Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 14
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B-6 Alton Evening Tclo.craph QUEENIE lny, Janunry !i. Bv Fliil In<rr!nndi 1071 1 BUSINESS SERVICE Business Announcements RENTALS Apartments-—Plots RENTALS Aportments—Fla*s 15 RENTALS Furnished 'Vpartrrents 46 l-'.NiSfll-1)—:.'(]"! A lii O-A n. All utilities liirni'.lv d. S','.'> :>K)f) mnnlhlv Bv ,-ippomt )'if> .11(111 -\W-mr.'. after "!) I liRNISIIKD-- 1 -'!'! i Si toM-nh's it ft' litihti ' ! KAN ROOMS—•AllI'MTi.UK nn.irr PHIitic-. furnish'":! lton $W '.'.-i-'-l--lv. I Buildinq—Contracfinq 33 CARROL! WOOD ARTS, Wood River 254-4269 "No thank you—I'm romplMol and drip-dry." ADDITIONS EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT RENTALS , Furnished Apartments 46, RENTALS Houses foi Rent 47 \ ROOM i-t RN'ISHKI) API — Also; I.CIK | j. \ S | _ .;.(„.rli <M-I-- smail ir.-iilrr for rent In Bright-j l ,,vel\ n--i:4'nh"rhond. "n. lii. .'-pi «-'.! P' i w'''k. Trailer; si,;n month Phone at ••]'- p r ".'-,-1-. Ml uiih-i'-s Inrne.nrrl | ,-,,, nl<l} on bo'h '!7J -'I-'!" or li.-n-SnW N'K l-.i.V f l-RMSHF-.D— Rfv-on.ihly priii-tl. Adults onlv No pets ':'!'.'. Soath ( r>nti'"il. Roxap.a. RENTALS _ Houses for Rent 47 1<7 — 'I'l-' — — iNFAT AMI <" LEAN - 2 bedroom : home f.-irnflv room, carpeted bod- i room .-in--! liviii- room, carport, i.o- • c -ted in f;odi'ro'' $ltl5 Don Bryant i K A-v>elr.itos. Office 1W-15I3. - I I- TIP I r, MANAGEMENT RJ-;N IAI S I.OYCI. WOOFF REALTORS Houses for Rent 47 i iMIf-DROOM HOME — Carpeting, buil'-m stove. Garage ,-ind basement Vei v nice. Jl-ln momh plus deposit. "Sic Dopv.-nod, Pinsn Hills. >,-,-, ! -!W "'"I- bi-itk. < -upe.iirtH. clectvn heat, eeivly f^oMS^Moclern Sti'l month. 602 "sheppard. Mny be seen from S a.m. lii . Tamils' lie.envnf. ^ai',!;!r.. e-'.ntral MiMi.'i'' 1 , patio. S'-MO month Hrmpliill ARonev .t(il-:',.is';. Ml .*•: I S I OR REN I vi :! Itedioorn units, m: ni;' hiult in appti ..nip; ,n r-''upditirinr'd, and poo! Immediate 01 rnpiiii v and renis l'|'>ni . ; i '.'0 per month and up. Ai'AR'i MI:NT.S KI-'N'I STREET LAS I ALTON. ILLINOIS Phone 2f>n-nS7R 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. Very nice, Upper Alton, ideal for working person or student. TV furnished. $70 per month. All utilities included. Call 462-0851. HI I ' r: MM : I horn i .1 " - — ',4 HOflMS (N ilARHOIU} — Stov, , for ('.'kin-' and I'urnN'ied Ssr, momh |).~-t-r>vS7. r i-pon.\i HOUSE — sun pniTl'. : bodroo-n ';anu;i- in ba .''men! I.ii':" vai'l l!l-1 I-: 21st St Alton ^!l<> month •lt..->-<i:wl IU-;N I — -t."»s South M:iin Rp'rr. Sm;ill -1-room h nn so. .il. 1 i hik! unrt'.'r '2 u'L'lccmo. nr'". rrriuin.'t! 1 nqni ''•• Ui'-i ,\l;iin Woorl Riv.-: . tra! ail. rel'rigeratoi- BriBhton. and 'ill 2 p.m. TE •1 ROOM DUPLEX HO US'-: ECiR / A R p j/,' F n THREE BEDROOM 'FRAME: — Mtached tat-as••.'. basement, in Lakewood Subdivision, I. N I'— Couples unlv. Will aeeept one or two children. Has heat. Call aftet .1 :ifl p m. MODERN DI'IM.E.X — .'! rooms and hath. Stove, refriserator. water t'ur- nished. also drapes and hlintls. Vei ',• clr'an. No pets Couple onlv. '' OR RI-;NT OR SALE — 1211-1 Florence-, -i-roum modem, basemc-'il. I.!.'irrii4" <tfiK-f,018. mo. pins deposit. 'i BEDROOM HOUSE: FOR RENT— Milton area. SI (III mo. .1(r.!-. f !fl7H. M A N AC i I- M I •: NT RENTALS I.OYCI-: WOOL! REALTORS Help Wanted—Male 17 17 _ 5 _ SALES — lixcitinr; posit inn with tremendous opportunity tin' pci '.on with umbition. $(iOO() phis (ommis- sion. Mr. DeVer. •l(iV<12fi1. Placcincnt Systc-ms. I'iasa HuiUI ing. Help Wtd.. Male-Female 19.ZIMMER HOME IMPROVEMENT AND HARDWARE Salesladies 19A WASHINGTON MANOR APARTMENTS :: Mid ; hediooni apt 1 ,. Call nii WOOD RIVER DUPLEX RENTALS I.Y NEW 4 ROOMS t.- HAIH-- h.nve' Mo'.-i' mil oven, -.11 l iiH',. • - -ni i al :i ii . v.