Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 12
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DECATUR HERALD 1UESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER H, WO. DECATUR HERALD VARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF WOME»Ot Annamary Dickey Sings Saturday In A-K Audition Young Decatur Singer Wilt Broadcast Over WGN Saturday At 8 P. M, M ISa ANNAMARY DICKEY, daughter of Dr. nntl Mrs. J. H, Dickey, West Wood tttreei. will compete In the wlatd midltlon [or the AlwKtor-Kent award*. Saturday. In Chtr«([0. broaden* tlflft over stittlon WON «t 8 o'clock. Mlw Dickey will be accompanied to ChleoRO by Mlns Wlnlfr«d Mlnturn, director of Mlllt k!n conservatory. Minn Mlnturn h«s been ii Indus In the mi dill on in recent year*, Mlwx Ulcltey h a voice pupil 01 flrant Htullny, tind h n mrmtict f: Slgintt Alphu loin She lint* enters the tiecfttur tunWIons, hut thla ts i (lr»t v«nr In a etnto iiudltlon. Starts Monday with 10 1'tettnl Iietphlnn society momtien thii yenr Mnndnv In Mllllkln titil vsiHlly with ten msinhm prawn t. J\ prK!iam ot Mill 'century (Ictlon wn. ftUt-fi hy ML'*. H n i r y Bfrtnch, Mrs C, P. Ouent, Ml»i Kmnwi Millet. nn Mid, Roy ChrlKllP, The topic o Mi*. Lynn Barnes will be given it Inn next mnotinK Oct 27. Mid Cloorsp n Biicon. PHphlun lender (innonncftd rule* far lh» nitimbernhlii pin Mid Mho plefoirxl the inotrihern bv pfnidlntf some of her birthday c»mlv In the meriting Defends Kids' Play Mitt M*rton 5. V*n LUw Miss Murion Vnn Liew of New York, hond of the home making center, is of the opinion that ths rwuaoii so many houaewlves dls- like the work of the homo it that they were forced to do household drudgery when they were ehfl- drcn when they should bro been playing, 5ij»pr Monday in fly Hluninan find jilfultfen wno mtwti of Slitmii Al|»hft Iota ncllvoti In u huff«t imp par nnd nuiHloiili M«rnl«y In the r h n p i f r house North Pulrvlew av»mw. The jtrotip H« matted plnns for hnnipeornlnsc Mm Elolit* MoKee played ft piano uo'o untl Ml** Blmn Curtl* savn a impel on tlio ftnk filritflfltt town- In Plitflda Ml-ii Hoinli'c f r f u i l r k «|iokc nboiil whiit funidti" men liii"- «atd con pi-minx nitwlc. MHs Mmy HcliU- nmit jilnycd n violin »nl Mli, liln IJclUcntn-iner w i l l ITL- terrain itwtmtwir* of filcath of Vorti cliih In hei home. UTt West Macuit Htrcfi, 'tt 'I oVtm h Wcdncurtnv 'it* li rnocn M l - O)i»l Cm i n n ntxl ''iia Mrii Murv I'lftiv nnd Mii. NoUtn drove to (ndliinnpollH lo ln*t Y. W. CLUB COUNCIL HAS MELTING MONDAY The V W ' A. tin!) council mude plonx Mnnday evenlnK for Hie World FeHoivihlp m f c t l n t r which vt'tll be h»ld «otne time In N o t p n i l t r t . and pin nn I'd olio for tilicniinni " in thit V W nnniuil nirt'ttnti on O-l. 'H Kc- ljoMc were i cad, urn! i-ndt chili nn- noi in ·!'