Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 9, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1936
Page 8
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RATE— lOc per line lor first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale FOR SALE—Farmall tractor and plow; good milk cow, 4 years old; some good seed oats; Ford coupe, cheap; see at Mel Tully's. Geo. Boltinghouse. 15-2 FOB SALE—Poland China boars and gilts. 1 mile north and 6 west of Lenox. Barney McQuaid. 15-lp FOR SALE — Good milk cow, fresh in February; also 19 fall pigs. Tom Lockhart, Lenox. 15-lp FOR SALE—Majestic console 8- tube radio. Cheap for cash. Dr. Bare. 15-1 FOR SALE or trade for stock— hammermill, 3 bottom plow, tractor. Inquire here. 14-2p FOR SALE — Alfalfa hay. Also some oat straw. Geo. Barrans. 8-tf Lost and Found FOUND — Tire chain. Inquire here and pay for this adv. 15-1 LOST — Pah- child's glasses in wine colored case. Reward. H. Roy Long, or return to this office. ' 15-1 Wanted TIMOTHY SEED WANTED—We are in the market for Timothy seed. Would buy some Soy beans if good. Would not care to buy many Manchue Soy beans. J. W. Abraham, Prescott, la. 7-tf Legal AFFIDAVIT—ESTRAY STOCK State of Iowa, Taylor County, ss I, John Sundell, Sharpsburg, Iowa, being first duly sworn on oath state: That under date of October 10, 1935, I took up as estray on my farm in Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa, th* following personal property: Four black pigs, weight about 50 pounds. That on the 14th day of October, 1935, I posted three notices claiming said stock was es- tray, said notices were posted as follows: School House No. 1 Marshall Twp.; John Key Oil Station in Sharpsburg, Iowa; Ruscoes Oil Station, Sharpsburg, Iowa. Following being a true copy of said notices as posted. Estray Notice To Whom It May Concern: On October 10th, 1935, the undersigned John Sundell of Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa, took up as es- nys on his farm in Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa,, the following personal property: Four black pigs, weight about 50 pounds. Dated and signed this 14th day of October, 1935. John Sundell. That said animals remain unclaimed. That none of the marks or brands on said animals have been changed or altered to my knowledge either before or after the same was taken up. John Sundell. Subscribed and sworn to before me by the said John Sundell on tins' 23rd day of October, 1935. Geo. L. Goodale, J. P. Notary Public. Published in Lenox Time Table Dec. 26, 1935, Jan. 2 and 9, 1936. TJSNQX TtME by the Clerk Court of Taylor County, Iowa, Administrator of the estate of W. C. Van Houten deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned and those having claims against the same will present them, legally authenticated, to said court for allowance. Dated January 4th, 1936. KATHARINE VAN HOUTEN, Administrator. Wisdom & Kirketeg, Attorneys. Published in Lenox Time Table Jan. 9-16-23, 1936. . IOWA jlf, JANUARY a. IMS Town Council Proceedings EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all. persons interested, that on the 6th day of January, A. D., 1936, the undersigned was appointed by the District Court of Taylor County, Iowa, Executor of the estate of E. E. Rhodenbaugh deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against the same will present them, legally authenticated to said Court for allowance. Dated January 6th, 1936. B. P. WURSTER, Executor. James R. Lock and O. M. Slaymaker, Attorneys. Published in Lenox Time Table Jan. 9-16-23, 1936. Lenox, Iowa, December 3, 1935 