-.u-'r and PK l-aip op"n ') i i 'j, drive Help Wanted—Female 18 RECEPTIONIST-TYPIS'l—Lor dor tor's office. Hours 8:nn-H. Age 2230. Reply Box 010, care Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 7 EXPERIENCED grill and conulei waitress wanted. Apply Hi-Way Grill, Godfrey. 18 — 7 BABYSITTER WANTED — a or 4 days a week. 2 children; ace :i yr.s. and 7 months, In my homo. 4(i(i wi.ln, 4G5-I418. 18 — 0 SECRETARY — ARC 2B or oldei. BookkeepltiR knowledge helpful. Shorthand essential. Call 2.14-OHMi for appointment. 18 — 7 BABYSITTER — In my home. Experienced. References. After !i::ii): 254-0171. 18 — 6 WANTED—Babysitter, to slay, in Bunker Hill afcu. 4(i2-ir)!K) or Bunker Hill 585-3050. 18 — fi . RELIABLE BABYSITTER WANTED—My home, straight days, own transportation. One child. North Alton area. 4C(i-4:!HG. is — r. . BABYSITTER WANTED—My home. Straight days. Own transportation. Phone 4(in-4:i77. 18 — n SECRETARY — Shorthand, attractive personality. Public conlaci. Terrific chance for advancement, to public relations. $400. Mrs. SI. Clair. 4G5-42B1. Data Placement Systems. Plasa TSuildlnK. 18 — 5 SECRETARY — Mature. Typini:. bookkeeping and shorthand. Good working conditions. frlM to $4(10 Mrs. Skelton. 455-4201. Data Placement Systems. l j lar>,i Buildini 1 ,. IB — 5 BOOKKEEPER — ?:i80. Rapid advancement, great working conditions. Full company benefits. Mrs. St .Ciair. 465-4201. Dala Placement Systems. Plasa Building. 18 — 5 GIRL FRIDAY — Allon firm. Typing, various duties. Prefer insurance background. Company benefits. $;)00 to to .start. Mrs. Skelton. 4fi5-42(il. Data placement Systems. Plasa Buildin;!. 18 — 6 PART TIME EMPLOYMENT for dental assistant. Experience necessary. Write Box !)00, care of Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 7 WANTED—Live-In housekeeper. l)u ties Include cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning of large home for elderly man. Must have reference^ and be able In drive. Salary open Apply in person at Illinois suite Employment Service, 171!) Wash ington, Alton. No phone calls. 18 — G — EXPERIENCED FRY COOK over 21. Apply in person between 11 A.M. atid 5 P.M. at LoRo.y'.'i Lounge, Bethalto. Jo __ fj MIDDLEAGE LADY to do lii'.hl housework, assist with cooking. Call 259-1461 for interview. 18 — Jan. 14 SECRETARY — Opening with leading insurance agency; excellent op portunlty for above average woman. Salary op;m. A(!C 25-40 Shorthand, typing essential. Insurance agency experience helpful. Al replies strictly confidential. Contact Mrs. Dorothy Keller, Child' Schmidt Insurance Agency, 214 St Louis Street, Udv/urdsvilU:, Illinois 656-0120. 18 — (i lypis Slai AvailABILITY STENO—lixperienced. fioud with S/ll. E'lnancial field. WOO. Fee paid. BOOKKEEPER — Eull (barge Thorough trial balance and knowl edge of tux forms. Mature. Star $:t75 up. Local. CONTRACT CLARIS'—Type 'Id w/m use calculator to figure peiienlai' es. Advertising Held. Start K\'.'.! Fee paid. CLERK TYPIST— Experienced, ai curate typist. Will train on dicta phone. Start $:i!it). Ece paid. BOOKKEEPHR—1Cxpcrienceil genei al ledge)', journals through liuar cial statemenls, tax foi'ms, depn clatlons and accruals, start $W>< $GOO. I 7 ee paid. Local area. TELLER TRAINICE — Midure pel sonuble individual with some pilo work experience. 'I'vpe .'lii w/n Major financial Instilutlon. Slat $325. ACCOUNTING CLE:RK—iieaw MI lire work. Use adding machine an calculator. No typing. $-l!Hl si ail. WE HAVE: MANY OTIIL:R OI'l-.NINfiK Open Tliurs. l.ivc 'III '/ \> m. AvailABILITY 65!) E. Hroudway — -1(>2-XS.'H Help Wtd., Male-Female II STUDENT DRIVER -- SIU siudciil only. Includes apartment, iiilliiior University Apartments, 19 — 6 WANTED TAX 1'KEPARERS an office manager for bigli volun tax office, Jocaled in-.itli- an Alto nationally affiliated dcpaitmci store, top wugi-.i and buiias. (,:,i 314-664-B400; evenings call. til»-.'t4 9416. ".'i :.','/ I. A - -I ;, i, ,' 11 ];' i;'. n -A\'l. YOli I-A'I.P III I.:.' .i'.lt .leweil'y P.u |\ •' | |.,,, n this an-a. Maiiai'.i-rs anil il Is lierili-il. No llixe-,Illlrllt lissiiiilii paid v.-eelilv. fall l7-S(i:!