Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 1, 1897 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1897
Page 7
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^ 's, j r.,t*4fae few! ui* tot toss 0rAjniMtm», RMS &• iffi«« tfl Mtte tfi ttott tit?, — 0 JTJH 8» Bel rseet?* four trA*i»MH» legBwriy saS ptvsf&Aj, go Its «i Township Officers, _____ k' Olak— i 1 . D. -A, M, bM. Ui« KB, H. B. "Wo -B. 0. Ji '.B, OFflOBBS. John r otnfc—A. O, winter*. -H. L. fiMMon. P. A. Worman, . A. Him. oi,-~ora>, jPiM Department-A, 0. Stantej, ngJoMT— W. O. Holbrook. tfeiaiArkrner— Pr. B. JU l>ow. Wted, A. B. Tltoi, H. N Se«ona WftnL W. B. OmtU, B. H. : Third Ward, A. B. Ooodell. B. I« At- Ed falls Professional Men, Attorney!. fjW,WRXT*. H, L. BHKLDOH, WHITE ft SHELDON, '- at, Lw, ltt§fis)s '^Monev Lo&ned on Baal EiUte. ff Mr/ and Mrs. F. D. Rosebrook re *-, tamed home Monday ' from their visit |to Albany." ..'. • . ' . ' , The rivet factory . Is running finely ftow. Orders are coming In good. Ex, Mv. and Mrs. JD. A, Comstock re- turnod home to Rochelte Monday. ii|',Mrs. Comstock has been visiting here tt '|fwo weeks. ..,-.-"•.•': ••; • '$j - The Board of Road Commissioners /'jnet In the office of Town Clerk Mon• afternoon and made out their an • J. S. and W. B. Brown have shipped H 4 ,thelr carload of horses to Westerly,* R. f|J* They had some yery good horses the lot. . |;,\ Harm Bruns, of Harmon, is some If'better from pneumonia, but . his H«wife, who has the same disease, is C tnach worse and she may not recover. "^ -^, .; • • Ambrose Gassenschmidt looks like a fisoy again since he appeared with a smooth face. His friends have to look i to see who he is as he passes by ^be street, . . ' . _-, ; Boss Emmitt; and his milk; wagon IS a] tip over Tuesday, a mile out ttown, spilling ten quarts of milk, iking a, glass* window and scaring If to death the driver. sJ^Misa Grace Deyoe is taking the place Miss Nellie Robb as stenographer at ter Gas Engine works during the "absence of. Mian Robb, .while she is ' ; feome caring for her father, who is sick. V/ J Engineer Fox returned home from -Chicago Monday night from a few s< days' business trip. The report is not rue tl},at Mr. Fox has made arrange- to leave Rock Falls and go to The neighbors of Aaron Fluck helped m move from-Hume to Sterling MQII- r There were six four-horse teams three two-horse teams,'and it did take very much to make a four- .oree load either. ./ . Commissioner Curtis reports ,t high water has done some damage south approach of the new East wlsnd bridge, and that unless atten- is given it at once, a still greater ount of damage will be done. .Ward & Coe.the auctioneers.brought id prices nt the Kirgls sale Wednes- Cows sold for $49, hay $11 per Th* chickens brought thirty-five each right through, good and ir, Oata twenty-two cents, corn over Oty-flve cents and (bus all articles iflght good prices, taay seem funny to some of the ,era of the STANDABD, but Wed- iday s four-horse team was driven town from the country and the y load the wagon had was a veal ft Several of the shop teams who ulfibop products to the cars have -horse teams to haul the wagons, only parts of. loads are put on the •SB. -. • '.-.'". -^ •.':• " '•: M, Wourth was busily pouring a seventy-six pase letter of letter from his near friend, Civil Engi Powers, now of Itasca county, Jon,, which he received this morning. 