Regular meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Lenox, Iowa was held on the above date with Mayor Cas-sill and all members of the Council present. The following bills were audited by the Finance Committee: Consolidated-General Fund J O Roe, labor $ 5.00 Joe Probasco, salary 20.00 ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that on the 4th day of January A. D., 1936, the undersigned was appointed Closing Out STOCK SALE Wednesday, Jan. IS 1 mile north of Clearfleld on Highway 25, 11 miles due south of Junction of 34 and 25. Sale to start promptly at 12:30 o'clock on above date. Dinner served on grounds. 150 Head of Pure Bred and High Grade Live Stock Head of Cattle 64 28 HEAD COWS:—Consisting of 2 black cows 9 years old, 1 Jersey cow 10 years old, 2 Jersey cows 5 years old. The balance are pure bred and high grade Short Horns- all except two are under 5 years old. All are sired by a pure bred Milking Shorthorn bull, and out of pure bred and high-grade Short Horn cows. All have been hand milked and are bred back. 8 head will freshen soon after sale. 12 head are milking at present. 7 STEERS:—Good Short Horns 2 years old. 6 Two year old heifers—Reds and Roans—tared 10 Yearling heifers, Reds and Roans. 13 1935 summer calves, 5 steers and 8 heifers. These are a nice lot and are on a full feed of corn. 86 Head Fure Bred Poland China flogs 86 CHOLERA IMMUNE 30 head bred gilts to farrow in April or May. 40 head of open gilts. 1 Outstanding Herd Boar of March 1935 farrow. We have been breeding Poland Chinas for 16 years and these are the same high grade hogs we have always had We know they will suit the most critical buyer. Will be sold in small groups, and perhaps a few singly. 15 Head of Feeding Barrows. TERMS—CASH No property to be removed until settled for. ^ 40.07 Munic Lt Pit, pumping . 29.40 Electric Light Fund First Natl Bk, draft sales tax 54.09 la D M Bk and Tr Co, Interest 30.00 R L Stoaks, salary 25.00 Fairbanks-Morse Con Co, wire 15 - 45 Munic Lt Pit, plant exp 66.63 R L Stoaks, salary 25.00 Parrott Tire & Bat Co, supplies 1-12 Wm Severn, salary 90.00 F E Strunce, salary 100.00 John Slattery, gasoline . 3.97 Munic Water Wks, water 7.33 Western Tel Co, phone rent 3.32 Eclipse Lbr Co, supplies 1.09 Reimer Oil Co. supplies .97 O C Bassett, repair 1.60 Creston Auto Co, rags .. 14.98 American Elec Co, supplies 27.52 j subject to the decision of the iimmiimiimiiimmiimimiiiiiiiiiiii' Candidates ...Announce... imimimimmiiiiiimiimimiiiiiimii! FOB RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, low a. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., Permutit Co, supplies Graybar Elec Co, .75 ; Republican voters at the pri- jmary election June 1, 1936. I BEN LONG, Bedford, Iowa. Geo Manroe, labor 2.50 Marvin Deaver, labor ... 5.00 Lloyd Bartrum, labor ... 5.25 Vernon Adair, labor 4.75 C Sellers, labor 5.63 John Einfeldt, labor 4.37 John Krohmer, labor ... 4.00 Frank Schaub, labor .... 4.50 E. O. Hurley, labor 6.25 H. Pantry, labor 11.25 J. O. Roe, labor 13.75 ohn Krohmer, labor 6.25 >eo Manroe, labor 7.13 orris Bunn, labor 5.63 oe Probasco, salary .... 10.00 'red Manroe, labor 12.00 Henry Marshall, labor .. 6.25 Sert Taylor, labor 4.90 , V Toland, labor 3.50 R Reynolds, labor 5.40 oe Probasco, salary .... 5.00 3 V Haynes, labor 1.75 oe Probasco, salary .... 25.00 Mary E Orr, care rest room 2.50 J C Pearson, salary cSz exp 64.56 Reimer Oil Co, kerosene 8.23 clipse Lumber Co, asphalt 107.51 conomy Store, supplies 1.81 State Supt. Printing, Code, 1935 5.00 ,enox Time Table, publ proc 9.10 James Eller, labor .. 