-ri|(i. .1 .ill li I ' . i A I', I ' . I I hill," l-a-.l. i III i'i! 1 in.-ai' mi 1 a '.' i .-,; - Jan r: .— -i Ai-'Pi '•; i i-rv KFPA i ' p i i t i!' ior I i|e pa li' -1 111,', pi, i-.l' i pal rliin: 1 window mil odd iol, It;' 1 :i.'!i,'i M'l '- Salesmen 20 Decorating Ii i (JOKING E O K AGGKES.MVI-. |'OUN(. MAN lo Illllill eslalili ,he-l erriloiy. Sal.ily plus ,".ua I ani red iionthl 1 .' home. Man',' Iriii; 1 .'. IH ur its. Leailin; 1 . in ils ii'-lil 'all all'.r (, p.m. V!IV'-OI::i, (iranite CON I ACT MAN ceded bv rs'at lonal I ii m in 1 !l'i I 'xpan'-ion pror.ram lo iniM,ilu,e leeded service lo business peopl'-. Mlon area. SI .0(10 SI.'pOO moullilv lotenlial. A,",e iitimati'i ial. I nil 'n larl time. Write Presidi'iit, !!">: LS'1:!I. lamiia. Lla. j , _ Ian ''Ii — __ — — .. _____ ..... ___ AIJ-".S i'i-:m'i.K r^i-;c.i)i ,D — r, ( n (iri-5!ir>,; i nr it ppoiiiliiicii! , In M \vi p u!) » a. ID. ;iti(! .'i p.iti . • l,i:ADS! LI-.ADS! LEADS! c.ii. | HOST CARPET CLEANING '•'.'ij 1 IftiM'ominriuled by ',iii"-l Mills to .-u- M ,,nin , l ' 1 ''" | Clean Mod"i u < ai p.- • ti-.i our I , , ' , , ' . j Maehine and ,-ii-an -to vaid-, of j,.,,,( H ,|, |^|\-| arpel loi S" '" MADISON COUNTY HOME ; IMPROVEMENT f, ONI ,s i . Lotus RD.. ! WOOD RIVER FRANK POPE— RAY HERRIN ***•******•*******+***** -. 11 .a.'PEKIOR liN'l ! I'lOl'..': Mi:''i iV iln l -Mton and Wilslnii. Sl.i'piu: i\ < enter ;l —- l.oi : '; •.it )RRr; PA''. 111 < : <' .'.- in ' OR A i i; l(i--\'invl -.•.'. ill loverlni:. v.-all p ipia . p|. .I'.p . i ool'ini;. 1 ]-,•' '.-'-h lilal.--, 2~:-l ''..",l!l. Call; KEN Reset ve Lite I le.uranee ( 'o II lo 12 noon. — 4(i:i-i:ili:i jituations Wtd.—Female 22 ITIIAI ION WAN'I done ill my Iniiiii . Reasonable Can give reference. Phone .|li'! 4'.M!i. 2 — !l - ,'IOTIIKU <IL |.'<»l|( YI-'.AK ( il RL will hibvsil. Route I Li near Sill. Reasonable Edwa I ds vi lie Ii.1(i-0l!l7. Wll.l.' BAir,'.siT |'or :: or ;; cinl- dren, e.\|terielleed. ..'11 :!-lli.'. L!'» Collle\'. Wood River. FINANCIAL hisines'j Opportunities 23 I'AINTINC — Pla ti'iiiii'. lemoviiii; \v,dlpaper. ei.rpi.-niei win I:. roof i'l'nalr. ls ! o ion t' n -mall. Charles (las-len t'li;-i.'.dH I'API-.HII ANI lli-ii i — I'ainlniK, pi, i .Pa i rpair. Oil M'.'i-.nn pi ii es pi-fer- i-nee. Dial -u; 1 ' u:;i.l hfcating & Plumbing 37 .;'/ -- l-eb. (i - Itllll'S 1IOMI. I'l-'.l'AIH — No |ol> loo small. -.M-li'iui- '.i-rviee on ,-iiieri'eni v liraiinj:. plimibiit}'. and •.ev.'i'i-' repairs. Hi.'i-lill.'W. CI-.N I KAI. AIR CONDI'I IONINI, -I iiiuare sales and installation. Call lor Iree i-slilnale-.. We lepaii al-.o : : >'i'i-'.>2t>] Piro TV and Appliam es; •.!'.':'. South Piairie, Ke.lbalto RENTALS Sleeping Rooms 41 KEN I — ] , I , -. ;,n: I.on;- el I i 11-ni i- and balh. ,VI lil i ill I nil i e opellili; ol elosi-l 111 i -- i • n j i e\ eninr.s, 1','' 'lit I. 1 '. !7'7-,'i \2'i. I.', _ I I- sdij'i M Ko:;/MiA — :;:)(( and •' ••' p.-pi 1;. i.ovclv -I looms and bath. All < ip v. . Mesv .nowep, ive and e', en. all rai poll and lots 'lil II. '.''•!'.'.!> mo. all: das :'.:i'l-'.!«l I ; WOODBURY MANOR APTS. 466-0302 M'or appointments) •k R.-in;:i' — refrigerator — disposal -t, All "Icctric i, Wall to wall carpeting + PO'il — ('Mitral air conditioning •k Can be furnished •fr Close lo schools and shopping LARGE 2-BEDROOM APTS. i- * * *~*!T* r * * * LAFAYETTE SQUARE APARTMENTS ''. Itl'.DROOM — V, baih.i. Garden rpele-l. C('nlral air. Shower, landsi aped v.iid. Very nice lor only 41 III a month. Day : HM--.!>S11. After (i, .u;r, v!i:;n or :\17-M27. CLEAN PAUTI.V E (I KN loom hoie.o Illiliiv loo in A l.u '. m me • '.', orlaiii: pi-Is. I-.'-'ill i eason ible WOOl) LIIVI.K—Llllli Madison. Love- I-.- 1 looms anil bath, all eai |)elinf., ma n v i-:;t i a .. inclndinj; v.-aler. Call now. ll.'ivs :::'il-:!Sll. Aller V. Ki.'i V'l.'IK. :iV"/-:'i.|:.!V. .'. BEDROOM -- IV, Batlis. Town ''OR LLiASL, — .' lion, excellent II lion Capable ol Call .