high eleven is still in the undefeated ranks, winning its fifth straight game before a homecoming crowd by defeating DcWitt, la., M to 7 in an Iowa conference game which gives Savanna at least a tie for first place in the conference. Black was the scoring *i*r for fia- vanna with three touchdowns, going yards through tackle in the first quarter for a score, dashing off tackle IS yard? for a touchdown in the third quarter and then running .1 yard* around end for another score in the same period. Art John- to Miles for a touchdown in the initial period and then in the inal quarter Doty to*aed on* to Miles for 16 yards and a score. i pat* covered 25 yards, ipiungee} twice for extra Doty pa«rd to Miles for aoel Cravatta plunged tor another, D*WHt acored when O. Fat- rick picked up a fumble and rah 4| for a touchdown. J Kiray Mount Morris defeated Mount Carroll at Mount Morris last night in a non-conference game by the score of 27 to 0, the heaae team scoring a touchdown in every quarter Wayne Ballard, Mount Morris' drop- kicking expert, was the scoring star for the Mounden, tearing two touchdown*, passing for •nether and dropkicking for three extra point*. Ballard opened the towing in the averaged 3J. in five, and Quilhot averaged 2.1 in 11. Just what Sterling is up against at De Kalb next Friday night was clearly shown by De Kalb's 46 to 7 victory at Belvkiere. That means that De Kclb will be the favorite but Sterling is not conceding De Kalb the victory. Paul Purr was one of two De 1Mb scoute in attendance at the Sterung-Dixon game. Rock Palls is certainly breexing along as expected. Rock Falls goes to Rochelle next Friday night for a game with a team that is also undefeated in Rock River Valley conference play but certainly not in a class with the green and black. Rocheil© High Wins From Morrison, 26-6, On Friday Evening . The Rochelle High school football Mjuad added their fourth conference victory to their .string without a defeat. with R win o\er the Mrtrrlvm 5(]ii*d, 26 !o 6, at Morriwn Friday night. The local bo\s started the scoring in the first quarter when Dykema, went off left guard from the ten yard line for a touchdown. He failed to kick the extra point. In the second quarter Kunde started the scoring for the visitors when he went through center 'from the three yard line, but failed to chalk up the extra point. He scored again in the third quarter when he went off right guard from the four yard'Mine and used the same play for the extra point. In the third quarter Harris returned a punt by Austin from Morrison's 47 yard line to score and Kunde went off right guard again for the extra point. Kunde came back again in the last quarter when he went off right guard for his third touchdown, but a pass for the extra point failed. Rochelle was held scoreless In tho first quarter. The Rochelle boys far outweighed the Malletts and made 15 flr.U- downs to Morrison's four. The lineup was: Morrison Rochell* IE Larson Lr Felt LO Dugdale C Schaller RO Allen RT , Davis RG Stouffer QB Blnr LH • Drain RH Harris KB Kunde Vandersch&af Buehl Bell H. Shuman Dravls Laxio Blrely Kromrey Dykema Austin D. Shuman Score by quarters: Rochelle i/<T Morrison Roman was high scorer in the Piophetstown Major City league at Wheat's lanes with 24S-422. K. Brown had 302-970 and Toppert, 192- RaroM Tied" Orange, former University of Illinois and Chicago Boar football star, and his bride visited friend* in Mount Carroll Wednesday. The couple were en route to Waterloo. la. K- M. Cole of Princeton had a mishap with less than four minutes remaining in the ball game when he fell while attempting to get out of the way of a Dixon runner. It was reported his knee supped out of place. He finished the game after a brief delay. Rock Palls made 15 first downs and Polo nine. By quarters they ware as follows: Rock Palls •. Polo 1: Rock Palls 1. Polo 2: Mock Palls 4, Polo 3; and Rock Palis 2, Polo 3. Damken; Rock Palls center, has not nade a bad pa* this aeawn. Not only that; but ha also has done good work at charging, and is very valuable at defense. Teams have learned time and again this year that they need not fry to go through the right aide of the Rock Palls lu*. with Ocorfe and Gcringer teaming up at guard and tackle, and Card U> (top th* plays at end. Spencer of the Rock Falls backfield has improved greatly since th* start of the season, doing much better at dodging and charging. He also has a food ty* and hand at passing that has proved valuable for the Rock Fail* 6 14 6-26 000—6 Touchdowns. Dykema, Kunde. >, Harris. Point after touchdown, Kunde, 2. Substitutions, Mtorrisbh, Crawford. Pape, Bradley, J. Green, B. Green and Olson: Rochelle, Daily, Druker, Harin, Mbllong, Manning and FelL Rock Falls Leads All Undefeated Teams in Scoring for Season Rock Palls leads the. state high school