! |ilniti fi The Ti-l-T cluli «f (hi V W. C, A. hii-ii decided to tnwl liuii alter on TiicKiiuy Innnmd o( Mondity evening. nnd hnd A potluck mipper thin week The Plnymoi'o club will huvo »t chill mippor Wednvitdiiv lo the V W.. nnil Belli liAmma (,'ltl w i l l huvc tuppei Thuiwdny, with M i n n i e Sntni'lv nnd Irmn llnrth In Roach School P. T. A. Plans Membership Drive I'titii* fd u tutimberuhlp d t l v e und for en tor tul urn tint l» b« xlvfn In (Up iruular nientlnK of t'i'ltlny evt 1 - ·ln|t weru made In a minting n( the executive board ot tho ftounh ni'hool Pnront-Teaoher as»oclo.tlon Mnndny afternoon. Chrilrnmn of the various dlntrlots nmiln their periodic report*. The group deoUlt'd to conduct n benefit lity In the Inndore Oolf wmne on Oct. 3S, A cniidy cotimof will lift operated In the course thai 135 BUSINESS WOMEN ATTEND DINNER IN STALEY CAFETERIA Miss Hoit Names Committee for Community Chest Dinner One iiimdw! thlrJy-flvc members oC the Deeatur BilHmeaa and Pio IViilonitl Wwiitin'n dub WBto sorv- od It) Hie cnhtcrlii ot the new Stuley iKtmlnMiaUon building Monday eve rilriK, nnd Inter touted tho building I( tht! women could hsivo been ac (onimodtitud, It It probable tha 1 morn Utun £00 would have attendee tlip dinner. Muny who had noped to net u ic i wrvaMrm", tite plsewh ihi'i) loin tlio tour. Tlih club ttut iitilc to mcpL In tills biillilltiK iia n insult ot ttrriuwments nmlo tlirouKh Mlai Hplen Haider o lht Slnloy Co.. who bolotijta to thi club. Mi-t W l n l f i e d Diciman of lh l.ftixne or Women Volets s^poki nhcmt women on Jut Its In a brie mecHtiff conducted hoforn (he tour Mhst Jjp!;ih Foslet proctuni chair man fin the stole convention to be In Deintur, i|)ike of pinna MIKM Molvlnu Holt, president nnmd MK L I. Grl^on chairman toi thp Community Chest dinner In Mimonli U-niplC Out, 27, which th chili will nmtii.KO Olliem on th tommlUco will be Mia Miugucrit Krcrnum, Virginia Mny, am Mlin Lucy Dennis. Announcemen WOM miirto riKdln of tho Sprlnp field dub dinner Nov. S, which wl be uttcnded by a delegation from De iir. Mlts Marion McClcnch. na floruit prenidpnt will be the speaker. Th« Tntcr-Club suett nlnht In Elgin ?lov 6, olsto was announced. The club vutcd to tilve $50 lo the Community Che«t New meinbem ntc Mm MllthMl Wnnon. M I D Ruby Caution, MLB. Bortltu Auci, Mm, tfrs. Jrdease Speaks to 70 in Tea Monday -enlen Vesper S e r v i c e on Program of City Pan-Hellenic D ECATUR Pan-hellenlc resumed activities tor the n»w schoo: year Monday with a tea for TO women in iho home of Mrs Ida Diller Record In Park Plaee, Mrs. Jewe White, * Delta Gamma, and the wlft of the new Ml Hi kin university president, pouied, and Mrs. George Bodger, Pan-hellenic president, served the Ice, Yeltow and bronw colors wera used In the lea. decorations. The Uible wan appointed with a brass taa service, brans candslabra and bowls filled with garden flowers. The^e were green tapers. preceding the talk by Mti. 3yd ney Tr close of Urbana, the former Leah Pullcnwldcr, there was a brie business meeting. Yam books, li which the tdx progiams for Ihe v«a wore announced, wore distributed. Mis. Ttelwiao, a member of the Mllllkln chapter of Delta Delta gave a life sketch of Wllla ' and discussed five of the booki. "My Antonio", "One of Oura" which won tho Pulitzer priw, "Th Lost Lady", "The Protestor's House" and "Death ComcB to the Arehl bishop." Pan-he! lent c member* wen Interested In her criticism tt Mtu 1 Gather's churdctem and writing, · Miss Esther Rcquarih and Edwaid Powais will give two of the tailta for tho society this year, and on mooting will be a vesper service In St, John's Episcopal church. [·-,· complete program follows: N'nr, 3 -- M i « ftlaRonnn n Bmltli np»fil( on ' A » t l r j n o « ' In tlig Ho tun nt M i l Our U'«ll(iii| N» t M l t l l W n t ' l n t t M t Ina* M o l l t t l u i ^ v r I L u l t ttj liixtlaiK f h n l E m n n jnn i s -- M l M JUhitisr Roaimrsh siJORl: In tlio iiotris ot Mn W. L KU(f, 31 1'nilt PliiL*. M i s I,oi) Jatuiion hoilom k U u h innn tvii ti--IMnmii-hiUlKi! Hiid iiitn'n cue* nl«ln. Mm, l l i i i i . i CMniion tliiiliinun u March'(--l.Biuoti vnijMir mifitt'fl In tt JoHti'K rplnui|i«l Linn i l l . Hiiiuluy nootl. MfH (' A l l t l « III flllllKl' A(il 11 11--V l tUviu d i*pirt fliH ajH'nh* ni 1 1'i.idilnKB" t» itui iiurmi at MI Him Mm power* Sf.s Pswtri l.nno Mrn, )V, 9 HlitKl) 1 i i i n l n u i i i ) tt hwtoBWfl M u v n--Ijimi Ixiim nnil liiia^i' Mr* ni'OiKO ItiHiti'l chilli mini, u l i l i tUHlHtoIlL u n i n iniiinlu'tri iC Out cni'f i t l k e Jitlil tn In .tiiuo 1-- t' f unll mnirika nn ' W i t «lllL)l811ltUL tlllt Vtllli 1 111 M l l l l U l l l t aoi \-ntoij Wrs T u t r H t « llmfl cllHItni A com mission appointed In 1007 reported that the national game o baseball oilglnatcd with "The Knlck orbocker club," organized In Hew York City In 1845. and that the firs petson to [ironnio e diagram of the playing dlamoml wan Abncr Double day of Cooporrtown, N, Y , in 1830 Before the commission made its In vestlgatlon. it was generally agreoc that bnseball spiting from the old English gome of "rounders.*' Elizabeth Uagot, Hias Coldic Hip- she r, Mlsa Mallun Walt, Miss Emma Miller, MIHS Ehrabeth Connard, Mis Jonnla Wells, Mrs. Pearl Powell, S ore throats jav QuidctyreUevtxt «»* by rubbinf on VISJJS OVtl^W MILLION JARS USED YtAM.Y Z. T. A, Dinner Tonight For New Chapter Pledges f.etd T»u Alplin itotoiltv Iti lutvlnx n dlnnei lontitiu nt « n'rlocli In Ihr doi-oiliy hiniw honoilnn the ne« The dinner will fullow n $3 Q«iH Patohii $1.26 fH,l I nlnnlnl I'nlfll." lti.imlHr.iJm I v r - t«l, ·fiitlim", ill In nuinlrwl" '·( ii' » M i i r f t i i m nmi I'M'ii i i u n i » i » * « ' i . . - t p f d ("IKIlii I I" * Illfl"" 1 ' I' 1 " i t, 11 i l l " , ii ;'-, iimtnitf r i f f m i i l ' clii'i'k mnntv nulfi of '«··' Co. 1»nt. « Mo. 2-1321 nun »tfli'lfn reiwK «""» RM EUclric Co IM n. FALL Weddings ar(1 beautifully complemented with matohlnp evening hosiery in A tf uli n»tt*ti«piin« tuW«ml ot milt Kid irttitlcttlv Main Floor Style Shop llnfe TAJJK HIT A N old matt came to our kitchen door the other morning, taking for magazines and papers that he night buy He had the usual big old sack and *cal«» In his hand, the trademark ot the junkman, and out in the alley beyond tho garden stood his cart. He wa« told that school children had lust been around the day before (In fact, we've had a tegular outbreak of them) begging the papers and magazines for the school paper-sate, and had gone off with theli little yellow wagon loaded high fiom our basement. tt "Lady," eald the old junkman, "it ain't right. "A lot of ui fellows makes our living by buying and Bailing papers and junk. It ain't right foi children from school to take away our living from us, "Schools have taxes to 1*11 hack on for afl they need. There ain't a, one of us fellows that Bets any benefit from taxct., unless we Rlvc up and go tn the poor house, "Everywhoie I've boen toddy, ·/most, th« lady hae told me »he her