|(15-4:MI, H '111 !i. HI .... i; VOUI.D YOU LIKE: A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWMV You don't need an oltlee to slarl, he".iu at home, L'ull or pa rt t line, Ide 11 for hus band and wife leamv Let' ; havi' coffee and lalk. ::.'i') WCi, 1 ,. No obliga- infill illation ti\\'i tele SPORTSMEN 'l \'I llsiles aei oilllls. UK,ii pKoi-i is ro.ssiiu.i-; l >!>.' I IMS AMA/.IN(i HUT I'lIN IHI.'. INI. SS I'es. Riv'.i 'II'- m\- MATADOR HOTIIL 208 E. BROADWAY 34 ROOMS, BAR & GRILL — ALSO OFFICE ROOM A good location for boiiuty shop or <i n y profo-jsioiui businosi. PRICED TO SELL FRANK WICKENHAUSER AGENCY /16li-202l S ' An 1 v"ii ei inn i: ill in: 1 , Inn iai In Sill' 1 (nialll v rooms wilh enolail;'. lacililles'-d ill Ed il .ville. Call Call-null) aller '.> loi il'lni ilia I I'M). Il -- ,lan I'. 1 !ON Al R III ) IT'.I. --•- Will) Ol with mil privale bath, verv warm, m ins. from \Vorl-.s Room & Board 42 'l ;()OM ft HOARD LOR EI.DEKI.Y l'|.()l'l.|-:---.',oi iai Serin II v or pen...ion Reason,ible. i iood Ineal ion ! him ks Ironi dounlo'Aii. •Ill) 1 Thinl H. I'll I \'l L'A NICI API . IN IlKI'ill ION --Heal liirnishi-.L Mdll. Adults. I'll. .i'p".'. V.U'.is* at'ler :i:;tn 3-ROOM APARTMENT—Ex- trci nic(.', w t tll to wall carpeting in living room <ind bedroom, Mediterranean kitchen newly remodeled, $105 per month. All utilities included. Call 462-0851. REAL ESTATE :' i-u PNisni-;n ROOMS -- Main 1 (loo, niililji's funiished. no pets. I Insinuation l"7 Sixth, Woori River. I'] \VO ROOMS—Kiteheneltc. private hath, nlililii s paid. adulK. $80. ! ROOM API. - - Nev.-lv d.-eoralcd, i - In i-ni-i" Ailnlt-i ;ti"i--!)(llS. -II, — II rwo KO'iM i-t!RNisiii-;n — veiv nil", iihlili'-s paifl. i','.\2 I.. I'ilth. •I<iii-I7ii:> in- -trr>-:(l'il. l-'.l-I-TCII-:N( Y—Off UIMII-/ on Si.xth, Alton. Also aiiartinent anil Ijilchcn- etlc. Privale entrance, utilities paid. -l(;2-77n:i. K; — .Ian. (i — ADULTS. WHY PAY MOKIC—Mod- el n apartincnt. Nicely furnished, walk-in eloscl. Meat eontrol. Pri- vale untrance, bath, parking. Quiet sin roundin^s. -UilKifMH. ^li — Jan. s ItUIKil.-.T 2 AND :i ROOM APART- MliNTS—Rental Includes all utilities. -l(;2-821(i iiftcr 5 p.m. Ki — ti NICK '.i-ROOM FURNIS1IF.D TiASFi- MI'.NT APT. — Private bath anil enlranee. fild Wood River Ave., Wood River -tti — Jan. (i TMRKK ROOMS—Upstairs. Private ontranee. liath. Couple, references. Shown between (i::iO and 8:30. 820 liast (Jib, Alton. rilKKK-ROOM I'URNISMED APT. — Utilities paid. At 112 South Franklin, behind theater in fiunkt'f Hill, III. . r .SV!]l7. REAr'ESTATE Jf l;au,".(—-Rerrlceratoi — Disposal JP> Wall to Wall Carpelin|> TiV C'.'iitral Air ^ Luoulrv Lacililies i Off Street Parking -k SloraKe Areas A- Private Swimmlni; Pool if Resident Man.i|;er Most iviodeiii Comol'jte Model Apartmenls Open PH. 254-2888 Mr.i. :)~l Charles St. Highway 111 at Charles St., (Next to Sav-Mart and Kroyer) ********** Sou.-!! MKADOWBROOK — unli ba-emenl. Sliill 1 bedi iiom, per month '7-!)l'.Ti. OR SA1.|.; — i-OR SAI.i: OK RE\I — (Jralton. .( hi.'drofim 1 .. carpeted, aiod-'Tii. ;.'.a- ra;',e. SI 1.1 month iiltis dcpi'isit. (Irafton 78(i-'(72). "j-ROOM IIOUSI-. — l-iill basement "as heat ni( e vard. ['i Upper Alton. .|(,r,.27. <; t. EAST ALTON — Near Easlf;ate shnp- pini; ( cntei . All mrKlern. 2 hc-droom Honed. Slid mn. S.KI deposit. References required. 2.1D-.1.1H2 any time. LEASE—I-'our room bouse. Carpeted. One bedroom. Basement wara^e. $11.1. Wood River. :!77-().1S.1. EAST ALTON—-1 rooms, (iaia^e and CLIFTON TERRACE: — •> bedmom, carpeied, drapes, oil heat, couple or bachelor onlv. 4rifi-2irM. !1 ROOM HOUSE— Wilh bath. S7n. 702 North Wood River Ave. C after .1 p.m. 2.1!)-:'5fKS. REAL ESTATE 1'OR RENT — Bethalto. 2 bedrooms, basement, carport, Sl'IT: mo, Alton. Cute ;' room house SSO per mo. Don Bryant & Assoc. 2.1.1-7424 or 4fi(i-l"il:i COCNIRY HOME — .! hedroom wilh upstairs and basement, l.o- ealeo i, mile noi til (Jr. mite City. 1'ieler someone with e.oorl farm backmotmd \villinu fo help oui. oceasionallv. Call >.11-.