1.90 Vernon Adair, labor .... 5.15 Earl Steel, labor 9.90 B Cassill, mayor's salary 12.50 Munic Lt Plant, city hall Its 7.54 A Severn, car supl 5.27 Gamble Store, supplies .. 2.17 Beck Bros, supplies 21.97 L B Carruthers, expense 4.18 Water Fund L B Carruthers, salary .. 35.00 First Natl Bk, draft- sales tax 14.76 First Natl Bk, taxes .... 138.17 Joe Probasco, salary .... 10.00 Fred Manroe, labor 10.50 L B Carruthers, salary .. 35.00 L B Carruthers, salary .. 20.00 A Severn, car supl 5.28 Gamble Store, supplies . 3.17 Beck Bros, supplies .... 8.53 L B Carruthers, expense 6.02 Iowa Valve Co, repairs .. 17.25 Western Tel Co, phone—tolls 5.10 Globe Mach Co, repairs . 6.55 L F Davis, coal 45.90 Eclipse Lbr Co, supplies 2.46 supplies &.31 | will appreciate your support. Diesel Serv Co, oil 44.44 Fairbanks-Morse Co, repairs 59.26 Gen Elec & Supl Co, supplies 22.10 Faith Reed, motor 5.00 Park Fund Park Payroll, clng park Wm. Hatchett, labor ... Joe Gilbreth, labor 29.81 2.13 2.13 2.25 Beck Bros, supplies .. City Hall Fund L B Carruthers, expense 1.02 Consolidated Light Fund Mun:<: Lt Pit, st lits & bulbs 145.82 Funding Bond Sale Jesse F Stephenson Co, (interest 11.87 White Phillips Co, interest 35.61 First Tr & Savings Bk, [interest i 47.48 Cont 111 N B & Tr Co, Interest 11.87 Refunding Bond Fund First Trust & Svgs Bk, four bonds 2000.00 First Trust & Svgs Bk, one bond 500.00 First Trust & Svgs Bk, one bond 500.00 First Trust & Svgs Bk, interest 200J.OO First Trust & Svgs Bk, interest 142.44 It was moved, seconded and week passed that bills be allowed as read and warrants drawn for same. Moved by Tyler and seconded by Nelson that Atty Wm. Has- are now working on weather charts and cross stitch houses. Betty Knotter is nursing a burned arm. Norma Brown has a new baby sister. Third Grade Multiplication is the new topic in arithmetic. In language they are studying contractions. New officers elected are: Health inspector, Mary Lou I Long; desk inspector, Lulu Mae ! Eller; librarian, Kenneth Probasco; floor inspector, Delmar Harrison; pencil sharpener, Rimel Day. | There were fourteen A's in j spelling last week. I They have made snowmen posters and new health posters in art class. Fourth Grade A new pupil, Edward Leedom, has been enrolled in this grade. j Snowmen posters have also I been made in this grade. They are now drawing animals for an Eskimo project. Betty Terry and Lavern Marshall were the only two who received a "100' in spelling last Fifth Grade Dutch posters concerning Life in Holland are being made in sett be instructed to prepare the necessary papers to fund all outstanding warrants. Upon roll call the above motion carried unanimously. Council voted to adjourn. C. B. CASSILL, : Mrs> Qla W. C. LEWIS, Clerk. Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Crane Co, repairs 5.19 L B Carruthers, salary School :mn«mnnmmm»t»mmmmm:ffl -: Professional Cards :• ttJ (Continued from page one) immiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimi Mrs. Paul Davis and Miss Marie Brewer were first grade visitors last week. Second Grade Jimmy Parker, Winston Tyler, Barbara Walter and Betty Knotter were the only four who received 100 in spelling last week. The B division are starting new readers. The number combinations have just been finished in arithmetic. In art class they have finished their snowmen posters and In arithmetic they are learning to add fractions. There were ten 100's in spelling last week. Bob Manroe, Jean Teatsworth and Bob Gray were absent last week. Mrs. John Keith and Margaret Black of Indianola, visited last week. Sixth