4»imed it to be very- interesting, postage on the letter was twenty- eunta. One such a letter a day uld cauwe a young lady much pleas- if written by her best fellow, ;«WUUam II. Rawson, of Moovllle, county, Ia., cousin of L, Hiwaon, airlved Monday for £ short visit. He haa been | t&icagn with stock of his own raia- He is one of the prosperous far- of Maoville. He will go to. Erie s^ort visit with relatives there. will return liomo thja .ays that bis; county has had- ter weather than they have •f bs» 4W W* 66«diQK te»fc Mrs, Lena Christie In quite 111 with the grip. Robert McNeil and F. W. Wheeler expect to go to Springfleld eoon, on business, Mrs. D. P. Aldrich, of Tampico, was an over Sunday visitor at Mrs. Myron Washburn'B, , Mrs. Carrie Tronth, of Perry, la., Is TlsSting relatives in this city, which Is her old home, ae well. The corner lots near Kelsey's harness shop, owned by the Keystone Co^ have been sown to oats and grass seed. Will Adair commenced work this morning for P. S. Miller, of Harmon township, for the farming season. Mr. and Mrs. William Stedman, and daughter, Lulu, spent over Sunday in town at Mr. and Mrs. Howard Arey'a in this city. Mr. and Mrs, Harm Brans are both very low with pneumonia at their home In Harmon township, Mr, Bruns is in a yery precarious condition. Miss Frankie. Emmons is much worse. She is, not expected to live through the day. She has been uncon* aclouB since 3 o'clock Tueaday afternoon. ' Charlie Staples, of the First ward, is proud of those triplets whtch came to his home last Friday night. They are not babies, only baby dogs, but are triplets lust the same.. The Deacon and Mrs. Richard Arey have so far recovered from their illness that they both attended church Sunday. They have both been ill since their return from Pennsylvania. James H. Shaw, of Bloomlngton, talked to an sppreolBtlV€raudieirce~iir the Montmorency church Saturday night, although the bad roads'prevent- ed a large crowd out to hear him. " Roy Mabrey, who works/in the wire mill, got caught in one of the belts Tuesday and one of his ears was badly lacerated in the fracas. He had a narrow escape "from serious trouble. The roads are settling very . fast There are some stretches in the country that have become quite solid for travel of a light nature. The probabilities are that they will soon be passable again. Mrs/MorreliFpy and Mrs. Milton Foy, of Tampico and Yorktown, canJe up Thursday with their nephew, Mr. Yan Drew, to spend a few days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Van Drew. Miss Flora Sherman, of Cedar Rapids, Ia., is spending a few. days with Maude Mabrey. Miss Sherman is on ner way to attend the Valpariso College in Indiana. She goes to resume tier studies, for. she has been there before. r ..'._, While Fred Geyer was chewing saw dust candy, John Reiter was getting goodness from chalk, Alderman Curtis was trying to make believe broom straws were candy. .Yes, Mrs. J. J. Whitney and others sucked awhile on red pepper. They were, all fooled. C. M. Fox severed his connection as engineer of the Keystone Manufacturing Company Tuesday, He, will move to Aurora next week and reside in hia own~houser^He~ expects"to~ work-in Chicago. Rock Falls^will lose a good citizen and the Keystone band a good player. . . •' W. T. Thomae, who represents a commission house in Chicago and who travels about thq country buying up stock to send into that firm, has been making a few, days' visit in Stones among the many cattle feeders of that jlace. While there he was the gueut of John Heckman. If Marie Butler knew that sweet ooking cream candy was loaded with i block of wood or full qf saw duet she would not have accepted it. tine was game, anyway, §nd said nothing about it and cast it forth onto the ground only when she went out of doors and no one saw her. ' Tuesday was an awful stormy day of that kind oue can hardly tell what may happen. In the family of Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy. Ripley, of .West Montmorency, there was born a Ana son in the evening. The rest of the members of the Montmorency Gun Club eay hey are expecting the cigars at the next shoot, which will occur less 'than ,wo weeks. ' Theodore Frank has a ewe which has been prolific in the last two years, ast year she had three lambs and two of them were raised all right, while the other died. A few nights ago she bad hree more. Whether the three would isve lived or not he does