|22f» between .1 pan. anfl 7 o.rn. [Urn I ALI'O— Semi-furnished 2 bed- roum home includes full basement. stove, refrigerator, sofa, lecliner. heilrooin suite 2-car t',araKC. 24 x I.'-], Perteet I'or younj4 \vorkin couple. One year 'optional lease. FOUR ROOMS—One bedroom. Nice. Adults Phone 4fi(i-5S57. 47 — TI 3 BEDROOM RANCH and Sub. Carpeted, in Sloiey- 11/ 2 baths, built-in kitchen, full basement. f?a- ruse. Ph 2.1!)-5(M1 or 405-25:il. LOK SALE OR RliN'I—:ii:in Oscar. Alton. Small 2 bedroom modern home. Cas heat. Newly decorated Basement and (jaraRC. $!',1 mo. |)lu^ deposit. -Kili-.iniS. 47 _ !) . • fi-ROOM — Milton additioii, ncivly decorated, .?')(! month. 4(i1 27(i». REAL'ESTATE Stnroylnnd Home';. 2!i'!-.~n'1!. Furnished Houses 48 18 — '1 - — - ---EXTRA NK:E — I2XK> mobile 1 home. ( aipeting tliroiiRliout Located In Wood River. No pets. uriO-Ollfi or liM-lROS. .-BEDROOM TRAll.r.R— Located 55 Willow Hill. Can-oil Wood. Wood Rivur. 2sn-7nnn or '.>rw-8:wi;. 1-KOOM MOBILE HOME lor rent- Sinn month. Call A £ ^_ | ] __ . - — — TWO BEDROOM MOBILE HOME FOR RENT — One small child welcome. No pets. 2ri<l-3'18G. TRAILER HOMI-. -- Privitc. 3 bedrooms. vcrv spacious, water furnished. Lovely ncishborliood, reas- onnhlf rent. :>r>!>-. r >l(H. 2-BEDROOM MOBILE HOME — Ons heat, carpet, couples only. 4S — (1 - •• FOR RENT — 2-bcdroom mobile homo in Wood River. Phone .1611-2071. 51 Office & Desk Room OFFICE SPACF FOR RENT — Montieello Plaza. For information phone •IMi-4'170. LOVELY—Furnished or unfurnished office .space available at new Madison County Hornr 1 Improvement Office on Cilrl St. Louis Rd., Wood River. Call Frank Pope. 254-2811. Alter (i. '!(i. r i-7!l.'lR or .'i77-5-127. Wanted to Rent 54 5.| _ Feb. (i -WANTED TO RHNT — 2 bedroom house, in North Allon or Godfrey area. Will Rive references. Call "REAlESATE WOOFFY SAYS: The only thins more ex- Iiensive than an education is iKi H Loyce Wooff Realtors NO DREAM If you're thinking of building a new home, we can finance GI-FHA-FIIA 285, conventional or even cash. Over 80 different homes to choose from $ <\ £* (ftftfl and 200 different styles. I J riees from A VjlV W WE WII.I- BIJIKl) ON YOUR LOT OR OUR LOT WK H'\V1<; LOTS AVAILABLE IN GODFREY, EAST ALTON. ROSEWOOD HEKJHTS, HARTFORD, SOUTH ROXANA AND ALTON GEORGE PETERIE AGENCY SALES AGENT BUILDER: Thos. Jun, Jr. Construction Co. Dunne or niarilyn Pifer 466-6500 or 466-4902 Open Daily 10 a.m. 'til 5 pan Sunday 2 'til 5 p.m. BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME THROUGH McGAUGHEY REALTORS Furnished Apartments 46 DANDY 2 - ROOM FURNISHED APIS. —• SliO l.aiiyddii .St. $!!!..11} woeklv includes heat M utilities. •IC'.'.-M'.iir.S. •Hi — IF 'I ue-,. K- l-'ri. :M',I-:DKOOM FURNISHED APT. — '.'.;; 1-7(1(17. REAL ESTATE i-715 Hampton St. CAN BE BOUGHT FOR $200 DOWN AND LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS, (IF YOU QUALIFY) iSEY DEVELOPMENT 466-3112 ;! APIS. IN III . I II ALTO Dili- and II bed) 00111:1 ( i implrtel v i ennvaPd Ratine and i el I l|:i-l alor I m nlshril ,'t'i",' IISIiK. • Hi -••• V - UPS I'AI US -I ROOM AP I'. -- Pi ival,- enl ram e I leal and u al i-r I n i m .lu-d •Id'! '.'Ml, afler I, p 111 WOOD KIVI.K -','. lovely apai I nielli . located al III! anil IIS N. Mill SI l 'in tains, slove and oven, e.u pi-lini'., and water Inrliuleil lor only :;d in a iiiniilh. Open !i in '' Inive bv and rail days. I'M '.'HI I . Aflei l., •W.> ,'!IHK. ll'.t; li'.l'i".'.. I., - . I eh. l, . . . . . I )l i PI I X API 111' 1 ' 'i ace. Hi- Ihalh, i ,.is In- it. ail i ondil inline-. e.u p.-lin:'.. M ':. Ha>' . .1'. . ..'.HM I e\ enlle-s IIVV S'.lil or 11,"/' 'i.'MII WANT AIW WOiUv REAL ESTATE ^^vVv'^'vv-'vv'V'v'y * We Are SPECIALISTS 6-8 P 405 MERCURY. SPRING HAVEN ,S room lirieli anil li'anie s|)lit-lo\cr. lleanliltil large living urra and dining room, '! or I IprOrooins. :i baths, :J <'nr I'in- islu-il liiiseincnl-gai'agc. Ci-ntrnl air. I.UMirions $• a|i|)oml meiils. <>\\ner lieing I ra nsl erred ... '30,000 REALTY 108 NORTH PORT DRIVE, GODFREY 466-4477 EDWARDSVILLE H1CLEX — One year old in Montclaire Subdivision. 