Grade "Tom Saywer" is the new book being read in opening exercises. Last Friday there were fourteen A's in spelling. Roger Kelly was absent' last week. Eighth Grade New officers elected in this grade are: Ubtrarian, Gene Davis; host, Clarence Moore; helper, Carlton Lewis; doorkeeper, Paul Calvin; chairman, Jim Key; reporter, Mildred Eckler. Covers for civics and map books are being made in art class. Stringtown Van and Grace Gibson visited with relatives in Nebraska part of last week. Rolley Bailey, Clerk. Henry Howe, W. A. McKinstry Auctioneers. Owner- -DAYBREAK FARM GEO. L. GOOD ALE OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Pitted GOODALE JEWELRY STORE Lenox. Iowa 0. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa , JAMES R. LOCKE Attorney and Counsellor at Lav? Farmers & Merchants Bank Bldg Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courts- State and Federal (Special Attention Giv«n to Settlement of Estates FOOP MARKET January Food Safe J Navy Beans CHOICE MICHIGAN — NEW CROP 25°-25 'C 1 This is typical of the many items featured during this event. For a complete list see January United Food News. Free Movie Tickets H3 These tickets are good on Wednesday orffiw* Thursday in January. Items will be changed ipt each week. Here is a special—with every S!|| $5.00 order between now and Jan. 16th, we III will give 2 free show tickets. |:.<|| 0. K. Lets go to the movies on the United ill AND VEGETABLES that are garden fresh ORANGES, sweet, seedless, Calif., 2 doz.^«- CABBAGE, 10 Ibs. 15c BANANAS, fancy yellow, -j Q ~ 3 Ibs. ________ -P-«/V ONIONS, Red Globe, 10 lbs._ Please Your Taste With Our Delicious Quality OLEO, Palm Nut, 2 Ibs. ' , FbISH l 17cl Fresh frozen halibut, half or whole. Phone i .. in your orders. The j|fi worlds finest eating J|| fish. _The week of ""'" Jan. 13th. STEAK, Swiss 1 O^ II style, lb. FLOUR Prices Go Down I 49 lb. sacks •MM i I DAD'S FAVORITE AS IT SHOULD BE ___ LARABEE'S FLOUR GOOCH'S BEST OMAR FLOUR GOLD MEDAL B U Y N 0 W $1.72 $1.90 $1.80 $1.90 .14 The Ladies of the Dorcas Society will hold a i Bake Sale here Saturday, January 11. J Mrs. Henry Moeller has been quite ill the past week with ton- silitis. Howard and Helen Morris returned to St. Joseph Friday to resume their school work. They were accompanied by Orvin Bush who will possibly enter college there. ""Carltbn Stewart" is "improvii:v ; after a severe atack of pnR;;'.; monia. \g Mr. ana Mrs. Hugh Brown »{.•; turned to their home in Lincufe Nebr., Tuesday, after spending a few days with relatives herf| Kenneth Le o is the namew$ the little son born to Mr. Mrs. John Beck, Jan. 1, 1936J I Prank Wisdom Q. J. Kirketeg Wisdom & Kirketeg LAWYERS (Special attention given to settle— JOHN DEERE PLOW CO invites you to attend a FREE MOVING PICTURE SHOW AND FREE LU^STCH ON THURS., JAN. 9 Lunch at noon. Picture Show at 2 o'clock Christensen Implement Co. in Key Building BODY MECHANICS A PHYSICIAN is a servant, his clientele arejj! the "masters" he serves, and his office, *' clinic, or hospital the "service station" around., which his activities of service center. _The os-1 teopathic physician is a skilled "mechanic." He ' believes that structural integrity of the body is essential to health. With that viewpoint he directs his treatment to correcting poor body mechanics. The good effects generally that She .achieves in his patients are the result of normalizing blood and nerve supply wherever it is abnormal. Thousands of satisfied patients are the fruits of his labors. Dr. M. J, Sluss IN

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