not know.for n old, sow had them pretty well eaten up by the time Mr Frank discovered hem. The horse whiclx Mra. Addisoa Hoi- eubeck, of Nelson, was driving Tues* day iifternoon at 4 o'clock on, her way aie from town, became frightened near the residence of William Emmitt, jt of towu a mile, aud tipped 'the *uggy over, sptllJng the occupants, Mre. HoUeabeak aud Mi«» Hattia Hoi- beck. '1 ht> harsti w^s caught by .toes EsBiaiitt fosf *, w«>j»t to 4h0 buggy top, ClI'B FEASTS TERMINATE THE WINTER'S PLAY ING BY A GRAND BANQUET. Mine Jtont Wbltnar »n«I Wife Fnrn'oh th Spread Which Was tin Elegant On« In th* Stanley Diaing BOOJUS.— Clnh Mem fo*r» AM Present. The Ideal Club terminated this win ter's playing of progressive cinque las night by a fraud banquet in the Stan ley House. Tbirijsthe third year's exis tence of the cl«b and each spring i winds up with a banquet. : The club is composed of ten couples, and the last fall's games commenced on Halloween night* It is the calculation to play once at each of the.members houses, but there have been a few special ones worked in this winter be fore the close. Tha Stanley House parlors were thrown open to their disposal last night and there they played until thebanque was ready to be served. The tables~wef6',especially—placed, eo that all eat around-tin the outside ol a half rectangle with the waiters and seving tables inside. The'tables were prettily decorated.' A souvenir was found at the plate of each lady consisting of a great big pedro with the spots made of pretty tissue paper. These the ladies carried home with them. The spread was a delicious one and served in courses. The following is the menu Escallopcd Oysters. •OllTes. 1'lckles. Salted Almonds. Cold Turkey. . Chicken Salad. Lemon Jelly. . Home Made Bread and Butter. Coffee. . Chocolate. Cheese. , Salted Crackers. Ice Cream. Assorted Cake. • traits. Mrs. Whitney is very mudh praised .upon—the., excellence of the edibles. There has been no record of the games for the winter, as no.prizes were given. Hence no one knows who has won the most games. , The ofllcors of the club are: F. D. Rosebrook, President, and T. A. Wor- .man, Secretary and Treasurer. New officers were not elected at this meeting and when the club^adjourned, they separated to meet subject to the call of the President in the falU The club members have had a fine winter's pleas ure. There have -been times when members could present.find the same substitutes were asked each time. These wereguesto of honor last night as well as Mrs. Macomber, who does not play cards, while her husband does. The following are the members of the club: . - Messrs. andllesdames:— .-..-. C. L. Mentzer F, D. Bosebrook. .8..M..Mingle - ,iTehn Bhaw . O.M.Fox W.H.Kadel *.'• Charles Palmer T. A. Worman J. K. Goltman . E. A. Macpmber , . Mrs. B. F. Woodlord. :..'-.' ' The guests were: Mrs. E. A. Macomber, Mrrand Mrs. F, HraeyevMrs.-WV W. Brown and Frank Brown. . FUNERAL OF WALLACE MANN. The Remains of the Veteran Mail Carrier are Laid to Beat. The funeral services of Wallace P. Mann occurred Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the family residence, on Riverton avenue. There was a very large concourse of friends present. The house was not "large enough to hold the people who came. The services were conducted byRev.Crowl of the Congregational church^of Sterling, who ia the pastor of the family. They were very impressive ceremonies. The singing was especially fine, being rendered by the quartette of that, church under the leadership of Mies Ella Bichhards. The remains were placed on board the Penrock passenger this, forenoon at 8 o'clock and taken to Lyridon by the family, where interment took place* in the old Lyndon burying grounds where many friends of the family lie buried. Mrs. Giles Green, the cousin and adopted slater of Mr. Mann, was present at Joe funeral from Lyndon, as well as the rest of her family. The