4 rooms and bath, built-in kitchen each side. COTTAGE HILLS MKAT 2 IJEDROOMS AND BATH— cabinels, carpeted livlnf! room, gas heat attached uaraKU, large level lot. HlKhwuy rronlaBC $10,001) Mil-'.DROOM I1KICK on corner lot — Larno rooms, 1IWF, plastered, in- mlaled, birch (-abinets in lurRC kilclien, carpeted livitiK room, Ras heat. i>ay equity and assume Ci.I. Loan, r) 1 /;',''. interest, low monthly payment."Owner transferred. Slli.liOO WOOD RIVER "il:; MiiTZGER — Immediate possession. -I rooms and bath, hardwood floors, plastered, Insulated, varnished cabinets, full basement, central air, attached (uiraKf. 1 , near .school and Hnicery store. $11,.100 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — 3 bedroom brick, full bath, hardwood floors, fully Insulated, nice cabinets, full basement i;as heal, large carport, window air conditioner .. ?Ki, r iOO MEADOWBROOK 1-YliAK-OLD .'! beilroom — Lai'ge bath, carpeted living room, built- in birch cabinets, stove and dishwasher. large attached garage, im- mediat" possession. Lot 7.T x 200'. ............................ Siri.UW) VERY NE.AT i~> L.AKOIi ROOMS wilh fireplace lull bath with tiled walls '1 bedrooms, plastered walls. kitchen full ol nice cabinets and stove, carpeted throughou!, fully insulated, aluminum storms, attractively landscaped, concrete drive, attached n iragc, gas heat. LOVELY , r )-ROCM brick and frame. Spacious ceramic kitchen with birch cabinels, carpeted living room and I! bedrooms. 2 full baths, full walU-oul basemeni with family riioni, fireplace. '.'. oxlra bedrooms if you need them. SundecU looks oul over a well kept :iOO-ft. lot. We'll move you in this beauty i'or A SACRIFICE PRICLi — Immediate possession on this 3-bcdronm brick, like new, 2 full bulbs, unusually attractive kitchen, built-in stove, oven, carpeted :t bedrooms and liv- inn room, ceramic tiled floors and walls in kitchen, cllnini! area, hall and baths, full basement, utility area partitioned, finished overhead basement, sas heat, 2-car garage, concrete drive. Bargain. Terms to offer. Only one like this for S23.GOO GODFREY REEN THUMB WINNER — Beautiful :> bedroom home. Central air, I 1 /, ceramic baths, plenty of closets, IIWE, full basement, gas heat, attached garage, bull - tile fenced backyard, other extras, only $21,900 Don't pass this one by. It Is truly a dream home. Four bedrooms, located on choice corner. .') full ceramic baths, carpeting in living room, dining room and :t bedrooms, built - in cabinets, stove, dishwasher, disposal, central vacuum, central air, double garage, full walk-out basement with lire- place in family voom, .sliding glass door to covered patio. .. $3-1.000 •:EEICIGNCY AND ECONOMICAL LIVING in tills 4-room country home Over one acre lot. No sewer and water bills to bug you. low heat expenses. Only Sti. ATTRACTIVE 2-YR.-OLD, !5 bed rooms, split foyer, 7 closets, l'/ 2 baths, with shower over tub. redwood, aluminum siding, hardwood floors, fully insulated, carpeted living room, built-in stove, birch cabinets, full basement with garage, gas heal. Early possession slfl.OOO ,OVELY WHITE BRICK — You will be impressed by this Spanish decor can-led throughout this 2- bedroom, l!'j baths, avocado car peting In living room, dark oal- kitchen cabinels, avocado coloret dishwasher, with double oven, base. mcnt, has plaslered walls, ceiling bar and stools, built-in oven urn range, cabinels, laundry and sew ing room separated from fiimllj room. There are numerous othci FRANCHISE VIVIANE WOODARD COSMETICS—A SUBSIDIARY Ol- GENERAL FOODS RENTALS RENTALS FOR LEASE 1200 square feet of first class office space in Alton Savings and Loan Building. Includes reception area and five large private offices. Complete services, incEuding daily janitorial services. Immediately available for occupancy. Contact Mr. Harold E. Ruylc, Executive Vice President, Alton Savings and Loan Association, 620 East Third Street, Alton, Illinois. 