undefeated football teams in scoring this year, according to autistic* in a Chicago paper earlier this week. Included were 21 teams in the state that are undefeated and untied, and only one team had more total points, West Frankfort. With the 46 to 7 victory over Poto last night, Rock Palls' position as first in the state should be further strengthened. The gam* last gave Rock Fall* a total of 100 points, with their opponents total- ling 30 points. Placed lower in the list were such teams as Senn of Chicago, Joliet, Oak Park. De Kalb, Geneva, Savanna and others. The list, which included games up to'this weekend, follows: first • when he wont four quarter * wn yards around Ipd for th* touchdown He then dropklckad th* extra point In this quarter Ballard bootoi • punt that traveled 60 yard* in th* air. In the second quarter h* inter• cepted a Mount Carroll ran U yards for the score. His attempted dropkick hit the bar and bounded back into the playing field. In the third quarter Bauarel paw* 4t yard* to Christy Bxug for a touchdown and then dropkkkee! the extra point. In th* last quarter Dan Wynne broke through the line and ran » yard* for the SCOT* with Ballard dropkicking th* extra point U. of I. Sextet, H to 2 CHAMPAIGN. ILL. — <iAP)—The Chicago Blackhawk* hockey enjoyed a Atld day at la* u of the University of lUinoi* seatot in an exhibition game last night, th* National leaguer* skattog «*T with ao it to 1 tht IlUnl, lif Ten rheni»iooi. g«t beth ttoek score* in th* middk jHartod, OU Prieuiey aad Norhert 6)terl* toUy- * The Rock Falls school band was very attractive in their new uni font* at th* gam* last evening. B* tween halve* the band marched onto the field and formed the letters P-O-L-O in honor of the visitors: also the tetter* M-I-T-C-H in honor of Assistant Coach Bernard Mitchell. Th* •ajorotu* also perforate, Director Fred Casner has done aome fine work with this band, half of which is composed of grad* achoot student*. Tanking to next year, Bock Palls U going to low most of it* vanity players, but there will a* ptenty of materiel coming up from th* reserve team, ao that Rock Fall* should hav* W. Rock Falls 6 Senn (Chicago) 8 Joliet 6 West Frankfort 5 Leo (Chicago) 8 Fenger (Chicago) 5 Oak Park S Balem 5 Savanna 5 Pleasant Hill S East St. Louis 5 Carlinville 5 De Kalb S St. George (Evanston) 5 Geneva ,...-. 5 St. Ignatius (Chicago) S Harvard S Phillips (Chicago) 4 •t. Teraaa (Decatur) 4 tt. B*d* (Peru) 4 O*n*MO 4 Tp 153 111 111 313 143 140 132 118 106 106 105 101 07 06 66 74 74 04 87 78 76 Opp. 33 13 13 12 31 7 6 -4V- 19 21 • 6 27 30 36 6 21 31 30 31 -7 7 teem" next year. Rock Palls fans and th* student bo*y will support th* team next Prt*ey night by attending th* gam* at Roche!!*, Airplane Collision Kills Noti* Dantt Ex-AHittft CORPUS CHRIOTI. TEX. — (AP) —Aviation Cadet Jefcn Thomas Von Han. 33. of Crystal Lake. Ill . former Nou* Dane athlete, was killed yesterday in th* collision of two navy training piiitaf near here. Aviation Cadet Oortfon jr. Wagner, pilot of ilffit iblp. iuccecd*d in . hi* piaa* wad was not hurt VOB Ban and Wagner began their tight traimjag »t the naval air ate, Uan hen l*jt Auguek *B Han. S luative Of BAnringtoB. we* gra4uatot from Molt* Dim*, wkeie H* played vanity loetball aad Survivors iaclueM his Mr*. Hanaw V*« Man of ***** Bilvidere Buried Under Avalanche of De Kalb Touchdowns Capitellaing on several breaks, De Kaib high school's strong varsity football team rolled to a 46 to 7 victory over Beividere in a North Central conference game at Beividere Friday night. D* Kalb won the lightweight game by a 7 to 6 score. DeKalb scored its first touchdown five plays after the kickoff. with McKane going over. Fitagtrald converted the extra point on a placement. A short Urn* later Beividere fumbled on 1U own 30-yard line, and DeKalb recovered. Two plays later McKane again scored, with PiUger- ald converting. Another Belvider* fumble led to DeKalb's third touchdown in the second quarter, scored when Davis went 40 yards off tackle. Pitagcrald added his third extra point to make the score 31 to 0. McKane, Devi* and FiUgerald accounted for three of DeKalb's four touchdowns in the third quarter. Pitegerald acored when he intercepted • paa* on the Beividere 30-yard line and ran aver the goal line. A DeKalb fumble on th« ^Visitors 35-yard lin* led to Belvidere's touchdown in the fourth quarter. Ted Beck, fullback, finally went over from the three-yard line, and then added the extra point with a place- kick. Ocor* by quarters: DeKalb .14 727 0—48 Beividtre ,„,,,,,,, o o o 7- •<• MOST POWEKPVL WOMEN Oa* export says that th* four mot* powerful women in the world, ia/reaaacUve ««efer, are <«ucen BU. •aeeth, Matfu** phtkog Kai-shek, Mr». Eleanor Rocwevelt, and Donna AAMYIOMAL IfOBfl ON

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