pallbearers were Joseph Wright, F, D. Roeebrook, Robert McNeil, Timothy Burdick.Elmer Crawford and John R, Johnson, they being the presentjaoBtmasterB of Rock Falls and Sterling, two ex-postniasters of Rock Falls and an.ex-aeslstant postmaster of Sterling. Being mail carrier for thirteen years, he had much to do with the postmasters of the two cities. A beautiful bouquet of calla lilies was on the caaket.aa it.went on its way toLyndqn. Alike »nd HU Bottle. Mike Cramer has much time on his hands and he puts a good deal of it to hatching up jokes to perpetrate on his friends. The latest is B small bottle labeled for Japanese perfume which he Bolomenly asks hjs;f dends advjeeabout. As soon as the cork la out the contents which is w.ater, all runs out at the bot' torn through a small hole, and will like »s not lun down the aleeve of the holder; then Mike laughs and feels much better for it. Rolla Halstesd and Jler- bert Fettltfc had a turn at it to the amusement of Mike. "There are others," §igo,who have b«Jea Jed to, g«t% wetting down yith it As ioag as the eorfc is Jft th« bottle no water escapes, & ywy odd tttog, by the w$y, »nd a very clev- NOTCS FROM THfr SOHOOU. OBITUARY np rtnrinje tl,«i W*-«fc Itcroa Last Saturday mornfng these notes should hsre been fffen to the printer, but bav e been delayed. Hope to have items from every room weekly hereafter. Since our Jaet writing visitors have beer^ registered as follows: County Superintendent Johnston, in all the rooms; Miss Lucy Cog8wel!» la No«. 2, § and 6; Miss Mann, No. 5; Mrs. Mul- fordrMiss Ella Mulford, Mrs. Woodford, Mrs. Hlgby, Mrs. Shierry, in No. 6; Mrs, fiaag, Mrs. Mftrtln, Mrs. K. L. Atkins, Mrs. Coward, Mrs. Woodford, Miss McAllister, Miss Keene Stnrte- rant, of Prophetstown; Mr. H. L. Sheldon, Mr.. 11. L, Atkins, Prof.Lawrence, of Prophetstown, in No. 8. Hazel Williams, Jean Johnson, Raymond Van Drew, Horance Miles, of No. 2, have been ou the sick list; also Anna Johnson and Dean Bickford, of No. 6; May Schwab and Harry Batchel- lerrbf No?8j and Willie McMahon^ean: Atkins and Mae Isherwood, of No. 9. Some of them have returned to school within the last few days. "Washington Society," of NoT B, gave their first program last .week, after which peanuts and bananas were enjoyed. . . Class A, of No. 8, began the subject of Interest last week; B Class, of No. 9, completed Taxes; A Class working in Analysis, Geology is reviewing. No. 8 had a fine program Friday, the twelfth, which is given below. If all pupils Jn grades were required to learn and recite appropriate selections we would soon cease to hear it said by students, "I never recited a piece in my life." There are not many who can say it, but there shouldn't be any. Following IB the program^- — Song by School ................. . ...... .. ...... Instrumental Solo ..... ...... ^....Nelllo Buckley Recitation, "Mr. Spoopendykes' Bicycle". ... Arthur Curtis Dialogue, . . ................ "The Census Taker" 'John "Washburn.Kary Hurley, Clara Hani;, 1 Maggie Krans, Arthur .Wetzell Guitar Solo ................. ....... Letha Scovllle Recitation, "Going Somewhere"... .Myrtle Delp Reading ............ .................. Bay Parker Dialogue,,.,. ...... .... ................ "A Secret" Viola Bickford, Stella Mohr t .All|e Scovllle Recitation ........ . ......... '..w — , ..'Fred Shuler Duet........ ...... ... May Hurley, Emma Coover Recitation, "Briar Rose" ......... , . Lena Scovllle Banjo Solo ...... .. ...... : ...... ;. Paul McAllister Quotations from Pope. . .. ..,' .... ..... Newton Lee Duet ........ . ........ Nellie, AHte Scovllle Recitation, "Mr. Brown has His Hair Cat".. Letha Bcovllle « Recitation, "Mother'* Foot"... ....Nellie jPettltt Mr, H. L. Sheldon gave the pupils a talk on the Evils of Cigarette Smoking. Among the visitors for the week ending March 20, we note Mr. B. F. Kad6l-and-Mr'.-O.JB.