465-4483. tfWTPCO T iii HOME REPAIRS orid ROOM ADDITIONS . . . 9 ICools • Hens II I aimh Kooins • Ivilclieiis * ISa'lis 111'.' \'l P I I M I A.. Spiinr. -— It In diinmi. 2 balh biieU laiu-h. i,old IVIetlal It,,ii, ( riilial \l> , Single ( ai I'.ai aitr I -nl !>"•. hi-sl I;;* ^22,000 Ask Miolll (Mir 1 l,\ \\( !\<; I'l.AN \ liii li Is ( oiii|iar.ilile To The *io\ 1. !AiM" I'll. -Ilili '."Ml! • Itili 84H1 J BLU-FOUNTAIN ESTATES GODFREY, ILLINOIS WUlWMttl NUftX ( Ma;:a.-lne as i- uith II bed- i . u l>,H!o thruLi :h , lulinj; ilnnrs. A oiu- lluor •.HUH l;.un-li \ MM vuv :tn'a with »»»> .strp.-» i- on, ai nii'.lu will do. ^33,900 Built and Proudly Offered by CAUL BELCHER 466 5871 After S P.M. 466-4621 3(1!) TRUMAN ST.— 2 bedroom-, and utility, lull bath, carpeted living room am! dining room, varnished cabinets, fully insulated, ii closets, aluminum storms, covered pallo, lot 7.V x l!)0' ............. $IO,H(IO BETHALTO HI-; A HKTIIAI.TO WINNER — Bus Ibis II bedroom. I 1 ; baths. ec-ramU \valls. earpetinl livinj: room iV I bedi'iioms, lari'i' diuini; area, bird cabinels. 'i dosets, fully insulated marble window sills, alum, storms central air, full basement with en lovable family room, nas beai, '2 ear i.arar.r, lot 7V \ MO' Onh J22,DIM \'I-RY Kl-ISTb'UL l-ROOM—-Excel lent condition, carpeted livin loom full b ;lh. ceram'c tile walls ;'.as heat, luily insulaled, lan'.c at lached JMI.II;-.'. Cyclone leneei back yard, lovclv in IOOK at. eas> features fount! in this one of $28,801 kind home. Only COUNTRY LIVING : > MILES OUT ROUTE 100 — One acre with 2-year-old brick, :.i bed rooms, full bath. r> closets, hitch en I.T x 1!)', all rooms carpelet except kitchen and balh, fully in, aluminum storms, ful basement gas heat, large atladiec garag','. Onlv .............. $2:2.801 JERSEYVILLE WANT Id MAKE MONEY MR. HANDYMAN' 1 died; this I rooms and bath, gas heat and garage, livable' at «'l Mil) LOK I HE PERSON who wants a large shady lol on sewer. Sri- this :i-lieilroom and bath, li years old, 11 WE. plaslered. lulls' insulated, binll in slos'c. abundance in birch cabinets, hookup lor wa.shor and $ Li ,'.100 ERAME: — 2 baths, ver\ good location for a home, 2 npts. ov business. Lol t'roiHugi' on Route Hi. 120-11. frontage. Cherry am pecan trees ............... JlR.SOi MIDWAY Cl.OSINli COSTS TOO llHillV', 1 Not on this!! C'all us and you ca; 'arpeted '.i-hedrooi ............. $13, fit) LOVI-:LY •I-YR.-OI.O H-HM. URICI HOME: — This beauty has II bed rooms and 2 1 '.. balhs, the kilche inchules custom built i:abinet.s. built-in range and a dining arc; other amenities incliuli loads o closet;., a finished basement ai cess to a priv ite lake, insulatior gas heat, 2-cur garuye. Owner hi ing transferred and will sell to HARTFORD ROOMS AND BATH — Neat interior, varnished cabin'-'ls, H'asacd- n porch. i-'enced yard, oil heat. Early possession, near downtown. Reduced price S3,900 BUNKER HILL RICK — '.\ bedrooms and bath, HWF, fully insulated, gas heat fireplace, carport.. Only SM.'JOO vIEWLY DECORATED — -1 rooms ind balh, new cushion tone floor, cabinets cilv sewer and water. Lot 7.T x 200'. Only SS.flOO ALTON ,'i-ACRE — Ail fenced, with seven rooms and bath. ;! bedrooms and utility. '.!-car BaraKC. Some fruit trees, good condition. 513,300 EAST ALTON EAT 4. BEDROOMS & BATH. HWF. C.orpetecl living room with picture window, family size kitchen with many cabinets" full tiled bath, full walkout basement with laundry area and garage. All this a few blocks from schools, churches, and Wilshire Shopping Center. Only ... 512,900 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS ROOM AND MORE ROOM in this elegant 7-room brick home. 2 full baths, central air. HWF throughout, carpeted living room and dining room, plenty of large closets, full partitioned basement, 2- car garage, plus carport. Large lot in excellent location 527,900 •'OUR ROOMS AND BATH — On shady lot 75' x 200'. Carpeted living room and bedroom, cabinets, 200 RODEMEYIiR — r> rooms and bath, walk-out, basement, gas space beater, aluminum storms, siding, garage ...................... .