papers to ths children for school. Whatll they do with the money? Anything necessary to their living? No dr, they take our bread and butter away from us, and buy plaything* for those klda that have all sorts of plaything* at home. We can go hungry," It Nowadays, playground equip ment 1* part of modern ichool- ing, and It Is a part that does not come under the head of things to be purchased with tax money. The money realised from the sale of paper goes into a F. T. A, fund, usually, that buys also book* tor needy children, and clothe*, and sometime* food. Of courts, It might b* argued that If the old ragmen sold the paper* and got the money there wouldn't be so many children to demand charity. But not many ragmen have children in school, perhaps. K With all the arguments for and against IhU method of raiding money at tho expense of those whose legitimate bttsln«B* Is theieby ruined--with all thai, the old fellow's communistic complaint still sticks in our memory, L B. MRS. CURTIS GIVES BRIDGE MONDAY FOR TWO DAUGHTERS Mrs. Frank Cmlls entertained In her home in «7 West Main street Monday afternoon with a bridge party. In honor of her two daughters, Mrs H. H, Heu-jton of Boulder, Col., and Mrs. Georgo Curtlss of Normal, Five table* of contract bridge were In the play, and the first and iecond prizes were won by Mrs, Thatcher Sheltabarger and Mis. Chnrles McComnlck, Mrs Mcuiton come early In October, and she pained latt week with her nlstoi In Normal Niantic RebekaKs To Entertain Macon Assn. NIANTIC--DMi let oCflcata or the Rebecca lodce of disulcl IT wore prenonl nt the icgultir meeting of the Wlsflcm lodge heie on Friday evening Those present fiom out of town were: Mr and Mrs, Glen Quaylc, Mr. nnl Mts. James Ruckcr Mr. and Mts J. Pfdlhcr. Mrs Had- dlng Mcli/,a. and Miss Marie Wacaser of Drcntur, On Ftidoy evening, Oflobpi 21, tho members of the Wisdom Rehcoca lodge -will entertain the Maton County association at K pot lurk ROOSEVELT P. T. A. POSTPONES JITNEY SUPPER TO NOV. 7 t The Parent-Teacher association of Roosevelt Junior High school has postponed itn Jitney aupper from Friday of thla week, Oct IT, to Nor. T, It was announced Tuesday. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA PLEDGE DANCE WILL BE GIVEN ON NOV. Sigma Alpha Iota sorority active* aie making plans for a dunce to be Klven In honor of their pledges the icvenmg of Nov. 1 Th« party will be in the chapter hou*e, 1CI1 North Fair view avenue. POSTPONE CAKB PARTY The card party ot the Decatur Temple No. 1ST Pythian Sisters to be held in lh« home or Mrs. Sarah Wlklc, ISM) North Water *tre*t Tuesday o von Ing has been iKWt- poned indefinitely, due to 11 In (BO. r Sometimes rubles are found In the free staate, but moat of them are found In bands of crystalline limestone. The bent rubles are found In Burma and they are the most valued of all gems. Homespun Tailleur Iti ttt* OWD «f Ullkun the ic- Mworlei Uk« m added lmvMt BIWI. TUf nHneqran mtt U In- dbidufliud by » matcUnf bloute AA hftnttmbfef of cgf^el) biih tln«n. PAULINE BRUMMnT ~~ WEDS_EARL ADAMS Announcement In made lodiiy of Ihe marriage of Mls» PnullneBroni mlt, daughter of Mrn. S. A. Bruin mitt of Lane, and Earl Adams, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adam*, MO East