-Goodrich in several of the rooms. Miss Marie Butler was a caller in No. A. Quite a number of Eighth Grade pupils visited in lower rooms Tuesday, their _own_ rpomjQot Qeing-in-8es8!on-thaLday,_owlngJto_the teacher's illness. The storm caused a great reduction in the number attending, some primary rooms being reduced one-half. Pupils reported ill: Harry Daley, Gordon Smith andHallie Lee, of No. 3; Bessie Grosse and Blanche! Houston, of No. 4; Elsie Wetzell, of No. 7, Carl Frarichs is a new pupil in No. 3; Alma Brooks has moved away. Fred "Ulrica is again enrolled in No. 7. Class B, No, 7, will soon begin percentage in arithmetic; class A has advanced as far as profit and lose. Class A, language, wrote fables with morals attached, punctuating and paragraph- ng properly j-results good. No. 9, his- ;ory, studying -political parties, their. principles, and measures advocated by each. Civil Government class completed "State governments," There is no rule against entering a room, if tardy. We do not favor tardiness, but if it Is unavoidable, we pre- 'er to have a late arrival occasionally, atlier than a total loss of time. Of he two evils, the absence is the great- A of ilsn I.tfVi of -A «»ood James J'obb was born In thi* of Csnabersheltrsn, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Feb. 18,1823. Died in Rock Fails* III., March 27,1897. At an early sge he Was apprenticed to the moulders' trade In ShoU's foundry. After serving seven years apprenticeship he followed his £rade about fifty-five ytars. He was married July 16, 1853, to Agnes Thornton in Scotland>who died Oct. 17, 1882. Eleven children were born, only three of whoin*survive: William G., Mrs. Kate Brown, wife of Frank Brown, of this city, and Nellie T. There are also three grandchildren. In 1854 he immigrated to this country, settling at Rockford, III., where be lived until 1870, when he moved to Rock Falls, thus becoming a resident of this town only two years after its birth. Since then he had always lived here and ia well known among the older residents. He has been identified with the Methodist Episcopal church ever since he came to Rock Falls, and waa much thought of In church circles. He was also a member of the I. O. O. F., who will take charge of the funeral services to be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church. Fifteen years agu he lost his life's companion by death. Three grown up daughters have also gone before. Interment will take place at the Riverside cemetery, Sterling. Mr. Robb has not been well for. several years, and for the past year he has not been out of the house much, but it waa only the week before his death that he was conQned to his bed. He was a cheerful man and took much comfort in his religion. He was a .Christian man In every sense of the word. It was thought best to change the Tflace of servIceiTFo the church, commodate the large crowd of people who wish to attend. Mr. Robb leaves a sister, Mrs, James Houston, of Rockford, who, with her husband and their daughter, Mrs. Robert Graham, came last night to attend the funeral; a brother, George Robb.'of Chicago, who is expected here today or tomorrow. There is also another brother living In Scotland. The pall bearers will be three from his lodge, A. J. Burdick, A. J. McNeil and Julius Smith, and three from his old Sunday School class. At the funeral of James Robb to*-, morrow the casket will not be opened. Those who. wish to view the remains must do so at the house. GATHERING OF LITTLE ONES. Absence, even of one day in a week, dulls the edge of interest, and puts the earner at a double disadvantage This act needs emphasizing—that intern t 3 maintained and progress secured, niy by regular application to the work. ?eachere and parents should work to- ether to secure, prompt and regular ttendauce on the part of every pupil. The days, weeks, months, are rolling apidly by. Soon the end pf the school ear will have come and gone. Op- ortunity gone too.