$5,1300 i-ROOM FRAME— in Milton area, Attractive ,'! bedroom. Plastered, neat cabinets, family room, t'u basement, gas heat — Fully insulated. Easy terms ....... $11,700 TWO-BEDROOM FRAME — Large living room, formal dining room, paneled, modern kitchen, full bath, full basement, detached j rage ...................... $10,500 SAVE YOUR MONEY To Start the New Year Right— Own a home of your own. This one will sell at Public Auction, on Saturday, Jan. (I, 11)71. 4 rooms will) 2 bedrooms, large kitchen, gas heat, 272!) Bostwick, near bus roule in Upper Alton. If you're think'n:-; about buying or selling — CODVJ to the sale. 510 ANDERSON — Bargain. 2 lots 5 rooms and bath, HWF, full walk out basement, gas space heater garage, fenced backyard. .. Sli.'lOQ ALTON—2425 SANFORD — 8-rm frame, alum, siding and storms Fully insulated, 2 full baths, cabl nets, full walk-out basement, nat ural gas heat, furnace, 2 years old. For investment or expanding family, something you can afford Easy terms $11.!)OC 139 EAST OF.LMAR — 7 rooms. IV baths, HWF, plastered, fully insu lated, i'luminum storms, bird cabinets, gas range, window al conditioner, 7 closets, on approx Vi acre, full basement wilh ga rase $20,90i Hi ROOMS, !i APTS. — Furniture ti miss with properly. 2 baths, ga: heat, income S;t:i5 per month. Lo l()0'x2lM)'. Easy terms. Onlv S13.00 DUPLEX 5 rooms each side, or 3 bedrooms, full bath, cabinets wired for stove, full basement, oi furnaces, bargain 58,30 110!) ADAMS COURT — Alumimm sided home, (i rooms, plus 3 roon apartment in basement, gas heal aluminum storms. Only .. $6,90 NORTH ROXANA 151 EAST 7T11 ST. — Neut 4 room and bath, plastered, Insulated cab nets, full basement, 2 car gar early possession. basement, gas heal. New price $7.500 '4-BEDROOM BRICK — Two full baths, located near shopping and schools. Hardwood floors, 5 closets, plastered, insulated. Full basement with garaec. Oil. heat. Large Cyclone fenced lot $15,900 4 BEDROOMS — 2 full baths, large kitchen with abundance birch cabinets, large living room, family room, all on one floor, alum, siding, storms, fully insulated, full walk-out basement with 2-ear garage, gas heat, 2 large lots, immediate possession $23 900 MT. OLIVE — The ultimule In spacious and gracious living, 10 oversized rooms. 2 full baths, very modern carpeted kitchen, paneled entry wilh open staircase to second floor, full basement, full attic, garage, city sewer and water, ^,-acrc lot. The Victorian charm remain unspoiled—as lovely as when H was built. .. $23,000 SHIPMAN NEW Ii BEDROOMS AND BATH— Shower over tub. alum, storms. fu'ly insulated, shag c-n-peted living room, built-in cabinets, natural gas heat ............. $1,1,000 SOUTH ROXANA •l-BEDROOM ERAME— All rooms large, king sized bath, insulated gas heat, alum, storms, attached carport. Located on corner lot. ............................ $11,700 DETROITKR 2-Bcdroom Trailer & Lot — Easy to finance, only $5.800 $7.50 . I'OR A REASONABLE HOME — Just let us show you tins large li rooms plus full balh Included in the price of this house Is an extra BO 1 x ISO 1 lot S4 800 LOTS TO TALK ABOUT 5 LOTS — Sewer, curb and gutter streets, just off the Keltllne In Hands Subdivision J1S.OOO ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS - J.ot 07' x 250 , with hackiiround of tall trces $-1.200 I.nrKe waterfront lol. Ask about eas v 'erms ^ooo HOLIDAY SHORES - Prepar. for summer; both waterfront and lake view. From $1,800 to J9.dOO. EASY TO OWN — Holiday Shores $:;,r>o6 BUSINESS LOT on Airline Dr.. Rosewood Heiuhls, loo-ft. front; - $27,1)00 CLIFFORD B. M'GAUGHEY 377-9123 Ex-Gls Call Any Time —Member M.L.S. Ann Chambers 259-7163 Betty Fletcher 377-8500 David McGaughey 377-6776 377-9123

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