Orchard street. The wedding wan at 1216 o'clock Thursday noon In Springfield, In the home of Rev, Mr. Young, ptt»Ur of the Methodist church, Helba. Kdwardfl mid Loren Burgess, both of Dcrnlui, awiom- panied the couple. Mr, and Mr* Adams will be at home ufter Nov. 1 In 10*1 North Water street. Th« lrldc attended Doentnr JUsh school, and Ihf bridegroom wn» gi'atluated from there In June. DAY "NURSERY~WANTS JARS FOR CANNING The Day Nuraeiy ib tn need of half-gallon fruit jars tn which to can fruit that has been donated to the Institution. Poisons having donations to make aro ashed to inform the nursery nnd nrrimifcmenl' wllj b* made to call for them. MRS, RIDGLY BACK FROM IMPORTANT MEET IN CHICAGO Calls Board Meeting As President of State Music Club Federation Mrs W. H, Ridgly, prestdont of lit* Illinois Federation nt Miwlr cltibK, re I urn fd Mondny from C'hlrnfto, vvJiere xhe culled a liooid meellni; la*t week tf reornaniKc ninti work, Mlns Winifred Minium, n m*mbir of the board, returned flnliji-dny. Mrs, Elmer James Ottaway, jji^n- Idcnt of (Mr N*llon»1 Ffdcrntlon. ·nd Mrs. Edgar Sllllmiin Kelly, pant pienident, slso ollcndtd, Th«-y nn- going on to S«n KmnrNfo to mukf renKciitonln for the nttilonnl lilcn- nlal meeilnic to be there next June, MM. ntdffly expect* lo aiiend Trt Now Till* S i i r w i i ) s p t o New York on Nov. H for a conclava of WhH. in Chfeato ontertalmid by varlow «f cafo Mu.looluboin Mr*. Oxner and Mr*, of 0«k Park. Plai,* important -»«,,,,, menu in the rtale mu«ie "?lt toward the time when (thill again be a leading Tnn M,. PUGH POSTPONES ITS P. t A, TO OCT. 2 Plann wirn made for th« rampstjtn in tho f- u« r w r»roni.T«ic)iitV itorltnlon Monrtuy nnitnDon ftl polls icvwM ihtil W mm ,,,,. mnde In x.-pi^mhor The n^t ^ intf «f Wi* aitiwjclailo to have been thin j.-, w»» jWMtponed until Jfrld»y ( The wwilnR will b* In nudilorlum »t T .10 Be sure when you buy sanitary pads specify Kotex 1-Not s deceptive softne«, th»t soon picki into cluf- ing hftrdncss, But a JIi- ate, lasting lofi 2-Kottxfilttrii (u lighter ·nd cooler thtn cotton, yet 5 tintet u much. Don't let a Cold Sett/ in your Bowels I KEEP your bweli open during a cold. Only a doctor know* Hie importance of thut, Trunt a doctor to know best how it can b« done, Thai's why Syrup Pepnin is web t marvdous help during colJo, It is the prescription of a family doctor who sptcintiwd in bowtl troubles The discomfort of cold* is always kn»ened wfaen it U wted; your aytlem it kepi free from the phlegm, rnucim and acid wnitten, llie cold is "broken up" easily. Whenever the boweln need opening, Dr, CaldweH'u Syrup I'cpsm is iiure to do the work. 11 doe» not gripe or sicken; but lit action « thoroudh. H or- ries on all the souring nviMe and poisons; helps your bowctb lo help thcnwelvcs 1 ah* o cpoonful a* MOB » i coM Btnru,or tl» h«i Hmt cai(H tongue, bad brcelh, or * bflbui, hcttliH'hy, flMty c-indilion w of rojmUtmiion, Give n to -j-. i *jii n »|,Fep i t*f p t H ·+fl\12 H c nlrjrert durinfl colOn w ' -,«,,, llwy'rc rcvrmfi, crov, or up«t, It is l»iirmlfj»; cnnlsinn nnly laxative hcrbi, pure pepsin anS oilier litlpdil ingredient*, The wity It (U«M and Die way tt neU lm\e mad« Or. CaUvtll't Syrup Pepttin tlm t»rR(M tiling I A - k F p ! I t t i J k , | . | t||| J » l i « * ... - - * On, \V. f). SYRUP PEPSIN A Doctor's Ramify Laxatht No sanitary pad can give you the same wonderful absorbency, perfect fit and lasting softness. no unnecessary chances X in this important matter of sanitary protection -- .specify Kotex. Kotex--firsr of all «nnaiy pads--remains best of all sanitary pads. Every month, every year, scientists add details to perfect its comfort, to give you che feeling of being well groomed, jc ease: to offer you inconspicuous protection, Fmt, itt amazing absorbency The absorbent of which Kotex is made--Cellucotcon (not cotton) absotbenc waddiru * unique It is five tunes more iDsorbcnt thin cotton, by actual test 3-Jwd«w«* wf«!y, thor- Five times more Listing for th« oughlhy » spceml proc. vctj» reason. **'· Kotcv n guaranteed to last 4~DisfMahlt, instantly, longer, to slay soji longer than completely. any other lamtaiy pad. *»»!» KOI«-SC fc« u Hoifitati use it Do you know rhat 85?fc of our leading hospitals use Kotex absorbent today' Yes, they specify Kotex, they insis-c on Kotcs ab- sotbent in cases where the utmost safety and delicacy are necessary. Never is safety more vital, never is comfort more essential. Specify "Kotex." Accept nothing else Kotex Com-'wiy, Chicago, Tha NtwSwutuyPtdwhkh br'mgi new idtah of jKtfart.' Wemit to fit, on m tMlrtly Mtm patntttd prind- ftr. Firm ytt light; mltl not tart! ptrfeet'fitting. K o r e x "Gee, that txam Was a Cinch!" LIEAD clear and every imistle im:;l)ii« for nn afternoon of iporl, (hi; labor of the last two grueling (tours slips nwfty like wnlcr from ll^ durk'n back, l%l findr thut a light bill nourishing lunch i* one of the bigR«t requirement* to nuccesi at study or play. What Your Child EtU It Important PASTEURIZED MILK IttheM*'r '(en A«lt Boo, and he'd )t)i you that P«*teur- izrd Milk if «s *i«pl« a food with him M brend-und-bultcr. A slam wilh every meal, and another after school lurnith the '« brnih nnd body cello of youth with juit the neceaattry viiaminn, mi nor at i, wiRnr and fain . . , , and furnish thtm in a quickly an*imilative form hat prevents t !u(j«i*hticM and con Inttft on PASTEURIZED MILK r rom year Grocer or Milkman Chile , Much I For Inve Home ai By *'O1 cd place. In bMM* down *nd nature a p * . r**t. «« ' r tmsBinattor ei str»ngt courage fo next it*p i world nf " l«y o n tn u c imlag is · "If for en invc ;lon. When slm and dr ,, loses hlmi sep. an appo) N for the c. [child Is wai \ seems too I fltid what he Is In m-h here. What Does l"*r l h, or are tin ghly Impoit _ at which It? If (t tr f : escape i measure up i? par nhen i atiy one regularly, c a advance" ircamlriR d how nhou (o him" ! r. It' Do \Mlh one treated nnl Is H B tl"ll iniotmii l-tng, a slaru tooth, » · that ll" laci» wilhl Iton tiv n "hi! earning be ·times carrl and the .101 learn i lire the n« . Into day d Ion that seci jlntiuad of f wnon, talte nt IB hard t ttien n dill. |gn that me he i* t pill i In his da » help to s a feet In (t c wne* to tut nvent way* tor It. SOUK to fln-1 an any)) iomethtn blca better |block and could stfti iiny ot tli ad of her i .\c UT' oh ·hlch he a lie wav ot tou cun 1C (Copy i l«h 6 AWRKNV mert, 00, h he opert e locution In bueinet Goo

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