* ' * "Master ol human destinies am I; . : . " - Fame, love and fortune on my footstep's wait, Cities and fields I walk; I penetrate Deserts ana seas remote, aiid, passing by Hovel and mart and palace, soon or late, I (pock unbidden, once on every cato; > It sleeping, wake; II feasting, rise before I turn away; It la the hour of fate, And they Who follow me reach every state Mortals desire, and conquer every fue Save death;' but those who doubt or hesitate, Condemned to failure, penury ^'nd woe, Seek ma In vain aud uselessly Implore; I answer not, and I return no more." — J, J. Ingalls. Needle lu a CtoiUJ'tf Xhlgb. Some time last week Mrs. 0. E. Bailey discovered a hard but sore spot u one of. the thighs of her baby about old. Dr. E, Frauo Morrill was and she cut down to tbo foreign nee and f ouud the bead of a good ised needle. This waa extricated. The wa? a whole one wi<J rtrsigttt in the deshy part of th« t Fifty-four Help Howard Geyer Celebrate Hl» Birthday. Master Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs, F. H.' Geyer.wae five years old Monday and the event was~celebrated by-the asking in^ofinany"bo'ys and girls of his age. There were fifty-eight invitations sent out to children between the ages of four apd seven years and all were present but four, and these were der tamed by sickness. Fifty-four children in one group are a good many and the occasion was an interesting one in the extreme. The utmost grand matinee prevailed among them and not one cried for homesickness. Various games were gotten up J;hst all might participate in and this caused a liveliness that was enjoyable to the outsider. Shortly after 4 o'clock^ the little tots were seated around the two large rooms on the floor, and were given a fine lot of eatables. Nunfer- ous presents were given the boy by his guests. About 5 o'clock all departed for their homes, . The following list is of the Invited ones: Harry Coe John Coe BlrdlEmmons , Worman Enimons Eddie Presby • Lawrence JItil bard Frank Pavlson Ira Parks Wlll|e Mentzer tawrerice Atkins Volney Limerick Maurice Bow Clark Hopkins Sidney. Curtis George Curtis Harry "dark , I.eo White ' Ralph White ' Dwlght Lyoii . Arthur Wheelsr ^LeRoy Wheeler Harry Wilson' 'JolmGrady Pan,! Kern : Leon Smith Ottie Kline- Harry Dally Barker Adln Allie'.Kllne . Berufce Brown Clovlce Lincoln , Dorothy Dow Ethel Grady ' • Hut h Kern -Florence Emmons Marie Christopher ' Loretta Hemblock Elizabeth Gardner Mabel Smith Zoe Nlms Mabel Mingle Jennie Newton . Bessie Hubbard Frea Hubbard Lois Stanley. , - Kmlly McNeil Mabel Grant -Bessie Nlms EtheljKoyer .Arey Nlmn Mabel Coe Mamie King Charlotte Blckfonl Buth Thome . Elva Murray .. Buth PeltlU Vannle Jeniins Hazel I'resby, The Ground Hog Cuiue Out. The ground belonging to Roy f Mabrey of the flrat ward came out for the first time Tuesday, this winter. The animal is a pet one and^was much fondled last summer and had the run of the whole premises. Toward the latter part of last October he began digging a hole under the sidewalk, and soon hibernated la those quarters and has been sound asleep, as far as any oneknowB, until Tuesday when be came out and was quitechlmsf If again, although liking vory much his winter quarters. I toy dug ead proUd down to see bow far ha had himself and f ouad he, w»» «&Qu&sed foftr of below th& frost Jiaev 4.t«r»etta- *)re Karljf Frank' B01i?ij!>«k thought hs getting np about the twnsl time Saturday on the farm. He called the WO«S*MS folks to get op KOA get breakfast. H* went out and "done op" the efaorw, and thought It rather odd that the cows gave BO little milk and came In th« hoHW to find that breakfast waa 0ot ready. He yelled to the women folfc* again.and was told to fook at theeS<s«fc, He was much sstoatebed to flod it only 3 o'clock. A little surprise party look came over his ^outtenance as he beheld the time o! 'morning. He then put himself again InTils little bed. The early rising Idea must have been catching, for it was only the morning before that John Heckman, of Stones, wished to catch the earlv train to Hock Falls. He got up.flnished tip "his chores and came In to find it' wan only g o'clock. lie was too mad to go to bed again, so nursed his mad ties a by the hard coal-fire ttHtii train DEATH OF JAMES ROBB. DeraU« of a Re«pect«tl Hock Fn1UCltlx«n thli Blornlnff The death of James Robb occured this morning about 3 o'clock at bis home ou May street, surrounded by his children. Mr. Robb was a citizsn of Rock foils for many years and was greatly respected by all her people, He was a consistent Christian ana a good man, He was born in Scotland and bad been In this country nearly a half century, and was about seventy-four years old. An extended obituary will be printed later. The funeral will be sometime Wednesday afternoon, probably at o'clock, although this hour may be the house, Rev. F. H. Gardener,, his pastor, officiating. The burial will be in the Sterling cemetery. NEBRASKA'S ORATORY. Ralph Koper Wins First 'Prize—Will Contest for Inter-State 1'ilze, Last week the STANDARD in this department mentioned the fact that Ralph Roper had been given first prize/ of $50 in the oratorical contest in the Nebraska University. This entitled him to compete for the State prize which took place last Friday evening at Lincoln, Neb. Miss Clara Babcock has just received papers from there announcing the good news that her cousin, Ralph C. Roper, came off : victorious and had been given : nrst. prize with a young lady of Grand Island, a close second* Mr, Roper will now re? presentNebraska In the Inter State con test. •"••'.'•. As stated last week, the. Roper fatally were formerely from this aide of Rock River and are well knowirhere.—— , • Funeral of James Kobb. The funeral of James Robb waa largely attended Wednesday at the Methodist church. Mr, Robb had many" warm friends. Beautiful bouquets of various designs were sent by loving • friends. The services- were under the direction of the I. O. O. F.,of which he was a member: .The pallbearers were: A. J. fiurdiok, A. J. McNeil and Julius Smith, from the I. O, O. F,, and William Cogswell, Dr. J. L. Morrill andH. C. Landis, from his old Sunday School clasa. — The sermon r a-very-impreB8lve one, was delivered by Eev. F. H. Gardner. The singing was by Mrs. Nettle 1 Cole, Mrs. H. L. Sheldon, Grant Lan- dls and H. L. Sheldon. He was laid to rest in Riverside "cemetery. His brother, George Robb, was unable to be present from Chicago. The Hungarian .Camp. There Is a very blapk lot of Hungarian, Gypsies camped south of town , near the Joseph Miller farm. One of the women created considerable excitement Tuesday by coming to town and begging for money. She looked very much like an Indian and carried her ten-months-old pappoose la a ..sack slung on a stick over her shoulder. The little tiny thing seemed to enjoy her position in the sack. Philip Davis had her strike an attitude while he took a couple of snap shots at her with his camera. For this act she was given a quarter by the postmaster, Frank Brown offered her a dollar for her baby. She was highly Indignant at the proposition and said she was not crazy. * Review of Review*, .. An elaborate study of "The New Administration at Washington," by Ali , bert Shaw, appears in the April Re 1 view of Reviews, Dr. Shaw drawa an l^ter- esting comparison between the Ameri- pointing out the distinction, 'between "ministry" and "cabinet," ia both ory and practice; he also treats fully of Mr. McKinley'a process of Snot-building, its varioujt difficulties stud adjustments, and outlines the noteworthy characteristics of the President's oflioial family as Jlnally Individually and in tide further dennea "the larg®? tive group at WashiagtoB"--itip ous aseistaut ee portaai bureau, a^ef a, gij m as possible

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